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liuxgif I am now playing a video file referring to http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtMultimedia.Audio/, however, I get the error like https://pastebin.canonical.com/114287/. Does anyone know why? I can run other apps without any problem. thanks06:27
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dholbachgood morning07:07
nhainesGood morning!  :)07:08
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mterryogra_, so what happened with /usr/lib/extrausers?  I noticed that the fix was to bindmount those three files separately, but isn't that a solution we can't use long-term (because we can't atomically edit them when bindmounted like that)?08:00
ogra_mterry, well, system-image doesnt transition existing dirs on upgrades ... only at install time08:00
ogra_(you dont want to overwrite chnages on upgrades, theoretically it would have to do an intelligent three way merge ... which it cant)08:01
mterryogra_, but existing users wouldn't have any content there, right?08:01
ogra_i'm not sure what happens if you switch back to the dir right now08:02
ogra_the files might be gone completely (like before)08:02
mterryogra_, oh I guess the dir existed before because libnss-extrausers created it08:03
ogra_i think we need stgraber for this, or a hack that uses a boot hook to make sure the files ger copied around when they dont exist08:03
ogra_they never existed in the writable space08:03
ogra_only for freshly flashed images08:03
mterryogra_, or maybe add 3 way merge logic -- surely this isn't the first/last time we might hit an issue like this08:03
mterryAt least add logic for the dumb simple case of 'no files'08:04
ogra_i know stgraber_ was pondering over this several times08:04
mterryogra_, the current three-file-bindmount may block landing of locking support since we can't atomically-edit08:05
ogra_right, i think we can add a boot hook that checks if the dir is empty, if so it removes the bind mount, pulls the files out there, re-mounts the bind mount and copies the files over08:05
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ogra_(that *will* affect anyone who made changes to the extrausers files withion the last three days though ... huge amount of people for sure :P )08:06
mterryogra_, :)  especially since no UI for it08:06
ogra_yeah :)08:06
mterryalthough I guess people could haven used passwd08:07
ogra_oh, that reminds me ... we need ot make sure sudo refuses to operate without pw08:07
mterryogra_, how could I have tested the upgraded-system-image path for this to notice the bug in the first place?  I edited writable-paths locally and tested and it seemed to work08:07
ogra_(or lock it instead of using an empty one)08:07
mterryogra_, I thought we wanted sudo to work08:07
ogra_i dont think we want it to work passwordless08:08
ogra_lets talk to security once they get up08:08
mterryogra_, OK08:08
ogra_(was on my TODO for today anyway :) )08:08
mterryI figure malicious users can just call passwd, so I wonder if there is a security difference08:09
ogra_what are you doing up already btw ?08:09
mterryogra_, I'm in London now!08:09
ogra_ah !!08:09
mterryFor a sprint08:09
ogra_great :)08:09
ogra_mterry, do you know if ken landed everything he wanted ?08:10
mterryogra_, I might need some guidance for that boot-hook change -- I've not messed with such hooks or done manual bindmount tomfoolery before.  Is there an example of such stuff already in livecd-rootfs?08:10
mterryogra_, for u-s-s?  I don't know08:10
ogra_(even though it smells like traincon-0 if nobody fixes the constantly crashing mediascanner we should land your UI bits asap)08:10
mterryogra_, not before we fix the bindmount thing maybe08:12
ogra_not really, we only had one boot hook for surfaceflinger vs mir in the past ... currently we dont use the boot hooks at all ... its an upstart job that runs as root very very early in the boot08:12
ogra_why not ?08:12
ogra_wont it work at all ?08:12
mterryogra_, well it will work, but you suggested that once we use a boot hook fix, people might lose changes to those files?08:14
ogra_oh, right, yeah true08:14
mterryogra_, at least I think it will work -- haven't tested in-place editing of shadow files yet08:14
mterryogra_, do we want to move forward with that vs a 3-way-merge-at-least-for-null-case solution?  Or is that an stgraber_ question?08:15
ogra_mterry, i'm in the landing meeting for 1h or so, i'll try to come up with a boot hook script for you after that08:16
ogra_thats an stgraber question08:16
ogra_i dont thik he has a proper solution for this problem yet08:16
mterryogra_, that'd be great thanks08:16
* mterry feels bad that he got us one-broken-image closer to traincon-0 :)08:18
ogra_ah, well, your breakage doesnt cause the traincon state08:20
mterryFair, but one less image to work on actual blockers  :)08:23
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Milk Chocolate Day! :-D08:29
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pete-woodsseb128: hi, any chance you could have a look at this 2 line MR? (https://code.launchpad.net/~pete-woods/location-service/dev-packaging/+merge/228457)09:39
pete-woodsit changes packaging, so I wanted to get it checked by a core dev09:39
