davecheneywow. such merge. very conflict01:26
menn0davecheney: is that the output of "git merge --doge"?01:29
wallyworldthumper: you got time for a quick hangout?01:31
thumperwallyworld: hey, I should be doing my overdue 360 review for fwereade01:31
wallyworldthumper: well, do that first01:32
wallyworldmaybe ping me when you are free?01:32
thumperwallyworld: I have 1:1 calls for 1.5 hours starting in 30 minutes01:32
thumpersure you don't want to chat now?01:32
davecheneywallyworld: how come we have gopkg.in depdenendcies in juju now01:45
davecheneyI thought it was very clear they were not going to be added without further discussion01:45
wallyworlddavecheney: cause someone addd it? i have no idea. i didn't agree but it was ut of my hands01:45
wallyworldi was outvoted01:45
davecheneynot yourfault01:47
axwdavecheney: we're going to have to anyway, labix.org/v2/mgo is not going to be updated anymore02:24
axwand the github repo underneath can't really be used, because it refers to gopkg.in anyway02:24
axw(I'm in the process of updating mgo)02:24
rick_h__axw: davecheney it was also brought up around the charmv2 stuff helping us version the api for that stuff02:32
rick_h__axw: davecheney though let me know if we need to work with IS to get something on prodstack. I'm all for making sure we run the stuff 100% correct02:32
rick_h__heh, then again I see you're referring to the charmstore02:39
rick_h__axw: just a heads up, we've got an in progress next generation in the branch v4 (which will be renamed to v2) https://github.com/juju/charmstore/tree/v402:39
rick_h__axw: not sure if you can/makes sense to make the same pr there as well02:39
rick_h__or we can make sure to pull it across, but fyi02:40
axwrick_h__: yup, rogpeppe let me know, I have done so02:42
rick_h__axw: ty kind sir02:42
axwrick_h__: as for hosting repo on prodstack; there's no point unless all of gopkg.in is on there02:43
axwI don't think it's going to be any less reliable than labix.org, which hasn't really been a problem (except for a hiccup recently)02:44
rick_h__axw: ok, I know I had a debate with roger last week about 'well it's not been down' being a bit different than 'it's hosted to our standards'02:44
rick_h__axw: cool02:44
davecheneyaxw: /me grumbles, loudly03:02
waiganithumper: hangout?03:03
waiganiaxw: when you have a moment, can we do a hangout?03:20
axwwaigani: sure03:20
axwnow's fine03:21
waiganiaxw: cool give me a sec03:21
wallyworldaxw: could you take a peek at bug 1347715 to see any recent work we did may be responsible (one of the state server instance commits is blamed)03:38
_mup_Bug #1347715: Manual provider does not respond after bootstrap <bootstrap> <ci> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1347715>03:38
axwokey dokey03:38
axwwallyworld: when you have a sec, https://code.launchpad.net/~axwalk/gomaasapi/update-mgo-test-dependency/+merge/22844203:39
axwand there's a bunch off PRs on various juju repos03:39
axwthumper: thanks. don't suppose you have any better ideas about how to configure the mongod to use?03:43
thumpernot really03:43
thumperseems like a solid enough approach03:43
axwwallyworld: I just manually bootstrapped, worked fine.. :/03:44
wallyworldaxw: hmmm. i did think the error described in the bug (the upgrade quit one) was more noise than anything that would stop the agent working03:45
wallyworldthe jenkins job linked in the bug is still red sadly03:46
wallyworldneeds more investigation03:46
axwyep. I'll see if I can run the CI script locally to repro03:49
axwwallyworld: thanks04:04
menn0a review from someone who knows the machine agent would be appreciated: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/40704:17
axwwallyworld: missed one before https://github.com/juju/blobstore/pull/1105:50
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thumperdavecheney: done06:16
davecheneythumper: ta06:18
davecheneythat had me scratching my head for an hour06:18
davecheneydue to a merge conflict that put that type back in a signature06:19
axwdavecheney: thanks. I'll have a look about fixing version in a followup06:36
davecheneyaxw: ta06:50
