bduk1More almal04:47
mazalMorning everyone05:01
nuvolarimoring mazal 05:36
nuvolarioh hi bduk1 05:36
Symmetriaubuntu mirrors for east africa are live05:37
* nuvolari got wounded by Symmetria's bang05:38
Symmetriaif anyone has a problem with any of the .za mirrors and needs somewhere faster, the mirror in kenya might also do you well05:38
Symmetriayou can use ke.archive 05:38
Symmetriaits probably a lot more bandwidth than za.archive05:38
mazalDankie Symmetria 05:39
ThatGraemeGuymorning peoples06:51
inetprogood mornings06:53
inetproeish! And I missed a meeting?06:53
charlgood morning07:23
charlhi ThatGraemeGuy, inetpro, Symmetria, nuvolari, mazal 07:23
charlMaaz: coffee on07:23
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:23
inetprohi charl07:23
inetproMaaz: coffee please07:23
Maazinetpro: Righto07:23
charlinetpro: long time no speak to, how's it going ?07:24
mazalHi charl07:25
charlhi bushtech 07:25
bushtechmorning charl07:26
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and inetpro!07:27
charlMaaz: thanks07:27
Maazcharl: No problem07:27
nuvolarioh hi charl, inetpro07:32
inetproMaaz: dankie07:32
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend07:32
inetprohi nuvolari07:32
inetproHi Vince-007:38
nuvolarihi Vince-0 07:39
* inetpro been struggling to make time for ubuntu-za lately07:43
inetproI've added nuvolari and Vince-0 as communications managers on the g+ page07:43
inetprohoping that someone will find the time to post events and other relevant stuff on those pages07:44
inetprolet me know if I need to add others who may be more active members07:45
Vince-0stepping up in the world07:55
tinuvaSymmetria, how much bw available to ke.archive?08:06
tinuvaat least I see it is connected locally to IS instead of routing all the way to London and back like most African countries to ZA08:06
charltinuva: no peering in africa ?08:08
tinuvacharl, only minimal peering08:08
tinuvaand very little fibre between the countries directly08:09
tinuvaso most have capacity linked via London08:09
tinuvamostly politics, and greedy companies where govements dont block it08:09
tinuvait is getting better though with Liquid Telecom08:09
charlSymmetria: no ipv6 yet on that mirror ?08:10
tinuvaIt does however look like ke.archive is connected at NapAfrica JB1 and JINX so thats good08:10
tinuvaoh and SAIX still routes via London to Kenya08:11
tinuvano surprise there08:11
magespawngood morning08:11
charlhi magespawn 08:12
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy and all others08:14
magespawnhey Kilos08:14
Kiloswhats phishing stuff08:14
ThatGraemeGuywoo i get greeted by name08:14
Kiloshi magespawn nice to see you here08:14
ThatGraemeGuysuck it losers! :P08:14
charlhi Kilos 08:15
magespawnsorry about the missing the meeting i had to leave the office 08:15
Kiloshaha you always do man08:15
Kilosits ok magespawn  was a tiny meet anyway08:15
Kilosclam found a heuristics phishing thing in a mail folder08:16
Kilosso who is gonna tell me what it is08:17
Kilosdont all answer at once08:17
ThatGraemeGuyphishing is a type of email scam where the message looks like an official request from SARS or a bank, etc08:18
ThatGraemeGuythere will usually be a link which is a fake page that looks like the real thing08:18
ThatGraemeGuyfor instance lets say they send you a thing that claims to be from ABSA "Please log in to Internet Banking to confirm your details within 7 days or your account will be suspended"08:19
Kilosand does it do any harm to your system?08:19
ThatGraemeGuythen you click the link, it looks like the ABSA internet banking site, and you don't notice that the URL is not right08:19
ThatGraemeGuyso you log in using all your ABSA details, and now whoever has set up the fake page has your details08:20
inetprohi Kilos, sorry that I missed the meeting, again08:20
ThatGraemeGuyand suddenly you are broke, and your wife gets mad at you becuase how could you be so damn stupid?!?!08:20
