b_adl_yhi first time installer!00:05
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xubuntu596Anyone know how to install themes in xfce?01:55
Guest58372ha,I have the same question01:55
Guest58372you can copy your themes files to you home directory like .theme or .icon01:57
xanguafor icons extract them in you ~/.icons directory for themes in your ~/.themes directory01:57
Guest58372hi xangua, how to change the theme about login screen?01:59
Guest58372is the xubuntu using lightgdm? should I change the lightgdm themes?02:00
xubuntu122My xubuntu installation is stuck03:44
xubuntu122last line says "configuring bcmwl-kernel-source(i386)"03:44
xubuntu122any ideas?03:45
ObrienDavehow long do you wait before killing the install?03:45
xubuntu122i  have not killed yet03:47
xubuntu122but its been like 20 min in that line03:47
ObrienDavehmm, don't know03:48
Guest58372the system is installing the new kernel?03:48
xubuntu122it is an old laptop...may be xubuntu is  too much for this computer03:49
ObrienDaveseriously doubt that03:49
ObrienDavecould be just that slow03:49
ObrienDavehow old? cpu. freq, etc?03:50
xubuntu122i will wait03:50
xubuntu122pentium M,03:50
xubuntu1221 GB ram03:50
xubuntu122and  running at...i dont now03:50
xubuntu122i just want to give life back to this machina03:51
ObrienDaveshould work, probably in the 1.25 to 1.75 GHz range03:51
xubuntu122yes, it is a latittude 505D03:51
Guest58372you can type the free command in terminal, and this command will print the memory status in system03:53
ObrienDavefor now, i would think it is just that slow03:54
xubuntu122that is the one,  let me see...03:54
genoobiehey all03:55
genoobiehey just installed xubuntu03:56
genoobieonly one small problem03:56
genoobieI have a broadcom wifi card and there are too many options for me to wrap my head around03:57
ObrienDavedo you have it enabled?03:57
genoobieObrienDave: not sure03:57
genoobieThere's no wireless if that is what you mean03:57
genoobieat any rate it seems on the webpage03:57
ObrienDaveat the top, you should see an icon like two arrows03:58
ObrienDaveclick it03:58
genoobieright now I am cabled in.03:58
xubuntu122Thanks   ObrienDave,  I will wait 10 min more before killing the installation...03:58
Guest58372maybe you use the ifconfig command is better03:58
ObrienDavenear the bottom, look for "enable wi-fi"03:58
genoobieno such option03:58
genoobieso I need the driver AND firmware I am guessing?03:59
ObrienDaveis your wi-fi hardware switch on?03:59
genoobieno sure how to determine...03:59
genoobieObrienDave: yes03:59
genoobiebut the screen comes up at the boot that there's an issue ucode5.fw03:59
genoobieI cannot remember the exact phrasing but essentially I am missing the firmware03:59
ObrienDavehmm, not sure about that. try looking on broadcom site04:00
genoobiewell I was looking at ubuntu docs and it is supported, but there are too many options04:00
genoobieb43, wl, and wl has some of its own options04:01
genoobiejust too confusing04:01
ObrienDaveyou'll probably need drivers and firmware from broadcom04:01
genoobieObrienDave: I see that my chipset is supported04:02
genoobiebut not sure which avenue to take04:02
ObrienDavewhat is the model # of the wi-fi?04:11
genoobiesee it's confusing04:12
genoobiethere's a lot of choices04:12
ObrienDaveno, that is not the model #04:13
genoobieoh, hrm04:14
genoobieObrienDave: when I sudo modprobe b43, there's no output04:14
genoobieif I do sudo modprobe wl says FATAL module not found04:15
genoobieso I'm guessing the installed picked b4304:15
genoobieso that's what I'll go with04:15
genoobieany way to verify that the b43 driver is installed?04:15
ObrienDavedaftykins gave you a command to get the model number, please don't crosspost in multiple channels04:15
genoobieBCM4311 is the only "model number" that comes up with lspci04:17
ObrienDavethat is the b43xx model i sent you the help link for04:18
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:18
ObrienDavethat adapter needs to die a slow, painful death LOL04:18
hoijuiusing an external USB mouse, the mouse goes somehow into 'deactivated mode', meaning nothing happens with the cursos when i move the mouse, until i click a button05:52
hoijuithis happens after aproximately 4 or 5 seconds of not moving the mouse05:52