davecheney        // TODO(dfc) wtf06:54
davecheney        if !canWatch(nil) {06:54
davecheney                return result, common.ErrPerm06:54
davecheney        }06:54
davecheneyaww, where did the rest of it go06:55
wallyworldaxw: sorry, was doing scholl pickup and dinner shopping07:08
axwwallyworld: nps (sorry, was doing school pickup ;))07:35
axwwallyworld: thanks for approving leave. gotta do some moving/painting07:36
wallyworldnp, have "fun"07:36
voidspacemorning all08:30
voidspaceSome issues setting up a workstation in Romania, but I'm online08:31
voidspaceShould be better tomorrow08:31
TheMuestill fighting with my IPv6 routing between containers on differen nodes09:13
rogpeppe1axw: for future reference, we have CI enabled on the charm store repo. to merge, add a review comment containing :shipit:09:24
axwoops, thanks rogpeppe109:26
rogpeppe1axw: and... you didn't update the dependencies.tsv file09:26
rogpeppe1axw: so the branch is actually broken, i'm afraid09:26
axwI will fix it09:26
rogpeppe1axw: thanks09:27
axwremove me from committers after please ;)09:27
rogpeppe1axw: perhaps you could roll back tip, assuming nothing has landed in the meantime09:27
rogpeppe1axw: ta.09:28
axwwtf did I just do. reverted my revert. well done09:44
rogpeppe1axw: what *did* you just do?09:44
axwI have no idea. not enough sleep. I'll do it slowly this time09:45
axwrogpeppe1: so, CI triggers on :shipit:?09:46
rogpeppe1axw: yup09:46
rogpeppe1axw: but please wait for a review first :-)09:46
axwrogpeppe1: https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/3709:46
axwrogpeppe1: and https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/38 for v409:47
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TheMueperrito666: morning10:01
rogpeppe1trivial PR for juju/testing. review anyone? https://github.com/juju/testing/pull/2510:09
rogpeppe1perrito666, mgz, TheMue: ^10:09
TheMuerogpeppe1: yup, taking a look10:10
rogpeppe1TheMue: ta10:11
TheMuerogpeppe1: LGTM, it’s pretty small ;)10:12
rogpeppe1TheMue: yup :-)10:12
rogpeppe1TheMue: do you know if there's CI set up on juju sub-repos yet?10:13
TheMuerogpeppe1: sorry, no10:13
* TheMue still fights with IPv6 routing between containers on different nodes10:13
axwrogpeppe1: not sure if you saw this... https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/3810:17
rogpeppe1axw: ah, sorry, lost in a sea of reversions :-)10:18
rogpeppe1axw: looking10:18
rogpeppe1axw: i thought i just approved a branch that looked just like that10:19
rogpeppe1axw: (that you pointed me at)10:19
rogpeppe1axw: ah, v4!10:19
rogpeppe1axw: gotcha10:19
rogpeppe1axw: LGTM10:20
axwthought I'd be proactive and break both branches10:20
axwthanks rogpeppe110:20
rogpeppe1axw: :)10:20
axwsorry for that10:20
rogpeppe1axw: that's fine10:20
rogpeppe1axw: CI is not consistently applied to juju sub-repos...10:20
rogpeppe1axw: do you know if juju/testing is CI'd10:20
axwnope. coming soon, I think10:20
axwmgz is working on it10:20
rogpeppe1axw: cool. i'll just push then.10:22
mgzAny Minute Now10:23
rogpeppe1axw: further update: please don't land that branch - frankban has fixed everything :-)10:38
axwrogpeppe1: which branch?10:38
axwrogpeppe1: the one to update dependencies.tsv?10:38
rogpeppe1axw: confusion - perhaps you have already landed it10:38
axwrogpeppe1: the reversion already merged10:39
rogpeppe1axw: right, i *thought* so10:39
rogpeppe1frankban: ^10:39
rogpeppe1frankban: do you want to do the changes to use gopkg.in/mgo then?10:39
frankbanrogpeppe1: not for now, I just need to merge my branch, will merge trunk again10:40
rogpeppe1frankban: ok10:40
rogpeppe1axw: it's still up to you then :-)10:41
axwrogpeppe1: I'll take a look tomorrow10:42
rogpeppe1axw: ta10:42
mgzaxw: so, Revert "Revert "Revert "Update... what's tha changing exactly :P10:57
jamTheMue: are you around now, or is this worker time?11:14
TheMuejam: I’m here, tracing around a bit. ;)11:18
jamTheMue: I have to go check on the dog, brb11:18
TheMuejam: opening 1:1 hangout11:18