Kilosi didnt notice such a mail and have no bank accounts so they lose, but one of my gmail accounts has been corrupted because it keeps asking for passwords in evo08:21
ThatGraemeGuyand she runs into the kitchen in a blind rage, grabbing the 14-inch chef's knife made of real Japanese ninja steel, and stabs you repeatedly while screaming "why didn't I just stay with Billy instead of marrying you, you insufferable retard?!?!"08:21
ThatGraemeGuytrue story08:22
ThatGraemeGuybe safe, email can kill you08:22
Kiloson a lighter note, the new mod works wonderfully08:23
ThatGraemeGuyok great08:23
ThatGraemeGuyi was thinking instead of having a bunch of pads outside each place of interest, we can have a central point08:23
ThatGraemeGuyteleportation station08:24
ThatGraemeGuyor whatever08:24
ThatGraemeGuyso for instance we have a pad at my house that goes there08:24
ThatGraemeGuyand a pad at your house that goes there08:24
Kilosi just need a giveme for a big pile of sand to rebuild a mound by the fly08:24
ThatGraemeGuyand then at the station we have a lot of pads, to each point of interest08:24
ThatGraemeGuythere is sand in my basement, not sure how much08:24
Kilosthat will be cool ThatGraemeGuy 08:24
Kilosall that sand i used in that lava in the mine near me came from him08:25
Kilosi thought it was mazals place like a twit08:25
Kilosspent an hour just making wafers and the little blue things and then some arrays08:26
Kilosi want to get the mv up to scratch with the lv setups08:28
ThatGraemeGuyi have a MV tool workshop08:28
Kiloslv is more powerful when using same number of arrayd\ys08:28
ThatGraemeGuyand i plan to make MV furnace and alloy furnace08:28
ThatGraemeGuythe other stuff i'll leave on LV08:29
ThatGraemeGuyno that's not right08:29
Kilosyes i need the mv for the workshop too08:29
Kilosits working but at 1500 watts or whatever them things read and i dunno why08:30
Kilosbut its at ooposite side of house so dunno if it done see sun as good or what08:31
Kilosmagespawn, do you need the wifi stuff to get your home settup working?08:32
Kilosas in thats why you dont visit at night i mean08:33
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: how much do you get from an LV array?08:36
ThatGraemeGuysurely not more than 1500? :-o08:36
Kiloslv=2500 and mv 150008:37
ThatGraemeGuymmmm something definitely not right there08:37
ThatGraemeGuylooking at the code an MV array should make 3x more than LV array08:40
Kilosill investigate more tonight, everything works just the power diffs rattles brain08:40
ThatGraemeGuyand HV 10x more than LV08:40
ThatGraemeGuymy HV maxes at 5000 each so an LV should max at 50008:40
ThatGraemeGuyand your MV at 1500 makes sense since its 3x 50008:41
Kilospity you can make hv run mv and lv too08:41
ThatGraemeGuyi think you misread, your LV arrays are likely 500 each08:41
Kilosi have 5 arrays on each08:41
ThatGraemeGuyyou can convert HV to MV and MV to LV08:41
ThatGraemeGuyyeah then i think you are counting ALL your LVs as 250008:41
ThatGraemeGuyand only 1 MV as 1500 ;)08:42
Kiloswith that converter thing?08:42
ThatGraemeGuysupply convertor i think08:42
Kilos5 mvs as well08:42
ThatGraemeGuysee wiring example in my basement08:42
ThatGraemeGuyno, i mean you said your LVs are 2500 and MVs 150008:42
Kilosoh you think only 1 mv array is working?08:43
ThatGraemeGuybut i suspect you are taking all your LVs vs only 1MV08:43
ThatGraemeGuyno i think you are comparing 1 MV vs the sum of all your LVs08:43
Kilosno man 5 arrays of each08:43
ThatGraemeGuybecause 5 LVs at 500 each is 250008:43
ThatGraemeGuynever mind08:43
Kilosthats right then08:43
ThatGraemeGuyyou said previously that 1 LV makes 2500 and 1 MV makes 150008:44
Kilosyou are supposed to put a ! after ai as in ai!08:44
Kilossorry i meant one setup08:44
Kilosnot one array08:45
ThatGraemeGuy[10:36:25] <ThatGraemeGuy> Kilos: how much do you get from an LV array?08:45
ThatGraemeGuy[10:36:34] <ThatGraemeGuy> surely not more than 1500? :-o08:45
ThatGraemeGuy[10:36:59] <Kilos> lv=2500 and mv 150008:45
