imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 154 building (started: 20140728 02:05) ===02:04
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 154 DONE (finished: 20140728 03:35) ===03:34
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/154.changes ===03:34
oSoMoNhi all, what’s the status of the CI train, are we in traincon-0 as announced by Łukasz on Friday?06:43
dbarthgood morning07:26
dbarthis it possible to get a silo for line 27?07:26
dbarthi ask because of traincon-007:27
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dbarthhi sil210007:38
sil2100dbarth: hello!07:38
dbarthi was wondering a few minutes ago07:38
dbarthis it possible to get a silo for line 27?07:38
dbarthi ask because of traincon-007:38
sil2100dbarth: just checked the spreadsheet and the problem with line 27 is that u-s-s is already locked by some silos...07:42
sil2100So assigning a silo there would mean that there would be even more confusion07:42
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard (general help): cihelp | CI Train support: trainguards | CI Train Status: #133 promoted | Known issues: TRAINCON-0. Both queuebot and http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS know your silo status before the spreadsheet does.
dbarthsil2100: ok, fixing those to let silo 13 land fully, that should unblock things on line 27 then08:00
sil2100dbarth: ok, thanks :)08:09
sil2100hm, test results are not bad, although gallery app seems to have caused regressions08:10
sil2100psivaa: hi! 2 questions: what's up with mantas? And could you re-run gallery-app to see if the failures are reproducible?08:10
psivaasil2100: manta's: 2 of them were down. restarted them in the one available08:11
psivaasil2100: i'll rerun the gallery app08:11
sil2100psivaa: thanks :)08:11
psivaanp :)08:12
ogra_sil2100, apart from no system-settings tests running anymore in the last image ... and apart from the constantly crashing mediascanner ... they look good apart from that, yeah :P08:15
ogra_oh, seems the missing system-settings were a dashboad glitch ... they just appered on reload08:17
ogra_i thought the new system-image was supposed to fix the crash with the logs !08:17
ogra_oh, wait, thats a completely new crash there08:18
ogra_yeah, new crash in system-image since 15208:19
ogra_(the "can not open logfile" one is gone now though ... somethng at least : ) )08:20
ogra_sil2100, ^^^^08:20
sil2100I don't hear you08:21
sil2100We just promote08:21
* ogra_ goes ot make meeting coffee08:21
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sil2100thostr_: hey! Are you the right manager to poke about mediascanner? :)08:56
thostr_sil2100: yes08:57
davmor2thostr_: it's very broken08:59
thostr_with the newest merge?09:00
thostr_we just tested it... :(09:00
ogra_since a few images ...09:00
sil2100thostr_: not sure what caused it, but if you look at the dashboard (or use the latest image) you will see mediascanner crashes everywhere :<09:00
sil2100thostr_: and it's causing no media, so you can't even listen to any music09:00
thostr_sil2100: link?09:00
ogra_so it started with image 15009:01
sil2100http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/154:20140728:20140725.1/9323/ <- if you click on any test suite with a crash, you'll find mediascanner there09:01
ogra_the new mediascanner landed in 149 though ...09:01
sil2100thostr_: even in notes-app, which doesn't seem to use media at all!09:01
ogra_there must be something transitional in image 150 that causes the crashes09:02
thostr_sil2100: will take care09:02
* ogra_ puts his bets on url-dispatcher or unity809:02
sil2100http://people.canonical.com/~lzemczak/landing-team/150.commitlog <- yeah, url-dispatcher might indeed be the thing responsible09:03
davmor2ogra_: url-dispatcher it has a crash on my system on every fresh install09:03
sil2100Not sure why it would crash even for test suites that don't use media09:03
davmor2sil2100: can't you add images to notes09:04
davmor2sil2100: I'm sure you could copy an image to them09:04
sil2100Oh, you can do that?09:05
* sil2100 checkes09:05
sil2100That would be neet09:05
* ogra_ wouldnt know how 09:05
ogra_i cant ... and actually if i hold my thumb on the note while it is in editing mode i see the copy/paste disalog being cut off completely (i can only see the top few pixels)09:06
mhr3sil2100, is anyone looking at the actual errors even?09:08
mhr3terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'09:08
mhr3  what():  Could not look up user name: Permission denied09:08
mhr3mediascanner ^09:08
ogra_how does it look up the user name ?09:08
* ogra_ hopes not by opening /etc/passwd09:09
ogra_(since it doesnt live there anymore)09:09
ogra_mterry, ^^^^09:10
mterryogra_, odd...  anything going through nss would find the right spot...09:10
ogra_well it probably doesnt go through nss09:10
* ogra_ doesnt know the code)09:10
mterryogra_, I would expect so (like anything that does getpwnam would)09:10
ogra_right, doe it use that ?09:11
mterryogra_, who parses passwd manually!?  :)09:11
* mterry looks at mediascanner source09:12
davmor2ogra_: oh so it's your fault that mediascanner doesn't work ;)09:13
ogra_in src/daemon/scannerdaemon.cc09:13
mterrylp:mediascanner is ancient...09:13
mterryogra_, what's the branch?09:14
ogra_i used lp:mediascanner209:14
ogra_i wonder if geteuid() is the issue there09:14
davmor2ogra_: could be I know it check who owns the videos and music and only displays those owned by the current user09:15
ogra_davmor2, right, and geteuid (vs just getuid) might behave differently towards nss09:16
ogra_mterry, ^^09:16
mterryogra_, permissions on files looks fine...09:16
mterryogra_, ?09:17
ogra_ah, sorry, i thought i had fornd something ... i was wrong09:18
ogra_so according to the manpage getpwuid properly uses nsswitch.conf09:19
ogra_i see no mention of that in geteuid09:19
ogra_(nor in getuid though)09:20
mterryogra_, in python, I can do pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid()) just fine09:21
mterryAnd same with euid09:21
ogra_does it have an equivalent to geteuid09:21
ogra_ah, k09:21
mhr3perhaps there's something missing in the apparmor profile?09:22
mterryogra_, I'm expecting that for mediascanner2, geteuid returns the same as getuid, right?09:22
ogra_it should09:22
ogra_the effective uid and the uid should be the same09:22
mterrymhr3, there was an apparmor fix to allow access to /var/lib/extrausers files...  But that should have already landed I thought09:23
* mterry double checks09:23
mhr3mterry, suppose it didn't land to mediascanner's profile?09:23
mterrymhr3, ogra_: or it looks like it didn't land yet...09:24
mterryI was told it would land shortly09:24
mterrya while ago09:24
mterryjdstrand, do you remember we talked about adding apparmor allowances for /var/lib/extrausers/{group,passwd}?09:24
bzoltansil2100: May I ask for a silot to the line29?09:28
sil2100bzoltan: sure, assigning09:29
sil2100thostr_: oh, while we're at it... landing-017, I see it's a bugfixing branch, but are those isolated bugfixes? Are there any risky changes? Any new features?09:30
thostr_sil2100 mostly bug fixes09:31
thostr_one api addition to return artist which is needed for local music scope09:32
thostr_tested and independent of the other issue you pointed out... which is permission problem09:32
ogra_[ 1004.223602] type=1400 audit(1406540577.399:167): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/bin/mediascanner-service-2.0" name="/var/lib/extrausers/passwd" pid=8205 comm="mediascanner-se" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=32011 ouid=009:43
ogra_[ 1005.025909] type=1400 audit(1406540578.190:168): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/bin/mediascanner-service-2.0" name="/var/lib/extrausers/passwd" pid=8211 comm="mediascanner-se" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=32011 ouid=009:43
ogra_mterry, there we go ^^^09:43
ogra_definitely apparmor then09:43
ogra_sil2100, ^^^09:43
mterryogra_, yeah makes sense without the apparmor patch09:43
ogra_well, i'm surprised the function actually opens the file ... i thought that was more abstracted09:44
mterryogra_, also we can't seem to write to /var/lib/extrausers files with the file-bindmounts09:44
ogra_hmm, you should ... you cant write to the dir though09:45
mterryogra_, like cached somewhere in the kernel?09:45
mterryogra_, well I'm sure we could write, but I mean the tools refuse to09:45
ogra_or via libc somehow ... dunno :)09:45
ogra_mterry, well, a boot hook and making the whole dir writable again should fix that09:46
mterryogra_, maybe it's intentionally so dynamic to allow for backends that change often09:46
mterryAnd that don't emit 'i changed' signals like /etc/shadow would09:47
mterryThat's something that nss is missing -- accountsservice listens to those files and had to be updated to also listen to extrausers files.  But if nss just said "passwd changed" that would be nice09:47
davmor2popey_: what's with the tail dude?09:53
davmor2popey_: can you confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1349326 please09:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349326 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "In about Phone if you select OS hit back and select something else that goes to a new page it crashes the app" [High,New]09:53
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davmor2sil2100: bug number 1 ^09:53
popeydavmor2: confirmed09:58
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davmor2popey: another confirm please, sil2100 this is a none blocker but I'm going through the list10:00
cjwatsonsil2100: gallery-app seems OK on mako now?  I wanted to check whether I was safe to remove the libexiv2-12 dependencies from ubuntu-touch-meta yet, in order to unblock that transition10:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349329 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "backgrounds initial displays ubuntu and custom, however if you change then the 2 drop down then remain open" [Medium,New]10:00
davmor2ogra_: did you say that the previous reports had a bug already?10:00
davmor2ogra_: or just that bdmurray was aware of it?10:01
ogra_i know he is aware of it and would be surprised if there wasnt a bug open10:01
cjwatsonsil2100: (since I see that the new click package has been approved in the store)10:01
ogra_but i dont know10:01
davmor2ogra_: ta10:01
davmor2sil2100: bug number 2 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/134933210:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349332 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Privacy Policy open the browser to a blank page" [Undecided,New]10:09
davmor2I've added the 3 projects to it I don't care who fixes it ;)10:09
camakoEdges intro cannot be disabled in recent images. Is this a known problem? This is causing Mir test runner issues...10:11
camakosil2100 ^^10:11
davmor2dbarth: ^ that bug might be of interest to your team, apparently popey has confirmed that the link opens on the desktop but it does take a while, but it never seems to render on the phone at all it may eventually.10:13
davmor2sil2100: bug 3 https://bugs.launchpad.net/messaging-app/+bug/134934210:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349342 in messaging-app "Tail on letters are cut off in message text" [Undecided,New]10:19
ubot5bug 3 in Launchpad itself "Custom information for each translation team" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/310:19
davmor2Saviq: is it unity8 that I file the power dialog against or is there a specific project?10:19
davmor2popey: ^ another cofirmation on that one if you would be so kind please10:21
Saviqdavmor2, u810:22
davmor2Saviq: thanks10:22
Saviqdavmor2, did you maybe find some steps to repro?10:22
dbarthdavmor2: ah ok, let me read10:23
davmor2Saviq: no, for me it just seems to appear if you leave the phone to auto sleep, leave it for a minute, then tap the power button and wait on the welcome screen But I'm running some tests now to see if that is reproducible, but it is happening more often than not here10:25
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davmor2Saviq, sil2100: these steps seem to work quite well for me https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/134936210:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349362 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Powerdown Dialog appear on waking the phone" [High,New]10:41
davmor2Saviq: I've noticed that it doesn't always appear immediately on wake but if you leave it on the welcome screen then it appears more reliably10:42
Saviqdavmor2, thanks, that's very useful10:42
popeydavmor2: confirmed the keyboard one10:48
popeyalso added screenshots10:48
davmor2popey: thanks10:48
davmor2I was just trying to get them all filed initially :)10:48
* mvo_ is off to lunch and then trainguard afterwards10:49
Saviqdavmor2, I wonder, though, I can't reproduce on qtcomp (silo 6), think you could have a try?10:58
Saviqinstall instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8/QtComp (dist-upgrade will fail due to missing ubuntu-touch update)10:59
