rick_h__morning huwshimi 00:34
rick_h__good flight?00:34
huwshimirick_h__: Yeah, not bad. Get home ok?00:34
rick_h__oh yea00:35
rick_h__nice direct single flight :)00:35
huwshimirick_h__: It's nice to return to see that change to connections :)00:50
rick_h__huwshimi: :) 00:59
rick_h__huwshimi: yea, I ping'd tim and said "Hey, I want to give you the FYI that we're going to make some waves about this up through Mark Ramm and up to Mark S if necessary"00:59
rick_h__and his reply "already gone"00:59
=== uru_ is now known as urulama
rogpeppe1urulama: mornin'07:44
urulamarogpeppe1: morning07:44
rogpeppe1urulama: how did your trip back go?07:45
urulamarogpeppe1: fine, thanks, came back to a rainy and foggy home :D 07:45
rogpeppe1urulama: still quite nice up here :-)07:46
rogpeppe1urulama: here's a review to brighten your day :-) https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/3407:46
urulamarogpeppe1: looking at it 07:47
rogpeppe1urulama: ta07:47
urulamarogpeppe1: so you are not using your swap day?07:48
rogpeppe1urulama: i think i'll take it tomorrow07:48
rogpeppe1urulama: or... perhaps i might take it in two halves - this afternoon and tomorrow morning07:48
rogpeppe1urulama: i did this PR on the train north07:49
urulamarogpeppe1: great :D07:49
urulamarogpeppe1: my kids are at home this week (kindergarden closed for their vacations) - so I'll probably work in the morning till 3PM and than continue at 8PM (our time), just to let you know07:50
rogpeppe1urulama: (and i also have nearly done a signficant refactoring of the meta include stuff; i decided that the GetItem stuff was going to be too complex and inefficient.07:50
rogpeppe1urulama: ok, good to know07:51
rick_h__morning party people11:05
rick_h__morning jrwren_, good trip?12:35
jrwren_very good.12:36
jrwren_and you?12:36
rick_h__tired, great sprint though. 12:36
frankbanrick_h__: do you have a minute to chat about bug 1348192 ?12:36
_mup_Bug #1348192: series should not be determined to create machine until a charm is placed upon it <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1348192>12:36
rick_h__frankban: sure thing12:36
rick_h__frankban: invite me in and I'll join in12:37
frankbanrick_h__: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/gui12:37
urulamahi there jrwren_, welcome back12:38
jrwren_thanks urulama.12:45
rick_h__jrwren_: so catch up on emails and we'll get a sprint summary email out in a bit 12:47
rick_h__jrwren_: once you're caught up let's chat and see where to head this week?12:47
jrwren_sounds great.12:49
rick_h__luca: call today?13:03
rick_h__or skipping?13:03
lucarick_h__: oh!13:03
lucarick_h__: I really wasn’t watching my calendar13:03
lucarick_h__: I’ll jump on, sorry13:03
urulamahi there hatch13:14
hatchhey urulama hows it going?13:15
urulamahatch: great, thanks ... had a good way back?13:15
hatchflight was delayed out of LHR so I had to spend the night in YYZ before getting back home13:15
hatchat which point I rolled my ankle 13:16
hatchso no13:16
hatchhow was yours?13:16
urulamanothing as drastic as yours ... taxi, bus, writing some docs at the airport while eating "great" food, landing in a rainy and foggy Slovenia ... and all the English complaining that they should of stayed at home :D13:17
urulamahope your ankle is better now, otherwise your 1% of life in your work-life balance could be endangered!13:19
hatchhaha right13:20
rick_h__hatch: are you on the search bug this morning?13:36
hatchrick_h__ yeah I will be13:36
rick_h__hatch: ok cool thanks13:36
frankbanrick_h__: it seems the API allows for hulk-smashing two different units in the same top level machine13:37
rick_h__frankban: it works? I talked with someone on core about it and everything. I hope I'm not crazy13:37
hatchI can't seem to be able to make g+ turn my London photo album into a story :(13:38
rick_h__hatch: sometimes takes a few days13:38
hatchoh ok I'll give it a wait 13:38
rick_h__over 400 emails down to 280 go go go13:46
urulamarick_h__: ctrl+a, mark as read :P13:50
rick_h__frankban: sorry for the bug mail span13:50
rick_h__I fail at tab mgt today13:50
lucarick_h__: The summary is all good13:51
rick_h__luca ty much13:51
lucarick_h__: no probs13:51
frankbanrick_h__: I confirm juju stable allows co-locating two units. Do we still want to enforce one unit per container?14:16
frankban(tried also on ec2)14:16
frankbanrick_h__: I'd suggest not to. And we can just add those checks: 1) on an existing machine/container, no services with a different series are allowed. 2) on a ghost machine/container, dropped units must share the same series14:18
frankbanjuju-gui: are we aware of this bug? 1) go to http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/ 2) drag/drop the mediawiki/single bundle 3) double click mediawiki to open the inspector 4) start zooming the canvas in/out and notice the mysql service box icon does not scale14:20
hatchfrankban working fine on OSX Chome 36.014:23
frankbanhatch: chrome on linux here14:24
