sarnoldarrrghhhAWAY: sorry, I don't know why the do-release-update thing isn't prompting for 14.04.1 upgrades from 12.04 yet, it's pretty far out of my experience02:41
pmatulissarnold: ?03:40
sarnoldpmatulis: ah, I had'nt read enough scrollback to realize that Nivex had found the core of the problem :)  see 13:57 here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/07/27/%23ubuntu-server.html03:43
pmatulissarnold: ok.  i thought things might have been postponed due to a nasty bug i saw a few days ago03:45
sarnoldpmatulis: eek03:46
pmatulis(desktops not upgrading properly)03:46
pmatulissarnold: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/134796403:48
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1347964 in ubuntu-release-upgrader "Precise w/Trusty HWE -> Trusty release upgrade fails : ubuntu-desktop fails to configure" [Critical,Triaged]03:48
sarnoldpmatulis: wow. nice catch. that looks like reason enough to hold off recommending 14.04.1 upgrades :)03:51
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arrrghhhpmatulis, sarnold just read back.  thx.  that would seem to only affect the -desktop version tho?04:29
arrrghhhor is it a kernel issue.  maybe I'm misreading this haha04:30
sarnoldarrrghhh: yes and no; server vs desktop is just default package selections, there's not that much different between them04:30
arrrghhhya but the issue seems to be related to the meta-package "ubuntu-desktop"04:31
arrrghhhwhich ofc the -server ed does not use/include04:31
sarnoldright, but the same mechanism is used to upgrade them both :)04:32
arrrghhhah.  hm.04:32
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MavKentrying to send out mail using swiftmailer via amazon ses..05:23
MavKenConnection could not be established with host email-smtp.us-west-2.amazonaws.com [Unable to find the socket transport "SSL" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? #32600]"05:23
MavKenubuntu 14.04   openssl installed05:23
MavKenany ideas?05:24
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socketguruwhat should I use for auto starting applications on lxde on ubuntu-server 14.0407:30
socketgurulxde has its own auto start script07:31
socketguruBut I have to open 2 split windows on screen at startup07:31
socketguruSo I can display 2 urls on same screen07:31
socketguruDoes anyone have any idea about this07:31
cfhowlett!server | socketguru07:31
ubottusocketguru: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server07:31
socketguruI tried for firefox plugin but could but could not find07:32
socketguruI was expecting some response from a real user07:32
cfhowlettsocketguru you asked a server question.  experts are in #ubuntu-server.  expect to get ragged for installing a gui on a server.  signed /realperson07:34
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GTRsdkcan someone please tell me that default mysql doesn't store data in /var07:56
AbhijitGTRsdk, #mysql08:02
GTRsdkAbhijit, but this is on Ubuntu08:07
GTRsdknot RHEL, Gentoo, etc08:07
GTRsdkor even Windoze08:07
GTRsdkokay so it turns out that it wsa stored there :(08:08
GTRsdknow any idea on what would happen08:08
GTRsdkif I moved imprtant data to /tmp/ and rebooted?08:08
ikoniadepends where /tmp is mounted from08:11
GTRsdkikonia, I believe it is just tmpfs, however I do not see it in /etc/fstab08:12
ikoniaso check it08:13
ikoniait may not even be mounted, it may just be a directory08:13
ikoniacheck where /tmp is mount/presented "from"08:14
GTRsdkA guy moved /var -> /tmp/var, rebooted, and now it is gone08:14
ikoniacheck where /tmp is mount/presented "from"08:14
ikoniachances are it's either tmpfs or disk that's set to clear down on boot as /tmp is normally transient data08:15
ikoniaso it's gone08:15
GTRsdkbummer :(08:17
GTRsdkoh to check though wasn't there like /etc/mounts or something?08:18
samba35can you please tell me how do i restart network service in 14.04.1?08:18
GTRsdksamba35, service networking restart ?08:19
Abhijitsamba35, service networking restart08:19
samba35yes ,its not working08:19
Abhijitsamba35, what error it gives?08:19
samba35stop: Job failed while stopping08:20
samba35start: Job is already running: networking but some time out put is null but change are not effective08:20
GTRsdkikonia, strangely it doesn't show up in my /proc/mounts08:21