ThatGraemeGuyyou are not comparing the same thing then08:45
ThatGraemeGuyyou are comparing your whole setup of 5 LVs to only 1 MV08:45
Kilosyessir sorry for misleading you08:46
Kilosi meant setups08:46
ThatGraemeGuyyou're not misleading me08:46
ThatGraemeGuy[10:28:57] <Kilos> lv is more powerful when using same number of arrayd\ys08:46
Kilosand my mv setup is also 5 arrays08:46
ThatGraemeGuyyou're confusing yourself08:46
Kiloslemme try again 08:47
Kilosi have 2 setups of 5 arrays each08:47
Kiloslv=5 and mv=508:48
Kilosbut the lv gives 2500 and the mv gives 150008:48
ThatGraemeGuyyou are wrong, and you have convinced yourself of something else08:48
magespawnyes that was the idea Kilos08:48
Kilosso from what you say it looks like only 1 mv is working08:48
ThatGraemeGuyoh i see now08:49
ThatGraemeGuyyeah you probably didn't wire up the other 408:49
Kilosi thought i did but will investigate08:50
Kilosi keep ripping up my roof to sort it08:50
Kilosand falling off roof08:50
ThatGraemeGuythat's why i built a fence on top of my tower08:51
ThatGraemeGuytoo easy to fall off when you are moving around08:51
Kilosive actually got used to rat chops08:51
Kiloswith aromat they quite lekker08:52
ThatGraemeGuyi've heard that mole is very tasty marinaded in buttermilk08:52
ThatGraemeGuyi have no intention of confirming this though08:52
Kiloswe had lots in toti, i used to blow their tunnels up with some stuff i think was called carbon bisulphide08:54
Kilosi think it was some stuff they used for fumigating grain08:55
Kilosoi discounted09:07
Kiloslol them cards cost more than my whole pc09:08
Vince-0just to play games09:14
Kilosi only play one online game and my 210 seems good enough for that09:15
Vince-0minecraft clones? ya that will run 09:15
Vince-0it runs on android09:16
Symmetriaheh anyone here played with logstalgia?09:54
=== magespawn_ is now known as magespawn
ThatGraemeGuySymmetria: no, but now i kinda want to :-)11:45
mazalThat looks cool 11:54
KilosVince-0, did you make note of bot commands for meetings last night11:57
=== SubOracle[away] is now known as SubOracle
Symmetriadunno if this will play12:20
Symmetriabut someone try and open in VLC12:20
ThatGraemeGuyNo suitable decoder module:12:24
ThatGraemeGuyVLC does not support the audio or video format "undf". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.12:24
Symmetriatrying to fix it12:33
mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening12:44
ThatGraemeGuySymmetria: now i kinda want logstalgia to be my wallpaper, lol13:08
Kilosforced reboot cause gui hung grrr13:20
magespawnlater all14:17
Kilostoods mage14:17
Kilosek slaap op die hoef hier14:18
KilosMaaz, translate hoof to afrikaans14:18
MaazKilos: I couldn't translate that: Please use Translate v2.  See http://code.google.com/apis/language/translate/overview.html.14:18
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: http://imgur.com/a/wxB6J14:36
Kiloslemme see14:36
Kilosoh is a piece missing where that plus shows at the end of the outside cable?14:37
ThatGraemeGuyyou don't see both images?14:38
ThatGraemeGuybefore and after14:38
Kiloscool ty very much ThatGraemeGuy 14:38
ThatGraemeGuyyou had all the arrays cabled together, but the cable that went down was only on the last one14:38
Kilosoh yes you added it ty14:38
Kiloswhat a twit hey14:38
ThatGraemeGuyeasy mistake to make14:39
ThatGraemeGuyat first glance i was confused because it looked ok14:39
Kilossee thats why its lekker to know someone with eyes that work14:39
Kilosi thought it could feed through the thing14:40
ThatGraemeGuyno its not that clever14:40
Kiloscool ty now ill have big power there14:40
Kilosthose pads14:40
ThatGraemeGuyyou need some MV battery boxes though, i didn't see any14:41
ThatGraemeGuyright now you can only use MV power during daylight14:41
Kilosare they needed if one knows the points then one can just add it to the command not so?14:41
ThatGraemeGuyyes, you can set your own points and use them using only commands /tpset and /tpgo14:41