hatchfrankban chrome has a number of svg rendering bugs, on linux even more so, I wouldn't doubt that it happens :)14:25
frankbanhatch: works ok with firefox14:25
kadams54frankban: I've seen problems with the SVG icons in Canary/Mac for awhile now. Like hatch says, seems to be something in Chrome/Canary.14:27
frankbanhatch: I can dupe it with OSX chrome 36  :-/14:27
kadams54I don't know what, but it isn't fixed by switching Chrome versions or re-installing.14:27
hatchreally? any errors? I really can't repro14:27
frankbanhatch: no errors14:29
rick_h__frankban: yea that sounds like a plan I guess. 14:30
rick_h__frankban: and yea, we'll need to make sure the UX makes it make sense and help guide the user14:31
rick_h__frankban: I hit that during my demo to mark and not sure what's up. Haven't investigated farther14:31
hatchfrankban so the label for creating a relation doesn't scale (as intended) but the icons both scale without issue here...14:31
hatchfrankban rick_h__  so we are allowing multiple units to be placed on the 'base container' via the GUI? 14:32
rick_h__hatch: yea, something must have chnged since the demo and it seems it's possible now14:33
rick_h__hatch: so the reason we killed it was the api didn't let us do it, but seems that's changed or I had a dream about it all back in the demo days14:33
hatchhmm ok then - I am pretty sure there is still a bug somewhere in there because that's how kadams54 got into his broken state14:33
rick_h__hatch: oh definitely, this is a bit outside of that stuff14:33
rick_h__there's issues around series matching and container types allowed and more14:34
hatchgotcha ok cool, just trying to stay in the loop :)14:34
rick_h__heh, you and me both :)14:34
hatchso it took me just over 1.5H to get from the office and through security in LHR and there wasn't a single delay14:35
rick_h__yea, I know huw and I planned on 2hrs to get through airport and be there 2hrs early so left at 9am for a 1pm flight14:35
hatchcrazy how long it takes 14:36
rick_h__hatch: jcsackett did we get anywhere with this 'major/minor uncomitted' stuff?14:42
rick_h__I feel like we brought it up but can't find any notes/bugs/updates on that14:42
hatchrick_h__ yeah the only 'minor' thing has been fixed14:42
jcsackettrick_h__: it was referenced, but i don't recall serious discussion about it.14:43
jcsackettrick_h__: i *think* hatch saw some stuff about it in one of the mockups.14:43
hatchit was just setting of a config moved into the other list14:43
rick_h__hatch: ok, I see your email to luca, you're set then? We have a bug/card to work on it?14:43
rick_h__e.g. I can delete this email :)14:43
hatchI did what needed to be done already - the new UI has a nicer implementation so we'll probably wait until that's done14:43
rick_h__ok cool14:43
hatchautocompleteDataFormatter is apparently undocumented everywhere wrt the autocomplete widget...heh14:44
hatchdo you remember where you found it?14:44
rick_h__the source probably14:44
hatchwell it doesn't exist 14:52
rick_h__jujugui call in 814:53
rick_h__jujugui kanban please14:53
rick_h__hatch: oh, is that something I wrote then?14:53
hatchhaha yup14:54
hatchbah clearly still jet lagged14:54
rick_h__jujugui call now jcsackett 15:00
jcsackettrick_h__: whoops, coming now.15:02
urulamajrwren_: after you're done with reading docs, we could have a chat about that tomorrow morning (your time) ... rick_h__ want to join?15:24
jcastrorick_h__, heya15:24
jcastrorick_h__, so any progress on searching? 15:24
jcastroI still can't find anything15:24
rick_h__jcastro: yes and yes?15:24
rick_h__jcastro: what's up?15:24
rick_h__urulama: sure, happy to help15:24
rick_h__jcastro: hatch is working on the bug for the autocomplete that came out, but not sure what you mean 'I still can't find anything'15:24
jrwren_urulama: whenever you wish. I don't need to be done reading, I don't think :)15:24
jcastrorick_h__, do you know if quickstart/deployer will work if bundles are in github?15:25
MakyoREstart for updates, back in a sec15:25
frankbanurulama: created the card: add a command to start the server...15:25
rick_h__jcastro: if you give it the raw bundle file (http://.....) it should work15:25
urulamafrankban: thanks15:25
rick_h__jcastro: not sure on deployer, I know quickstart will use a url15:25
rick_h__at least I believe it will15:25
urulamafrankban: i've moved it at the top, 1st card15:26
hatchjcastro what are you searching for that you're unable to find?15:27
_mup_Bug #1348290: charm searching returns odd results at times <landscape> <charmworld:Invalid by bac> <juju-gui:In Progress by hatch> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1348290>15:28
jcastroif you search for "hadoop" you get a bunch of crap15:28
rick_h__jcastro: right, that's in progress right now15:28
hatchyeah I'm working on that one right now15:28
rick_h__jcastro: hopefully have a fix later today/tomorrow and we'll do a new release this week15:28
hazmatjcastro,  rick_h__, deployer supports a bundle  url on the cli and also for internal imports15:28
rick_h__hazmat: awesome15:28