rick_h__axw: wallyworld fyi we have the charmstore stuff in ci at http://ci.jujugui.org:8080/ and it uses the lander. We'll look into why the branch/test didn't get picked up today11:20
rick_h__axw: wallyworld so no big green merge buttons in that please11:20
axwrick_h__: yep sorry, I wasn't aware. rogpeppe1 pointed out after I broke it11:20
rick_h__axw: gotcha, ok cool. Still catching up this morning. Sorry for the dupe pointer.11:20
mgzrick_h__: can you remove the hackers as a contributor to the branch then?11:21
mgzand add bots11:21
rick_h__mgz: we could, but our team's always been a trust everyone all permissions kind of team.11:21
rick_h__mgz: so understand the issue, it's a bit of a shift from normal work but we'll look into it11:21
jamTheMue: omw11:22
axwworks well for people working on the charmstore regularly, not so much for people like me :)11:22
rick_h__e.g. all team members have ci access at same level, manager on leankit, etc.11:22
rick_h__axw: right, the pool is people is growing, culture shift probably on the way I guess. :(11:22
axwI guess I have been conditioned a bit tho11:22
mgzrick_h__: pretty much it just removes the footgun11:22
axwI see a button, I think there's no CI11:22
rick_h__understand, like I said, diff culture.11:23
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* TheMue wants a command to see how often he rebooted his testing VMs today11:51
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gsamfira1TheMue: try: last13:21
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TheMuegsamfira: oh, nice, thx. didn’t know that13:22
gsamfirayou are welcome :)13:23
TheMuegsamfira: and grep and wc are my friends too ;)13:24
gsamfiraoh, of course. these are a sys admins best friend, along side lsof, sed, awk and bash one liners :D13:26
jrwren_strace. never forgt.13:29
gsamfiraI was just tinking about this13:29
perrito666ericsnow: seen nate?13:56
ericsnowperrito666: nope (I just got on)13:56
perrito666sinzui: are you on the habit of making trick PRs now? :)13:57
sinzuiNo. Just frustrated. I may not merge that PR since I don't know what will happen this week with 1.20.213:58
perrito666sinzui: which reminds me13:59
* perrito666 goes to check restore CI14:00
* perrito666 raises an eyebrow14:00
perrito666is that running in hp or ec2?14:00
sinzuiI think it is running in Hp because ec2 was failing to provide instances when we needed them14:01
perrito666sinzui: I see a great deal of failure bootstraping :|14:01
sinzuiaws is healthy right now14:02
perrito666sinzui: I see roughtly 50% of the tests failing and all before even beginning for what seems to be machine not coming up on bootstrap14:04
sinzuiperrito666, I reset the test. It will play on ec214:04
sinzuiperrito666, this test left a machine that we could delete last week. maybe it has happened again.14:05
perrito666sinzui:  fwiw I see no more apt related errors14:05
natefinchdmesg says my network adapters keep exiting with status 114:26
natefinchby keep, I mean after reboot and after replugging my USB Ethernet adapter14:26
perrito666natefinch: ...?14:29
perrito666your eth is usb?14:29
gsamfiralsusb ?14:29
perrito666natefinch: if you pastebin the dmesg I might be able to understand what exit means for an eth14:30
gsamfiraalso, might help to get the ethernet card type and loaded kernel modules :)14:30
natefinchthat'll be tricky14:30
perrito666natefinch: ?14:30
natefinchlsusb doesn't show it. but dmesg says it gets recognized and then it exits14:31
perrito666natefinch: sudo?14:32
natefinchpastebin is tricky  with no internet14:32
perrito666natefinch: I take you are not on that compuer14:32
gsamfirait should show up in lsusb, or at least lspci14:32
natefinchI could sneaker net it to my wife's laptop I guess14:32
natefinchI am on my tablet14:32
gsamfiraif it does not, you can stop there :).14:32
gsamfiraand order a new one14:32
perrito666natefinch: use the pendrive luke14:32
sparkiegeek...or a different USB port14:32
natefinchit's not just the Ethernet, the built in WiFi does the same thing14:41
perrito666natefinch: at this point I would recommend the following14:42
perrito666boot with a live CD/USB14:42
perrito666if that works backup your hd, fast14:42