hoijuiwhat is that? how can i deactivate it?05:52
ObrienDavethe mouse is going into sleep mode. not sure how to fix that. i bought a wireless Logitech mouse. cured that problem05:53
hoijuiit works when i plugged in the netbook (power)05:56
hoijuithat works for me for now05:56
hoijuiah.. guess there has ot be a power setting for that then...05:56
allons-ycan I install xubuntu from xubuntu, i.e. without having to reboot the computer and starting the instalation from a USB or a CD?05:57
ObrienDaveallons-y, don't think so05:58
bekksyou have to reboot to boot into the new installation, in all cases. But you can install Ubuntu using debootstrap.05:58
hoijuiyou mean.. update?05:58
hoijui(ah, dual boot)05:58
allons-yno, no05:59
allons-ythe problem is that my BIOS does not detect USB nor Cds05:59
hoijuiok. i found no settings related to mouse and power, but .. well.. thanks ObrienDave05:59
allons-y(I've already configured it in order to boot from a USB/CD, but nothing happens)05:59
hoijuiin some bioses you have to change multiple settings for it to work06:00
allons-yso I was wondering if I can, at least, start the instalation within a previous instaled system, which in my case is Xubuntu06:00
allons-yit's worst than that, belive me06:01
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timmy-hi everyone,I have a question how to change my login screen themes in xubuntu 14.04?07:04
timmy-I wanna to change the style of login window07:05
baizontimmy-: http://askubuntu.com/questions/75755/how-to-change-the-lightdm-theme-greeter07:12
timmy-baizon: thanks, I  will read that later07:14
Junkawhat is the package name for the thing that when i play a video in parole player and i dont have the proper codec it pop up to automatically install them08:40
ObrienDavexubuntu-restricted-extras should work for you08:42
cfhowlettObrienDave DAMMIT man!  Did you babyoil your fingertips or something?08:43
JunkaObrienDave, yes but that's not what i am asking08:43
ObrienDavecfhowlett, nope, just bored and looking to get snarky ;P08:44
* cfhowlett slams face into keyboard08:44
ObrienDaveJunka, let me fire up parole and look08:47
Junkait only comes up when u dont have the proper codec installed08:47
ObrienDavesorry, i don't see anything like that.08:48
ObrienDavecfhowlett, you promised to be good, i didn't ;P08:49
ochosierr, missed him08:55
ochosiin case Junka returns, that's a dialog that is part of Parole, but that uses a gstreamer script to install codecs08:55
ObrienDavejunka is on main channel now08:55
ObrienDaveochosi, did all the bug checks get finished earlier? i had to take a nap09:49
ochosiObrienDave: yup, they've meanwhile been verified09:50
ObrienDaveoh, cool \o/09:50
ochosiif you wanna help with testing, that'd be good to know. also feel free to check in with elfy about it (he's our QA lead)09:50
ObrienDavei was helping with testing before the last release, and i kid elfy about being shorter than me on occasion :))09:51
ochosiheh good09:51
* ochosi isn't really aware of who is regularly testing09:52
ObrienDavenot a problem09:52
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ObrienDavei do want to get back into utopic daily testing though10:06
omgitsMATTAs I was cleaning my keyboard I accidently pressed the power button and booted the laptop on, instead of typing my password in to mount my hdd I just powered it off and pulled the battery out of the back and kept wiping the keyboard off.10:10
omgitsMATTNow every time it turns on it asks me to either boot into Ubuntu or to select Advancecd options. I select the recovery option and then select resume normal boot and I can get into my desktop. Any idea on how I could get it back to normal?10:11
ObrienDavedual boot?10:14
ObrienDavetried boot-repair?10:15
omgitsMATTNo, I'll google that now, thanks10:15
ObrienDaveshould be in the repos10:15
omgitsMATTThanks ObrienDave10:16
xubuntu672Hello, We try to access to http://localhost:8082 and we got this error HTTP ERROR: 40415:47
xubuntu672NOT_FOUND RequestURI=/15:48
xubuntu672we are using livegeoserver Xubuntu15:49
slickymasterWorkxubuntu672: have you tried to access http://localhost:8082/geoserver/web to verify if the GeoServer web page opens?15:51
xubuntu672same error HTTP ERROR: 404  NOT_FOUND RequestURI=/15:54