davmor2Saviq: I'll give it a go in a minute.  Let me just make sure I've filed all the bugs10:59
ogra_davmor2, i think your bug #3 shouldnt be against webbrowser but against the website instead11:00
ubot5bug 3 in Launchpad itself "Custom information for each translation team" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/311:00
ogra_indeed i meant bug #134934211:00
ubot5bug 1349342 in messaging-app "Tail on letters are cut off in message text" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134934211:00
ogra_bug 1349332 then11:01
ubot5bug 1349332 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Privacy Policy open the browser to a blank page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134933211:01
ogra_so number 2 instead :)11:01
davmor2ogra_: I added settings, web-browser and the site. To ensure all the teams that touched it were informed11:01
ogra_ah, k11:01
davmor2ogra_: but being as it is working on desktop (very slowly) and not on the phone as far as I can tell I'm assuming it is actually the browser hence pointing dbarth at it initially11:02
ogra_it probably exhasusts the memory :)11:03
davmor2ogra_: could well be but being as it is a legal requirement it might be a little important.  But to be honest I should just be an ubuntu page with text shouldn't be that bad even if there is a lot of text.11:04
ogra_and i still think we should ship it on the device11:05
davmor2ogra_: agreed but would it fit if it makes the browser die ;)11:05
ogra_hehe, it might be a lot smaller if you ship it as a static page, who knoes11:06
davmor2ogra_: of course then it needs to become a package and would need a system update if the data in it changes I quess that wouldn't be so good11:07
ogra_it should just be shipped as part of system-sttings11:07
davmor2ogra_: would you want to rebuild the whole of system setting for a line of text in a legal doc.  I would do a legal-devices-doc package and any docs that are required could be added to that package and then there is basically just a doc package to update11:09
ogra_well, it doesnt really matter since you need to build a complete image for it anyway11:10
ogra_no matter which of the packages you update for it11:10
davmor2ogra_: indeed11:10
davmor2popey: the messaging indicator message for an update can you trigger the settings app to open recently if you click on the top right cog for that now?11:12
popeydavmor2: ah, i noticed that over thw eeekend11:19
popeydavmor2: but I can't trigger it now because i have no updates11:19
davmor2popey: yeah same here so that got introduced at some point11:19
popeysome time at the end of last week because I know I did use that earlier in the week11:20
davmor2popey: it worked friday I think to get to 150 so I'm assuming 151<11:21
popeysounds plausible11:21
davmor2ogra_: any idea of which package I would be looking at for that message?11:26
ogra_i would start with either system-image or indicator-messages11:27
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davmor2ogra_: or is this another one that might be affected by the user password fix?11:27
ogra_it didnt work before that change11:27
ogra_(i dont think it ever worked)11:28
davmor2ogra_: are you sure?  it was working but only if you clicked the cog in the top right after selecting the message11:28
davmor2ogra_: because that is so obvious, not!11:28
popeydavmor2: want me to flash back to 149 to see?11:29
davmor2popey: if you have the time that would be great and then I can start looking at silo006 and see if fixes the power popup issue11:30
popeyyeah, will flash back while lunch cooks11:30
ogra_popey, system-image got updated in 15211:38
davmor2ogra_: that might be the one then11:39
davmor2ogra_: that was saturday right?11:39
ogra_landed late on friday11:39
davmor2ogra_: that would be about right then11:39
ogra_but there were also multiple system-settings since thu.11:40
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bzoltansil2100: does the TRAINCON-0 effect the desktop packages too?11:52
ogra_only if they touch touch11:53
sil2100bzoltan: yeah, only if we use any of them in touch images11:57
bzoltanogra_: sil2100: The QtC plugin does not touch touch :)11:57
popeyflashing to 149 is no good davmor2 ogra_ because I get no notification unless a new image appears, right?12:00
ogra_oh, yeah12:01
ogra_there is a new image12:01
popeyso will leave this on #149 until the next image comes up12:01
ogra_open system-settings once12:01
ogra_i think that triggers it12:01
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popeynah, i'm getting no notification, i suspect the trigger is somewhere else12:05
popeyserver side12:05
davmor2push notifications then I bet12:05
ogra_it works here12:06
ogra_weird, probably just a co-incidence12:06
ogra_i cant squeeze any info aout of system-settings about the crash :(12:08
ogra_nothing in any logs :(12:08
ogra_popey, oh, while you're on older images, can you also check when the crashing started ?12:12
popeywhich crash?12:13
davmor2ogra_: ^12:13
popeythe os -> back -> somewhere else one?12:13
ogra_going back from os version to the about page and then tapping something with expander12:13
ogra_(i.e. storage or licenses)12:14
popeydoesn't happen in 14912:14
davmor2ogra_: or developer mode12:14
ogra_davmor2, cant be, thats my chane ... my changes dont break things :P12:14
ogra_(because i also nevor typo ... )12:15
davmor2ogra_: no, no or going into developer mode after the os info crashes it too, it is any page that expands from settings app after going into os info page12:16
ogra_yeah, but *i* added that expander cant break on this one :P12:17
sil2100cjwatson: most probably you already know the answer, but the latest gallery-app seems to be fine - at least the one we got in the latest image12:17
davmor2blame ogra_ .com12:18
ogra_hmm, so if it breaks in 151 too its my fault ... if it only breaks in 152 it isnt12:19
* ogra_ flashes 151 12:19
sil2100ogra_: wasn't 151 b0rken?12:22
sil2100Ah, it was only for updates12:22
ogra_sil2100, only for upgrades12:22
ogra_151 and 152 both had system-settings changes12:22
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cjwatsonsil2100: I didn't, thanks, that's useful12:30
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ogra_sigh ... seb128 so i suspect bug 1349326 is caused by my dev mode changes (i dont see why though ... and ken landed that together with https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/call_forwarding/+merge/227761) ...12:51
ubot5bug 1349326 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "In about Phone if you select OS hit back and select something else that goes to a new page it crashes the app" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134932612:51
ogra_mandel, ^^^ ... any idea what could be wrong with my code that might cause this ? ....12:52
ogra_https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/ubuntu-system-settings/developer-mode/+merge/227822 was the merge12:52
seb128ogra_, did you get a backtrace?12:52
ogra_not yet ...12:53
ogra_i first wanted to nail it down to the package version ... we had so many changes in system-settings recently12:53
seb128could also be Laney's changes (it's the other recent change to this panel iirc)12:57
ogra_seb128, these landed before 15113:00
seb128k, I don't know when your issue started13:00
ogra_149 was fine ... i can repro it in 15113:00
seb128having a bt should be easy13:00
seb128that would also tell you more on the issue13:01
ogra_yeah, trying to get ddebs13:01
ogra_i suspect something isnt properly freed13:01
ogra_or some such13:01
seb128valgrind might be useful then13:01
ogra_Reading state information... Done13:04
ogra_E: Version '0.3+14.10.20140725.3-0ubuntu1' for 'ubuntu-system-settings-dbgsym' was not found13:04
ogra_sigh ...13:04
ogra_well, the newer one crashes too ...13:04
* ogra_ installs that instead13:05
seb128ogra_, http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/universe/u/ubuntu-system-settings/ubuntu-system-settings-dbgsym_0.3+14.10.20140725.3-0ubuntu1_armhf.ddeb13:05
ogra_seb128, well, already unpacking13:05
davmor2Saviq, sil2100, ogra_: good news install silo 006 couldn't reproduce the issue with the power dialog13:07
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Saviqdavmor2, ok cool, thought so, it changes input handling quite a lot13:07
Saviqdavmor2, we'll still apply a safety hatch that I think would fix it on current stuff13:08
davmor2Saviq: Then why tempt me with silo 006 damn you ;) Your such a tease.....Look what this does......but you can't have it :D13:10
Saviqdavmor2, huh? I meant either way, we're landing silo 6 today if I can help it, too13:10
Saviqdavmor2, my previous sentence probably lacked "anyway"13:11
davmor2Saviq: traincon0 dude so it needs QA sign off :)  May as well stick with silo 006 :)13:11
ogra_seb128, hmm, i cant convince the app to continue under gdb13:11
seb128ogra_, just do "c" in gdb?13:12
davmor2Saviq: how close is is silo 006 I can carry on testing it if it is about to land13:12
ogra_yeah, doesnt make it go to the about page13:12
Saviqdavmor2, well well, it does fix the issue, so it meets traincon 0 ;)13:12
seb128ogra_, can you interact with the ui at all then?13:12
ogra_no i cant and i just see there was a segfault i missed13:12
davmor2Saviq: still requires QA sign off which I'm offering to do for you, if it is actually completed13:13
Saviqdavmor2, oh yeah it needs QA sign of for sure13:13
ogra_seb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7884671/ thats all i get13:14
Saviqdavmor2, but we need to land it in sequence (gotta NEW qtmir/-gles first)13:14
Saviqso waiting for Steve to show up13:14
seb128ogra_, not very useful :/13:14
oSoMoNsil2100, hey, can silo 5 be landed? it’s a truly minor and risk-free one, with no functional changes at all13:14
ogra_not at all13:14
seb128can you valgrind it?13:14
sil2100oSoMoN: ok, so those are rather isolated fixes?13:15
sil2100mvo_: ok, I'm publishing oSoMoN's and bzoltan silos now13:15
oSoMoNsil2100, yes13:15
ogra_seb128, hmm, dunno, how do i start something that runs under ubuntu-app-launch in valgrind mode ?13:15
seb128tedg, ^13:15
bzoltansil2100: thanks13:15
seb128ogra_, you can valgrind system-settings --desktop-file_hint=/usr/share/...13:16
seb128I guess13:16
mvo_thanks sil210013:16
* ogra_ tries if he can :) 13:16
davmor2oSoMoN: I don't believe devs that say risk free ;)  Low risk I can handle :)13:17
sil2100mvo_: ok, so... could you maybe publish 005 instead ;) ? I requires a packaging ACK but the package is in main ;p So I can't publish it without a core-dev +1 anyway13:17
oSoMoNdavmor2, heh, just assume that risk-free translates to low-risk in dev tongue, and we’re good :)13:18
oSoMoNsil2100, for info, the packaging change in 005 was submitted by mvo_ himself :)13:19
sil2100hahah ;)13:19
mvo_make the ACK even easier :-D13:19
sil2100Now I see it, hah13:19
ogra_seb128, hmm, i cant even start it without valgrind ... there must be special magic to it13:22
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ system-settings13:22
ogra_QUbuntu: Could not create application instance13:22
ogra_Aborted (core dumped)13:22
mandelogra_, looking13:23
ogra_mandel, i suspect the bug is actually in the "os version"but, but my addition triggers it13:24
mandelogra_, well, I'm sure it can be fixed :)13:25
mandelogra_, I'll take care13:25
ogra_*the "os version"bit13:25
mvo_sil2100: fwiw, its published according to jenkins13:26
sil2100mvo_: thanks :)13:26
mvo_I haven't seen anything from the bot yet though13:26
ogra_sil2100, are we publishing changes unrelated to ttraincon ?13:26
=== stgraber_ is now known as stgraber
sil2100ogra_: yeah, traincon allows landing isolated bugfixes that don't include features and/or unrelated to touch13:27
=== pete-woods is now known as pete-woods|lunch
ogra_after QA signoff, no ?13:27
sil2100ogra_: no, small isolated bugfixes do not require sign-off, only bigger ones (not isolated) and/or with features need sign-off13:27
ogra_(webbrowser-app is surely touching touch ... )13:27
sil2100Iiiit's complicated13:28
Saviqdavmor2, so, if you have silo 6 installed, we'd gladly take QA testing13:35
SaviqI'm doing my own in the mean time13:35
sil2100Saviq: so, silo 006 fixes the power menu issue? Is there a chance for this to get fixed by a smaller upload first?13:36
sil2100Saviq: I know that 006 has been tested for long and might even have QA sign-off, but still... it's a big thing13:36
Saviqsil2100, there's a *chance* yes, but if possible we'd just go for silo 6 already13:36
SaviqI understand it's a huge change, but that's why we do so much testing, QA signoff etc.13:37
seb128ogra_, did you use the desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/system-settings.desktop parameter to the command?13:37
ogra_seb128, yes13:37
seb128and it's not starting?13:37
ogra_even fails if i just run it without valgirnd13:37
sil2100Would prefer to land an isolated fix, build an image, try promoting and then land 006 (we can land it even if we won't have a promotion)13:37
