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pittiGood morning04:38
willcookemorning all07:55
Sweetsharkwillcooke: Good Morning!08:04
willcookeGood weekend Sweetshark?08:04
Sweetsharkwillcooke: Apart from waking up from a lightning strike hitting less than 200m away on Sunday at 6am, yes ...08:05
willcookeI thought we were going to get epic lightning last night, but nothing happened.  It's been really hot this weekend and we could do with a big storm to clear the air08:05
* Sweetshark is happy to have surge protection on his machine.08:06
willcooke200m?!?!  I imagine that was very loud08:06
Sweetsharkwillcooke: jup. its was like half a second between light and thunder. And yeah, its impressive. ;)08:07
willcookeI "borrowed" and old 3kva UPS from my old work.  They were throwing it away and I intercepted it.08:08
willcookeIt needs new batteries of course, but now I think it would be a good idea to get it plugged in :)08:08
Sweetsharkwillcooke: yes. FWIW, I also have some surge protection thing on my ethernet cable, dunno if that is nonsense like "audiophile" ethernet cables for digital audio. But "dicke Bertha" (32-core, 32GB RAM machine http://skyfromme.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/dicke-bertha-online/ ) is only 2.5 years old. I want it to stick around a bit still.08:12
willcookeSweetshark, ha!  wow!08:14
Sweetsharkwillcooke: builds LibreOffice in 18 minutes from scatch. in under 3 minutes with a warm ccache ;)08:14
SweetsharkHmm, seems like I didnt have enough caffeine yet or dpkg in my pbuilder is trying to punk me: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7882263/ <- "You should install libcdr-dev, btw you have libcdr-dev installed" Anything I am missing?08:17
xnoxSweetshark: too low version number installed.08:20
xnoxlibcdr-dev (>= 0.1) vs 0.0.16-1ubuntu108:20
Sweetsharkxnox: eh, got lost in counting the zero-dot-zeros ... thx08:21
xnoxSweetshark: i typically do dpkg-checkbuilddeps and trust its output.08:22
Sweetsharkxnox: yep, its the usual pain: package is in proposed only :/08:27
xnoxSweetshark: well, I have -proposed pinned down and if savish enough i pull those packages down. But let's see why it's stuck and maybe we can push it to migrate.08:28
xnoxSweetshark: looks like Libreoffice needs to be rebuild against libcdr..... for libcdr to migrate.08:29
xnox(among a few other things)08:29
xnoxand writerperfect08:31
Sweetsharkxnox: ;)08:32
Sweetsharkxnox: well, wp{s,d,g} are also in the list already ...08:32
xnoxSweetshark: yeah, looks like it's entangled with libav transition.08:34
* Sweetshark secretly hates how writerperfect things its important enough to be three packages. "Oh, I would love to install libwpd but not that nasty libwpg" gotta be such a common usecase ...08:35
Sweetsharkxnox: FWIW, building LibreOffice 4.3.0~rc4 against libcdr, libwp{d,s,g}, libmspub, libvisio from utopic-proposed now ...08:39
* xnox notes that writerperfect is not spelled as "writeperfect"08:41
Sweetsharkxnox: well, its just "ancient document formats" anyway ;)08:42
seb128good morning desktopers btw (at a conf but should be around still)08:56
ogra_still ? ... not sparkling ?08:56
didrocksogra_: boiling would be the word actually08:58
willcooke_hey seb12808:58
seb128hey willcooke_08:58
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seb128didrocks, don't talk about boiling under we are in China where they forecast "feels like 49°C"08:58
willcookehrm - I think I need to buy a new ADSL router08:58
didrocksogra_: you should have tell us that Germany was so warm :)08:58
seb12840°C with humidity08:59
* willcooke packs shorts08:59
didrocksseb128: yeah, it's a step in between08:59
seb128it's training :p08:59
didrocks"warming up"08:59
didrockslitteraly :p08:59
Sweetshark40C without humidity is just fine (as they say in Arizona: "but its a _dry_ heat!"). humidity makes that really annoying though.09:02
willcookeFJKong, How's the weather for you right now?  Are we all going to melt?  ;)09:02
willcookeSweetshark, The problem I have with the dry heat is all the bloody static electric shocks all the time09:02
FJKongwillcooke: hot hot hot09:03
willcookeuh oh09:03
* willcooke invents USB powered air conditioning 09:03
FJKongwillcooke: 24 - 35 degree09:04
seb128FJKong, I guess the office has a/c, right? ;-)09:11
seb128NUDT as well?09:11
seb128TheMuso, hey, are you working on getting the new alsa version in utopic? (I see we are outdated compared to upstream/Debian)09:29
FJKongseb128: don't worry, there is a/c09:43
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willcookeseb128, TheMuso I think there was something about a memory leak in the latest Alsa. lool- and I were discussing this recently10:02
seb128willcooke, k10:04
willcookedidrocks, that brightness bug - they want me to update the bios.  :(((((10:14
willcookeI expect that won't go well10:14
didrockswillcooke: urgh, did you try to talk to them directly on #ubuntu-kernel?10:14
didrockswillcooke: it used to work, so if the kernel broke it, it's on us to fix it10:15
willcookenot yet - good advice though, thanks10:15
didrocksnot having the users updating the bios10:15
didrocks(even if the kernel was doing it "in a bad way" before)10:15
didrockswillcooke: I would suggest pinging apw there10:15
willcookeI've got a load of slide decks to work on first, so I think I will care about this in two weeks :)10:16
didrocksah, manager work ;)10:17
didrocksgood luck with that!10:18
* didrocks goes back to fight docker + dbus :p10:18
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seb128bah, keep getting disconnected10:28
willcookethe joys of wifi10:28
seb128yeah, in a room packed of geeks with their laptops10:28
RAOFNeed to ship out a Canonical team to run the wireless? :)10:34
willcookeexcercise time, bbiab11:22
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seb128Trevinho, hey14:43
seb128Trevinho, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1349128 a known/being worked on issue?14:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349128 in unity (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 login screen doesn't accept keyboard input (until using indicators)" [High,New]14:43
Trevinhoseb128: hey14:44
Trevinhoseb128: mh, let me check the details14:44
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seb128happyaron, https://code.launchpad.net/~mniess/ubuntu/trusty/ibus/fix-lp1240198/+merge/223651 ... you wrote "Ok, yes", do you plan to upload as well?15:51
ckingdoes anyone know if dbus-daemon should be *not* running when booting into recovery mode?16:10
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TheMusoseb128: Yes I am.22:10

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