xubuntu672the port 8082 is open15:54
slickymasterWorkxubuntu672: maybe having a read at ftp://ftp.remotesensing.org/livedvd/doc-dev/tests.html might somehow be of some help15:55
xubuntu672we read ftp://ftp.remotesensing.org/livedvd/doc-dev/tests.html and we do not found answer16:06
xubuntu672this are the steep that we follow:16:07
xubuntu6721 - install liveosgeo16:08
xubuntu6722 - start geoserver16:09
slickymasterWorkxubuntu672: is the GeoServer actually running and not disabled or stopped?16:09
slickymasterWorkxubuntu672: was it port 8082 the one you nominated when you installed Geoserver?16:09
slickymasterWorkxubuntu672: are there any http services is using the same port?16:10
xubuntu200Hello, We try to access to http://localhost:8082/geoserver/web and we got this error HTTP ERROR: 404 NOT_FOUND RequestURI=/ we are using livegeoserver Xubuntu16:15
xubuntu200my geoserver service is running16:15
xubuntu200the port 8082 is open and any other services are using it16:16
slickymasterWorkxubuntu200: do you have Tomcat running on that same machine?16:18
xubuntu200yes I have tomcat16:19
slickymasterWorkxubuntu200: there were reportes about that as a cause for failure16:20
xubuntu200where can I see the reports?16:21
slickymasterWorkxubuntu200: google is your frined ;)16:21
Mountain_RHi to everyone, I have a problem fromseveral weeks, the monitor swith it down after 1 minute, I have uninstalled xscreensaver, light DM....(I don't remember the name), and I have deactivated power manager. Always the same problem. A Xubuntu IRC user suggested me to give this command in the terminal: xset q, the result is this  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842772/  Can someone help me I am going mad. Thanks16:41
Mountain_RSeems that the timeout 60 is the answer, if I am correct how to change it? or better.. how to change it with a GUI like xscreensaver because seems that they have not effect on this system setting....16:45
Mountain_Rthere is someone?17:05
kgbMountain_R: btw., i've NEVER had a *problem* like that; where the monitor would go to sleep all on its own. xD (question is, what did you change :))17:08
Mountain_Rkgb, nothing, i have becomed to change after that I have got this problem17:09
kgbMountain_R: nVidia graphics adapter?.. can you try nvidia-settings?17:10
kgb(not 100% sure if there are options for it, though)17:11
Mountain_Rit's a command?17:11
kgb*Oracle VM doesn't do too well with it.. no it's a program.17:11
kgbMountain_R: it has dependencies, though!.. so, be careful that it won't modify your current video driver17:12
Mountain_Rnvidia x server setting?17:14
kgbyup, the way i do it - is to install nvidia-settings from Synaptic, for example17:14
kgb(but i'm always on the default video drivers)17:15
Mountain_Rkgb, installe but I can't find it..17:17
Mountain_Rthere is nothing in the configurations17:20
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Mountain_Rkgb, profile and rules, empty17:22
kgbMountain_R: as root, are you in a VM?.. i was just thinking MAYBE to use nvidia-settings to make a xorg.conf or make it manually (https://askubuntu.com/questions/227109/cannot-find-xorg-conf-in-xubuntu-12-10) and then PERHAPS it can be used to override whatever's causing the issue (but maybe i'm going about this all wrong, sorz; as i'm mostly guessing, as you can tell :))17:29
kgb(though it's prolly NOT the place to do what you need)17:30
bnjmnlrdwell haven't been on one of these in quite some time.18:28
bnjmnlrdnoob alert so here's my question. I'm running a distro of Xubuntu on a tecra A9 laptop. all seems to work well except for the dvd player.18:33
bazhangwhat distro18:36
bnjmnlrdso you mean which version?18:39
bazhangis this MINT or something?18:39
bazhangwhat program are you trying to play the dvd with18:40
bazhangwhat error, if any18:41
bnjmnlrdgetting it18:41
bazhangwhat about mplayer, does that do it18:42
Mountain_Rkgb, get it, I will try  thanks19:05
lucasfliteHola acabo de actualizar el software de mi compu pero no se como activar de nuevo en la barra de tareas el icono de los wireles20:21
lucasflitealguien podría ayudarme20:21
bluesabre!es | lucasflite20:23
ubottulucasflite: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:23

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