natefinchI have off site backup regardless, but yeah, annoying.14:44
perrito666natefinch: anyway, what I meant is, if booting with live media works is your hd or at least the fs that is fried14:45
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natefinchug ok, so live disk works fine15:06
perrito666natefinch: you have now 2 opts, fs corruption or hd breakage15:06
gsamfiraI think its just a bad kernel update :)15:06
natefinchI'm with gsamfira15:07
perrito666gsamfira: well if it where so we should hear axw yell on the same direction soon15:07
natefinchand ericsnow15:07
perrito666natefinch: 14.04?15:07
natefinchall three of us have the same laptop15:07
* ericsnow makes mental note to check HD15:08
perrito666natefinch: well you can always chroot and install an older kernel15:08
ericsnownatefinch: keep in mind that mine is a newer model (with SD)15:08
natefinchI don't have the standard HD... hada big SSD before I bought it15:08
natefinchok, someone's going to have to help me install the older kernel... please and thank you...15:09
natefinchis there a way to just load up a backup from a couple days ago or something like that?  I don't think I've done a kernel update recently15:10
gsamfirayou still have the old kernel15:10
gsamfiraafter rebooting, keep shift pressed15:10
gsamfirayou will get the grub menu15:10
gsamfirajust select an alder version15:10
perrito666and since you are there you can always do an fsck on your sdd15:10
gsamfiraand if you don't already have trim, you should put that in a cronjob (considering you rarely reboot) :)15:11
* perrito666 gets cold called by directv and his phone company with bad offers15:12
perrito666man, these people get really pushy15:12
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natefinchwell that was fruitless15:48
natefinchI knew I hadn't updated the kernel in ages15:48
natefinchthe HD is only a year old, and it's a top of the line samsung...   but certainly something is fubared15:49
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gsamfiraif anyone is willing, I would appreciate a review for: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/18915:57
hackedbellininatefinch: hi! Is there any news on my issue?16:27
natefinchhackedbellini: no, sorry.  We had a couple other issues come in that I had to look at as well.   I tried to write a fix for your problem, but had some problems getting it to work with the mongo driver we're using.  It'll take a little more time.  I might be able to help you tweak the database directly to let the upgrade work correctly.  Unfortunately, right now  I'm trying to fix my laptop as it crashed this morning and now h16:32
natefinchas a ton of problems16:32
hackedbellininatefinch: no problem :). It will be very nice if you can help me to tweak my database to make the upgrade work correctly! There's no problem that you don't have the time to do that right now, I can wait until you can.16:34
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katcothumper: hey do you have time to do a review on https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/398?18:44
katcoer i guess it's the middle of the night for him. who is the on-call reviewer?18:48
jcw4katco: menn0 is the other one... probably not around either :)18:49
katcojcw4: yeah... also out of NZ =/18:49
jcw4natefinch is fighting HD issues... perrito666 or axw ?18:51
katcoaxw is out of australia18:51
katcoperrito666: is in the western hemisphere :) just very south of me!18:51
jcw4katco: the code looks pretty and well thought out, but I don't know much about the subject matter :/18:54
katcojcw4: lol, well i at least appreciate the compliments. it was a team effort :)18:55
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marcoceppiwhere is the event queue stored on the unit? is it in a data directory or in memory or?19:06
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natefinchmarcoceppi, pretty sure we don't store anything on disk19:17
marcoceppinatefinch: then where does the pending queues get stored?19:17
natefinchmarcoceppi, I sort of assumed we just snagged each one from mongo one at a time19:17