pete-woods(I also thought there might be a more idiomatic / debiany  way to do this)09:40
seb128pete-woods, sure09:40
mhr3pete-woods, btw should bump changelog there ^09:47
pete-woodsokay, will do09:48
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ChipacaLaney: ping10:02
ChipacaLaney: (in case i forget before you ping back, it's about the gsettings branch)10:02
Chipacampt: ping, about notifications settings design10:03
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alex_oHi all! Quick question - can I install ubuntu touch to Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 (SM-211)? Tnx!10:29
ogra_mterry, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7883650/10:47
ogra_that should work (copies the files in place if they dont exist after an upgrade)10:48
ogra_(and if extrausers is bindmounted)10:48
mterryogra_, I'm nervous about the '3' there -- I believe I've seen shadow- files hanging around10:50
ogra_well, make it -gt 010:50
ogra_or some such10:50
ogra_or != 010:50
mterryogra_, you're not worried about -1?  ;)10:51
mterryogra_, alright, let's ship it10:51
mterryogra_, how does WHEN=new-version work?10:51
ogra_i guess it should go into lxc-android-config ... though we are in TRAINCON-0 now10:51
ogra_see /etc/init/boot-hooks-emit.conf10:52
mterryRight after any system upgrade?10:52
mterryogra_, OK, let me whip up a debdiff for you to look double-confirm, and we can wait for after traincon10:52
ogra_it checks if there was a version update ... (also easy to test by editing /userdata/.last_ubuntu-build)10:52
ogra_we need to make davmor2 stop finidng bus ...10:53
ogra_else we'll never get out of TRAINCON-0 again10:53
davmor2ogra_: Bus?10:53
mterryright, speaking of....10:53
mterryjdstrand, poke about apparmor and extrausers10:53
davmor2I see them daily out the window :D10:53
* ogra_ habds davmor2 a g10:53
* davmor2 hands ogra_ a new keyboard his is obviously broken today ;)10:54
ogra_mterry, in your debdiff, make sure to revert my last change ;)10:54
ogra_davmor2, :P10:54
mterryogra_, yup10:55
ogra_mterry, the mount check should probably be more explicit too ... that was rather a proof of concept ... not sure we want false positives :)10:56
davmor2ogra_: is this the change you landed for 151 so the phone actually booted?10:56
davmor2please don't break that if that is the case ;)10:56
mterrydavmor2, naw boot isn't needed for RTM10:56
ogra_davmor2, right ... we try to improve that since it was only a workaround to get booting bac10:56
davmor2well it'll get tested in the silo till there is no more traincon0 right10:57
ogra_davmor2, right ...10:58
davmor2and apparently ogra_ seems to be banning my weekends or at least me testing during them :D10:58
ogra_onlyif you find bugs :P10:58
davmor2ogra_: if I look hard enough I can always find bugs ;)10:58
mterryogra_, OK I'm looking at http://paste.ubuntu.com/7883750/ -- will test now to see if it actually works  :)11:03
ogra_looks good11:04
ogra_upgrading lxc-android-config is a pain though ... need to do it from recovery11:04
mterryogra_, oh that's right!  I'll just put these files in place11:05
mterryogra_, and you say I can fake out new-version checks with /userdata/.last_ubuntu-build...11:05
ogra_yeah, just lower it by one11:05
ogra_before rebooting11:05
mterryogra_, back when enabling this in the first place last week, how would I have tested a system upgrade?  (I made the changes to writable-paths and it worked for me...)11:06
ogra_well, i dont relly know of a way11:06
ogra_that will get better once we get one image per silo so you can test images directly11:07
mterryogra_, ooh yeah11:07
ogra_today i dont think thhere is an easy way11:07
mterryogra_, but lxc-android-config doesn't do silos11:07
mterryThough maybe we could do it via silos with that change11:07
ogra_it will do silos by then11:08
ogra_it doesnt do silos for exactly that reason ... (that it is hard to upgrade it if not built into an image)11:08
mterryogra_, OK...  Well I guess I'll just manually test this by deleting files11:09
ogra_right, we should test it with the package too though ... (but it has to wait for traincon dropping anyway)11:09
mterryogra_, I meant by deleting files on the bindmount location to simulate a system-upgrade situation11:11
ogra_oh, yeah, indeed11:11
ogra_put the upstart job in place, delete the files and lower the version ... the reboot11:11
ogra_thats how i tested here11:12
ogra_s/the reboot/then reboot/11:12
pittidid anyone have luck with ubuntu-emulator (i386) with recent images?11:18
pittiI'm curious whether there's something wrong/hacked on my host system, or whether it's generally broken11:18
mterryogra_, works for me11:18
ogra_worked here too11:18
ogra_lets ship it :)11:18
pittion first boot I get the first-time wizard, but I never see unity (also not after a reboot)11:18
mterryogra_, though I did remove the inclusion of the word 'on' in my mount grep in case mount translates that11:18
ogra_it wont ... but fine :)11:19
ogra_pitti, which image is that ?11:19
mterryogra_, really?  That output is meant to be kind to grep then?  :)11:19
pittiogra_: I just tried with 157 (devel-proposed), currently trying with 133 (devel)11:19
ogra_hmm, 133 should definitely work11:20
pittiI re-try the emulator every other week or so, but so far I haven't seen it really working11:20
