orionHi. I updated the grub package on my server recently, and I think that the actual boot loader failed to install. I have two disks set up in a hardware RAID-1 configuration. Is there any way I can test to see if everything is kosher so that I don't have any surprises next time I boot up?00:04
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TJ-orion: yes00:04
orionTJ-: What do I have to do?00:04
TJ-orion: Is it mdadm RAID1 ?00:05
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orionTJ-: Yes.00:06
TJ-orion: Did you install the boot-loader with "grub-install /dev/mdX" *and* are the underlying device whole-disks (e.g. /dev/sda not /dev/sda1) ?00:06
jamesbrownhow do i make  folder(project) and all the folders and sub-folders and files and subfiles. read, write and executeable00:06
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orionTJ-: My root file system is /dev/md2. My disks are /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. I installed (grub-install) to sda and sdb, and that worked fine.00:07
orioninstalling to /dev/md2 failed.00:07
TJ-orion: And lastly, is the mdraid metadata version no higher than 1.0 ?00:08
TJ-orion: You can't install to an mdraid device that has its metadata at the start of the array, so setting "--metadata=1.0" will ensure it is at the end of the array, and therefore "grub-install /dev/mdX" will succeed00:09
orionTJ-: How do I check the version?00:10
Aki-ThinkpadProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: designercomponents-private00:10
Aki-ThinkpadI am trying to compile qt; how do I resolve this dependency error?00:11
wheatthincompile qt? OR compile in qt?00:12
wheatthinAki-Thinkpad, cause our repo's have qt ide's00:12
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, and its because of... I think I need to compile a version by source so i can use the plugin creation wizard00:13
Aki-Thinkpadits bloody unclear00:13
wheatthinAki-Thinkpad, I don't think so..00:13
TJ-orion: I think it's "--examine"00:14
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, well; I need to provide a qtcreator-src and a qtcreator-build directory in the wizard00:14
Aki-Thinkpaddo you know where I could find it?00:14
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orionTJ-: Partition[0] :   3907029167 sectors at            1 (type ee)00:14
orionMBR Magic : aa5500:15
orionThis appears for both disks.00:15
wheatthinAki-Thinkpad, http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtcreator-extending/first-plugin.html00:15
TJ-orion: Hmmm, is it "--detail" then? I don't have an md array to hand right now to check00:15
wheatthinI'm really doubting it has to be compiled from source, you just gotta install the right stuff with it00:15
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, yep; that is where I am at. that is what I am trying to figure out00:15
TJ-orion: You'd expect that if you manually installed grub to those devices00:16
wheatthinAki-Thinkpad, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7839208/00:16
orion/dev/md2: Version : 0.9000:16
TJ-orion: But grub-install may have failed if the mdX array has leading metadata since grub will write to the MD device's sector 0 but that will actually be offset a way into the underlying whole-disk00:16
wheatthinI'm pretty sure you're covered Aki-Thinkpad00:17
TJ-orion: That *should* be OK than00:17
orionTJ-: I should be good with NOT installing to /dev/md2?00:17
TJ-orion: Is "/boot/" in a separate partition?00:18
orionTJ-: no.00:18
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, I do not follow.00:18
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, again; I need to provide the wizard a -src and a -build directory.00:19
TJ-orion: If any of "grub-install" or "update-grub" reported problems then core.img may not be able to find the "/boot/" partition correctly. When you install to the whole-disk underlying devices Grub doesn't know to use the mdraid modules in the core00:19
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, I can't move on until I do that.00:19
wheatthinUmm.. so specify them.00:19
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, Could you show me how? I do not know where to find these00:20
orionTJ-: grub-install succeeded for both whole disks, sda and sdb.00:20
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, I am using the ubuntu-sdk from the repos00:21
orionIt only failed for md2 (which is the root file system, made up of sda2 and sdb2)00:21
wheatthinif it's just using the qtcreator and not having to compile it, you then need to consult your documentation for qtcreator. Even though you're using the sdk, this isn't for development .. try #ubuntu-dev00:22
TJ-orion: I meant for "grub-install /dev/mdX" ... that clues Grub in to the fact it needs to include the mdraid code in core.img, in order to find/read the 'root' device (the file-system containing "/boot/")00:22
orionI'm guessing it doesn't make sense to install to md2 anyway?00:22
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, :/00:22
wheatthinthis is if you're having system failures, or problems which are detrimental to keeping the host alive.00:22
wheatthinnot for personal projects.00:23
Aki-Thinkpadwheatthin, the documentation shows how to do it on a mac... so \o/00:23
orionTJ-: grub-install: error: will not proceed with blocklists.00:23
TJ-orion: OK... that suggests grub-install thinks the device you gave it is a file-system, not a partitioned device, is that the case?00:24
TJ-orion: Did you "mkfs.XXX /dev/md2"?00:24
orionTJ-: I did not do the installation. The datacenter did it all through their automated system.00:25
wtchn_tvhi guys my clock on the upper right corner vanished, any help?00:25
oriondf -h reports that /dev/md2 is an ext4 file system, mounted as /00:25
TJ-orion: Well, just check... if you can directly mount /dev/md2 then it is a file-system, which would explain the confusion the grub is feeling00:25
orionTJ-: I'm betting it is a file system, considering the fact that it's listed in fstab00:26
wtchn_tvin 'time&date  under 'clock' tab, everything is gray and unaccesible00:26
TJ-orion: OK, so that's not a good way for them to do a boot device from Grub's perspective, so yes, you will have to manually do the "grub-install /dev/sda /dev/sdb" type thing when there's a grub update00:26
orionTJ-: Ok. Is there a way to determine ahead of time if the server will or won't boot while it's still live?00:27
orionI *really* want it to just boot properly.00:28
ksefchikHi! I'm having a problem creating a bootable Ubuntu Live USB for a friend's PC using Unetbootin on a Mac. No matter what I do, the computer boots to the installed Gentoo partition -- this is even after verifying bios settings are set to boot in the correct order (and off the specific device).00:29
ksefchikCan anyone help me create a USB thumbdrive that will boot this computer to Ubuntu?00:30
rwwksefchik: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx00:30
rwwMacs are a bit obnoxious about it, but those steps should work.00:31
TJ-orion: I'm concerned on this basis: If md2 is composed of whole-disks sda and sdb, and is using meta-data 0.9 that infers that mdadm will have written the metadata to the end of the array. Usually it'll step over the first sector to avoid over-writing any boot-sector, so the MBR on sda/sdb *should* be fine. ...00:31
orionTJ-: md2 is composed of sda2 and sdb200:31
TJ-orion: ... However, there is no partition table on sda/sdb or md2, so I'm not sure where Grub can write the core.img that won't over-write the same sectors as md2 starts at00:32
TJ-orion: I thought you said it was composed of sda/sdb ?00:32
orion20:21:07 < orion> It only failed for md2 (which is the root file system, made up of sda2 and sdb2)00:32
TJ-orion: So, sda/sdb have partition tables? In which case the core.img will be before partition #1, so that should be OK00:32
orionTJ-: They do indeed have partiion tables.00:33
ksefchikThese instructions are for booting a Mac off the thumbdrive, which I am not trying to do. I am trying to install to a friend's PC using Mac to create the thumbdrive. Will these instructions still work?00:33
TJ-orion: So, the only concern left is that Grub's core.img can find the root device, which hopefully it can do by UUID, which means it can find "/boot/" at either sda2 or sdb2 :)00:33
orionTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7839263/00:34
TJ-orion: Is this an EFI system?00:34
orionTJ-: No, BIOS.00:35
TJ-orion: OK, because with that disk being GPT and having a bios_grub partition it looked like it00:36
orionTJ-: My datacenter is weird. They insist on having the server partitioned/installed through their "manager".00:37
TJ-orion: You should be OK... you could do a boot test on those disks before  rebooting the host. I often do that as a precaution... start a simple QEMU VM with the whole-disks disks attached and see if it gets to the grub menu :)00:37
bhaghow can i resolve apt-get update breakage Err http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ sid/main python2.7 armhf 2.7.3-500:38
bhag  404  Not Found00:38
bhagFailed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/sqlite3/libsqlite3-0_3.7.14.1-1_armhf.deb  404  Not Found00:38
BrandonCfresh install  ubuntu, restart, Disk boot failure00:38
orionTJ-: That's one way to test. Is there a way to force QEMU to have read-only access to the block devices, so as not to bork the system?00:38
TJ-bhag: That's a #debian question by the look of it00:38
stan_man_canWhy is ubuntu’s version of Redis so old? it installs 2.2 and they’re on 2.800:38
pikapphow do I set the default window manager to dwm? I have tried setting .xinitrc but it is ignored it seems00:38
orionTJ-: Ok, thank you for all your help!00:39
TJ-orion: Not sure about "-drive readonly" for QEMU boot drives, but I kill the guest as soon as the kernel messages start :)00:42
orionTJ-: Hopefully my connection won't drop the moment I spin up the VM. ;)00:44
TJ-orion: if you want to wait a few I can find a way to do readonly here00:45
orionNah, that's OK.00:45
orionI appreciate your time.00:45
orionTake care.00:45
TJ-orion: "sudo qemu-system-x86_64 -m 512 -drive id=test,file=/dev/sda,if=none,media=disk,index=0,readonly -device virtio-blk-pci,drive=test"00:46
TJ-Ahhh... act in haste, repent at leisure :)00:46
cloudrfoh my god00:51
cloudrf my offtopicness is broken please send a letter to congress!00:52
PCLine_Good evening everyone.00:56
cloudrfgood evening00:59
zizoanyone here01:07
compdocwho wants to know?01:08
driftkidi just started whit blackbuntu01:14
driftkidjust to watch what it is01:15
Jeffrey_fwhat is it with people popping in saying weird stuff and leaving   SMH01:16
compdocis it really black?01:16
TJ-Trying to avoid bans for spam advertising01:17
Psil0Cybinhey guys quick question i have a problem i deleted ~/.bash_history, and now i readded the file but no changes are made to the file01:20
Psil0Cybinand it does not save anything after a restart01:20
Psil0Cybinlike it used too01:20
Psil0Cybinis it not chmod properly01:21
TJ-Psil0Cybin: permissions are 0600 u+rw?01:21
zizoa dont know any thigs about this system iam neeeeeeeeeeew01:21
Psil0CybinTJ-,would i just chmod it to 060001:22
TJ-Psil0Cybin: what is it now?01:22
ksefchikCan anyone help me install ubuntu on a drive with windows 7 on it?01:22
Psil0Cybinit says i forgot how to check the chmod of a file01:23
Psil0Cybini need -rw-r--r-- rightT J?01:24
TJ-Psil0Cybin: "chmod 0600 ~/.bash_history"01:24
zizoksefchik: its very easy01:24
Beldarksefchik, State the issue for help.01:24
pr0metheu5Hi guys. I've been having this problem in Xubuntu 14, where the screen will suddenly just crash. And to fix it, I have to CTRL+ALT+F1 and run either "sudo pkill x" or "sudo restart lightdm," which restarts everything. Is this a known bug?01:25
Psil0Cybinpr0metheu5, loll used to be my old nickname in CS 1.6 and 1.5!01:25
pr0metheu5By crash, I mean everything just freezes.01:25
pr0metheu5Psil0Cybin, that's cool. =]01:26
Psil0Cybinsmall world.01:26
pr0metheu5Haha, yeah.01:26
ksefchikBeldar: Last time I tried it on this PC, I was getting a GRUB error: unknown filesystem. So I erased the Ubuntu partitions and am about to try again01:26
pr0metheu5cs_assault ftw01:26
cloudrfactually have seen crashes like that01:26
Psil0Cybinpr0metheu5, join ubuntu-offtopic :D when u have a chance later.. im always there01:26
pr0metheu5Psil0Cybin, cool, will do if I get the chance01:26
Psil0Cybinbut its all about the nipper maps pr0metheu5 .01:27
Beldarksefchik, Are you on the live dvd/usb now?01:27
pr0metheu5cloudrf, yeah? Any clue as to what causes it? I think it might have to do with my nvidia optimus card.01:27
ksefchikI am01:27
cloudrfi used to use a gts45001:27
codygman13.10 no longer gets updates right?01:27
cloudrfsame crap01:27
Beldarksefchik, Can you run sudo parted -l in the ubuntu terminal and pastebin it?01:27
cloudrfcheck your heats promethius01:28
cloudrfsometimes ubuntu doesnt jive with current nvidia drivers01:29
PCLine_I am trying to install in Win7 VirtualPC.01:29
Psil0CybinTJ-, it did not work, the bash_history file01:29
pr0metheu5cloudrf, I'm using bumblebee but I guess that doesn't really mean anything01:29
Psil0Cybinis not saving anything01:29
ksefchikBeldar: I'm not sure how to get this to you. The computer in question cannot access my current (school) wireless network due to auth issues.01:29
cloudrfnooo dont do that!01:29
Psil0CybinTJ-, the second I restart the computer, it removes everything and it is empty01:30
Beldarcodygman, It is eol, not sure when 13.10 is removed from the main repos.01:30
TJ-Psil0Cybin: I have no idea what you've done then01:30
Psil0Cybinall i did was rm -r .bash_history TJ- ... before01:30
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Are you sure you haven't disabled bash history?01:30
cloudrfare there any ops here?01:30
Beldarksefchik, If you feel you need help than come back when we can access the computer easily.01:31
Psil0Cybini did nano ~/.bash_history01:31
Psil0Cybinand saved a empty line01:31
daftykinscodygman: it's gone EOL, yes01:31
Beldarcloudrf, #ubuntu-ops01:31
ksefchikBeldar: Is there any way you could work with me for a moment? I'm not a newbie, I just need help interpreting what I'm seeing01:32
Psil0CybinTJ-, removed the file using rm ~/.bash_history then added it using nano01:32
Beldarksefchik, Not without the command run I suggested is all.01:32
Beldarksefchik, Others may help, be exact with the issue is all.01:33
Psil0CybinHey guys can someone help me I accidentally removed .bash_history and when I readded it back manually using nano it would not save anything, when I restart01:33
ksefchikBeldar: parted -l came back with 5 file systems: primary,fat32/hidden,lba, primary,ntfs/boot, extended, logical/swap(v1) and logical/ext401:33
Beldarksefchik, Looks like a uefi, this make sense?01:34
TJ-Psil0Cybin: What does "echo $HISTFILE $HISTSIZE $HISTCONTROL" report ?01:34
ksefchikBeldar: It also warns that my thumbdrive has GPT signatures but does not have a valid fake msdos partition table01:34
ksefchikBeldar: Yes, this is a UEFI system01:34
Psil0CybinTJ-, /home/bill/.bash_history 1000 ignoreboth01:34
Beldarksefchik, I'm not really up on uefi/efi installs, however have you seen he wiki?01:35
phaoHow do I configure my default web browser?01:36
ksefchikBeldar: Can you direct me to the appropriate page? The01:36
cloudrfgo to settings01:36
TJ-Psil0Cybin: how about "echo $HISTIGNORE" ?01:36
cloudrfprefered applications01:37
Beldar!uefi | ksefchik01:37
ubottuksefchik: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:37
phaoclopez, thanks01:37
phaocloudrf, thanks01:37
codygmanthanks Beldar and daftykins01:37
Psil0CybinTJ-, that01:37
Psil0Cybinshows nothing01:37
Psil0Cybinjust a empty line01:37
phaocloudrf, =D01:37
phaocloudrf, perfect01:37
cloudrfno problem phao01:37
TJ-Psil0Cybin: OK, so the obvious control knobs look OK01:38
Psil0Cybinyes that is correct TJ-01:38
TJ-Psil0Cybin: You say you completely logged out and back in?01:39
Psil0CybinTJ-, restarted twice01:39
Psil0CybinI can try again01:39
TJ-Psil0Cybin: how many commands have you executed at a bash shell to test it?01:39
Psil0Cybinbash history is still empty01:39
Psil0Cybin4 - 501:39
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Check that bash is the shell! "echo $SHELL"01:39
Psil0CybinTJ-, /bin/bash01:40
TJ-Psil0Cybin: It's a mystery :)01:40
Psil0Cybinmaybe its not Chmod properly?01:40
TJ-Psil0Cybin: how about "echo $HISTSIZE" ?01:40
Psil0Cybini am so confused!01:40
Onixsreturns 0 if null01:40
TJ-Psil0Cybin: good01:40
Psil0Cybinwell not really01:41
Psil0Cybinnothing is being saved01:41
TJ-Psil0Cybin: how about "echo $HISTFILESIZE" ?01:41
TJ-Psil0Cybin: good :p01:41
Psil0Cybinsomeone said to do this01:41
Psil0CybinPsil0Cybin: In .bashrc put:01:41
Psil0Cybin<neoromantique> export HISTFILE=~/.bash_history01:41
TJ-Psil0Cybin: "shopt  histappend"01:42
Psil0CybinTJ-, I am so confused01:44
TJ-Psil0Cybin: indeed :)01:44
Psil0Cybink honmeslty i guess deleting a simple file ruined my whole history saving?01:44
TJ-Psil0Cybin: so what does this show? "shopt  histappend"01:44
Psil0Cybinit says on01:45
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TJ-Psil0Cybin: good01:45
TJ-Psil0Cybin: did you simply delete the file and re-login to allow bash to recreate its history file?01:46
Psil0Cybini did delete it01:46
Psil0Cybinbut i created it my self01:46
Psil0Cybinwhen I just removed it, it said it was missing!01:46
TJ-Psil0Cybin: also, if you followed this advice " export HISTFILE=~/.bash_history" have you checked you didn't mistype, and the history is being written to a file with a slightly different name?01:47
Psil0Cybinso i should01:47
Psil0Cybinadd that line TJ?01:47
daftykinsPsil0Cybin: please try to press enter less, there is no time limit for responses :)01:47
TJ-Psil0Cybin: No, since bash uses that name as its default... that is simply to change the default01:47
Psil0CybinWhat TJ- i am confused01:47
Psil0Cybini am being told to add that line01:47
Psil0Cybinto the file....as nothing else is working01:47
TJ-Psil0Cybin: you already confirmed it is set to " /home/bill/.bash_history"01:48
Psil0Cybinnothing is saving01:48
Psil0Cybinso that is bad01:48
Psil0Cybinso what would i do?01:48
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Let's debug it then... "strace -f -e trace=file -o /tmp/bash.log bash -i"01:50
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Psil0CybinTJ-, within .bashrc01:50
TJ-Psil0Cybin: then type some command ... say "df"01:50
Psil0Cybini am missing the line " export HISTFILE=~/.bash_history"01:50
Psil0Cybinshould I not just add it?01:50
TJ-Psil0Cybin: then type "exit" and then "grep hist /tmp/bash.log"01:51
eeeei just tested this, if you remove it, upon logging back in, it's recreated and with the commands you used to delete it :)01:51
TJ-Psil0Cybin: No, as I told you, you have already confirmed HISTFILE is set (to its default)01:51
Psil0Cybineeee, what do u mean?!01:51
eeeetested it on an another user i made :D01:51
Psil0Cybineeee, explain!01:51
Psil0Cybinso delete the file?!01:51
TJ-eeee: precisely... bash recreates a missing history file01:51
Psil0Cybinso just remove it?!01:52
Psil0Cybinis what ur saying guys lol01:52
Psil0Cybinand restart?01:52
eeeeyeah just delete it, then log out and log in01:52
eeeeno just log out and log in01:52
Psil0Cybinokay lets try it01:52
TJ-Psil0Cybin: I asked if you'd done that earlier and you said you had01:52
Psil0Cybinso rm ~/.bash_history01:52
pr0metheu5Hi guys. I've been having this problem in Xubuntu 14, where the screen will suddenly just crash. And to fix it, I have to CTRL+ALT+F1 and run either "sudo pkill x" or "sudo restart lightdm," which restarts everything. Is this a known bug?01:52
Psil0Cybini have, but i will try it again because maybe i was frazzled and createed it before i restarted.01:52
cloudrfholy crap01:52
TJ-Psil0Cybin: don't reboot! just log-out the user, and log-in again01:52
Psil0Cybinokay TJ- we are back to step one, logged out, logged back in....now I get (.bash_history: No such file or directory01:54
TJ-Psil0Cybin: OK, now do the test I asked you to do01:54
Guest58372are you sure the xubuntu 14.04 is using lightdm?01:54
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Let's debug it then... "strace -f -e trace=file -o /tmp/bash.log bash -i"01:55
TJ-Psil0Cybin: then type some command ... say "df"01:55
TJ-Psil0Cybin: then type "exit" and then "grep hist /tmp/bash.log"01:55
TJ-Psil0Cybin: and pastebin the result if there's more than 1 line01:55
cloudrfubuntu by default uses lightdm ya01:55
cloudrfmint uses mdm01:55
cloudrfkubuntu on the other hand is kdm01:56
cloudrfmanjaro is mdm01:56
wannabe1987was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why  my file window is in grayscale when yesterday it was normal colored/01:57
Psil0CybinTJ-, okay http://paste.ubuntu.com/7839544/01:57
TJ-Psil0Cybin: now "stat ~/.bash_history | pastebinit"01:58
TJ-Psil0Cybin: that exercise created a history file: "2994  open("/home/bill/.bash_history", O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_TRUNC, 0600) = 3"01:58
eeeeTJ- why's it say Bill in his prompt but /home/bill in the directory ? is that ok?01:59
TJ-eeee: hostname and "friendly" username from /etc/passwd01:59
mnathaniwhat is the preferred method of getting services to start on boot?02:00
TJ-mnathani: upstart configuration or sysV init script and update-rc.d02:00
mnathanicoming from a RHEL / Centos world, I have always used chkconfig <service> on/off etc02:00
mnathaniTJ-: thanks02:01
Psil0CybinTJ-, computer froze02:01
Psil0Cybinhad to reset, did you get the paste bin?02:01
Psil0Cybinokay it semed to have saved after the restart02:01
Psil0Cybinlet me try and double check02:01
Psil0CybinTJ-, it saved df, and exit02:02
Psil0Cybinso it worked correct?02:02
TJ-Psi-Jack: Yes02:02
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Yes02:02
Psil0CybinThank you, so much......sigh madness02:02
Guest58372TJ-: do you know how to change the themes about login screen in xubuntu 14.04?02:03
TJ-Guest58372: I don't do themes02:03
cloudrfguest ill help ya02:03
cloudrf /usr/share/themes usually02:04
cloudrfi usually paste mine in there and select them in settings02:04
wannabe1987https://scontent-a-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/1912490_10100100796814324_8632773416909154132_n.jpg is what my file folder window looked like when i woke up - when i went to bed tho, they were normal (orange, not greyscale).  i don't think i did anything in my sleep. but i've no idea; had a movie fullscreened when i went to sleep, and itw as still up when i woek up02:05
Guest58372cloudrf:that just change the window themes or icon themes02:05
ice9I'm looking for good scrum application02:06
Guest58372cloudrf: I wanna change the login screen themes02:06
TJ-Guest58372: the keyword you're looking for is "Greeter" theme02:06
cloudrfohh okay02:07
ksefchikThe laptop I have ubuntu installed on doesn't recognize my page up and page down keys. What can I do to fix this?02:07
eeeewannabe1987: um, did you try to close it and open a new window ? it looks like a crashed app02:07
cloudrfwhat display manager od you use?02:07
wannabe1987whichever is stock?  unity?02:07
wannabe1987yay eeee02:07
wannabe1987its back to being colorful02:08
cloudrf /usr/share/lightdm02:08
wannabe1987thanks peeps.  always helpful02:08
Guest58372cloudrf: I am not sure, maybe the system is using lightgdm or gdm?02:09
Guest58372cloudrf:I am using xubuntu 14.0402:09
cloudrfoh hold on02:09
Guest58372I try to use the command (pkg-config --list-all | grep *gdm*) to find out what is using now, but noting found.02:10
cloudrfguest its lightdm still02:12
Bashing-omGuest58372: How about -> echo $DESKTOP_SESSION <- to find out the DE  ?02:12
cloudrfso its /usr/share/lightdm02:12
cloudrfthen change it in startup02:13
cloudrfon settings02:13
Psil0CybinTJ-, the more commands I type it only saves df, and exit on a restart when I reboot and try and test look at the history.....does this mean I am not typing enough commands.....or....02:13
Psil0CybinTJ-, I tried updating and upgrading the system, did both...so i thought those commands would also save as a test..02:13
Psil0Cybini also ran the command top, but after a restart all those comamnds are gone and it only shows df and exit, lol from the previous time you told me to execute those commands02:14
TJ-Psil0Cybin: It sounds to me as if you're executing some script that is turning off history, or else executing a different shell in some way02:14
TJ-Psil0Cybin: "ls -l /bin/bash" ?02:15
Psil0CybinTJ-, all I am doing is restarting my computer, on a default Xubuntu 12.04 system.02:15
Psil0Cybin-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 959120 Mar 28  2013 /bin/bash02:15
TJ-Psil0Cybin: That's good, it's not been sym-linked by something else02:17
Psil0Cybinhmm, what a silly delema i got my self into...02:17
TJ-Psil0Cybin: how about this? "shopt | sort | grep hist"02:18
Psil0Cybini will one line this, cmdhist ON, histappend, ON, histreedit, OFF, histverify OFF, lithist OFF.02:18
TJ-Psil0Cybin: good02:19
nishanthanyone know how to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 using ISO on a dual boot machine02:19
TJ-Psil0Cybin: how about "find ~ -maxdepth 1 -name '*bash*'  " ?02:19
Deepspeednishanth, backup the drives, format the partition you want to install 14.04 on with a live disc like macpup or sysrescuecd, then boot the new iso and install.02:20
Psil0Cybinit found .bash_logout, .bash_history, .bashrc02:20
Psil0Cybinin my home folder.02:20
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Good. Can you "pastebinit ~/.bashrc"02:21
nishanthDeepspeed well basically my question is if i upgrade from ISO will delete all the other partitions?02:21
nishanthwill it02:21
Deepspeedno.  If you use the livecd and the installer provided, it will only format the partitions you tell it to.  Just make sure you handle the partition/install setup right in the installer02:22
TJ-Psil0Cybin: and also lets check in case other shells are running: "ps -efly | grep sh$ | pastebinit"02:22
Psil0CybinTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7839635/02:23
TJ-nishanth: that's not really an 'upgrade', that's really a new side-by-side multi-boot install. Do you want to upgrade the existing installation, replace it, or have 14.04 alongside it?02:23
Psil0CybinTJ-, S 1000      1857  1808  0  80   0  2740 15982 poll_s 22:12 ?        00:00:00 xscreensaver -no-splash02:24
Psil0CybinS 1000      2012  2009  0  80   0  4472  6861 wait   22:12 pts/0    00:00:00 /bin/bash02:24
nishanthTJ- just upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 using ISO without ruining windows partition02:24
TJ-nishanth: the recommend in-place upgrade is https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html02:25
Psil0CybinTJ-, if i scroll up now lol, i can see  a lot of history, but sadly i think if i restart it will be gone02:26
TJ-Psil0Cybin: "echo $$" ?02:26
Psil0Cybinor do you think its being selective on what it is saving? I am just confused why it saved your df and exit l,mao comannd but nothing else02:26
TJ-Psil0Cybin: trying to figure that out :)02:26
Psil0Cybinokay ty02:27
TJ-Psil0Cybin: OK, that is the same process ID as the one 'ps' reported, so you are using a bash shell right now02:27
Psil0Cybinyour being a big help.02:27
Psil0Cybinso that is a good sign correct?02:27
Psil0Cybini think everything that is more advanced should be fine, like all i did was delete that silly .bash_history file manually, which I will never do again lmao!02:27
TJ-Psil0Cybin: is that Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty?02:28
Psil0Cybinno should be 12.04.4 LTS02:28
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Ahhh, OK... I was going to compare MD5 hashes of the "/etc/bash.bashrc" to ensure your system config hadn't been changed, but I can't immediately02:29
TJ-Psil0Cybin: compare this: "md5sum /etc/bash.bashrc" should give 286dc423e71186936c39e3507d2d0cf102:31
=== justin__ is now known as CaptainJewBacon
CaptainJewBaconHey guys, having some trouble at the moment on my asus g75vx with the brightness fn keys not working and secondly how can I get my keyboard backlight to be on once booted into ubuntu 14.04LTS02:32
eeeePsil0Cybin: can you try this for me? ls -l /home/bill/.bash_history and check if the user is root02:32
Psil0CybinTJ-, sum is the same02:33
Psil0Cybineeee, bash history is under my user02:33
Psil0Cybinnot root.02:33
Psil0Cybinso Bill Bill02:33
Psil0Cybinif i type02:35
Psil0Cybinless .bash_history, lol all it has inside is df, exit02:35
TJ-Psil0Cybin: OK, so the system bash config hasn't been changed in any way02:35
Psil0Cybinafter all these commands02:35
eeeePsil0Cybin: if you type history what do you get?02:35
Psil0Cybinhistory shows all the commands i just did, which is what i would like :D02:36
Psil0Cybinto have saved on a restart.02:36
eeeeif you history > .bash_history02:37
TJ-eeee: we did an strace earlier from "strace -f -e trace=file -o /tmp/bash.log bash -i" then executed "df" && "exit" and got http://paste.ubuntu.com/7839544/ which shows the file being created by that shell, but the 'master' login shell isn't keeping history it seems02:37
eeeejust write something that does history > .bash_history every time you log out02:38
TJ-eeee: we also checked all the bash internal HIST* variables, and the shopts02:38
TJ-Psil0Cybin: is this an encrypted home directory/02:38
Psil0Cybinoh damn so when i delete my .bash_history02:39
Psil0Cybini really fudged something up?02:39
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Does your user password also decrypted the ecryptfs?02:39
Psil0Cybinuuuuuuh, i would assume so using 12.04 LTS02:39
TJ-Psil0Cybin: By that I mean, do you have to type a separate password to decrypt after logging in as your user?02:39
TJ-Psil0Cybin: check if it is with "ls -l ~/.cryptfs" if you get "not found" it isn't encrypted02:40
TJ-Psil0Cybin: typo!! check if it is with "ls -l ~/.ecryptfs" if you get "not found" it isn't encrypted02:40
Psil0Cybinlrwxrwxrwx 1 Bill Bill 36 Feb  9 00:41 /home/Bill/.ecryptfs -> /home/.ecryptfs/Bill/.ecryptfs02:41
TJ-Psil0Cybin: OK, so it is encrypted... but as the master key is being unwrapped using your user password that is OK02:42
TJ-Psil0Cybin: the history file is generally written to when the shell exits02:44
Psil0Cybink wow02:44
Psil0Cybini just typed exit in terminal02:45
Psil0Cybinand it seems to like that command to save the file02:45
Psil0Cybinnow when i open .bash_history i see added commands02:45
TJ-Psil0Cybin: I'm wondering if anything could be delaying that, such that it is getting written into the /home/$USER/ *after* the encrypted file-system has been unmounted02:45
Psil0CybinTJ-, let me try logging in and out02:45
Psil0Cybinone second02:45
Psil0CybinTJ-, so i need to type exit every time in terminal02:49
Psil0Cybinto save the session02:49
Psil0Cybinwithout it, it does not save....02:49
TJ-OK, so you're in xubuntu?02:49
TJ-Psil0Cybin: which GUI terminal emulator are you using to do this? It could be something in its settings02:49
Psil0CybinI am using Guake02:50
Psil0Cybinlike the terminal drop down one02:50
TJ-Psil0Cybin: I'll try it hear02:50
=== viper is now known as Guest79432
TJ-Psil0Cybin: no problems here with guake writing into my existing .bash_history02:53
Psil0Cybini know :(02:53
Psil0Cybinit was because i dleeted that silly .bash_history file02:53
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Hang on, how do you start it?02:53
Psil0Cybinits just binded to a hot key02:53
TJ-Psil0Cybin: I mean, how does it get started when you log-in... an entry in the autostart list?02:54
Psil0Cybinautostart list02:54
TJ-Psil0Cybin: I know you press F12 to call it02:54
TJ-Psil0Cybin: I'm wondering if log-out doesn't correctly close the process for some reason02:54
* arvut larry the cow ate me02:54
Bashing-omarvut: Do -> apt-get moo <- .02:56
eeeesorry arvut, being swallowed by cows are EOL here02:58
Psil0CybinTJ-, i give up02:58
Psil0Cybinit only saves on the command exit, without exit02:58
Psil0Cybinno saving02:58
Psil0Cybinno matter how i shutdown or anything....sigh02:59
TJ-Psil0Cybin: have you tried using the default Xubuntu terminal application?02:59
Psil0Cybini guess ill have too just because i deleted a silly file02:59
TJ-Psil0Cybin: try to isolate whether this is autostarted guake specific, or more general02:59
Psil0Cybinnever thought this would happen02:59
Psil0Cybinhonestly if i knew deleting02:59
Psil0Cybinwould cause this02:59
Psil0Cybinlmao, someone should write a long post02:59
TJ-Psil0Cybin: It shouldn't cause that, I can't see how it can... when you deleted that file, around the same time or before, what *else* were you doing? (re)configuring anything?03:00
TJ-Psil0Cybin: you may be associating the wrong cause with the effect03:00
Psil0Cybinnothing! just deleted that file, and unmounted an encrypted drive, using fusermount (that is mounted using encfs)03:00
Psil0Cybinlike littereny nothing03:01
Psil0Cybinthis is soooo bizzare,...03:01
eeeePsil0Cybin: try this:03:01
eeeeshopt -s histappend03:01
eeeePROMPT_COMMAND="history -a;$PROMPT_COMMAND"03:01
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Well, try bash from the regular xubuntu terminal, close the terminal, and then re-open the terminal and see if the bash commands you ran have been saved03:01
=== brad__ is now known as sencha
TJ-eeee: we checked shopt, it's on03:02
eeeewhat about the command below it?03:02
Psil0Cybinthat worked03:02
Psil0Cybini think that just added to my .bash_history03:02
Psil0Cybinone second03:02
Psil0Cybinwierd as heck!03:02
TJ-"history -a" will, that is "append now"03:03
eeeePsil0Cybin: the command i gave you will update in real time03:03
eeeeyeah it's a workaround i found on a site03:03
* gogh is back (gone 00:12:09)03:03
eeeeit's specific to guake it seems03:03
Psil0CybinLOL lemme read the post03:03
TJ-eeee: the issue seems to be that bash isn't saving to the history file on exit - at least not when started by guake... I'm waiting to hear if the same occurs with the default Xubuntu terminal03:03
Psil0Cybinboy oh boy03:04
somsip!away | gogh03:04
ubottugogh: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»03:04
Psil0Cybinyea TJ let me check03:04
Psil0CybinTJ-, not in real time, but when i close the terminal03:05
Psil0Cybinit saves03:05
Psil0Cybinlet me try logging out guys03:05
daftykinswish that guy would press enter less.03:06
TJ-Psil0Cybin: That is correct behaviour. Bash saves history on exit.03:06
eeeethe question is why would guake stop saving after closing the terminal, when the file was deleted?03:09
eeeeright ?03:09
Lost_xhi guys03:09
Lost_xgood day03:09
eeeemaybe it's config or something is messed up now ?03:10
Lost_xi have this problem, i have successfully installed windows7 and ubunto14.04lts. windows first then ubuntu03:10
TJ-eeee: I believe the user did something else around the same time but didn't realise until later the history file wasn't being written, and associates it with the "rm"03:10
Lost_xbut booting to windows7 using the linux grub got me this error http://ibin.co/1UGMxPxJ7OIM03:11
Lost_xnew ubuntu user here03:11
TJ-eeee: I'm looking at the guake source - it keeps its own scrollback buffers using a history_size setting,  but no indication that interacts with the shell (which could be anything) history. My thought is it doesn't cleanly terminate bash when it gets a SIGEXIT03:12
Psil0CybinTJ-, eeee thanks i am too tired to deal with it anymore i will assume it is fixed for tonight, but if i ever want to clear my .bash_history file what is the correct way of doing so so this never happens again!!03:12
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Default terminal saving history on exit: That is correct behaviour. Bash saves history on exit.03:12
Xhearttwelcome Lost03:13
eeeei'm going to test this here03:14
Bashing-omLost_x: UEFI ???03:14
ubuntuser13Lost_x: try sudo apt-get update grub in ubuntu.03:14
ObrienDavethat is a Windows boot error, not a grub error03:15
eeeelol, i can't get guake to install, when it runs it says did you install guake.schemas properly?03:15
eeeehmm, it just worked03:16
TJ-Psil0Cybin: Aha!!! I've been reading the guake source03:16
TJ-eeee: "guake-prefs" first03:16
TJ-Psil0Cybin: eeee I found in "src/guake" this for when it calls delete_shell(): """"This function will kill the shell on a tab, trying to send      a sigterm and if it doesn't work, a sigkill. Between these two03:17