marcoceppinatefinch: so it lives in mongo then?19:17
natefinchmarcoceppi, everything lives in mongo :)19:18
natefinchmarcoceppi, but I don't know for sure19:18
natefinchI would look at the code, but my computer is currently hosed.19:18
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wallyworldsinzui: hey, can you remember how to deal with GhostRevisionsHaveRevNo errors when pushing a bzr branch?22:01
* sinzui thinks22:01
sinzuiwallyworld, It is a staking order22:02
wallyworldsinzui: ok. katco did a go get in order to get trunk, then did a bzr branch and a commit, then pushed22:02
wallyworldso maybe bzr checkout lp:golxc would have been better22:03
* katco mopes around looking guilty.22:03
waiganithumper, menn0: what is the 'url' field in jenv for?22:04
wallyworldalthough bzr merge lp:golxc said nothing to do22:04
wallyworldmaybe thumper knows22:04
* thumper otp now22:04
sinzuiwallyworld, katco The problem is usually the project changed the default branch, but other branches weren't restacked22:04
sinzuikatco, I think you need to run22:05
sinzuibzr reconfigure --unstacked22:05
sinzuibzr reconfigure --stacked-on:lp:golxc22:05
waiganijuju destroy-environment local --force22:05
waiganiERROR cannot read environment info for "local": error unmarshalling "~/.juju/environments/local.jenv": YAML error: line 138: did not find expected key22:05
waiganiline 138 is: url: ""22:06
wallyworldsinzui: i just checked lp and katco's branch is there with the changes she did22:06
wallyworldeven though push failed22:06
sinzuiI think lp:~rogpeppe/golxc/golxc was the original trunk, then lp:~juju/golxc/golxc became trunk22:07
waiganihmph, simply deleting that line allowed me to force destroy22:09
wallyworldsinzui: the mp worked without any restacking :-) so the push error wasn't fatal as such. thanks for help.22:11
menn0waigani: I've just had a quick look in to your url question22:24
menn0waigani: that message is complaining that the .jenv has "url" in it but that isn't a known field22:24
menn0waigani: if you look in environs/config/config.go you'll see that "url" isn't described there22:25
menn0waigani: so the question really is: how did "url" get in that .jenv file?22:25
waiganimenn0: thanks. yes, indeed - that is what I'm trying to work out now.22:26
menn0waigani: looking through recent-ish commits for config.go I don't see the "url" ever being defined22:33
menn0s/ ever/ field ever/22:33
menn0waigani: has the file been manually monkeyed with perhaps?22:33
waiganimenn0: I haven't touched it - promise!22:33
waiganimenn0: though I have been manually provisioning lxc containers and it seems to happen during that process ...22:34
waiganimenn0: just trying to reproduce it now22:35
menn0waigani: ok. hope you figure it out.22:37
waiganimenn0: I'm about to attempt reproducing the bug that I *think* killed my network config over the weekend. If I go offline and miss our standup - that is why!22:38
menn0waigani: ok :)22:38
waiganimenn0: okay this is really interesting. I manually provisioned the lxc, then destroyed it via lxc-destroy (i.e. not via juju). Now the network menu on the top bar of my desktop has disappeared.22:43
waiganimenn0: I'm guessing if I restart I will not be able to connect anymore22:43
menn0and he's gone ...22:45
katcowallyworld: privisioners_test.go failed but it looks unrelated. any objections to merging?23:04
wallyworldkatco: what was failure error?23:04
katcoerror message didn't match; "Failed to get machine 1" vs "failed to get machine 0"23:04
wallyworldah, one of those map ordering ones23:05
wallyworldyep, good to go23:05
katcook pushing up now23:05
wallyworldthanks, don't forget 1.20 :-)23:05
katcostarting with that :)23:05
katcohttps://github.com/juju/juju/pull/410 if you're interested in LGTM23:12
katcowallyworld: landed in v1.2023:35
katcowallyworld: testing trunk23:35
katcowallyworld: no problem!23:35
alexisbwallyworld, when you have a moment I could use a few minutes of your time23:36
wallyworldalexisb: sure, now?23:36
alexisbsure, same as our 1xq23:36

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