pittiso I wondered if it's just bad luck or whether nobody else is actually using it :)11:20
pitti[   13.254553] systemd-logind[1262]: cgmanager: cgm_list_children for controller=systemd, cgroup_path=user failed: invalid request11:20
pittiI wonder if that's related in any way11:20
ogra_pitti, hmm, might be ... were there kernel changes that the emulator kernel might be missing ?11:21
mterryogra_, are we *actually* in traincon-0 mode yet?  I don't see an email.  Not that I want to upload this change until after we publish a new image anyway, but just curious11:21
ogra_mterry, see the topic in #ubuntu-ci-eng11:21
mterryogra_, huh, I expected an email to hit11:22
pittiogra_: I don't know; I noticed that the current utopic kernel doesn't work well in VMs either (but that's guest kernel, not host)11:22
pittimterry: sil2100 said that on Friday, not sure whether that implied any particular hour11:22
ogra_mterry, it was mentioned in fridays landing mail ...11:22
mterryogra_, it was mentioned that we may or may not enter on Monday11:22
ogra_right, he didnt say "we'l start the day in traincon-0"11:22
ogra_we did though ...11:22
ogra_pitti, yeah, the emulator kernel is special ... its an android kernel ...11:23
ogra_not in any way related to our generic one (even multiple versions behind)11:23
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ogra_pitti, the other bit would be to check if /var/lib/extrausers is populated with passwd|group|shadow ... probably it is another piece of falluout from the switch11:24
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pittiogra_: thanks, I'll play around with that; but unity8 for "phablet" was running, I just didn't see anything11:29
pittiogra_: same problem on image 133; /var/lib/ext* doesn't exist, but I think 133 was before the switch11:30
pittiah, and same kernel panic on 'sudo reboot'11:33
mhr3mandel, eeeh, http://imgur.com/M4MlrNZ11:35
mandelmhr3, what were you downloading?11:35
mhr3mandel, there were also interesting stats during the 100-151% stage11:36
mhr3mandel, an app11:36
mandelmhr3, yeah, I noticed, that is the possible error too...11:36
mandelmhr3, but I think that the issue is not udm but the ui, in any case I can take a look due to the error11:36
mhr3mandel, also tapping to retry doesn't do much :)11:36
mandelmhr3, can you grab the udm logs and file a bug11:36
mhr3where do i find those?11:37
mandelmhr3, I don't touch ui, so we will have to find who to ask for help in regards of the tapping11:37
mandelmhr3, in XDG_CACHE/ubuntu-download-manager11:37
pittiogra_: ah, so with 133 unity comes up after a long while11:38
ogra_yeah, the initial apparmor run ...11:39
ogra_that always takes a while11:39
ibitHI, all! Can I install ubuntu touch to my Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 (SM-211)?11:43
jgdx!devices | ibit11:44
ubot5ibit: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices11:44
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ogra_mterry, there is your mail :P11:51
mterryogra_, yay!11:51
mterryogra_, I guess I'm still involved with the second apparmor blocker11:52
ogra_well, jdstrand is ... but he needs to get up first :)11:52
mterryogra_, who else works with apparmor?11:52
ogra_dunno ... jjohanssen prehaps ... not sure he does userspace though11:52
mterryOr mdeslaur maybe11:53
ogra_yeah, probably11:53
mhr3mandel, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/180902495/failed-download.png11:53
mdeslaurmterry: what's up?11:53
mhr3mandel, wrong link - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-download-manager/+bug/134938911:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349389 in ubuntu-download-manager "Failed download, incorrect data in indicator" [Undecided,New]11:53
ogra_mdeslaur, we're missing a file policy for /var/lib/extrausers/* access11:54
mterrymdeslaur, a while ago I was told that an apparmor upload was happening that included /var/lib/extrausers/passwd as allowable11:54
ogra_passwd|group and shadow moved there11:54
mterrymdeslaur, do you know what happened with that?11:54
mandelmhr3, got it, thx11:54
mterrymdeslaur, jjohanssen may have been queuing some small changes to upload during that conversation11:55
mdeslaurah, that's a good question11:55
mdeslaurmterry: jdstrand should be here in a few minutes, let's wait to see what the status is on that11:56
mardyLaney: hi! I have a MP which includes some new UI strings; should I run "make pot-qml" and update the pot file along with the MP, or does this step happen in some other way?11:57
mardyLaney: I'm talking about ubuntu-system-settings, BTW :-)11:57
* ogra_ thinks that happens automatically12:00
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mardyseb128: hi! Do I need to update the pot file for u-s-s, or does that happen automatically?12:51
seb128mardy, don't bother, we manually commit updates to trunk when needed12:51
seb128easier than making merge request include an update and conflict12:52
seb128when several change strings12:52
mardyseb128: that might be why I was getting a huge diff with "make pot-qml"12:52
mardyseb128: but I added a few strings, so I guess I should update it?12:52
seb128we use make pot to upate it12:52
seb128if you want12:53
seb128what did you land?12:53
