valoriewhat's this I hear about Konvi being packaged for our Utopic Next?02:09
valorieif so, how can I get it?02:09
agateauScottK: how can I reproduce that Gwenview test failure?07:47
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - The Distro for Birthday Octopii, 100% jellyfish free | https://trello.com/kubuntu | KF5 5.0.0! notes http://goo.gl/53m7zt : status http://goo.gl/MxvdGp | 4.13.95 U http://goo.gl/dMO38I | Kubuntu 5 Test ISO's http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kubuntu5/kubuntu5-latest.iso.zsync
Riddellyofel: topic diff?08:03
yofellink for 4.13.9508:03
Riddellvalorie: nothing has been packaged yet, but there is a kf5 branch so it would be nice to have it in experimental08:03
yofeldo we have a kmix5 yet?08:04
RiddellI don't know if that's ported08:05
Riddellkmix4 works fine08:05
yofelok, then I just need to figure out why that wasn't running08:05
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - The Distro for Birthday Octopii, 100% jellyfish free | https://trello.com/kubuntu | KF5 5.0.0! notes http://goo.gl/53m7zt : status http://goo.gl/MxvdGp | 4.13.95 U http://goo.gl/dMO38I 4.13.3 T http://goo.gl/XrhwRF | Kubuntu 5 Test ISO's http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kubuntu5/kubuntu5-latest.iso.zsync
yofeland 4.13.308:12
RiddellI think we need to remove nepomuk from 4.13.95, having them fail is a bother and vhanda has said there's no need08:13
* yofel does a fresh upload of 4.13.308:17
yofelthere's no SRU bug in the changelogs08:17
apacheloggeryofel: it wasn't running for the same reason polkit isn't running08:18
apacheloggerstuff uses /usr/share/autostart, packages need patchery to move the relevant stuff to /etc/xdg and possibly set onlyshowin08:18
apacheloggerin fact08:18
apacheloggeryou are the third person I am telling this, so I guess now I am going to send a mail :P08:19
yofeldo that ^^08:19
=== shadeslayer changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - The Distro for Birthday Octopii, 100% jellyfish free | https://trello.com/kubuntu | KF5 5.0.0! notes http://goo.gl/53m7zt : status http://goo.gl/MxvdGp | 4.13.95 U http://goo.gl/dMO38I 4.13.3 T http://goo.gl/XrhwRF | Kubuntu 5 Test ISO's http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kubuntu-plasma5/kubuntu-plasma5-latest.iso.zsync
shadeslayerapachelogger: polkit is fixed now btw08:47
shadeslayerhm, actually that looks wrong08:48
apacheloggerif only polkit is fixed, then yes, it is wrong :P08:48
shadeslayerno, the kde auth part of it, though I fixed it incorrectly in my friday haste08:48
apacheloggerkauth wouldn't work anyway08:49
apacheloggerit has no polkitqt08:49
shadeslayershould have just made a link to the one installed in /usr/share/autostart08:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: if you have the KDE4 version installed, it works08:49
shadeslayeror well, it worked with muon 08:49
apacheloggermuon doesn't use kauth08:49
apacheloggerin particular muon itself is also kde4, so that would work anyway :P08:49
ovidiu-florin_apachelogger: how many 48 hours have to pass for that mail script to run? It's been ~4 days. 08:52
apacheloggerovidiu-florin_: send a mail to rt@ubuntu.com with link to your launchpad profile saying that your member mail alias hasn't been created 08:56
apacheloggeror go to #canonical-sysadmin I think08:57
shadeslayerok, everything good to release I think09:06
Riddellshadeslayer: release what?09:07
yofelrelease in what sense?09:09
shadeslayerannounce it to the world09:09
shadeslayerthat we have a ISO09:09
shadeslayerwriting blog now09:11
Riddellshadeslayer: I have a blog too, I think we also want a story on kubuntu.org, you want to do that or shall I?09:12
shadeslayergo ahead09:12
shadeslayermore blogs are awesome09:12
Riddellshadeslayer: network manager is working on this one?09:14
shadeslayerit was for me in the vbox09:14
shadeslayerI don't know about wifi though09:16
shadeslayerhttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kubuntu-plasma5/kubuntu-plasma5-201407251140.manifest < says network-manager was installed09:16
Riddellshadeslayer: hmm torrent not working for me09:16
Riddellshadeslayer: should it be moved into a daily/ directory incase we also want to have a release/ directory? (or better name than daily)?09:17
shadeslayermaybe not09:18
shadeslayerbecause this is just temporary09:18
shadeslayertill Colin gets things up on cdimage09:18
Riddellbut then they still won't want to have releases on cdimage so we'd still want it on qa.kubuntu09:18
shadeslayerwas that finalized? I thought the discussion went into limbo09:19
