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alf_RAOF: Hi! I was playing with debian/control to solve https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1348515 and noticed some interesting results.06:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1348515 in Mir "New mircommon-dev is not replaced by libmircommon-dev" [High,In progress]06:37
alf_RAOF: If we remove the version from Breaks,Replaces then the replacement doesn't happen and the builds fail.06:37
* RAOF wonders again why we have a mircommon-dev :)06:37
alf_RAOF: If we set the version to something less strict (e.g. << 0.6) then both packages get installed :/06:38
alf_RAOF: Conflicts,Replaces,Provides works as expected06:38
RAOFIs something in the CI infrastructure manually install mircommon-dev?L06:38
RAOFAnything with Provides: is incorrect.06:39
RAOFmircommon-dev isn't a virtual package, with multiple different implementations that you can select from :)06:39
alf_RAOF: @mircommon-dev installed in CI, Yes, we fixed that, but that's ortogonal to "New mircommon-dev is not replaced by libmircommon-dev"06:40
RAOFAh, so we just need to fix the versioning.06:40
RAOFWhich our processes make unnecessarily difficult, because we don't *have* a version.06:40
RAOF(This is why the packaging branch should not be trunk)06:40
alf_RAOF: right, but changing the version to e.g. << 0.6, doesn't work well both packages get installed :/06:41
alf_RAOF: According to https://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package , the way to do it is either Conflicts,Replaces,Provides (and it doesn't have to be a virtual package), or Breaks,Replaces + transitional package06:42
RAOFBecause the package version is now 0.6.0bzr1792pkg0utopic5+autopilot0, and 0.6.0bzr is not strictly less than 0.606:42
RAOFWe don't need a transitional package because nothing that isn't in src:mir depends on mircommon-dev06:43
* RAOF will be back soon06:44
alf_RAOF: @"0.6.0bzr is not strictly less than 0.6", I don't think that's the reason, our latest mircommon-dev is still
alf_RAOF: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-runner-mako/2209/console , is a run with Breaks and Replaces with version (<< 0.6~) .06:47
alf_RAOF: It seems we are setting up both packages: "Setting up libmircommon-dev:armhf (0.6.0bzr1797pkg0utopic24+autopilot0)" "Setting up mircommon-dev:armhf (0.5.0+14.10.20140724-0ubuntu1)" which is weird06:48
RAOFI shall check exactly how apt invokes dpkg.06:59
RAOFHm. Actually, why not solve the problem once and for all...07:02
RAOFalf_: Do you know how Alan fiddled with the setup process?07:02
RAOFalf_: Rather than calling dpkg exactly the way apt would call it, it occurs to me that it'd be simpler to just call apt :)07:02
alf_RAOF: AFAIK, the runner scripts are here: https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/+junk/mir-medium-test-runner-for-jenkins/07:04
RAOFLet's play “local apt repository” then...07:06
alf_RAOF: Note that if you want to try debian/control fixes, base them against lp:~afrantzis/mir/fix-mircommon-debian-replaces, since in this branch I have reverted the fix for not installing mircommon-dev which is now in lp:mir/devel. If you just use mir/devel you will not get mircommon-dev at all in CI so any fixes will not have an effect.07:08
RAOFReally? I thought it pulled mircommon-dev from the apt-get install glmark2-es2-mir?07:09
RAOF(ie: from the package in the archive)07:09
RAOFOk. I think that *should* work. I might wait until Alan is on and ask him how to test it :)07:16
RAOFBut first, some shopping.07:16
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racarr_GOod morning...probably missing standup...sorry..have to go out and get a USB Key accidentally deleted my refit partition (meant to just delete OSX)14:33
racarr_and now computer doesnt boot :)14:33
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racarr_I have never understood18:19
racarr_wqhat the Native18:19
racarr_in NativePlatform18:19
kdubracarr_, it is confusing18:39
kdubwe really have buffer-allocating platform code and display-showing platform code18:39
kduband we awkwardly mix it into that class for the modes that don't need the display-showing code18:40
racarr_kdub: I guess I understand the purpose I just odnt understand18:45
racarr_the word "native"18:46
racarr_I guess its kind of like18:46
racarr_for a nested server18:46
racarr_its certain hooks to the "underlying native" platform or something18:46
racarr_I dunno18:46
* kdub thinks the structure is a bit wrong, and the name is a bit of a bandaid18:47
kdubbut, bigger fish to fry18:47
racarr_kdub: Indeed. I was only bringing it up incase there was some like18:48
racarr_clever way of looking at it I was missing18:48

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