TJ-        signals, we have a timeout of 3 seconds..." SIGKILL will uncleanly kill the bash process if it doesn't end within 3 seconds... that would explain this issue03:17
eeeei deleted .bash_history, exit and started a new guake term, the history works03:17
Psil0Cybinokay thanks03:18
TJ-eeee: put the bash shell into a freeze by suspending it, and then try... I bet the history isn't updated since guake with SIGKILL it03:18
TJ-eeee: Try this: "sudo sed -i 's/num_tries = 30/num_tries = 1/' /usr/bin/guake"03:20
eeeeok, how do i suspend the shell ?03:20
pr0metheu5Hi guys. I've been having this problem in Xubuntu 14, where the screen will suddenly just crash. And to fix it, I have to CTRL+ALT+F1 and run either "sudo pkill x" or "sudo restart lightdm," which restarts everything. Is this a known bug?03:21
dhxc<pr0metheu5 you system are updated?03:22
dhxcsudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:22
TJ-eeee: I  started guake from another terminal, then did "while : ; do ((a++)); echo $a; done" and then hit Ctrl+C in the controlling terminal... and bash_history wasn't updated03:23
eeeeTJ-: i ran the sed command03:23
ObrienDaveLost_x, is this a brand new install of Win7?03:24
=== MrGeneral_ is now known as MrGeneral
eeeewhats with guake having no global menu? it's driving me nuts i can't access anything below it like firefox etc.03:25
TJ-eeee: I can reproduce the issue now, even with "num_tries = 30", with bash running that while loop and then choosing Quit from the guaje context menu in the system tray03:25
arvutBashing-om: do emerge moo03:26
Jeffrey_fpr0metheu5: update your system first, then see if your issue is still an issue   sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade&&sudo apt-get -y autoremove03:26
TJ-eeee: Interesting! If I add into that while loop, a sleep as in "...sleep 1; done" then choose Exit from the guake context menu, I get a dialog telling me 1 process is still running and do I want to stop it. I say yes, and then history is updated03:27
lickalotthey guys, just installed 14.04 to make a media server (to sell). Is there a way to get Plex without having an account?  I don't want to sell a computer with my email address embedded in it, know whadda mean.03:28
Lost_xObrienDave, yes sir.03:29
daftykinslickalott: we don't support third party software03:29
daftykinslickalott: i bet they have a channel03:29
ObrienDaveLost_x, do you have anything on either you can not lose? (brand new on both)?03:30
lickalotti haven't actually tried to install and just log out afterwards.  I'll try that.   I was just stopping by to see if anyone knew off the top of thier nuggets03:30
Lost_xObrienDave, its a clean install nothing to lose03:30
TJ-eeee: I suspect for one reason or another, on Psil's PC, that 3-second loop either isn't running for the full 3 seconds, or the PC is thrashing about closing down other things (maybe using swap-file) and so guake just sends bash SIGKILL03:31
eeeeTJ-: so guake is able to sigterm it with a sleep ?03:31
Jeffrey_flickalott: /join #plex03:31
lickalottk. tks03:32
TJ-eeee: When bash sleeps it can respond to the SIGTERM03:32
ObrienDaveLost_x, do you have the old drive to clone?03:32
genoobiehey all03:32
genoobiejust installed lubuntu03:32
ObrienDaveLost_x, ok, i suggest re-installing Win7 first. make sure it runs 100% correctly before installing Ubuntu.03:32
genoobiecame up with a b43 ucode5.fw was missing03:32
ObrienDaveLost_x, start with a fresh formatted drive03:33
Lost_xquestion on partitioning crive03:33
Lost_xi mean drive03:33
Lost_xi have this 500gb hdd03:34
ObrienDaveLost_x, let Win7 take over the drive completely. Ubuntu install can take care of the partitions later03:36
Lost_xi partitioned it using windows7 os installer into part1 for windows7 OS, part2 (for ubunto "/"), part3 (for "swap"), and the remaining part for shared windows and ubunto files storage03:36
* [gnubie] waves03:39
BeldarLost_x, The windows installer adds a boot partition unless you have a ntfs there already, using a manual install. If you do  a manual without a partition it make a boot partition still.03:39
[gnubie]i’m running ubuntu trusty amd64. i don’t have an idea why it keeps on rebooting at least once a day. i don’t see any relevant logs in /var/log/syslog03:40
Lost_xI'll be back, i need my lunch so i can install the OSes correctly ;)03:40
[gnubie]any other way i can find the root cause of this reboot?03:40
[gnubie]i checked the unattended-upgrades but as per its configs, it’s not the cause of the reboot03:41
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: does it go down at the same time or randomly03:42
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: random03:42
[gnubie]yesterday at 12:05 and today at 08:0503:43
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: terminal type    last reboot03:43
Jeffrey_fput it to pastebin03:44
[gnubie]# last reboot03:44
[gnubie]reboot   system boot  3.13.0-32-generi Wed Jul 23 08:05 - 11:43  (03:38)03:44
[gnubie]reboot   system boot  3.13.0-32-generi Tue Jul 22 12:05 - 11:43  (23:38)03:44
[gnubie]oh. sorry. i pasted already..03:44
eeeehow come they both have 11:43 ?03:46
eeeeJeffrey_f: ?03:46
genoobiesorry three kids is a bit of a trial03:46
genoobieat any rate, I installed lubuntu and I have the broadcom wireless03:47
genoobieI think the driver is installed but not the firmware03:47
genoobiebut I cannot be sure03:47
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: any idea?03:47
genoobiewlan0 is not in the list03:48
genoobienot sure exactly how to proceed03:48
ObrienDave!broadcom | genoobie03:48
ubottugenoobie: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:48
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: do you have pastebinit installed03:48
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: nope.03:48
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: sudo apt-get install pastebinit03:49
Jeffrey_fonce that is installed do     cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades | pastebinit       then post the url it gives you03:49
genoobieokay, how do I know if the driver is installed but not firmware03:50
genoobieor if I need to do both steps03:50
genoobieThere's also a choice between b43 and wl03:51
genoobieany difference?03:51
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: http://pastie.org/941387603:53
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]:  ok.....not much there and no automatic reboot.03:55
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]:  last reboot|pastebinit03:55
LigneusHello I was trying to use Ubuntu 14.04 on a tablet/pc and when I am in tablet mode I can't get the on screen keyboard to recognize my finger and I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems or if I have a setting wrong.  I have tried google but havn't had much luck on there.  Thanks.03:56
=== deny_ is now known as misterpink
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: http://pastie.org/941388003:57
eeeedoes that last reboot suggest two running sessions?03:58
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: something strange......why at 12:05 and 8:05??03:58
Jeffrey_fwhy at 5 mins past the hour03:58
eeeecron maybe?03:59
[gnubie]no idea..03:59
Jeffrey_feeee: how to list cron??03:59
eeeecrontab -e03:59
eeeealso there could be files in /etc/cron.d , ls and cat them04:00
Jeffrey_fI need to leave for a few.  I'll be back on here within the next 30 mins04:00
[gnubie]# crontab -l04:00
[gnubie]no crontab for root04:00
eeeetry with your user?04:01
[gnubie]$ crontab -l04:02
[gnubie]no crontab for gnubie04:02
eeeemaybe in /etc/cron.d ?04:02
[gnubie]eeee: http://pastie.org/941389204:06
genoobieokay, I'll ask again, I know this is a stupid question, but I have a broadcom wifi card and there seem to be a few different drivers that will work04:06
genoobieIdeally there must be one that is best for ubuntu04:07
genoobiethere seems to be b43, wl, broadcom-sta04:07
ChogyDangenoobie: isn't that handled by the restricted driver manager?04:07
genoobieChogyDan: yes, there is proprietary firmware04:08
genoobiebut I cannot figure out where the thing "broke"04:08
genoobiethe wireless isn't an option when I double click the two arrows (so it's not enabled, even though the switch is "on")04:08
daftykinsinstall it via command line instead of through that program04:08
genoobiedaftykins: but which one?04:09
genoobieb43, wl, broadcom-sta04:09
daftykinsultimately, it depends on your hardware04:09
genoobieit's a bit confusing04:09
daftykinsbut try them and see which works, or which is faster and works04:09
genoobieit's supported by multiple drivers04:10
daftykinsthat's useless, give the name from lspci04:10
daftykinsyep so try them04:10
=== snardbafulators is now known as smegmaking
genoobiebased on what you know...https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:12
genoobiedaftykins: of the choices, b43 vs wl04:12
genoobieis one better?04:12
daftykinsi just told you what to do.04:12
daftykinsyou're not married to the first one you install :)04:12
ChogyDangenoobie: did you have issues installing the firmware?04:13
pozwhat? tell that to ubuntu 12.04.. sheesh04:13
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
Jeffrey_f[gnubie] and eeee, anything??04:16
eeeeJeffrey_f: nope, nothing in cron.d or crontab, http://pastie.org/941389204:17
zanzacarcan anyone help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/7xT7T3Kt04:17
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: still can’t find the root cause.. :(04:17
Jeffrey_fI just thought it was very strange the 5 minutes after the hour on "last boot"04:18
zanzacarlibsane issues won't go away, been trying -f install, -f autoremove etc but I can't seem to get it to stop complaining to me04:18
linociscois true?04:19
ChogyDanzanzacar: what happens when you try to remove libsane?04:20
ChogyDanlinocisco: maybe try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic04:20
linociscoChogyDan, thanks04:21
ChogyDanzanzacar: I can definitely help you get past that error.  It's just a question of how "nuclear" you want to go...04:22
LigneusSo does anyone think they could help with my touchscreen problem?04:22
zanzacarChogyDan: Well I could just whipe my whole system but I would like to learn how to resolve it04:22
zanzacarChogyDan: Here is the results of remove libsane. http://pastebin.com/AJwHwKFh04:23
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: grep -i error /var/log/syslog|pastebinit04:23
Bashing-omzanzacar: ChogyDan // "trying to overwrite shared '/etc/sane.d/v4l.conf'? .. -> apt-cache policy libsane <- nother instance installed ? .04:24
zanzacarI am not too familiar with apt-cache so I don't know if there is another instance. Here is the results http://pastebin.com/DXPijEpS04:26
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: http://pastie.org/941390804:26
ChogyDanzanzacar: dpkg -S /etc/sane.d/v41.conf should tell you what other package might be installed.  apt-cache policy libsane should give you some info on what libsane packages are installed, since, it seems to think there are other versions installed?   A slightly nuclear option would be to just delete /etc/sane.d/v41.conf, and try proceeding from there, reinstalling libsane when you can04:26
iMadperhi all. I set an empty password for my ubuntu box. However sudo doesn't work after I type "return" after it prompt me input password.04:27
iMadperis there any workarounds?04:28
zanzacarChogyDan: Ok seems logical, so How about I just move it to my home directory for now and see what happens.04:28
ChogyDanzanzacar: mhm, go for it04:28
zanzacarChogyDan: so it just started to complain about another file in the same folder.04:29
zanzacarLet me try moving the whole directory or something04:29
Jeffrey_feeee: check [gnubie] 's pastebin04:30
eeeei checked it04:30
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: do the same command 2 more times.....replace error with panic and warning........lets see what it shows04:31
eeee[gnubie]: did you recently replace the ram or something, saw a post online about it.04:32
zanzacarChogyDan: So I moved the entire directory to my home folder. Everything seems to be installing correctly. Now is there any harm in deleting my old directory?04:32
zanzacarI am not sure what it is even for to be honest.04:32
kastandoes any one no how to open a .rar file04:32
zanzacarkastan: carefully04:32
kastanzanzacar lol04:33
zanzacarkastan: are you using the terminal or a gui/desktop?04:33
ChogyDanzanzacar: nah, it's fine.  It is just some files part of the libsane package.  If you just installed a new version of libsane, then everything should be set.  Worst comes to worst, you could reinstall libsane...04:33
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: http://pastie.org/941391904:33
kastanits a gui desktop but i still use terminal more than i use anything else04:33
zanzacarChogyDan: that is kind of what I figured.04:33
[gnubie]eeee: i added more ram few weeks ago04:34
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: shows unclean shutdown......waiting for the next one04:34
zanzacarkastan: Here is a post on the forum about how to do it through the terminal04:34
eeee[gnubie]: do a memtest, restart and hold shift to get grub04:35
zanzacarYou could also do it through the gui/desktop if you wanted to, never the less I think you might need to install something either way04:35
eeee[gnubie]: it could be that they need to be reseated04:35
kastanzanzacar awesome thank you04:35
jhutchinskastan: There's a free unrar program04:35
zanzacarkastan: your welcome, anytime.04:35
[gnubie]eeee: what do you mean by reseated?04:35
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: did you do the command with panic replacing error??04:36
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: yes but no output.04:36
Jeffrey_fok, that's a good thing04:36
eeee[gnubie]: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172201904:36
eeee[gnubie]: remove and install them again firmly ?04:37
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
[gnubie]eeee: so that’s how to reseat the ram?04:37
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: where is this machine physically?  does that room get warm around the times the machine goes down??04:38
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: sunlight shining on the system at all??04:38
eeee[gnubie]: i think so, yes.04:38
eeee[gnubie]: try the memtest04:38
[gnubie]eeee: i actually have 4 x 8gb pc1600mhz ecc ram but i’m seeing pc1333mhz from the system04:39
ObrienDave[gnubie], probably a BIOS limitation04:40
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: no idea if the server room was warm during the reboot but i can say that there is always a running cooling system..04:40
Lost_xhi guys, i'm back04:40
[gnubie]ObrienDave: the motherboard supports up to pc16000mhz04:41
Lost_xcan you guide me thru the installation?04:41
Lost_xi will start from scratch04:41
ko3tHi! What remote desktop client i have to use on Mac to connect to the desktop shared on Linux Mint? I enabled desktop sharing on mint04:41
Lost_xso, windows first?04:42
ObrienDaveLost_x, do you have Win7 installed?04:42
ObrienDaveLost_x, yes, that is recommended04:42
Lost_xwhen installing windows how many partition do i make?04:42
Loshki!mint | ko3t04:42
ubottuko3t: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:42
ko3tOk, I am willing to install Ubuntu04:43
ko3twhat client should I use?04:43
Beldarko3t, client meaning?04:43
ko3tRDP client for Mac04:43
[gnubie]my motherboard => http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/C600/X9DRD-iF.cfm04:43
Beldar!mac | ko3t04:44
ubottuko3t: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:44
ko3tI mean, i want to connect from my Mac computer to my Ubuntu computer04:44
meganerdko3t: rdp is for connecting to a Windows PC04:44
ko3tdifferent machines04:44
ko3tok, so what client do I use?04:44
meganerdko3t: and ssh is built into macos04:45
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: dmesg|pastebinit04:45
meganerdko3t: what service are you trying to connect to?04:45
ObrienDaveLost_x, you don't, let Win7 handle everything04:45
ko3tmeganerd: i want to use graphical UI sharing , not ssh04:45
ko3tmeganerd: vino04:46
meganerdko3t: never heard of it04:46
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: the output will be a lot of info. besides, it only shows the current running bootup and does not include before it was rebooted. unless you still want to get some idea?04:46
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
Jeffrey_fIf you looked at it and didn't see anything......it is big.04:47
eeeethat's weird, i just entered a website to read about 1333mhz ram, and i heard the fan come on, next thing i know i get a matrixy-type thing going on (kernel panic i guess?)04:47
meganerdko3t: so googling vino and linux it seems that this is some sort of vnc client, I imagine that is what you are looking for then.04:47
eeeeso i had to hard restart04:47
Lost_xok, im booting im windows7 installer04:47
Loshkiko3t: you want a lot for someone asking about mint & mac on a ubuntu support group. Anyway, there is a vnc mac client, there's also "Screen Sharing" according to google, and also something called microsoft remote desktop.04:47
eeeeObrienDave: are you talking to me?04:48
ko3tLoshki: i have to machines , linux and mac, and i want to connect from mac to linux. i didn't know you hate Mint, but I ma totally happy to run Xubuntu04:48
ko3ttwo machines04:48
ObrienDaveeeee, just rambling, too much coffee, not enough sleep ;P04:49
eeeei found this in the /var/log/syslog Jul 23 07:45:28 e kernel: [   20.312967] i915 0000:00:02.0: registered panic notifier04:49
eeeeObrienDave: hehe ok04:49
Loshkiko3t: please google "mac vnc rdp client", just like I did...04:50
eeeedid i just lose my kernel panic virginity ?04:50
eeeelol :D04:50
meganerdeeee: congratulations?04:50
Bashing-omeeee: We got from your disconnect " [Read error: No route to host]" // java induced from the web page ??04:50
ko3tLoshki: i installed VNC on mac, connect keeps being refused. hence the IRC question04:50
ko3tLoshki: vmc client that is04:51
ObrienDaveLost_x, let Win7 take over the entire drive, do NOT mess with any partition info, test Win7 install 100% before trying to install Ubuntu, please04:51
Loshkiko3t: can you ping between the machines? Is the server running? Is there a firewall on client or server?04:52
ko3tno, no firewall, ssh is working04:53
eeeeBashing-om: yeah, i guess so..04:53
Lost_xObrienDave, so i will not make any partitions in windows7?04:53
Loshkiko3t: vnc server running?04:54
ObrienDaveLost_x, no, let Win7 do everything04:54
ko3tLoshki: vino is running. it's man page says it' s a VNC server04:54
Jeffrey_f[gnubie]: If the logs are showing nothing spectacular except acknowledging an dirty shutdown, then I will go with a hardware issue, specifically I am thinking it is a thermal shutdown.  Start by getting some compressed air and cleaning out the fans and motherboard heat sinks of duct, especially the power supply.  Ensure that the system has adequate ventilation (no fans are block and air is felt moving) and is not in direct sunlight.04:54
ObrienDaveLost_x, Ubuntu installer will do the partitions when it's the proper time04:55
Loshkiko3t: it is, do you know which port it's listening on?04:55
Jeffrey_fduct, meant dust04:55
Lost_xObrienDave, so the whole drive will just be installed with windows7? is that correct?04:56
Lost_xno partitions04:56
ObrienDaveLost_x, yes, for now04:56
Lost_xwe know that windows will automatically create  100mb partition for the system reserve04:57
Lost_xin windows704:57
ObrienDaveLost_x, your previous error was due to the partition names, sizes, etc, not being correct for the install04:57
eeeesomething's really weird, my fan keeps coming on.. and i have something called update-apt+ running that's taking 100% cpu, i try update-apt and command not found..04:57
ObrienDaveLost_x, please let Win7 handle everything for now.04:58
Lost_xObrienDave, you're right i guess coz, i jst  follow some of the instruction i found in the net04:58
ObrienDaveLost_x, once it's installed and tested, then we'll worry about getting Ubuntu working04:59
[gnubie]Jeffrey_f: http://pastebin.com/tLKL1QGf and http://pastebin.com/02bjc3p004:59
Lost_xObrienDave, i deleted  the previous partitions now, i got 1 unallocated space 465.5GB04:59
eeeei guess update-apt is part of the system.. nevermind04:59
ObrienDaveLost_x, and we know that 100% of the info on the net is 100% correct. rofl :))05:00
ObrienDaveLost_x, that sounds good for a 500MB drive05:00
Lost_xObrienDave, but i dont want my files and prjects to be save in the same drive with my oses05:00
ObrienDaveLost_x, you only have one physical drive, yes?05:01
Lost_xyes only one drive for now05:02
Lost_xObrienDave, is it possible to install the ubuntu at the other physicall drive?05:02
ko3tLoshki: I installed XRDP and I can connect using Microsoft Remote Desktop from Mac. But if I try to start a program via remote desktop , connection is dropped05:03
ObrienDaveLost_x, yes, i don't see why not. easier to make this drive dual boot Win7/Ubuntu and use 2nd drive for data05:04
Lost_xi got you05:06
firsterany opinion on using lubuntu as a server?05:06
Lost_xObrienDave, installing windows... get back to you when done...05:07
ObrienDaveLost_x, so, please finish Win7 install before we tackle the Ubuntu :)05:07
ObrienDaveLost_x, i'll be here05:07
tarelerulzDo any of you mount your Android smart phone if so  What version of Android to you use?05:10
=== Timmy is now known as Guest98634
Beldartarelerulz, Do you have an actual issue?05:15
tarelerulzMy problem is I can't mount the device with mtp or usb 3.  It shows up as an icon ,but nothing happens.05:15
editionwhere is the SDL2 build for ubuntu?05:16
Beldartarelerulz, What ubuntu release and what android release? Do you have the usb debugging set?05:17
tarelerulzIt stock  4.4.2  Android and running Ubuntu 14.04.05:18
Beldartarelerulz, Do you have the usb debugging set in development?05:19
tarelerulzI do now.05:19
Beldartarelerulz, unmount and try again05:20
tarelerulzIt shows up as icon .  I don't know where it mounts to the system05:21
NoCoinsHey, anyone here? :)05:22
ObrienDavetarelerulz, try /media or /mnt05:23
ObrienDaveNoCoins, nope, no one here05:23
NoCoinsAhh okay05:23
NoCoinsThanks ObrienDave :)05:23
tarelerulzI looked under media and nothing05:25
Beldartarelerulz, The icon should open it, I would try another usb cord, not sure usb3 is usable.05:25
NovartisAnyone know anything about writing some scripts?05:26
tarelerulzEvery port I try the same thing . It not able to mount an mtp device.05:30
=== xragnar_ is now known as xragnar
NovartisAnyone with scripting experience?05:32
pr0metheu5does this room still have the "what is the best x" thing?05:32
Lost_xObrienDave, done installing windows, what's next?05:32
pr0metheu5Or was that casual chat ...05:33
ObrienDaveLost_x, have you tested Win7? does it boot correctly?05:34
Lost_xyes, i'll another restart....wait...05:34
ObrienDaveLost_x, give me about a 10 minute break, brb05:34
=== Guest98634 is now known as timmy_net
=== timmy_net is now known as timmy_
=== timmy_ is now known as timmy-
miggymhow can i test what xdg-open uses as the default file manager? trying to get "open containing folder" working in chrome/qbittorrent05:36
SachiruWhat does the "linux-firmware" package contain? What exactly does it do?05:36
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
Beldartarelerulz, I suspect you need a different cord your setup should just work.05:38
editionwhere is SDL2 libraries for ubuntu?05:40
pjdelportHi, i'm trying to troubleshoot an Ubuntu installation that mysteriously stopped booting.05:41
pjdelportIt's on a machine dual booting Windows 8 with UEFI05:42
ObrienDaveLost_x, is everything ok with Win7?05:42
Lost_xit boot perfectly05:42
pjdelportIt used to work fine for months, but then yesterday it started booting only into Windows, even though the UEFI boot menu shows entries for both Windows and Ubuntu05:43
pjdelportChoosing either just makes it boot into Windows.05:43
pjdelportThere's no GRUB menu, like there was before when selecting Ubuntu05:44
ObrienDaveLost_x, burn Ubuntu ISO to DVD05:44
Lost_xObrienDave, the whole drive is now in NTFS and i got a 100mb System Reserve drive created by windows during installation05:44
pjdelportI'm booted into a live CD now, and have Boot-Info output here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7840103/05:44
Lost_xi got already an ISO05:44
ObrienDaveLost_x, that is a good thing05:44
Lost_xUbunto 14.04lts05:45
pjdelport(Ubuntu 14.04, of course)05:45
ObrienDaveLost_x, is ISO burned to DVD?05:45
ObrienDaveLost_x, ok, boot DVD and select "try Ubuntu" there is an IRC client so you can come back here when booted05:46
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
Lost_xObrienDave, i need to restart the machine?05:50
NovartisHi, is anyone here having experience with setting up scripts?05:51
ObrienDaveLost_x, yes, boot the Ubuntu DVD05:51
arquebusNovartis: what kind of scripts?05:53
=== Sachiru is now known as Guest15651
=== Sachiru_ is now known as Sachiru
Novartisarquebus: My goal is for my VPS to listen to my email, and scrape a link from it, visit the link, and then scrape text from the link.05:55
Lost_xObrienDave, im in05:55
NovartisIs that possible? :/ I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS05:55
Novartisscrape a link from new emails*05:55
=== amir_ is now known as Guest32111
ObrienDaveLost_x, cool, now run the "Install Ubuntu" icon05:56
ObrienDaveLost_x, when it asks where to install select "alongside windows"05:57
somsip_Novartis: it's feasible to set up something like offlineimap to mirror your IMAP email folders (if it is IMAP) and run an inotify script to parse new emails, then scrape from there05:57
Novartissomsip_ Oh that sounds amazing! Thank you!05:58
somsip_Novartis: links with some info to guide you, though wil need adapting and they are old now: http://is.gd/N2NqNO http://is.gd/5yAlUH05:59
Lost_xObrienDave, there's not option for installing it "alongside windows", only "Replace windows7 with ubuntu" and "something else"05:59
mortal_use vmware06:00
mortal_or virtualbox06:00
bekksLost_x: Errm. Of course you can dualboot Windows and Ubuntu.06:00
Novartissomsip_ Thank you, so much. :) Really can't express my thanks enough, nice blog too :)06:00
bekks!dualboot | Lost_x06:00
ubottuLost_x: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:00
ObrienDaveLost_x, there should be 'alongside', look again, please06:00
ObrienDaveLost_x, should be 3 options, alonside, replace, something else06:01
ObrienDaveLost_x, is this a UEFI machine?06:03
=== ly is now known as Guest46264
ObrienDavebekks, why would it not give the "alongside" option?06:04
ObrienDave!cn | Guest4626406:05
ubottuGuest46264: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:05
ObrienDave!jp | Guest4626406:05
ubottuGuest46264: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。06:05
Lost_xObrienDave, here's the image of the intallation ibin.co/1UHFOUjYLRt206:05
ObrienDavek, looking :))06:06
ObrienDaveLost_x, is this a UEFI machine?06:06
timmy-!kr | Guest4626406:09
bekksObrienDave: Because it does not detect a windows dynamic disk correctly, most likely.06:10
Lost_xObrienDave, i got this mobo recently. gigabyte 64bit06:10
timmy-Guest46264: what do you wanna?06:10
Lost_xi guess this is an EFI machine?06:11
bekksLost_x: And is it an UEFI machine?06:11
Lost_xwait, i'll check if it is UEFI?06:12
bekksLost_x: Thats what you asked to answer, yes :)06:12
mnathanihow does one reconfigure networking by modifying the /etc/network/interfaces file and have those changes apply without rebooting?06:12
ObrienDaveLost_x, please do. i should have asked that first06:12
bekksmnathani: Just edit that file and restart the networking service.06:13
mnathanibekks: I did try that, but the changes do not take effect06:13
mnathanido I need to have if up down statements in there?06:13
bekksmnathani: Depending on your changes. What did you change exactly? Can you please pastebin it? And can you please pastebin how you tried to apply the changed settings?06:14
mnathanichanging the ip address for instance06:15
mnathanifrom to
bekksmnathani: Why are you trying to setup a bridge then?06:16
timmy-mnathani: do you wanna to change your ip address?06:16
ObrienDaveLost_x, mobo model number, please06:16
Lost_xObrienDave, Gigabyte H16M-DS2 R306:17
=== iMadper is now known as iMadper|QE
Bashing-omLost_x: ObrienDave :: typing "bcdedit" in a Windows Administrator Command Prompt window and looking in the "path" line will tell how Windows is booting.06:19
ObrienDavelooks like it's UEFI06:20
mnathanibekks: the bridge works just fine and is to be used with Virtual Machines KVM06:20
mnathanitimmy-: not at present, but in the past each time I made a change I had to reboot for it to take effect06:20
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:21
Lost_xBashing-om, tried typing, nothings happen06:21
bekksmnathani: And how/what did you try to apply those settings?06:22
ObrienDaveLost_x, Bashing-om means you need to type that command in a Windows CMD window06:22
aseemI am following a link given on help.ubuntu to implement ltsp cluster06:22
aseemhere is the link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSP-Cluster06:23
mnathanibekks: modified the IP address, saved the file, then issued: service networking restart06:23
=== Timmy is now known as Guest75349
=== Guest75349 is now known as Timmy-
Bashing-omLost_x: // strange, should have seen winload.efi, then you're booted in EFI mode; if it refers to winload.exe, then you've booted in BIOS mode. ( so far as my meager knowledge goes).06:23
aseemcan anyone please explain the purpose of root and application servers?06:23
mnathanialsto tried /etc/init.d/networking restart06:23
bekksmnathani: And what did happen?06:23
jnhghyI have an ubuntu computer  that is not connected to the internet (only intranet) what should I do to be able to connect throw ssh as root? I tried adding a password with sudo passwd and also to add PermitRootLogin yes to sshd_config but I still get permission denied... (I've also restarted the ssh service)06:23
ObrienDave!uefi | Lost_x06:23
ubottuLost_x: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:23
bekks!root | jnhghy06:24
ubottujnhghy: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:24
Lost_xBashing-om, do we need to make some changes in the bios?06:24
mnathanibekks: the old ip remained, new one did not take effect. Then I restarted and then the changes took effect06:24
unstableWhat is a good way to search the content of files? eg, if I want to search for a string inside any files on my computer?06:24
bekksmnathani: So basically your problem is already solved?06:24
bekksunstable: you can use "grep" for searching inside a file.06:24
jnhghybekks: how would that help? I can't do ssh root@ubuntu ?06:24
cfhowlettunstable "sed"  as well06:25
mnathaninot really, I have other ubuntu boxes I would like to manage IP addressing for without having to reboot each time I make a change06:25
bekksjnhghy: Correct. Thats intended.06:25
=== newbie is now known as Guest91554
bekksmnathani: I gues it have something to do with the fact that you are using a bridge. I used bridges a long time ago, and doesnt remember that anymore.06:25
somsip_unstable: grep -nir "search term" /path (will give you a recursive, ignore case search and output filenames and line numbers)06:26
=== Timmy_ is now known as Guest73000
=== Guest73000 is now known as timmy-
mnathanibekks: thanks06:26
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Bashing-omLost_x: I would suspect so .. ya want to set it to boot in EFI mode and install Windows and ubuntu in EFI mode. Elsae you will be booting the legacy MBR, EFI is the future and is a better partitioning scheme.06:27
ObrienDaveLost_x, so, we might have to start over with the Win7 install06:28
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
ObrienDavei should have asked first about UEFI, sorry06:29
santhosh____iam not able to conncet vnc on ubuntu and lubuntu 14.0406:29
Lost_xhere's the image http://ibin.co/1UHN1ojSXmHb06:30
santhosh____desktop sharing is not working on lubuntuand ubuntu 14.0406:30
Lost_xit is a a DualBIOS06:30
* cfhowlett thinks "DualBIOS"? That's a thing, now?06:30
santhosh____this is the bug in ubuntu 14.0406:31
ObrienDavecfhowlett, thinking is more like UEFI and BIOS as a backup, dunno06:31
santhosh____how o reslove the issue in desktop sharing06:31
NovartisHow come files that I do sudo apt-get on aren't listed under ls?06:31
Lost_xwe have time.... :)06:31
santhosh____in ubuntu06:32
bekks"DualBIOS" ist just a marketing buzzword for "giving you the ability to choose between UEFI and BIOS behaviour" in the settings.06:32
ObrienDaveNovartis, ls is only a listing for the current directory06:33
ObrienDaveNovartis, and installed package names are not necessarily the same as the installed file names06:34
=== bipul_ is now known as bipul
Bashing-omObrienDave: Lost_x :: I am calling it a night for this session. I will return on my morrow afternoon.06:34
ObrienDaveBashing-om, thank you, see you l8r06:35
NovartisOh of course, thank you ObrienDave :)06:35
NovartisHow do I remove a directory?06:36
cfhowlettNovartis rmdir06:36
cfhowlettNovartis so simple a cave man could do it.06:36
NovartisI apologize for the noob questions. I spent like 10 minutes reading the page on deleting files :/06:37
ObrienDavecaveman? who? where?06:37
cfhowlettNovartis no apology needed.06:37
bipulHello, I am running ubuntu 14.04, I have  connected it to "2.5 SATA EXTERNAL CASE", My question is here, that i can see two icons of Disk in my left panel, each of them is having same volume space.06:37
cfhowlettNo names were mentioned *cough ObrienDave cough*06:37
ObrienDaveLOL ;P06:37
Novartisrmdir -r for directories with things in them? cfhowlett ?06:37
ObrienDaveNovartis, -r means recursive06:38
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
Lost_xobriendave, no probs. go ahead and thanks06:39
cfhowlettNovartis yep but you might need to sudo that.  when I really need to kill a file, I used that which must not be named command06:39
ObrienDavecfhowlett, i represent that remark ;P06:39
Lost_xim mean to Bashing-om06:39
ObrienDaveLost_x, i'm staying06:39
MrokiiHello. I've recently set the $DISPLAY env var and now synaptic doesn't start anymore. I tried unsetting $DISPLAY via "unset display" but Synaptic still complains about it. What can I do?06:41
Lost_xObrienDave so, back to scratch?06:41
ObrienDaveLost_x, oh, cool, AMI bios/uefi06:41
NovartisI think it's rm -r not rmdir -r06:41
NovartisWhich actually makes sense if the directory has files and not just directories in it06:41
Lost_xi dunno ha, i think the option that we can install ubuntu alongside windows will appear when there are partition found...06:41
=== basketpc is now known as jjprieto
ObrienDaveLost_x, i believe so, let me read the UEFI help topic again06:42
ObrienDaveLost_x, for now, boot into Win7 and start a CMD window, please06:43
=== jjprieto is now known as jjprieto_out
Lost_xim in cmd now06:46
=== nikhil is now known as Guest17871
=== basketpc is now known as jjprieto_out
timmy-nikhil:who is nick lol06:47
Lost_xObrienDave, what's next? im in the command prompt now06:47
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
ObrienDavek, sec06:49
ObrienDave<Bashing-om> Lost_x: ObrienDave :: typing "bcdedit" in a Windows Administrator Command Prompt window and looking in the "path" line will tell how Windows is booting.06:50
blaaaAre the nosuid, nodev and noexec permissions generally safe to use for the /tmp filesystem?06:50
ObrienDaveLost_x, what does the "path" line say?06:50
=== jjprieto_out is now known as jjprieto
timmy-blaaa: maybe you are right,I think the /tmp directory will be auto-cleaned when the system reboot06:52
Lost_xObrienDave, "The boot configuration data store could be opened. Access is denied."06:52
ObrienDaveLost_x, you need to open CMD in administrator mode06:52
blaaatimmy-: I think that can be set as required, also only files of a specific minimum age can be purged, but the mount flags might interfere with stuff I suppose06:54
akula18Hello everyone!!! Where can i find list of phones I can install ubuntu on??06:54
cfhowlett!touch | akula1806:54
ubottuakula18: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch06:54
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch06:55
Guest91554how can i add my own channel?06:56
timmy-blaaa: you wanna mount manually the /tmp directory?06:56