Kilosya ill make some, i spent last 2 nights trying to figure why mv was weaker14:42
ThatGraemeGuypads are useful for sharing14:42
ThatGraemeGuymake a pad to a point, set it useable by everyone14:42
ThatGraemeGuyi think normally if you set something like /tpset my_house14:42
Kilosok im gonna change my house so middle floor is only working stuff14:42
ThatGraemeGuythen only you can /tpgo my_house14:42
ThatGraemeGuyyeah that's kinda what i'm doing14:43
Kiloswe can work some code out for naming points so we can share them, what you think14:43
ThatGraemeGuyi must just finish the rest of my house sometime :)14:43
ThatGraemeGuynaming doesn't matter14:43
Kiloshaha but the power stuff eats time14:43
ThatGraemeGuylike i said it doesn't matter what you name it, only you can use it14:43
Kilosand very frustrating14:43
ThatGraemeGuybut yes if you plan to make a pad, then a useful general name is better14:44
ThatGraemeGuyso "home" isn't very helpful if you're going to link it to a pad for everyone to use14:44
Kilosno man what if i wanna go steal stuff by your house i need that command14:44
ThatGraemeGuyi made some pads to start14:44
Kilosya home will be out14:44
ThatGraemeGuybut running low on mese so i stopped for now14:44
Kilosive already got mine and barts but will change them14:45
Kilosi have go take outa chests14:45
ThatGraemeGuyi made some general destinations with pads14:45
Kiloslike one pad can go down at -450014:45
Kilosthat was my next move naming it as a point14:46
ThatGraemeGuyso right now there is a travel hub14:46
ThatGraemeGuyand pads leading to places14:46
ThatGraemeGuylike there's one for your house14:46
Kilosyeah lets work on that14:46
ThatGraemeGuyand then from your house there's one that leads back to the hub14:46
ThatGraemeGuyfor the -4500 one you could just place a pad at the entrance to the deep, not at the hub14:47
Kilosbut dont make them hard to find14:47
ThatGraemeGuythey aren't14:47
ThatGraemeGuyand they glow in the dark14:47
Kilosi couldnt miss the rubber trees i bashed my face against them14:47
Kilosi planted more down at the lake we stoned over14:48
Kilosoh and down in the deep14:48
Kilosthey get massive hey14:48
Kilosyou need a ladder to chop the whole thing down14:48
Kilosand they popup suddenly. i was doing something else there in the deep and all of a sudden they shot up in front of me14:49
Kilosnear fell off the chair here14:49
ThatGraemeGuyyou don't need to chop them though14:50
Kiloslike we can name homes as ks and gs and rs not g's14:50
ThatGraemeGuymake a tree tap and then you click the rubber tree to extract the rubber14:50
Kilosi meant for wood14:51
ThatGraemeGuythe name of the travelpoint appears when you mouse over a pad14:51
ThatGraemeGuyso it needs to be more than just "rs"14:51
ThatGraemeGuyyou'll see what i've done14:51
ThatGraemeGuymeh, i don't need rubber tree wood14:51
Kilosok just dont make me type lots14:51
Kilosoh isnt it wood as for making planks?14:52
ThatGraemeGuyi plant normal trees and then use a chainsaw to gather a LOT of wood at a time14:52
Kilosoh im thinking now of jungle trees14:52
Kilosoh another thing14:52
Kilosi forgot14:53
Kilosoi oi oi14:54
Kilosthat bit of info went to the memory thats lying on a farm in rustenburg14:55
Kilosdid you find mese ThatGraemeGuy 14:56
Kilosi hope its not in locked chests14:56
Kilosoh ya14:56
Kiloshow come desert sand dont work in recipes that say sand14:56
Kilosis it different14:56
ThatGraemeGuybecause sand is not desert sand14:58
ThatGraemeGuyunless the recipe specified the sand group (will have a G on it)14:58
ThatGraemeGuythen either ought to work14:58
ThatGraemeGuyi'm off, bbl14:58
Symmetriaanyone bored and wanna play with getting something to work?15:02
Symmetria:P try and encode something with avconv, output it to stdout and then pick it up with vlc from stdin 15:02
Symmetriacause Im struggling to get that to work15:02
Kiloshi Squirm 15:10
SymmetriaHOLY CRAP15:12
Symmetriait works15:12
Symmetriahttp:// <=== open that in vlc15:13
Kiloseish Symmetria how big is it, 10m and still going15:26
