paultagthafreak: you should buy pudding.ninja16:25
thafreakno, it's just temporary18:52
thafreakgot tired of master of science18:52
thafreakseemed pretenious18:52
thafreaklike signing my name with M.S. at the end18:53
thafreakI wanted18:53
thafreakQuantum Pudding Analyst18:53
thafreakbut that is apparently too long for twitter18:53
thafreakand it cut it down to Quantum Pudding Anal18:53
thafreakwhich I'm pretty sure would have been taken the wrong way18:53
thafreakso, if I want to experiment with systemd....18:55
thafreakwhat do I install? debian sid?18:56
thafreakis ubuntu 14.10 even on systemd by default?18:56
Unit193Not by default, but optional.18:57
Unit193(I'm using it in 14.04 FWIW. :P )18:57
thafreakis anything in the deb family systemd by default? Like how it will be eventually18:57
thafreakor do I need to stick with the centos/fedora crap, erm stuff?18:57
Unit193OOTB?  Not other than Siduction that I know of, but in Debian you just install systemd-sysv, and in utopic you just add an init= boot option.18:58
thafreakwhat's the plan? Is it going to be default in jessie or jessie+1?18:59
Unit193It's getting harder to not use it now, but I had thought it was +1 but of course I could be wrong.19:01
thafreakwell, I'm all about embracing the future aparently...why not19:02
thafreakbetter learn it now and not have to play catch up19:02
thafreakI'm also going to set up ipv6 and a tunnel...why not19:03
Unit193systemd is nice as init, not cool as the system. :P19:03
Unit193Ah, cool.  TWC here, so likely won't get native soon either.19:03
thafreakyeah, I was thinking it was kind of anti-unix philosophy19:03
thafreakbut you know, after I thought about it, the init doesn't really need to play by unix philosophy19:04
thafreakand sysvinit didn't really either, except for the whole, do one thing only part19:04
thafreakso why not just accept the future i guess...19:04
thafreakthe whole journald is kind of weird to me too....maybe I just need to read more into it though19:05

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