apacheloggerif the image can't go on a mirror network we'll either have to distribute by torrent exclusively or shell out for cloudfront09:21
apacheloggerone server will most definitely die to release downloads09:21
Riddellso is this torrent working for anyone? cos it's not here09:22
* yofel agrees with apachelogger that the delete ppa link is a bit too easy to click @_@09:24
Riddelldon't click that!09:24
yofelI did, but I did at least read the confirmation page...09:25
shadeslayerok for some reason09:49
shadeslayertransmission stops seeding after it has uploaded 1 copy09:49
yofelratio-limit should be disabled by default though..09:53
=== popey_ is now known as popey
shadeslayeryofel: it is09:53
shadeslayerbut I enabled it09:53
shadeslayerlike, just now09:54
shadeslayeryofel: mind seeding magnet:?xt=urn:btih:644738bc5c3099dcd82b984bb8749301661cce26&dn=kubuntu-plasma5-201407251140.iso&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%3A8009:54
yofelafter lunch09:54
* yofel -> lunch09:54
* Riddell blogs https://blogs.kde.org/2014/07/28/kubuntu-plasma-5-isos-rolling10:21
shadeslayerRiddell: did not realize there was a plasma 410:23
Riddellshadeslayer: not a brand that's been used much before but we're trying to phase out Plasma Workspace so Plasma 4 replaces it10:24
Riddelland it is what it was called I'm told10:24
* Riddell publishes kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-plasma-510:33
shadeslayerRiddell: that looks horrible in firefox btw10:39
shadeslayerRiddell: http://i.imgur.com/rhFDeqm.png10:39
yofelplease do not hardcode image sizes that don't fit...10:44
yofelshadeslayer: fixed, please check10:47
shadeslayeroh oh oh10:47
shadeslayerI can seed10:47
shadeslayeryofel: are you using qbittorrent?10:47
yofelI usually use rtorrent, but as that doesn't support magnet I'll probably use transmission10:48
shadeslayerok then10:48
shadeslayerI can seed 10:48
shadeslayerthat's all that matters10:48
Riddellhmm, muon depends on kdesudo but doesn't seem to use it11:00
yofelit uses it to launch software-properties-kde11:00
yofelat least it did at some point11:00
tsimpsoncan it use pkexec?11:00
sneleguys plasma 5 test iso wont boot. error: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/3L/10P/M4PNP0Z/2014-07-28-125042.jpg11:01
sneleany clue what is wrong? I made start up usb disk with start up disk creator in 14.0411:02
Riddellshadeslayer: ↑  uefi issue?11:04
shadeslayerwrong ISO?11:04
shadeslayersnele: please sha256sum ISO11:04
Riddellah yes muon hardcodes use of kdesudo11:05
shadeslayeroh actually11:06
Riddellgdebi doesn't work with kdesu, can't find the .deb, some path must not be set, I think that's another advantage of kdesudo11:06
shadeslayersnele: please check sha256sum and then try dd'ing it to the USB stick11:06
sneleshadeslayer: ok. is kubuntu-plasma5-latest.iso the same as kubuntu-plasma5-201407251140.iso? because I have downloaded former one11:08
shadeslayershould be11:08
shadeslayerso we're averaging a good 10MBps on the server11:10
yofelshadeslayer: seeding now11:10
shadeslayerseems to be holding up well I'd say11:10
Riddellshadeslayer: we need kdelibs4support11:17
Riddellin the archive11:17
BluesKajHiyas all12:02
BluesKajhow goes it with the kubuntu-plasma5-desktop...is it still iffy and suffering from breakage?12:05
ScottKagateau: I'm not sure.  apachelogger had some insight about it, maybe he has a suggestion.12:36
ScottKerr debfx I meant, not apachelogger .12:36
BluesKajwell, i reverted to the defaults about 10 days ago after some symlinks and startup scripts no longer worked 12:38
BluesKajok Ill stick to the defaults for now ...not crazy about the plasma5 "look" anyway12:43
soeeBluesKaj: plasam5 on Kubuntu 14.10 works nice and stable for me12:44
soeeexcept the moment when i try to connect second screnn through hdmi, than plasmashell crashes12:45
BluesKajsoee, so it's better now...no breakage etc ?12:45
BluesKajnot using the hdmi out atm 12:45
soeeBluesKaj: did not experienced them, once teh problem with qdbus but this was temporary fixed12:45
soeei think yofel did some changes and works fine noe12:46
BluesKajwhich ppa do you recommend ?12:46
BluesKajare the themes and kde look options available yet or are we stuck with the default look icons and themes?\12:47
BluesKajif not then I think I'll pass til they are available12:48
soeeBluesKaj: qtcurve looks wnd works nice though its probably not 100% finished, in ferw places new icons are used but old oxygen as fallback also12:48