seb128we updated it recently12:53
mardyseb128: nothing yet, I was wondering if I should put the pot changes along with https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings/other-app-access/+merge/22829912:53
seb128mardy, don't bother, we are going to commit an update once your update is merged in12:57
mardyseb128: cool, thansk12:58
* jdstrand is here13:01
seb128jdstrand, hey13:01
jdstrandseb128: hi!13:01
jdstrandmterry, mdeslaur: that upload has not happened yet. tyhicks is scheduled to do it, but he was waiting on the abstract patches, which slipped a bit13:02
mterryjdstrand, can we make it happen?13:02
jdstrandmterry: what is failing?13:02
mterryjdstrand, mediascanner213:02
mterryjdstrand, tries to look up current user name, but fails because getpwuid returns permission error13:03
jdstrandyeah, sure, I'll do an upload in a moment13:03
* mterry hugs jdstrand13:03
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jgdxhow does one scroll to the bottom of a flickable?13:08
jdstrandmterry: I feel like there was a bug on this but having trouble finding it13:09
jdstrandI guess not13:10
mterryjdstrand, yeah I don't recall a bug13:10
dpmhey seb128, how's it going? Do you happen to know which project in LP the notification of a new image upgrade comes from? I see it needs translation, but I'm not sure if it comes from u-s-s13:10
seb128dpm, hey, good, how are you?13:10
seb128dpm, it doesn't13:10
seb128not sure where it comes from13:10
seb128could be unity8 itself13:10
seb128Saviq, gatox or mandel might know13:11
dpmnp, I'll ask around, thanks!13:11
gatoxdpm, i think is push-notifications itself13:12
Saviqdpm, ↑13:12
gatoxdpm, showing the message from the server13:12
dpmgatox, thanks. Where is the project in LP?13:12
gatoxdpm, i assume is this one: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-push13:12
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jdstrandmterry: can you test my fix for the mediascanner2 issue or is someone else doign that?13:27
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mterryjdstrand, am in meeting...  ogra_, who was looking at that bug?13:28
ogra_everyone :P13:28
jdstrandI would like someone to confirm that my change will fix it for them13:28
jdstrandI don't have a new enough image and it would take too long to bring it up13:29
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ tail -2 /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/mediascanner-2.0.log13:29
ogra_terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'13:29
ogra_  what():  Could not look up user name: Permission denied13:29
ogra_jdstrand, give it to me ... seems i have the issue reliably13:29
jdstrandogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7884787/13:29
jdstrandogra_: so, mount -o remount,rw /13:29
jdstrandupdate /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/nameservice for that paste13:30
jdstrandthen apparmor_parser -r /etc/apparmor.d/us.bin.mediascanner2 (or whatever)13:30
jdstrandmount -o remount,ro /13:30
jdstrandthen see if it is fixed13:30
jdstrandit should be, I just want to be sure there isn't some other unexpected access13:31
* ogra_ reboots13:32
ogra_jdstrand, seems mediascanner is running fine after that change ... no more errors like the above13:33
jdstrandok, cool13:33
jdstrandlet me run ours tests and I'll upload13:33
ogra_sil2100, ^^^ mediascanner fix verified13:34
sil2100That's awesome!13:34
sil2100jdstrand: direct upload?13:34
Chipacatedg: Laney: tvoss: could you please look at (and respond to) the merge proposal for notification settings?13:34
tvossChipaca, yup, on my list13:34
jdstrandsil2100: yes13:35
Chipacatvoss: ta13:36
jdstrandsil2100: fyi, the fix will be in apparmor 2.8.96~2541-0ubuntu2. I'll ping you when I upload it13:42
* jdstrand is testing it now13:43
sil2100jdstrand: thanks! That would be one blocker less13:43
* jdstrand nods13:43
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jdstrandogra_: thanks for testing that btw :)13:45
loolHmm does one need to do something with latest image to enable adb?13:53
loolmy phone has it enabled, I dont remember how since it's been a while I havent had to reflash, but apparently when flashing a new device it's not necessarily visible in "adb devices" by default?13:54
ogra_no, nothig changed13:54
Chipacatvoss: I'd like your input on the requirement for push helpers having to be compiled (not interpreted)14:04
Chipacatvoss: (it's a problem for arch:all click apps, such as webapps)14:05
LaneyChipaca: will do, at guadec atm so not so responsive14:34
Laneymardy: shouldn't be a huge diff, I only updated it the other day14:35
ChipacaLaney: ah. Thanks for the heads up.14:35
Laneyare they actual changes?14:35
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pittiballoons: so today I tried again the emulator; I can launch apps (with ubuntu-app-launch) but cannot control them (input device is dead), and unity8 never comes up14:38
pittiballoons: it works a little better with image 133, where it just takes ~ 5 mins until unity gets visible (I suppose something loops during boot)14:39
pittiballoons: does that match your experience?14:39
balloonspitti, the x86 emulator right? I found unity8 and it loaded within a minute or so. however, apps can also take 1-2 minutes to load14:39