cfhowlettGuest91554 in IRC?  /join #yourchannelname06:56
blaaatimmy-: no automounable in the fstab06:57
Lost_xObrienDave, here's the path "\windows\system3206:57
Lost_xObrienDave, here's the path "\windows\system32\winload.exe"06:57
ObrienDaveLost_x, not sure if that means UEFI or not. let's look into your BIOS settings and see if we can find a clue there06:59
Slappyok I am getting frustrated06:59
Lost_xback to bios right?06:59
ObrienDaveyes, please06:59
timmy-blaaa: do you want to set the read or write permission for the directory by yourself?07:00
Slappyit seems that no matter what linux distro I use, I get nothing but buggy nonsense & gross instability. I thought linux was supposed to be MORE stable than windows, nless07:00
Slappynot less*07:00
cfhowlettSlappy rant less, details more = you'll get assistance.  otherwise: #ubuntu-offtopic07:00
SachiruMost of us find that Linux is more stable than Windows07:00
SachiruCould be a PEBKAC error on your end, Slappy07:01
timmy-blaaa: I think you can use the -o args like 'mount -oremount, wr /dev/xxx /xxx'07:01
cfhowlettSachiru PEBKAC?  What the deuce?07:01
ObrienDaveSachiru, lol07:01
Sachirucfhowlett: Google it07:01
SlappyI installed 14.04 a few weeks ago & from the start I keep getting pop ups saying that there are system problems & programs crashing, & with both Chrome every page crashes & gives me that "Aw Snap herp derp, herpy derpy derpity derp" nonsense07:01
* cfhowlett delivers a slap with a slappy ramen noodle07:01
ozofozHi, this might be out of the scope of this help channel but I am wondering if a system recovery dvd that's given with a laptop can or cannot be used to make newly installed SSD drive work just as the old HDD?07:02
Lost_xObrienDave, im in....07:02
ObrienDaveozofoz, it should work07:02
cfhowlettozofoz is this a linux recovery CD?07:02
Lost_xObrienDave, what are we looking?07:02
ozofozchalcedony: sadly it is a win7 recovery disk, the lappy came with win7 installed on it07:03
ObrienDaveLost_x, see if you can find "fast boot" being on07:03
SlappyMy question is what do I have to do in order to install & use Ubuntu or ANY distro for that matter without having to worry about glitches & holes where something "went wrong"?07:03
Sachiru@Slappy: What hardware, how did you install, are you absolutely sure that your hardware is OK, etc?07:03
cfhowlettozofoz best ask ##windows how it could be done07:03
cfhowlettSlappy buy a linux OEM and understand taht there ARE no guarantees.07:03
SlappyIntell I5, 8 gb of dual channel patriot ram, all my hardware is fine & the Md5 checks out07:03
ozofozcfhowlett: i'll try, thank you :)07:03
ObrienDaveLost_x, see if you can find "fast boot/quick boot" being on07:04
SlappyOccasionally when I run memtests it throws out errors, but typically once I let the computer sit for a bit, the mem test passes just fine07:04
Sachirui5, what mother board, what generation?07:04
Sachiru<Slappy> Occasionally when I run memtests it throws out errors, <-- Well there's your problem07:04
SachiruHardware issues07:04
SachiruIf it's absolutely fine memtest should NOT throw out errors, whether you let it sit for a bit or not07:05
SlappyAsus board I think, it's a CyberPower desktop I got about 3 years ago07:05
SachiruThe moment it throws out an error the hardware becomes suspect07:05
SlappyIts happened on systems with clean ram though too07:05
SachiruAnd how sure are you that the RAM on these systems are clean?07:06
SachiruOr the power supply is not at fault?07:06
Slappybecause they test clean, & in most cases are brand new07:06
SlappyI already tried replacing the ram, it ran clean when I first put it in07:06
bekksSlappy: "new" doesnt mean a thing at all.07:06
SachiruA brand new module cannot come out of the factory without errors, I take it?07:06
cfhowlettSlappy "new" stuff goes bad all the time.07:06
blaaatimmy-: yes, it's no problem to add nosuid, nodev and noexec to the mount flags in fstab, but I am not sure these permissions won't interfere with something. Also on /var, does postfix still work correctly with its chroot dir on a partition mounted with nodev for example07:06
Lost_xObrienDave, i have enable the Fast Boot option, there are 3 options disabled, enabled and ultra fast07:07
SachiruThere's this thing called "intermittent errors" with RAM07:07
SachiruIt may be intermittent, but the fact is that it's throwing out errors07:07
Lost_xObrienDave, sending another image http://ibin.co/1UHYARZ16PZ107:07
Slappyok but if it's new & passes memtest, then its safe to assume that it's clean07:07
SachiruAlso power supply issues can cause intermittent07:07
SachiruIf it's new and it passes memtest _CONSISTENTLY_ ot07:07
Slappyok so your saying these errors are the result of my Ram throwing out errors?07:07
SachiruIf it's new and it passes memtest _CONSISTENTLY_ it's safe to assume it's clean07:07
Rohan_mIs there anyway to create new user and restrict him to /home directory07:08
ObrienDaveLost_x, ok07:08
SachiruIf it passes memtest only half the time or less it's not clean07:08
Lost_xObrienDave, i chose Enabled07:08
ObrienDaveLost_x, disable fast boot07:08
Slappyno the old memory only passed half the time & that was if the PC was hot & overused07:08
SachiruThink of it this way: Would you call a toaster that turns on only half the time "functional"?07:08
Rohan_mikonia: is there any way to create new user and restrict him to home directory07:09
SachiruIf it isn't, then why do you call RAM that tests out fine only half the time as "clean"?07:09
SlappyThe new ram I tested out in this system & still had the same issues before I transfered it to my secondary system which I bought it for07:09
cfhowlettSlappy so you're consistently having issues with the hardware ... and that's due to a fault with the OS?07:09
* ObrienDave hates raw toast07:09
ozofozwindudes seems asleep atm :P07:09
ikoniaRohan_m: yes, chroot07:09
SachiruI'm guessing Windows isn't working well on that system too, Slappy07:09
* Slappy facepalm07:09
ikoniaRohan_m: you'll be better asking the channel rather than individual people07:10
SachiruIf all OSes you install on that fails, then maybe it isn't the OS'es fault?07:10
SachiruI know, it's such a huge leap of logic, but just try thinking about that07:10
Rohan_mikonia: i already asked07:10
timmy-blaaa: I think the system cannot work correctly for long time if you change the permission of system directory.07:10
NovartisWhat's the appropriate usage for automake?07:10
ozofozI am wondering if these recovery dvd's have *all* the information required to make the newly installed SSD work, or shall I somehow clone or copy the old disk into that new SSD ? As in, can I just install the SSD, put in the recovery dvd, and get off with it?07:10
cfhowlettSachiru Would that be the language of logic you are employing?07:11
Lost_xObrienDave, fast boot is already disabled, leave it as is?07:11
timmy-blaaa: maybe create a non-system directory and change that is better for you07:11
cfhowlettozofoz win7 is not supported here.  go to windows for support with windows software07:11
ObrienDaveLost_x, focus is really bad on that pic, please resend07:11
ObrienDaveLost_x, yes, leave disabled07:12
ozofozi am not asking a windows question, the recovery dvd could also be for linux for those laptops with preinstalled linux systems07:12
SlappyWell again as I said, when I tested out the new ram on this system, I was getting the same problems, but after I transferred the new Ram to my secondary system to answer your question, Windows actually ran on it reletively fine. Only problem I ran into was having to install some drivers for my ethernet adapter07:12
ikoniaRohan_m: ok, so waiting for a response rather than randomly asking me when I may not be at my desk would be better07:12
cfhowlettozofoz you said it was a windows 7 recovery disk ...07:12
Sachiru@Slappy: Anywho, tl;dr - Unless you get 100% passed RAM 100% of the time you test, the hardware isn't clean. It could be the RAM, could be the board, could be the processor, could be the power supply, could be some combination of the three.07:12
SlappySo yeah, still had the same problem when the new clean ram was in this system, but not with the same ram in the other system running windows07:12
blaaatimmy-: I want to limit permissions on directories as much as possible, so setting the nosuid, noexec and nodev  ount options as much as reasonably possible07:12
Rohan_mblaaa: same here07:13
ozofozbut the question is not windows related07:13
SachiruThen I suspect incompatibilities with your RAM and the board or CPU. And yes, that happens.07:13
Rohan_mikonia: oh i'm new to this chat system i dont know rules07:13
SachiruI've had systems that ran fine with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM in a socket, but fail when a 4 GB stick is slotted in.07:13
SlappyOk, so presuming I go out & buy ALL new parts & build a brand new desktop & keep getting the same problems?07:13
Lost_xObrienDave, reinstall windows7?07:13
cfhowlettozofoz depends.  I don't know that computers still come with recovery cd's - you're expected to make your own07:14
ozofozi asked if a system recovery disk can be used to make a clean upgraded SSD to work, or shall i clone/copy the old hdd into the SSD07:14
SachiruPresuming you buy all new parts you need to check that they all work first.07:14
=== ly is now known as Guest41298
ObrienDaveLost_x, not yet, i want to see the rest of the bios settings07:14
Mathisendont be a idiot now Sachiru07:14
SlappyDo I just assume that my new desktop is faulty too? or that Ubuntu seems to have issues that apparently I need to correct after install?07:14
SachiruSince you're so convinced and so determined to blame linux, try this: Install Windows on that particular rig and see if you don't get a BSOD within two months.07:14
blaaaRohan_m: trial and error is possible to find out what works or not, but I suppose there must be people who've done that before. I have separate filesystems for various subdirectiries, for some it's straightforward what can be done or not, but for others, like /var an /tmp it's less clear...07:14
ObrienDaveLost_x, please take new pic (in focus ;P ) and resend07:15
Rohan_mikonia: so i need to study the chroot concept from start07:15
ozofozcfhowlett: okies, thank you!07:15
SlappyDude, I been using Linux for about 2 years & at times I do like it more than Windows. Frankly I try to avoid using windows07:15
SachiruThe thing is, Slappy, you're one of a small few who has problems when installing linux on any system they touch07:15
SachiruWhile we typically just install and go07:15
SlappyIm just at a point of frustration where I am sick & tired of having to re-install linux & keep trying out distro after distro to find that one that is actually stable only to find out that every time, after a couple days, or sometimes right out of the box I get python issues, or dpkg errors or just random unreportable update problems07:16
ikoniaSlappy: the common issue is the user in those situations normally07:17
NovartisHave you considered iOS? :P07:17
ikoniaSlappy: you don't randomly get python errors or dpkg errors - only if you do things that cause breakage or don't pay attention to what you are doing07:17
Sachiru@Slappy: Those typically are indicative of PEBKAC errors07:17
cfhowlettSlappy if you're that frustrated, install windows l.  Install virtualbox and put linux in a virtualbox so you can experiment.  Or get a mac.07:17
ikoniaSlappy: of course there are bugs, but that isn't the situation you are describing07:17
NovartisThere's a windows 1? :o07:17
SlappyPebkac huh? its a freaking point & click GUI install process07:18
SlappyWhat did I rub the install icon the wrong way?07:18
Sachiru@Slappy if your "issues" are that pervasive nobody would use linux for servers. The fact that they do and are capable of keeping them with several months of uptime without difficulty shows that linux is not the thing at fault.07:18
SlappyWas I supposed to circle the mouse curser over it 3 times & dangle a dead chicken over it before clicking to do it "right"?07:19
SlappyIts a point & click thing07:19
Slappythere is very little room for PEBCAK07:19
snuffthey guys!07:19
cfhowlettSlappy seems we can't help you.  Suggest you install and use a more "user friendly" OS07:19
cfhowlettsnufft greetings.  ask your questions.07:19
Sachiru@Slappy: Get a chromebook07:19
SachiruOr iPad.07:20
lataupeHello, where is Mr Zic?07:20
SlappySo this is the community support that everyone raves about?07:20
cfhowlettlataupe wrong channel07:20
snufftwhen I ssh into a server, it just shows the $. how cna I change that to something like [user name]@pwd ?07:20
SlappyIf you're having issues, then "clearly it's the users fault & they should just use windows"?07:20
snufft(the server is ubuntu 12.04 btw)07:20
ikoniaSlappy: what's the actual issue you're having07:20
cfhowlettSlappy sarcasm and attitude will quickly lead to /ignore.  If you want to solve issue, restrict your verbiage to technical discussion07:21
somsip_snufft: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizingBashPrompt07:21
Lost_xObrienDave, im taking new pic07:21
ikoniaSlappy: no one is saying "clearly its the users fault" however the situation you describe it is commonly driven by bad practices from the user07:21
SachiruApparently he has dpkg errors after installing with GUI installer.07:21
SlappyI would copy & paste the pop up details here but for some reason they are un-copyable07:21
SachiruHow that happens is anyone's guess.07:21
ikoniaSlappy: just explain the problem07:21
cfhowlettsnufft #ubuntu-server is also available07:21
lataupesvp, il est ou le canal pour les français?07:21
ikoniaSlappy: first thing - what version of ubuntu are you using /07:21
ubottulataupe: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:21
snufftsomsip_, cfhowlett thak you very much!07:22
Sachiru"<Slappy> I installed 14.04 a few weeks ago & from the start I keep getting pop ups saying that there are system problems & programs crashing, & with both Chrome every page crashes & gives me that "Aw Snap herp derp, herpy derpy derpity derp" nonsense"07:22
cfhowlettsnufft happy2help07:22
ObrienDaveLost_x, ok, waiting with baited breath :))07:22
ikoniaSachiru: let me work this through from Slappy please - first had07:22
ikoniaSlappy: lets try to walk through this07:22
ikoniaSlappy: acceptable ?07:22
cfhowlettObrienDave baited/bated/07:22
timmy-blaaa: I am not sure it can work correctly whether you limit permission on  these directories. good luck07:22
ObrienDavecfhowlett, oops LOL07:22
lataupejoin  #ubuntu-qc07:23
Slappyok well right now I'm on Ubuntu 14.04. Firefox crashes & closes almost any time I open a browser, Chrome & Chromeum keep crashing with that damn "Aw snap herpty derp" screen, Midory only half loads then just blanks out half the page, & I constantly get "system problem" pop ups & when I use theupdater to update instead of terminal it always ends up faiuling to update something07:23
SachiruFrom what we experience fresh installs resulting in system problems are indicative of hardware issues but he insists that his hardware is clean, despite "<Slappy> no the old memory only passed half the time & that was if the PC was hot & overused"07:23
ikoniaSlappy: ok so lets look at your system07:24
ikoniaSlappy: do you know how to open a terminal ?07:24
Slappyhonestly the only distros that have been stable for me is mint 14, Ultimate edition & Zorin 6.2, (kind of, but still had problems with it before)07:24
ikoniaSlappy: please keep to the topic07:25
Slappyyes I know how to open a terminal07:25
Slappyas I said I have been using linux almost exclusively for over 2 years07:25
ikoniaSlappy: ok, do you know how to use a pastebin ?07:25
Slappyyes I know how to use pastebin07:26
ikoniaSlappy: fantastic, could you please pastebin the output of the following commands (there will be a lot of output) "uname -a" "sudo apt-get update"07:26
Slappyok want me to do it as 2 commands or 107:26
ikonia1 pastebin is fine07:26
Slappyso uname -a & then do an update?07:27
ikoniaSlappy: uname -a (only one line output) put it into a pastebin, then do sudo apt-get update and put it into the same pastebin, then click submit and give me the pastebin url please.07:27
=== newbie is now known as Guest80793
Lost_xObrienDave, here the image of the fastboot under BIO Features ibin.co/1UHefClMzcUl07:28
Lost_xObrienDave, actually the status of the Fast boot was already changed. I change it. but before it was Disabled07:31
ObrienDaveleave it disabled for now07:32
Slappywell my system became non responsive so had to do a hard reboot07:32
Slappyhang on while I try to get the pastebin back07:32
maxxerhi. I have a DHCPv6 server in my LAN, but NetworkManager is apparently  not requesting dhcpv6 address07:35
maxxerif I manually run "dhclient -6 wlan0" I get the IPV6 address07:35
Slappywell this is just perfect07:39
Slappynow chrome wont even work well enough for me to get the damn pastebin link07:39
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
SlappyI THINK this is the right one07:39
Slappyaaaand it didnt copy07:39
ObrienDaveikonia, would having Win7 installed in UEFI mode cause Ubuntu install to NOT see the "alongside" option?07:40
Lewoco_How do I enable mail forwarding using ~/.forward?07:40
ikoniaObrienDave: possible07:40
ObrienDaveikonia, thanks07:40
BeldarObrienDave, It needs an unallocated I believe.07:40
ikoniaSlappy: strtaight away - big problems07:41
Slappyok please elaborate07:41
ikoniaSlappy: a.) you've got mixed version repos b.) you've got 3rd party repos / PPA's that can cause package conflicts07:41
ObrienDaveBeldar, we have Win7 installed but Ubuntu install does not see "alongside" option07:41
ikoniaSlappy: your machine isn't up to date also - which I suspect is due to it not being able to do so because of package conflicts07:41
SlappyI didn't add any repos though. Just whatever the defaukts were07:42
BeldarObrienDave, W8 in general does the same from what I have seen here, a resize in the windows disk manager to make an unallocated is what I've see.07:42
ikoniaSlappy: they are not defaults07:42
ikoniaSlappy: look at it - you have precise repos and trusty repos07:42
ikoniaSlappy: that is VERY bad07:42
ikoniaSlappy: you also have playonjlinux PPA/repo which is known to cause problems07:42
SlappyOk so POL causes issues?07:43
ikoniaSlappy: you have the google repos, which sometimes has some odd dependency packages in it depending ont he package07:43
Slappywell yeah I have Chromium & Chrome07:43
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
ikoniaSlappy: you have the steampowered repo - but I'm not %100 aware of the current packages in there so don't know of that ones impact07:43
ikoniaSlappy: basically you've installed a lot of bad/conflicting repos07:43
SlappySo let me see if I understand. Part of the problem is that I am utilizing Chrome, Chromium & POL?07:43
ikoniaSlappy: so I have zero surprise your machine is in a bad way07:44
ikoniaSlappy: no, you're not reading what I said07:44
ObrienDaveLost_x, ok, let's try reinstalling Win7 with Fast Boot disabled07:44
ikoniaSlappy: problem one - you have mixed precise and trusty repos - this is VERY bad07:44
ikoniaSlappy: problem two - you are using 3rd party repos that are known to cause problems/conflicts07:44
cfhowlettSlappy mixed repos = 99.9% breakage ...07:44
ikoniaSlappy: these two problems = a huge mess/disaster machine07:44
Slappyok, so how did that occur? When I update I either go to terminal & do the spt-get update or I use the update manager07:45
ikoniaSlappy: the fact that you don't know what repos you've installed and think this is "default"07:45
ikoniaSlappy: that suggests the problem - without being rude, is your management of the machine07:45
ikonianot "ubuntu"07:45
chrissgMornin' people. o/07:45
Slappyok, so tell me then, what would you call installing the os, opening update manager & clicking update?07:45
cfhowlettchrissg greetings.  ask you questions07:45
ikoniaSlappy: that's not what you've done07:45
Lost_xObrienDave, Thats what we did recently....07:46
ikoniaSlappy: and if thats all you think you've done - you are mistaken, and not aware of what you are doing07:46
ikoniaSlappy: not trying to be rude to you, just trying to be clear with facts07:46
ObrienDaveSlappy, just out of curiosity, between distros did you format your Linux partition or just re-install over each other?07:46
chrissgNo questions :) Answering maybe, hanging out...07:46
SlappyI formatted07:46
ikoniaSlappy: I would suggest you need a clean install before moving forward with this07:46
ObrienDaveSlappy, ok, thanks07:46
SlappyI do have other partitions though, so could that be a factor?07:46
Sachiru@ikonia: Like I said. PEBKAC error.07:46
ikoniaSlappy: no07:46
Slappyok so then please answer this for me07:47
cfhowlettSlappy the fix is to torrent the *buntu you want.  suggest 14.04 for long term support.  format the HDD and clean install.07:47
ikoniaSlappy: I don't doubt it, I agreed, but finding out why there is a problem so Slappy doesn't hit it again is important07:47
ikoniaSachiru: I don't doubt it, I agreed, but finding out why there is a problem so Slappy07:47
ikoniadoesn't hit it again is important07:47
ObrienDaveLost_x, fast boot was disabled for last Win7 install?07:47
SlappyI follow the instructions in the installer, & after installing I type in terminal Sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras & then sudo apt-get update07:47
Sachiru@Slappy: No matter what you click in the instaler it won't add conflicting repos07:48
SachiruIt's not the installer that's the problem07:48
ikoniaSlappy: that's not what's happened07:48
SachiruThe installer will NEVER add third-party repos. Or PPAs. Or intermix repo versions.07:48
ikoniaSlappy: at some point you've added the wrong repos07:48
ikoniaSlappy: lets get a clean install and move forward from there07:49
SachiruSo either you're lying or trying to make excuses for your ignorance, or you're trolling us.07:49
SlappyNow to get all these conflicting extra drivers, I have to go into update manager & add third party repos right?07:49
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
ObrienDaveLost_x, is Win7 still bootable?07:49
SachiruWell there's your problem07:49
ikoniaSlappy: lets not discuss this any more07:49
ikoniaSlappy: lets get a clean install and move forward07:49
SlappySo Im trying to figure out how I gave this system the impression that I wanted to add third party Repos, without actually instructing it to add third party repos07:49
cfhowlettSlappy but you did precisely that.07:49
SachiruYes. Wipe drive and clean in stall and don't fuck around with third party repos.07:49
cfhowlettSachiru dude!  language!07:50
Slappyugh fine, hang on07:50
ikoniaSlappy  you know you did it - you installed play on linux07:50
SlappyI appreciate the help but this is frustrating07:50
ikoniaSlappy: I don't know how/when you installed the precise repos07:50
ikoniaSlappy: either way - lets move on07:50
ikoniaSlappy: it's frustrating as you're not paying attention to managing your machine and causing breakage07:50
cfhowlettSlappy right.  understood.  moving on ...07:50
ikoniaSlappy: lets get a clean install - take stock and move forward07:50
Slappyok hang on07:51
ObrienDaveSlappy, let them help you fix it first then try to understand why later :)07:51
wuxlGood afternoon everyone!!07:52
jayauraHow do I setup LVM  when installing ubuntu on a fresh system with manual intervention ?07:52
ObrienDaveLost_x, ok, let's see if we can get Ubuntu to install. boot the DVD please07:52
ObrienDavelost, 5 min break please07:53
Lost_xilljust intall ubunto here07:53
SlappyOne quick question, I have a Virtual box virtual drive that I want to keep. how exactly do I transfer that off to a thumb drive or something so I dont lose it?07:54
=== ly is now known as Guest93270
ikoniaSlappy: just copy it off07:54
=== renato is now known as Guest25241
SlappyWhere do I find the virtual drive because virtualbox is not opening07:55
Slappyprogram files?07:55
ikoniaSlappy: there is no such thing as "program files" in linux07:56
SlappyI mean the file system07:56
ikoniaSlappy: it's on the file system yes07:56
* cfhowlett has a bad feeling about this ...07:56
ikoniaSlappy: just copy the image file off07:56
* Sachiru agrees with cfhowlett07:56
Slappywell there is content on that virtual drive that I want to keep07:57
Slappyits browser links & such that I reference frequently07:57
ikoniaSlappy: so move the image off07:57
SlappyI'm trying to remember which file to find it under07:58
ObrienDaveLost_x, you mean overwrite win7?07:59
Slappyfound it07:59
Slappyok hang on, getting my ubuntu boot disk07:59
SlappyI should be back in approx 10 to 20 minutes after it installs08:00
ikoniaSlappy: once it installs - do nothing at all, just come back to this channel08:00
FuzzyWhirlpoolI'm coming, guys!08:01
RockyExDoes the font SansSerif come built in with the Ubuntu distro?08:01
cfhowlettRockyEx not by defaullt08:02
FuzzyWhirlpoolBut there's an alternative for Sans-Serif family, such as Liberation Serif.08:02
timmy-FuzzyWhirlpool: welcome back, but your nick is toooooo long...lol08:03
RockyExcfhowlett: How do I install it ?08:03
Slappyok, well while I wait for my vm files to transfer to my thumb drive let me tell you what I typically do. I install the OS on an open partition after formatting it, & once it's installed, I type Sudo apt-get install unbuntu-restricted-drivers, then I install chromium, Epiphinay, Konqueror & rekonq & a few other browsers from the software center08:03
cfhowlettRockyEx sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted extras will grab that and the restricted codecs you probably don't have08:03
FuzzyWhirlpoolYeah, I guess my nick is long enough to create a whirlpool.08:03
Slappythen I install skype, steam & POL, then I sudo apt-get update08:03
cfhowlettrocky *ubuntu-restricted-extras*08:04
RockyExcfhowlett: Is it ok to install this on a Ubuntu server verions?08:05
SlappyNow in order to return here, I have to install xchat because for some reason I cannot access this IRC through the website08:05
cfhowlettRockyEx "OK"?  sure. but wouldn't you be happier using the ubuntu font?  It's sans serif you know ...08:05
Lost_xobrienDave, intall ubuntu in another partition08:06
ObrienDaveSlappy, xchat is included. you can install HexChat08:06
timmy-ObrienDave: what's the different?08:07
Slappyit wasnt when I installed ubuntu. I had to install it myself08:07
cfhowlettRockyEx also, #ubuntu-server is a thing ...08:07
ikoniaSlappy isn't xchat or an IRC client installed by default08:07
ObrienDaveLost_x, ok, we're going to try "something else" if you don;t have the "alongside" option08:07
RockyExcfhowlett: This font needed for one of my applications08:07
cfhowlettRockyEx ok then ...08:07
SlappyIf it is, it must have fell off the wagon on the way08:07
Lost_xObrienDave, does the OS version matters? my machine is 64bit and my ubunto iso is 32bit08:07
ObrienDaveLost_x, that is the problem. you need a 64bit install of Ubuntu LOL08:08
ObrienDaveLost_x, 32bit is difficult at best if not impossible to install under UEFI08:09
Lost_xObrienDave, how come i successfully installed ubunto then the problem was i can not boot windows in grub?08:09
ikoniaSlappy: worth checking with someone (anyone) in the channel if there is a default IRC client installed08:09
ObrienDavexchat is default in Ubuntu08:09
ikoniaSlappy: xchat is installed by default08:10
Slappyok well we will see if it shows up this time08:10
ikoniaObrienDave: just found it08:10
ObrienDaveikonia, so i c :))08:10
Lost_xObrienDave, found some topic/article in the net that we need to repair the grub?\08:10
ObrienDaveLost_x, you really, really need a 64bit Ubuntu08:11
nuggerducks"we" >Implying you are one of the guys who fixes stuff08:11
Lost_xok, downoloading the 64bit copy08:11
Lost_xso my machine is aleready a UEFI?08:12
Slappyok re-installing now08:13
Lost_xah ok, this might be a recess for now... :)08:13
ObrienDaveLost_x, hoping the 64bit will pick up the "alongside" option08:13
xanguaxchat ins not installed by defualt in Ubuntu ObrienDave ikonia08:13
ObrienDaveLost_x, not to worry, i have 72 hours before i have to go back to work LOL08:13
]CkB[Hologramhi im hologram im drunk08:13
]CkB[Hologramnice to meet you08:14
cfhowlett]CkB[Hologram ask your ubuntu questions08:14
ObrienDavexangua, news to me08:14
user39202Are updates still being released for ubuntu 13.10 ??08:14
ObrienDave13.10 just went EOL08:15
timmy-I think the 32bit system will work correctly on 64bit machine08:15
]CkB[Hologramoops wrong chan08:15
ObrienDaveTimmy, 32bit does not like to install on a 64bit UEFI mobo08:15
ObrienDavetimmy-, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:16
ObrienDavetimmy-, 32bit does not like to install on a 64bit UEFI mobo08:17
TimmyI'm not timmy-, I'm Tiiimmmmy!!!!!08:17
ObrienDavesorry, wrong timmy08:17
user39202ObrienDave:  OK.. So when ubuntu reaches EOL, updates are stopped also?08:18
cfhowlettuser39202 end of life = END OF LIFE ... so yes08:18
Ben64EOL = End Of Life08:18
ObrienDavesecurity updates, yes08:18
Ben64all updates, repos are turned off i'm pretty sure08:18
user39202cfhowlett:  That's good news because I don't want any more updates especially kernel updates messing up my wifi driver :- )08:18
Ben64user39202: that is NOT good news.08:18
ObrienDaveuser39202, 9 month life cycle now08:19
cfhowlettuser39202 you can opt out of kernel updates - but running an unsecured system is asking for trouble08:19
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jamesbrownhi guys i am using ubuntu 13.10. I want to my all the folders, sub-folders, files in the test folder read, write and executable http://pastebin.com/QysecEbn08:19
jamesbrownI tried sudo chown -R james:james /test but that didnt seem to make all of them read, write and executable08:19
* ObrienDave is sticking to LTS only08:19
Ben64jamesbrown: you should really update to 14.0408:20
timmy-Timmy:hi Brother08:20
* cfhowlett has been LTS only since 10.0408:20
Timmytimmy-: hey my other nickname08:20
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jamesbrownBen64 i will later but now is not the time08:20
Ben64jamesbrown: now is the perfect time, it just went EOL08:21
cfhowlettjamesbrown time to upgrade, amigo08:21
ObrienDavejamesbrown, 14.04.1 is due out in a few days08:21
jamesbrownBen64 right now I am VPN to my machine i just wanna test this project and then make it live08:21
cfhowlettObrienDave 14.04.1 is available now for direct DL08:22
user39202ObrienDave/cfhowlett: Thanks.  I did my final "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" the other day and I'm happy to leave it that way with the current kernel version.08:22
FuzzyWhirlpoolI think you should issue `chmod -R 777 /test` as james user.08:22
ObrienDavecfhowlett, really? where?08:23
xanguauser39202: you are happy to use an unsupported, with no secutiry updates operating system¿08:23
FuzzyWhirlpoolYeah, it's already out if you update. `lsb_release -a` shows 14.04.108:23
ObrienDavedang, i do dist-upgrade always. have not seen the .108:24
timmy-Timmy: OK, I am from the other place like parallel universe08:24
FuzzyWhirlpoolYeah, don't forget to update before dist-upgrade08:24
cfhowlettObrienDave http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/trusty/dvd/current/trusty-dvd-amd64.iso08:25
jamesbrownFuzzyWhirlpool no sudo?08:25
cfhowlettObrienDave scratch that ---08:25
ObrienDavesudo apt-fast update && sudo apt-fast dist-upgrade08:25
FuzzyWhirlpoolNo need for sudo, because the /test folder is owned by james. Right?08:25
ObrienDavedon't mind the apt-fast, i'm on DSL08:25
ntzgiving support to someone with ubuntu and I don't have (use) ubuntu ...08:27
ObrienDaventz, greetings and welcome08:27
vaktorhi all08:27
jamesbrownthat doesn't seem to work. it hasnt change the permission for my my js, css and image folder08:28
ObrienDaventz, better to have them join and ask here08:28
ntzcan anybody check for me, if when something (presumably aptitude or apt-get) have created /var/lib/dpkg/lock if this file is visible in lsof ? eg that the process keep the lock file open()end ? you can do it via: lsof | grep dpkg/lock08:28
ntzthanks much08:29
FuzzyWhirlpoolDo you think apt-fast here `https://github.com/ilikenwf/apt-fast` is still maintained?08:29
Ben64ntz: you're not on ubuntu?08:29
ntzno, just giving to someone a support08:29
ubottuntz: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »08:29
ObrienDaveFuzzyWhirlpool, i use it08:29
FuzzyWhirlpoolYeah, it's somewhat faster and resumable.08:30
ntzcfhowlett: thanks, that was not my question, I need to verify, if package management apps keep /var/lib/dpkg/lock open()ed so it is listed in lsof (or pfiles) .. if the app close the file descriptor after creatingt this file it won't be listed there08:31
loahow i can change name of interface in ubuntu 14.04?08:31
ObrienDaveFuzzyWhirlpool, i use https://launchpad.net/~apt-fast/+archive/ubuntu/stable08:31
ntzloa: etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules08:31
loai read that there must be udev rules for persistent naming, but i don't found them08:31
cfhowlett!details | loa ???08:32
ubottuloa ???: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:32
loantz, but there no such file.08:32
loantz, honestly there no any files.08:32
ntzloa: can you pastebin: find /etc/udev -type f08:32
loantz, ah on my desktop i see that file.08:33
loabut not on server.08:33
ntzwhat release is on server ?08:33
loantz, 14.0408:33
bekksloa: which file?08:33
ntzloa: yes, because they are now systemd managed08:33
ntzloa: try asking in systemd .. or probably try creating that file (based on the file from your desktop) - just change mac addresses08:34
loantz, i am thinking about this.08:34
loamessing interfaces names like p2p1 is hard for me, i am not r2d2.08:34
loamessing with *08:34
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Edward_Snowdenhello guys08:45
agent_whiteEdward_Snowden: It seems as though your "NSA-WE-ARE-NOT-MONITORING-YOU" package does not seem to be installed.08:47
cfhowlett!ot | agent_white08:48
ubottuagent_white: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:48
agent_whiteMay I be of assistance? Your longitude/latitude would be helpful in addressing this issue.08:48
nszcetaoff the coast of africa08:49
agent_whitecfhowlett: Hey now. It's been 14 minutes since a single line of text has been here. I can crack a joke.08:49
agent_whiteCalm your tits.08:49
cfhowlettagent_white read the guidelines.  family friendly channel08:49
agent_whitecfhowlett: I fully understand that.08:50
brontosaurusrextits are family friendly08:50
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
agent_whites/Calm your tits./Calm your JETS./08:50
agent_whiteThis  is also a non-troll friendly channel, so don't troll.08:50
ikoniano-one is trolling08:50
ikoniayou're just being asked to clam down your comments and try to stick to ubuntu support discussion please.08:51
agent_whiteikonia: Again, this is called a "joke" in english.08:51
=== kikimeter is now known as gvincent
ikoniaagent_white: great, and you're being asked to keep it out of the channel "please"08:51
agent_whiteI am giving cfhowlett a "hard time" for his behaviour.08:51
agent_whiteikonia: Calm your jets.08:51
ikoniaagent_white: his behaviour is fine - so please stop08:51
ObrienDaveagent_white, no one is joking08:51
patrick-why is efnet dead?08:51
ikoniapatrick-: ask efnet08:51
cfhowlettagent_white not interested.  take it to off-topic or play elsewhere.08:52
Junkawhen i open a video with totem that i dont support a get a pop-up to install the proper codec. What's tha package name of this?08:54
Junkanot of the codec08:55
Junkabut the app that helps me install the proper codec08:55
ochosiJunka: that's a dialog that is part of Parole, but that uses a gstreamer script to  install codecs08:56
ochosiJunka: (in reply to your question in #xubuntu)08:56
Junkaochosi, yeah but it come to totem too08:57
Junkagoes with totem*08:57
ochosiJunka: yeah, we made it look similar to the one in totem, it's not an independent thing though08:58
Junkaochosi, i see thanks08:58
ochosianyway, what is the question behind that question?08:59
=== kikimeter is now known as guillaume20100
Junkai was interested in installing only codecs i need rather a the whole package08:59
ochosiwell usually the codecs are part of bigger codec/plugin packages09:00
ochosiand anyway, the current implementation is a bit clumsy09:00
Junkaochosi, thanks09:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:01