soeethere is new widnow decoration available but has some performance issues, mgrasslin blogged about it12:49
* BluesKaj nods , thanks soee12:49
soeeso im using the old one12:49
santa_apachelogger: ping?12:50
BluesKajI've been away fooling around with debian and now i know why I moved on from it ...still suffers from silly permission problems and a lack of apps that nI've learned to takre for granted12:50
=== amichair__ is now known as amichair
=== dodger is now known as Guest69710
soeeBluesKaj: i have ppa-next active and using12:59
BluesKajyeah i just added it, soee12:59
ScottKWho wrote "Kubuntu Plasma 5 ISOs have started being built. These are early development builds of what should be a Tech Preview with our 14.10 release in October"13:02
ScottKIt's horrible confusing.13:03
ScottKIt made me think it was an announcement that 14.10 would be Plasma 5 and I KNOW that's not true.13:03
RiddellScottK: me probably, you looking at kubuntu.org ?13:27
shadeslayermy blog is on the 2nd page of HN \o/13:27
Riddellshall I add "alongside our default offering with Plasma 4"?13:28
BluesKajsoee, desktop doesn't load from the login after installing plasma5. What am I missing?13:31
soeeBluesKaj: some error or ?13:32
BluesKajnope the login page just hangs, the splash screen doesn't load13:33
shadeslayerBluesKaj: are you testing in a vbox?13:34
soeenever had such problem13:34
BluesKajshadeslayer, no , kubuntu 14.10 has it's own partition13:34
shadeslayerBluesKaj: cat /var/log/sddm.log ?13:36
BluesKajnot using sddm13:37
soeesddm ?13:37
BluesKajchose lightdm over sddm due to the problems it had earlier13:38
BluesKajI'm on debian atm13:39
ScottKRiddell: I was looking at my planet Ubuntu RSS feed, but it amounts to the same thing.13:40
ScottK(It's Plasma 1, BTW)13:40
BluesKajguess i could use irssi on the VT...wasn't there a fix by installing qt5-default? But someone objected saying that it was wrong to do that altho it worked for me13:41
RiddellScottK: I thought so and did query that but people closer involved said it had always been plasma 413:42
yofelit was plasma workspaces 4, wasn't it?13:42
Riddellshadeslayer: £296.29 hotel + £177.20 flight + £21.57 bus = £495.06 for akademy13:43
ScottKYears later and rebranding is still confusing.13:43
Riddellyes and we're now trying to stop using the term workspaces as it adds nothing13:43
shadeslayerRiddell: yeah I got a reply from the hotel too13:43
ScottKMaybe it wasn't so well thought through.13:43
shadeslayercomes to around the same for me as well, 510 EUR or sth13:44
Riddellgroovy, I'll apply for that13:44
soeebambule: qt5-defaults was when qdbus couldnt be loaded13:44
shadeslayerRiddell: we might need to get cloudfronting xD13:50
shadeslayerI can barely ssh into the server13:50
Riddellcool 30 apache's running13:52
shadeslayerwe're uploading at a good 1GBps I think13:52
Riddelloh my word13:53
shadeslayerok no13:53
shadeslayer10 MBps13:53
shadeslayerbyobu likes to lie13:53
apacheloggerScottK, Riddell: yofel: there was no plasma4 because there was no one plasma13:54
shadeslayeralso, something is taking up 100% CPU13:54
apacheloggerthere was plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook at 4.x and plasma-device (formerly active, formerly mobile) at 1.x13:54
shadeslayerRiddell: kdelibs uploaded13:55
Riddellshadeslayer: 4support?13:55
shadeslayeroh wait13:55
shadeslayerRiddell: plz reject13:55
Riddellhmm browsing qa.kubuntu web is very slow13:58
Riddell"[Errno 105] No buffer space available " http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_4.13.3_trusty.html13:58
Riddellis that a bad thing?13:58
apacheloggerwhat exactly did you expect Oo14:01
shadeslayersomehow we managed to run out of space?14:01
shadeslayer/dev/vzfs        50G  7.1G   43G  15% /14:02
shadeslayerseems to have enough space14:02
yofelisn't buffer a memory section?14:03
yofelnot that I can check as I can't log in..14:03
yofelah, now I can14:04
apacheloggercan have multiple reasons, that output is very generic, in our case it likely means the kernel socket limit is maxed out14:06
shadeslayerwe have about 900 MB free14:06
apacheloggershadeslayer: that doesn't sound like a lot either ^^14:06
apacheloggerah, RAM you mean?14:06
apacheloggerah yeah14:06
shadeslayerapache2 is taking up all the CPU for some reason14:07
shadeslayerit's slow, but chugging along14:07
debfxisn't it just serving static pages?14:10
shadeslayerdebfx: too many people downloading things14:12
Riddellstatic pages and ISOs14:14
yofelyofel@lvps83-169-20-62 $ logout14:21
yofel-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory14:21