ikoniaGTRsdk: what is that strange08:36
GTRsdkikonia, I was expecting it to be either there or /etc/fstab08:37
ikoniawhy ?08:37
GTRsdkikonia, I have no idea where else it would be08:40
GTRsdkBut I can't exactly check anymore... just powered off the system08:40
ikoniaGTRsdk: yeah bit late now after your messing around in other channels cross-posting as you don't want to say "I don't know"08:40
ikoniagood luck08:40
GTRsdkI literally just said I have no idea where else it would be08:40
ikoniaGTRsdk: no you didn't08:41
GTRsdkI am 90% sure it is tmpfs08:41
ikoniayou just said it after I called you out in another channel for trying to dodge the question as you didn't know the answer08:41
ikoniaand you are %0 certain08:41
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sorvinHi all. Anyone has any experience with preseeding? Whatever I try, I can't seem to generate a file that yields a completely automated installation process. It always pauses for hostname, for example. I tried using the preseed-example template from ubuntu docs, and it doesn't really work well. Any thoughts? thanks!11:44
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AtuMsorvin, I have "some" experience.. http://linux.opm.si/programska-oprema/ubuntu-14-04-network-install  -> I've spent a lot of time testing different parameters.. mine is not a completely automated, but you might find some clues for your needs11:58
AtuMsoren, this is only to give you some insight into where you might want to put parameters for install...11:59
sorvinthanks a lot!12:01
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Nivexarrrghhh: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-notifier/+bug/134476213:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1344762 in update-notifier "update-notifier tells me to upgrade from 12.04.4 LTS to 14.04 LTS (because of HWE), but that release is not found" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:07
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KunzemGood day.13:48
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Kunzem1983Good day Ubuntu gurus. I'm new to Ubuntu server and have stumbled on a wierd problem which i'm not finding help from google and don't know quite how to explain. i used nano to edit ssh_config to check if password authentication is set on yes. then used ctrl x to exit . I now have a > sign to type in commands but it doens't seem to accept any commands. if i enter a command it lists all the commands i tried ? how do i get back to entering commands14:05
NivexTry Ctrl-D14:06
Nivexsounds like something got quoted oddly and that should break you back out to bash with a "Unexpected EOF"14:07
Nivex(except in this case we expect it since we just typed it :)14:07
Kunzem1983thanks i tried this on my virtual box with ubuntu server and it got me back login prompt14:09
Kunzem1983will give it a go on live server quick14:09
Kunzem1983Thanks Nivex , just what i needed :)14:10
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Nivexbug was updated. The ambiguous "soon" :/15:31
Nivexso much for planning15:31
weeb1eI am trying to install cacti on the latest ubuntu server LTS, but everytime I use apt-get, it installs apache2 as well. If I remove apache2, it removes cacti. How can I install cacti without apache2?15:40
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jrwren_that is called a dependency.15:51
jrwren_apparently, the cacti package depends on apache215:51
jrwren_hrm, but its only listed as a recommends, not as a dependency: apache2 | lighttpd | nginx | httpd15:52
jrwren_when you run apt-get install, use the --no-install-recommends option?15:52
ogra_weeb1e, apt-cache show cacti|grep Recommends15:52
weeb1ejrwren_: It is a bug, which was supposed to be fixed 5 years ago, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cacti/+bug/21759115:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 217591 in cacti "wrong dependency" [Medium,Fix released]15:52
weeb1eClearly it is not fixed15:52
ogra_there are other alternatives you can use but it seems to want a webserver15:52
weeb1eSo the easiest solution would be to leave apache2 installed, but disable it from ever starting15:53
ogra_(or you can disable recommends altogether during install)(15:53
ogra_like jrwren_ said already15:53
weeb1eOh I missed that, sorry15:53