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clabginHello there, I am trying to extract a file but it says , "tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors". I tried almost everything of what I could but getting it everytime.09:08
DarkSectorHow can I set up a wireless ad hoc network if my machine doesn't join an existing network whose config is already in the interfaces file?09:09
Fuchsclabgin: what does  `file` think about the file? Is it compressed? Are you passing the right options to tar?09:09
DarkSectorI mean how do I switch over, how do I check whether it has been assigned an IP and stuff?09:09
clabginFuchs: git_think.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Wed Jul 23 06:04:30 201409:10
Adam-UbuntuI'm sitting on a dell xps 420 and i'm trying to get my bluetooth to work, but all i can find is windows drivers, anyone got any idea?09:10
Fuchsclabgin: right, so gzip compressed tar file.  How exactly are you trying to extract it?09:10
Fuchsclabgin: tar -xf     should technically auto-detect the compression and do that for you,09:11
Fuchsclabgin: else try  tar -xzf git_think.tar.gz09:11
=== liyue is now known as madoka
clabginFuchs: first I tried tar -xvzf file, then I tried "tar -xzf file"09:11
Fuchsif that doesn't work: make sure the file isn't compromised / broken  (e.g. due to a faulty download. See if there is an md5 sum or something you could use to check)09:11
Fuchsclabgin: try -xf,  recent versions of tar should, in theory, auto-detect the compression09:12
Fuchsclabgin: if that doesn't work, chances are that the file is a bit broken  (if other .tar.gz files work fine)09:12
clabginFuchs: tried -xf, it is giving no  response from long time, I have not stopped, it seems like doing something in background, but as it has been enough time I doubt it09:13
Fuchsclabgin: add the file after f :p09:13
Fuchsclabgin: tar -xf git_think.tar.gz09:13
clabginFuchs: yes I added tar -xf file09:13
Fuchsclabgin: if that does something: see if extracted files appear09:13
Fuchsif yes: good. If not: it might really be broken  (the file). If you downloaded it: try re-downloading / check the md5sum or similar if available09:14
clabginFuchs: before this .tar file , I ran this command on .txt file by mistake after it exited with same status, after that is same for .tar file too :(09:15
Fuchsclabgin: is that a public available file? If so: where from?  I can see if it works here.09:15
clabginFuchs: no thanks , I am using with public key of my laptop :(09:16
svetlanahttp://dpaste.com/3V752Z3 — where do I head from there? I'm running xdm.09:16
clabginI am accessing *09:16
KamuelaIf I have a laptop that uses windows 8.1 and some really hardcore EFI that doesn't give me access to BIOS settings without windows, is there a way to make that BIOS behave more normally e.g. able to be accessed at boot time rather than through windows?09:17
Fuchsclabgin: hm, then I can just advise to make sure the file is not somehow broken09:18
bipulHello, I am trying to install Ubuntu from my 2.5 SATA EXTERNAL CASE , But I am unable to install it. When I am able to boot from BIOS , it take to me in grub rescue mode09:18
Fuchssvetlana: xdm quite probably doesn't support consolekit / logind, so that might be the issue09:18
clabginFuchs: nothing was happening , I killed process and now any of -xvzf, -xzf, -xz are not working09:18
svetlanaFuchs, what does it support instead? nothing, i.e. no means to lock screen with it? or something?09:18
Fuchssvetlana: you could use something like xlock or xscreensaver-command lock  I guess  (if your goal is to lock the screen)09:19
Fuchssvetlana: else I'd need to know what exactly you are trying to achieve09:19
svetlanaFuchs, what is xlock and how  do I install it? I tried xscreensaver before but it wasnt smart enough (if i switch user and then switch back, i have to enter the password twice -- in a dm and in screensaver). you got the goal right.09:20
Fuchsoh, switching users is a bit more difficult09:20
Fuchssvetlana: is there a reason you can't use lightdm instead of xdm?09:21
Fuchsthat would probably be way less painful09:21
svetlanaFuchs, I'm trying to understand the architecture of the other tools.09:21
Fuchsxlock would be a very very very simple screen locker, but if you also want to switch users: yeah, you'll have to do things twice09:21
Fuchssvetlana: most of these work with either consolekit or logind (not sure which one ubuntu currently uses), which makes things like switching users a lot easier. They allow you to switch from (and back to) an already running session09:22
Fuchssvetlana: for that your display manager has to support it as well, which is why I think lightdm would be a lot less painful09:23
jamesbrowni ran this command chown james -R project86; chmod u+rwX -R project8609:23
jamesbrownand this happened09:23
jhpy1024Hey guys! Does anyone know how I can permanently hide the menubar in gnome-terminal?09:24
Fuchsjamesbrown: careful with the -R switch, just in general.  What probably happened is that the user your httpd runs under (either apache or httpd) now lost access to that file/folder09:24
=== Max is now known as Guest56035
Fuchsjamesbrown: you should not modify the access rights of files / folders delivered by your httpd (apache, I assume).  Edit them in a different place them move them to where they are supposed to be, or add yourself to the group that owns them  (again: probably either httpd or apache)09:25
Fuchsjamesbrown: probably fixable by using chown  (recursive, again) with the correct user09:25
Guest56035hey guys, yesterday I tried ubuntu for the very first time but I had an issue. May I just fire my question right out here?09:26
jhpy1024Guest56035: Sure thing09:26
bcveryjhpy1024, this extension: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/545/hide-top-bar/ ?09:27
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Guest56035I installed Ubuntu 14 using wubi in Windows 7 on my Toshiba U500 Satellite notebook. When I boot ubuntu, I experience some annoying graphical erros (flickering horizontal white lines whenever I move the pointer or a window)09:29
Fuchsoh, actually it's www-data  in ubuntu, not apache/httpd. Silly. Sorry :)09:29
Guest56035My GPU is a Radeon Mobility HD4000 series: Are there known problems with that card and the radeon driver?09:30
ObrienDaveGuest56035, that is usually not an Ubuntu issue due to using Wubi to run Ubuntu. We wish Wubi would die a slow, painful death09:31
Guest56035Ok but I'm a bit afraid to switch from windows to ubuntu right away with no chance of returning back, that's why I tried wubi first. Is there a better way to run windows and ubuntu on the same machine?09:33
FuchsGuest56035: dual boot09:34
ObrienDavemost of us, me included, use the dual boot method of running both Windows and Ubuntu09:34
FuchsGuest56035: then you can choose, on boot up, which one to start (and you can set a default as well, which will be booted if you don't hit a button within n seconds)09:34
jamesbrownhello guys09:35
ObrienDaveGuest56035, but if you don't want to chance borking Windows, you can always install Ubuntu to a USB drive with persistance as a stand-alone system09:35
krejsiHi, when I try to boot my Ubuntu after installation on my  dell server with RAID 10  I get "error: attempt to read or wrrite outside of disk 'hd0' ."09:35
jamesbrownwhy am i getting this error in the error log http://pastebin.com/gUbJbUWU09:35
jamesbrownwhen i did09:35
jamesbrowni ran this command chown james -R project86; chmod u+rwX -R project8609:36
Guest56035Ok. I guess I would have to format my whole drive first, then create at least 2 partitions and just seperately install ubuntu and windows on one partition each?09:36
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=== sevet is now known as Sevet
ObrienDaveGuest56035, no, you can use the Ubuntu installer to install alongside windows without reinstalling windows09:37
Fuchsjamesbrown: hi, yes, as I told you: you probably took the httpd (apache) user the rights on that file away09:38
pdelaneauor if you want to keep your windows safe; try a virtual machine09:38
pdelaneauno format09:38
Fuchsjamesbrown: you should not modify the access rights of files that are delivered by your httpd, add yourself to the right group instead if your really need to modify them in place (you don't)09:38
ObrienDavepdelaneau, they used Wubi for Ubuntu09:38
pdelaneauyou don't need to09:38
Fuchsjamesbrown: just executing chown with the right user  (www-data, I assume) should fix that09:38
Guest56035But can I just install ubuntu alongside windows when I only have 2 partitions c:windows and d:data ?09:39
jamesbrownFuchs dont want www-data it needs to be james like all my other folders09:39
Fuchsjamesbrown: no it doesn't09:39
Ben64Guest56035: probably. the installer will show you the options09:39
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bipulI am trying to boot a system from my External sata, as it contain a linux file inside it. But when i am doing this i found i am inside a grub rescue mode.09:39
ObrienDaveGuest56035, Ubuntu will add more partitions as needed09:39
SevetGuest56035: you can shrink one, create a new one in the newly freed space, and install there09:39
Fuchsjamesbrown: these are files that are delivered by your httpd (apache, I assume), they shall not belong to your regular user09:39
mjaykGuest56035: as long as you have enough space the ubuntu installer will resize the windows partition such that you wont lose anything09:40
SevetGuest56035: the installer has a guided install to help you do that09:40
Guest56035Oh ok so the installer will take care of that09:40
Guest56035I'm going to try that out09:40
Ben64jamesbrown: you should do more reading on what apache needs to operate, and permissions in general. also, if you'd like to continue using this channel for support you'll have to follow the rules and upgrade to a supported version of ubuntu (14.04)09:40
Guest56035Thank you for your help guys09:40
ObrienDaveGuest56035, is it a UEFI system?09:41
Guest56035Sorry, UEFI?09:41
jamesbrownBen64 i know it to do with permissions09:41
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ObrienDaveGuest56035, how new is it?09:41
Ben64jamesbrown: not if you're trying to set stuff to 777. upgrade to 14.04 and come back with any issues you come across09:41
Fuchsjamesbrown: then why don't you fix it?  If you really want to edit the files as james  (which, again, is a bad idea) add james to the needed group. Do not give these files to james.09:42
ObrienDave!uefi | Guest5603509:42
Guest56035My laptop is from 2010; I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu yesterday09:42
ubottuGuest56035: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI09:42
Fuchsjamesbrown: if that apache is reachable to the public  (internet), I recommend you really read about permissions and keep them as recommended, else you are very likely to make your httpd attackable and compromisable. And you don't want that.09:42
ObrienDaveGuest56035 probably not UEFI then09:43
Guest56035I don't think it is09:44
Guest56035Too old09:44
jamesbrownFuchs i am using localhost. i will move the project to a live server when i am done09:44
ObrienDavei'm too old ;P09:44
schnitzl--is there a known way to change the default behaviour of grep? i dont always want to add the -i flag (caseINsensitive), i want that flag as default.09:44
jamesbrownbut right now its on my pc running xampp09:44
Guest56035So I will just burn the ubuntu.iso on a CD, adjust boot priority and let the installer do the rest for me09:45
Fuchsjamesbrown: then you either (bad idea) have to modify the access of the files so apache can still work with them or (still bad, but at least not as) add james to the needed group to modify them, and hand them back to www-data09:45
Ben64jamesbrown: but first, upgrade to 14.0409:45
Sevetschnitzl--: alias grep='grep -i'09:45
ObrienDaveGuest56035, yes, but you'll need a DVD. ISO is too large for CD09:45
schnitzl--Sevet: thx mate09:46
Sevetin your ~/.bashrc for persistence09:46
schnitzl--goes in bashrc i guess09:46
Guest56035ok no problem, got some next to me09:46
Ben64Guest56035: you'll have an option to format everything and install ubuntu. you probably don't want to choose that. read carefully09:46
Sevetor set GREP_OPTIONS09:46
ObrienDaveGuest56035, after booting DVD select "try Ubuntu" and come back for help09:46
schnitzl--Sevet: i go with the alias. thx09:47
ObrienDaveyou'll find xchat in the internet menu09:47
svetlanaFuchs, thanks. I am asking #xdm about my issues. (lightdm and consolekit are also worthwhile things for me to learn, and I appreciate you mentioning them.)09:49
svetlanaFuchs, *lightdm → logind.09:49
jamesbrownBen64 i will tonight right now i need to get this working in 20 mins so i can show my managers what I have done09:50
Fuchssvetlana: no worries09:50
Fuchssvetlana: technically you could work around it by locking your screen, starting a new xsession with $otheruser, then just switch back to your original one when that one logs out,09:50
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
Fuchsso you wouldn't have to put the password twice. But that is a huge pain in the rear end to set up, I really wouldn't09:51
svetlana... "starting a new xsession with $otheruser" ... how?09:51
Fuchssvetlana: if everything is set up correctly  (e.g. xinitrc starting the right environment etc.) a simple startx should work09:51
Fuchsbut then again: huge PITA, I wouldn't09:51
svetlanayes, but surely their tty startx was run from will not be locked?09:51
FuchsI'd just move to a dm which isn't simple and a bit dated on purpose09:51
Fuchsno, not per default09:52
Fuchsso you basically have to do everything that logind/consolekit and modern dms do for you manually09:52
thierryS /server -m efnet.org09:56
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sakokapi used to have us next to the keyboard in the taskbar but its gone now. how do i get it back?09:58
svetlanasakokap, with what desktop environment10:01
sakokapsvetlana lubuntu10:02
MalkiaHello folks! As a new ubuntu & linux user I have problems as you can imagine :) the one I have is TFTP related, may i ask for help here ?10:03
Ben64Malkia: if its an ubuntu related question, yes10:03
Malkiaor i guess10:04
Malkiai am running ubuntu 14.0410:04
Malkiaso you tell me10:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:04
Malkiawell I'm trying to run TFTP server on my ubuntu install10:04
Malkiaand i get error10:05
Malkiaa sec10:05
Malkiatftp> get a.txt10:05
MalkiaError code 2: Access violatio10:05
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:06
svetlana"tftp"? what are you trying to do? (I would probably run an ssh server and use sftp, if I just wanted to transfer files)10:07
Fuchssakokap: you could check whether http://noobish-nix.blogspot.ch/2012/06/how-to-add-and-switch-keyboard-layout.html  is still valid for more recent versions, I'd assume so.10:08
Malkiawell i need to use TFTP to transfer a flash.bin file to my router so I can flash it ..10:08
Malkiai am using serial connection soldered few cables etc ...10:08
Ben64then follow the instructions for flashing said router, not so much a ubuntu issue from what i can tell10:09
ObrienDaveMalkia, usually the router can access the file through its web interface10:09
Malkiawell that is not the case10:09
Malkiait's kind of broken now :) the problem i got is that i cant get the tftp server to work10:10
Malkiathe rest is not important10:10
MalkiaI hope i can get some help to make the damn TFTP server to work, not wt10:11
Malkianot with the router issue10:11
Ben64you probably aren't running a tftp server and you probably don't want to run a tftp server10:12
Malkiawell I do ! may you help with it or not :)10:12
Ben64pastebin exactly what you're doing10:12
Ben64!pastebin | Malkia10:16
ubottuMalkia: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:16
mark2I see the super key hold down for the short cuts has been fixed. If you are on here, thank you.10:17
Malkiaso what do you want me to paste in the pastebin for you in order to help me with the damn TFTP issue guys ? :)10:21
Ben64what you're doing that leads up to the error you posted above10:21
=== GermanazG is now known as Germanaz0|0FF
Malkiathere it is i hope that is how you like to see it10:24
=== vladhaund is now known as Guest15817
Malkiaso i guess no one has ideas or cares in genera ? :)10:28
elllhello what are thees loco teams about10:30
Ben64Malkia: you don't need a tftp server to flash a router10:30
sakokaphow do i assign the super key to the menu in lubuntu?10:31
ObrienDaveMalkia, what is the brand and model number of your router?10:34
=== brad__ is now known as sencha
=== sysop is now known as Guest51666
Malkiaoh come on guys, i am doing networks 10 years now, the case is this, i broke the firmware, has no web interface and now i had to solder few  cables to run a serial connection to it and now i need to TFTP server to serve one file, i can do that with a program on Windows but I'm trying to learn thing or two for linux, searching the web for 2 days now and nothing helps, i also instaled the same ubuntu 14.04 @ home  and the tftp works without any problems .. ther10:36
Malkiae is something wrong with this install of ubuntu @ this computer and most likely I broke it somehow .. however i need help with this not with the router PLEASE stop going for the router stuff :)10:36
Ben64Malkia: for routers you need a tftp client, not a server10:38
Guest51666Hey, new to linux, poped in to try xchat10:38
ObrienDaveGuest51666, it works and welcome LOL10:39
Malkiaso the PC role is client10:39
bcveryGuest51666, Hey, welcome to Linux, this is the support channel, if you have any Ubuntu related questions please ask, if you'd prefer to just chat try #ubuntu-offtopic10:39
Guest51666Thank for welcome bcvery10:40
human_@<sakokap> edit (~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml)10:41
MalkiaBen64: I also made that pastebin thing ..  here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/7841253/ did you had a look @ it ?10:41
Ben64Malkia: yep10:41
Malkiaso no ideas ?10:41
Ben64the idea is you don't even need a tftp server, so why bother10:42
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
sakokaphuman how do i edit that??10:42
Malkiayarrr ! :) you don't get do you ?10:42
k1l!away > chamunks10:42
ubottuchamunks, please see my private message10:42
Malkiaok sugest a way of doing it then :) hehe10:43
Ben64Malkia: listen up matey, tftp clients be for transferring firmware to ye router, not a server10:43
Malkiathats fine10:44
Malkiamy mistake calling it server10:44
Malkialet it be client10:44
ObrienDavenice pirate speak Ben6410:44
Malkiadoesn't change nothing10:44
Ben64no, you're running a server and client on the same computer, its pointless10:44
Malkiais i t a problem having both10:45
Ben64the error is a permission error. resulting from a user error most likely. none of that changes the fact that you don't need a tftp server at all and this whole exercise is with no point10:45
Malkiawell :) suggest way of doing it then please :)10:46
Ben64follow the instructions for flashing your router?10:46
Malkiaassume that there is no WEB interface10:46
Malkiaand the only working connection to the device is trough serial port10:47
Malkiaactually trough usb-ttl converter-serial10:47
ObrienDavehave you flashed the firmware before using this method?10:48
bhaguswsusp  is hanging during resume after hibernating the device using s2disk10:49
bhagCan anyone help me out10:49
Malkiawell yes, but the tftp clent/server or whatever it's role is .. was a program on windows that has interface so you can simply tell where is your file etc. now i wanna do the same but under ubuntu10:50
Malkiathe issue  and the help is all about that tftp10:51
Malkianot else10:51
sakokaphuman i see    <keybind key="A-space">10:51
sakokap      <action name="ShowMenu"> what should i replace that with?10:51
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
Ben64Malkia: it really seems this is not the channel for you10:52
ObrienDaveso, you have a working solution for windows and you want to spend 2 days trying to figure out how to fix the router using linux10:52
Malkiaok, PLEASE  tell me where to ask10:52
Malkiawell the point is not fixing the router10:52
Ben64Malkia: maybe ##networking , since its a router problem...10:52
Malkiai got a lot of routers and gear10:52
Malkiai need the to leant what is the problem10:53
gillesmI can't boot on Ubuntu with ASUS Uedi Bios10:53
MalkiaYARRRR!!! the problem is not with the ROUTER DUDE !10:53
Mrokii /leave10:53
Malkiathanks anyway i will try in networking10:54
ObrienDaveMalkia, i suggest finding a TFTP client that works10:54
Ben64tftp works fine as a tftp client. the problem is knowing what to do with it10:54
=== Red_M is now known as Guest71530
Malkiathat one works :) on other install.. in fact if i simply reinstall the ubuntu it will work i bet my ass.. the point is to understand what goes wrong here10:55
Ben64which i already explained, up to you to figure it out10:55
Malkiayeah a permission issue10:55
Malkiabut what can i do about it10:55
Ben64make sure you can read/write to where you're trying to read/write10:56
Malkiaok, mate .. now we are talking.. was it that hard ? :)10:56
Ben64really? you couldn't glean that from "permissions problem" ?10:56
* ObrienDave suspects english as a second language issue10:57
Malkiawell I true newcomer to linux systems so no10:57
Malkiai am **10:57
Ben64i tried speaking pirate but it didn't seem to help10:57
ObrienDaveBen64, the pirate was a good effort ;P10:58
Malkiaok missed that line somewhere :)10:58
rockworldminihi all10:59
rockworldminican anyone say g2ipmsg error11:00
ObrienDaveg2ipmsg error11:00
randinthello, I'm on Lubuntu 32-bit. I installed graphics drivers for my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce MX420), using this tutorial (http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-nvidia-graphics-driver-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat). now for some reason I can't choose any resolutions other than 640x480. how could I fix this? before I installed the drivers, my default was 1280x1024.11:04
ObrienDaverandint, where are you trying to select resolution?11:05
trijntjeMalkia: you cant use a port under 102411:06
randintObrienDave: start menu -> preferences -> monitor settings (I'm not sure if it's the correct translation, I'm on a foreign language PC)11:06
Ben64randint: those instructions are way outdated11:06
randintBen64: ok, it they're outdated, how could I reverse the whole thing? should I?11:07
MalkiaOK ppl I do understand that I am a "linux n00by" :) so I don't wanna piss off anybody here, is there a channel that I can ask my "stupid" questions ? "_11:07
Ben64randint: you have to use a 96.* driver for a MX 42011:07
randintBen64: and for that I have to get rid of my current driver, right?11:08
Ben64randint: you probably installed one much newer11:08
Guest51666system settings -> display  sets your res11:08
Ben64randint: what version of ubuntu are you on11:08
randintBen64: it's Lubuntu, but I guess there's not much difference11:09
Ben64randint: i mean version. like 10.04 or 12.04 or ...11:09
randintBen64: brb, toilet11:10
trijntjeMalkia: pick a different port number and try again, port numbers under 1024 are reserved11:10
Ben64trijntje: not the issue here at all11:10
Malkiai guess so, Ben64 mate.. when i use ls -l /tftpboot i got only root user listed11:11
Malkiashould i see the nobody user listed aswell ? \11:12
visceraHowcome Ubuntu isn't informing me that new packages are available for download? It's configured to, but doesn't.11:14
viscera10.04 LTS11:14
k1lviscera: desktop?11:14
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.11:15
viscerak1l: installed from minimal ISO, then installed ubuntu-desktop task.11:15
viscera(because LUKS+LVM)11:15
k1lviscera: that is because the desktop packages dont get any support anymore.11:15
viscerak1l: oh sorry, it's 14.04 LTS11:15
ObrienDavethat will make a difference LOL11:16
k1lviscera: the standard is to make a popup weekly11:16
viscerak1l: I bumped it to Daily, but still nothing11:16
viscerak1l: the only non-official repo I have is the Numix PPA11:16
viscerabut it never prompted before that, either11:17
ObrienDaveviscera, update from terminal, i do that every day11:17
trijntjeviscera: wait a week, then manually check for updates, if there are updates something is wrong11:17
visceraObrienDave: yes, that works, but I want my GUI to inform me11:17
visceratrijntje: like I said, it's configured to inform me daily... so why do I need to wait a week?11:18
visceraah, it's prompting me now but only after I manually ran the apt-get update11:18
trijntjeviscera: well, if you just installed updates, and set it to daily, you have to wait untill there are new updates, and then wait a day, and if you're not informed after that you have a problem11:18
ObrienDaveyou may not have updates every day11:18
trijntjeif you keep checking manually you won't ever get an automatic notifiication11:18
visceratrijntje: I see11:19
beaneecant uninstall java 1,8.0_11 orcal11:20
visceratrijntje: I will resist the urge to manually apt-get update, and keep my eye on http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/11:20
trijntjeviscera: security updates will be installed as soon as they become available11:20
randintBen64: I'm on Lbubuntu 14.0411:21
ObrienDaveif set to immediately11:21
Ben64randint: ok, 14.04 doesn't even include the 96 driver anymore, if stuff was working before you installed the nvidia driver, then you should just go back to that11:22
visceratrijntje: literally installed? yeah why is that greyed-out?11:22
=== clabgin_ is now known as clabgin
visceratrijntje: "When there are security updates" option is greyed-out11:23
visceratrijntje: so no prompt for security updates at all, then?11:23
trijntjeviscera: no, you always get a notification when there are security updates11:23
visceratrijntje: but do they install without my input?11:26
trijntjeviscera: no, unless you enabled that during the installation11:26
Guest91278Does anybody know why virtualbox on Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't recognise USB devices? Extension Pack is installed, yet it doesn't show any usb devices.11:26
visceratrijntje: I did not.11:26
* viscera reboots11:26
beaneei cant uninstall java11:27
ObrienDaveGuest91278, you also need guest additions, iirc11:27
Max2507Hey guys I'm back, "trying" Ubuntu from a USB drive: Still have problems with the graphics. If I use my laptop's built-in screen and extent it to my external Acer monitor everything is fine. But if I turn the laptop screen off, there are some errors on the monitor (white flickering horizontal lines when moving the pointer or windows for example). Can anyone of you guys help me with that issue?11:29
jeffreylevesqueI got the same error installing ubuntu server 14.04  - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198102011:30
jeffreylevesqueI have LILO installed bc grub couldn't install11:31
compdocwhat file do you edit to set a premanent path?11:32
emrHello according to tcpdump output; 14:52:18.940884 IP 129.xxx.xxx.xxx > 31.xxx: ICMP host 202.xxx.xxx.86 unreachable - admin prohibited filter, length 76 whats this mean?11:42
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
bipulHello, I am looking for a help.11:44
bipulI have external sata disk, through which i am  trying to install Linux, but the problem is that , i am unable to boot, it takes me into grub rescue> mode, and inside there are no disk which has linux file , i have checked with ls [hd0]/boot .. and all to every disk.11:45
beaneesome one please tell me how i do uninstall java 811:47
beaneejava version "1.8.0_11"11:48
beaneeJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_11-b12)11:48
beaneeJava HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 25.11-b03, mixed mode)11:48
bipulbeanee, sudo apt-get --purge remove <your java package>11:49
beanee<your java package>????11:50
ObrienDavebeanee, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f78AgMPkw011:50
beaneeObrienDave i tried it yesterday11:51
beaneePackage 'oracle-java8-installer' is not installed, so not removed11:52
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
ObrienDavebeanee, then either the package name is wrong or you don't have it installed11:53
beaneei dont have it installed11:53
beaneebut java is there11:53
beaneeDash > java11:53
Ben64beanee: oracle java doesn't come with ubuntu. try to remember how you installed it11:54
beaneefrom there man site,11:54
clabginI am having "-rw-rw-r--" access rights on a .tar file, is it possible to extract it11:55
ObrienDavebeanee, not following how it can be there if you don't have it installed11:55
beaneemaybe i installed it and deleted the installer11:56
ObrienDavelinux does not work that way11:56
beaneeidk, i just wanna nuke it11:56
beaneei downloaded this file  jdk-8u11-linux-i586.rpm11:57
beaneefrom this link http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/8u11-b12/jdk-8u11-linux-i586.rpm11:57
ObrienDavewhy a rpm?11:58
renebarbosaRPMs packages are not for Ubuntu/Debian11:58
beaneemaybe thats the error11:58
siwicaI have to displays I am working with. Is there a way to have workspaces for each screen separately rather then having a combined one?12:02
siwica*two displays12:03
siwicaI do not want to change to stuff I am seeing on screen 1 when switching to a new workspace on screen 212:04
clabginhow to merge tabs of terminal, while working one tab came out and now I have two terminal windows12:05
beaneefound it12:06
andrew710hello  .12:06
=== Abhishek__ is now known as Abhishek_
ObrienDavecool, sudo apt-get purge oracle-java-8-installer12:08
jamesbrownhi guys first of. I am running on my local machine. This is not live. It is running as project86.localhost/12:09
jamesbrownI am getting this error12:09
jamesbrowncan someone please help me.12:09
NoOovahello all!12:09
NoOovaI have an problem12:09
jamesbrownWhat I am trying to do is 1) assign the current user which is me james to the project86 folder12:09
NoOovaHtop does not shows me CPU usage by process12:10
NoOovaall processes has 0% CPU12:10
jamesbrownjames should be ro read, write and executable12:10
NoOovabut in top graph i see usage and LA is over 1012:10
corp002hunclangin ctrl-shift-t12:10
loantz, hello. are you here?12:13
hnlinDoes anyone else have issues with mixed languages in UI elements on 14.04 when multiple language support packages are installed? My main set language is Dutch, some of my Gnome dialogs are in Swedish and apt-get install confirmations are in Japanese.12:31
FD225hello guys...how do i check the remaining disc space of my hard drive?12:32
hnlinFD225, df12:33
hnlinFD225, df -h will give you more readable results though12:33
cfhowlettFD225 open a terminal: man df12:34
hnlinFD225, open up a terminal and type df -h12:34
rockois htfs file system safe now to read and write to it in gnu/linux?12:36
MalkiaHEllo all i got a permissions issue while using tftp client -  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7841253/  Please help ! :)12:37
jamesbrownwhat does this mean -rwxr----- 1 james james 21713 Jul 22 22:39 index.php12:39
FD225guys..i'm running dual boot..windows and linux..in my linux i used just 12GB and when i check d hrd drive space on terminal by type df -h..it says 92% used and 1004M availabe...do i need to delete some files? to boost performance?12:40
rockoread write execute read jamesbrown12:40
jamesbrownrocko but it is not executing12:42
hnlinFD225, that depends on what you want to use it for. If you have applications that require lots of temporary files, 1GB might be a bit on the tight side...12:42
beaneesudo apt-get java12:43
beaneethen purge it12:43
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
hnlin!permissions |  jamesbrown12:44
ubottujamesbrown: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions12:44
FD225when i run some programs sometimes it fells slugish..12:44
hnlinFD255, try to review the applications that you have installed and uninstall those you do not need on short notice.12:45
jamesbrownhnlin i wnt to set that me james can read, write and execute every files, folders sub-folder sub files etc in my project86 folders. how can i do that please?12:46
hnlinFD225, performance bottlenecks while running programs can usually be identified using top or atop12:46
MalkiaTFTP issue - >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7841253/ anyone ?12:47
cfhowlettFD225 unless you have a significant amount of data or you've added a whole bunch of stuff, 12 gigs is plenty for a new ubuntu installation.12:47
hnlinjamesbrown, issue a "sudo chmod 700 ./project86" after you have navigated to the parent directory of project8612:52
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
hnlinjamesbrown, issue a "sudo chmod -R 700 ./project86" after you have navigated to the parent directory of project8612:54
Corey84in 14.04 the sources menu is located where again sudo apt-add-repository deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian trusty contrib is failing to add12:54
hnlinjamesbrown, this will change all files in directories and subdirectories of project86 to 700 or in letters: rwx------12:54
hnlinjamesbrown, sorry about the -R I forgot in the previous command. -R stands for recursive, see man chmod for details.12:56
hnlinDoes anyone else have issues with mixed languages in UI elements on 14.04 when multiple language support packages are installed? My main set language is Dutch, some of my Gnome dialogs are in Swedish and apt-get install confirmations are in Japanese.12:56
jamesbrownhnlin You don't have permission to access / on this server.12:57
jamesbrownsudo chmod -R 700 ./project8612:57
cfhowletthnlin I've seen that in issue in Kylin12:57
hnlinjamesbrown, that's why I told you to navigate to the parent directory of project86 first. I don't suppose the parent directory of project86 is / , now is it?12:58
hnlincfhowlett, ah, the Chinese version of Ubuntu? Did they tackle the issue?12:59
=== hnlin is now known as hnlin_InMeeting
SomelauwIs anyone able to display this pdf correctly using evince? It's supposed to contain text instead of random symbols: http://www.kvdev.nl/mailing-nse-tu/surveyresults.pdf#page=1&zoom=auto,-201,84813:01
cfhowletthnln not so much.  Purging the unused languages and setting system language to American English seems to be the recommended correction.13:02
lostinthedarkim totally unable to install anything, apt-get update gives me full of 404's13:05
=== gnu is now known as Guest74565
lostinthedarkis that normal? raring13:05
lostinthedarkare the raring repos gone?13:05
k1llostinthedark: yes that is. you are way out of date. the repos get shut down and you are having serious scurity issues since months13:06
cfhowlettlostinthedark normal.  end of life13:06
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | lostinthedark (past) time to upgrade, amigo13:06
ubottulostinthedark (past) time to upgrade, amigo: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:06
lostinthedarktime to upgrade? is the second time that I use this system :/ wtf13:06
k1llostinthedark: if you dont want upgrade for a long time use LTS. that is what its for13:07
cfhowlett!LTS| lostinthedark13:07
ubottulostinthedark: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)13:07
=== willcooke is now known as willcooke|meetin
lostinthedarkcan I downgrade this 13.04 to 12.10 (or i should use 12.04? confused)13:09
hnlin_InMeetinglostinthedark, 14.04 is the new LTS13:09
MoonSlimelostinthedark use 14.04 LTS13:10
cfhowlettlostinthedark 12.04 is the previous LTS and is supported until 201713:10
k1llostinthedark: upgrade straight to 14.04 with the 13.10 step in it. then you are good for 5 years13:10
ntzone more question in this helpful chan ..13:10
lostinthedarkthose numbers are pretty confusing13:11
lostinthedarkim not sure if 14.04 will work for me, i need to use it for Tizen13:11
Picilostinthedark: They represent the YEAR.MONTH of release.13:11
cfhowlettlostinthedark 14.04 for the win.13:11
ntzis xubuntu based on same builds as ubuntu ? eg the only difference is that it brings xfce ?13:11
borisetoIs it possible to test if FGLRX is working with a LiveUSB version of Ubuntu?13:11
lostinthedarkwhich says that ubuntu 12.04 is neeed13:11
k1llostinthedark: its the year:month.13:11
Picintz: exactly.13:11
cfhowlettlostinthedark boot your USB, plug in your teizen and test13:11
ntzPici: thanks13:11
renebarbosaboriseto, nop you can't13:11
=== nicolas1 is now known as sing-along
