mbeierlNew installation of Ubuntustudio 14.04.  / is on btrfs, /home is on ext4.  Installation finished, but when I reboot and try to log in as the user I created during installation, the X session terminates and I am punted back to GDM.  I can log in with user/pass from tty1, and I can detect no errors in any logs to indicate why graphical login is not proceeding.15:39
cfhowlettmbeierl try logging in to guest account15:40
mbeierltemporary guest session work.15:41
cfhowlett!adduser|mbeierl I'd guess that the account you want to go to is somehow fragged.  you can create a new account with "adduser" at the command line and test it.15:42
ubottumbeierl I'd guess that the account you want to go to is somehow fragged.  you can create a new account with "adduser" at the command line and test it.: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo15:42
mbeierlI am getting a PAM unable to dlopen (pam_kwallet.so) in auth.log15:42
mbeierlwhen attempting to log in as the user created during the install15:42
cfhowlettmbeierl that account may be unreachable.  test as I suggested above ...15:43
mbeierluserdel my account and re-added: same problem.  Trying now with different account name15:45
mbeierlsame thing with newly created account15:45
cfhowlettmbeierl same error messages?15:46
mbeierlauth log shows the kwallet error, plus requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user15:47
mbeierlcfhowlett: by both replacement user and new user name15:47
cfhowlettmbeierl seems something is set up not-quite-right but IDK what.  as this is an installation issue and nt studio specific, ask in #ubuntu.  report the details as you did above for best results15:49
mbeierlcfhowlett: thanks, will do15:49
holsteinfor audio production, i would want ext16:10
cfhowlettholstein why if I might ask?16:11
holsteinnothing about it facilitates anything that is needed for audio production16:12
holsteinfor tracking16:12
holsteini wouldnt be tracking to ssd's yet either..16:12
holsteinthough, they are more and more affordable all the time16:12
holsteinif i had an ssd for the "os partition", i would consider btrfs.. but, there are many reasons why btrfs is not default16:12
holsteinat the end of the day, i would have ongoing backups of critical data anyways, so if i wanted to experiment with btrsf, i could. but not on my audio production rig.. not yet16:13
holsteincfhowlett: do you use it?16:14
cfhowlettholstein ext4 on my system.  I'm aware of btrfs but see no compelling reason to switch from the ubuntu default16:15
holsteincfhowlett: if i had an ssd, i would look into it16:19
lourdes_alguem aqui digita em portugues?17:52

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