balloonspitti, if you add a long sleep at the start of the test to account for this load time, the tests will work and run at a good speed14:40
balloonsI ran calculator this way. Calendar however never loads.. I assume it's an out of memory error or something else14:40
pittiballoons: yes, i386; it's not due to the general slowness of the emulator, it's actually quite fast14:41
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pittijust something which makes unity8 never appear; it's been running for several minutes14:41
balloonspitti, ahh that might be something in a new image then14:42
balloonsfor me, it did come up14:42
ogra_pitti, ls -l /var/lib/extrausers14:43
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
ogra_see if the user credentials are there at all14:43
ogra_(though that was fixed on friday evening)14:43
jdstrandsil2100: fyi, apparmor uploaded a little while ago. it is built and working its way into -proposed, etc14:43
jdstrandmterry, ogra_: fyi ^14:44
ogra_yep, saw it14:44
jdstrandoh, and tyhicks ^14:44
mterryjdstrand, thanks!14:44
balloonspitti, open question for you though.. anyway to upgrade the emulator image to a newer build?14:45
tyhicksthanks jdstrand14:45
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pittiballoons: I haven't tried yet; adb commands are very poorly implemented, e. g. "adb reboot" just hangs, and "adb reboot recovery" does the same14:48
pittiballoons: so it might have some trouble installing the new image14:49
pittiballoons: so adb's --reset option won't work; and unfortunately the ubuntu-emulator snapshot command doens't work either, so currently there's no way to reset to a pristine state except for destroy/create14:51
pittiturning this into something useful is quite a project..14:52
balloonspitti, yikes.. that was another questions14:52
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nik90charles_: hey, I need your help with https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/ubuntu-clock-app/resolve-build-warning/+merge/22843714:53
nik90charles_: is it okay to remove the "valid" argument from the dbus function call/14:53
sil2100jdstrand: excellent, thank you14:55
ogra_sil2100, what else do we consider blocking ?14:56
pittiballoons: ah, I installed my locally built ubuntu-ui-toolkit binaries (from https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-dep-for-gles/+merge/228473) and at least test deps are fine now14:56
pittiballoons: the app never starts up though :/14:56
sil2100ogra_: the power menu is a blocker, and also the emulator problems14:56
ogra_the power menu is an annoyance ... i wouldnt block on it14:57
sil2100I would say those two are the only leftovers, the rest we can let slip ;)14:57
pittiballoons: oh, I suppose that's the sleep you were talking about?14:57
sil2100Yeah, I wonder... davmor2 wanted to block on it, I have a mixed opinion on that14:58
ogra_i dont think we should14:58
sil2100Since it's not something critical, not impacting, but it's very visible; on the other hand, it's already fixed in silo 006, which we hope to land today/tomorrow14:58
balloonspitti, ohh you fixed the binaries :-) nice! yes, start an app manually and see how long it takes to appear. You'll notice the loading animation ends and you will think it froze up. Then the app finally appears14:59
balloonspitti, inside the autopilot test, we have no way of knowing when the app is fully loaded. (hint: the platform doesn't either). So it makes it really tough to run out of box on the emulator with those long load times14:59
LaneyChipaca: could it ever be ambiguous whether a (ss) refers to a click or dpkg package and would that matter?15:00
pittiballoons: yes, elopio just pinged me about the MP, aparently I mis-targetted it; I'll fix that once he responds15:00
davmor2ogra_: it affects users, you can get the power menu pop up over alarm and call notifications meaning you can't answer them until you have hit cancel that is not an option you want to see to hit on a phone call15:00
dpmhi Chipaca, would you have some time either today or tomorrow to talk about bug 1297250? I.e. internationalization of push notifications15:00
ubot5bug 1297250 in Ubuntu Translations "i18n the notification string" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129725015:00
balloonspitti, thanks for fixing it!15:00
pittiballoons: ah, indeed; so, somethign on app startup just times out badly15:00
Chipacadpm: sure, today works for me15:01
pittithere's no CPU/load on the emulator15:01
Chipacadpm: tomorrow i plan to not be here :)15:01
pittiballoons: and I can't go back to unity either ;/15:01
ChipacaLaney: it can't be ambiguous, no15:01
pittiballoons: ok, I'm afraid we have to stash the idea of running tests in the emulator anytime soon, that smells like a post-RTM project15:01
dpmChipaca, ok, let's sync up in ~1h15:02
Chipacadpm: ok15:02
ogra_davmor2, aha, thats a valid reason then, i didnt know it breaks snap-decisions15:02
balloonspitti, yes, small steps15:02
davmor2ogra_: the black out screens appear over everything15:02
rsalvetipitti: bug 134944415:03
ubot5bug 1349444 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[emulator] unity8 fails to start since image 152 (mako 149)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134944415:03