renebarbosaboriseto, you will need to restart the system to get the fglrx module working13:12
lostinthedarki can upgrade by only using repos ?13:12
hnlin_InMeetingntz, do mind though that xubuntu has different default apps installed.13:12
lostinthedarkor, how i should upgrade in a fast way ?13:12
borisetorenebarbosa, ok, tnx. Will have to find another way then. I know I need to restart it, I was hoping there was a way to force install it on the stick, or restart the xorg only or something. Thank you for your help.13:12
renebarbosaboriseto, btw, if you're installing the fglrx from the Ubuntu repos it will probably work fine. I am using it and haven't problems.13:13
k1llostinthedark: see the bots message13:13
cfhowlettlostinthedark torrent the 14.04 ISO, make a boot USB, clean install13:13
Busserlboriseto: i am not sure, but you can create usb sticks with persistent storage area, maybe that could work?13:13
borisetorenebarbosa, just to confirm what is the GPU that you use?13:13
borisetoBusserl, yeap, I was thinking of doing that.13:13
renebarbosaAMD/ATI Mobile 700013:13
lostinthedarkthis sounds painful and crazy, going to lose everything huh ?13:14
jamesbrownhnlin sorry it was sudo chmod -R 700 project/13:14
lostinthedarkis there not any "archive" of the rarning repos that i can simply use ?13:14
cfhowlettlostinthedark you mean use everything that you don't even use for months/years at a time13:14
lostinthedarklike snapshots repo in debian13:14
k1l!eolupgrade | lostinthedark not if you upgrade13:14
ubottulostinthedark not if you upgrade: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:14
borisetorenebarbosa, thank you.13:14
k1llostinthedark: when will you read the answers you are given?13:15
ntzhnlin_InMeeting: yes, thanks, I realize13:15
lostinthedarki dont want to upgrade, i want to simply use it13:15
lostinthedarkim not even able to install the zsh package13:15
lostinthedarkeveryting in the repos is a 40413:15
k1llostinthedark: then you did choose the wrong install in the first place. dont blame us13:16
cfhowlettlostinthedark that's not "using" that's upgrading which is ... dead13:16
k1llostinthedark: you dont take a 2 seater sports cabrio for a family ride with 4 children.13:16
k1lso you could be ranting and blaming us and ubuntu all day (but not in here) or you could even start to solve your mess13:17
lostinthedarkim really unable to use the system htat i have installed here ?13:17
renebarbosalostinthedark, if you really want to use a dead Ubuntu version, to install that software you will need to compile it from sources or search for that package in untrusted mirrors which is obviously unsafe.13:17
renebarbosaSo, the best option is upgrade it.13:17
k1llostinthedark: do you complain about windows 3.1 not having support anymore?13:17
lostinthedarkrenebarbosa: seriosly, i have no time to do an entirely new download, buy an usb, do a full clean install, re-install everything, copy from idk-where everything back... this is simply crazy13:18
k1llostinthedark: no you dont, because its End Of Life. so is the 13.10 ubuntu13:18
k1llostinthedark: then update it like the bot told you in his link 3 times already13:18
renebarbosalostinthedark, just use the upgrade assistant, it will not hurt.13:18
* lostinthedark searching for the bot13:19
=== ego is now known as Guest18034
Pici!eolupgrade | lostinthedark just in case you missed it13:22
ubottulostinthedark just in case you missed it: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:22
MoonSlimelostinthedark: switch on the light! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SaucyUpgrades13:23
lostinthedarkaah, seems like replacing archive to old-releases im able to install things again13:24
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
bipulHello, I am unable to boot my Ubuntu, it took me into grub rescue mode.13:25
cfhowlettbipul this is booting from the HDD?13:26
bipulcfhowlett, I am booting it from my External SATA13:26
bipulI have fixed it with my USB.13:26
bipulI have follow this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting13:27
bipulerror:file not found.13:27
bipulgrub rescue>13:27
ego_bipul try the iso grub repair13:27
bipulhow's that?13:28
bipulI have to download an ISO file on my external sata13:28
TJ-bipul: what does "set" report?13:29
bipulego_, How? Do I have to download iso file on my external sata13:29
ego_it is a linux iso you can find on the net,you burn it on a cd and boot your machine with it13:29
cfhowlettbipul I thought you said you had installed ubuntu to the external sata?13:29
cfhowlett!details | bipul13:29
ubottubipul: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:29
bipulset report says " color_highlight=black/white color_normal=white/black pager= prefix=(hd0,msdos3)/boot/grub root=hd0,msdos313:30
snuffthi guys13:31
cfhowlettsnufft back so soon!13:31
snufftstupid question, i've just added a 3rd party ppa for nginx. how do i make sure that nginx comes from that ppa instead of the default ubuntu one?13:31
TJ-bipul: And what does "ls (hd0,msdos3)/" report?13:31
snufftcfhowlett, hahaha, np!13:31
Picisnufft: apt will always pull the highest version number for a package from whatever repository has it.13:32
snufftPici, is there a way that I can investigate those version numbers to check first?13:32
bipulIt's showing my the root / directory structure13:32
TJ-bipul: That's good to being with... lets check you can see the grub boot files too13:33
Picisnufft: apt-cache policy nginx   will tell you which repositories have what versions13:33
cfhowlettsnufft apt-cache policy packagename13:33
TJ-bipul: "ls (hd0,msdos3)/boot/grub/"13:33
bipulNO i can't see13:33
bipulYes i did that it shows error:no such partition13:34
TJ-bipul: I think you mis-typed the 'msdos3' part there, that is the partition, and it worked when you used it previously13:34
snufftPici, cfhowlett thanks heaps! fortunately my new ppa is using a higher version number :)13:35
clabginhow to make a user owner of a file13:35
bipulTJ-, Previously it working, but now when i am using it, ls (hd0,msdos3)/ it shows me error:no such partition.13:36
k1l!chown | clabgin13:36
ubottuclabgin: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:36
TJ-bipul: Hmmm, that is weird... almost like the disk drive has disappeared13:36
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
=== willcooke_ is now known as willcooke
TJ-bipul: if you issue "normal" does it report the same issue?13:37
bipulnow when i have unplugged it and then plugged it shows me list of directory. When I performed this commadn ls (hd0,msdos3)/13:38
TJ-bipul: OK, so that suggests there could be a hardware issue... could the eSATA cable be moving in the socket, or the drive not receiving sufficient power?13:39
bipulbut when i am trying to use this command ls (hd0,msdos3)/boot/grub it's giving me an output error: file not found13:39
TJ-bipul: that suggests that grub isn't installed in that location... lets try some others shall we?13:40
bipulyes sure13:40
TJ-bipul: lets work through the partitions starting at #1, with "ls (hd0,msdos1)/" then "ls (hd0,msdos2)/" ... if you see anything like "boot" or "grub" in the output you may have found the correct location of GRUB13:41
bipulok Let me try this13:41
clabginwhenever I am running a script on server , process gets killed,  free diskspace is 1GB and free ram at the time of process kill is 100 MB???13:42
clabginis that enough to keep running  process13:42
TJ-clabgin: killed by what?13:42
=== behdad is now known as behdad222
bipulSee when i have listed it, it shows me (hd0) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1) (hd1,msdos2) (hd1,msdos1)13:44
clabginTJ-: dont know by what, where is issue?13:44
bipulTJ-, Should i list every one?13:44
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
TJ-clabgin: I don't know, but unless we know what is killing the process (check the logs?) then it could be anything at all13:45
clabginTJ-: how to find the issue? at the time of process kill, I noted, disk was 1 GB free and RAM was 100MB free13:45
TJ-bipul: No, just if you see a "grub" directory in the output... you can always explore it with, for example, "ls (hd0,msdosX)/grub/"13:45
clabginI just see on scree "Killed"13:45
clabginthere is no more log, what can help me , TJ-13:45
TJ-clabgin: It could be the kernel OOM killer... check /var/log/kern.log13:46
spartonclabgin : whats the process trying to be run? bash script? script issue?13:46
TJ-clabgin: is this on a shared VPS host or dedicated hardware?13:46
clabginsparton: python script, it loads somes samll images in memory and saves them in database13:46
clabginTJ-: thanks a lot, it says Jul 23 10:40:33 trunk kernel: [72450750.133607] Out of memory: Kill process 933 (python) score 147 or sacrifice child13:48
clabginJul 23 10:40:33 trunk kernel: [72450750.133617] Killed process 933 (python) total-vm:733792kB, anon-rss:88116kB, file-rss:0kB13:48
clabginso it is RAM issue?13:48
TJ-clabgin: There you go then, OOM killer13:48
bipulTJ-, See, i got a disk it is (hd0,msdos3), which contains the list of directory, with boot/ but not grub.13:49
AtqueI want to buy an Ubuntu Phone.13:49
AtqueWhere can I get one because it is better than Android?13:49
spartonclabgin: how long dose the process run? enough to monitor its usage for a leak? typically python would complain if it was out of memory13:49
TJ-bipul: Does that hard disk also have Windows installed?13:49
clabginTJ-: how can I get over this? by increasing RAM ??13:49
bipulMay be, I do not know.13:49
NovartisIs there a better way to SSH into a VPS other than putty?13:49
AtqueNovartis: You could use any other SSH client on the planet.13:50
NovartisWhat do you recommend Atque? :)13:50
k1l!phone | Atque13:50
ubottuAtque: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:50
NovartisI'm on Windows @Atque13:50
TJ-clabgin: the kernel says " total-vm:733792kB", that is 733MB13:50
k1lNovartis: use the "ssh" command on ubuntu13:50
bipulTJ-, does it matter, i mean if this external disk is having windows installed?13:50
AtqueNovartis: I use terminal.app on OSX.13:51
k1lNovartis: well, for windows clients better ask the windows guys13:51
NovartisHaha, fair enough k1l, thank you :) And thanks Atque ^_^13:51
clabginTJ-: yes13:51
geniiAtque: The Meizu MX3 phone and the BQ Aquaris phone may be soon shipping, they will be the first outside of Nexus that will run it.13:51
bipulTJ-, Please13:51
TJ-bipul: Windows has a "/boot/" directory ... so it is possible that is what you are seeing. It doesn't matter having Windows on there, I'm just trying to picture in my own head what the purpose of what you describe is, so as to locate (or not) the GRUB files.13:52
bulletxthi, if I download from ubuntu packages the source of printer-driver-gutenprint , how can I build it with ubuntu specifics ? Like prefix and all the rest? Thanks a lot13:52
tk1i have mysql job running, but when i type "mysql" my terminal says mysql is not intalled o_O13:52
geniiAtque: There is also the #ubuntu-touch channel to enquire in.13:52
olivier_bK i try to find something like a post-it in linux but where you can create a task and click on the link for example 1 : do that    2 : do this etc...13:52
olivier_bKdo you know where i can found it  ?13:52
bipulTJ-, So am i able to fix this issue or not?13:52
TJ-bipul: Right now it sounds as if the boot repair didn't re-install GRUB correctly to that disk. Do you have a bootable live ISO (maybe on USB) so you can fix it from the Live environment?13:52
TJ-bipul: It's always fixable :)13:53
bipulYes i do have bootable CD of Ubuntu 14.0413:53
bipulBut how about this External Disk SATA ? am i able to boot or not13:53
jeffreylevesque_I'm having diffulties setting up my ubuntu13:54
jeffreylevesque_could someone assist me?13:54
TJ-bipul: Let me explain the boot process, maybe that'll help you see where the missing bit is. Power-on > BIOS Power-On Self Test (POST) > sector 0 of 1st boot disk (Master Boot Record - MBR) > GRUB core image (sector #1 to ~sector #1024 - before the first partition) > looks for GRUB 'root' file-system which contains "/grub/grub.cfg" and all grub's executable modules > show grub menu > load OS.13:54
jeffreylevesque_I can boot from my ubuntu 14.04 that I just installed13:55
jeffreylevesque_*can't boot13:55
TJ-bipul: You're seeing the rescue shell because it has loaded the core image but can't find GRUB's 'root' file-system with the other grub files on13:55
tk1anyone for mysql error ? :)13:55
bipulTJ-, do you have any document for that?13:55
tk1i have mysql job running, but when i type "mysql" my terminal says mysql is not intalled13:55
TJ-bipul: My head :)13:55
bipulok ok13:55
ikoniatk1: how do you have a mysql job running - what does this mean ?13:56
bipulYou go ahead.13:56
tk1i mean i have mysql in the list of the running processes13:56
ikoniatk1: please show me in a pastebin13:57
TJ-bipul: So, when you are repairing a broken boot, "grub-install /dev/sda" will re-write ~400 bytes into sector 0 of the hard disk sda, *and* write the core image into the following sectors along with a variable (prefix) that tells it which partition  will contain the other grub files including grub.cfg.13:57
olivier_bKmaybe i found my solution tomboy13:57
TJ-bipul: Running "update-grub" simply re-writes the files into the grub directory, which is usually at "/boot/grub/" in the root filesystem13:57
TJ-bipul: So, if you can boot the system from a Live ISO you can use the terminal to fix the problem, or use a more automated tool like boot-repair13:58
ikoniatk1: ps -ef | grep mysql in a pastebin please13:58
tk1i restart the mysql service, and it seems to be ok13:58
=== hnlin_InMeeting is now known as hnlin
TJ-bipul: If the system has other hard disks besides the external SATA it is possible that boot-repair and similar tools may be confused as to which drive to write the files to13:59
ikoniatk1: so that shows you have the server process running,13:59
ikoniatk1: if you do "which mysql" what do you get ?13:59
tk1i get nothing13:59
ikonia!info mysql-client14:00
ubottumysql-client (source: mysql-5.5): MySQL database client (metapackage depending on the latest version). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.38-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (trusty), package size 12 kB, installed size 126 kB14:00
ikoniatk1: sudo apt-get install mysql-client14:00
tk1it says mysql-client is already up to date14:01
ivebeenlinuxedjeffreylevesque_: Is it a clean install?14:01
bipulgot it14:01
tk1i have ubuntu precise14:01
tk1ikonia: could it be a matter of symbolic links with mysql ?14:03
adscif I use LVM for formatting my disk (which is a vmware virtual disk), and later expand the size of this virtual disk, will I be able to expand the partition size as well?14:03
gillesmWhen I install ubuntu on uefi Asus  i get always uefi and not ubunut idea ?14:03
tk1when i type mysql and press two times tab, i get a big list of mysql things14:03
tk1so it seems to be into my system14:04
TJ-adsc: Interesting question... that would infer that the PV would grow and the VG be aware there are now more extents. You'd have to do a test on that.14:04
TJ-adsc: I doubt it though14:04
TJ-adsc: The usual method od expanding VGs is to add additional whole-disk devices as additional PVs into the VG14:05
DaghdhaAFKHi, i have an autostarting znc daemon, i have no recollection how i did that. Where would i look to siable that?14:05
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: run "sudo dpkg -l mysql-client*" - which mysql-client packages are installed?14:05
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=== hnlin is now known as hnlin_1min_silen
adscTJ-: I see...that would also be an option of course14:08
tk1(messages are in french :D)14:08
jelly-homeHi, how do I remove all traces of ubuntu one from a 12.04 LTS laptop installation?  Something tells me One's going to shut down on June 1st 2014 every time I log in.14:09
jelly-homeit's a bit annoying given it's July now14:09
daftykinsjelly-home: can you use paste.ubuntu.com to paste the output of "dpkg -l | grep one"14:10
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: That looks good - lets check all your mysql packages "sudo dpkg -l mysql*"14:11
daftykinsjelly-home: looks to be as simple as "sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntuone-client"14:11
tk1ivebeenlinuxed: it returns that there is no package corresponding14:12
raubWhere does "last" get the list of people who last logged in?14:12
jelly-homedaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842143/14:12
tk1quite weird14:12
jimi_hendrixhi, i recently installed xubuntu and it cannot connect to the internet. it finds the networks in my area, then when i try to connect to one and provide the password, it waits a while then prompts me again. when i first installed it, i was able to connect to this network with the password provided. the password is correct.14:12
raubFound it. NVM14:12
jelly-homedaftykins: sure, I could remove everything named ubuntuone\* but was hoping for a confirmation that's all there is14:13
jimi_hendrixright now i am on windows so i can use the internet, the side effect being that it will be hard to provide debug information.14:13
DaghdhaHi i am trying to find out where the auto starting znc is lokated but i can't find it.ANy tips? It was not in startup application preferences14:13
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: Try "sudo dpkg -l 'mysql*'" (single quotes)14:13
tk1ah yes, it returns this list14:13
daftykinsjelly-home: just do as i mentioned above, it should be a meta package that takes the rest with it. give it a try first anyways14:13
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: That's all looking good - let me have a quick look through those packages for you and see where everything is - one sec14:16
tk1k thanks :)14:16
jelly-homedaftykins: that would leave ubuntuone-control-panel-common and some other cruft http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842155/14:16
daftykinsjelly-home: just see if the error still comes up then, no need to go any further in my opinion14:18
jeffreylevesque_I messed up installing Ubuntu 14.04.  I'd like to remove it, and start over - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/audio-analyzer/issues/35114:19
jeffreylevesque_could someone assist me?14:19
jelly-homedaftykins: thanks, I'll see what happens next time14:19
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: Be back in 2 minutes - just going to see what the sales team next door is complaining about (the fun of being an IT manager!) sorry!14:19
jeffreylevesque_I can't boot into my original OS (windows 7).  It tries to boot into ubuntu but fails14:19
Daghdhaok i have found  /etc/init.d/znc  , now what do i do to make it not start at boot? Just remove it?14:23
micmacso I have an outdated server running ubuntu 11.10, and I'm willing to do an upgrade to 12.04 LTS. the server is in production, so i wish i could do this upgrade at night unattended.14:24
micmacI have read about the DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive flag which should agree to every default prompt14:25
cfhowlettmicmac why not upgrade to 14.04 server?14:25
micmacis it possible directly from 11.10 ?14:25
micmaccfhowlett: ?14:25
ubottumicmac: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:25
Picimicmac: no. You'd need to upgrade to 12.04 first, regardless of what release you want to go to next.14:25
micmacok, thought so14:25
tykayni am tk1 :)14:26
micmacI have many services, like dovecot, postfix, and so on with custom configuration (virtual aliases...), how can I know the upgrade will not break everything ?14:26
cfhowlettmicmac might these types of questions be addressed in #ubuntu-server channel?14:27
jamesbrownhi guys i notice something. when i copy my folder from my usb to ubuntu  ALL my files had this permission -rwxr-----  but i want to change it to -rw-r--r--14:27
jamesbrownso how can i change all files to that?14:27
micmaccfhowlett: oh, ok then, sorry14:27
jamesbrownthey are more files in other folders.14:28
jamesbrownwhich command will change all files to -rw-r--r--14:28
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: you still there?14:28
renebarbosachmod 644 jamesbrown14:29
cfhowlett!info chmod14:29
ubottuPackage chmod does not exist in trusty14:29
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions14:29
jamesbrownokay i just notice something which i thing is weird14:31
jamesbrowni did this chmod o+r index.php14:31
jamesbrownand it works14:31
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: You have two options - try "dpkg --reconfigure mysql-client-core-5.5" or ("apt-get purge mysql-client-core-5.5" "apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client" - NOTE this will remove MySQL server!!!!! Backup your data!!!!)14:33
ivebeenlinuxedtykayn: ?14:33
rawrmonsterI have paid for amnesia back in 2012 and i Just did a reinstall yesterday but I can not install the game. It says it is not available for my current ubuntu version. Is there a way to fix this? Is it just missing a lib?14:38
=== Ilyes512 is now known as Ilyes512|Away
cfhowlettrawrmonster what is the output of this terminal command: cat /etc/issue14:40
=== VU_ is now known as vulcan__
DaghdhaSometimes when i abort a shutdown the windows manager is already killed by ubunty and i am left with a black screen and amouse cursor. Is there anyway to do a reboot from that screen?14:42
=== vulcan__ is now known as vulcancsu
DaghdhaNow i just ssh in and reboot with commandline14:42
ObrienDavecfhowlett, i get Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l14:42
ObrienDavewhat does that mean?14:42
cfhowlettobelix_ it means you're running ubuntu 14.04.114:43
ivebeenlinuxedtk1: Off now - if you did get the message before, hope it helped14:43
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.14:43
obelix_i am not14:43
ObrienDaveobelix_, typo meant for me14:44
obelix_just manage several servers running ubuntu14:44
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pbxGnome Do is being flaky about remembering its invocation shortcut. seems unlikely this is a bug, but what in my setup might be interfering? fresh 14.04 install, up to date, latest gnome do via apt-get14:49
rawrmonstercfhowlett: sorry had to open up my job " Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l"14:50
=== md_ is now known as Guest42634
cfhowlettrawrmonster any error messages during the failed installation of the amnesia game?14:50
okdamncan i install ubuntu on a macosx partition?14:51
rawrmonstercfhowlett: It wont let me install it. I am the button is not active to install14:51
cfhowlettrawrmonster where did you get this game?  it's no in the software center14:52
ivebeenlinuxedokdamn: do you mean how to do I install ubuntu alongside OSX on a mac?14:52
DJonesrawrmonster: Just as a thought, in teh File Menu, is there an option to "Reinstall all purchases"14:53
okdamnivebeenlinuxed:  what that means sorry im not english14:53
rawrmonsterDJones: thats where i am but i cant install the game. It says it does not support my ubuntu version14:53
rawrmonstercfhowlett: I got it from ubuntu software center14:54
ivebeenlinuxedokdamn: do a normal partitioned install, then install rEFInd to give you a boot manager14:54
cfhowlettrawrmonster not an ubuntu problem - gotta take it up with the game provider.14:54
okdamnivebeenlinuxed:  so i just need a new partition and ubuntu will install on it?14:55
okdamnhow to format the partition?14:55
chrohow can I increase the maximum number of tcp connections allowed to a server?14:55
=== Solution-X is now known as Solution-X|AFK
adscare you sure it's server-capped?14:57
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:57
adscusually, it's a router issue14:57
adscsome consumer level routers have pretty low open connection  limits14:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:58
DJonesrawagner: I wish I could suggest something, from what I can see, it should show up in software centre but doesn't for me15:00
cfhowlettDJones same here.  that's why I asked where he was getting it from15:01
pbxany other gnome do users find that it doesn't remember its invocation key?15:04
ikoniainvocation key ?15:04
pbxikonia, preferences > keyboard > summon do15:05
fAz4In task bar i open new nautilus window using Files icon when i click on it again it opens another one ? why it doesn't show the first Nautilus window ever ?15:07
fAz4does anyone with the same problem  ?15:07
fAz4I'm on unity15:07
clevasI'd like to know if anyone actually successfully installed ubuntu along side win 8.1 without corrupting the mbr15:08
cfhowlettclevas yes15:08
clevasfollowed tutorials and shit and corrupted it every time15:08
=== hnlin_1min_silen is now known as hnlin
hnlinclevas, are you sure that you have a mbr rather than a (U)EFI/ GPT  based system15:12
cfhowletthnlin actually, if he's got win 8.1 it's virtually certain to be EFI15:13
hnlincfhowlett, how so, he might have upgraded from win7 >> win815:14
To_Aru_Shiroi_Nehi, I am trying to setup rsnapshot to have daily (nightly) backups15:15
To_Aru_Shiroi_Necould someone provide me a little guidance?15:15
funkylabcfhowlett: anyway, has anyone successfully made win8/EFI boot from grub, or boot grub from the windows EFI bootloader?15:15
maxviwhen will ubuntu phone be released?15:16
hnlinfunkylab, yes, I have15:16
funkylabhnlin: nice; did you have to hand-tweak stuff or did the installer take care of everything15:16
cfhowlettmaxvi there is no "ubuntu" phone.  there are OEM's which will release their phones with ubuntu touch - when they're ready15:16
clevashnlin it's definately not UEFI15:17
clevasI made sure15:17
hnlinfunkylab, it was a virtual nightmare, involving lots of EFI hacking, I have a Sony Vaio Pro 1315:17
clevasIt's an older dell15:17
hnlinfunkylab, it took me about a week's work, no kidding.15:18
maxvicfhowlett: did they announce some dates?15:18
cfhowlettmaxvi "when it's done" ... sorry.15:18
cfhowlettmaxvi meizu was one of the companies involved.  If you can read mandarin, perhaps you'll find info from their site15:19
hnlincfhowlett, link please?15:19
hnlinto meizu^15:20
cfhowletthnlin http://www.meizu.com/15:20
hnlinThank you ^_^15:20
cfhowletthnlin happy2help15:20
ZiberSo, I have a basic Ubuntu server install (in a Xen VM), and I want to increase the HD capacity. The Xen host gives disks to the VMs via LVM, and I've lvextended it. But I can't figure out how to get the VM to recognize the bigger disk.15:21
funkylabhnlin: I know your pain; as a fedora guy, I first try to convince anaconda to do what I want (the fedora installer), but soon gave up and realized I had to hand tweak15:22
funkylabhnlin: then I realized that I was doing this in my overtime, so I just annihilated everything and switched to MBR15:22
funkylab1h later, windows was running, and a subtle 8min later, my linux was running, updated and had all the software I wanted15:23
funkylaband that was my brief re-excourse into the exiting world of windows installation15:23
hnlinfunkylab, I considered doing this, but the special extensions by Sony (necessary to detect some hardware) require a EFI/GPT boot process.15:23
To_Aru_Shiroi_Nehi, I am trying to setup rsnapshot to have daily (nightly) backups. Could someone provide me a little guidance?15:24
funkylabhnlin: :/15:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:25
hnlinfunkylab, but I have won in the end, Ubuntu 14.04 runs and every bit of hardware works.15:25
Novartishow do I give a user sudo power?15:25
funkylabNovartis: add him to the right group15:26
hnlinNovartis, by adding that user to the group sudoers15:26
cfhowlettNovartis add him to the sudo user gropu15:26
To_Aru_Shiroi_Nefunkylab the idea is to ask for people just joining in15:26
To_Aru_Shiroi_Neif I felt ignored I would cy on my corner :p15:26
funkylabTo_Aru_Shiroi_Ne: I'd love to help you, but I know nothing about rshnapshot15:26
To_Aru_Shiroi_NeI am fine with other backup programs15:27
FD225hello guys...how to clean ubunto?15:28
NovartisWhere is /usr/bin?15:29
pyoorHi all.  Does anyone know if there's a way to modify wake from suspend so that it only wakes when the lid is opened?15:29
cfhowlettFD225 "clean"????15:29
cfhowlettFD225 your question makes no sense.  explain.  details.15:29
FD225do i need to clean linux like windows?15:30
cfhowlettFD225 no.15:30
pbxFD225, no15:30
To_Aru_Shiroi_Nelinux comes clean15:30
FD225what about history?15:30
cfhowlett!antivirus| FD22515:30
ubottuFD225: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus15:31
To_Aru_Shiroi_Nehistory? like webhistory15:31
ObrienDaveFD225, Linux is not Windows15:31
To_Aru_Shiroi_Nethats a browser thing15:31
cfhowlettFD225 ??? edit your firefox preferences and to zero history.15:31
NovartisHey guys, where is /usr/bin?15:31
To_Aru_Shiroi_NeObrienDave I am also told Windows isnt Linux. Is there truth to it?15:31
ObrienDaveNovartis, that is a directort15:31
Novartisin root?15:31
ObrienDave* directory15:31
ObrienDavefrom root,  yet15:32
NovartisWhen I ls I don't see it :/15:32
OerHeksThere is a tool called bleachit, but i didn't need it sofar15:32
FD225ok thks...15:32
cfhowlettNovartis run the command ls /usr15:32
OerHeks!info bleachit15:33
ObrienDaveTo_Aru_Shiroi_Ne, yes, Windows is not Linux15:33
ubottuPackage bleachit does not exist in trusty15:33
OerHeksoh gone, good15:33
NovartisAhh thanks cfhowlett, it is hidden?15:33
cfhowlettNovartis nope15:33
OerHeksNovartis, open Nautilus, it showes your /home/, press 'computer' on the left panel, and you go to / were /usr/bin is15:34
fnunesHi all. Need some help to repair a partition table or the boot sector. The problem is that I installed windows 8.1 and all went ok. Had an extended partition for data. Now I wanted to install Debian to dualboot with windows 8.1. It happens that neither the Debian installer neither the Ubuntu installer neither the boot-repair-disk neither the GParted live can see any partitions. Tried booting from a windows installation disk and execu15:34
fnunesfound. At least the data partition is vital to be recovered. I appreciate any help. Thanks.15:35
FD225guys..i have 64bit linux..when i install skype it says ' does not match my 64bit  system '..some tips guys..15:35
hnlinGotta go home, Novartis, FD225, To_Aru_Shiroi_Ne, good luck in resolving your issues. cfhowlett, thank you for the Kylin link, it help to resolve the jumbled mess of mixed-up languages in the UI.15:35
cfhowletthnlin happy2help15:36
mbeierlI have a problem with a brand new ubuntustudio install.  Is that supported here?15:36
fnunesMeanwhile the boot-repair gave this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842422 .15:36
bcverymbeierl, you might want to try #ubuntustudio15:37
bcveryFD225, how are you installing?15:38
cfhowlettmbeierl bring it to #ubuntustudio15:38
mbeierlbcvery: cfhowlett, thanks15:38
FD225after downloading..terminal dpkg -i15:38
=== Germanaz0|0FF is now known as Germanaz0
ikoniashouldn't be don't dpkg -i15:39
NovartisOerheks What's Nautilus?15:39
OerHeksNovartis, it is your standard filebrowser15:39
NovartisI'm running on a VPS15:39
compdocso youre running command line only?15:40
fnunesIs there a channel for support ? Installation and boot repairs ?15:43
=== tcpman is now known as Guest27601
cfhowlettfnunes this is the channel.15:44
catalasecan anyone here help me with an ubuntu networking issue15:45
cfhowlett!ask | catalase15:45
ubottucatalase: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:45
catalaseaccording to #httpd, my apache2 server is properly configured. but i cannot access https. i have setup virtual hosts for port 443 and forwarded this to my server on my router15:45
fnunesNeed some help to repair a partition table or the boot sector. The problem is that I installed windows 8.1 and all went ok. Had an extended partition for data. Now I wanted to install Debian to dualboot with windows 8.1. It happens that neither the Debian installer neither the Ubuntu installer neither the boot-repair-disk neither the GParted live can see any partitions. Tried booting from a windows installation disk and executing boo15:46
fnunesfound. At least the data partition is vital to be recovered. I appreciate any help. Thanks. Meanwhile the boot-repair gave this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842422 .15:46
fnunesMy computer is like 5 years old and the mobo is prior to UEFI.15:47
Lingo4yahalou: hi15:48
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:49
mbeierl New installation of Ubuntustudio 14.04.  / is on btrfs, /home is on ext4.  Installation finished, but on reboot when I log in as the user I created during installation, the X session terminates and I am punted back to GDM.  I can log in with user/pass from tty1.  auth.log shows "PAM unable to dlopen (pam_kwallet.so)" and requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user.  Guest login works.  Add user with useradd, and same problem occurs.15:51
mbeierlAdditional info:  I have re-installed, with format of /, with same result.15:53
OerHeksmbeierl, why btrfs?15:53
mbeierlOerHeks: I used it before in 13.04 and thought it was the direction things were headed.  From the looks of it, it seemed to be a performance improvement over ext415:54
mbeierlOerHeks: can try again with ext4 for /...15:54
ukazcave resolve -c world15:55
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fhfeife2i'm running update-rc.d and want my script to start later in the boot process as the ip i need to bind to isn't up yet15:58
fhfeife2is there something i can set?15:59
TJ-fhfeife2: It's a sysV init not upstart script?16:04
genoobiehey all16:08
genoobienew to linux so I'm asking for a bit of help16:08
genoobiejust installed ubuntu on a second laptop, and no wireless16:09
genoobietrying to diagnose16:09
cfhowlett!wifi| genoobie16:09
ubottugenoobie: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:09
genoobietrying to diagnose16:09
kdzhelo, i havea mount error :<16:09
yecril71plHello, my Dash never shows anything16:09
kdzcannot mount / its said16:09
michaelaguiarIn ProFTPD, is there a way to set DefaultRoot in the config, on a per user basis?16:09
yecril71plkdz: who says this?16:10
kdzon my screen yecril71pl, then it said press or m of manual16:10
kdzso i pressed M and console screen loaded16:10
michaelaguiarSo like I have , if user === NAME, DefaultRoot (user site dir)16:11
TJ-kdz: That sounds like the PC is stuck in the initial RAM disk  (initrd), and will probably drop to a terminal if it can't find the root file-system16:11
yecril71plkdz: what kind of screen?16:11
Eric^^fsck time?16:11
kdzhow do i fix it TJ- ?16:11
TJ-kdz: How did this come about? Is this the first boot since installing Ubuntu? Have you recently done package updates on an existing installation?16:12
kdzi messed around with fstab the other day trying to auto mount some drives16:12
kdzand from then on it just wont boot into ubuntu16:12
TJ-kdz: That'd do it :)16:12
kdzi dont know how to fix it back :<16:12
bwlangps aux is hanging after 50 or 60 lines... load average is 60 (32 core server) but i can't see the trouble makers.  any ideas?16:13
TJ-kdz: can you show us what "cat /proc/cmdline" shows ?16:13
kdzok let me type it16:13
ikoniakdz: as suggested to you yesterday, as you have no idea what you've done to your disks, and you claim gparted has done things that are impossible I'd suggest re-installing to get back to a known "good" state16:14
TJ-ikonia: This is a known issue then?16:14
ikoniakdz: you've been at this for over 24 hours now and don't appear to be going forward and as the history of this damage is unknown and questionable a re-install to a stable sane point would be wise16:14
Eric^^bwlang: try top?16:14
ikoniaTJ-: very much so, gparted changed his fstab and put usernames in it and many other thigns that can't happen16:14
TJ-ikonia: Ahhh... those darned gremlins :p16:14
ikoniaTJ-: but he doesn't know what he did - he clicked buttons that don't exist on gparted etc etc16:14
ikoniaso trying to work backwards from the "unknown" and the "untrusted" seems unwise16:15
kdzTJ- is ikonia typing somethuing? its on igore for critising me other tham helping16:15
ikoniaas even fixing something by guess won't fix the rest / knock on changes16:15
=== Germanaz0 is now known as Germanaz0|0FF
ikoniathe fact that he's just claimed I'm ignore when it's clear I'm not16:15
Eric^^cant he run genfstab ?16:16
ikoniaEric^^: the point is, it's not just fstab16:16
TomAstroHello,  Is there a channel for Vinux?  I have a friend that is visually impaired and he is having issues with the latest install and also he is looking for a good talking clock..   Thanks16:16