Symmetriakilos, errr 15:26
Symmetriaare you opening that in vlc15:26
Symmetriaor in a webbrowser?15:26
Symmetriado NOT try and open it in a webbrowser, its a live stream, it will go forever 15:27
Symmetriaopen it in VLC15:27
Kilosoh no downloading15:27
Kilos15m wasted15:28
Kiloswhat is it about ?15:28
Symmetriaheh, its a log view in an interesting format of the kenya ubuntu mirror server, seriously, check it out with vlc15:29
Kilosim not wasting more till i know what it is15:29
Kiloshow much data is it gonne eat15:30
Kilosvlc is for movies and music15:30
Symmetriaheh, if you open it for 20 seconds, it wont eat much data :P15:31
Symmetriaits a stream, close it once you've seen the first few seconds15:31
Kiloslol 15:32
Kilosoh i can see the 15m i downloaded15:34
Kilosis that mirror running? who is using it?15:36
Symmetriaheh thats a live view of the mirror15:37
Symmetriaand its the tld mirror for half of africa for ubuntu15:37
Kiloswhat does canonical say about adding it15:37
Kilosand where is the deb-delta side15:38
Kilosits pretty but understanding it is too much for me15:42
Kilosit caught me 20,9 MB (20 922 140 bytes)15:45
KilosSymmetria, you still here?15:46
Kilosgive me the info on what to tell 8ta so they can improve latency please15:47
Symmetriayeah Im here, heh, tell them to start peering :P15:49
Kilosis that all15:49
Kilospeering means?15:49
Symmetriapeering means connecting directly to othern etworks15:52
Kilosok ill tell their techie15:53
Kilosanyone in specific they should peer with15:53
Symmetriatell them to join nap africa and jinx15:54
Kilosok ty15:55
Kilosmaaz google jinx15:59
MaazKilos: "J!NX : Clothing Inspired by Video Games & Geek Culture" http://www.jinx.com/ :: "Jinx - League of Legends Wiki - Wikia" http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Jinx :: "Jinx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinx :: "Jinx | League of Legends" http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/jinx :: "League of15:59
MaazLegends Music: Get Jinxed - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nlJuwO0GDs :: "Jinx Guide …15:59
Kiloslol they dont need clothing Symmetria 16:00
KilosSymmetria, can you give me the right links to give them please16:02
Kilosone cant expect them to find the right stuff16:02
Symmetriakilos, ask me tomorrow16:11
Symmetriacan't really concentrate right nw16:11
Kilosok ty16:11
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: http://ispa.org.za/inx/jinx-information/ & http://www.napafrica.net 17:08
ThatGraemeGuy& good luck17:08
Kilosty, ill try abything. it costs me emails only17:09
ThatGraemeGuyTrying to convince Telkom to start peering is a pretty futile endeavour, they have refused repeatedly for some reason.17:11
Kilosthey like apartheid17:11
ThatGraemeGuyrather focus your efforts on solving the issues in the middle east, you're more likely to succeed with that17:11
Symmetriaheh ThatGraemeGuy  does opening in vlc work for you now?17:22
KilosThatGraemeGuy, you got the converter working from hv to mv and lv?17:39
charlhi smile 17:46
charlgood evening Kilos, ThatGraemeGuy, Symmetria 17:47
Kiloshi charl smile 17:47
smilehi all :)17:48
Kilosim not all man im Kilos17:48
Symmetriacharl :)17:54
Symmetriawanna see something awesome?17:54
Symmetriaheh open vlc17:54
Symmetriaand open
KilosThatGraemeGuy, having kids/family time now17:55
charlSymmetria: very cool !17:57
Symmetriaheh charl thats live off the logs17:57
Symmetriaits HECTICALLY heavy on resources to produce that though17:58
charlah so that's realtime ?17:59
charlit's like a visualisation of tail -f ?17:59
Symmetriaheh, basically, Im feeling tail -f into an app that does the visualisation using opengl rendering18:00
Symmetriaand then feeding that into avconf to convert the image stream into video 18:00
Symmetriaand then piping that into vlc to stream it18:00
charlah is that logstalgia18:01
charlit looks familiar, i used it before18:01