rsalvetithat's currently making the latest image not to work with unity815:03
pittirsalveti: ah thanks; that's one piece in the puzzle15:03
ogra_pitti, did you check the files i pointed out above ?15:04
ogra_if they arent there it wont boot15:04
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pittiogra_: well, there is an "unity8" process as the phablet user, and a logind session, so the user was created15:05
pittiogra_: or did you point to something else?15:05
ogra_no as long as the system knows about the phablet user we'Re fine15:05
ogra_we had a bug with those files vanishing once the rw space gets mounted on top of them15:05
pittirsalveti: but even on current devel (133) it's rather broken; it shouldn't take 3 mins or so to see unity or an app? (the emulator doesn't seem to be the bottleneck)15:06
rsalvetipitti: yeah, image 151 works way better15:06
rsalvetisomething was indeed broken15:06
pittirsalveti: I tried to ubuntu-app-launch calculator in 157 (devel-proposed), and it indeed started right away; I just couldn't do anything in it15:07
pittirsalveti: so, I'm hopeful when your bug above gets fixed that it becomes much better for testing :)15:07
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charles_nik90, commented in the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/ubuntu-clock-app/resolve-build-warning/+merge/228437/comments/55338915:28
nik90charles_: thnx. I will test it out to see what works15:29
pittirsalveti: can I still get image 151 from somewhere?15:32
ogra_there should be a --revision option15:33
pittiogra_: danke!15:33
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pittirsalveti: oh wow, image 151 is quite nice indeed!15:42
rsalvetithat's how it should be15:42
pittiso now most  of the problems are gone, I just can't open the side launcher and exit calc15:43
pittibut that's progress!15:43
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faLUCEhello, has ubuntu touch support for 3G on Nexus 7 (2012 version) ?15:52
ogra_ubuntu touchg has no (official) support for the 2012 model at all anymore15:57
ogra_all you will find are some very outdated images15:57
faLUCEogra_: thanks16:02
mgreghow do i go about actually building a version of android to run in an lxc? There's some mention online, but details are a bit vague16:04
mgregi assume i need to neuter some of the features to prevent it killing the system when I try to start it16:04
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dpmChipaca, got time now to talk about i18n'izing push notifications?16:33
Chipacadpm: let me see if gatox is also available16:33
Chipacayes, yes he is16:33
Chipacadpm: so.16:33
* gatox here16:34
dpmok, cool16:34
Chipacadpm: currently the to-be-i18n'ed strings come from the system settings push helper16:34
Chipacadpm: that currently lies within push-client, but it belongs over in system settings16:34
Chipacadpm: which is where gatox comes in16:34
dpmChipaca, what language is that in? Is this going to be moved to u-s-s soon?16:34
Chipacadpm: English. Or pyhton 3.16:34
Chipacadpm: and I hope so :) question for gatox more than for me :D16:35
dpmok, I'll take python :)16:35
dpmok, yeah, the language and if it's going to be migrated to QML or C++ will be a key question to answer16:36
gatoxdpm, Chipaca not sure about the "soon" part... first i'll need to finish with several tasks that i have on my plate about pay16:36
Chipacagatox: i could probably propose a patch myself16:36
Chipacamerge proposal i mean16:37
gatoxChipaca, that would be nice..... i have lots of tasks for pay and updates after that16:37
Chipacadpm: i'm assuming u-s-s has the i18n infrastructure in place, and all I'd need to do is use it from the script, correct?16:38
dpmChipaca, it has, but u-s-s is C++/QML, though16:38
Chipacadpm: you say that, but it already depends on python3 :)16:39
dpmah, right, I thought we were not using python for phone projects16:40
dpmso yeah, if you just drop the python code in there and mark the strings for translation, "it should work"16:40
dpmbut I'm not sure I quite understand how python fits together with the u-s-s app16:41
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dpmChipaca, gatox, so what's the plan then for migrating the push notifications to u-s-s? I'm still not sure I understand it, and how it will affect translations ^17:08
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ahayzenElleo, ping17:17
Elleoahayzen: heya, on the train so may come and go a bit; I had a chat with mandel about your filename problems last week and he offered to try and get the content-disposition filename stuff implemented in UDM sooner17:21
ahayzenElleo, ah awesome thanks :) ...tht slightly differs from what popey just said to me?...17:22
popeyElleo: mandel told me he was pretty busy, and we may not get that my rtm17:23
Elleoahayzen: oh? its possible things have changed since I spoke with mandel, he'd be the best person to ask for a definitive answer17:24
popeyi asked an hour or two ago17:24
Elleoah, you're more uptodate than me then17:24
Elleosorry for any added confusion ;)17:25
ahayzenElleo, how difficult would it be for the webbrowser to change the filename if this doesn't get done before rtm?17:26