ikoniaEric^^: it's created a system where partitions have changed/destructive and the steps he claimed did this are impossible/don't exist16:16
=== newbie is now known as Guest16209
Eric^^i see16:16
TJ-kdz: If you've caused unknown regressions to the system then the best solution is to reinstall either alongside the existing installation, or replacing (wiping) it entirely16:16
fhfeife2TJ: i'm using SysV on older ubuntu release16:17
yecril71plHello, my Dash is empty.16:17
daftykinsTomAstro: never heard of it, but we only support ubuntu here. not even any other distros that might base themselves from it16:17
fhfeife2TJ: i want my script to be the last thing that starts16:17
mpaolinohi guys, I would need some help with polkit. I want to overwrite permissions for org.libvirt.unix.manage, so I created a new pkla file in "/etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d"16:17
Guest16209I'm back with the partial installation (half-installed) of wine problem.  I'm still looking for help to fix it16:17
dannydaftHey guys.16:17
kdzTJ- thats alot of work, i have vm's and got it nicely running16:17
mpaolinobut actually it doesn't work16:17
dannydaftAnybody want to grab some lunch?16:17
Guest16209dannydaft: Hey, Danny16:17
mpaolinoI'm not a polkit expert...any idead about how to debug this?16:17
Eric^^kdz: you can back everything up.16:18
Eric^^VM's are in ~/VirtualBox VMs (if you're using VirtualBox)16:18
ikoniadannydaft: this channel isn't a "social" channel, so please try to focus on the channels topic, which is ubuntu16:18
kdzshouldnt this be a mount issue?16:18
mpaolinoI've tried to use pkactions --verbose, but the permessions are always the same, unchanged16:18
TJ-fhfeife2: The usual way is to change the 'NN' passed to 'update-rc.d' to make it start after other services... You can also write an LSB-style "Required-Start:" entry into the init script like, for example, "/etc/init.d/apache2" has to influence things16:19
dannydaftikonia: No reason to not be friendly though ;)16:19
TomAstrodaftykins:  Is there a version or a way to set Ubuntu up for someone that is visually impaired?  He is having an issue as some may have getting the video to work when installing it from the dvd but the usb install works.  His wife is trying to help him set this up.16:19
kdzdannydaft : agreed16:20
ikoniadannydaft: sure you can be friendly, but this is IRC, so people are not going to "join you for lunch"16:20
Guest16209Anyone wanna help me fix my problem - I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 lts and have a half-installed installation of wine / wine1.6.  I need closure ...16:20
cfhowlettdannydaft perhaps you'd be happier in #ubuntu-offtopic16:20
reisioGuest16209: what'd you install it for?16:20
fhfeife2TJ: yea- i'm not understanding what I should set NN to. i had it set to 20, but it appears to still not be the last thing that starts as one of my ip addresses isn't up yet16:20
kdzTJ- do you have some suggestions for me ?16:20
TJ-dannydaft: think about it this way, if all 1614 people in this channel asked if anyone was up for lunch, we'd not get any support done :) Try #ubuntu-offtopic16:20
fhfeife2TJ: the ip address might not be up yet because i hacked it together in some other script (ops)16:21
dannydaftikonia: Haha. Just jesting mate. I know nobody’s actually going to go to lunch with me.16:21
TJ-fhfeife2: Maybe move it to something like 60 or even 90 ?16:21
fhfeife2TJ: thanks for the suggestion i'll try it..16:21
Guest16209reisio: I have some programs that I need to use that work in the Windows context16:22
TJ-kdz: Back-up and do a fresh install... if you don't have the sysadmin skills to undo what ever you did originally, no one else can really get a handle on it over IRC.16:22
reisioGuest16209: which programs?16:22
catalasecan someone tell me why SSH keeps connecting on 1030 and 1024, when i explicitly tell it to connect via 22 and it is enabled in 22 in UFW and forwarded on my router?16:22
reisiocatalase: explicitly tell it how16:22
catalasein PuTTY i tell it connect to mydomain:2216:23
TJ-catalase: Connecting *to*, or connecting *from* that port?16:23
mbeierl New installation of Ubuntustudio 14.04.  /  and /home are ext4 fs.  Installation finished, but on reboot when I log in as the user I created during installation, the X session terminates and I am punted back to GDM.  I can log in with user/pass from tty1.  auth.log shows "PAM unable to dlopen (pam_kwallet.so)" and requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user.  Guest login works.  Add user with useradd, and same problem occurs.16:23
catalaseTJ-, reisio, i do netstat -l -a16:23
mbeierlOerHeks: btrfs vs. ext4 makes no difference.16:23
Guest16209reisio: Is it relevant?  My problem is that the wine / wine1.6 partial installation is preventing me from installing and/or removing things, of doing a system update, etc16:23
catalaseand it shows SSH, 1024 lol16:23
cfhowlettmbeierl ##linux might also be worth a a visit16:23
reisioGuest16209: only if you want the best assistance...16:23
TJ-catalase: 1024 is the first of the ephemeral ports, where clients will start off from16:23
TomAstroOK  going to go at a different approach to my question.  Is anyone here familiar with setting up Ubuntu for the visually impaired?16:24
reisioGuest16209: I could give you more vague, less useful assistance if you like :p16:24
reisioGuest16209: are they top secret programs? :p16:24
fhfeife2TJ: think another hack should fix it... going to just add the app i want to start after the place i put the stuff to set the ip...16:24
reisioI'm not saying that isn't a possibility, but it isn't what I'd assume16:24
TJ-fhfeife2: If it really becomes a problem you might have to start it from "/etc/rc.local"16:24
Guest16209reisio: I haven't had the possibility to install any Windows programs, so the reason for Wine is really relevant only after programs are installed or used with wine.16:25
catalaseTJ-, what does that mean lol16:25
reisioGuest16209: ...wha?16:25
catalaseTJ-, if i explicitly state that i want to connect via 22, would it not then connect via 22?16:25
TJ-catalase: You are running "netstat" on the SSH server ?16:25
reisioGuest16209: either you're willing to tell me what programs you're talking about or you're not; let me know which it is and we'll continue16:25
catalasenetstat -l -a16:25
catalaseand i see, tcp        0      0 localip:ssh       wan-ip:1030 ESTABLISHED16:26
catalasebut SSH is port 22?16:26
TJ-catalase: And what is wrong with that?16:26
catalaseidk, should it not then read 22?16:26
TJ-catalase: the server is listening on port 22 (ssh)16:26
TJ-catalase: The client is using its ephemeral ports (starting at 1024 through 65535)16:27
fhfeife2TJ: problem solved... it's my own undoing. i should have figured out how to bring the ip address up properly. in fact i think i know how to do that already. it's just a matter of modifying the /etc/network file or something like that. why i did it this weird way i don't know.16:27
TJ-fhfeife2: I think it takes us being silly to learn much though... so you now know more tricks :)16:27
fhfeife2TJ: to think the reason i hacked it together before was to save myself the time an energy of thinking it through16:28
Guest16209reisio: When you install Ubuntu, you have some programs included in the OS.  So it is with Wine, I imagine.  I had considered using Nero to burn a video DVD because I have videos that need conversion to go on a video dvd.  I haven't yet been able to try Nero because wine is not completely installed.16:28
Eric^^do it right or do it twice ;-)16:28
reisioGuest16209: okay16:29
reisioGuest16209: if you run 'ls -a ~/ | grep -i wine', you will probably see a directory like '.wine'16:29
reisioGuest16209: that is your Wine filesystem16:29
Guest16209reisio: Nero isn't installed anywhere, so I don't see the relevance, personally, but since you needed a program name16:29
reisioGuest16209: you can rm/mv it as you please, re-running 'wine' will regenerate a fresh copy16:29
reisioGuest16209: I would not use Nero, though, there are much better (native) apps16:30
reisioGuest16209: the relevance is this: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?appId=15216:30
Guest16209Brasero and K3B haven't succeeded16:30
reisioGuest16209: and also, again, that I'd suggest other apps16:30
reisioGuest16209: well dvd video transcoding (and burning, too), is quite a complex process16:30
reisioGuest16209: I honestly wouldn't recommend it at all, this being the 21st century16:30
reisioGuest16209: but if you had to do it, I suggest using tovid16:30
liquidAngeris there a command to ignore these system messages of irc ... has joined, left etcc.16:31
Eric^^liquidAnger: global menu > settings > text events16:32
reisioliquidAnger: /help16:32
vieiraHello, how can I make a init script start after an upstart job?16:32
reisioliquidAnger: or ask #irssi16:32
mbeierlTried installing kwallet and adding user to nopasswdlogin and still cannot log in to GUI in new ubuntustudio 14.04 install.\16:32
liquidAngerreisio: tnx16:32
vieirapostfix seems to be stuck in the sysvinit days16:32
derrzzaaI have a load of NTFS drives, all with stuff I don't want to / can't format.  Is NTFS support sufficient enough to use Ubuntu / linux in general with these drives?16:33
derrzzaaor would I be walking down a road I'd later come to regret16:33
Guest16209reisio: I have no .wine directory16:33
cfhowlettderrzzaa you can use it, but I'd back up my back ups to a safe backup16:34
derrzzaammmm, I mean tbh the data isnt that important16:34
daftykinsTomAstro: sorry i have no experience of that16:34
derrzzaafilms etc, it's more the hassel I'm trying to save16:34
derrzzaathen again, I could just buy a 4TB drive and format them all to whatever file system is best to use on linux16:35
Guest16209BRB everyone16:35
Guest16209bye for now16:35
derrzzaaext4* ?16:35
yecril71plWhat is gnome-menu-edit?  I do not seem to have it16:37
yecril71plOops, retry: What is gmenu-simple-editor?  I do not seem to have it.16:38
OerHeks!info gmenu-simple-editor16:39
ubottuPackage gmenu-simple-editor does not exist in trusty16:39
liquidAngerto hide system messages IRC http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/hide_join_part_messages#irssi16:39
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genoobiemy ath5k is "blocked"16:40
genoobierfkill list shows it as "hard blocked"16:41
phooHello!  How do I disable the middle mouse click menu in xfce4-terminal?  I want to keep middle mouse paste, but I often have the time when a new terminal opens in addition to the paste.16:41
TJ-genoobie: toggle the hardware radio switch16:41
genoobieTJ-, doesn't change the state16:41
TJ-genoobie: hmmm, is it one of those Fn+F2 types, or a physical slider on the side?16:42
genoobiebutton at the top16:42
genoobienext to the power button16:42
genoobieI once had an issue with this16:42
TJ-genoobie: That's strange, usually they don't require key event support... what is the make/model of the laptop?16:42
genoobieused rfkill in seemingly random order16:42
genoobiecq50-105NR compaq16:43
TJ-genoobie: I think you need to add "nohwcrypt" to the module options for ath5k16:45
genoobieoh, hrm16:45
genoobienot really sure what that means (kind of new to this)16:45
kdzso without me havint to reinstall what can i do to fix a unable to mount /16:45
genoobieI know the ath5k is the driver16:45
genoobienot sure how to "add" that and reapply driver16:46
TJ-genoobie: try this: "sudo modprobe -r ath5k" then "lsmod | grep ath5k" ... if you get no 'ath5k' listed, good, go on and do "sudo modprobe ath5k nohwcrypt" then try the Wifi again16:46
genoobieTJ-, YES!16:47
phoohm.  Never mind.  I think it's this mouse smashing the right button at the same time as the middle button.16:47
genoobiesweet both "unblocked!16:47
TJ-genoobie: OK, now we know the solution, you need to make it permanent in the system configuration16:47
genoobiehow do I make that permanent16:47
genoobienice, thanks16:47
genoobiewhat did you search or google to come up with that.16:48
TJ-genoobie: "echo "options ath5k nohwcrypt" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf"16:48
TJ-genoobie: long experience :)16:48
genoobieuse all quotes?16:48
genoobieTJ-, thanks again for sharing your expertise16:48
TJ-genoobie: I surround the commands to type with double-quotes... everything inside those... you type16:49
genoobiedo I need to sudo the echo command?16:49
TJ-genoobie: *everything* as I show it16:49
genoobie:) okay16:49
alamihello, i have append this www-data ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx 'dialplan reload' to visudo16:50
alamiso that www-data can excute this cmd, is that correct?16:50
genoobieTJ-, okay16:50
genoobieso that's permanent?16:50
genoobiewhat is tee?16:50
TJ-genoobie: Yes16:50
TJ-genoobie: "man tee"16:51
genoobietext editor?16:51
genoobieokay, that rocks, I'm going to reboot16:51
TJ-genoobie: It reads standard input, and writes it to standard output (the console) *and* a file16:51
genoobiedidn't persist16:53
TJ-genoobie: Hmmm, maybe the file didn't get written correctly... lets check... "grep ath5k /etc/modprobe.d/*"16:54
TJ-genoobie: how many lines are returned by that command?16:56
genoobieTJ-, two lines are returned by that grep16:57
TJ-genoobie: can you tell me what each says?16:57
genoobieoptions ath5k nowecrypt16:57
kdzTJ- so im bcking up but i cannot backup my vm's cause of permissions, how do i change it16:57
genoobiethen a commented line,"# which ath5k cannot recover. to prevent this ..."16:57
genoobielet me try those modprobes again16:58
TJ-genoobie: OK, so did you typo in IRC or does it really say "nowecrypt"16:58
genoobietypo in IRC16:59
TJ-genoobie: darn, that could have been an easy fix :)16:59
genoobiewhy did it unblock one time but not the other17:00
genoobielet me tell you what I did17:00
genoobieI did "sudo modprobe -r ath5k"17:01
genoobie"sudo modprobe ath5k"17:01
TJ-genoobie: which removes the kernel module17:01
genoobienow both unblocked17:01
TJ-genoobie: which loads the kernel module :)17:01
genoobieand now it's unblocked17:01
genoobieTJ-, it's like the button has no effect at all17:02
genoobiedoesn't turn it on or off17:02
genoobieI also had some rfkill unblock 0 0 in there17:02
TJ-genoobie: maybe it's a 'soft' button that just sends an event to the OS, but Linux doesn't know the event or how to handle it17:02
genoobiebut I always did rfkill list and it always came up hard blocked until I did the modprobes17:02
kirijaaashi gyest17:02
TJ-genoobie: Can't explain why the reboot loading of the ath5k module would leave it hardblocked, but a modprobe will work17:03
TJ-genoobie: I notice the ath5k module also has another parameter: "no_hw_rfkill_switch"17:04
TJ-genoobie: "no_hw_rfkill_switch:Ignore the GPIO RFKill switch state (bool)"17:04
genoobieyes yes yes17:04
TJ-genoobie: You could try using "no_hw_rfkill_switch=1"17:04
genoobieso how do I remove the line I placed in the .conf file using "tee"17:05
genoobieand put that in there instead17:05
genoobieand set it up so it's always on17:05
TJ-genoobie: "sudo sed -i 's/nohwcrypt/no_hw_rfkill_switch=1/' /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf"17:05
genoobiewon't that leave the "nohwcrypt" line in there though?17:06
genoobieokay nevermind I trust you know what you're doing :)17:06
TJ-genoobie: It's a search-and-replace operation17:06
TJ-genoobie: s/find-this/replace-with-this/17:07
genoobieand that's the number 1 not the letter l17:07
genoobieI'm assuming 1 is true here17:07
TJ-genoobie: correct17:07
genoobieokay no output17:08
TJ-genoobie: none expected17:08
TJ-genoobie: "cat /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf"17:08
genoobiehold a sec17:08
genoobiestill the same, did not replace17:09
genoobielet me check the input again17:09
MonotokoIs there a hotkey I can use to toggle "Auto Hide Sidebar"?17:09
genoobiesudo sed -i 's/nohwcrypt/no_hw_rfkill_switch=1/' /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf17:10
Monotokoor move the sidebar to the other side...17:10
Monotokoeither one17:10
genoobieTJ-, looks ok?17:11
genoobieshould I just text edit with a gui?17:11
TJ-genoobie: Looks good but yes, you can edit it with a text editor too :)17:11
MonotokoI use synergy... so when it's switching between the left screen and right screen, the auto-show doesn't work...17:11
genoobieTJ-, there's only one line in ath5k.conf17:12
genoobieis that OK?17:12
TJ-genoobie: correct17:12
TJ-genoobie: "options ath5k no_hw_rfkill_switch=1"17:13
genoobiecannot open file to write17:14
hamilcart 17:14
genoobiemust be some kind of permission in text edit17:14
Monotokoshould I be asking somewhere else?17:14
genoobieTJ-, any other way to change that line?17:14
TJ-genoobie: "gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf"17:14
genoobieno output...17:15
genoobiealthough it asked for a password17:15
hamilcart  17:16
TJ-genoobie: strange, you are using regular Ubuntu with Unity / Gnome aren't you?17:16
genoobiethat's probably why.17:16
genoobielet me just delete the file and echo that line again using tee17:17
Monotokosudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf17:17
Monotokogives you a nice terminal based editor17:17
Monotokodoesn't rely on any of the pesky GUI's or it's dependancies...17:17
TJ-genoobie: much better idea, that :)17:18
yecril71plHow can I get a clock in my system tray in  Unity?17:18
genoobielooks good17:19
genoobielet me reboot17:19
genoobieTJ-, thanks again for all the help17:19
genoobieif it is hardblocked now I'll freak17:19
Monotokoyecril71pl: there should have been one there by default... top left corner?17:20
yecril71plYeah, the clock is in the screen shot, but I do not have it.17:20
genoobieTJ-, alright then, very close!17:21
genoobieboth "unblocked"17:21
MonotokoYou've never had it... or it's just vanished one day?17:21
=== mpmctoo is now known as Windbag
TJ-genoobie: that sounds good17:21
Monotokowhat's there instead?17:21
yecril71plNever had it.17:21
yecril71plAlso, my Dash was empty; I had to install lenses17:21
yecril71plWhat am I missing to get the clock?17:21
Monotokostrange... what did you install from?17:21
genoobieugh, okay17:21
genoobiewlan0 shows up in ifconfig17:22
yecril71plMonotoko: I installed lenses from the Software Center.17:22
jamesbrown_hi guys. how do give a folder a read, write and executable right to the current user?17:22
pbxjamesbrown_, sudo chmod u+rwx <user>17:23
Monotokoyecril71pl: I mean ubuntu itself... it should all be installed with the regular install DVD17:23
yecril71plIt was a server, now turned to be a desktop17:23
yecril71plI need to fix things so that they work17:24
jamesbrown_pbx will that make all folders and files rwx?17:24
genoobieTJ-, cannot find the gui to configure the network17:24
genoobiebut I'll work on that17:24
pbxjamesbrown_, sorry, my example was wrong17:24
genoobieTJ-, thanks mucho for the help again17:24
Monotokoyecril71pl: try this: sudo apt-get install indicator-datetime17:24
=== Eric^^ is now known as eeee
TJ-genoobie: glad you got it sorted17:24
ses1984i'm not sure why this is happening, but it if i try to paste a bunch of commands into gnome terminal, and one of those commands is something like `apt-get -fy upgrade`, it only gets that far and the rest of the pasted commands do not execute or show up in my history17:26
yecril71plMonotoko: thanks :-)17:26
pbxjamesbrown_, :  sudo chmod u+rwx -R <path>17:26
pbxses1984, if one of the commands you run asks for keyboard input, it will eat input from your paste17:26
yecril71plGtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"17:26
Monotokoyecril71pl: sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module17:27
sheapanyone know what this error is? I don't have "debconf-apt-from" in pkgsel anywhere so I'm kinda confused http://paste.ubuntu.com/7843007/17:27
jamesbrown_also i have havin issues upgradin to ubunu 1417:27
Monotokonot sure why you're missing so many dependancies17:27
ses1984pbx but doesn't apt-get -fy tell apt-get to not ask for keyboard input? you're saying "force yes"  right?17:27
bsdbanditanyone using the apt-get module in python17:27
yecril71plMonotoko: Not sure either; shouldn't the Software Center detect this?17:28
ses1984pbx oh i have the -f option wrong... but the -y should cover it i think17:28
Monotokoyecril71pl: is this an upgrade or a new install?17:28
pbxses1984, i believe so. but something reading keyboard input seems the likeliest cause of the problem17:28
=== user39202 is now known as AgitProp
Monotokoyecril71pl: either way... it should have sorted all this when you installed Ubuntu17:29
potatoes_is there a good way to upgrade one EOL release to another EOL release17:29
potatoes_I am trying to go from 11.04 to 11.10 to 12.0417:29
yecril71plMonotoko: I did not install Ubuntu; I inherited it.17:29
potatoes_but the upgrade path is breaking17:30
potatoes_rather badly :)17:30
pbxses1984, might be worth trying in another terminal (e.g. xterm) to see whether it's something about the way gnome term deals with pasted text and long delays17:30
ses1984pbx when i test these commands interactively and enter them one a time, they never ask for keyboard input, but it seems like they do eat further inputs anyway17:30
TJ-potatoes_: If you can persuade the upgrade tools to use "http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/" instead of "http://archive.ubuntu.com/", yes17:30
sheapis it just for the progress bar?17:30
genoobiestuck stuck stuck17:30
Monotokoyecril71pl: Ah... sounds fun, Software Center is supposed to be simple, but it borks when things aren't installed in various places, apt-get does a much better job telling you what's missing etc17:30
TJ-genoobie: is it still hard-blocked?17:30
potatoes_TJ- Ya, I have unfortunately that's a no go17:31
potatoes_TJ- I modified the source myself and changed to old-releases and it breaks 7 different ways :P17:31
baegle1Struggling to get networkmanager to behave17:31
genoobieTJ-, nope17:31
TJ-potatoes_: Never tried that amount of pain myself :)17:31
TJ-genoobie: *phew* :)17:32
baegle1I have multiple profiles defined for the same SSID but I can't select the profiles, I can only select the SSID17:32
potatoes_TJ- Honestly it might just be easier to setup a new machine17:32
baegle1How do I tell NetworkManager to use a specific profile in this situation?17:32
genoobieI think I screwed something up17:32
genoobiei tried nm-applet17:33
genoobieto get the gui in the taskbar17:33
genoobieand I think I accidentally set up an ad-hoc network on this laptop17:33
genoobieso now I can't find the wireless but there is the ad-hoc17:33
Monotokogenoobie: what does ifconfig say?17:34
genoobieifconfig lists eth0, lo, wlan017:35
Monotokogenoobie: does wlan0 have an IP address or anything?17:36
TJ-genoobie: "nmcli con list"17:36
Monotokonmcli :o17:36
genoobieMonotoko, no17:36
genoobieonly one wired connection17:36
genoobiebut like I said, I think I set up an "ad-hoc" wireless17:37
genoobienow I cannot delete it from the gui interface.17:37
genoobiedoesn't seem like the card is active yet17:37
Monotokotry what TJ- said... I forgot all about nmcli17:37
genoobieTJ-, only one connection listed17:38
genoobieso I used the nm-applet, accidentally created a wifi network17:39
ses1984pbx i tried it in xterm and it didn't work. also i noticed that sometimes apt-get update can take longer than apt-get -y upgrade and it always continues after apt-get update17:39
Monotokogenoobie: you might have created it... but I don't think you're connected to it17:40
Monotokoso it shouldn't matter17:40
jamesbrown_pbx it didnt work sudo chmod u+rwx -R obproject17:40
genoobieyes, but it's a bit confusing because it has the same name as the wireless I intend to connect to17:40
TJ-genoobie: does "nmcli" show the connection you want to remove?17:40
genoobieTJ-, maybe a reboot?17:40
TJ-genoobie: no, nmcli will show system and user connections17:41
AgitPropdoes the software updater provide anything different than apt-get dist-upgrade ??17:41
genoobieTJ-, wireless is not working still17:41
TJ-genoobie: unlike Windows, Linux rarely needs a reboot... at most a service restart or log-out/log-in17:41
genoobiebut the adapter is "up" so to speak17:41
potatoes_TJ- Hah, I got it to work, lets see how badly things break during the update process :)17:41
genoobieTJ-, that's a windows habit I guess17:41
TJ-genoobie: Do you see the connection when you run "nm-applet" ?17:41
MonotokoAgitProp: not really... apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade17:41
Monotokoit's just nice to have a GUI version17:42
TJ-genoobie: is the existing connection you see, the Adhoc one? If so, why not just edit it ?17:42
genoobieTJ-, it's gone now after the reboot17:43
genoobiehere's the thing17:43
jamesbrown_hi guys. how do give a folder a read, write and executable right to the current user?17:43
genoobiehow do I know if the wlan0 is actively seeking out networks?17:43
jamesbrown_hi guys. how do give  folder a read, write and executable right to the current user?17:43
jamesbrown_sorry about that17:43
renebarbosachmod 700 folder jamesbrown_17:44
renebarbosa700 means -rwx------17:44
TJ-genoobie: "tail -f /var/log/syslog"17:44
jamesbrown_renebarbosa i need all files and sub folders as well17:44
renebarbosachmod 700 folder jamesbrown_17:44
zerowaitstatealternatively, chmod -R u+rwx <username> foldername17:44
renebarbosafind . -type d -exec chmod 700 {} \;17:45
renebarbosabe careful with it17:45
zerowaitstateadding -R makes it recursive17:45
genoobieTJ-, lost of output17:45
genoobiebunch of host name not found outpuit17:45
genoobieTJ-, *output17:45
TJ-genial: Good :) you should see some wpa_supplicant messages as it scans the network17:45
genoobieTJ-, none to be found17:46
genoobieso the card appears to be unblocked but not necessarily active17:46
jamesbrown_renebarbosa how do you change a folder and all his files and subfolder group? i need to change everything in obproject folder from james to www-data17:48
renebarbosajamesbrown_, find . -type d -exec chown www-data: {} \;17:49
Stanley_When you install something from source, (make install), does it install it in the directory you're currently in?17:49
TJ-genoobie: "sudo iwlist wlan0 scan"17:49
renebarbosajamesbrown_, just make sure to run it from your projects directory, not / , /home or something like that17:49
tonyg_i'm trying to update initrd.img for my nfs boots of ubuntu 14.04. i build initrd with the same conf and modules as i did before, but for some reason with the new build i get ipconfig: eth0: SIOCGIFINDEX: No such device ipconfig: /tmp/net-eth0.conf: SIOCGIFINDEX: No such device ipconfig: no devices to configure. i'm upgrading from 3.8.0-19 to 3.13.0-32 does anybody have any ideas?17:50
jamesbrown_renebarbosa okay thanks17:50
renebarbosajamesbrown_, you're welcome17:50
compdoctonyg_, its 'ifconfig'  , no?17:51
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
tonyg_no, it says ipconfig17:52
genoobieno scan results17:52
genoobieTJ-, I mean no scan results17:52
TJ-genoobie: OK... maybe the adapter in the PC and the wireless access point are on different frequency bands?17:53
genoobieTJ-, um, not likely though17:53
genoobiewireless g router17:53
genoobieolder lapton17:53
genoobiethat has a "g"17:53
genoobiebut maybe there's a config thing I am missing17:53
genoobietempted to install ubuntu and use lde17:53
genoobieversus lubuntu17:54
TJ-genoobie: I'm thinking things like regulatory domain ... USA should operate with 11 channels... if the adapter was doing that but the WAP was on Channel 13 ... no connection17:54
genoobieTJ-, this adapter used to work (on lubuntu 11)17:54
TJ-genoobie: OK, but WAPs often change channels ... are you able to confirm which channel it is currently using?17:54
genoobieTJ-, so I'm not really sure.17:54
jamesbrown_renebarbosa my project is set up like this. projects<main folder> obproject<subfolder> everything is in obproject17:55
TJ-genoobie: I'm trying to eliminate possibilities here so you don't go chasing the wrong cause17:55
genoobieyou mean the card? Or do you mean the router?17:55
genoobienot quite sure how to execute that for the card17:55
TJ-genoobie: The WAP router, its the thing that decides which channel to operate on, and modern WAPs change channels if they detect local interference from other Wifi WAPs17:55
genoobieokay, well it's present on channel 217:56
TJ-genoobie: OK, that is good, no chance of missing it17:56
genoobiethere are 13 channels available at the WAP17:56
genoobieI see17:56
TJ-genoobie: So, it seems like the driver might be issue. I'm going to suggest adding back "nohwcrypt" in *addition* to the existing setting17:57
=== Guest7948 is now known as karakedi
AasIewjust testing17:58
genoobieTJ-, okay will add that line17:59
genoobiejust a sec17:59
TJ-genoobie: by the way, I think "leafpad" is the gUI text editor you need.18:00
genoobieTJ-, have leafpad but it won't save18:00
genoobieecho "options ath5k nohwcrypt" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf18:01
potatoes_well 11.10 was a success18:01
TJ-genoobie: "gksudo leafpad" then open the file manually?18:01
genoobieTJ-, would that add a line?18:01
potatoes_now time to go to 12.04 :)18:01
TJ-genoobie: That would "-a" *append* a line18:01
genoobieTJ-, is this all one line?18:02
jamesbrown_renebarbosa http://pastebin.com/PTM9R6EV18:02
TJ-genoobie: Yes just add the additional option to the end of the line18:02
genoobie"options ath5k no_hw_rfkill_switch=1 nohwcrypt"18:02
renebarbosajamesbrown_, sorry I'm at office now. I don't have web access allowed here.18:03
renebarbosajamesbrown_, send it to me via PM18:03
jamesbrown_renebarbosa chown: changing ownership of ‘./valet/ckeditor/samples/assets/inlineall’: Operation not permitted18:03
genoobieTJ-, then sudo modprobe -r ath5k | sudo modprobe ath5k?18:03
renebarbosajamesbrown_, pm me18:04
jamesbrown_i got that error message when i ran find . -type d -exec chown www-data: {} \;18:04
TJ-genoobie: Yes18:04
genoobieokay, no scan results18:05
genoobiebut at least it's flashing when I do that18:05
genoobieTJ-, this is ridiculous, I appreciate your patience18:05
BlasterI am having a really annoying issue, and I am not sure if it's Ubuntu or hardware related.18:07
TJ-genoobie: sometimes I've found it needs multiple scans to find networks, but it won't find any 'hidden' networks - is your WiFi SSID hidden?18:07
BlasterWhen I click something and drag with my mouse, somehow it unclicks, even though I am holding the mouse button down.18:07
genoobieTJ-, no18:07
jeffreylevesquecould someone assist me install ubuntu properly?18:07
genoobieanything obvious I could look for in ifconfig?18:08
TJ-genoobie: OK, I'm at a bit of a loss here now. Does that PC have an Ethernet connection you can use too?18:08
genoobiejeffreylevesque, what do you need?18:08
genoobieTJ-, yes18:08
genoobiebut only temporarily18:08
jeffreylevesqueI'm not sure if you can read through - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/audio-analyzer/issues/35118:08
TJ-genoobie: Could you pastebin two files for me? "/var/log/dmesg" and "/var/log/syslog" (the latter may be quite big by now)18:08
jeffreylevesquebut, apparently it didn't install correctly, it's not even mounted18:08
genoobieTJ-, will do18:09
jeffreylevesqueand I can't boot into my original windows OS18:09
pbxses1984, thanks for using dpaste BTW :)18:09
genoobieTJ-, was looking maybe it need nohwcrypt=Y18:09
TJ-genoobie: boolean ... so it might need "nohwcrypt=1"18:10
genoobieoh, hrm18:10
jeffreylevesquecan I delete my partition / attempt to install ubuntu, and try again?18:12
jeffreylevesqueI just want to ensure that my windows partition is intact18:12
genoobienah, no good, will pastebin in a min18:12
GlycanHi. How can I bind a bash command to a key combination?18:16
kermin_herminHi. Has anyone noticed that the Ubuntu AMI's on Amazon AWS EC2 have been deregistered?18:18
genoobieTJ- are you still here?18:19
genoobieTJ- here is the dmesg pastebin18:20
genoobieoh crus18:21
genoobieTJ- isn't here any more18:21
grobe0bakermin_hermin, i used them yesterday.18:22
grobe0baat least, the PV 14.04 SSD one18:22
kermin_hermingrobe0ba: Trying 14.04 LTS ami-a6926dce and it's unavailable18:24
kermin_herminPV as well18:24
grobe0bathey've been replaced with newer ones18:24
genoobieugh, okay, I've been to hell and back with my atheros wireless and I cannot get it working18:25
grobe0bafor the PV, ami-a6926dce for HVM18:25
eoinhow big should my swap partition be?18:25
sheapcould an ubuntu wizard/witch help me with this :( http://askubuntu.com/questions/501678/tasksel-error-in-14-04-preseed18:25
grobe0baeoin, it all depends on what you're using your system for18:26
eoinor do i even need one?18:26
spigoteoin: you want one, because without it, ubuntu by default will fill the memory and randomly kill a process when its full18:26
kermin_hermingrobe0ba: Oh I see - amazon hasn't updated their "suggested" ubuntu AMI link - and the old one is giving perms errors trying to use it18:26
kermin_hermingrobe0ba: Is there a central place to see when these are released?18:26
d3xterhey guys18:26
grobe0bakermin_hermin, those are both on the initial launch instance list18:26
grobe0baas for a centralized location, i've no clue18:27
eoinso what should i set it to18:27
d3xteris it normal, that gddrescue stops rescuing data after the first read error?18:27
grobe0balike i said though, those are both on my quick start list18:27
kermin_herminThe "quick start" for mine is the old ones, huh18:27
spigoteoin: whats your total system RAM? old standard was RAMx2 and that's still not a bad idea. it certainly doesn't need to be any larger.18:27
mmoreydoes anyone here have experience with the maintenance shell?18:27
grobe0bammorey, what are you trying to accomplish?18:27
grobe0baeoin, i'd say 4Gb then18:28
grobe0baunless you plan on doing really memory intensive stuff18:28
eoinok thanks18:28
spigotmmorey: it's basically a root shell before ubuntu finishes loading. did you get dumped into it while trying to boot normally?18:29
kermin_hermingrobe0ba: Can you give me the AMI for the latest 14.04 LTS in HVM mode?18:29
kermin_herminStill wrong for me18:29
grobe0bawhat zone are you in?18:30
grobe0bai'm operating in us-east-118:30
GlycanIs there any simple way to see what programs are capturing keystrokes?18:30
grobe0baso it is very likely different between them18:30
kermin_herminsame, us-e-118:30
d3xteris it normal, that gddrescue stops "rescuing" data after the first read error?18:30
Glycanpbx: was that to me?18:30
jmonrealAfter updating yesterday my trusty box, I no longer could use my hdmi screen. When running xrandr I only get LVDS, VGA connected, but HDMI or DP shows disconnected18:30
jmonrealI've been googling but without any luck18:31
reisiod3xter: ddrescue tries to continue by default if it encounters and error, but I doubt that means it can always continue or always even has anything to continue with given any type of error18:31
reisioan* error18:31
reisiod3xter: if you want saner output, use the normal, non-gui 'ddrescue'18:31
jmonrealwhat can I start looking to see what could be the problem?18:31
d3xterreisio: i'm using the gnu ddresuce :)18:31
d3xternot a bling bling gui ^^18:32
grobe0bapastebin the output18:32
reisioeither it can continue or it can't18:32
d3xterreisio: it is still running and "rescuing" data, but the size of the image hasn't changed for like 20 minutes18:32
reisiod3xter: that doesn't sound abnormal, if there are problems with the device18:32
grobe0baso, it's trying really hard, but it's kind of stuck18:32
grobe0balet it go for a while18:32
grobe0baand by a while, i mean hours18:32
reisiowhat is usually done is you run it and tell it not to try very hard first18:33
reisiothen run again trying hard18:33
reisiothat way you waste less time18:33
grobe0baif the device is damaged, stop, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours18:33
grobe0bathen try again18:33
grobe0baworks magic, sometimes18:33
d3xterok thanks guys, will let it run till tomorrow and see if it worked :)18:33
grobe0batry your xorg logs18:34
reisiod3xter: ddrescue -n, then again with -d -r118:34
jmonrealgrobe0ba: where are they?18:34
grobe0ba /var/log/xorg.log18:34
GlycanHi, can someone help me out with keybindings?18:35
d3xterreisio: should i restart this attemt with -n?18:36
GlycanI'm trying to run xbindkeys on lubuntu, but it says that some other program is capturing it's keys18:36
pbxGlycan, yes, sorry18:36
reisiod3xter: I would do -n first, then -d -r118:36
reisiod3xter: but...18:36
reisioit would have to be very important data18:37