shadeslayeryofel: whoa o_o14:23
Riddellyofel: you uploaded 4.13.3 to staging again?14:23
yofelRiddell: yes, there was no bug # in the changelogs14:24
Riddellmm ok14:24
yofelalso, kde4libs was misisng14:24
Riddelluploading nepomuk-core to fix build-dep on kdegraphics-mobigraphis14:24
yofelplease don't14:24
yofelif nepomuk-core is missing then it's not there, rather lower the build-dep in mobi14:25
yofelthe script currently can't figure out what's updated and what not14:25
Riddellyes, I uploaded nepomuk-core with the build-dep on mobi lowered14:26
yofelah, ok, I misunderstood that the other way around...14:26
Riddelltsdgeos: I'll push the kapptemplate KF5 addition now https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119388/14:28
yofelRiddell: are you looking through which versions need to be fixed? Otherwise I'll do it as I have the packages still here14:28
Riddellyofel: go for it14:29
Riddelltsdgeos: ah but what's your current way of committing to SC?  commit to 4.14 and cherry pick to master?14:29
tsdgeosmerge up14:29
Riddelltsdgeos: merge not cherry pick?14:30
shadeslayersay hello to kubuntuBot14:46
shadeslayerwho builds our images14:46
shadeslayerkubotu: help imager14:46
kubotuno help for topic imager14:46
shadeslayerok fine, be like that14:46
shadeslayerbasically, imager build is the command to pass to it14:47
apacheloggerkubotu: hi14:49
kubotuyo apachelogger14:49
apacheloggerkubuntuBot: hi14:49
apacheloggerI think my bot is nicer14:49
shadeslayerkubuntuBot: Hi!14:49
shadeslayerkubuntuBot: hi14:50
shadeslayerscru u kubuntuBot14:50
shadeslayerkubuntuBot: restart14:50
Riddellhello kubuntuBot 14:50
shadeslayerpm me for access to the bot14:51
Riddell"welcome, owner"  not sure this fits with equality14:52
shadeslayerkubuntuBot: imager build14:57
shadeslayerxnox: I had a question15:00
shadeslayerabout ubiquity15:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: btw did you notice that no one appears to download with ktorrent :P15:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: actually, I see multiple users of Ktorrent15:01
apacheloggermaybe they all don';t like me15:02
apacheloggerI rarely see one pop up15:03
xnoxshadeslayer: go on =)15:03
Riddellyofel: you uploaded 4.14 beta 3 to the archive?15:03
yofelonly a few things15:03
shadeslayerxnox: how does ubiquity-dm startup? i.e. does something start lightdm and then ubiquity-dm?15:03
yofele.g. what's need to get the nepomuk bits to build15:03
Riddellyofel: right I see15:03
yofelI didn't yet get to upload nepomuk-core though, that's still missing15:03
shadeslayerxnox: I'm trying to get ubiquity-dm popup in the Plasma 5 ISO15:04
Riddellyofel: I think I'll just remove nepomuk from SC, vhanda says it doesn't work anyway15:04
xnoxshadeslayer: lightdm startup conditions are satisfied -> (filesystem and runlevel [!06] and started dbus and plymouth-ready)15:04
yofelgo ahead15:04
xnoxshadeslayer: lightdm emits starting15:04
xnoxshadeslayer: lightdm is blocked by ubiquity job, which instead launches ubiquity-dm.15:04
xnoxshadeslayer: if/when ubiquity job dies, aborts, quits or finishes. lightdm starts up normally and auto-logs in. Or a shutdown/reboot sequence is initiated by ubiquity and lightdm never starts.15:05
shadeslayerand I assume lightdm has some ubiquity-dm handling then?15:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: fwiw I don't get any KTorrent clients too, all of them seem to like transmission better15:06
apacheloggerI have about the same amount of transmission and qbittorrent15:07
apacheloggereverything else has a negligible share15:07
shadeslayeralot of folks from Russia xD15:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: bot net of compromised xp computers :P15:11
xnoxshadeslayer: no, lightdm has no knoweledge of ubiquity-dm.15:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: being liberated by Kubuntu \o/15:13
xnoxshadeslayer: ubiquity, blocks lightdm job from starting. Thus ubiquity-dm and lightdm never run at the same time, and lightdm never launches ubiquity-dm.15:14
shadeslayerxnox: ah so somehow you block the greeter exclusively15:15
shadeslayerand then draw ontop of the X server started by lightdm15:16
xnoxshadeslayer: no.15:16
xnoxshadeslayer: look at lightdm upstart job.15:16
xnoxshadeslayer: then look and /etc/init/ubiquity.conf job15:16
xnoxshadeslayer: ubiquity job, pre-empts lightdm job from executing.15:17
xnoxubiquity-dm spawns it's own X, it's own panel, apps, background etc. It's a minimalist display-manager / Desktop Environment / desktop & single app runner.15:17
