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barrythomi: howdy!19:57
thomihey barry19:57
barrythomi: so the good news is that all the zope stuff has cleared -proposed now.  the last package to port is gunicorn.  hope that's still something you want19:59
thomiyes please!19:59
thomiI think my version is somewhat hacky, but it's an apprach we've used in other packages before19:59
thomibarry: if you change it to no longer have the 'gunicorn3' command then I'll need to update some charms is all19:59
barrythomi: i'm going to refer to it, but probably redo it.  it's not team maintained so we either have to carry deltas in ubuntu (undesirable for the long-term) or make sure the debian maintainer is happy with the changes (my planned approach).  yep, i'm still planning on keeping the gunicorn3 command20:00
barrythomi: just to verify - that's the last blocker for you guys, right?20:01
thomibarry: well, it's not a blocker since we deploy with a PPA, 'less-than-desirable' would be a better description20:02
thomiwe mainly want to make sure the packages aren't doing something really bad, since we're now deploying a production service with these hacks in place20:02
barrythomi: cool.  you should basically be able to grab all the utopic packages for everything else now20:03
barryand sorry it took so long.  zope.* is a *complicated* stack (especially throwing in the ubuntu-only packages)20:03
thomino worries20:04
thomiit seems like we've (well, you did all the work) substantially improved the ability of web devs to use the distro packages20:05
thomirather than have to rely on pypi20:05
thomiwhich can only be a good thing20:05
barrythat's the idea :)20:06
barrythanks for sticking w/ py320:06
thomibarry: now cgoldberg is doing another similar project with the Ci team and is hitting similar problems :-/20:07
barrythomi: different packages?20:07
* barry looks for a rock with sufficient crawl space20:08
thomiswiftclient and ampqlib are the two we know about right now20:08
thomiI was going to look at them yesterday, but had to take the day off sick20:08
* thomi looks into swiftclient now20:08
* barry nods20:09
barrythat bad?20:10
thomiswiftclient tests don't run, I think because the utopic tox command has changed the way it parses it's config files20:10
thomitox.ConfigError: ConfigError: substitution key 'posargs' not found20:10
thomilooks like swiftclient will also need the following ported to py3: eventlet, keystoneclient20:12
thomihmmm, but eventlet appears to be py2 only20:13
barrythomi: https://bitbucket.org/eventlet/eventlet/commits/65845073a4eb759ae1cf3c62ec7e953a54548de520:16
thomiactually, it seems that Dependency is innacurate20:16
thomiswiftclient depends on eventlet but never imports it20:16
thomiand the changelog has an entry about removing it20:17
thomiI guess the DPM never caught up with that20:17
thomiso... "good news everyone"20:17

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