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jayhI just attempted to download lubuntu over bittorrent using the links from http://lubuntu.net/ and received this error: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.05:16
jayhThankfully, DHT is working.05:16
ianorlinhmm who needs to be contacted to fix the link?05:24
Unit193ianorlin: Wiki wasn't updated for .1, and MarioB runs the site.05:25
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singcatCan lubuntu please release 14.04.1 the same way as ubuntu did? I dislike having to download so much data after a clean install.08:04
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average_guyI tried setting up LXQt from the mini.iso last night and it did not work.  I got stuck at the greeter screen.  When I entered my pw it would think about it for a second and then just bring me back to the greeter.  I could log into openbox w/no problem though11:57
average_guyretrying the setup now11:58
yz3pDi had the same problem with normal lubuntu12:04
average_guythat is encouraging yz3pD, that it's not just me I mean12:10
yz3pDi solved it by reinstalling lubuntu, maybe you find a better solution12:12
yz3pDi solved an similiar problem with xdm in pplace of lightdm12:13
average_guythat is actually what I was thinking of trying this time through :D12:15
MrZodiacAnyone else run Lubuntu on a Toshiba Qosmio X505 model laptop? I have awful networking issues. :/12:37
yz3pis the network manager invisible?12:37
MrZodiacSure is. It'll run fine for hours at a time, then out of the blue wifi disconnects.12:38
MrZodiacI just changed some settings in the router. I'm hoping that hopes, however only time will tell.12:38
yz3pmaybe driver problem...12:39
MrZodiacRight. That's what I believe as well.12:39
MrZodiacIt seems to be a common issue with this model.12:39
yz3pthen it isn't a lubuntu problem anymore it's a linux/ubuntu problem12:40
MrZodiacOk right make sense to me.12:41
yz3pdid you installed proprietary drivers?12:42
MrZodiacYup I'm going to do a bit more research online and see what I can come up with.12:43
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fareshi    i using lubuntu 14.10   and install  erp system  for make my computer erp server    and i can access this server using   how can i access this server from other computer in the lan14:55
yz3pDis the same like
fareshi    i using lubuntu 14.10   and install  erp system  for make my computer erp server    and i can access this server using   how can i access this server from other computer in the lan15:15
yz3pDmaybe you find out the ip of your pc and then just type http://SERVERIP:8000 on the client pc15:20
phillwfares: try http://localhost:800015:21
yz3pDand then replace localhost with server-ip on client pc15:21
yz3pDget server ip with terminal command ifconfig15:22
phillwfares: the most recent tutorial I can find is http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/12/how-to-install-openerp-7-0-on-ubuntu-12-04-lts/ and that looks pretty detailed to go checking things.15:22
faresthank  u15:23
faresthis  is for another erp  but  it can  help15:24
faresthank  u15:24
fareshow can i make  the lubuntu  ip    is  static15:29
phillwthere are several methods for that.... have a look at the likes of http://freedns.afraid.org/15:35
geniifares: Usually done in the /etc/network/interfaces file. man interfaces ...will show you the manpage with some examples15:36
fares?phillw   :  i mena   in my local lan15:37
faresgenii     :       i wait15:37
faresphillw   :  the local  lan15:38
DickvanDikeis lubuntu faster than linux?20:52
DickvanDike*Windows 8*20:52
wxlDickvanDike: your question is what again?20:55
DickvanDikeis lubuntu faster than windows 8?20:56
wxlDickvanDike: it certainly uses less resources, which would imply it would be.20:56
DickvanDikewill lubuntu run on a p2 333Mhz 768MB ram and 80GB HDD?20:57
wxlyeppers, DickvanDike20:57
wxli've run it on as little as 256mb of ram and like 8gb hdd20:58
wxlalthough it runs kind of slow20:58
wxlit will be blazing fast on your system XD20:58
wxlthe best thing is that you can try it out20:58
stullukhi everyone, I am using lubuntu14.04, and I have a very basic stupid issue. When I don't use my computer for 10mins, login dialog appears everytime. FYI, I am using autologin... How to disable this login dialog to appear everytime ?21:12
phillwstulluk: it is known, and very annoying bug.21:13
stullukis it a bug ?21:13
stullukphillw, thanks btw..21:14
stullukphillw, is there a workaround fort his ?21:14
yz3pDmaybe disable light-locker21:15
stullukI already disabled it, but it still appear..21:15
yz3pDi never had this problem. and i have 3 lubuntu machines running21:16
stullukyz3pD, do you use autologin ?21:17
yz3pDno sorry i don't21:17
stullukI feel that is the reason21:17
yz3pDbut mabe you can replace lightdm with xdm21:17
stullukwhich one has more performance? I am very happy with the speed of this lightdm, it is very nice...21:18
yz3pDxdm looks very ugly but has better performance21:19
yz3pDdid you deactivated light-locker with settings-gui or did you killed it?21:19
stullukyz3pD, settings-gui21:19
yz3pDmaybe it would help when you kill21:19
yz3pDor deactivate it from autotart and reboot21:19
stullukI changed one more thing, I changed power settings, let me try it now21:19
stullukAlright, it is OK now21:27
stullukI disabled suspend mode in power settings21:27
stullukmany thanks again21:27
stullukhave a good night21:27
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