xnoxif that dies and fails.15:18
xnoxthen everything is torn down, and lightdm job starts X and starts itselfs and starts normal regular use session.15:18
xnoxhence when you boot live cd and click "Try $distro" you get loads of flicker of everything being torn down and re-setup.15:19
xnoxshadeslayer: what's your real question?15:20
xnoxshadeslayer: not shipping lightdm and no ubiquity showing up?15:20
shadeslayerwe're shipping sddm and sddm starts up15:20
xnoxshadeslayer: so, why didn't you ask that in the first place? =)15:20
shadeslayertrying to fix it myself15:20
xnoxshadeslayer: so at the top of /etc/init/ubiquity.conf we need to update that list of display managers. We forgot to add sddm to that list as well as the Mate thing as well.15:21
shadeslayerxnox: that's it? :D15:21
xnoxshadeslayer: would you make a merge proposal for that?15:21
xnoxshadeslayer: well, i told you to read the ubiqutiy job.... i have no idea why it's still a surprise to you =)15:22
shadeslayerheh, I was reading that, just still astonished that it's as simple as that15:22
* shadeslayer looks up mate stuff15:22
xnoxthey have the "not-metacity" display manager added recently.15:22
shadeslayerxnox: did you have a chance to look at cmake?15:27
shadeslayerthe libexec dir issue15:28
shadeslayerxnox: can't say I've found the mate stuff15:54
shadeslayerso I'll just upload the sddm change15:55
xnoxshadeslayer: read the recent changelog, find the name of the mate dm, and add it like sddm.15:55
xnoxshadeslayer: it's not called mate, or metacity, but it does start with "m" as well...15:56
shadeslayerbut that seems like the WM only15:57
xnoxshadeslayer: oh, right. true.15:57
xnoxshadeslayer: and i don't know if they have forked gdm or not.15:58
xnoxshadeslayer: wait and see, I guess.15:58
shadeslayerwell, their ISO uses lightdm15:58
shadeslayerand some basic googling says they recommend lightdm as well15:58
xnoxthan, it's all good.15:59
lordievaderGood evening.16:00
shadeslayerxnox: https://code.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/ubiquity/plasma5/+merge/22852816:00
_Groo_to be part of kubuntu trello, do i need to ask for an invitation or something? i just signed up and went to trello.com/kubuntu, do i need anything else?16:13
_Groo_also, which ppa has the kubuntu automation scripts?16:17
BluesKajwell my desktop is certainly mucked up now ... no access no matter how i try to fix this mess ... ok it's my fault that i got burned twice ..not gonna happen a 3rd time16:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: Riddell fwiw I figured out mouse cursor weirdness https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119522/17:18
Riddellshadeslayer: you're on a roll with these images17:36
Riddellhmm, removing nepomuk from kde4libs removes a couple of symbols in libkio517:37
Riddellchanging that abi would mean recompiling a lot of packages17:37
Riddelloh they're private symbols, vale vale17:45
Riddellshadeslayer: bug 1349518 ?18:00
ubottubug 1349518 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "kubuntu plasma 5 crash ubiquity" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134951818:00
RiddellScottK: kfilemetadata and baloo is new for some KF5 love18:33
ScottKOK.  I'll try and look a bit later.18:33
* apachelogger munches the gugelhupf18:39
apacheloggerRiddell, ScottK: 18:55
apachelogger  Uploading polkit-qt5-1_0.112.0-0ubuntu1_source.changes: done.18:55
apacheloggerSuccessfully uploaded packages.18:55
apacheloggershould arrive in source new soonish18:55
Riddellapachelogger: what uses that?18:58
Riddellah hah18:58
Riddellapachelogger: accepted!19:16
Riddellapachelogger: will you update kauth?19:16
apachelogger  Uploading polkit-qt-1_0.112.0-0ubuntu1_source.changes: done.19:17
apacheloggerSuccessfully uploaded packages.19:17
apacheloggerqt4 version update19:17
apachelogger(I don't think anything actually changed there ;))19:17
apacheloggerto staging:19:21
apachelogger  Uploading libqapt_2.1.70+qt5+20140725.3_source.changes: done.19:21
apacheloggerSuccessfully uploaded packages.19:21
apacheloggershould now have a not crashing worker19:21
apachelogger  Uploading kauth_5.0.0-0ubuntu2_source.changes: done.19:23
apacheloggerSuccessfully uploaded packages.19:23
apacheloggerpicks up polkit-qt519:23
shadeslayercan't stop listening to 80's music19:25
shadeslayerand it's raining19:25
shadeslayerwhy is it raining19:25
apacheloggerlistening to 80s music is bad19:28
apacheloggerVERY VERY BAD19:28
shadeslayerno it's not19:28
shadeslayerit's awesome19:28
apacheloggerit really isn't mate19:29