jcastrough, this sidebar is killing me15:29
jcastroI totally don't understand15:29
rick_h__jcastro: ? 15:29
jcastrocan we get the fullscreen search back?15:29
jcastrorick_h__, I still can't use the gui to search for bundles and charms I want15:29
rick_h__jcastro: rgr, went to PM15:29
urulamajujugui: going afk for 3h ... see you later15:32
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hatchrick_h__ it seems that a number of people are using the autocomplete results instead of the real search results, maybe we should drop the autocomplete and put the autocomplete results in the sidebar...to avoid confusion 16:08
rick_h__hatch: I think we can make the autocomplete better. I mean we're hearing a lot from a set of people using autocomplete because it comes up first. 16:12
rick_h__I'm not sure the best answer is 'remove the feature' vs improving it16:12
hatchright - but it's super confusing, even with it working properly you could get three mysql's (for example) all with icons all called 'mysql'16:13
rick_h__hatch: otp but let's chat and see what we can do to make it better. 16:13
hatchyeah sure16:13
hatchI'm just thinking ahead16:13
hatchping whenever16:13
rick_h__hatch: nothing says we can't not do that. show one mysql named service and move up other options16:14
hatchmaybe the issue is that we have never defined what AC was supposed to do, atm it's just a poor version of the real search results16:14
* rick_h__ goes to get lunch17:02
* rick_h__ is back and such17:59
hatchholy smokes qa'ing this bug is painful18:24
hatchI mean...it's AMAZING18:24
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jrwren_painfully amazing or amazingly painful or both?18:32
hatchdefinitely amazingly painful18:37
hatchbbiab lunching18:37
rick_h__hatch: let me know when you're back18:50
hatchrick_h__ backattack 19:00
rick_h__hatch: sorry, next call here. Will try to find a chance19:01
hatchhaha np 19:01
hatchjcsackett are you around?19:31
jcsacketthatch: what's up.19:47
hatchjcsackett didn't you land a branch which fixed the /inspector/serviceName bug which caused it to lock up the charmbrowser?19:47
hatchI know there was some issues but I thought we just ignored the /inspector urls for now19:48
jcsacketthatch: i dealt with a couple dispatch issues around inspector, but i don't remember anything about locking up the charmbrowser.19:48
hatchwhen I access a /inspector url the charmbrowser is blank and the charm details breakout is shown and blank19:48
hatchon a real env of course19:48
hatchthis isn't ringing any bells?19:50
rick_h__hatch: I've got 10min19:51
rick_h__hatch: in the standup url19:52
hatchok joining19:52
hatchit's taking a while to connect19:52
jcsacketthatch: no bells have rung, but if it's only in a real env my guess is the retry loop is blowing its stack.19:53
hatchjcsackett right - but there was some reason why you didn't fix it before20:00
hatchI remember you started to fix it then quit for some reason20:00
hatchbut I wasn't sure where you quit at 20:00
hatchbecause right now if you get handed a /inspector url the GUI  is useless because it errors out20:01
urulamajujugui good night all20:12
hatchjcsackett well I wasn't sure if this existed or not so I created another bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/134956520:16
_mup_Bug #1349565: visiting a /inspector url in a real env causes the charmbrowser to be blank <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1349565>20:16
jcsackettjujugui: can someone take a look at https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/45920:51
jcsacketti guess two someone's per standup.20:51
kadams54jcsackett: comments added; let me know if I'm talking crazy talk.21:06
hatchjujugui when addressing review comments wrt this new 2-review policy we should not rebase until the final merge in so that we can keep the comment history alive21:10
jcsacketthatch: +121:10
kadams54hatch: +1, though I thought that's what we were already doing?21:11
jcsackettkadams54: i think hatch means don't rebase between the two reviewers.21:11
hatchyeah that21:11
kadams54jcsackett: Oh yeah… I tend not to rebase until the very last step before shipit.21:11
kadams54It scales nicely with N+1 reviewers ;-)21:12
jcsackettkadams54: me too.21:12
kadams54Definitely good to discuss though… that's one of the hard things as a newbie is the things that the team decided on in retros that's not documented anywhere.21:13
jcsackettwe should probably update the hacking docs with this stuff.21:15
* jcsackett calls "not it"21:16
rick_h__jcsackett: hatch friday card?21:25
* rick_h__ runs away for to get the boy until later tonight21:26
rick_h__have a good day all21:26
jcsackettkadams54: you were not talking nonsense, for the most part--i'm going to look into the not using the DOM suggestion. see my response about the boolean parameter for finding things.21:35
jcsackettkadams54: pushed the change.22:31
kadams54jcsackett: cool, looking...22:44

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