Elleoahayzen: we'd need support for setting the filename in UDM, if mandel is happy adding that then the browser work is trivial17:30
ahayzenElleo, ok so it would still result in UDM work17:31
Elleoahayzen: yeah, albeit easier UDM work and potentially work I might be able to do if mandel is okay with the approach17:32
Elleoahayzen: heading underground now so will have to disappear17:32
ahayzenElleo, ah ok understood...so we now just need to hear from mandel as which solution to work towards17:32
Elleobut will read any logs I'm highlighted in when I get home17:33
ahayzenElleo, cool :) i'm gonna have dinner in a bit anyway so i'll be afk for a bit17:33
Elleookay, bye :)17:34
ahayzenElleo, thanks for ur help as usual :)17:34
Elleoahayzen: no worries, thanks for all the work you do on the music app :)17:35
ahayzenElleo, no problem :)17:35
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mhall119cwayne: ping18:54
cwaynemhall119: pong18:54
mhall119cwayne: hey, I'm trying to get a scope running on the emulator, I got it to install from a click package but it's not showing any results, I was hoping you could help me identify where I went wrong18:55
mhall119https://code.launchpad.net/+branch/~mhall119/+junk/community-scope is the code I have, it's just what the QtC template provided, I built it against a utopic i386 chroot kit and pushed the .click to the emulator and pkcon installed it18:56
mhall119it shows in the Scopes part of the dash, and I can switch to it, but no example results are shown18:56
cwaynemhall119: anything interesting in /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/scope-registry.log?18:56
mhall119I'll check, just a minute I'm re-starting the emulator18:58
mhall119cwayne: not when running it, no19:01
cwaynemhall119: hm, im afraid I won't be of too much help, I don't really know C++ (been writing my scopes in go)19:04
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mhall119mhr3: can you help me with my scope problems?19:06
mhall119ah, got an error this time19:07
mhr3mhall119, what's up?19:07
mhall119mhr3: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7887429/ starting on line 33 is from scope-registry.log19:07
mhall119mhr3: I created a new scope from the QtC template, built it, click packaged it, copied the click package manually to the emulator and pkcon installed it19:08
mhall119mhr3: the scope shows in the Scopes part of the Dash, I can switch to it, but I get no results19:08
mhall119line 33 of the above pastebin is when I switched to my scope19:08
mhr3mhall119,   what(): AppArmor profile does not exist19:08
mhall119yeah....so maybe my manifest.json or apparmor json wasn't generated correctly...19:09
mhall119they look alright though19:09
mhall119https://code.launchpad.net/+branch/~mhall119/+junk/community-scope is the branch19:09
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mhr3if i remembered where are the profiles stored i'd ask you to list them19:11
mhall119jdstrand: ^^19:12
xorritoHello everyone, i have a quick question, I have a first gen N7 with a non functioning digitize and i wanted to use ubuntu touch, question is: has ubuntu touch added mouse support yet?19:14
mhall119mhr3: ok, I made a new package with I think fixed apparmor, now look at the log starting at line 81: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7887559/19:21
mhr3mhall119, nope, still broken :)19:24
mhr3mhall119, dmesg?19:24
mhr3should show the apparmor stuff19:24
mhall119mhr3: ah,yes, still apparmor denials19:25
mhall119[  948.722591] type=1400 audit(1406575170.213:119): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mknod" parent=2270 profile="com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.ubuntucommunity_ubuntucommunityscope_0.2" name="/run/user/32011/zmq/priv/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity_ubuntucommunityscope" pid=4774 comm="scoperunner" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=32011 ouid=3201119:25
mhall119jdstrand: what am I missing in my apparmor manifest that's preventing my scope from running?19:25
mhr3mhall119, our tutorial shows empty policy_groups19:26
mhall119I had it empty before19:27
mhr3it's like it's not applying proper profile... or maybe it doesn't even exist19:27
mhr3who knows19:27
faLUCEhello, is this the nexus 7 lte supported by ubuntu touch?  http://www.monclick.it/schede/asus/NEXUS7C-1A011AM/nexus7-new-nexus7c-1a011a-4g-lte.htm19:27
mhall119well, my emulator is a bit old19:28
mhr3mhall119, quite possible that something else is wrong in the manifest19:30
* mhall119 will wait for jdstrand to respond then19:32
mhr3mhall119, maybe it just doesn't like uppercase actually19:32
mhr3profile="com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.ubuntucommunity_ubuntucommunityscope_0.2" name="/run/user/32011/zmq/priv/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity_ubuntucommunityscope19:32
mhall119I'd say that's crazy, but it's happened before....19:32
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jdstrandmhall119: sorry20:00
jdstrandmhall119: you have a case mismatch20:02
jdstrandmhall119: your profile is com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.ubuntucommunity_ubuntucommunityscope_0.2, but your file access is /run/user/32011/zmq/priv/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity_ubuntucommunityscope20:02