apacheloggerit really isn't19:29
shadeslayerstop listening to shitty 80's music19:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDK9QqIzhwk19:34
apacheloggeru just dunno what good music that's the problem19:37
apacheloggerit's so hot -.-19:38
* apachelogger melting19:38
shadeslayerit's so humid19:43
* shadeslayer disolving19:43
* yofel sends some rain over19:44
apacheloggeryeah, also way too humid here19:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: btw, it seems you forgot to disable comments again :P19:46
ScottKYou could move to Scotland.19:46
ScottKIt might be humid, but at least it's cold.19:47
shadeslayerapachelogger: in my blog? yeah :(19:47
shadeslayerI should hire a customer support team19:47
* apachelogger comments "why does my firefox crash"19:47
mhall119shadeslayer: ping19:48
shadeslayermhall119: pong19:48
mhall119hey, I asked you a while back about being a guest on the community team's weekly Q&A, would you be available to do that tomorrow at 1500 UTC?19:49
shadeslayersure :)19:49
shadeslayermhall119: how long is it usually?19:50
mhall119great! I or someone else will get you the hangout URL a few minutes before19:50
shadeslayerokie :)19:50
mhall119shadeslayer: at most an hour, shorter if we run out of questions19:50
shadeslayerI should have got that haircut today19:50
mhall119but there's a lot to talk about with Kubuntu and Plasma and Frameworks, so it'll probably take the full hour19:50
mhall119heh, I need to get one too19:50
mhall119thanks shadeslayer, I'll let the rest of the team know19:50
shadeslayercheers :)19:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: put on a fedora19:51
shadeslayerI don't own a fedora unfortunately19:51
shadeslayerI also don't own a fez19:51
shadeslayerstory of my life19:51
apacheloggersomeone should file a bug about this19:54
apacheloggerwait what, lol19:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: you start your blog by saying how the the kubuntu iso is different from neon and yet there's comments what the difference is 19:55
* apachelogger squints19:55
shadeslayerapachelogger: I know right19:56
shadeslayerit's like they didn't even read19:56
apacheloggerchances are they didn't :P19:56
apacheloggerreading is for books19:56
shadeslayerthey went from "Screenshot!" -> "Clickety Link!" -> "Let me comment!"19:56
apacheloggeron the internet we look at pictures19:56
apacheloggerthat's right, pictures of kittens19:56
yofelguess why half the web is just animated flash19:57
shadeslayerVint Cerf must be disappointed19:57
shadeslayer"What have I done"19:57
shadeslayerhumanity is doomed19:57
apacheloggerwhos that?19:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: you didn't reddit btw :P20:05
shadeslayerI don't want to visit reddit at work20:06
shadeslayerI'll just lose 2 hours of work time20:06
shadeslayerlooking at kitten pictures20:07
shadeslayerI can do it now20:07
apacheloggerRiddell: 20:07
apacheloggerdpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libkf5parts-plugins_5.0.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack):20:07
apachelogger trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/notepadpart.so', which is also in package libkf5parts-bin 5.0.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa320:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: if you only go to the kde sub you won't see no kittens to look at :P20:07
shadeslayerI removed Breaks/Replaces20:07
shadeslayerwhat does kf5parts come from?20:08
shadeslayerapachelogger: wasn't required for the archive20:08
shadeslayerbut for the renames should be kept I guess20:08
shadeslayerapachelogger: mind submitting it? seems a bit vain of me to submit a link to my blog20:09
apacheloggershadeslayer: tell david, he's much famous on reddit20:09
* apachelogger doesn't even have an account ^^20:09
shadeslayerd_ed: ^^20:09
apachelogger  Uploading about-distro_1.50+git20140728.0_source.changes: done.20:11
apacheloggerSuccessfully uploaded packages20:11
apacheloggergoing to staging20:11
apacheloggerI always forget ecm -.-20:12
_Groo_could someone point me to the kubuntu-automation ppa?20:15
_Groo_where i can install the scripts via ppa20:15
apacheloggerthere's no such thing20:16
_Groo_apachelogger: so to make kde 3.14.3 for ex?20:18
_Groo_do we have a script that downloads via git and starts pbuilder? or is still manual work, package by package? im trying to recreate a working flow20:18
* apachelogger doesn't know the workflow himself20:19
apacheloggergoogle for kubuntu-automation20:19
apacheloggerit's a bzr branch with 300000 scripts20:19
