Unit193Hmmm, perhaps it'd be good to remove the 'next meeting' header: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TennesseeTeam ?20:56
average_guy:D That would be the most that has happened in here in quite some time Unit19320:57
Unit193average_guy: Howdy.20:58
average_guyhey Unit193, I've started testing iso's20:59
average_guyfun times20:59
Unit193Nice, think I've seen your name pop up a few times in -quality.  Mainbuntu or a flavor?20:59
Unit193Heh, indeed.20:59
* Unit193 likes creating ISOs. :P21:00
average_guyI have been doing a little of everything, but it is becoming more and more apparent that I should pick 1 or 2 and do those more thoroughly21:01
wrstI would change that if ubuntu one would ever log me in...21:02
average_guyam watching the tracker to see whats gets tested the least21:02
average_guyhi wrst21:02
Unit193wrst: Haha!  Good luck editing the wiki. :D21:02
wrststupid thing21:02
wrstoh and nothing like trying to do something with the software center and needing a U1 account oh yeah a thing that is totally worthless now... grrrr21:03
Unit193U1 isn't storage, they don't do that part anymore. :P21:03
Unit193Can't you still install/remove without?21:03
wrstoh I know21:03
wrstUnit193: I don't know but last time I used it the login process worked about this smoothely21:04
Unit193USC always gets purged too fast for me to open it. :D21:04
Unit193Synaptic still has uses (package origins), but apt/apt-get/apt-cache are still my favored methods.21:05
wrstwell its a terrible implementation of a good way to do things21:05
wrstwell I'm an arch user so yeah ... I like command line installing of stuff so I know whats going on21:05
Unit193And, you know I live in the mad house, so have to see what's going on. :P21:05
Unit193Running systemd 214 on trusty, not really supported so much and packages with only an upstart job kind of fail a little.21:06
Unit193wrst: I'd update it for you, but the wiki isn't liking me any better, sorry.21:08
wrstha ha21:08
wrstyeah its a pain it seems21:08
Unit193I got logged in, but it stalled after that.21:08

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