seb128ogra_, did you typo the parameter?13:37
seb128iirc it's --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/system-settings.desktop13:38
ogra_hablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ system-settings --desktop-file_hint=/usr/share/applications/ubuntu-system-settings.desktop13:38
ogra_system-settings: unrecognized option '--desktop-file_hint=/usr/share/applications/ubuntu-system-settings.desktop'13:38
ogra_QUbuntu: Could not create application instance13:38
ogra_Aborted (core dumped)13:38
mhr3sil2100, silo for #30 pls? need those fixes for pes guys13:38
seb128ogra_, it's _ and not -13:38
mhr3mvo_, eh, ^^13:38
ogra_seb128, yeah, i copy/pasted from your question above :P13:38
oSoMoNsil2100, once silo 5 lands and is freed, I’m gonna need a silo for a huge webbrowser-app MR; I understand that it cannot land while we’re in traincon-0, but I’d need it today to allow for extensive testing13:39
seb128ogra_, I had the ... because I never remember the correct form and I was not giving the exact option13:39
ogra_works now13:39
mvo_mhr3: those are self-contained fixes and all that? we are in traincon so I can only land save stuff13:39
ogra_geeez, thats slooooow13:40
sil2100mvo_: remember that silo assignment can still be done normally, just usually leave 1-2 free silos in case some blocker fixes are needed :)13:41
mhr3mvo_, things those branches fix aren't used yet in the official images, so kinda safe13:41
mhr3mvo_, we'll test it anyway of course13:41
mvo_mhr3: thanks, I assign13:42
mvo_sil2100: ok, will do13:42
sil2100oSoMoN: ok, we'll try to have a silo for you, but since we're in traincon-0 we can soon be low on silos13:42
oSoMoNsil2100, understood13:43
oSoMoNsil2100, I filed the landing request on line 3213:43
ogra_seb128, mandel http://paste.ubuntu.com/7884925/ ...13:47
ogra_so it crashes somewhere in a dbus access it seems13:47
seb128do you have the full log?13:48
seb128especially invalid read/write before?13:48
seb128or free13:48
ogra_sure ... let me upload that somewhere13:48
mandelogra_, sweet, I should be able to fin the reason with full logs13:48
ogra_oh man13:49
ogra_==4768== More than 1000 different errors detected.  I'm not reporting any more.13:49
ogra_==4768== Final error counts will be inaccurate.  Go fix your program!13:49
ogra_valgrind is a moaner !!!13:49
seb128lot of false positive likely13:49
seb128you have suppr files to clean those13:49
ogra_seb128, mandel http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/valgrind.log13:54
seb128==4768== Invalid write of size 413:56
seb128==4768==    at 0xDACE682: ???13:56
seb128can you look in maps from settings what is at this address?13:56
ogra_how, where ?13:56
seb128in /proc/`pidof system-settings/maps13:57
seb128or in the apport-unpack dir13:57
seb128ogra_, did the android, hybris, etc stuff changed?13:58
seb128those bts and logs and errors are a bit weird13:58
ogra_a few times recently, yeah13:58
seb128like errors in ld13:58
ogra_oh, in fact it changed in image 15013:59
seb128if you take 149 and upgrade settings, does it bug?13:59
seb128it seems more likely a bug in the android side than in settings to me13:59
ogra_thats another 30min for me to download 149 first13:59
ogra_(i am on 151 here, popey  tested 149)14:00
ogra_but yeah, i guerr i need to invest that time14:01
* ogra_ re-flashes ... time for a break then ... (sometimes i like my slow DSL :P )14:01
mhr3seb128, it's fine if i just directly push to trunk when trunk is not synced with distro, right?14:02
seb128mhr3, yes14:02
seb128well, you push the diff of what got uploaded in distro, right?14:02
ogra_danmed .. i had 149 downloaded already ...14:02
mhr3seb128, yea, that14:02
ogra_no break :P14:02
seb128mhr3, k, it's fine yes14:03
camakofginther, just FYI, the failures we've seen on mir/0.5 are due to welcome screen not being disabled by the test runner script... I guess smth else did it for mir/devel so we got away with it, but not on 0.5. Testing my fix now...14:31
fginthercamako, is that a fix for the test runner script?14:32
camakofginther yes14:32
ogra_seb128_, FYI no change when upgrading the app on 149 ... same crash14:35
seb128_ogra_, so it's settings?!14:35
ogra_i dont get why my code addition onl ymakes bugs in other elements manifest14:36
balloonsfginther, were you able to run reminders now in the dashboard?14:36
balloonsI'm hoping we can land your branch and get reminders into the dashboard testing14:37
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
fgintherballoons, sorry. I ran into problem testing this on Friday and haven't had a good run yet14:38
fgintherballoons, I'll try again today. I should have the problems resolved now as long as the latest image still works14:38
balloonsfginther, awesome.. just keep me informed ;-)14:39
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=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
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=== pete-woods|lunch is now known as pete-woods
Saviqrsalveti, that failure looks like some intermittent UITK issue14:56
Saviqrsalveti, PageHeadStyle and below is UITK14:57
Saviqt1mp, any idea https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1349444 ?14:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349444 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[emulator] unity8 fails to start since image 152 (mako 149)." [Undecided,New]14:57
cjwatsonCan I upload ubuntu-touch-meta to drop the libexiv2-12 dep?14:59
cjwatsonAnd I guess for the udisks2 change15:00
cjwatsonOh, haha, rsalveti already did15:00
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davmor2seb128: hey dude the system setting crash says it has been uploaded I'm assuming to errors.ubuntu.com15:10
seb128davmor2, hey, guess so?15:10
* ogra_ wonders if that will have more info than the valgrind run15:11
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kalikianafginther: ping15:26
kgunnsil2100: so, not sure i've ever been here...but if we've got a blocker fix, can we land ?15:26
kgunnin traincon015:27
fgintherkalikiana, pong15:27
kgunni mean i assume thats how its supposed to work15:27
sil2100kgunn: sure! :) If it's a blocker fix, then you're first in the queue!15:27
kgunnsil2100: ok, silo6 will fix bug 134936215:27
ubot5bug 1349362 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Powerdown Dialog appear on waking the phone" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134936215:27
sil2100kgunn: ah ;)15:28
kgunnsil2100: i think we just need to do one last sanity test on that silo15:28
kgunnwe'll mark as tested as soon as done15:28
sil2100kgunn: ok, so regarding this - we're thinking, and most probably will, whitelist this blocker as per some discussions we had15:28
sil2100kgunn: since we know it's fixed in 006 and it's not something that breaks your phone15:28
kalikianafginther: can you help me enable ci on lp:ubuntu-push-qml including Jenkins running on MRs? it's a new branch with QML bindings for lp:ubuntu-push; I'm in the process of adding test cases (the ones in the branch are empty shells)15:29
kgunnsil2100: ah ah ah...already marked blocker, no take backs :)15:29
fgintherkalikiana, sure, but in the future please ping the Vanguard for general help (I'm not always here)15:32
oSoMoNsil2100, how often is the check-publication-migration job run?15:34
davmor2oSoMoN: once a decade did you want it quicker than that?15:36
sil2100oSoMoN: let me check15:36
bfillerpopey: do you know if the gallery-app I uploaded this weekend got approved yet in the store?15:36
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oSoMoNdavmor2,  :)15:37
bfillersil2100: I need a silo for line 33 please when you have a chance15:37
popeybfiller: should be, image 154 has a new gallery app http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/154.changes click:com.ubuntu.gallery from to
sil2100oSoMoN: every 5 minutes, but... it seems robru's redeployment on Friday broke it I see15:37
bfillerpopey: great thanks!15:38
sil2100oSoMoN: as he redeployed with latest, untested changes, and I guess it stayed there...15:38
sil2100So I see it's failing since some time15:38
bfillercjwatson: updated gallery landed in image, so next steps can proceed now..15:38
kalikianafginther: okay. sorry about that15:38
popeybfiller: np15:39
sil2100oSoMoN: yeah, it seems he didn't revert everything correctly15:39
camakofginther, so I checked in a fix for the 0.5 CI problem and it works... Also now we are getting ready to branch 0.6... Can you set up the jenkins config for 0.6 plz? Note that we don't have the branch yet.15:39
sil2100Jeez... his redeployment caused so much chaos15:41
oSoMoNsil2100, ok, I was asking because the status silo 5 still says that packages are in proposed, but they have already been promoted to the release pocket a while ago, would it be safe to merge and clean now, or do I need to wait for check-publication-migration to run again?15:41
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
sil2100oSoMoN: yeah, that's exactly where the check-publication is failing :| Give me a few seconds and I'll fix it15:42
bzoltan1rsalveti: ping15:42
rsalvetibzoltan1: pong15:42
bzoltan1rsalveti:  would you please help me to release the uitk-gles?15:43
rsalvetibzoltan1: oh, they are not in sync15:43
rsalvetibzoltan1: let me check that15:43
bzoltan1rsalveti: they are horrible out of sync and I am sure that is the reason of this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/134944415:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349444 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[emulator] unity8 fails to start since image 152 (mako 149)." [Critical,Confirmed]15:44
sil2100oSoMoN: ok, it should be good now15:44
oSoMoNsil2100, excellent, thanks!15:45
sil2100oSoMoN: sorry for that, and thanks for noticing it!15:45
* ogra_ wonders why the missing -gles rebuilds would have impact only starting with 15215:48
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
rsalvetimako 14915:50
rsalvetithe build id is not in sync15:50
ogra_yeah then that matches15:51
sil2100rsalveti: so, the reason are missing -gles rebuilds during UITK landing?15:53
rsalveticould be, I'm syncing them as we speak15:53
sil2100But I made a check that's actually making sure it's not released without it15:53
ogra_the "suspected" reason :)15:53
sil2100Did someone skip that ;p?!15:54
ogra_i think i saw a discussion about skipping it15:54
sil2100BAD BAD BAD15:54
rsalvetibzoltan1: ^^^15:54
sil2100bzoltan1: did you guys skip the -gles 'twin' counter-part upload during UITK landing? ;)15:55
bzoltan1sil2100: errr...15:55
ogra_-queuebot/#ubuntu-ci-eng- Silos: landing-015 (bfiller) Can't build: Some projects are missing their 'twin package' uploads (e.g. their -gles counter-parts): ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles. (address-book-app, dialer-app, messaging-app, ubuntu-keyboard, ubuntu-ui-toolkit)15:55
ogra_<cjwatson> I guess I can ignore that for now as it was ignored in the last (failed) build pass15:55
ogra_seems that was colin15:55
sil2100Ah ha!15:55
* bzoltan1 is thinking about a goo lie 15:55
ogra_ah, dang ... i should have waited to hear the good lie first15:55
bzoltan1ogra_:  I go with the sunspot activity15:57
Chipacawho can unstick the ps jenkins bot? got a needs fixing because of a missing commit message, and now i'm stuck with it15:57
rsalvetisil2100: bzoltan1: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles/0.1.50+14.10.20140724.2-0ubuntu115:59
rsalvetiquite a big diff15:59
rsalvetishould probably be what is causing the issue15:59
sil2100Most probably15:59
* sil2100 waits for it to finish building15:59
sil2100Anyway, we can build an image in the meantime I guess, as these bits anyway don't land in touch images16:00
sil2100And we're almost sure that it's nothing on our side breaking it16:00
bzoltan1rsalveti: the diff suppose to be big16:00
rsalvetiwait for the gles packages to land first16:01
rsalvetiotherwise the emulator image will still be broken16:01
elopiosil2100: I have another meeting right now, and brendan is on holidays. So please ping me if you need something from us.16:01
sil2100elopio: ok :)16:01
Chipacaany chance of me getting a silo for row 35?16:02
Chipacaah, i guess there are more outstanding than silos available. sigh.16:03
bzoltan1rsalveti: sil2100: ogra_: keep in mind that the UITK or any other projects have _ZERO_ autopilot tests run against the emulator16:03
ogra_autopilot is overrated anyway16:04
* ogra_ hides from QA 16:04
Chipacaogra_: while you're hiding, ... :)16:07
cjwatsonbfiller: Yep, next steps are in progress, thanks16:11
rsalvetibzoltan1: sil2100: built successfully at least, wait it to be published and trigger a new image16:12
cjwatsonogra_: well, yeah, I figured I was just transferring the previous instruction16:12
cjwatsonthat check should be applied on publish, not just on build16:12
cjwatsonI didn't realise it wasn't16:12
ogra_if it notifys yu on build you dont lose time and can start the other build in parallel16:13
