teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:06
ChinnoDogIt is always morning in here.13:52
waltmanChinnoDog: Morning.13:54
ChinnoDogI ran out of morning an hour and 15 minutes ago.17:11
pleia2I didn't17:15
pleia2good morning waltman!17:15
waltmanpleia2: Good afternoon!17:18
waltmanSome Drexel friends are indoctrinating me into the cult of Ingress.17:20
pleia2I've resisted because I'm afraid it would take over my life (and drain my phone battery)17:21
waltmanyeah, it makes my poor iPhone very hot17:21
waltmangranted, right now it feels like 100F out there in Philly :(17:22
pleia2I was in Darmstadt last week and it was in the 80s and 90s, and they don't have AC17:22
waltmanI'm trying to think of it as an excuse to do some more walking at lunch.17:22
pleia2apparently it doesn't get that hot often, and power is mega expensive there anyway17:22
pleia2/more/ walking??17:23
pleia2when it's 100 I don't even move :)17:23
waltmanwell, officially it's only 8917:23
waltmanI've got 5338 steps today so far.17:24
waltmanmost of that is my commute17:24
pleia2when I stop being sick, I hope to get back up in the rankings (gallbladder comes out tomorrow! yay!)17:24
waltmangood luck!17:26
pleia2thanks :)17:27
pleia2I'm gonna watch Repo! tonight in preparation17:27
ChinnoDogIsn't that a movie about reposessed organs?17:28
ChinnoDogI don't think I've seen it but I remember reading the description on Netflix.17:29
pleia2it's gross, scary and awesome17:29
ChinnoDogI will have to watch it.17:29
pleia2plus I'm a sucker for musicals (and I have a massive crush on Anthony Head)17:30
ChinnoDogI just installed Ingress on my phone. I hope I don't regret this.17:30
ChinnoDogwaltman: I need a clever agent name. Suggestions?17:39
waltmanI confess I just picked "waltman"17:39
ChinnoDogC'mon now. Where is the creativity?17:40
pleia2I have friends who wake up at 2am and drive a half hour to capture things, or whatever17:40
pleia2(I'd totally do that, save me)17:40
ChinnoDoglol. I don't know what this game is. I only installed it because it was mentioned.17:41
ChinnoDogIt sounds like something I wanted to build a long time ago so I had to try it.17:41
waltmanIt's not really obvious what you're supposed to do.17:41
ChinnoDogKnowing me it will take me the rest of the day to come up with an agent name.17:45
pleia2that's why I use the waltman method of name picking17:45
pleia2except for on my xbox where someone already has pleia2 :(17:46
ChinnoDogSomeone took ChinnoDog on xbox. Thinks you never thought could happen...17:46
ChinnoDogk and g are not even close to each other on my keyboard yet I make that typo a lot. I must have a short circuit.17:47
pleia2me too17:47
ChinnoDogwaltman: So.. what faction do I want to be part of?18:19
waltmanThe two people I know in the game are green, so that's what I picked.18:20
waltmangreen good, blue bad :)18:20
ChinnoDogOk, I am gree now18:21
waltmanChinnoDog: where are you located?18:21
ChinnoDogManassas, VA18:22
waltmanThere are a ton of portals around Drexel, but out in the burbs where I live they're few and far between.18:22
ChinnoDogI don't know what that means yet18:23
waltmanIf you're lucky one of the more experienced green folks in your area will notice you and invite you to a meetup. Philly just had a green meetup for newbies last night.18:23
waltmanThere are tutorials in the game you can work through.18:23
ChinnoDogA "green meetup"...18:26
ChinnoDogAre all the little white dots other players?18:26
ChinnoDogWhat are they then?18:26
waltmanThey basically energy to recharge your "health".18:26
waltmanit takes power (xm) to do things. When you walk around, any little dots near you are attracted to you and restore your xm.18:28
waltmanit's "exotic matter" being released by the "portals"18:28
waltmanbut really it's gamification to get you to walk :)18:29
ChinnoDogSo.. when does this become fun?18:29
waltmanUmm, there are some cool graphics and sound effects when you do things to portals.18:31
waltmanThe point of the game, afaict, is to claim portals (usually tied to local landmarks) and link them together. The other side tries to prevent you from doing that.18:31
waltmanYou can fire at portals controlled by the other faction and knock them out and claim them for your faction.18:32
ChinnoDogWhat do I get for this?18:37
ChinnoDogHigh score?18:37
waltmanGet more exercise? Meet new nerdy friends?18:39
ChinnoDogMy level of enthusiasm for this is waning. I don't need a silly game like this to do that.18:42
adomhey, someone teach me what " -- " does plox19:17
adomi.e. mosh --ssh="ssh -p 2222" adam@supercoolserver.com -- screen -dr oldscreensession19:18
adomit SSHs to the server and starts a screen session, but i only get /bin/sh and have to run /bin/bash for some reason.19:18
adomI'm convinced its the "--" part, I just want to learn how it works.19:19
adomLike magnets.19:19
adomTried Googling, but pretty hard thing to search for.19:19
adomWill check back...19:47

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