reisio(which for some reason I never backed up)18:37
grobe0bawhat is a 'back up'?18:37
reisioyou might luck out and get the important data in the readable bits, from just -n18:37
reisiogrobe0ba: :p18:37
pbxGlycan, you asked if my "no" above was to you, it was... but now, say more. share us the exact text or a screen cap of the dialog with the error message18:37
jamesbrown_how do i put a user into a group?18:37
reisiojamesbrown_: gpasswd18:37
jamesbrown_reisio what?18:38
mmoreyspigot:almost. there was a segmentation fault during start-up of the maintenance shell. ubuntu bug?18:38
grobe0bajamesbrown_, run gpasswd18:38
grobe0baor edit /etc/group18:38
grobe0baif you don't know what you're doing (which it seems you dont), run gpasswd18:38
grobe0baand read man 5 group18:38
jamesbrown_grobe0ba in terminal just run it gpasswd18:39
d3xterreisio: those are important data on a 6 year old laptop with no backup :P18:39
grobe0bajamesbrown_, sure18:39
d3xterreisio: but its not my notebook, so :D18:39
jamesbrown_grobe0ba -a www-data18:39
grobe0bajamesbrown_, i'm honestly not familiar with gpasswd. i don't use a gui for anything18:40
aramus_Hello, I used DD to clone my harddrive and now the original will only boot if the cloned drive is in18:40
Glycanpbx: https://gist.github.com/Glycan/f21d997308d3f9828c6918:40
grobe0bajamesbrown_, usermod -a -G www-data username should do the trick18:40
mmoreygrobe0ba: testing to see what happens when data disk replaced, to simulate disk failure.18:40
syntroPiwhere can i configure the font size of gdm? it displays HUGE fonts which just looks ugly18:40
grobe0bammorey, in which case you'll get a very minimal terminal from busybox18:42
jamesbrown_grobe0ba i did gpasswd -a james www-daa18:42
jamesbrown_sudo  gpasswd -a james www-daa18:42
grobe0bajamesbrown_, like i said, i've never used gpasswd18:42
mmoreygrobe0ba, except there's a segmentation fault and the system halts.18:42
grobe0baboth the kernel and initrd are available, correct?18:43
d3xterreisio: does the second run check all sectors or only the bad ones?18:43
jamesbrown_ grobe0ba usermod: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later.18:43
grobe0bajamesbrown_, must be run as root18:44
grobe0baso, sudo usermod -a -G www-data username18:44
mmoreygrobe0ba: yes, root partition, swap partition are intact. All /dev/sda partitions mounted. after entering root password, segmentation fault observed.18:44
grobe0bammorey, any idea what is attempting to execute usermod? 'cause that shouldn't happen during a boot18:44
=== datagutt is now known as Guest46171
grobe0baalso, since you're coming up single user, it will not lock18:46
mmoreygrobe0ba, i'm sorry, what usermod? it was the maintenance shell attempting to run.18:46
grobe0basorry, wrong shenanigans18:46
grobe0bagot myself confused18:46
mmoreygrobe0ba, no problem.18:46
grobe0bacan you tell exactly what is segfaulting?18:46
jamesbrown_am having too many issues today18:46
mmoreygrobe0ba, i cannot tell b/c i cannot log in, have no command prompt and other vt are not up.18:47
grobe0baso, you're not even getting a terminal?18:47
jamesbrown_i dont have a rwx permission on a folder ever thought i have added myself to the folder group18:47
grobe0bai'd suggest putting all your drives back in and booting, then look at the logs18:47
mmoreygrobe0ba, no, segmentation fault, newline, blinking cursor, halted.18:47
grobe0bathere's nothing we can do without those18:47
jamesbrown_am switching to windows18:48
grobe0bajamesbrown_, you have to set the correct permissions18:48
mmoreygrobe0ba, our sales engineers are confused by the experience and it looks buggy.18:48
grobe0bait looks buggy to me too18:48
jamesbrown_grobe0ba i have try everything and ask so many questions toda18:48
grobe0babut there isn't shit i can do without logs18:48
jamesbrown_and nothing seems to work18:48
jamesbrown_what log i need?18:49
grobe0bajamesbrown_, basic understanding of a system must be had before being able to put it into production18:49
grobe0bajamesbrown_, not you18:49
grobe0bayou don't need a log18:49
mmoreygrobe0ba, i have advised sales engineer that the work-around is to boot a live distro from cd-rom and recreate the data disk.18:49
grobe0bammorey, sounds like a plan to me18:49
grobe0bawell, time for me to go home for the day18:49
mmoreygrobe0ba, but my boss wants to know if there's a bug in ubuntu and if it will be fixed.18:49
grobe0bammorey, i don't represent ubuntu18:49
grobe0bai barely represent ubuntu18:50
grobe0barecreate the drive, get it working again18:50
grobe0bacheck the logs18:50
grobe0bafile a PR18:50
mmoreygrobe0ba, i know. how do i report to volunteer maintainer?18:50
grobe0ba*barely use18:50
grobe0bammorey, file a PR18:50
coreder_how do I get the menu-bar back in gnome-terminal?18:50
mmoreygrobe0ba, okay, a problem report. roger that. will do.18:50
coreder_I don't see it anymore.18:50
pbxGlycan, i  don't think this is something you can solve with a tool. sounds like the key combos xbindkeys wants to use are already set by something else. may be tedious figuring out what18:50
mmoreygrobe0ba, thanks.18:51
grobe0basorry i couldn't be of more use18:51
grobe0ba<shamelessplug>FreeBSD is awesomesauce though. You might look at moving to it</shamelessplug>18:52
* grobe0ba gone. going home from work18:52
jamesbrown_when i try to updrade ubuntu i get "could not determine the update"18:54
jamesbrown_ An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.18:54
ikoniajamesbrown_: normally that comes down to either a.) dependency conflicts b.) no internet connection18:55
jamesbrown_ikonia its a because i have b18:55
jamesbrown_ikonia wha should i do?18:56
ikoniayou have no internet connection ?18:56
jamesbrown_no i said i have b so it has to be a18:56
pbxjamesbrown_, what specific command are you typing?18:56
jamesbrown_pbx am using th GUI18:56
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linux_drI appear to have shot myself in the foot: I'm running 14.04 with Unity and the screen lock functionality is suddenly broken (it worked sometime yesterday)  <Clt>+<Alt>+L failed to do nothing earlier today, but now it seems to be restarting the window manager. (Screen flickers like an X restart, but all windows remain intact). I haven't done this in a while. Suggestions on troublshooting?19:00
linux_drs/failed to do nothing/failed to do anything/ :-(19:01
arsenhi folks. flicked on my 'normally fine' 13.10 dell laptop this evening, i now have a black screen/cursor after login (flashback sesh). some googling returned nothing conclusive (tried a few nvidia removal ideas). I wasn't aware i'd updated anything, but its totally possible. :o19:02
ses1984i'm not sure why this is happening, but it if i try to paste a bunch of commands into gnome terminal, and one of those commands is something like `apt-get -fy upgrade`, it only gets that far and the rest of the pasted commands do not execute or show up in my history19:03
compdocdoes anyone have vncserver working with Ubuntu with the Unity desktop?19:04
jamesbrown_pbx what command should i run?19:04
ses1984apt-get -y should assume yes whenever it would normally wait for keyboard input, but it's eating keyboard input/further pasted lines, anyway, when i don't think it should. i don't know why it's behaving the way it is19:04
linux_drFYI, I've been away from Linux desktop for a while, but I've been running Linux in a desktop and server capacity since '9619:04
=== owner_ is now known as Guest70543
arsenpresumably lock-screen is just invoke-screensaver, linux_dr - does the screensaver work ok?19:06
linux_drarsen, not sure which executable it's supposed to be running...19:07
linux_drhappy to try launching it manually...19:07
jamesbrown_whats the command to upgrade from 13.10 to 14?19:07
bazhang!eolupgrades | jamesbrown_19:07
ubottujamesbrown_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:07
linux_drarsen, I have been trying ,unsuccessfully, trying to install "Drawers" for Unity Launcher, and that has been causing some python failures, but still trying to track those down.19:08
FuzzyHarpyBugI'm trying to connect Dreamweaver to an apache2 server on a ubuntu 14.04 vps using public key auth. From what I've read I should just be able to do this with sftp, but I can't figure out how to send the private key from my client for the auth.19:08
ubottuNNNNNN: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:09
jamesbrown_bazhang lol am goign back to windows D19:09
linux_drubottu: we can send them the URL to a Ubuntu torrent... ;-) lol19:10
ubottulinux_dr: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:10
FuzzyHarpyBugnever just use only one OS james... lol19:10
* linux_dr lols19:11
jmonrealgrobe0ba: It helped me to show the hdmi, dp "connected", but they wont display screen on the monitor, but only extends the laptop one inside itself. When I connect the vga cable it appears by itself and with all the modelines available.19:12
alisaqualcuno che mi spieghi che si fa qui?19:12
jmonrealIts really odd why it changed from one moment to other19:12
FuzzyHarpyBugSomeone told me I should try setting up mod_dav first, but I'm not sure what end connection type I'm working tword with that...19:12
linux_drHmm... so do I start digging into the Unity source to find how and what the screen lock key gets bound to? or can anyone make a better suggestion?19:13
trismlinux_dr: I believe it just calls org.gnome.ScreenSaver.Lock over dbus19:14
linux_drUnity is closed source? (faceplam)19:14
Picilinux_dr: no one said that.19:16
trismlinux_dr: no, the source is at lp:unity in bzr https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk (or you could: apt-get source unity; to get the current source package)19:16
linux_drlol... sorry... wrong Unity... I was looking at a gaming engine...19:16
DF3D2Having a problem that I can't seem to figure out. in /var/log/syslog I'm getting a ton of ATA reset errors, like a disk is going bad. I'm not sure how to run fsck on most of my disks. Root / is EXT4 on a 120gb ssd. "storage" is a zfs zpool array with 2x 1tb drives. "storage2" is a zfs zpool array w/ 2x 3tb drives.19:32
DF3D2http://pastebin.com/PaBbR9hi is my /var/log/syslog info19:33
DF3D2fsck on / was clean19:33
Jeffrey_fDF3D2: Get GSmartControl and run the tests on the drive.19:34
hashworksAnyone got an idea why this cronjob isn't working? In my bash shell it runs as expected: http://pastebin.com/jtEzDNaT19:34
DF3D2Jeffrey_f: Yeah i'm gonna have to run on all of the zfs drives I guess.19:35
drdozerhi - I need to set up a secure ftp server, but found that vsftpd won't work for me - what should I try next?19:35
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DF3D2hmm It says "test interrupted" Host reset.19:37
DF3D2Okay so one of my 3TB drives passed the short test, the other one just says host reset I guess maybe the drive is dead or a bad cable/sata port on the mobo?19:39
genoobieokay uncle19:39
area51pilotanyone know of WiDi working in Ubuntu.  I dont see any updated work on Miracle (Miracast project)19:40
DF3D2hmm now both 3tb have pased the short test19:41
DF3D2this is very odd19:41
=== imi is now known as Guest22725
genoobieI've been trying to solve a wifi problem for a few hours now19:43
Jeffrey_fDF3D2: try reseating the cables to the drives (system powered off of course)  If one drive still gives you trouble, swap the data cables, if the swapped cable also gives trouble, you know it is now a cable..........otherwise, it could just be a spotty connection which could be fixed by a reseat19:44
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area51pilotgenoobie, what problem19:44
DF3D2Jeffrey_f: Yeah I'm gonna have to open it up and look. Nothing should have come loose but stuff happens I guess.19:44
genoobieatheros wireless adapter is not working19:44
area51pilotgenoobie, adapter model?19:46
Mayumiso i'm trying to install php5 without apache being installed with it ( i want to use nginx )19:47
GlycanHi, my home and end keys don't work in libreoffice, how might I go about debugging this/19:47
Mayumiis that even possible?19:47
Jeffrey_fDF3D2: I've had cables walk out of a connector on a system that was never physically touched for over a year.......heating and cooling can walk a cable out19:47
genoobiearea51pilot, Qualcomm Atheros AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) [168c:001c] (rev 01)19:47
Mayumi(dem depends)19:47
DF3D2Jeffrey_f: I guess the easiest way till be to shut down the system, and then boot it up with only one drive connected at a time until I start seeing the errors in dmesg again.19:47
Glycan(or in any other program for that matter)19:47
area51pilotgenoobie,  try this command and see if it works: sudo rfkill unblock all19:49
Jeffrey_fDF3D2: just pull and reconnect for now...if the problem goes away, then it is fixed......leave the more aggressive approach if the problem doesn't resolve......simple usually works19:49
genoobiearea51pilot, sudo rfkill list shows all unblocked19:50
DF3D2Jeffrey_f: Yeah I just shut it down, about to look for "obvious" problems19:50
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genoobiearea51pilot, it certainly was a problem before19:50
area51pilotgenoobie, anything change recently?19:51
=== mcinjosh is now known as joshmc
genoobiewell, area51pilot this is a new install19:51
genoobiearea51pilot, but when I was running 11 it was working then19:51
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TBotNikAll: Have a php script using "fwrite" to auto edit some files, but always get "permissions denied" or "is not writable" on the files.  I read the files with "ls -al" and all permissions are 775 with owner being user:users for user:group.19:53
syntroPiHow can i change the resolution for GDM in Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Gnome Edition with nvidia-331 and Gnome 3.10 installed? ... getting really frustrated with wasting time19:53
area51pilotgenoobie, when you pull the driver list is it using the correct drivers?19:53
TBotNikHow do I change these to write from my php script?19:54
TBotNikAll: Repeating: Have a php script using "fwrite" to auto edit some files, but always get "permissions denied" or "is not writable" on the files.  I read the files with "ls -al" and all permissions are 775 with owner being user:users for user:group. How do I change these to write from my php script?19:56
sheapanyone? :'( http://askubuntu.com/questions/501678/tasksel-error-in-14-04-preseed19:56
ikoniaTBotNik: how is the script being executed19:57
paulcoyoteHi, greetings from Ecuador19:57
TBotNikikonia: I'm running in both cli and browser.  Will be all cli when I finish!19:57
ikoniaTBotNik: how are you executing it from the browser ?19:58
genoobiewell, it's using ath5k19:58
TBotNikikonia: Under localhost19:58
newbieZombido somebody knows how to use mysql?19:58
newbieZombiand php19:58
newbieZombiI have problem19:59
TBotNiknewbieZombi: Sure it's easy!19:59
paulcoyoteNeed some help: last night I was working normally in Ubuntu 14.04, battery run out and my computer shuts down. Today when I turned it on, the message said 'cant find /home partition'19:59
AnurizmHi. I have an old 2009 macbook and i wanted to install ubuntu on it as the sole OS. just ubuntu, nothing else.19:59
Anurizmis this even possible19:59
PicinewbieZombi: Are you having issues installing them?19:59
Anurizmand will there be weird graphis issues, etc19:59
coderman1i shouldnt expect ping speeds of 700x slower on a VM vs a bare metal machine should i?19:59
paulcoyoteMy computer has 2 disc: an SSD 32 gb and a sata 500 gb20:00
TBotNikikonia: Do I need to PB the code?  Requires install of Enterprise Modules20:00
paulcoyotethe 500 Gb is the /home partition20:00
newbieZombiI have them installed already @Pici20:00
coderman1from VM to bare metal is like 70ms, from bare to bare .1ms20:00
ikoniaTBotNik: so you're executing it from your web browser ?20:00
ikoniaTBotNik: via a web server20:00
PicinewbieZombi: So what is the issue?20:00
paulcoyotegparted says [unable to detect file system!]20:01
TBotNikikonia: No localhost, which is my current LAMP stack box.20:01
ikoniaTBotNik: localhost is a hostname - nothing more20:01
ikoniaTBotNik: so you are executing it from a web server yes ?20:01
paulcoyoteAnyone help, please20:02
TBotNikikonia: From FF browser the cmd is: http://localhost/dbox/Projects/External/GDS/php_scripts/fix-iWriter.php20:02
ikoniaTBotNik: so you're trying to run it from a web server ?20:03
paulcoyotefstab says: # /home was on /dev/sda2 during installation UUID=2f40bf3f-69e0-4975-8be0-9366c2aecfe7 /home           ext4    defaults        0       220:03
Busserlcoderman1: vm to normal 70ms sounds too much if on the same lan20:03
paulcoyoteanyone please... can't access to my home partition, can't recover my information20:05
mmoreydoes anyone know which package provides the ubuntu maintenance shell?20:05
ikoniapaulcoyote: what's the problem ?20:06
paulcoyoteikonia : last night I was working normally in Ubuntu 14.04, battery run out and my computer shuts down. Today when I turned it on, the message said 'cant find /home partition'20:07
paulcoyoteMy computer has 2 disc: an SSD 32 gb and a sata 500 gb20:07
paulcoyotethe 500 Gb is the /home partition20:07
ikoniapaulcoyote: please pastebin your /etc/fstab20:07
paulcoyoteikonia :fstab says: # /home was on /dev/sda2 during installation UUID=2f40bf3f-69e0-4975-8be0-9366c2aecfe7 /home           ext4    defaults        0       220:07
PiciTBotNik: That means that the webserver on your localhost is executing the php. So, the user that your web server is running as needs to be able to access the file.  By default this is www-data.20:07
JWommackTBotNik: PHP usually writes from the apache user group so you don't have permissions because User:Group are likely not the group that is. If your server is ubuntu www-data is likely the user iirc otherwise it's probably apache. In either case it'd need 777 or you'll have to change the owning user/group/group members.20:08
ikoniapaulcoyote: "pastebin20:08
paulcoyoteSorry, going there20:08
ikoniapaulcoyote: so is /dev/sda2 mountable manually20:08
JWommackOr, basically, what pici said when I wasn't looking >_>20:08
PiciJWommack: 777 is pretty gross, it would be better to set proper permissions on the file(s).20:08
JWommackand the correct answer is usually the one that doesn't go 77720:08
JWommackIndeed Pici20:09
TBotNikikonia: From the cli I first run "cd /home/Projects/External/GDS/php_scripts/" then enter cmd "sudo php fix-iWriter.php".  Because the second is root it runs fine, but not from the browser.  I will always use cli, but when I release the tool many users at the company, not knowing cli will run from browser.  I'm assuming the browser user is "www-data", which us usually default and guessing it is not assigned to the "users" group on this machine, causing the20:09
TBotNikerrors.  Do you agree?20:09
ikoniaor not get php to write files outside of the web root20:09
paulcoyoteikonia : can't mount it , how do I should be doing that20:09
ikoniapaulcoyote: how are you trying to mount it and what is the error20:09
ikoniaTBotNik: make it write to files in the web root20:09
JWommackThough I'd say in most cases you could probably also come up with a solution that doesn't use fwrite, and should. There are a few cases where you need it but they're few and far between20:09
paulcoyoteikonia pastebin: http://pastebin.com/mqbYLLuY20:11
paulcoyoteikonia : trying mounting with gparted20:11
ikoniapaulcoyote: gparted....really.20:12
ikoniaa partition tool to mount a disk20:12
ikonia"sudo mount /dev/sda2 /home"20:12
paulcoyoteikonia sorry, kind of noob, I know. Mounting manually says: mount: you must specify the filesystem type20:13
liquidAngerpaulcoyote: try dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda220:13
DF3D2Whenever I try to play a video on ubuntu 14.10 I get put back out to the login screen.......20:14
paulcoyotegparted gives me an error ikonia : Unable to detect file system! Possible reasons are: - The file system is damaged - The file system is unknown to GParted - There is no file system available (unformatted) - The device entry /dev/sda2 is missing20:14
ikoniapaulcoyote: "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sda2 /home"20:14
zykotick9ikonia: i'd guess if mount can't figure out what filesystem it is... there is probably something wrong with it...20:14
ikoniazykotick9: a reasonable guess, but I want to see if the error changes to a superblock warning20:15
paulcoyoteikonia : mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda2,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error        In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try        dmesg | tail  or so20:16
TBotNikikonia, Pici, JWommack: Yup no www-data in the "users" group so adding it, to avoid these issues.  Taking a while to update, not sure why!20:16
ikoniaTBotNik: don't add it20:16
ikoniaTBotNik: stop trying to write to files outside the web root20:16
ikoniaTBotNik: you are using a web server - the content belongs in the web root20:16
=== rehash_ is now known as z0ran
PiciTBotNik: or don't run the script from the web server.20:17
ikoniapaulcoyote: ok, so it's file system corruption20:17
TBotNikikonia: The dir in question is assigned by alias.20:17
ikoniaTBotNik: that changes nothing I said20:17
paulcoyoteikonia that means... i'm screwd?20:17
ikoniapaulcoyote: no, you can try to use an alternative superblock20:18
ikoniapaulcoyote: but if you're "new" that's starting to get quite comple20:18
TBotNikOk then all the users will have to learn cli to run it.20:18
ikoniapaulcoyote: you can try to fsck -y /dev/sda2 and see what it says20:18
paulcoyotei'm not really new, been using ubuntu for 4 years but at user level ikonia - gotta try fsck20:19
ikoniapaulcoyote: come on !20:19
ikoniapaulcoyote: you can't mount a disk, so "you are new"20:19
TBotNikikonia: I personally don't care myself cause works great for me!20:19
ikoniaTBotNik: who said anything about it causing work20:19
genoobiewifi was working under a previous version of *buntu but now is not20:20
TBotNikikonia: I did all the work writing it to handle 100+ files20:20
newbieZombisomeone can show me how to use the pastebin?20:20
genoobienewbieZombi, just paste your text, submit20:20
paulcoyoteikonia yes i'm new like i just drive the car, not change the oil... fsck says The superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:     e2fsck -b 8193 <device>  or     e2fsck -b 32768 <d20:20
ikoniaTBotNik: not sure how this has any relevence20:20
zykotick9newbieZombi: i'd suggest paste.ubuntu.com20:21
Jeffrey_fnewbieZombi: sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:21
TBotNiknewbieZombi: go to pastebin.com, it's the easiest20:21
ikoniapaulcoyote: you're welcome to try it, you may have a valid superblock there should be a good few on the disk20:21
newbieZombii have the pastebinit already installed20:21
paulcoyoteikonia will try, brb20:21
Jeffrey_fnewbieZombi: if you need to pastbin the output of something, <YourCommandHere> | pastebinit       Will put it out to pastebin then give you a URL20:21
TBotNikikonia: I'm good was trying to go the extra mile for the users, but forgetting it now!20:21
zykotick9TBotNik: and i don't personally visit it when people paste there...20:22
ikoniapaulcoyote: do you know how to do it ?20:22
JWommackDoes anyone know of a good twitter client that gives background notifications and isn't the unity webapp that works in 14.04?20:22
coderman1Busserl: they are on the same lan....cant figure out why the difference in speed thnough20:22
TBotNikzykotick9: Why not a PB is a PB and I personally like it better than all the others, much easier to use and personally been using it for over 10 years!20:23
lucasfliteHola acabo de actualizar el software de xubuntu de mi compu pero no se como activar de nuevo en la barra de tareas el icono de los wireles20:23
zykotick9newbieZombi: and TBotNik this is debian's pastebin.com factoid:  pastebin.com mangles input, takes forever to load, often makes us enter a CAPTCHA to see your paste and fills the screen with ads.  Please use a different site, like http://paste.debian.net/20:23
paulcoyoteikonia no, don't know how20:23
lucasflitecomo activo los repositorios de xubuntu?20:23
ikoniaso sudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda220:23
ikoniapaulcoyote: that will give you the alternative superblocks20:23
chuck_question, i use mysms as my messaging app on android and did find that they atleast built a version for ubuntu 13.04 at some point. will that work on 14.04?20:24
Busserlcoderman1: vm to host is also <1ms for me, could be  a lot of things I guess. Try a different guest maybe20:24
ikoniathen fsck -b (superblock number) /dev/sda220:24
Jeffrey_fnewbieZombi: does that answer your question?20:24
ikoniachuck_: I doubt it, but it depends20:24
chuck_here is the command i found: sudo sh -c "echo 'deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/mysms/xUbuntu_13.04/ /' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mysms.list"20:24
TBotNikzykotick9: Never had even one issue with it.  I think the privacy for code you want to mark that way is better than the other.20:24
ikoniachuck_: I advise very strong against that20:25
Jeffrey_fnewbieZombi: what are you confused about20:25
newbieZombiI need to explain a problem I have.20:25
newbieZombicreating a web application20:25
newbieZombimy application20:25
chuck_okay thanks for answering20:26
Jeffrey_fnewbieZombi: put it in a single line if you can20:26
PicinewbieZombi: You need PHP programming help?20:26
paulcoyoteikonia keep telling me 'bad magic number' , trying all the numbers20:26
ikoniapaulcoyote: maybe out of luck20:26
TBotNiknewbieZombi: So your org Q on mysql; you need to install 2 tools to work with it well. 1.) phpMyAdmin and 2.) MySQL Workbench.  Get those installed and you will find MySQL easy!20:27
PicinewbieZombi: We can only help with OS issues here. If you need help programming PHP then you probably need to ask ##php.20:27
ikonianewbieZombi: or learn them properly wihtout using tools like phpyadmin and other security holes20:27
paulcoyotenew message: superblock has an invalid journal inode 8 - cleay y/n20:27
paulcoyoteikonia new message: superblock has an invalid journal inode 8 - cleay y/n20:27
ikoniapaulcoyote: ooh "y" you maybe lucky20:27
ikoniapaulcoyote: I doubt it, but that's not bad to clear a dead inode20:28
coderman1Busserl: this isnt from host=>guest. its a guest on another server20:28
newbieZombiI am creating an application for making quotes.  Quotes can be don in two ways 1-be per item(items are added one by one to the webpage) 2-be bay assembling items.  I can't realize the assebling table20:28
paulcoyoteikonia yes to all then...20:28
ikoniapaulcoyote: yeah, invalid inode pointers, clear them20:28
paulcoyotelucasflite sigues aca?20:29
TBotNiknewbieZombi: Always assign your SQL string to a var, then run an "echo" statement before the code executes.  If it errors, cut-n-paste it into the "Query" window of either and find the error in you code that way!20:29
Busserlcoderman1: I've basically never seen pings above 1ms in my lan, regardless of type, vm or not. I doubt this is normal behaviour.20:29
paulcoyoteikonia ok... yes yes yes... fix it... delete inode... fix yes20:29
ikoniapaulcoyote: you got it20:29
Busserlcoderman1: I have no idea what could cause this, maybe a virt driver problem, host problem, sorry.20:30
paulcoyoteDirectory inode 26476660, block #0, offset 0: directory corrupted Salvage<y>?  yes20:30
ikoniapaulcoyote: "yes"20:30
Busserlcoderman1: You could start to troubleshoot your LAN first, I'd guess.20:31
paulcoyotehundreds of yes... yes yes yes20:31
ikoniapaulcoyote: have faith and be lucky20:32
paulcoyoteikonia 'your lack of faith will be your perdition...' yes yes yes yes connect lost found yes...20:32
ikoniapaulcoyote: thats good if it's got some data in lost+found20:33
ikoniapaulcoyote: that's a ray of hope20:33
paulcoyoteikonia hope is not the light at the end of the tunnel20:34
paulcoyoteikonia: thousands of numbers start to flood the terminal after the last 'connect lost and found' >*20:36
ikoniapaulcoyote: this sounds good20:37
paulcoyoteikonia looks like wopr playing tic tac toe20:37
paulcoyoteok, back to normal20:37
patarranyone here experience issues with a third display on ubuntu 14.04?20:38
patarrdual GPU20:38
paulcoyotemore wopr like numbers...20:39
paulcoyoteikonia Done.  *** journal has been re-created - filesystem is now ext3 again ***  /dev/sda2: ***** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED ***** /dev/sda2: 195140/28565504 files (0.4% non-contiguous), 36646399/114232832 blocks20:42
ikoniapaulcoyote: great news20:42
ikoniapaulcoyote: well done20:42
jeffreylevesqueI created a bootable usb drive that doesn't load at startup20:42
paulcoyotethanks to you ikonia!20:42
jeffreylevesquecould someone assist me?20:42
paulcoyotewill make a backup and a fresh install20:43
ikoniapaulcoyote: good work20:43
ikoniapaulcoyote: no need for a fresh install20:43
ikoniapaulcoyote: you should be fine now20:43
paulcoyotepressing Y key is a vitch20:43
ikoniapaulcoyote: run fsck from a livecd/media against your partitions20:43
ikoniapaulcoyote: at that point you can be confident your fine20:43
paulcoyoteikonia will try to run fsck... please don't leave without me20:44
ikoniapaulcoyote: do it from live media20:44
paulcoyoteikonia ok20:45
paulcoyoteikonia need to reboot, brb20:46
joseph_Do people just do nothing on IRC?20:50
daftykinsjoseph_: occasionally i respond to questions, to!20:50
Picijoseph_: sometimes.  This channel is just for support, so the people here may be actually active elsewhere.  We have #ubuntu-offtopic here for non-support conversations.20:50
daftykinstoo. stupid broken keyboard20:50
joseph_Understood, thanks20:51
t4nk105hey all :)20:51
patarranyone at all running triple head on 14.04?20:51
paulcoyoteikonia bad news20:52
ikoniapaulcoyote: no20:53
paulcoyoteikonia can see the disk but is empty, just a lost and found folder20:53
ikoniapaulcoyote: that's bad20:54
paulcoyoteikonia the 'properties' tab shows 142 gb used but the folders are gone20:54
ikoniapaulcoyote: I'm sorry20:54
ikoniapaulcoyote: what's in lost+found20:54
ikonia(size wise, ignore the content)20:54
t4nk105i seem to have a problem with x11vnc, whenever i try to connect to it from another LAN host i get "webSocketsHandshake: invalid client header"20:55
t4nk105any idea on how to solve this?20:55
t4nk105im so stumped, i have an ubuntu 14 client on an esxi host and cannot remote desktop into it. I spent two days and various tutorials but with no avail :(20:56
paulcoyoteikonia lost found says 0 items20:56
ikoniapaulcoyote: do "du -hs" in lost+found20:56
Loshkit4nk105: which client?20:56
daftykinst4nk105: what client are you using?20:57
Loshkit4nk105: no, x11vnc is the *server*. What about the client?20:57
cristian_cI've installed lamp with tasksel20:57
t4nk105ah my apologies, jump on mac os x and microsoft RDP on mac20:57
cdavisWhy is udev doing this? "systemd-udevd[185]: renamed network interface eth3 to p55p4"20:58
cristian_cHow can I set the security password as I could do in xampp?20:58
cristian_cAny ideas?20:58
compdoccdavis, heh. I hate that. You can turn it off20:58
ikoniadon't use xampp20:58
ikoniais the real nswer20:58
paulcoyotedu -hs is taking its time....20:58
ikoniapaulcoyote: that's ok20:58
cdaviscompdoc: how?20:58
cristian_cikonia, I don'use xampp20:58
paulcoyoteresult 133G20:59
cdaviscompdoc: I really prefer eth3, eth4 :)20:59
ikoniacristian_c: so what password are you trying to set20:59
t4nk105may i post a tutorial that i used?20:59
=== kikimeter is now known as guillaume20100
ikoniat4nk105: for who ?20:59
cristian_cikonia, I must set the security for the lamp components20:59
ikoniacristian_c: what's not secure21:00
paulcoyoteikonia du -hs result: 133 G21:00
ikoniapaulcoyote: ok - so it's it's in there21:00
ikoniapaulcoyote: now.....depending on why / how it's been put in there will determain how to get it out21:01
t4nk105im not sure anyone willing to see the steps i followed? xD21:01
ikoniat4nk105: who do you want to post this for ?21:01
t4nk105to show you the steps i followed21:02
cristian_cikonia, password for mysql and proftpd are not set, phpmyadmin is accessible via network21:02
=== JohnNick is now known as JohnLongsilver
ikoniacristian_c: mysql is set, you can change/add to it with mysqladmin, 2.) proftp is nothing to do with lamp 3.) phpmyadmin is nothing to do with lamp, and it's a web application, so it will be accessible on a network by design21:03
t4nk105i just would like to remote into my current ubuntu session, its a lot easier to set up in windows and mac but with an ubuntu 14 vm, I've been bashing my head trying to get it to work xD21:03
paulcoyoteikonia somewhere under the rainbow... do I have to use something like extundelete?21:03
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
ikoniapaulcoyote: I don't see why you would at the moment21:03
paulcoyoteikonia how do I get something back? please enlight me21:04
ikoniapaulcoyote: it depends on how/why it's been dumped into there21:04
ikoniapaulcoyote: looking at what you'd told me - I'd guess it's all the orphaned inodes being put into lost and found,21:04
ikonia(sorry thats a bad explination)21:05
paulcoyoteikonia o_O my face21:05
compdoccdavis, did you see?21:05
cristian_cikonia, so, are proftpd and phpmyadmin included only in xampp?21:05
ikoniathe idnoes are orphaned so the OS doesn't know where to put the files, so they go into lost+found21:05
ikoniapaulcoyote: check this http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/09/how-to-recover-files-from-lostfound-after-fsck-in-linux-how-i-did-it-in-ubuntu/21:05
paulcoyoteikonia gotta read21:05
ikoniacristian_c: no idea, one is an ftp server, one is a php gui for managing mysql21:05
t4nk105this is the tutorial i used: http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=5439, when i run x11vnc and try to connect to it from a mac (jump or microsoft RDP client i get the following error: webSocket Handshake: incomplete client header error21:05
ikoniacristian_c: both are something you probably shouldn't be using21:06
Kai120alguien habla español???21:06
ikoniat4nk105: why are you pasting this ? who has asked for it21:06
mmoreywho would like to help me with my first problem report?21:06
ikonia!es | Kai12021:06
ubottuKai120: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:06
Kai120thanks you21:06
Kai120!es | Kai12021:06
ubottuKai120, please see my private message21:06
t4nk105ikonia: I'm asking for help, thats why i posted.21:06
ikoniat4nk105: oh, I see you want help executing it21:06
=== joseph_ is now known as JoeFaz
cristian_cikonia, I say when installing xampp21:07
ikoniat4nk105: that guide looks terrible21:07
t4nk105ikonia, i did all the steps and executed them, but when i try to connect to my ubuntu vm it doesn't work. I ran x11vnc in ubuntu to see what was happening and get this error: webSocket Handshake: incomplete client header error21:07
=== akim__ is now known as akim
cristian_cikonia, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22341021:08
ikoniat4nk105: that looks like it's installing mate and various other things as well as random 3rd party software21:08
ikoniacristian_c: why are you showing me this ?21:08
t4nk105well do you have a better one? i can't find a simple way to remote into ubuntu 14 running in a VM21:08
ikoniat4nk105: there are standard VNC servers for example in the main ubuntu repos21:08
t4nk105such as?21:08
ikoniatinyvnc, tigervnc21:09
ikonia2 off the top of my head21:09
ikoniasearch the ubuntu repos21:09
ikoniahowever your repo list will now be corrupted21:09
t4nk105how so?21:09
ikoniat4nk105: because you've installed 3rd party repos and packages21:09
DF3D2anyone else have crazy pixelation on VLC media player whenver using AMD binary drivers?21:10
cristian_cikonia, <ikonia> cristian_c: no idea, one is an ftp server, one is a php gui for managing mysql21:10
ikoniacristian_c: I know this, I told you21:10
cristian_c'WARNING - SECURITY' section21:11
ikoniacristian_c: what ?21:11
Loshkit4nk105: Try a different client: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10264801/why-is-the-handshake-failing21:11
cristian_cin the topic I've linket to21:11
ikoniacristian_c: why are you linking to that ?21:11
t4nk105ikonia: so how do i fix this? fresh install?21:11
jeffreylevesqueMy machine is trying to boot into ubuntu (fails).  It's originally a windows machine.  During machine startup, if I press `esc` and try to boot Windows, it fails.  Should I make a bootable flash for windows, or ubuntu?21:11
