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pittiGood morning04:38
shrinielfy: Thanks for merging my test cases06:39
elfyhi shrini - thanks for doing them :)06:51
elfyshrini: one quick comment - if there is a bug that you're doing the testcase for - please assign yourself to the bug :)06:52
elfybug 134863906:52
ubot5bug 1348639 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Mugshot testcase calls for missing stock items" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134863906:52
elfycheck that one - you can see where I assigned it to me06:52
shrinielfy: oh. thanks. will do that06:53
elfyit's unlikely to happen - but it could be that more than person works on the same thing - and only one will get merged :)06:53
elfyand you'll get karma :)06:53
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om26erelopio, I wrote helpers for TextArea, its mostly copy paste https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/add_helpers_for_TextArea/+merge/22838515:43
elopioom26er: I saw a little about it on friday.15:43
elopioI'll make the full review today.15:43
elopiowhat I saw is that you shouldn't duplicate all the tests.15:43
balloonsom26er, awesome :-015:44
elopioyou can either use scenarios to run the same tests for textfields and textareas15:44
elopioor you can just write a test that checks that textarea inherits from textfield.15:44
om26erelopio, one test to rule them all ?15:44
om26erelopio, well one of the methods couldn't be reused because TextArea does have a clear button15:45
om26erso it was check for hasClearButton causing failure15:45
elopioom26er: ok, that's good to know. I think the better strategy is to only test what changes between the base class and the child.15:46
elopioso one test for clear the text area, and one test to check it inherits from text field is good enough.15:47
elopioif you want to go the safer route, go with the scenarios solution to run all tests for both15:48
elopioand you can either skip hasClearButton on textArea, or move it to a textfield specific test case.15:48
elopioom26er: but as I said, I just gave it a quick look.15:48
elopioI have it on my todo.15:48
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om26erelopio, I think its fine to just check it inherits and a test for clear.15:50
elopioom26er: chose whatever you think best. So, please mark it as work in progress, and I'll get an email when it's ready again and review it.15:50
om26erelopio, done.15:51
om26erballoons, isn't it :)15:51
pittiballoons: could you live with http://paste.ubuntu.com/7885946/ ?15:57
* balloons looks15:59
balloonspitti, yes, I think after we spoke that's the most sane way of doing it15:59
pittiballoons: it only needs to be specified once, the next run won't need it any more16:00
pittibut I don't want to penalize all runs by always running it16:00
pittiballoons: well, it can always be improved later on, but with that one has at least a way to get on16:00
balloonspitti, right.. could you catch the 404 error automagically?16:01
pittiballoons: with some heuristics/parsing, I suppose so16:01
pittiit's not easy to wire between adt-run and the ssh script16:02
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balloonspitti, cool, but probably not the most important thing.. This is simple and gives a nice solution16:06
elfyafternoon balloons16:07
elfyand pitti et al16:07
balloonsafternoon elfy16:07
elopionice work om26er. I'll approve your text area branch and ask the team to get it merged.16:58
om26erelopio, thanks16:58
elopiooh, om26er, one thing.16:58
elopioyou need to do the mp agains staging.16:58
om26erelopio, https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/add_helpers_for_TextArea/+merge/22854217:01
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elfyany testcase admins about - https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/1348639/+merge/22830719:02
elfythanks :)19:02
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balloonselfy, on https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/1348639/+merge/228307, why do you have extra unmerged revs in there?19:57
elfyno idea :(20:01
elfyit's bzr ...20:01
balloonsleft a comment20:03
* elfy left an answer 20:04
elfyballoons: I've no idea where those other things have come from - though 279-281 are the Dia thing I merged and synced20:05
balloonselfy, yea, they are simply revisions from trunk20:05
balloonselfy, merged and synced20:10
elfythanks boss - was the last one I checked20:10
elfyjust been doing them prior to a test call20:10
elfythat was the last one I needed to change \o/20:11
elopioubuntu-qa and/or balloons: can I get a review here please? https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/sudoku-app/clean_tests1/+merge/22823620:23
balloonselopio, that's on my list, but anyone else feel free to jump on it in the interim20:24
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elopiothanks balloons. I hope somebody else jumps. We need more people making reviews.20:24
thomielopio: too many whitespace changes :P20:25
thomielopio: *ahaaaa*! *now* I know who keeps introducing this 'AppnameApp' anti-pattern :P20:27
elopiothomi: antipattern? We discussed for a long time about it.20:27
elopiotell me what don't you like20:27
thomiit's a nasty hack to work around this bug, which nobody reported till brendand asked us to look at  a test last week: https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot/+bug/134839920:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1348399 in Autopilot "Autopilot does not honor the object cache when creating the root introspection object" [High,Confirmed]20:28
thomiSudokuApp should be a CPC20:28
thomiotherwise, when you call 'get_root_instance' from elsewhere in the tree you don't get a SudokuApp instance back, and you need to create another one, which is just silly :)20:29
elopiothomi: oh, I never thought about it as a bug. But anyway, once you fix it, I'll just have to change the base class.20:29
elopioand not pass the proxy as a parameter. That's nice.20:29
thomielopio: yeah20:30
thomielopio: anyway :)20:30
elopiosubscribing myself to know when to use it that way.20:30
balloonsinteresting bug..20:31
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elopiothomi: do you know if we can launch with upstart an application binary from the build directory?21:19
thomielopio: I believe if you create an upstart override file you can21:19
thomielopio: I think some of the test suites do that already21:19
thomielopio: perhaps maalit?21:19
elopiothomi: what's that? the desktop file?21:19
thomielopio: no21:19
thomielopio: veebers knows how to do it21:19
* elopio waits for veebers.21:20
veeberselopio: hey, hmm I'll have to remember, but we've done it before21:20
veebersI think unity8 does something like that21:20
* veebers checks21:20
thomiit's a file in ~/.share/upstart/appname.override (I think), where you can specify an alternate path to launch21:20
veebersI thought ~/.cache/...21:22
veebershmm no, unity8 upstart config allows you to pass BINARY, onto the next example21:23
elopio~/.share doesn't exist here. ~/.cache has only the app logs.21:23
veeberselopio: oh, ~/.config21:24
elopioveebers: any idea what should I put there?21:25
veeberselopio: for instance: ~/.config/upstart/maliit-server.override21:25
veeberselopio: for instance for the maliit one it's putting: "exec maliit-server -testability"21:26
veebersthis might be outdated information though and there may be a better way21:26
elopioveebers: yes, something like this in dialer-app.override does'nt seem to work:21:29
elopioexec workspace/canonical/dialer-app/bugs/fix1349582-number_format/src/dialer-app21:29
elopioveebers: do you know who to ask about this?21:29
veeberselopio: ted? Perhaps om26er, I'm pretty sure he's used the override stuff before21:30
om26erveebers, yeah, didn;t try recently but it used to work21:31
om26erelopio, so you want to start maliit always in testability ?21:31
elopioom26er: no, I want upstart to start the dialer app from the branch, not the installed one.21:31
om26eryeah then 'exec $bin'21:34
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