icemanalgum brasileiro ai para trocar ideia00:03
GrayBoyCould someone please tell me which permissions are found for file "/etc/resolv.conf" in "root" user account, in a brand new installation, after installation is all done?00:53
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Darthfrog /etc/resolv.conf is a symlink to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf01:29
DarthfrogSo the permissions will be lrwxrwxrwx01:29
GrayBoyDarthfrog: thank you, very much.01:30
DarthfrogGrayBoy:  You're very welcome.01:30
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sonieDoes someone know the reason why the  LTS upgrade still isn't being offered?06:15
valoriesonie: do you have upgrade/update options allowed in Muon?06:16
valorieand when you say "check for updates" nothing is offered?06:16
valorieso, do you regularly download and install updates?06:17
valorieif so, there won't be much if any on offer06:17
valoriethis is mostly for people who *only* update every few months06:18
sonieYes, I even switched to the main server instead of my local countries mirror.06:18
valorieso you are up-to-date06:18
valorieif you want even more up-to-date, turn off the "LTS only" setting, and install backports ppa and such06:19
valorieLTS is meant to be very stable, with not many updates06:19
valoriewhich is why I don't run them myself06:20
sonieThe 14.04.1 LTS version was released on Friday. The announcement said that the upgrade offer for 12.04 LTS would be rolled out 'soon'.06:20
valoriewhat version are you running now?06:20
sonie12.04.4 LTS06:21
valorieI expect very few updates of 12.0406:21
valoriethe .4 is current indeed06:21
valorieof course security updates are released ASAP06:22
Unit193valorie: I'm pretty sure by "LTS upgrade", he meant
valories/he left before I could get to whether or not a LTS > LTS upgrade was meantu06:25
valoriethat's what I would want, if I had crusty old 12.04, for sure06:27
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valorieI seed all the *buntu torrents (current releases) and people are still downloading 12.04, and 12.04.4 both06:31
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Graf_WesterholtSometimes when I delete files in dolphin, dolphin crashes and kate, too. Even Amarok.08:56
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dmoynehello to eveybody; Is this chat the right place to solve a sound bug problem with kubuntu 14.04 trusty10:52
Graf_Westerholtdmoyne, yes, it is.10:54
gorgonizergood afternoon, I was wondering if anyone knew how to disable the baloo email indexer whilst leaving the file indexer active?11:10
dmoyneok I will explain something into which other people entered11:28
dmoyneafter migration from kubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 I have no sound though when testing kubuntu 14.04 on the same computer I have sound11:30
dmoynewhat can I do to fix it without reinstalling everything; thanks11:30
dmoyneI mant testing from built installation CD11:32
BluesKajHiyas all12:02
dmoyneAnybody that knows how to fix my sound problem12:11
BluesKajdmoyne, I just logged in so I didn't see your first question12:17
BluesKajif there was one12:17
dmoyneok when I boot my kubuntu 14.04 I have no sound and KMix shows "Sortie Factice"12:21
dmoynewhe I do modprobe snd_hda_intel and after modprobe snd_hda_intel I reinstall somehow sound but this fix is not acceptable to me12:22
dmoyneread and after sudo alsa force-reload12:26
BluesKajdmoyne, modprobe snd_hda_intel loads the driver for the intel sound chip. There's a well known bug that occurs when an upgrde is done in kubuntu that unloads the driver. Areboot after modprobe should fix the problem til the next upgrade'12:36
dmoyneI do in sequence modprobe snd_hda_intel sudo alsa force-reload; what do you mean I do only modprobe snd_hda_intel then reboot to check?12:39
BluesKajdmoyne, yes alsa force reload doesn't always work, so I always recomm12:41
BluesKajrecommend a reboot12:41
dmoyneoh I test this before comming back on the chat12:43
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dmoyneno sucees after reboot to get sound working13:02
BluesKajdmoyne, check alsamixer automute is not enabled13:03
dmoyneok I do this after reboot because I have done now sudo alsa force-reload to brings back sound13:07
dmoynewith alsamixer I see AutoMute with enabled is thsi to be changed?13:13
BluesKajdmoyne, yes disable it13:13
dmoyneUnfortunately now I have to leave for an apointment; my e-mail adress is "daniel.moyne@free.fr" Thanks for your help13:14
jlvhi, I am used to the global menubar (using the menubar widget in my panel); in 14.04 kde applications and a few others (notable firefox, chrome) display the menu fine, but most gtk apps don't (this was not a problem in 12.04). Any ideas how to convince gtk apps to export their menu to the menu widget?13:24
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hjghi,  bin neu hier und hab eigentlich keine ahnung von ubuntu und co. wer kann mir evtl helfen14:33
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thiebaudehey everyone, How do I disable tap to click on kubuntu 14.04.1?15:09
dpyhi guys15:40
dpydoes anyone know where pulseaudio is started from, whenever I log into kubuntu?15:41
dpyI was getting pissed off by this popping and hissing sound whenever I hooked up my equalizer filter to spotify's output, so I tried realtime prio on pa15:42
dpywhich works like a charm15:42
dpyso now I need to add  --realtime=1  to wherever pulseaudio is started15:42
shadeslayerdpy: /etc/xdg/autostart15:44
dpyhmm those desktop files start the 'start-pulseaudio-*' stuff, but I don't see the starting of the server itself in there15:47
dpythink I found it:)15:49
lordievaderGood evening.16:00
lordievader!ru | mewerio16:11
ubottumewerio: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:11
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David1965Are you getting this16:51
David1965cryptodan_android: are you able to read this16:52
David1965I accept and comply16:54
David1965cryptodan_android are you there?16:55
David1965ChanServ: I accept all terms and conditions16:56
BluesKajDavid1965, ?16:57
David1965BluesKaj you there16:59
BluesKajyes David1965, I'm here16:59
David1965BluesKaj I don't know what is going on with Quassel IRC as I am able to talk to you guys and I have not clicked the Join button yet so what is going on17:02
BluesKajQuassel is setup to auto join this chat afaik, David196517:04
BluesKajI use Konversation17:04
David1965this is weird but I would like to add the channels that Hexchat uses if that is also possible and I actually have a liking for Quassel IRC17:05
BluesKajit's not the client that uses the channels, it's the server that client lists the the channels from17:08
BluesKajoops that the client gets the channels from rather17:08
David1965so I cannot add the help and chat forums for Linux Mint 1717:10
David1965so should I have exported my details from Hexchat17:11
David1965I am starting to miss CryptoDan_Android how can I hook him and his mates17:12
lordievaderDavid1965: Simply join those channels? "/join #<channel-name>"17:14
David1965I am not shure which ones are used by Hexchat17:18
lordievader!alis | David196517:18
ubottuDavid1965: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:18
prerithow are you?18:32
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tobiasBoraWhen I open a gtk app it usualy fit well with the theme, like if it was a Qt app, but if I do that in sudo mode it's ugly... Do you know how to configure a beautifull GTK integration in sudo mode ?20:50
tsimpsonstart "kdesudo systemsettings" and configure the GTK style for root20:54
tsimpson(always use kdesudo rather than plain sudo with GUI applications)20:54
tobiasBoratsimpson: That's perfect thank you !21:01
tsimpsonyou're welcome :)21:02
khearhi, I'm using the fglrx driver on 14.04 and have the desktop extended across two displays. when I open kmix by clicking on the icon in system tray, it opens on the wrong display (that is, the secondary display the desktop is extended to). any ideas how to fix this?21:05

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