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dholbachgood morning07:07
dpmmorning dholbach, czajkowski08:29
dholbachhey dpm08:30
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dholbachdpm, are you going to need me in the call with Will tomorrow?12:49
dpmdholbach, it's up to you if you want to be there. As long as there's one of us who can walk him through the presentation12:49
dholbachdpm, ok - I should be free at the time - just let me know12:50
dpmI'll be there, feel free to join if you want to, but you don't have to12:50
dpmok, cool12:50
dholbachI just saw it in my inbox and realised I hadn't responded yet12:50
dholbachpopey, welcome back - how were your holidays?12:50
dholbachpopey, did you see? click-reviewers-tools work in trusty+utopic again :)12:51
popeyheya, thanks. They were great!12:51
popeyI setup a utopic chroot now, and do all my approvals in that ☻12:51
popeynow you fixed it all12:51
dholbachyeah, it doesn't depend on any apparmor bits any more, which will make having it in all kinds of releases a lot easier12:52
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dholbachdpm, popey, mhall119, balloons: team call?15:01
* balloons crossing fingers15:01
dholbachall rightie, got to run - see you tomorrow! :)16:01
elfypopey: so I was doing the once a year thing and getting a haircut, conversation somehow turned to PCs - woman cutting my hair started talking about Ubuntu, then said something about her brother doing stuff with it ...16:02
elfythat was hilarious :p16:02
popeywhere do you live, wonder if that was my sister ☻16:03
* elfy lives in Lymington, yes it was indeed your sister :)16:03
popeythats brilliant16:03
elfyso that's a little bit closer to finally meeting you lol16:04
mhall119you two haven't actually met in person yet?17:03
elfyI've only met one person in the 7 years I've been floating about17:05
popeyoddly I was in lymington on saturday, passing through from the isle of wight ferry17:07
elfyI heard about that17:08
elfybut I didn't get the lowdown on any 35 year old stories17:09
elfyI'll wait till next year for those :p17:09
popeyI'm just amazed how you got from "I'm here to have my hair cut" to "I know your brother" :D17:21
elfyshe said about PCs - I said I don't do windows or macs - my brother's like that too then off it went - then she said Alan and I said popey :p17:32
elfys/said something17:32
mhall119did you call him "popey"?17:33
elfyI did :p17:33
* mhall119 imagines his family calling him that just like the rest of us17:33
popeyeveryone calls me popey.17:41
popeyunless they're insulting me.17:41
mhall119then they call you alan?18:00
bkerensamhall119: have you ever thought of having Ubuntu Badges?19:18
* belkinsa perks up as me hears Badges19:19
elfyI thought that was what the accomplishments thing was19:22
mhall119elfy: similar, but different19:22
belkinsaMy question is it really needed for the Community?19:22
mhall119bkerensa: are they still tightly bound to Personas?19:23
belkinsaBecause to me, it's just more gamification.19:24
mhall119belkinsa: I'm on the fence about their usefulness, but I'm leaning your way19:24
mhall119I don't think pure gamification works in a collaborative community, not as well as it works in a competitive one anyway19:26
bkerensamhall119: it uses persona by default but changing thats not hard... lots of universities and schools now use it without19:27
belkinsaYeah, badges seem to be for competive communites.  Like XPRIZE>19:27
bkerensabelkinsa: well Jono had the same idea19:28
bkerensaUbuntu Accomplishments19:28
bkerensawas roughly the same idea19:28
belkinsaI see.19:28
bkerensait just never got traction19:28
mhall119just because jono had the same idea doesn't mean belkinsa is wrong19:32
jonogreat way to join the channel :-)19:32
bkerensamhall119: I don't think it seeks to create competition but to be a economically scalable form of recognition19:33
elfyjono: you're just this guy you know :p19:33
mhall119welcome jono :)19:33
jonohowdy mhall119  :-)19:33
bkerensaMozilla spends millions on swag for contributors in terms of recognition each year so having a way to do that at a lower cost per is much better19:33
belkinsaWell, if it's just for recognition, maybe they could be okay within the Community.19:34
mhall119bkerensa: that might be the intent, but I'm not convinced it acheives it19:34
bkerensamhall119: its also useful for things like celebrating participation in events... We have badges for things like meetups, trainings and summit19:34
mhall119jono: it's like reddit, you're the example of doing things write until I disagree with you, then what do you know19:34
jonoindeed :-)19:35
mhall119bkerensa: if you read my recent blog posts, I emphasize the importance of human recognition, I think that's something badges don't do19:35
bkerensamhall119: So if you can make the case to Rick I would encourage you to try and attend Mozilla's Community Building Teams next Recognition Work Group Meetup19:35
bkerensaits open to the public19:35
mhall119bkerensa: when and where is that? online?19:35
bkerensaquite a few bay area tech companies and non profits including the Red Cross participate19:35
mhall119ugh, bay area19:35
bkerensamhall119: I think the next one is next month in San Francisco19:35
bkerensaotherwise it will be another six months till the next19:36
bkerensamhall119: Oh don't worry not Oakland :P19:36
mhall119still the other side of the continent19:36
bkerensamhall119: let me see about remote participation via Vidyo19:37
mhall119bkerensa: why is there no Mozilla stuff in central Florida?19:37
* mhall119 starts "mozilla hates florida" meme19:37
* elfy starts a "where is florida" meme19:38
bkerensamhall119: What do you mean? I don't know how far you are from University of Florida but Mozilla does a bit of events there19:39
mhall119about a 2 hour drive, I could make that on occasion19:39
mhall119assuming it's on the main campus in gainesville19:39
bkerensaand I was planning on flying down to FOSSETCON in Orlando but it just didn't work out =/19:40
mhall119will anyone from Mozilla be at FOSSETCON?19:40
bkerensamhall119: one of the keynote speakers19:42
* mhall119 hopes it's stormy19:42
bkerensaI kind of doubt Stormy will be going19:43
bkerensashe just got done with OSCON19:43
mhall119I can hope19:44
mhall119but yeah19:44
bkerensa<bkerensa> stormy: are you attending FOSSETCON?19:46
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bkerensa <stormy> @bkerensa I am not planning on it. Should I?19:46
mhall119I guess "catchup with old friends" isn't a valid business case for travel19:47
bkerensaStormy doesn't have to justify her travel19:47
bkerensaheh she signs off on her budget since she is a director19:48
mhall119you still have to justify it when it's not your personal money19:48
bkerensaidk I have seen it all :)19:49
bkerensawhen you see a $7,000 sushi and sake bill :)19:49
mhall119heh, that sounds like sales consultant expenses19:55
mhall119when I worked at Verizon, the IBM sales guys wouldn't hesitate to drop $10k taking managers out19:55
mhall119or so I heard, not being a manager I didn't get to experience it myself19:56
mhall119the HP guys were at least cool enough to take us all out for pizza19:56
bkerensamhall119: that was for the community building team dinner19:57
bkerensaThe team is pretty large though but I didn't honestly think we would pay $7k plus $1k for a tip out the door19:57
bkerensathe food was pretty good :)19:58
bkerensaalso the last dinner I got to have with Brendan Eich19:58
bkerensaa former canonical employee who did business dev actually stopped by our booth and mentioned he thought it was a hard sell20:16
bkerensaoh wow he was the Business Development Director for Canonical even20:17

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