ogra_but yeah it should block publishing additionally16:13
ogra_sil2100, ^^^16:13
cjwatsonogra_,sil2100: Saviq ignored it before I did - https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-015-1-build/111/console16:13
ogra_i dont want to point fingers and we obviously have a flaw in the infrastructure here16:14
cjwatsonYup, not pointing fingers, just suggesting whom to check with for more detailed history :)16:15
oSoMoNsil2100, now that silo 5 landed, can I have a silo for line 32, please?16:15
ogra_you are aware that we are in traincon-0 ?16:16
ogra_(only bugfixes and only after QA review, no ? )16:16
mterrysil2100, did everything get tested / squared away about the mediascanner2 fix?16:17
ogra_mterry, we'll build an image asap16:17
t1mpSaviq: PageHeadSections was added last week16:17
ogra_(with that fix)16:17
mterryogra_, cool!16:17
t1mpSaviq: are you using import Ubuntu.Components 1.1?16:17
ogra_that still leves two other issues though16:17
Saviqt1mp, yeah, and it's obviously working outside of the emulator...16:21
bzoltan1rsalveti: thank you16:22
t1mpSaviq: I added a new comment for the bug, PageHeadSections is in the Components (not the Theme as I said first)16:22
Saviqt1mp, hmm, sounds like -gles UITK package isn't there?16:22
t1mpuhhmm.. I don't know about the -gles package16:23
t1mpbzoltan1: ^^ you were busy with that last week right?16:23
Saviqrsalveti, right, I can see you just published uitk, it will fix unity8 on emulator16:23
rsalvetihopefully, yeah16:24
Saviqcjwatson, right, I did ignore it for that silo (as you effectively *have* to ignore it once, to build from the same source), but I completely agree that check should be there on publish (and it should check the version of the two packages)16:25
Saviq(to be in sync)16:25
Saviqat least the part before -ubuntu16:26
sil2100Oh, and firefox crashed, lovely16:26
davmor2sil2100: oh the policy things it appears that the webbrower fails to render it which is why it isn't visible on the device so that needs fixing :)16:28
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
bzoltan1t1mp: Saviq: the problem is addressed by rsalveti and the fix is on its way.16:30
t1mprsalveti, bzoltan1 awesome :)16:30
ogra_already uploaded any building16:30
Saviqbzoltan1, yup, saw that, no comment on the bug though! ;P16:30
ogra_it is one of the traincon-0 issues16:30
bzoltan1t1mp:  not so awesome if you ask sil2100 or ogra_ :D16:30
Saviqsil2100, I have to launch a private window before launching a real one in my firefox for a few weeks now16:31
ogra_bzoltan1, hey, it made us find a flaw in the process ... sil2100 just needs to fix it now :)16:31
rsalvetididn't yet comment on the bug because we don't yet know if that fixed or not the issue16:31
Saviqrsalveti, well, at least we'd know something's happening ;)16:31
rsalvetiwe hope it'll fix it16:31
rsalvetiSaviq: right, my bad, added something now16:32
bzoltan1ogra_:  well... at least I would be the first one complaining about a non functional emulator image :)16:33
robrusil2100, ah indeed, prepare-silo is hard-coding spreadsheet columns. Fortunately, queuebot and prepare-silo are both python and both using csv, so it should be simple to adapt my queuebot code to make prepare-silo adaptable. I'll submit a branch for that shortly.16:34
sil2100robru: \o/16:45
robrusil2100, ok https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/cupstream2distro/stop-hardcoding-spreadsheet-column-numbers/+merge/228540 I'll deploy this now and see how it goes ;-)16:53
sil2100I'm redeploying the deploy job now16:53
sil2100And it's having some problems o_O16:53
sil2100I mean, redeploying the redeploy ;p16:54
robrusil2100, yes that looks like a fun failure.16:54
davmor2sil2100: you're redeploying the redploy of the deploy job16:54
robrudavmor2, this redeploy of the redeploy of the redeploy job is just a ploy! and boy is my face red...16:55
ogra_sil2100, we should also avoid seed changes (or at least the accompanying meta uploads for them) during TRAINCON ... take that on your suggestion list too16:57
robrusil2100, hey what's the deal with your redeploy change? my change should be orthogonal, if I just slip that in it won't hurt you will it?16:58
sil2100robru: I think yes, I guess it's just a problem with authorization in jenkins o_O16:58
robrusil2100, ok, gimme a sec to deploy my thing ;-)16:58
sil2100Aaand since I don't see how to fix it, I think I'll just silently hack around it and worry about it some other time ;p16:59
sil2100(just don't tell anyone!)16:59
robrusil2100, wait, where does it ask me what branch to deploy from?16:59
sil2100robru: soooo, for that, hah, you need to wait! Since it failed redeploying the jenkins job ;)17:00
sil2100robru: but you want to redeploy prod, right?17:00
robrusil2100, ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh17:00
ogra_just redeploy it then17:00
sil2100Or preprod first?17:00
robrusil2100, I want to deploy it right to prod, since it's the prepare-job17:00
sil2100robru: if you want to use preprod, then give me a moment to modify the jenkins job manually ;p17:00
robrusil2100, i can only test it by assigning silos for people17:00
sil2100robru: so, merge in your merge into lp:cupstream2distro and redeploy prod ;)17:01
robrusil2100, oh.... ok17:01
robrusil2100, https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/deploy-citrain/74/console you broke it good. anyways I pushed to trunk17:03
sil2100Yeah, don't use deploypreprod now ;p SInce it's no longer a bool!17:04
sil2100Changing this right now17:04
sil2100Just check 'deploy prod' and you're fine ;)17:04
bzoltan1sil2100: robru: i could land the next round of the QtCreator tomorrow moring if I get a new silo for line3617:06
robrubzoltan1, ok, we've lost the ability to assign silos at the moment, one sec17:06
sil2100robru: so, is your branch in trunk right now?17:07
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
robrusil2100, yes17:07
robrusil2100, https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/deploy-citrain/76/console yeah I dunno what you did there17:07
sil2100robru: since if yes, you can just deploy with DEPLOY_PROD_CITRAIN and it should pull in trunk17:07
sil2100Wait, something's not right17:10
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
sil2100Ah, ok, nvm17:11
oSoMoNsil2100, robru: sorry if I sound insistent… could I have a silo for line 32 ? it’s going to require thorough testing, so the sooner I get the silo, the better. Thanks!17:12
sil2100robru: give me one last moment ;)17:12
robrusil2100, http://bit.ly/1nzypmn ;-)17:12
robruoSoMoN, yep, citrain broke, we're working on it17:12
sil2100robru: need to override the parent of citrain prod, as it's pointing to preprod now by default ;p17:12
oSoMoNah, ok17:13
oSoMoNgood luck with that17:13
sil2100robru: ok, should be ok now ;)17:14
sil2100robru: redeployed now17:14
robrusil2100, the deploy log doesn't show that it pulled my commit17:14
sil2100robru: it pulled it in the cyphermox job ;p17:14
sil2100robru: as I had to do a bzr pull --remember to force the lp:cupstream2distro parent17:14
sil2100I might just change that in preprod to use it explicitly17:15
sil2100But I didn't want to throw junk commits again17:15
robrusil2100, ah I see now17:16
robrusil2100, lawl, my commit was broken, good thing I pushed it to trunk.17:16
sil2100Don't worry, we're breaking the train so much today that no one cares anymore!17:17
sil2100Just take a bus everyone!17:17
robrusil2100, ok, fixed in trunk and redeployed17:18
robruoSoMoN, ok, you got silo 217:18
robrusil2100, yeah, CI Bus, that's the next thing. Then the one after that will be called CI Thrown Under The Bus.17:18
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bzoltan1rsalveti: ogra_: do you have a broken emulator with the unity8 failure?17:18
robrusil2100, ok so the prepare job seems to be able to prepare with my column-number-agnostic code, I'm going to brutalize the spreadsheet now, already made a backup copy17:19
oSoMoNrobru, thanks!17:19
sil2100robru: good luck! I'll just close my eyes and go write the e-mail now17:19
robruoSoMoN, you're welcome!17:20
robrusil2100, cover me, I'm going in! ;-)17:20
sil2100robru: the preprod mention-branch-to-deploy-from seems to work, so at least that ;p17:20
* sil2100 just tested17:20
robrusil2100, great17:24
robru^^ apologies, bot is responding to me screwing up the spreadsheet17:25
robrubzoltan1, you got silo 517:32
mhr3what happened to the spreadsheet?17:37
mhr3all the silo links disappeared17:37
robrumhr3, MUAHAHAHAHAHAH17:39
robrumhr3, silo links are at http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=17:39
robrumhr3, spreadsheet doesn't scale, since we're soon going to double the number of silos for RTM17:39
mhr3robru, oh, so it's official removal?17:39
robrumhr3, yep17:39
mhr3would be nice to announce beforehand :P17:40
robrumhr3, I'm just about to make the announcement, literally making the change right now17:40
mhr3but i'm not going to cry, the dashboard is so much better17:40
robrusil2100, do you have any idea why SOME of the cells in column C say #REF? the error is 'unknown sheet name' but the formula does not reference any sheet name, very mysterious17:40
mhr3robru, so how are we going to set the tested state?17:41
robrusil2100, oh nm, it's indirect from the other formula, i got it17:41
robrumhr3, there's a new column in the Pending tab17:41
mhr3aaah, i need to scroll now :P17:42
robrumhr3, knock your font size down or something... trust me this will be better than having to find the 40'th silo tab when you want to mark testing:done... now it's all on one screen17:44
* sil2100 was supposed to have a half-day sick off, but that didn't really happen much17:47
sil2100Time to EOD!17:47
sil2100robru: good to see you found the problem :)17:47
robrusil2100, goodnight!17:47
bzoltan1pmcgowan: rsalveti: Saviq: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1349444 I have commented it.17:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349444 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[emulator] unity8 fails to start since image 152 (mako 149)." [Critical,In progress]17:54
Saviqrobru, icanhas reconfigure on silo 6 please? we added ubuntu-touch-meta as a new source package17:54
robruSaviq, sure one sec17:55
robruSaviq, ok it's going17:56
Saviqrobru, great, can you upload http://people.canonical.com/~msawicz/touch-meta.tar to it please17:56
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robruSaviq, done17:58
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robruok, gonna test some stuff, please ignore queuebot for a few minutes here18:08
dobeyanyone know how to recover from http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7886982/ when trying to build something in sbuild? it's causing the chroot to not get updated and thus a failure :-/18:12
robrudobey, not sure about that specific case, but sometimes 'apt-get -f install' is helpful18:16
robrudobey, to the point that I often find myself writing code like 'apt-get dist-upgrade --yes || apt-get -f install' when doing chrooty type things.18:16
robru^^ disregard queuebot18:19
dobeyrobru: right. but how do i tell sbuild to do that? :)18:19
robrudobey, dunno about sbuild, sorry. just seen it with vagrant images and such18:19
mvo_dobey: you hit a apt bug18:19
dobeys/you/sbuild/ :)18:19
mvo_dobey: bug #134772118:19
sergiusensrobru: landing of 001 is ready; I set to yes in the "pending" view I recently discovered, but it's taking longer than usual to update the dashboard18:19
ubot5bug 1347721 in apt (Ubuntu) "Saucy -> Trusty upgrade failed: procps fails to configure" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134772118:19
sergiusensoh and the status on spreadsheet is still "packages built"18:20
robrusergiusens, yeah I'm breaking the spreadsheet literally as we speak18:20
dobeymvo_: so, what? just rm -rf things and runs mk-sbuild again?18:21
sergiusensrobru: ok, fwiw; silo one is ready to publish18:21
davmor2Saviq: Nothing is more broken with your silo 006 and somethings are fixed \o/18:21
robrusergiusens, ok thanks, will get to it shortly18:21
mvo_dobey: yeah, its just a transient failure18:21
mvo_dobey: it does not cope with the new "init" package, I'm working on a fix, but its unfortuately non-trivial18:22
dobeymvo_: what do i rm -rf exactly? sbuild is a bit of a black box for me still :-/18:22
mvo_dobey: it should be in /var/lib/schroot/chroots/ somewhere18:24
dobeymvo_: hrmm, i don't have that chroots directory...18:32
dobeyoh wait, nevermind18:33
rsalvetiogra_: robru: did we trigger a new image already?18:39
robrursalveti, i didn't18:39
mvo_dobey: ok, I think I found the bug, if all goes well I upload later tonight18:40
rsalvetiguess we can trigger one then, as ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles landed in release18:40
robrursalveti, cool, you want to do it or should i?18:41
rsalvetirobru: let me trigger this one, never used the web interface18:41
robrursalveti, heh, ok18:41
robrursalveti, i found it not super intuitive but if you just read it you can figure it out18:41