apacheloggerand one the right one of them will do what you want, I just don't know which one :P20:19
apacheloggeryofel or debfx probably can help20:19
_Groo_apachelogger: ok, we are getting somewhere20:20
yofelit's in some +junk...20:20
_Groo_so its a brz branch, not a ppa20:20
shadeslayeryou probably also want kubuntu-dev-tools20:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: btw in general I think removing conflictering when uploading to archive is a bad idea20:21
apacheloggersince we support ppas we can't really upload stuff to ppa and then pretend the package has no history outside the archive20:21
yofel_Groo_: the workflow is kinda like this: kubuntu-initial-upload updates all branches and fetches from depot, then you upload to ppa, then you fix stuff and upload to ppa after using bzr-buildpackage-ppa, the status page helps you with that, then you upload to archive once all is done20:23
apacheloggertalking about uploading to ppa, I think I'll refactor the ppa-status script20:24
yofelin what direction?20:25
apacheloggerin bluesystems we use it for neon status tracking and it is rather unhandy to browse a list of mixed-status items20:25
yofelwell, ist's grouped by name and sorted by alphabet20:25
apacheloggerso I was thinking about a) creating a template so that we don't have loads of html inline in the script itself b) create independent tables depending on the package state and then merge the tables into the template to get the final html20:26
apacheloggeryofel: that's not what anyone cares about though20:26
apacheloggerwhat everyone cares about is the build state of a package20:26
yofelit was sufficient for me20:26
yofelhm, true20:26
apacheloggerso by sorting by name you get to browse scroll a lot20:26
apacheloggerand since neon has pretty much every frameworks port there is on the same page it is very tedious20:26
yofelanyway, a) sure, that would be great. b) I'm curious what you end up with20:27
yofelwell, sc is pretty much as bad20:27
apacheloggeranother option for b might be to javascriptify the table20:27
apacheloggerso you could sort by name or state or whatever20:27
yofelyou could hide by status, that would indeed by helpful20:27
apacheloggeryofel: that's why I think a static order by status would be sufficient really20:28
apacheloggerI have not ever looked at any status page to see what is green xD20:28
apacheloggerfor all intents and purposes the green stuff could not be there and it would be just as useful I think 20:28
yofelI did!20:28
yofelwhen stuff was mostly blue and red XD20:29
apacheloggerso yeah, I'd not remove the green stuff :P20:29
* apachelogger would totally like to find out why his about-distro is saying Breeze 14.10 :S20:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: do we have a kubuntu-settings package for next yet?20:30
shadeslayerstarted looking into that today20:30
apacheloggerreckon that's not the reason then :P20:30
apacheloggeroh maybe I twiddled my os-release20:31
apacheloggerthis is really weird20:31
apacheloggercan anyone install about-distro from staging and see if the kcm says Breeze 14.10?20:31
* apachelogger throws keyboard20:32
* shadeslayer creates black hole to gobble keyboard20:32
apacheloggermaybe this is a kconfig issue, or well, kconfig porting issue20:33
apachelogger    QString distroName = cg.readEntry("Name", os.name);20:33
apacheloggerlet's say the configgroup weirdly cascades and ends up with a config where Name=Breeze20:33
apacheloggerlike say the workspace theme20:33
apacheloggerthat would totally explain it20:33
d_edshadeslayer: man up and submit a link to your own blog; it's allowed on the internet20:34
d_ed(RE: whenever I was pinged)20:34
d_edthough I like the idea that I'm famous somewhere20:34
apacheloggerwhy does kconfigroup not have a qdebug overload :'<20:34
shadeslayerd_ed: http://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/2bz8hs/plasma5_now_more_awesome_as_a_kubuntu_iso/20:35
apacheloggerohohoh, it's reading kdeglobals20:36
apacheloggerwhat a drag20:36
d_edhave an upvote20:37
apacheloggerd_ed: but but but, upboat :(20:38
shadeslayerd_ed: apachelogger is dissing on 80's music20:39
apacheloggerye better be glad that I am not raging about kconfig's apidox20:40
santa_apachelogger: hey I think I made kauth work (with issues) but I'm inclined to think it works20:46
santa_d_ed: ↑ someone told me you were working on the sddm kcm, is that right?20:47
yofeloh right20:47
santa_so hopefully tomorrow I will brief you about the details20:47