Symmetriayeah, logstalgia isn't 2 resource heavy, its the avconv / vlc shit that kills it18:01
charlyup avconv is really slow, the encoding/compression18:03
charlthese are quite funny: http://www.youtube.com/user/elhackerdotnet/videos18:03
charlvisualisation of a ddos18:03
charlanother one i really like is gource http://code.google.com/p/gource/18:04
charlfor subversion etc18:04
Symmetriaheh it took me most of the day to find a way to find a way to make that stream18:05
charli can't get gource to work with avconv18:05
Symmetriaheh, it wil work in the same way I got mine to work18:05
Symmetriacause it uses the same format18:05
Symmetrialemme give you the way I did it18:05
charlcool please do18:05
Symmetriapasted this to someone earlier18:06
Symmetriassh -l blah mirror.liquidtelecom.com tail -f /var/log/apache2/ubuntu-archive.log | logstalgia -800x600 --sync --output-ppm-stream - | avconv -y -r 30 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec wmv1 -q 20 -threads 10 -r 30 /tmp/testfile.wmv18:06
Symmetria <Symmetria> vlc -vvv /tmp/testfile.wmv --sout '#standard{access=http,mux=ogg,dst=}'18:06
Symmetriaheh, /tmp/testfile.wmv is a named pipe in that example though18:06
magespawnhi 18:06
Symmetriaif its not a named pipe it will make you a video file18:06
SymmetriaI used the named pipe though to get it into vlc18:06
charlvery interesting18:07
Kiloshi magespawn 18:07
charli'll try it again tomorrow18:07
magespawnsort of came in half way through there18:07
charljust needs some tweaking18:07
Symmetriamagespawn in vlc18:07
Symmetria:) will show you what we're talking about18:07
magespawncool beans18:08
Symmetriathats a live visualisation of the kenyan mirror server logs18:08
magespawni get this Your input can't be opened:18:08
magespawnVLC is unable to open the MRL ''. Check the log for details.18:08
magespawnwhat am i doing wrong?18:09
Symmetria.50 18:09
Symmetrianot .518:09
magespawnright 18:09
Symmetriagetting it now?18:10
magespawnyup, what am i seeing?18:10
Symmetriathe counter in the bottom right is the hit counter since I started the app18:11
Symmetriathen you see urls appearing and those are what is being hit18:11
Symmetriaheh, I'm tailing the log file and feeding it into that thing18:11
Symmetriaand then streaming the output18:11
magespawnlooks like a fair amount of 40418:11
Symmetriapeople running ANCIENT versions of ubuntu18:11
Symmetriathat arent supported anymore18:11
Symmetriaon any of the mirrors18:11
magespawnahh right, i might be one of those18:12
magespawnlooks like the old tv game tennie18:13
Symmetriahehe its kinda cool though18:13
magespawnvery, also a very useful way to visualize what is happening18:15
Symmetriaheh, just need to find a better way to do the video encode so it aint so damn cpu intensive18:16
Kilosohi superfly 18:27
superflyhi Kilos18:27
charlit does in fact remind me a little of pong18:32
smilebye :p18:42
ThatGraemeGuy'lo peeps18:43
ThatGraemeGuycharl: logstalgia used to be called ApachePong at some point if i'm not mistaken18:43
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 18:43
ThatGraemeGuySymmetria: working now18:44
ThatGraemeGuyhow long has your mirror been live?18:44
magespawnthat is the one i  meant charl, could not remember the right name18:52
magespawnthat is a very cool idea for looking at web or server traffic, can it be run against any type of server?19:00
charlThatGraemeGuy: correct !19:01
magespawnyou could use that as a live screen saver19:12
Kilosits pretty hey19:13
magespawnwrite an android app, have the request for the screen saver power the screen saver itself19:15
magespawna recursive program or service19:15
Kilosoh my19:26
Kilostried to open dropbox and modem died19:26
Kilosinternet gone bad all of a sardine19:29
Kilosoi i need to reboot i think19:51
magespawnright back19:52
magespawnthis video is probably the best way to explain ddos to a non-tech person19:57
magespawngood night all20:09
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:48

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