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gnuoyI'm using add-machine to precreate some machines that need some configuration before adding services to them. I'd like to use juju-deployer to do the service deployment and one of the services needs multiple units. I thought08:27
gnuoy    num_units: 308:27
gnuoy    to: [3, 4, 5]08:27
gnuoywas what was needed but that results in http://paste.ubuntu.com/7882698/08:28
gnuoyand ideas?08:28
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jamespagemarcoceppi, morning - I have an amulet question for you11:19
jamespagemarcoceppi, how does sentry.wait() determine that all hooks have finished executing? I'm seeing a race in the openstack tests we are writing - hooks are def still firing post .wait() completing11:19
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marcoceppi jamespage it infers if a unit is ready by checking for any jujud processes running hooks/*12:26
marcoceppidoes a round robin check of all of the units12:26
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santeHi all, I just setup a juju environment in an openstack cloud. If I set the environment on the precise release everything goes well. If I leave the default series unconfigured every deploy involving a trusty image get stuck and does not work at all. Can anyone help me debugging this problem?12:34
jamespagemarcoceppi, so its possible it could false positive?13:09
marcoceppijamespage: I mean, it's possible. I thought I had resolved that, but in large deployments it's fesable that you could get a false positive13:10
marcoceppijamespage: I'll look in to better detection by investigating the event queue directly in juju rather than trying to query each unit individually13:10
Egoist_I have made few changes in charms, and want to put it on to the charm store?13:18
Egoist_Is it possible to do that?13:18
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jamespageEgoist_, indeed it is - just proposed your changes against the branches on launchpad13:21
Egoist_jamespage, can you explain to me how to do it?13:24
jamespageEgoist_, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/authors-charm-store.html13:25
natefinchirc on a tablet is rather suboptimal14:17
TheMuenatefinch: at least an alternative to the non-networking notebook14:23
TheMuenatefinch: from time to time I’m using my pad too, for quick jumps into the net14:25
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avoinelazyPower: my python-django MP is ready for an other review:15:39
lazyPowerbcsaller: will you have a chance to look over that MP today? ^ We had some concerns about it last week.15:40
lazyPoweravoine: ty for the follow up ping. I'm a bit slammed but will get to it no later than wednesday if bcsaller doesn't get to it first.15:40
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avoinelazyPower: also I'll write a mail on the mailling list to explain my experience/problems with the Ansible migration15:41
avoinelazyPower: ok thanks15:41
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lazyPowerthanks for the follow up as well. That will be great feedback to have15:44
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ctlaughjamespage: mwhudson mentioned I should ask you about the cinder juju charm.  It is having a problem deploying on a host with a single drive.  I am using the configuration option "disk.img|sizeG" because the system I am installing on does not have an sdb. For a while, I was seeing that it wasn't creating the loopback device, but now it seems to be doing it all the time.  What isn't happening is creating the volume group.  I'm running22:07
ctlaughtrusty.  Do you know where I should look to try to figure out why?22:07
noodles775lazyPower: Anyone I can ping to get reviews for these elasticsearch charm updates from 3 weeks ago? (Adds firewall rules for the 9200/9300 ports): https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/charms/trusty/elasticsearch/add-ufw/+merge/225934 https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/charms/trusty/elasticsearch/ufw-for-peers-too/+merge/22596823:33
lazyPowernoodles775: bcsaller is on review this week.23:34
=== lazyPower changed the topic of #juju to: Welcome to Juju! || Docs: http://juju.ubuntu.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://goo.gl/9yBZuv || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP || Weekly Reviewers: bcsaller & cory_fu || News and stuff: http://reddit.com/r/juju
noodles775lazyPower: great, txs23:37
noodles775lazyPower: just a thought, but I wonder if the review velocity would be a lot greater if people actually involved with the charm (who are also charmers) reviewed them (ie. they have context), rather than one person (on rotation) having to get context for each and every charm.23:40
noodles775I mean, hazmat (who has not only context, but an interest in the charm) could probably review my two in 5mins each without needing any extra context (but I know how busy he is), as opposed to someone else who may need 0.5hr per MP.23:41
sebas5384jcastro: ping23:42
sarnoldnoodles775: there's also value in spreading around knowledge inside a team :)23:43
noodles775sarnold: yes, that's also valuable of course, but I don't think it's worth an average 4 week wait time for updates to charms. I think that same knowlege can be spread more effectively by examining other charms of interest.23:45
sarnoldnoodles775: don't forget, these guys are The New Hotness :) investing in their knowledge rotation will pay dividends down the road23:47
hazmatnoodles775, looking23:50
noodles775Thanks hazmat23:51
hazmatnoodles775, what happens on upgrade?23:54
hazmatafaics it setups ufw in deny mode then, and extant clients are hosed23:55
noodles775hazmat: I'll test and fix it with a paste of the output on the MP. Txs (I'd only tested deploy).23:57
noodles775sarnold: yep, I'm all for us investing in each others knowledge of other charms and strategies for charms.23:57
hazmatnoodles775, added comment23:58
hazmatto mp23:58

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