santa_still the kcmclock helper segfaults but kauth itself (apparently) is working20:48
yofeld_ed: any idea why starting sddm woud show... nothing? It's my eeePC with an intel 945GME. X seems to be there as the screen power saving reacts on mouse movement, but it's kinda invisible20:48
apacheloggerbugged out theme? :P20:50
d_edsanta_: yeah20:51
yofelcould be... but the iso worked, and that uses sddm right?20:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: where do we stick about-distro in the reinvented systemsettings?20:51
yofelwell, I never tested the ISO on that pc20:51
d_edsanta_: where did you hear kauth worked?20:51
apacheloggeryofel: since the theme is qml if our runtime deps are bogus the theme would not work20:51
d_edsomeone reliable?20:51
apachelogger(and our runtime deps were bogus in every package I looked at last week :P)20:51
d_edyofel: is it all black or all white?20:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: and whoopsie20:52
yofeld_ed: it's all... whatever was there before, so black if black, if I had a shell on tty1 I see a frozen image of that20:52
apacheloggerthe lack of a system level category is a bit of a drag20:52
santa_d_ed: I didn't hear, I think I made it work doing various things in kubuntu's packaging20:52
santa_I might be wrong though20:53
apacheloggeryofel: that sounds like it can't find the theme tbh, try wiping /etc/sddm.conf20:53
yofelapachelogger: there is no sddm.conf20:53
apacheloggerthen it's peculiar20:53
d_edsanta_: oh cool.20:53
apacheloggeryofel: sddm-theme-maui installed?20:53
yofelyep, 0.8.99 ppa420:53
apacheloggerthen I am out of ideas 20:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: ask vdg20:54
apacheloggershadeslayer: vdg never has time for me20:54
apacheloggerstill waiting for bootsplash stuff :P20:54
shadeslayerbribe them20:54
shadeslayerwith chocolate20:54
santa_d_ed: so I will clean up all the stuff I have been doing tomorrow and your feedback will be interesting if you are working on the sddm kcm and needs root20:54
apacheloggeryofel: /var/log/sddm has nothing useful?20:55
santa_because as I said I'm not 100% sure it's working20:55
d_edsanta_: I'm planning on spending all tomorrow on the auth stuff.20:56
yofelwell, not particulary...20:56
yofelanother thing though: starting sddm from init hangs and then just fails, I only get X if I just run 'sudo sddm'20:56
d_edI'll ping you if I get anything.20:56
santa_ok, great20:57
yofelapachelogger: the log is pretty much http://paste.ubuntu.com/7888311/20:59
apacheloggeryofel: ps aux20:59
apacheloggerwhich sddm binaries are running20:59
yofelapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7888339/21:02
apacheloggeryeah, that pretty much looks like when the theme doesn't load I think21:05
apacheloggeri.e. you should have a greeter, but you don't have one :P21:05
apacheloggeror maybe helper is stuck on pam, but that'd be odd21:05
yofelwell, I have an invisible one21:05
apacheloggeryofel: you have an X runnning, but the greeter didn't come up21:06
yofelwell, true21:06
apacheloggerIIRC helper spawns X then hands off to greeter21:06
apacheloggerso since you have no greeter something must be wrong with the theme21:06
apacheloggertheme problems make no sense either though because maui only has 21:07
apachelogger./Main.qml:import QtQuick 2.021:07
apachelogger./Main.qml:import SddmComponents 2.021:07
apacheloggeryofel: what happens if you run sudo /usr/bin/sddm-greeter --socket /tmp/sddm-:0-eJDVtx --theme /usr/share/sddm/themes/maui --user sddm21:07
yofelInvalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key21:08
apacheloggeryofel: plfiorini in #kde-devel is your guy21:09
apacheloggerRiddell, ScottK: polkit should be in binary new now21:12
shadeslayerno jmux hm21:30
shadeslayerI wanted to ask him what they did about KDE CVE's and stuff21:30
_Groo_where do i find kubuntu-initial-upload and kubuntu-initial-upload? i cant find them in the kubuntu-dev-tools21:40
shadeslayerso python like http://doc.rust-lang.org/std/iter/trait.Iterator.html#tymethod.map21:49
shadeslayerwell, quite Qt like as well, kinda like Q_FOREACH21:50
yofel_Groo_: that's in kubuntu-automation21:57
tsimpsonsounds more like a std::transform21:59
shadeslayertsimpson: true22:01
shadeslayerbut anyway, learning rust has been fun so far22:02
tsimpsonlearning a new language is usually fun :) I'm just not a fan of the rust syntax22:03
shadeslayerwhy ? 22:04
tsimpsonit's just so many overloaded symbols22:05
tsimpsonlike the worse C++ template code you've seen in boost :p22:05

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