weeb1eI did not know about "recommends"15:53
weeb1eI will try that now15:53
jrwren_weeb1e: oh yeah, there it is. an unfixed bug.  Be sure to click the "does this bug affect you?"15:54
geniiweeb1e: apt-get -o APT::Install-Recommends=0        ...is the syntax15:54
weeb1eNo wonder I didn't know about that, what an unintuitive syntax :P15:54
jrwren_its in the man page as --no-install-recommends which should do the same thing, but as I've never used that option, I cannot say if the manpage is correct.15:55
geniijrwren_: I usually use the syntax I gave above, this way you modify any variable which is reported by apt-config dump15:56
ogra_it is correct :)15:58
* ogra_ uses --no-install-recommends quite often15:58
ogra_(and thinks like the ubuntu phones totally depend on it...)15:59
lordievaderGood evening.16:00
jrwren_weeb1e: the requires is libapache2-mod-php5 | php516:01
jrwren_that means OR16:01
jrwren_so if you install php5 package, that fulfils that dep, then it will not try to install libapache2-mod-php516:01
jrwren_so... not a bug, but you have to know how to work around it.16:01
weeb1eSorry, I'm going to try use that shortly16:05
weeb1eI just found out that my house got broken into today :(16:05
weeb1e--no-install-recommends does not appear to work16:06
weeb1eNeither does "apt-get -o APT::Install-Recommends=0 install cacti cacti-spine"16:07
weeb1egenii: Any other ideas?16:08
weeb1eBefore I just disable apache and leave it installed16:08
weeb1eOh, again I missed what jrwren_ said. I'll try install php5 first16:08
* genii makes more coffee16:09
weeb1eInstalling php5 installs apache216:09
weeb1eSo no, that is not an option either16:09
weeb1eIt feels like I'm going round in circles now16:09
weeb1eI'm just going to find a way of disabling apache2 and be done with it16:09
jrwren_no wait! :)16:11
jrwren_what webserver are you using?16:12
weeb1eI've installed and removed apache2 and cacti more than 10 times now, I have a ton to install and cannot continue to waste time like this16:12
weeb1ejrwren_: Nginx16:12
jrwren_so apt-get install php5-fpm php5 cacti16:13
jrwren_that should meet the deps you need.16:13
jrwren_I did apt-cache show php5, to see what it Depends:, and the first listed is libapache2-php which is of course going to then pull apache, but its an or expression with a few ways to meet the dep.16:14
jrwren_you'll likely be using fpm?16:14
weeb1eYeah I will need fpm installed too16:15
weeb1eI will try that, one last attempt16:15
weeb1ejrwren_: Now the apache2 package is not installed, but /usr/sbin/apache2 exists16:17
weeb1eI guess that is better than having the package installed, thanks16:18
arrrghhhNivex, what's interesting about that bug you linked... is I got the same message, on a VM I built for testing 12.04.4 --> 14.04.116:21
arrrghhhbut I don't get that message on my physical "production" server if you will.16:21
jrwren_weeb1e: dpkg -S /usr/sbin/apache2 should tell you which package put that binary there.16:24
jrwren_weeb1e: apache-bin package. you can likely apt-get remove that.16:24
weeb1eAlright, yeah that does seem to be the case16:27
weeb1eI have not installed apache2 on a box in like 7 years, so all this is new to me16:27
weeb1eWhich now seems like an accomplishment, considering how much stuff depends on it16:28
jrwren_weeb1e: its too bad alt dep management isn't a bit easier, but i guess its a tiny learning curve16:50
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arrrghhhNivex, ok there's some issue which I'm not quite understanding.  My net new install 12.04.4 came with 3.11 kernel so it gave me the HWE message.  My physical 'production' server has always been using the 3.2 series kernel, which is not running HWE at all evidently.17:18
NivexYep. If you installed from .0, you have to add HWE manually. If you installed from .1 or later you get the HWE that was current at the time of release.17:20
NivexYou still have to manually walk it up from wherever you started. My server is running 3.8 (lts-raring)17:21
arrrghhhya I haven't really touched the kernel on my server, so it's still on 3.217:22
NivexI guess we're right back to "I hate waiting."17:23
arrrghhhlol.  yep!17:24
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smoserhallyn, would this be expected to work:20:59