dobeymvo_: cool. thanks for the help18:41
rsalvetiin theory I did the right thing hehe18:42
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mvo_dobey: no problem :)18:42
robrursalveti, yep, looks so18:42
rsalvetistill not showing up at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-touch/ but that might take a few still18:43
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 155 building (started: 20140728 18:50) ===18:49
robruwooop wooop, ok I need to grab some grub, bbl18:50
pmcgowanrobru, rsalveti did mediascanner fix already land?18:51
rsalvetipmcgowan: afaik, yes18:52
davmor2pmcgowan: yeah apparently they want ToyKeeper to test it as she might not break it so much,  I think they don't know her skills :D18:54
ToyKeeperOh, that landed in 155?19:04
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ToyKeeperI thought it might not land until 156.19:05
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ToyKeeper(also, thought I had a few more hours before that needed to start)19:18
ToyKeeperHmm, the commit logs don't seem to update along with the image... gotta wait for that to be manually updated I guess.19:20
ToyKeeper(so I've been testing sort of in the dark due to being in the wrong time zone)19:20
fgintherkalikiana, lp:ubuntu-push-qml  is not setup for ci19:22
fgintherkalikiana, oops. that should be *now setup* for ci19:22
robrualexabreu, ^ so you should probably make sure that the name you put in column B matches your IRC name so that the bot pings you properly19:38
=== alexabreu is now known as alex-abreu
alex-abreurobru, or the opposite19:39
robrualex-abreu, hehe, no worries19:39
alex-abreurobru, can you reconf for me?19:39
robrualex-abreu, yes ;-)19:39
oSoMoNrobru, where did all the silo tabs vanish?19:40
robruoSoMoN, well, I deleted them, see my announcement on ubuntu-phone19:41
* oSoMoN goes read his e-mail19:41
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* Chipaca grovels for a silo19:42
robruChipaca, ONLY BUGFIXES!!!!!!!11!!11!eleven!!!19:43
oSoMoNrobru, this dashboard looks so much better than the spreadsheet, thanks!19:43
robruoSoMoN, you're welcome!19:44
Chipacarobru: well... does that mean i've got to cherry pick a bugfix?19:44
robruoSoMoN, you still need the spreadsheet to initiate the request and mark testing:done. but all the jenkins jobs can be triggered from the spreadsheet19:44
robrui mean the dashboard19:44
robruChipaca, it means I'm not landing any features today! is your thing a mixture of features and fixes?19:45
* Chipaca looks at the changelog19:45
Chipacarobru: yes :-(19:45
Chipacait can wait, i guess?19:45
robruChipaca, yeah, we're in lockdown right now, only fixes can land.19:46
robruChipaca, feel free to build in silo but I won't publish today19:46
Chipacarobru: i'll get it ready and tested, but won't ask for landing until traincon is >019:46
robruChipaca, ok thx19:46
Chipacayeah, that's what i wanted :)19:46
Chipacarobru: thanks!19:46
robruChipaca, you're welcome19:47
Chipacaooh, only 1 silo remaining. Maybe I'll sell mine on ebay instead.19:47
robruChipaca, SILOS ARE NON TRANSFERRABLE!!!!19:47
Chipacarobru: we can go 50/5019:47
cjwatsondobey: for future reference you didn't need to rm.  'sbuild-update -udc utopic-amd64', then when it fails, 'schroot -c source:utopic-amd64 -u root' and in that shell 'apt-get -f install; apt-get dist-upgrade'19:47
ToyKeeperWoot.  Don't try to answer a call during the initial welcome setup wizard process.19:49
ToyKeeperInstead of 'accept' and 'decline', the buttons should be labelled 'fail' and 'fail'.19:49
ChipacaToyKeeper: not "fail" and "fail harder"? I am disappoint.19:49
dobeycjwatson: hmm, ok19:51
ToyKeeperrobru: Whatever changed in image 155, it didn't fix mediascanner.19:52
robruToyKeeper, ok, thanks for testing!19:52
ToyKeeperNo local media shows up in the scopes, and the music app just crashes on startup.19:52
ToyKeeperThe gallery app can see photos and videos...  but it still sucks at actually playing the videos.19:53
ToyKeeperIf it's alright, I think I'll wait for image 156 before I do more detailed tests.19:53
ToyKeeperrobru: However, if a mediascanner crash file would be useful, I have one.19:54
robruToyKeeper, yes, that's probably a thing that we want.19:55
robruogra_, do we know who was working on mediascanner? so we can flog them?19:55
slangasekbeatings will continue until mediascanner improves?19:56
slangasekthere don't appear to be any recent changes to mediascanner itself19:56
slangasekthere does appear to be an upload of the mediascanner package by xnox, stuck in proposed since May19:57
cjwatsonmediascanner2 I think19:58
slangasekah, ok19:58
slangasekrobru, ToyKeeper: https://errors.ubuntu.com/?period=day&pkg_arch=armhf may be useful19:58
slangasekas mediascanner2.0 is listed as the top crasher there19:58
ToyKeeperI've never actually gotten whoopsie to upload any crash dumps, even when whoopsie-upload-all asks it to.19:58
slangasekand rumors of phones non-backtraceability have been greatly exaggerated19:59
slangasekToyKeeper: is that something you have time to dig into today?  I don't want to distract you if you're working on something else, but we need to get to the bottom of issues with whoopsie not uploading19:59
slangasekplars, josepht: ^^ I wasn't aware of any issues that would break whoopsie-upload-all, were you?20:00
slangasekanyway, that backtrace on errors has a very suggestive error message20:01
slangasek        msg = {static npos = <optimized out>, _M_dataplus = {<std::allocator<char>> = {<__gnu_cxx::new_allocator<char>> = {<No data fields>}, <No data fields>}, _M_p = 0x84b424 "Could not look up user name: Permission denied"}}20:01
ToyKeeperFWIW, http://toykeeper.net/tmp/phablet/2014-07-28/_usr_bin_mediascanner-service-2.0.32011.crash.bz2  is from image 155.20:01
slangasekwho's putting money on this being related to the NSS changes20:01
cjwatsonEACCES from getpwuid, hmm20:01
slangasekI think this mediascanner crash entirely explains the smoketest regressions too, doesn't it?20:02
ahayzenrobru, FYI Jussi Pakkanen and James Henstridge work on mediascanner220:02
slangasekall of which were related to pictures not showing up in places20:02
slangasekso mediascanner is confined20:02
ahayzen...thts who i contact when we need features for music-app anyway...20:02
slangasekdo we have an apparmor policy that allows /var/lib/nssextrawhatever?20:03
cjwatsonthere was just an apparmor upload fixing that20:03
cjwatsondo we have crashes postdating it?20:03
slangasekthen should this be fixed when that lands?20:03
cjwatsonwhich means 156 might well fix this20:03
* slangasek nods20:03
cjwatsonbuildlog says it has 2.8.96~2541-0ubuntu220:04
slangasekToyKeeper: cjwatson and I think the mediascanner crash is fixed in 156; please let us know if it looks otherwise to you20:04
ToyKeeperIf we build 156 early I'd be happy to test it sooner.20:04
cjwatsonit's almost built20:04
cjwatsonwait, hmm20:05
pmcgowanyou mean 155?20:05
cjwatsonnow I'm confused20:05
pmcgowan155 is still building afaik20:05
pmcgowanwith those two fixes for blockers20:06
cjwatsonright, so I'm confused about what ToyKeeper said about 15520:06
pmcgowanme too20:06
ToyKeeperGah, you're right.  I misread the imgbot notification as built instead of building.20:06
cjwatsonok, so slangasek and I think the mediascanner2 crash is fixed in *155* :-)20:06
pmcgowanshould be done soonish20:06
ToyKeeperToo many fires burning all at once today.20:07
robruslangasek, oh is that fixed now? sweet20:08
slangasekwell, I thnk we don't know20:09
slangasekToyKeeper: you said http://toykeeper.net/tmp/phablet/2014-07-28/_usr_bin_mediascanner-service-2.0.32011.crash.bz2 is definitely from image 155?20:09
ToyKeeperslangasek: No, it's from 154.  I was just getting ahead of myself.20:09
slangasekin that case, we await your re-testing :)20:09
cjwatsonrobru: I'm fairly sure it will at minimum shift the problem to the next thing along :-)20:10
ToyKeeperI saw imgbot's notification and reflashed and tested before I noticed it said 'building' instead of 'done'.20:10
robruoh right20:11
pmcgowanToyKeeper, no worries20:11
pmcgowanI was just checking for it myself20:11
veebersrobru: query, libautopilot-qt silo, the 'needs sign-off' is related to traincon-0?20:12
robruveebers, yep20:12
robruveebers, so you'll need ToyKeeper to approve that your silo doesn't break anything before I can release that20:12
veebersrobru, cjwatson: I guess it doesn't count that I set testing to yes yesterday before your Monday right ;-)20:13
josephtslangasek: I'm not aware of any issues that would break whoopsie-upload-all either20:13
veebersrobru: ack20:13
slangasekjosepht: ok20:13
veebersToyKeeper: If you have a moment, can I work with you to get that done?20:13
slangasekjosepht: do you have time to work with ToyKeeper to track down whatever she's seeing?20:14
ToyKeeperveebers: Possibly, but image 155 should be done any moment now and that needs to get tested ASAP.  Could we try after 155 is built?20:14
veebersToyKeeper: for instance I have this testing report I did with the gatekeeper: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7880920/20:14
veebersToyKeeper: sure thing20:14
veebersthanks :-)20:14
ToyKeeperjosepht: I haven't investigated much yet; I didn't even know about whoopsie-upload-all until last week.20:15
ToyKeeperjosepht: It could have been a transient thing; it looks like my crashes just uploaded, using 154 as a base image.20:17
ToyKeeperWhen I tried last week, I couldn't get it to send anything at all.  But that was like ten images ago.20:18
plarsslangasek: I've had some success with the latest version of whoopsie with the workarounds in place. I know it's been very hit-or-miss in the past though20:19
plarshopefully the recent fixes will improve the situation20:19
bzoltan1robru: The silo5 is still chewing on the powerpc build when I am finished with my testings. The package in the silo has a simple change in the debian/control file, so it will require a semigod's ack :) Otherwise the package is good to go.20:21
tvossrobru, hey there :) can I get a silo for line 37?20:21
robrutvoss, hm, conflicts with 6...20:22
tvosskgunn, hey there :)20:23
tvosskgunn, do you have an eta for silo 6 handy?20:24
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bzoltan1robru: Is there a chance to kick a powerpc builder to pick up this build? https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-005/+build/6219308 Not so long time ago I had to wait like 10 hours just for that pointless powerpc builder.20:24
kgunntvoss: i'd like to call it done and land it right now20:24
kgunnSaviq: ^20:24
kgunngreybacks not around but it sure seems ready from my testing20:24
robrukgunn, nope, not landing 6 during TRAINCON-0 unfortunately20:24
kgunntvoss: ^ well, i guess there's always tomorrow20:25
robrubzoltan1, not sure. fginther do we know how to bump the priority on builds? ^^ (see bzoltan1's message)20:25
robrukgunn, tvoss: wait so what's up? am I overriding the conflict so tvoss can have a silo?20:26
kgunndunno, i assume tvoss wants to touch something i have in silo6 and he's being nice :)20:26
kgunnjust asking20:26
fgintherrobru, that would have to go through IS if anyone were able to do anything about it20:27
bzoltan1fginther: robru:  I am just totally confused why on earth we do not switch off these powerpc build... if you add up all the hours, days we wait for them the result is way much more than it would take to fix dozens of serious regression. That is called bad investment.20:27
robrukgunn, yeah, he's got a platform-api branch20:27
tvosskgunn, yup, exactly. Got a platform-api bugfix in 620:27
robrubzoltan1, yeah I dunno either, not my call though... i don't even know who controls that20:27
kgunnrobru:  so silo6 technically also fixes a blocker20:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349362 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Powerdown Dialog appear on waking the phone" [Critical,In progress]20:29
robrukgunn, yeah but that issue is whitelisted since we know that fix is coming. today is the day we slam on the breaks, stop all big landings, and only land small/medium sized fixes20:29
fgintherbzoltan1, I don't have a good answer for that either. I'm assume it's possible to selectively disable architectures for a PPA20:30
ToyKeeperkgunn: Ah, sweet.  I ran into that bug about once every 10 to 15 minutes.  Good to hear it's ready to land.20:30
kgunnrobru: this is bad logic and puts pain on me....the amount of testing i have to do for silo6 is huge20:30
bzoltan1fginther: who to ask to disable the powerpc for all Silos for all projects?20:30
robrukgunn, yeah this TRAINCON stuff comes straight from asac.20:30
kgunnand so every time some little thing gets fixed in unity8, platform-api, ubuntu-system-settings etc20:30
bzoltan1fginther: it is totally pointless20:30
kgunnrobru: we could make the same argument for platform-api...we know a fix is coming, so white list20:31
josephtToyKeeper: if you encounter whoopsie not uploading again let me know and I'll be happy to dig into it further20:31