cristian_cikonia, it shows a section named 'WARNING - SECURITY'21:12
ikoniacristian_c: are you using xmmp21:12
ikoniacristian_c: yes/no21:12
cristian_c'Open holes:' etc...21:13
ikoniacristian_c: yes/no21:13
ikoniacristian_c: are you using xammp yes/no21:13
shaddowedinstall ubuntu now or wait till tommorow 14.04.1 is released?21:13
cristian_cikonia, no, but I've already told this21:13
Busserljeffreylevesque: you could try to reinstall grub from ubuntu live. If you used a windows install disk, that could only make windows boot again, it would not care about ubuntu boot.21:13
t4nk105ikonia: I'm freaked out lol, do i just wipe the VM and reinstall ubuntu?21:13
blacks0ulHi I am having issues with apt proxy. I receive *503  Unable to download in offline mode*21:13
cristian_c'This doesn't leave your whole system wide open, but someone could hack your XAMPP installation, so be wary. To fix most of the security weaknesses open a terminal and run: '21:13
ikoniacristian_c: ok - so "no" so why are you linking to a forum post about security issues with xammp when you are not using it21:13
k1l_shaddowed: install now. when running the regular updates you become 14.04.1 automatically21:13
ikoniacristian_c: you're not using xammp - so why do you care21:13
Bashing-omjeffreylevesque: We work best from ubuntu, to look at what is going on -> create a ubuntu liveDVD.21:13
jeffreylevesqueBusserl, I don't have a windows install disc21:14
SchrodingersScatthere's a 14.04.1 now?21:14
cristian_cikonia, because, as I've told before, you've told: '<ikonia> cristian_c: no idea, one is an ftp server, one is a php gui for managing mysql'21:14
k1l_SchrodingersScat: its called point release. that is for LTS versions.21:14
ikoniacristian_c: you're not using them - you're not using xammp21:14
Endriust4nk105: If you are using virtualbox, then it has build-in rdp support21:14
ikoniacristian_c: so stop trying to patch holes for xammp when you are not using xammp21:15
Busserljeffreylevesque: That disc could only make windows boot again, if you wanted dual boot, then try reinstalling grub from ubuntu live disk. I think there are free windows install disks on microsofts website btw.21:15
t4nk105I'm using an esxi server, but what do i do to vnc into the machine on that box? also is a fresh reinstall necessary?21:15
jeffreylevesqueI only have access to OSX right now.  Can I make an Ubuntu Live on this system?21:16
cristian_cikonia, yes, but I've asked: '<cristian_c> ikonia, so, are proftpd and phpmyadmin included only in xampp?'21:16
ikoniacristian_c: you can install them if you want to21:16
ikoniacristian_c: but as I told you - they are nothing to do with lamp21:16
cdaviscompdoc: no, I didn't see how to do it21:17
t4nk105im not sure does esxi have tools to remote into ubuntu?21:17
cristian_cikonia, or in other suites similar to xampp?21:17
compdoccdavis ^21:17
ikoniacristian_c: it is nothing to do with lamp21:17
sheaphalp :(? http://askubuntu.com/questions/501678/tasksel-error-in-14-04-preseed21:17
ikoniacristian_c: you are not using xampp so forget about xampp21:17
cdaviscompdoc: thanks21:18
cristian_cikonia, but it contains apache and mysql, and etc...21:18
cristian_c*the suite21:18
ikoniacristian_c: LAMP = Linux, Apahe, Mysql, PHP21:18
ikoniacristian_c: nothing more21:18
k1l_cristian_c: did you install the all-in-one package from a website?21:18
cristian_ck1l_, I've installed them with tasksel, but I've problems with configuring them21:19
cristian_cand I've read the ubuntu wiki21:20
k1l_ok, so dont follow howtos that talk about the all-in-one package. since that is a different setup.21:20
cristian_ck1l_, I follow the wiki21:20
PersonHello there. My question is probably a derp and easy one so I apologize. I want to test Unbuntu before actually installing it and I downloaded the ISO file in my USB stick (http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/try-ubuntu-before-you-install). While starting my computer I pressed F12 and choose "USB [something]", but I got the message "No OS found" or something like that.21:21
sheapwhere does tasksel take input? from who? when?21:21
cristian_cikonia, but I don't find answers for my question21:21
ikoniacristian_c: what question?21:21
BusserlPerson: try a tool like unetbootin21:22
k1l_cristian_c: so what is your question?21:22
PersonI'll look for it. Thank yiou very much.21:22
cristian_c<cristian_c> ikonia, yes, but I've asked: '<cristian_c> ikonia, so, are proftpd and phpmyadmin included only in xampp?'21:22
cristian_cI don't know this21:22
BusserlPerson: try different tools until one works, usb boot can be "special"21:22
ikoniacristian_c: you are using xampp - it doesn't matter21:22
cristian_c<cristian_c> ikonia, or in other suites similar to xampp?21:22
ikoniacristian_c: ask the people who make the xammp package what they put it it21:22
DF3D2anyone else have crazy pixelation on VLC media player whenver using AMD binary drivers?21:23
k1l_cristian_c: if you need that install the ubuntu package from the official ubuntu repo21:23
ned98DF3D2: here too21:23
DF3D2anyone else have crazy pixelation on VLC media player whenver using AMD binary drivers? Basically, if I uninstall the AMD binary drivers the problem goes away. I have no idea if it is a problem w/ ubuntu, AMD, or VLC. I have had this issue plenty of times. I "fixed it once" but upon upgrading to 14.10 it came back.21:23
ikoniacristian_c: you have installed LAMP, that means "Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP" is on your system - nothing else21:23
ikoniacristian_c: if you want to manually install additional packages - that is up to you21:23
DF3D2ned98: Yeah, I'm using Gnome Mplayer now w/ the AMD drivers and it works perfectly fine.21:23
cristian_ck1l_, it's not present in the ubuntu repos21:24
DF3D2guess I'll kiss VLC good bye21:24
ikoniaxammp is not in the ubuntu repos - it's junk21:24
k1l_cristian_c: what is not present?21:24
cristian_ck1l_, it's installed via a .run21:24
cristian_ck1l_, xampp21:24
ned98DF3D2: i think i fixed the problem by fiddling around with vlc settings - not sure, i'm now running Arch21:24
axp882ikonia i switched clients, nick was t4nk21:25
k1l_cristian_c: xampp is a bunch of garbage. if you want that go and annoy the xampp support. we dont support that in here and have told you now 10000 times21:25
axp882any idea if i can fix the repos or should i just do a fresh install?21:25
ned98nginx rocks21:25
k1l_cristian_c: if you want to install a webserver, mysql, php etc etc etc install the packages21:25
cristian_ck1l_, but I've not installed xampp21:25
k1l_cristian_c: that stop talkin about that21:25
DF3D2ned98: i'VE tried with GPU acceleration On and OFF. Neither seems to help21:25
ikoniacristian_c: right - so stop trying to fix/setup xammp21:26
k1l_just forget it21:26
cristian_ck1l_, I've found the configuration related to xampp, instead21:26
k1l_there is no need for "what if xampp" if you dont use xampp at all21:26
cristian_cthat's more different21:26
Busserlcristian_c: think about apache, mysql and php21:26
ned98DF3D2: hmm... what version of the driver are you using? Installed thru the drivers control panel?21:26
cristian_cikonia, uhm ,I'm not trying to fix/setup xampp21:27
k1l_so either you are lying to us, or you are thinking in the wrong direction. we told you to stop thinking in the wrong direction and want to help you.21:27
ikoniacristian_c: you are - you're using a webpage that explains securiy holes for xampp, and fix them21:27
ikoniacristian_c: you're not using xampp, so stop referencing it21:27
JWommackCristian_c, is what you are trying to do is to use proftpd and phpmyadmin?21:27
DF3D2ned98: newest AMD binary driver. Installed it manually21:27
ikoniaJWommack: no, he's not even installed them21:28
ikoniaJWommack: but he's trying to "fix them"21:28
k1l_cristian_c: xampp is insecure by default. if you go the proper ubuntu way you dont need to fix that because its a different setup21:28
DF3D2ned98: Like I said, I've had this issue plenty of times. I remember even having it w/ an NVidia card back in the day. I think maybe VLC is just crappy anymore?21:29
DF3D2cause Gnome Mplayer seems to have no issue21:29
ned98DF3D2: i had problem with the manually installed binary too21:29
JWommackIkonia: part of it sounds like he's trying to find out why they're in xampp but not in whatever he set up, I'm guessing he doesn't realize that xampp is both a amp install and a number of packages that run on amp installs, but I can't see his original question.21:29
ned98DF3D2: AMD installer was very buggy and performed like shit, but the driver from the control panel worked almost flawlessly21:30
JWommackbut that's just what it reads like from what I can see21:30
k1l_JWommack: basically he is following a howto secure xampp that is unnecessary for not xampp package installs.21:30
DF3D2ned98: I think i'll take the path of least resistance: and just use Mplayer. VLC doesn;t have any specific features I need. Very odd about the manually installed Binary driver performing any differently though.21:30
ned98DF3D2: yeah, strange thing... But who knows with video drivers!21:31
cristian__ck1l_, but you've told me: '<k1l_> cristian_c: if you need that install the ubuntu package from the official ubuntu repo'21:31
JWommackIf that's the ubuntuforums link then why not just explain that the user information is different based on how you're installing it and what you've set up21:32
k1l_cristian__c: stop21:32
DF3D2ned98: Yeah, I have all kinds of issues with AMD drivers on windows also. I'm running an Xfire 290x setup that can be a pain the arse at times.21:32
cristian__ck1l_, can you explain me?21:32
ned98DF3D2: windows has buggy printers, we have buggy video drivers and sometimes buggy wireless ones hahahaha21:32
* JWommack will go back to mostly working on stuff now and stop interjecting21:32
k1l_cristian__c: if you did not install that xampp package.run thing. then you dont need to think about xampp.21:32
DF3D2ned98: don't get me started on my Hp printer w/ windows 8.1 half the time I have to reboot the printer to get it to print ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)21:33
k1l_cristian__c: if you follow a "howto secure xampp" you are following a bike repair tutorial for a car repair. you are just wrong from the start.21:33
k1l_cristian__c: so what is your real question?21:33
ned98DF3D2: omg windows 8.1!  I'm soo sorry about that... Hahahaha21:33
cristian__ck1l_, it answers to : <k1l_> cristian_c: that stop talkin about that'21:33
cristian__ck1l_, and I said that I've to configure the security of lamp21:34
DF3D2ned98 But Anyway it's probably one msg before they tell us we are off topic: So back to the linux problem. Have you found arch works better w/ AMD drivers and VLC? I'm curious if it is an AMD, VLC, or Ubuntu problem. I feel it is some combination of the three that causes the issue. Maybe that is why Mplayer doesn't have the issue as it uses some different back end to decode videos ?21:35
ned98DF3D2: well, since you "build" Arch from scratch you're sure that everything works as expected, so no big problems so far - there are specific packages in the AUR, which is awesome21:36
k1l_cristian__c: you can configure your lamp install (which is the apache, mysql, php,... packages from the ubunut repo) but that is different to the xampp how to since that xampp package has a lot of security issues because they just dont mind security at all.21:36
cristian__ck1l_, and the ubuntu resources talk about lamp installed with xampp and not with tasksel, so here the reason21:36
k1l_cristian__c: so the problems you want to fix dont mean to be in the ubuntu packages. so stop running behind that xampp how to21:36
paulcoyoteikonia I got it! find under lost and found the home directory, copying right now21:37
DF3D2ned98: I just don't have time to build everything from scratch haha. Also if I started building everything from scratch I'd feel the need to upgrade my old I3 machine that I run linux on. An unneeded expense really.21:37
svm_invictvsFor the life of me I can't figure out how to add services to the default runlevel on ubuntu21:37
svm_invictvsupdate-rc.d corret?21:37
k1l_cristian__c: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223410 that one?21:37
cristian__ck1l_, ok, so, if I install lamp-server with tasksel, have I got no security risks, then?21:38
ned98DF3D2: with building i'm obviously talking about the OS :P21:38
k1l_<k1l_> cristian__c: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223410 that one?21:38
DF3D2ned98: no, I know. You mean compiling from scratch. I was inferring that if I had to wait for compiles to finish I'd feel the need to ugprade to a newer processor on that rig :-)21:38
ned98DF3D2: you'd be surprised, Arch can be set up in minutes if you know your way - no bloat and 100% compatibility with you system - graphics included21:38
cristian__ck1l_, yeah, and also the ubuntu locoteam wiki page21:38
k1l_cristian__c: did you read that big WARNING sign? "WARNING21:39
k1l_This guide is aimed at a development environment only and should not be used as a public webserver. To setup a public webserver follow the directions on the Ubuntu wiki https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP"21:39
cristian__ck1l_, yeah, that section21:39
k1l_cristian__c: close that forums thread and never open it again21:39
cristian__c This guide is aimed at a development environment only and should not be used as a public webserver. To setup a public webserver follow the directions on the Ubuntu wiki https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP21:39
k1l_this whol thread is about that bunch of xampp package we told you not to use or think about.21:40
ned98DF3D2: convert to Arch >:) ahahahahaha21:40
DF3D2ned98: I use Freebsd on a web server I run. I hate having to compile everything haha.21:40
k1l_cristian__c: that thread has nothing to do with a tasksel lamp installation.21:41
cristian__ck1l_, but essentially I've to install a software (named kalkun) that requires a web server (with apache, mysql, etc...)21:41
cristian__ck1l_, I've followed this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel21:42
blacks0ulHi I am having issues with apt-cacher-ng21:42
ned98DF3D2, freebsd is kinda evil - my NAS is based on that21:42
k1l_cristian__c: follow that site: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP21:42
blacks0ulI see 1406151719|O|381||uburep/pool/universe/d/dnsmasq/dnsmasq_2.59-4ubuntu0.1_all.deb from the logs .. but the client side .. I am receiving 503 error21:42
ned98DF3D2, gotta go sleep, here's late...21:42
ned98bye everyone!21:42
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bjrohanHello, I did a fresh install of 14.04 on a dell latitude D520 (old computer, had xp on it). When I originally booted the liveUSB, it connected to the net via the ethernet connection. I then chose to install ubuntu. Now, it says that there are no network devices available, no ethernet, or wifi. The system has a Broadcom wlan card, and obviously a working ethernet (wifi worked when xp was installed)21:45
cristian__ck1l_, regarding the installation, I've done this nevertheless, but regarding the  configuration, are there no problems with security? Can I go over and use these software?21:47
daftykinsbjrohan: i'm familiar with the 505s, if it had XP - you'd have been better going with xubuntu or lubuntu21:48
k1l_as a admin it is your responsibility to take care of that. there is no 100% secure software. but if you follow the security notes from the software you use and install the updates/patches you are on the good run21:48
cristian__ck1l_, I was referring to lamp21:49
bjrohandaftykins: I just did the install, no problem switching :-)21:49
k1l_cristian__c: the security depends on the configuration etc. you need to keep an eye on that yourself21:50
daftykinsbjrohan: does it have 1GB RAM?21:50
cristian__c'After installing MySQL' 'Set mysql root password'21:50
bjrohandaftykins: 51221:50
cristian__ck1l_, I've installed lamp, but I've not configured it21:50
Busserlcristian__c: LAMP is an acronym for those applications, tasksel just installed them all at once for you. lamp is not a "suite".21:50
daftykinsbjrohan: ouch! to be honest that kind of spec is really going to struggle with any form of ubuntu, what are you hoping to use it for?21:51
bjrohandaftykins: should I use lubuntu21:51
cristian__cBusserl, I think the lamp-server package21:51
k1l_cristian__c: follow the wiki page i lnked you21:51
bjrohandaftykins: it isn't for me, but a friend that this was given too. My understading searching the web, and running citrix receiver21:51
cristian__ck1l_, I was quoting the titles into it21:51
daftykinsbjrohan: ah ok, then yeah lubuntu would be the lightest (though least nice looking ;) ) choice21:52
Busserlcristian__c: You should learn how to configure the applications you installed. Follow the ubuntu wiki, yes, read their manual, and lamp-server packagesi just a convenience package to install multiple 'real' packages at once.21:52
k1l_cristian__c: you still need to config that.21:52
bjrohandaftykins: not so good looking, but my guess is well supported as ubuntu based21:52
cristian__ck1l_, ok, but it's not easy21:52
Busserlcristian__c: correct.21:52
bjrohandaftykins: this person is not very computer savvy (but works for a wind power company)21:52
k1l_cristian__c: no one said it is easy to run a safe webserver21:53
daftykinsbjrohan: ah, ok well see how you get on installing that one :) if you still have issues with missing interfaces i'm sure anyone in here would be happy to help :) let me give you a link for information on broadcom wireless also...21:53
k1l_cristian__c: that is the reason there are so much corrupted websites out there.21:53
SchrodingersScatbjrohan: last I checked, xubuntu said it could run on 512meg, but lubuntu should be lighter21:53
daftykins!broadcom | bjrohan give this a look :)21:53
ubottubjrohan give this a look :): Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx21:53
awesomess3to run a safe webserver all you have to do is:     while [ 1 ] ; do yes | sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql5-server ; sleep 2391823098123 ; done21:54
cristian__ck1l_, in the wiki page you've suggested there are many many things, but I'm not sure they everything is mandatory21:54
SchrodingersScatawesomess3: no update or upgrade?21:55
ikoniaawesomess3: that is stupid, please don't make such pointless comments21:55
bjrohandaftykins: Thank you, the 1st driver option will work on that page for the 4311. Any ideas regarding the ehternet not working after install?21:55
GlycanHi. My home and end keys don't work, how can I fix this?21:55
cristian__cawesomess3, lol21:55
usr13Glycan: You've forgotten your password?21:56
Glycanusr13: uh, what?21:56
usr13Glycan: What is it you need to fix?21:56
GlycanMy home and end keys do not work.21:56
daftykinsbjrohan: i'd recommend disabling the "install with updates" option, if lubuntu offers it - then perhaps it will remain online and you'll be able to come back and we can identify the hardware etc.21:56
usr13Glycan: Define keys.  Define home.21:57
GlycanThe keys next to the big delete button, insert, pause/break, and PGUP/PGDW on many keyboardS?21:57
bjrohanThank you, I am currently on a different computer :). I will install lubuntu and see how it goes.21:57
GlycanKeyboard keys?21:57
usr13Glycan: Oh, ok.21:57
GlycanA button, on a keyboard, with "home" written on in, in, uh, arial I think21:57
Glycanmaybe 7pt?21:57
usr13Glycan: So, those keys don't work anywhere?21:58
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GlycanNo, not even in tty21:58
=== cristian_c is now known as Guest4513
usr13!keyboard | Glycan21:59
ubottuGlycan: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout21:59
Glycan ...what does this have to do with layouts?21:59
* Guest4513 cristian_c21:59
usr13Guest4513: I don't know really.  I've  yet to see such a problem, was just a wild guess.21:59
Glycanwas that for me?22:00
alket_livecdHi , im trying to shrink a LVM , why do I get his error http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7844213/22:00
Glycanand I'm using lubuntu (xfce) but I don't have settings nor settings manager22:00
usr13Glycan: There are certain applications in which Home or End keys do nothing, so what you have may be normal.22:00
Glycanusr13: no, this is system-wide, including tty22:01
]CkB[Hologramwow holy shit22:01
usr13Glycan: Could also be that your keyboard is defective.22:01
]CkB[Hologramoops wrong channel22:01
GlycanYou know, to jump to the end and start of lines?22:01
jimmyvdoes anybody know how to upgrade an image created with debootstrap?22:02
Glycancan I bind somethign else to those keys?22:02
eeeeGlycan: not a fix, but you can use ctrl+A ctrl+E to jump to the beginning an end of line til you fix the problem22:02
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Glycaneeee: doesn't work in libreoffice22:02
usr13Glycan: So if you are in a [multi-page] man file in a tty, the Home or End key will do nothing?22:03
freijondoes anyone use Chrome Unstable and have the issue that fonts are looking very ugly since the last update?22:03
Glycanusr13: yes22:04
OerHeksfreijon, chrome or chromium?22:04
freijonOerHeks: Chrome (and I guess Chromium too)22:05
eeeeGlycan: Libre Office > Tools > Customize > Keyboard, might be useful22:06
OerHeksfor beta/unstable chrome report to google, chromium to launchpad22:06
usr13!locale | Glycan22:07
ubottuGlycan: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/22:07
Glycanwhat's that go tot do with it?22:07
usr13Glycan: Was that for me?22:07
usr13Glycan: locale |pastebinit  #Let's have a look.22:08
OerHeks<Glycan> and I'm using lubuntu (xfce)  >> lxde or xfce?22:09
Glycanjust a moment22:09
GlycanOerHeks: err, lxde22:09
Glycanthey both have an x in their name, I keep confusing them22:09
Glycaneeee: thanks, looking at that right now22:10
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OerHeksdpkg-reconfigure keyboard-layout22:12
OerHeksor dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration22:13
usr13Glycan: cat /etc/default/keyboard22:13
usr13Glycan: What does ^^^^ that say?22:13
usr13Glycan: pastebinit /etc/default/keyboard22:14
Glycanohhh, I get it22:14
GlycanI think this is because it thinks I'm using my laptop's keyboards, wheras I'm actually using a pluggable one22:14
usr13Glycan: Oh so you asked this problem about a keyboard and neglected to tell us you were using a laptop with an external keyboard plugged into it?22:15
Glycandpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration asks me about my keyboard's modal, which I'm fairly ignorant off22:15
gartralalright guys.. I have an odd problem, I have a laptop, an HP Elitebook 2730p, works almost perfectly minus a single flaw, the built-in 3g card, a Gobi-2000 chip, doesn't come up, lsusb doesn't show it, nothing in the logs.. but under windows it does.. it's very strange22:15
Glycanusr13: I thought it was a software thing22:16
usr13Glycan: So what kind of keybard is it?22:16
Glycanhas a HP logo on it22:17
usr13Glycan: Really?  It has a logo on it?  Never mind ;(22:17
usr13Glycan: I think you figured it out anyway.22:17
Glycanuh, KU-0841 model...22:17
Glycandoes HP make laptops?22:18
gartralGlycan: yea22:18
usr13Glycan: USB or PS2 ?22:18
eeeeam i high22:18
eeeewhats happening22:18
usr13eeee: I think so.22:18
usr13eeee: It is either me and you, or it's Glycan22:18
Glycannot high, just really tired, sorry...22:20
usr13Haha That's ok.  We all have our moments. (We hope to find some humor in it every now and then...)22:20
Glycanhuh, so I ran dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration, now my tty has a different font but home still doesn't work22:21
usr13Glycan: pastebinit /etc/default/keyboard22:21
GlycanPS/2 is the round thing, right?22:21
JWommackAlso a great way to date hardware22:21
Glycanoh, date as in by time22:21
satsukigartral : if it's build-in 3g card i doubt lsusb can show it22:22
Glycanno, despite being terribly old, my laptop doesn't have those22:22
usr13Glycan: So waht you see there is the keyboard that the laptop has in it, (hpi6).  Right?22:22
Glycanno, because I've reconfigured it since then22:23
Glycanwith the previous command you told me to do22:23
Glycandpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration22:23
GlycanIt's a Dell laptop, D40022:23
=== cristian__c is now known as cristian_c
usr13Glycan: And if it were to say XKBMODEL="pc105" instead of XKBMODEL="hpi6" you'd probably have working Home and End keys.22:24
GlycanWhat's pc105?22:25
GlycanRather, what does dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration think that's called?22:25
usr13Glycan: Probably the type of keyboard you have plugged in....22:25
usr13Glycan: Does your laptop keyboard have Home and End keys on them?22:26
Glycanuh yes22:26
FuzzyHarpyBugI need a little help connecting dreamweaver to my apache server. trying to use mod_dav but I have no idea what I'm doing. This is what I've got so far http://pastie.org/9415872 in the apache2.conf file, and http://imgur.com/iDmWXpn in the dreamweaver config.22:26
usr13Glycan: Do they work?22:26
FuzzyHarpyBugI know I'm missing something entirely...22:26
Glycanusr13: no, my laptop keyboard is competely fried22:26
i_antr0g3nliteirc.net is already in ownership 2 be used via teh network in question! linkers based on mass agreement, unmoderated channels uther than 4 true moderation issues, like flooding, is the goal. Enjoy the kline!22:26
BaribalHi. I've got a video, I've got a soudtrack for it, what tool would you recommend to splice and adjust them, and to cut away bits at the beginning and end?22:27
i_antr0g3nliteirc.net is already in ownership 2 be used via teh network in question! linkers based on mass agreement, unmoderated channels uther than 4 true moderation issues, like flooding, is the goal. Enjoy the kline!22:28
usr13Glycan: Try changing XKBMODEL="hpi6" to XKBMODEL="pc105"  and then remove all that stuff after XKBOPTIONS, so that it looks like XKBOPTIONS=""22:28
mattlindnWhy. The heck. Is the default IRC client Quassel?22:29
mattlindnit just doesn't work. Doesn't even give error messages22:29
mattlindncome on you guys22:29
daftykinsmattlindn: this is not a forum to vent your spleen.22:29
usr13Glycan: Or comment out those 4 lines and make some new ones, (in case you ever get a new keyboard).22:29
WXZI need a webcam emulator for precise pangolin22:29
Glycanusr13: it mentions a bunch some mildly scary stuff about what to do after changing that file, can't I just change it with the dpkg thing?22:29
k1l_mattlindn: its not quassel on unity22:30
mattlindnk1l_, dunno i just typed IRC into the ubuntu automatic button thingy and thats what opened22:30
Glycanalthough admitedly I can't see anything that could correspond to pc10522:30
k1l_mattlindn: quassel is even not installed by default22:30
GlycanPC-98xx Series?22:30
JWommackDoes unity even have a default irc? I didn't think it did.22:31
i_antr0g3nwhat freenode probably tried be it isn't. We need more active interaction. Freenode is for foss. Efnet is more skiddies and sluts. And anythink else large is innactive. Lookin 2 merge what is laready half of 12 1gig e servers to others - linkers are not required to do anything except be technically inclined. If you stay a linker is based upon mass agreement of current linkers. Lookin for unmoderated channels uther than for true moderation 22:31
k1l_xchat is the default for irc. they should switch to hexchat imho22:31
mattlindnk1l_, i never installed it22:31
mattlindnk1l_, was on the default LTS distro22:31
JWommackhmm, strange, it wasn't bundled for me, closest thing that was was empathy22:32
mattlindnmattlindn, xchat isn't installed by default, had to install it, and is what i'm using now22:32
usr13Glycan: You could always make a backup, sudo cp /etc/default/keyboard /etc/default/keyboard.bak22:32
sheapwhy did krb5-clients get deleted from the repos?22:32
Glycaneh, fine, I'll do it another time, I've already wasted more time messed around with this then I would of saved by them working22:32
Glycanthank you very much22:32
GlycanI think libreoffice has a workaround22:33
eeeeGlycan: it has a workaround,22:33
eeeeGlycan: try running xev, then press home, see if the terminal picks it up22:33
usr13mattlindn: irssi is good22:36
nashantHi guys, I've got a sudo problem. Getting  sudo: unable to open /var/lib/sudo/user/0: No such file or directory22:36
k1l_mattlindn: xchat is not installed by default, that is right but its the default irc program. but quassel is not default at all.22:38
Glycaneeee: but yeah, bound libreoffice with C-a and C-e22:38
usr13nashant: What user are you logged in as?22:38
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nashantusr13: my main user22:39
usr13nashant: Are you logged in as Guest ?22:39
usr13nashant: What is the user name?22:39
nashantusr13: www. It's my web server22:40
awesomess3user www, group www-data?22:40
nashantreplace "user" with "www" in the above error22:41
nashantnope, group www22:41
usr13nashant: whoami22:41
eeeeGlycan: you can remap your keyboard22:42
usr13nashant: ls /home/22:42
nashantjust /home/www22:42
usr13nashant: So if you issue the command ls /home/  You get what?  www  ?22:42
eeeeGlycan: try xmodmap -e "keycode 0xff50=Home"22:43
alesanhey what was that command line tools to mess with PDF documents from the command line?22:43
nashantusr13: yeah22:43
alesanlike split them in pages, or enable/disable features22:43
usr13nashant: grep www /etc/group |pastebinit22:43
usr13nashant: Or  grep adm /etc/group22:44
usr13nashant: So sudo does not work at all for you?22:45
eeeeGlycan: i don't think that'll work cuz it's not picking up the home key, but you can get the hex value for any key with xev, and set it to home. so it will be system-wide22:45
nashantusr13: It seems to do stuff. For instance I can sudo su into root22:45
usr13nashant: ls /var/lib/sudo/22:45
usr13nashant: So sudo -i works?22:46
=== yabbounic is now known as yabbes
nashantusr13: Yeah, but I get the same error22:46
usr13nashant: df22:47
usr13nashant: What is the higest number in the Use% collumn22:48
nashantusr13: Nowhere near full22:48
usr13nashant: So what all is in  /var/lib/sudo/user/  ?22:50
nashantusr13: it's /var/lib/sudo/www22:50
nashantbut /var/lib/sudo/www/0  isn't a directory, but a file22:50
FuzzyHarpyBugOk, maybe someone here can help me with this question instead. I have root login and password auth disabled for my ubuntu 14.04 server, public key auth only. Is there a way to make just a certain directory accessible with a username and password?22:52
usr13nashant: I did not said it was a directory, (I was asking what was there).22:54
nashantusr13: all that's in there ls 022:54
SymphonymDoes anyone know if something like Matrox DualHead2Go would work to setup connect 2 monitors alongside my laptop (with Ubuntu 14.04)?22:56
usr13 nashant I do not think that is correct.  What do you see when you issue command  ls /var/lib/sudo/22:56
thephreakcheckin in, I'm trying to do-release-upgrade on a system running 12.04. and getting an error "WARNING:root:file 'quantal.tar.gz.gpg' missing". IS there any way to update at this point22:59
c3vinhaving trouble with network manager in 13.1023:03
c3vingetting (32) Insufficient Privileges when attempting to switch wifi23:04
c3vinbeen searching for the past hour without any real direction of how to fix23:04
c3vindo I need to config something in lightdm or network manager?23:04
usr13nashant: What I am trying to get at is there should be /var/lib/sudo/www  (a directory).  Is it there?  Or is it not there?23:07
usr13c3vin: What do you need to do?23:12
c3vinusr13: Need to select wifi network at login screen23:13
usr13c3vin: At a login screen?23:13
c3vinusr13: getting Failed to add/activate connection (32) insufficient network privileges23:14
c3vinusr13: yes, lightdm23:14
usr13c3vin: What does lightdm have to do with the network manager?23:15
c3vinusr13: disregard, still a bit confused with terminology23:16
usr13c3vin: Are you unable to login to your user account?23:16
c3vinusr13: I'm able to login with local account, but would like to be able to select wifi network to login with AD account using Centrify Express23:17
usr13c3vin: Well, we need to establish conventional terms in order to understand each other.23:17
usr13c3vin: Sounds to me like you have 2 separate issues here.23:17
c3vinusr13: ok23:17
usr13c3vin: What is Centrify Express?23:18
c3vinallows network authentication against AD23:18
usr13c3vin: Is network manager giving you an error?  (Saying that you do not have priviliges to chane network settings?)23:18
c3vinusr13: yes23:19
usr13c3vin: Are you connected to your Wireless Router right now?23:20
c3vinusr13: yes23:20
usr13c3vin: So your question is not about your Local Area Network.  It is about Active Directory Tools.  Right?23:21
c3vinusr13: no, it's about network manager.  How can I provide permission to select wifi network at login screen23:21
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usr13c3vin: You do not select a WiFi Network at the login screen. Are you confusing someting on the login screen with a WiFi Network?  If so, what is it?23:23
c3vinusr13: I'd like to be able to select wifi network at login screen, so users may authenticate against AD23:23
c3vinusr13: network manager shows WiFi network available, but I'm unable to connect23:23
c3vinusr13: otherwise, local users need to be created23:24
usr13c3vin: ifconfig |grep Bcast  #Tell us what that says.23:26
c3vinusr13: wifi IP address23:27
usr13c3vin: Does it give you a local IP address?23:28
c3vinare you attempting to troll me?23:28
c3vinI have a valid concern / bug23:29
usr13c3vin: I was about to ask you the same question.  ;)23:29
usr13c3vin: You told me that you are connected to your wireless network.  Right?23:29
usr13c3vin: Is this a laptop?  Or Desktop?23:29
c3vinusr13: lol....ok man.  I'm setting up a laptop cart for a school.  they will be shared with multiple users.  instead of setting up local users on each laptop, I've configured centrify to pull ad info23:30
c3vinthat's working great23:30
c3vinthe only dependency is a network connection23:30
c3vinso when laptops boot up, they need to be able to select wifi network23:30
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c3vinwhen wifi network is selected, insufficient privileges message appears23:31
c3vinso I'm wonding if it possible to allow wifi network selection on login screen?23:31
usr13c3vin: Are all these laptops running 13.10?23:31
c3vinusr13: yes23:32
usr13c3vin: The first question that comes to *my* mind is, are you intending to upgrade them?23:32
c3vinusr13: thanks dude, have a nice day23:32
awesomess3RIP 13.1023:32
usr13awesomess3: Do you have any idea what he was asking about?  Does anyone?23:33
usr13Active Directory Authentication for Linux at the Login screen?23:34
usr13Anyone?  (I'm lost...)  (Please help...)23:34
awesomess3usr13, why continue to care c3vin left.23:34
usr13Good point.23:35
enchiladoI didn't say that23:41
BrandonCso doing install of ubuntu and its just stoped with dektop background and black menu bar at top23:41
wsl38is it possible to make an alias for the second part of a command? like cp filename ~/destination  but filename is going to change every time depending on the file.23:44
LoshkiBrandonC: 14.04? Also, are you related to BrandonB ?23:44
BrandonCya and no23:44
BrandonCwell were both humans and in irc, those are relations23:44
LoshkiBrandonC: so, a fresh install that won't come up all the way, and the live DVD ran ok?23:46
Bashing-omLost_x: Checking up on you .. do you now have your ubuntu installed ? OR ?23:47
BrandonClive cd worked fine23:47
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LoshkiBrandonC: do you get a prompt if you do ctrl-alt-f1 ?23:54
BrandonCduno hard powerd it off23:54
BrandonCxp install dosent see any hard drives23:55
BrandonCgana try new ide cable23:55
k1l_BrandonC: still that boot issue?23:55
k1l_still didnt check the cables and other hardware?23:56
k1l_is that drive showing up in bios?23:56
BrandonCya showes up in bios23:56
k1l_make sure the hardware is working at all23:56
LoshkiBrandonC: A new cable can't hurt. I'd like a chance to poke around with the live cd if you try again...23:57
BrandonCk booting live cd23:57
BrandonCi did hve a previous report..23:57
Jeffrey_fBrandonC: Are you encrypting the drive??23:59
LoshkiThank the gods...23:59

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