rww01:24:45 -!- Irssi: Ban against grendal_prime!*@*$#ubuntu-ops matches grendal_prime!~sgraham@173-166-255-77-stockton.hfc.comcastbusiness.net (Set by  ikonia!~irc@unaffiliated/ikonia)01:24
rwwlet's see...01:24
grendal_primefrom when?01:25
rwwchecking, sec01:25
grendal_primewould have been long time ago.01:25
grendal_primei wasnt even  talking in  ubuntu.01:25
grendal_primeby the way that addres is totally correct on the money i wont deny that01:26
grendal_primeand i have geen kicked before01:26
rwwJul 21 2014 06:22:1601:26
grendal_primethis month?01:26
grendal_primethere is no way01:26
rwwclearly there is, since that's when it happened :)01:26
grendal_primei started working on my bach degree at the beginning of this month i have had no time for ubuntu irc01:27
grendal_primewas not me...why is this comming up right now by the way?01:27
grendal_primethe only thing i have irced in over a month started last night for minetest for my kids.01:28
rwwand yes, it was you01:28
grendal_primeya i do remember that conversation now...that was this month?01:29
grendal_primewow..ok i have not read all of it...01:29
rwwIt was less than a week ago.01:29
rwwThat is what 2014/07/21 means, yes01:30
rwwsince it is currently 2014/07/2701:30
grendal_primeok where do i get banned and why?01:30
rwwand 27 - 21 = 601:30
rwwand 6 is less than 7, which is how long a week is01:30
grendal_primelook im sorry i totally forgot about the conversation...what is this about?01:30
grendal_primei dont even see where i got banned?01:31
rwwlet's see... you have a history of being a jerk and called apple users apes, you were being offtopic instead of giving support, and you have a history of this01:31
rwwbans don't show up in irclogs.ubuntu.com01:31
rwwthe jerk bit is from the ban comment, it's not my wording01:31
grendal_primehold on im looking for the conversation01:32
grendal_primeoh ...ok01:34
grendal_primei dont know what to say...i though the people there where pretty thick skinned01:35
grendal_primethe still had questions...its to bad..i can give assistance with things like virtualization.01:35
grendal_primehave a good one01:35
rwwThanks, you too. If you're all sorted, please /part the chanel, thanks :)01:36
grendal_primewait...are you doing some sort of clean up maint....like its slow there so you were looking up people that were connected to the server to see if there were anybody...i dont understand...why this is comming up now..i wasnt logging into ubunt.01:36
rwwI'm sorry, I don't understand the question.01:37
IdleOneyou must have tried to join #ubuntu and got forwarded here01:37
rwwYour ban was set on the day you were last in #ubuntu (six days ago). You haven't been in there since then until now. That's why this is coming up now.01:37
grendal_primeoh,,, this client auto joined the channe.01:37
grendal_primesorry i was totally confused.01:38
grendal_primethis poped up on my im cleint i was like..."what? the freenode cops found me!!"01:38
rwwyes, sorry, channel forwards are a bit confusing :)01:38
grendal_primewell thing is all these new clients...kinda lump it all togther and whatnot.01:39
grendal_primeand since the ubuntu channel didnt show up i didnt think i had even tried to join01:39
grendal_primewell anyway sorry if you are an apple user.  didnt mean to offend. Honestly most apple users (with the accpetioin of some of my field engins) will straight up tell  you..."ya i dont want to know anything about computers thats why i have apple"01:41
grendal_primeits the honest to god truth.01:41
rwwI'm not an Apple user, and I suspect even ikonia isn't. It's more an example of a problematic attitude.01:41
grendal_primeoh ya and i do have that.01:41
grendal_primeim usally the boss.01:41
grendal_primeI dont typically check my opinions at the door.01:42
grendal_primei find they seriously hamper progress01:42
rwwopinions? yes, I find they hamper progress in #ubuntu too01:42
rwwwe prefer to stick to helpful facts as a result01:42
grendal_primesorry what i ment was if i pussy foot around topics try to frame things so people feel better about making mistakes...it waists their time.01:43
grendal_primethis is more than a personal observation.01:43
grendal_primesee i tend to give people reasons01:44
grendal_primesee you can ge answers like this...01:44
grendal_prime"try version 14.10"01:44
grendal_primeyou can get answers like this...01:44
grendal_prime"ya all i know is i dont use that version for servers cause..well its not LTS and i run that same thing on my lts servers and that shit is solid"01:45
grendal_primefeel me01:45
rwwunfortunately, we wouldn't really like either of those answers in #ubuntu. One recommends a pre-release, and one involves cursing (which isn't allowed in #ubuntu)01:46
grendal_primeand im talking like between you and me.01:46
grendal_primeright but you see how the second line ( !shit) at least gives some clearity as to why.  The 14.10 is an example that is past 14.0401:47
rwwThere's rather a large gap between providing explanatory reasoning to back up your support answers, and wandering about being offtopic.01:48
grendal_primeit wasnt supposed to be factual it was just an example.01:48
grendal_primeof how providing opinion and experince helps people get clarity.01:49
rwwThere's rather a large gap between providing explanatory opinion and experience to back up your support answers, and wandering about being offtopic01:50
grendal_primethe point of the ban is....so...i'm not allowed to give help? (no big deal apparently i was counter productive in the matter)01:50
rwwThe point of the ban is to keep you out of #ubuntu until you and a channel operator are on the same page (in the chanop's opinion) about appropriate conduct in #ubuntu. Since you're not allowed in there, you wouldn't be allowed to give help in there, no.01:51
grendal_primeand im supposed to feel bad about this?01:52
rwwI don't think your emotional state is really relevant to the matter.01:52
grendal_primeim tring to remember why i was even in there to begin with....something to do with dual booting i think01:52
rww@mark #ubuntu-ops grendal_prime01:54
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:54
rwwikonia: ^^ fyi01:54
ubottuConnorM called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:01
ubottugrobend called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:02
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ikoniarww: appreciate the effort08:00
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MTecknologyI couldn't remember the right channel and most in here are ubuntu members. On https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership, at the bottom, the linkedin piece got taken away. Used to use the @ubuntu.com email addy to verify, but linkedin took that away and every other option is just too much manual maintenance. Three people wasn't enough anymore.13:12
MTecknologyI don't want to create an ubuntu one account just to edit the wiki, so I won't be removing that piece. Anyone else doing it would be great.13:13
k1lwhy are they taking that #defocus stuff to #ubuntu channels all the time?14:43
DJonesBiggest channel to troll14:45
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