smoser lxc-create -t ubuntu-cloud --name=sm1 -- --release=trusty --arch=amd6420:59
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/7888316/21:00
hallynsmoser: I don't remember whether ubuntu-cloud was properly converted in the end or not.  I thought it had been21:05
smoserhallyn, download doest work either there.21:05
hallynsmoser: you need to create your .config/lxc/default.conf21:06
hallynubuntu-cloud works fine for me unprivileged21:06
hallynyou need your lxc.id_map entries21:06
smoserright. i see that now.21:07
smoser https://www.stgraber.org/2014/01/17/lxc-1-0-unprivileged-containers/21:07
smosera DTRT util would be nice ther.21:07
hallynI've thought about writing a shorter sipler howto21:07
smoserand a reference to such from the error.21:07
hallynwell if we try to automate it too much we'll encourage unsafe reuse of idmaps21:07
hallyni automated it that way for lxc-usernsexec bc there it doesnt' matter (it's a toy)21:08
hallynbut i don't want lxc-create using defaults if you didn't create any21:08
hallynnow maybe skel can do it?21:08
hallynso when user is created, and homedir is filled in, it creates yoru lxc.conf according to your new subuid?21:08
hallyneh, still too general21:08
hallyni'm open to ideas21:09
hallynperhaps a good thing to discuss at the sprint in august21:09
stgraberI haven't spent time trying to make this simpler because realistically we can't do it without any user interaction in a safe way21:09
smoseri dont know what is unsafe21:10
hallyn"it depends" :)21:10
stgraberI'm not too concerned about pulling the uid/gid ranges from /etc/sub{uid|gid}, that part is probably fine for 99.9% of our users, the concern is about giving veth quota by default to users21:10
hallynwhich is why we haven't automated it21:10
smosershadow added my user to /etc/sub[ug]id21:10
smoserok. that seems quite rasonable.21:11
stgraberwe could however have LXC detect those cases and spit out an helpful error message21:11
hallynright, shadow gives you a arange - but we dont' know how you should use that range21:12
hallynour error message is helpful IMO21:12
stgraberas we already did with a few of the other usual unprivileged containers problems (missing permissions and such)21:12
stgraberhallyn: "Missing uid/gid map, to run a container as an unprivileged user you need to have lxc.id_map set for the container. Your user currently owns the following ranges: ... so you can set xyz in ~/.config/lxc/lxc.conf. Read more in lxc.container.conf" would be more useful :)21:13
stgraberhallyn: so you can do lxc-start, it fails, you edit .config/lxc/default.conf, copy/paste, done21:13
stgraber(and yeah, s/lxc.conf/default.conf/ above)21:14
stgraberwith the suggested config being something like (but with the right ranges pulled from /etc):21:14
stgraberlxc.include = /etc/lxc/default.conf21:14
stgraberlxc.id_map = u 0 100000 6553621:14
stgraberlxc.id_map = g 0 100000 6553621:14
stgraberand we should also detect the missing lxc-usernet allocation case and give a better hint than "Quota exhausted" or whatever we return currently ;)21:15
smoserwhat logic was used to add default user 'ubuntu' to /etc/lxc/lxc-usernet ?21:19
hallynthat's not done automatically21:19
hallynstgraber: I'll ack a patch liek that if you can get someone to write it :)  for today, i've finally got a usable list of subvolumes->parents so I can now impelment the actual recursive subvolume deletion21:20
hallynthe secret?  well, silly, sh->offset is actually the object id of the parent of a subvolume.21:21
f-a-h-a-dhi guys, for testing reasons i needed to deploy ubuntu maas+juju+Openstack on a network of some virtual and some real servers ... What is the best way to begin with?21:41
sarnoldf-a-h-a-d: I've used this as a _guide_ when doing maas testing entirely in a virtual environment: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/maas/maas-pkg-test/view/head:/maas-ephemeral-test-precise.txt -- it might also be a useful guide for you, but be aware that mixing virtual with physical may add more complications21:44
f-a-h-a-dsarnold: what complications?21:45
sarnoldf-a-h-a-d: you'd have to understand the ethernet bridging a good deal better than I do :)21:47
f-a-h-a-dsarnold: i doubt that :)  but thanks bro21:51
sarnoldf-a-h-a-d: hehe :) have fun21:51
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