GSo what, NZ needs about 3 more developers to take #1?02:06
olly5 more active ones I think02:08
Gactually just did the math, looks like 602:09
* olly gets 4.6...02:09
olly16 total would get us to 3.69 > 3.6102:10
olly15 would get us to 3.46 < 3.6102:10
Gerr wait, yeah, 5 :)02:10
G16-11 = 502:10
ollyso waking up the non-active 4 and finding one more would do it02:10
ollythough without knowing what "active" means, the former is a little hard to do02:11
G(wow that was a math f-up of epic proportions)02:11
ollyalternatively, we could just demotivate some finnish developers02:11
GMaybe they are about due for a baby boom?02:11
ollyhttps://db.debian.org/search.cgi lists 11, so that's probably what active means...02:13
ollywhich makes me wonder where the inactive ones come from02:13
ajmitchmaybe emeritus developers?02:19
Golly: direct query against LDAP (i.e. people that aren't in the developer group anymore?) - I honestly don't know02:20
ibeardsleeoh 14.04.1 is out03:13
* ibeardslee sucks down isos and updates 'rescue' usb sticks03:14
ajmitchso slow to download03:15
ibeardsleeand done03:16
ibeardsleeserver and desktop03:17
ajmitch90 seconds, I need a faster connection at home03:17
ibeardsleethey are synced to a server in our server room for our mirror03:17
ajmitchI'm fetching them from the university of canterbury mirror03:18
ibeardsleeurgle morning21:14

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