kgunnrobru: not blaming you...its just not sensible20:31
robrukgunn, the difference is, tvoss' branch is small, just one fix. your silo is huge and touches many things and has a big potential for regressions20:31
kgunni was ready to land fri morning alredy20:31
kgunnolli: ^ this isn't sensible20:31
ToyKeeperjosepht: I think I must have simply discovered it at a bad time.  Seems fine today.20:31
ollikgunn, otp20:32
fgintherbzoltan1, I would start with sil2100 and perhaps slangasek and cjwatson.20:34
robrubzoltan1, fginther: it won't be sil2100. slangasek and cjwatson are good people to ask though20:34
robruslangasek is even supposed to be around at this time... ;-)20:34
kgunnbzoltan1: good luck with that one :)20:34
* kgunn recalls powerpc with xmir20:35
* bzoltan1 will this circle just for pleasure20:35
fgintherkgunn, do you recall the context? Is this just a matter of we're gating on all supported architectures?20:35
robrufginther, yeah I think so. the archive prevents you from regressing on arches, so if you ever built on powerpc, you have to always build on it for the rest of time20:36
bzoltan1robru:  and that is what i call waste of time20:36
robrubzoltan1, I dunno, we might want to run uitk on a G3 one day.20:37
bzoltan1robru:  this build is for the QtCreator's plugin20:37
robrubzoltan1, yeah, I'd feel bad if all those pre-intel mac users couldn't run it ;-)20:37
bzoltan1robru:  a strictly desktop component20:37
bzoltan1robru: that would be horrible ... If one, a single SDK user shows up with a powerpc environment i will buy a PC to her.20:38
robrubzoltan1, just kidding, yeah I've wanted to shut off powerpc for a while. intel macs came out 9 years ago, I don't even know of any modern computers using powerpc.20:40
robrukgunn, so what's happening with tvoss's landing? we're waiting for olli to step in and make a call here?20:41
bzoltan1robru:  well, I switched off my alpha server just few years ago :) after like 5y uptime ... So I can imagine all kind of crazy people20:43
tvossrobru, okay, let kgunn proceed, but I would appreciate a silo to get some testing mileage20:44
tvossrobru, I will take care of merging trunk after 6 landed20:44
robrutvoss, ok then20:44
ollirobru, kgunn, tvoss, reading backlog20:44
tvossrobru, thank you :)20:44
robrutvoss, you're welcome20:45
kgunntvoss: thanks...20:45
tvosskgunn, yw20:45
ToyKeeper... I still have an 13-year-old off-brand Tivo clone running as my home router / firewall / name server / email server.  But it's at least x86-based.20:46
kgunnolli: point is, i think i found a bug with our traincon....complex stuff (e.g. touches multiple things)20:46
kgunncan get caught in a "i tested, its ok" "sorry that changed, rebuild pls" vortex20:46
robruolli, ok so the current status is that kgunn and tvoss have conflicting silos (that is, they each have a silo that contains a different build of platform-api). tvoss' one is a small fix, where kgunn's is a huge landing that touches many bits. normally we'd give tvoss priority here because his landing is smaller, but kgunn is saying that tvoss' landing will cause him a lot of retesting headache. normally I could just do kgunn's release, but we're in20:46
robruthis asac-mandated TRAINCON-0 state which means no big landings can get through.20:46
ToyKeeperTraincon is definitely far from perfect.  I'd be happy about any improvements you can come up with.20:46
ToyKeeperWith any luck, traincon 0 might end within like 20 minutes of 155 finishing its build.20:47
ToyKeeperBTW, it doesn't normally take this long to build, right?20:47
ollirobru, so when TRAINCON-0 clears tomorrow (as it looks atm) I think we should queue the silos that require more retesting first20:48
robruToyKeeper, yeah it should have built by now. usually it's around 1.5 hours20:48
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kgunnolli: consider small changes, have small amount of tests, large changes have large amount of testing20:48
robruolli, oh for sure, kgunn can be first in line when traincon is over20:48
olliif tvoss' change is comparatively small / less complex then I think it's fair to put the retest burden on him20:48
ollikgunn, are you asking to get in during traincon?20:48
kgunnolli: can i  :)20:48
ollidid you?20:49
kgunnolli: well it does fix a whitelisted-blocker, and we are tested20:49
kgunnmay we ?20:49
ollirobru, what else is keeping us in traincon-0 atm?20:50
olliiirc, it was the whitelisted shutdown dialog bug, the emulator bug and music scanner20:50
robruolli, just https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1349444 according to the last landing mail. if that's the case then 155 should fix it, as soon as that's done building any second now20:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349444 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles (Ubuntu) "[emulator] unity8 fails to start since image 152 (mako 149)." [Critical,In progress]20:51
ollirobru, do you have an ETA for the fix?20:53
ollirsalveti, ^20:53
robruolli, dunno, image should be done building any minute now20:54
robruolli, so, ETA: "any minute now" ;-)20:54
rsalvetiolli: fix is already available, just waiting the latest image20:54
ollirsalveti, k20:54
robrursalveti, I noticed the iso tracker no longer indicates a build is in progress, I guess that means it's pretty close to done.20:55
robrutvoss, you got silo 1 btw (please build)20:55
rsalvetithe cdimage side is done already for quite a few https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-touch/20:55
robrursalveti, I tried ubuntu-device-flash and it just came up with 154.20:56
rsalvetiprobably waiting the system-image import20:56
ollirobru, so, I think re qtcomp / tvoss' platform api change... it's all good, get 155 out, then qtcomp, then tvoss' fix as discussed initially... sorry, had to catch up a bit20:57
robruolli, ok, sounds like a good plan, thx20:58
tvossrobru, my ci train spreadsheet is missing tabs for silos ...20:58
robrutvoss, ;-)20:58
robrutvoss, there's an email in ubuntu-phone explaining it20:58
kgunnolli: robru tvoss ...thanks...sorry about being a whiner, i just felt like groundhog day on testing qtcomp20:59
robrukgunn, no worries, I see big silos get stuck like that all the time, it's not just you20:59
* tvoss hugs kgunn20:59
* kgunn just realizes groundhog day might not translate.... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107048/20:59
tvossrobru, got the subject line handy?20:59
ToyKeeperGood movie.21:00
robrutvoss, uh, "ANNOUNCING: ..." sent by me, like just hours ago21:00
popeywhere is image #155 ?21:00
popeyit strarted building hours ago21:01
popeyalso started21:01
robrutvoss, https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09202.html21:01
robrupopey, lol21:01
kgunnobviously there's your problem...strarting and starting at the same time :)21:02
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard (general help): also robru | CI Train support: robru, trainguards | CI Train Status: #133 promoted | Known issues: Read http://bit.ly/1k4uBJR before asking about the spreadsheet changes. TRAINCON-0. Both queuebot and http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS know your silo status before the spreadsheet does.
popeyit's usually 1.5 hours, but it's over 2 hours now21:03
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 155 DONE (finished: 20140728 21:05) ===21:04
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/155.changes ===21:04
robruwoop woop!21:04
ToyKeeper... and flashing.21:04
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
popeyogra_: tapping the notification in #154 works again21:06
robrursalveti, you able to test that 155 fixes the emulator? I don't have the emulator set up at the moment21:07
rsalvetiyup, give me a minute21:07
robrursalveti, sweet thanks21:07
bzoltan1cjwatson: fginther: robru: I have heard from IS that  the powerpc builders are currently chewing through gcc, eglibc and libreoffice.. so it might take days before some of the actual builds are picked up.21:09
bzoltan1robru: rsalveti: I have tested the package on an emulator21:09
bzoltan1robru: rsalveti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1349444/comments/621:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349444 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles (Ubuntu) "[emulator] unity8 fails to start since image 152 (mako 149)." [Critical,In progress]21:10
robrubzoltan1, is that a typo? we just built image 155 minutes ago. at most you could have tested image 154, not 157.21:11
bzoltan1robru:  that is what my fresh emulator said about itself21:11
robrursalveti, are the x86 image numbers out of sync with the arm ones?21:11
rsalvetirobru: yup21:12
robrursalveti, ah ok21:12
rsalvetiwe need to build just for armhf a few times21:12
robrubzoltan1, nm then21:12
rsalvetiso they can be in sync again21:12
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ToyKeeper... four crash dumps so far right after flashing, before I even got to see the setup wizard.21:16
rsalvetiyeah, same here for the emulator21:17
rsalvetisetup wizard not even showing up =\21:17
* pmcgowan pauses download21:17
ToyKeeperI'm still waiting for that, watching to see what happens.21:17
rsalvetiouch, something bad is going on in here21:18
ToyKeeper_usr_lib_arm-linux-gnueabihf_url-dispatcher_update-directory.32011.crash, _usr_bin_system-settings-wizard.32011.crash, _usr_bin_unity8.32011.crash, _usr_bin_maliit-server.32011.crash21:18
ToyKeeper(in that order)21:18
rsalvetiyeah, got the same ones with the emulator here21:18
rsalvetiwith the x86 one21:18
davmor2rsalveti pmcgowan 155  looks like it has the same ota issue that 150 had21:18
rsalvetieverything is broken lol21:18
pmcgowanhow did so many new packages land?21:19
ToyKeeperLet's see if second boot is any better...21:19
davmor2rsalveti I think it is the user permissions again like 15021:19
rsalvetiright, but how21:19
rsalvetinew lightdm?21:19
pmcgowanwe got nw apparmors21:19
pmcgowannew upstart21:20
rsalvetino DENIED in syslog21:20
rsalvetilet me open the crash file21:20
davmor2rsalveti I think that there was a better fix for the temp work around and that might of landed21:20
fgintherbzoltan1, days? good lord21:21
bzoltan1fginther: I git my build's score bumped, but see how long it takes for other silos to pick up a powerpc build.21:22
ToyKeeperrobru: So, it looks like a big "no" for promoting 155.21:22
robrumine's still flashing21:23
davmor2Toykeeper: +1 for the no promotion21:23
ToyKeeperImage 155 can't even boot to a user interface.21:23
bzoltan1fginther:  like the silo10 with the autopilot ... it was startd on 24th and finished on 25th21:23
olliso, how did that stuff creep in?21:23
pmcgowanrobru, why did so many packages get added to the image, direct from archive?21:23
robrupmcgowan, i... what? image builds always pull the latest stuff from the archive21:23
pmcgowanhard to manage a traincon that way21:23
pmcgowanlets see what actually broke it21:24
robrupmcgowan, we don't control the archive. image builds were always snapshots of the archive.21:24
davmor2Toykeeper can you do a fresh install and see if it works then please that would confirm the thought that it is the permissions21:24
ToyKeeper... hence why there has been talk of a distro fork (of sorts) for the phone.21:24
pmcgowanyes it is coming21:25
ToyKeeperdavmor2: This *was* a fresh install.21:25
rsalvetiToyKeeper: yeah, seems something with either hybris or android is broken21:25
rsalvetichecking to see what is going on21:25
robrudavmor2, how fresh is fresh? I'm flashing with u-d-f, but not using --bootstrap21:26
ToyKeeperubuntu-device-flash --developer-mode --channel=ubuntu-touch/utopic-proposed --device=$MODEL $REVARGS --bootstrap21:26
robrukgunn, so I guess we're not releasing 6 at the moment21:26
davmor2robru Toykeeper already did it21:26
rsalvetiricmm: around?21:26
robrudavmor2, ah, she did the bootstrap even, alright then21:26
ToyKeeperkgunn: Indeed, bad news.  :(  We could potentially try it on 154...  but it probably still couldn't land until whatever broke 155 is fixed.21:27
kgunnrobru: right...i'll bide my time until there's an image21:27
robrukgunn, still I guess we're sticking with the plan to make tvoss wait for you though21:27
tvossrobru, fine with me21:27
robrutvoss, ok cool21:27
davmor2😥rsalveti ah I wonder if they added the permissions fix in the android layer?21:28
* kgunn is going to start the "tvoss is cooler than cool" club21:28
rsalvetinothing changed in the android layer though21:28
tvosskgunn, I might start annoying you tomorrow, though :)21:28
rsalvetiand latest android was already using latest libhybris21:28
kgunntvoss: perfectly understandable21:29
pmcgowanlightdm did change as well21:29
robrudavmor2, ToyKeeper and whoever else is feeling helpful: I guess we need to reflash 154, install packages one at a time until we reproduce the issue, to identify what broke. can we coordinate who tests which packages to make it go faster?21:29
olli<officespacemode>yeah seriously kgunn, if you could stop blocking other people that'd be great... </>21:30
davmor2robru rsalveti already did looks like android hybris21:30
rsalvetichecking android nothing changed in that area though21:30
rsalvetibut I'm getting an issue when calling eglCreateWindowSurface21:30
rsalvetireally weird21:31
ToyKeeper... and flashing 154 again.21:31
davmor2yeap that sounds similar to the issue I had on 150 when the permissions failed21:32
rsalvetiyeah, wonder if lightdm21:32
rsalvetilet me update 15421:32
kgunnolli: yeah, gonna have to ask you stop blocking people saturday, and go ahead and make plans to stop blocking on sunday too...yeah, that'd be great21:33
rsalvetiI landed 2 things, a new android respin that only affects the emulator and changes in the initrd itself, that I tested with every device before pushing21:34
rsalvetiso it could either be the initrd changes or lightdm, I'd guess21:34
ollikgunn :)21:34
davmor2guys I need to get off21:37
josephtfamous last words21:38
pmcgowanrsalveti, whatcha gonna try first? I am rebooting 15421:38
rsalvetiupdated 154, then copied over the new initrd, worked fine21:39
rsalvetimight be a first boot issue with the current lightdm package21:39
* pmcgowan suspects lightdm21:39
bzoltan1robru: I am done with the silo5, it is a fairly trivial diff compareto the last release, but will require a spcial ack as it is changing the control file.  Would you push it forward so it lands before zbenjamin wakes up in about 8 hours?21:42
robrubzoltan1, hmmmm21:42
robruhang on21:42
bzoltan1robru: is something wrong?21:43
robrubzoltan1, do you have bug references for those branches?21:43
bzoltan1robru: yes, for one of the MRs I have added the bug number21:44
robrubzoltan1, yeah, we just built an image so broken it doesn't built, and we're in the middle of TRAINCON-0, it's not a good time to just be landing things21:44
ToyKeeperCan I just apt-get install the new lightdm to test?21:44
robruit doesn't boot21:44
robruToyKeeper, I think so, just reboot ;-)21:44
bzoltan1robru:  I have a desktop component landing21:44
robrubzoltan1, oh right, sorry21:44
bzoltan1robru:  it has nothing to with the image, luckily  :) That is why  I am so calm here with my little QtCreator21:44
ToyKeeper... apt-get update takes forever sometimes.21:45
robrubarry, infinity, kenvandine: anybody around for an easy packaging ack? just a couple lines: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-005-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu_3.1.1+14.10.20140728.1-0ubuntu1.diff21:46
ricmmrsalveti: whats up?21:46
rsalvetiricmm: thought the nativebuffer changes could have caused the issue, but previous android already had it included21:46
cjwatsonbzoltan1: days?  nonsense, and fwiw exaggeration like that tends to make me ignore things.  your build is done anyway.21:46
rsalvetilatest image is failing because eglcreatesurface is giving up21:47
rsalvetiwhen mir starts21:47
ricmmrsalveti: ok, doubt it tho, I didnt break ABI, just removed the broken overloaded constructor21:47
ricmmrsalveti: that sounds bad21:47
rsalvetistill investigating21:47
ricmmbad enough to be a simple thing21:47
ricmmrsalveti: whats the package delta?21:47
pmcgowanthere seems to be a new gcc, libstdc too21:48
rsalvetiricmm: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/155.changes + android rebuild + new initrd21:48
ricmmrsalveti: a permissions regression? app armor perhaps21:49
bzoltan1cjwatson:  my exaggeration was a straight quote from the #is channel and I did check few silos and yes I found exaple for build that started on day k and finished on day k+1 and yes it did happen to me some days ago that I had to queue for 10 hours just to start a build on powerpc.21:49
cjwatsonbzoltan1: https://launchpad.net/builders/ shows the queue time.21:49
cjwatson(which is an approximation, but not a terrible one.)21:49
rsalvetiricmm: probably21:50
rsalveti154 + android and initrd from 155 still works fine21:50
rsalvetiwill try updating the image before booting it21:50
jdstrandtoday's apparmor should not have anything to do with mir surface creation21:51
ToyKeeperA lightdm upgrade didn't break anything, AFAICT.21:51
ToyKeeper... trying apparmor.21:52
jdstrandit simply added rules so mediascanner could access the libnss-extrausers files21:52
rsalvetiwonder if this might be a first boot only issue21:52
ToyKeeperrsalveti: I tried two boots with 155, no luck either time.21:52
rsalvetiToyKeeper: but did you flash clean or updated over ota?21:52
ToyKeeperFlashed clean.21:52
rsalvetiwonder if ota will work21:53
bzoltan1cjwatson: I was queuing for 3 hours for this build and I got a builder by being bumped. If I do not ask for it it would have taken  much more.21:53
ToyKeeperrsalveti: davmor2 did ota and his first boot failed.  Not sure about the second.21:53
cjwatsonbzoltan1: but not days.21:53
slangasekplars: however, the workarounds are unrelated to whoopsie-upload-all, aren't they?  I thought they only related to whoopsie+inotify problems21:53
cjwatsondeej was quite obviously speaking loosely, not giving a precise estimate21:53
bzoltan1cjwatson: as I said I was told that21:53
cjwatsondeej was quite obviously speaking loosely, not giving a precise estimate21:54
cjwatsonperhaps this is a language issue21:54
cjwatson"could be days" -> diiom21:54
ToyKeeperApparmor alone didn't break the boot either...  trying several more related packages.21:55
cjwatsonbzoltan1: Of course, given that qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu only has reverse-dependencies on amd64/armhf/i386, it's within your power to limit the set of architectures it builds on.21:56
bzoltan1cjwatson:  sorry, english is only my third language, I did take the "it could take days" literally21:56
robruhm, image 154 + lightdm booted fine21:56
rsalvetithere are a bunch more packages though21:57
robrursalveti, what should I try next? any likely candidates in mind?21:57
ToyKeeperrobru: And image 154 + lightdm + apparmor booted fine too.21:57
ricmmrobru: did you try rolling back the archive's stdc?21:58
robruricmm, didn't "roll back" anything, just flashed down to 154 and now I'm selectively updating.21:58
robruricmm, so if there was a stdc update in 155 then yes, otherwise no ;-)21:59
ToyKeeperI just installed a bunch of other apparmor-related libs...  and still no boot issues.21:59
ricmmrobru: upgrade libstdc22:00
robruricmm, ok, i'll try that next22:00
ricmmthat'd be a good test22:00
ToyKeeperI'm trying upstart next.22:00
robruToyKeeper, i just did upstart, still rebooting though22:00
robruToyKeeper, boots fine with new upstart22:00
ToyKeeperAfter that was going to be libstdc++622:00
rsalveti154 then updated everything, including android and initrd, and it worked fin22:01
robrursalveti, ugh22:01
plarsslangasek: whoopsie-upload-all can't really do anything I think, until the whoopsie daemon has done it's job. But I don't have a deep understanding of that process. Brian would know more22:03
ToyKeeperplars: w-u-l just tells whoopsie to upload everything when it gets the chance, if I understand correctly.  It does none of the work itself.22:03
slangasekrsalveti, robru: ok, so what changed that's *not* part of one of the packages in the image? livecd-rootfs?22:04
slangasekstgraber: ^^ did mvo's changes for the system-image server image land?22:04
rsalvetislangasek: in theory, yeah22:04
robruslangasek, there can be changes not in packages?22:05
ToyKeeperHas anyone looked at the image build log?  Maybe there was a reason it took so long...22:05
slangasekrobru: the build infrastructure itself22:05
plarsToyKeeper: yeah, from a ci perspective, the whole thing is too asynchronous. We really would rather have a way to say "there's a crash file that showed up, upload it NOW" at the end of the job22:05
slangasekrobru: here's another angle - download the actual system-image delta between 154 and 155 and look at what files have changed that aren't expected to22:05
robruslangasek, where is that kept?22:05
slangasekrobru: system-image.ubuntu.com22:05
ricmmrsalveti: maybe some default permissions went bad22:06
cjwatsonI don't see anything wrong with the livecd-rootfs change, FWIW22:06
slangasekalso, anyone know why a couple of packages have /dropped/ from the image between 154 and 155? (parted, udisks2)22:06
rsalvetiyeah, let me compare the rootfs22:06
cjwatsonslangasek: those were added, not dropped22:06
rsalvetithey were added22:06
slangasekoh, I can read diffs22:07
cjwatsonThe one dropped package was libexiv2-12, which was deliberate as part of ongoing transitions22:07
stgraberslangasek: livecd-rootfs made it to the release pocket about 15min ago22:07
cjwatsonAnd we dealt with the gallery-app bit in advance22:07
slangasekstgraber: ok22:07
cjwatsonToyKeeper: the livefs bit of it took about the usual time22:07
robrustgraber, slangasek: if it was 15m ago, it wouldn't be in the image then. was it a fix for a critical bug? maybe that bug got us with this build?22:08
stgraberrobru: no, the livecd-rootfs change is entirely unrelated to touch22:08
slangasekrobru: no, they were changes unrelated to phone builds22:08
rsalvetiweird, starting unity8 by hand works fine22:09
robruhm, image 154 with upstart and libstc boots fine22:09
cjwatsonand then it randomly took ~70 minutes for the cdimage/system-image parts ...22:09
cjwatsonoh, I see, it actually queued for a while on i386 first, probably because of the gcc upload extravaganze22:10
slangaseksystem/etc/alternatives/arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform_conf -> /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/clientplatform/mesa/ld.so.conf22:10
cjwatsonI think "nothing to see here" on the build times22:10
slangasekis that right?22:10
slangasekit shows up in the delta, and /mesa/ in the path looks troubling22:10
rsalvetithat's fine, we have a script later on that sets the priority properly to libhybris22:11
cjwatsonThere's not much exceptional in the livefs build log, but I notice that the order in which libmirclientplatform-mesa and libmirclientplatform-android are configured has flipped22:12
slangasekrobru: for reference, process here is: http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/mako/index.json, scroll to the bottom, find the block that's 154->155, grab the path to the delta for the rootfs, download said file from system-image.ubuntu.com, unpack && disect22:12
robruslangasek, rsalveti, just confirmed on mako, image #154 + dist-upgrade boots fine, really strange22:12
ToyKeeperrobru: Same here, fully dist-upgraded boots fine.22:12
slangasekrsalveti: what script sets the priority and when does it run?  Because this is a change in the rootfs, which certainly looks suspect to me22:12
ricmmrsalveti: this is a different config file, this is the conf for the Mir graphics backend to use22:12
cjwatsonIn the newer build, libmirclientplatform-mesa is configured before libmirclientplatform-android; previously it was after22:12
ricmmunrelated to the EGL backend to use22:12
cjwatson+update-alternatives: using /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/clientplatform/mesa/ld.so.conf to provide /etc/ld.so.conf.d/arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform.conf (arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform_conf) in auto mode22:12
cjwatson-update-alternatives: using /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/clientplatform/android/ld.so.conf to provide /etc/ld.so.conf.d/arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform.conf (arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform_conf) in auto mode22:12
rsalvetioh, right22:13
cjwatsonfirst one configured wins?22:13
ricmmshouldnt it be the other way around22:13
rsalvetiwe had that as well, forgot about mir22:13
cjwatsonso yeah, I'd echo slangasek's question22:13
cjwatsonricmm: alternatives aren't really a stable way to run anything unless you force matters - I suspect these two slaves have the same priority22:13
rsalvetithe first one configured gets the priority22:13
ricmmwell thats that22:14
rsalvetiso I believe the seeds was forcing android by default22:14
rsalvetiby forcing it as a dep22:14
rsalvetibut something might have changed that22:14
robruugh, sorry guys, timezone are defeating me and I can barely keep my eyes open. sounds like you guys have this under control anyway, fix or revert the issue, then build 156 asap. g'night!22:14
cjwatsonYeah, both 50022:14
cjwatsonrsalveti: that wouldn't make any difference, they're both installed22:15
cjwatsonan added dependency will at best only tweak heuristics22:15
rsalveticjwatson: but why the android one was configured first before? luck?22:15
ToyKeeperI just tried re-linking that to the mesa version, and it still booted fine.22:15
cjwatsonthing you aren't allowed to rely on, I expect22:15
rsalvetiyeah, we just force the one we want in there22:15
rsalvetiwhen both have the same priority, the first one installed will be used by default22:16
cjwatsonwhere do you force this?22:16
cjwatson(a seed dependency isn't forcing anything)22:16
ToyKeeperHow about trying this the other direction...  flashing 155 and trying to change things until it works?  I can't seem to make it fail when it started life as 154.22:16
cjwatsonToyKeeper: you might need ldconfig after changing the config file22:16
cjwatson(to make it fail)22:16
rsalvetiwe're not yet forcing anything, the only script we have that forces the right alternatives is for libhybris22:16
rsalvetiwe might need to add a new rule in there for mir22:16
rsalvetiyeah, indeed, flo has it as mesa by default22:17
ricmmwhy did it change order in livefs?22:17
rsalvetithat's the issue then, and explains why eglcreatesurface is failing22:17
cjwatsonricmm: non-determinism22:18
ToyKeepercjwatson: You are correct, sir.  I forgot the ldconfig, and that was enough to break it.22:18
cjwatsonToyKeeper: yay22:18
cjwatsonricmm: I mean there may have been a proximate cause but it's nothing to point a finger at.  relying on anything like this is evil, bad, and wrong22:19
ToyKeeperrsalveti: So, we have confirmation on what causes the issue.22:19
cjwatsonI don't immediately see anything obvious22:19
ToyKeeperWell, what causes the symptoms anyway.  Not sure about the root cause.22:19
rsalvetiyeah, we need to add an explicit rule in there to force the one we want22:20
slangasekwhy is the mesa one present at all on the image? is removing it not the correct action here?22:21
rsalvetiI don't know, need to ask the mir team22:21
slangasekwe can force the alternative at build time, but this would adversely affect anything that actually wants the mesa build on there22:22
ToyKeeperIf we can remove something, anything, that would be very helpful for RTM.22:22
ToyKeeperCurrently, our image takes up like 99.9% of the target hardware's usable space...  so it fills up with logs in like two hours and then stops working.22:22
rsalvetislangasek: the seeds are only including libmirclientplatform-android and libmirplatformgraphics-android22:23
davmor2second boot fails too22:23
davmor2rsalveti ^22:23
rsalvetiyeah, we found out why22:23
rsalvetibuild time issue22:23
rsalvetiupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/clientplatform/mesa/ld.so.conf to provide /etc/ld.so.conf.d/arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform.conf (arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform_conf) in auto mode22:24
rsalvetiwhile it should be22:24
ToyKeeperdavmor2: Non-determinate package config order resulted in using mesa instead of hardware.22:24
rsalvetiupdate-alternatives: using /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/clientplatform/android/ld.so.conf to provide /etc/ld.so.conf.d/arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform.conf (arm-linux-gnueabihf_mirclientplatform_conf) in auto mode22:24
davmor2rsalveti: well found at least22:24
ricmmso we have kdub here22:24
ricmmmaybe he can help us find out the right thing to do22:25
kdubyou probably just have mesa installed on android or vice versa22:25
rsalvetilibmirclient8 depends on libmirclientplatform-mesa | libmirclientplatform-android22:25
ricmmwell, both are installed22:25
rsalvetiseeds are only forcing libmirclientplatform-android22:26
rsalvetiyeah, the mesa one is also installed, not yet sure why22:26
kdubthere's also libmirplatformgraphics-{android,mesa}22:26
rsalvetiwe also have both installed22:26
slangasekrsalveti: because libmirclientplatform-mesa is the first alternative, and libmirclient8 is being resolved in the seed before libmirclientplatform-android so you get both22:27
davmor2well it's 23:26 here so I'll look at the image tomorrow.22:27
slangasekso the seed needs reordered so libmirclientplatform-android is seen before libmirclient822:27
rsalvetislangasek: right22:27
kdubright, we should add runtime detection22:27
rsalvetiwe actually don't need the mesa one installed22:28
rsalvetiif we're able to drop them, then even better22:28
kdubright, the two mesa ones are not needed on android22:29
cjwatsonright, so explicit seeding might possibly work around this as you say; it doesn't explain the prior ordering, but that doesn't make it a bad thing to change now22:29
cjwatsonordering within the seed makes absolutely no difference to anything22:29
slangasekthat's contrary to my own past experience22:30
cjwatsonwell, not if using tasks22:30
rsalvetitouch is only a meta package, right?22:30
cjwatsonnow, touch is using metapackages, so it might be more subtle, yeah22:30
cjwatsonbut the thing that matters will be apt's resolution order22:30
cjwatsonand germinate-update-metapackage will have the effect of sorting the list when dumping it into Depends22:31
rsalvetiyeah, just saw that22:31
cjwatsonso I dispute that this can have had any effect in the past :)22:31
cjwatsonI think you're thinking of something slightly different, whereby seeding something or not can make a difference to how dependencies of other explicitly-seeded items are resolved22:32
slangasekno, that's not what I'm thinking of, though it's possible I made the whole thing up ;)22:33
cjwatsonI wonder if this is something to do with the seed split22:33
slangasekyeah, I'm wondering that as well22:33
cjwatsonThis would be fixed if touch-core inherited from touch-android22:33
slangasekwhich would be backwards of what we want22:34
cjwatsonBut that's sort of ... yeah22:34
slangasekso I think we need to move libmirclientplatform-android and libmirplatformgraphics-android down a layer into touch-core22:34
slangasekif libmirclient8 is already in -core, that's the right thing to do22:34
cjwatsonWhich kind of obviates the dichotomy between that and touch-android22:34
cjwatsonI mean, it may be necessary, but I think this points to the seed split needing a rethink :-/22:35
slangasekwell, is it acceptable as a quick fix to get the images back on their feet while we think that through?22:35
cjwatsonRight now, neither touch-android nor touch-core depends on the other22:35
cjwatsonOh certainly22:35
cjwatsonSo it's not "backwards", it's duplicating it sideways22:35
cjwatsonAnd you do want to duplicate it - if you move it, the same problem will pop up in touch-android22:36
cjwatsonYeah, the seed comment in touch-android right now is misinformation22:36
cjwatson"These must be specified first" - bzzt22:37
slangasekcjwatson: I swear I've seen it make a difference before, and that comment was added when they were *moved* in the original file, which did have the intended effect :)22:37
cjwatsonslangasek: Oh, but changing this in the obvious way will break ubuntu-desktop-next22:37
slangasekI don't know the mechanism, but I know what I saw22:37
cjwatsonslangasek: If you see it making a difference, show me when I can investigate, since I'm interested :)22:38
slangasekOTOH, ubuntu-desktop-next is not currently in TRAINCON-022:38
cjwatsonslangasek: Could bite our tongues and use [armhf]22:38
slangasekcjwatson: won't fix the emulator image22:38
cjwatsonI think this needs to be fixed either in mir, or perhaps in livecd-rootfs22:39
cjwatsonI'm all for workarounds right now22:39
rsalvetiwe might just force the one we want in livecd-rootfs22:39
rsalvetimir had the mesa one as the first option to avoid breaking desktop22:40
slangasekI greatly prefer encoding as little as possible in livecd-rootfs22:40
cjwatsonWe could add the preferred alternatives to the add_package line22:40
cjwatsonslangasek is right in general, but this is a terrible situation22:40
slangasekfwiw I've just pushed the seed change22:40
Saviqkgunn, so we're waiting for a lift of T-0?22:40
slangaseknow, that requires a germinate run to propagate?22:41
cjwatsonThe seed change just pushes the problem back a couple of days until somebody next cares about -desktop-next22:41
cjwatsonslangasek: No, we only care about metapackages here, so update ubuntu-touch-meta22:41
cjwatsonYou don't need an archive germinate run for that22:41
cjwatsonIt does require a cron job for the seed mirror22:41
cjwatsonLet me poke that22:41
cjwatson(Runs every five minutes, usually it doesn't matter, but ...)22:41
Saviqkgunn, I was planning to run a gatekeeper job on silo 6 now that we have the ubuntu-touch meta in there22:43
cjwatsonupdate-seeds run22:43
Saviqoh we don't :|22:43
Saviqrobru, did you manage to upload the ubuntu-touch package to silo 6? I got an email saying signer (me) has no perms, not sure if it was from mterry's or your attempt?22:44
slangasekSaviq: so a heads-up that ubuntu-touch-meta is being uploaded imminently to unbreak images, so please resync with that22:44
Saviqslangasek, oh ok22:44
slangasekSaviq: it'll be ubuntu-touch-meta 17122:44
Saviqslangasek, how will it unbreak if qtmir isn't even in proposed?22:45
slangasekSaviq: this is for breakage unrelated to your silo22:45
Saviqslangasek, ah ok22:45
Saviqslangasek, so I'll just have to sync with the last change, that's fine22:46
slangasekSaviq: I'm letting you know that, for your silo, you will need to rebase on a version of ubuntu-touch-meta that doesn't exist yet :)22:46
Saviqslangasek, thanks22:46
slangasekubuntu-touch-meta 170 uploaded22:57
cjwatsonYM 171?23:00
cjwatsonApparently :)23:01
slangasekyeah :)23:08
olliare you guys expecting to see a #156 any time soon?23:19
ToyKeeperolli: I hope so, but I haven't seen the bot say it started building yet...  probably waiting on a fix first.23:22
ToyKeepercjwatson, slangasek: What's left to do with the #155 bug before a new build can be started?23:23
slangasekToyKeeper: ubuntu-touch-meta 171 needs to make it into utopic23:24
ToyKeeperolli: I assume the cron'd build will start in ~4 hours, if nothing else.23:24
slangasekwhich should happen as soon as proposed-migration runs again23:24
olliok, I'll check in later23:24
ollithx everyone23:25
slangasekI'm not sure the current frequency of proposed-migration; I may be able to expedite that bit23:25
cjwatsonIt should run as fast as it can23:25
slangasekworst case is < 1h23:25
cjwatsonEverything's slowed down by this megatransition23:25
xnoxcjwatson: i believe i was the one who moved androidy things in the seed to be moved on top, as we were getting both desktopy and androidy dependencies on the images. We were getting desktopy deps pulled in first, by recursive dependenices that had "desktopy | androidy". And then later in the seed/metapackage we had "androidy" but by that time both stacks were pulled in already.23:37
xnoxhence ordering "andrody" packages to the top, made them to be considered ahead of or'ed deps, and resulted in only one stack of packages to be installed.23:37
cjwatsonRight, but I don't see any way for seed order to translate into anything that matters23:37
cjwatsonI understand what you were trying to do, but I don't see the mechanism23:38
xnoxit was in the germinate output.23:38
cjwatsonBut germinate first marks all the explicit entries in a seed as to-be-included, and only then proceeds to resolve dependencies23:38
cjwatsonThe only way for order within a seed to matter should be if you try to do something unwise like explicitly seeding a virtual package23:39
cjwatson(This matches apt's algorithm for the list of things you pass to apt-get install, after task expansion)23:40
xnoxcjwatson: i think there is fishy things going on. So the problem as far as i remember is that both libmirplatfrom*mesa and -android variants provide the same shared library, at the same priority, which is updated with update-alternatives. And depending on the order postinsts are run, if "libmirplatformgraphics-android:armhf" is configured first it's all good, otherwise "libmirplatformgraphics-mesa:armhf" is configure and one has totally broken black23:52
xnox screen image.23:52
xnoxat the time, i believe we moved the seed around but also changed the order of the deps in most package to list /consistently/ desktopy variant first (to not break people trying out core apps / mir et.al.)23:53
xnoxas well as move the seed at the top, with the hope of getting android stack configure first, and hence provide the right shared libraries.23:54
* ogra_ thinks we should just put the right one into the live-build config and be done 23:54
xnoxthe germinate issue is that both stacks are seeded, although they shouldn't.23:54
xnoxlivecd-rootfs bug is that both stacks are installed, despite only one seeded explicitly.23:55
xnoxthere were also mir bugs, where they linked/dlopened/depend on both stacks (i failed at tracking that)23:55
cjwatsonxnox: Right, all I'm saying is that I don't see any mechanism whereby the seed ordering change could have had the slightest effect.  I'm quite prepared to believe that changes elsewhere had an effect23:58
cjwatsonogra_: That does seem the simplest approach to me, but slangasek has (understandable) objections to that approach23:58
ogra_well, what he uploaded now will force the android layer into desktop-next23:58
cjwatsonWhich I already pointed out, and we accepted for now23:59
slangasekwe need to unblock the phone immediately, we'll deal with the fallout afterwards23:59
ogra_i think they shouldnt be seeded at all and livecd-rootf should add the right oone for the respecive image23:59

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