mhall119jdstrand: any idea where that's coming from? this is all from the template in qtc20:03
jdstrandmhall119: sorry, no. but something is clearly not right. I think that if you change your click manaifest name to be: com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity, then the resulting policy should allow /run/user/32011/zmq/priv/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity_ubuntucommunityscope20:04
faLUCEhello, I'm reading the devices' wiki of ubuntu touch. It lists nexus 7 2013 version. Now: I don't understand if Ubuntu touch supports the MOBILE data (not Wi-fi) of this model: (nexus 7 32GB 3G) http://www.fotodigit.it/scheda_tecnica-sezione_910-codPROD_86457-categoria_878.html20:04
jdstrandbut that may not be all you need to do20:04
jdstrandmhall119: ^20:04
jdstrandthat may mess up registration or make it not start or something. might talk to the scopes team20:05
mhall119jdstrand: ok, I'll give it a try and report back20:05
faLUCEthe devices' page confuses me... it says that it "supports mobile data on LTE version of N7" ... but I don't understand if the 3g mobile data is supported20:05
faLUCEas well20:05
* mhall119 is talking to cwayne and mhr3 already20:05
mhall119faLUCE: where does it say that?20:06
faLUCEmhall119: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices  ("Works as well as official flo builds, but supports mobile data on LTE version of N7")20:08
mhall119faLUCE: ah, that's a community built image, you'll have to find out who maintains it20:09
mhall119the server's owner is listed just about that table on the wiki page, you should try reaching out to him20:10
faLUCEmhall119: how can I reach him?20:10
mhall119https://launchpad.net/~vbocek has a "Contact this user" link20:10
mhall119let him know that you found his name on that wiki page20:11
faLUCEmhall119: yes, thanks20:11
mhall119jdstrand: oh, I think this may be caused by my project's folder name not matching my project's click package name again :(20:16
mhall119bzoltan1: ^^ is that still an outstanding bug?20:16
bzoltan1mhall119: no, that is an ancient one20:17
mhall119bzoltan1: something's gotten the case mixed up then20:17
* bzoltan1 reads logs20:18
bzoltan1mhall119: jdstrand: I would try without capital letters20:19
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mhall119jdstrand: making the click manifest use camelcase didn't seem to work: phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~/Downloads$ click list20:27
mhall119** (process:4034): WARNING **: user.vala:738: Failed to parse manifest in /opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity/0.2/.click/info/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity.manifest: Failed to open file '/opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity/0.2/.click/info/com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity.manifest': No such file or directory20:27
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jdstrandmhall119: oh, I forgot, that isn't allowed by the click manifest format20:54
jdstrandmhall119: sorry. it is something in the scope that is causing the problem20:54
mhall119jdstrand: bzoltan1: so allowing a scope project to be created with uppercase characters shouldn't be allowed20:58
mhall119but didn't we solve this for apps in the past?20:58
jdstrandfyi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppStore/Interfaces/ApplicationId20:59
jdstrandwith apps it was different iirc. ie, the bug was that the sdk was allowing uppercase letters in the click package name and that messed things up. once that was fixed and the applicationName was set properly, it worked21:00
bzoltan1mhall119: I do not say it is not allowed, but I know it is not on my test plan... and many tools in the chain can get crazy because of a small glitch like this21:00
jdstrandwith scopes, there are two places aiui that set the scope id. between that and the scope click hook, have to keep things all straight (again, please talk to the scopes guys)21:01
jdstrandto be clear-- scops are interested in '<click pkgname>_<scope name>'. '<click pkgname>' must not have uppercase, '<scope name>' may21:04
mhall119jdstrand: I fixed the click package case and re-installed, but it's still getting camel case from somewhere....21:04
jdstrandclick-apparmor looks at the click manifest to define its variables for the paths. the scope must work in concert with what is declared in the manifest21:05
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jdstrandmhall119: it is something in the scope itself21:05
jdstrandmhall119: grep the code21:05
mhall119grepping the code will return a lot of instances, because the project name is used to define classes and such21:06
mhall119I'm not sure which one will or might be responsible for telling apparmor what profile to use21:07
jdstrandyeah, I am not a scopes expert21:08
mhall119maybe it's the scope .ini file, that still has the wrong case...21:09
jdstrandwhen I looked at a go scope a while back, there is something with registration and something with the scope runner21:09
jdstrandright, and the .ini file21:09
jdstrandI think the name of the .ini or the executable might have something to do with it too21:10
jdstrandhave I mentioned talking to the scopes guys? :P21:10
davmor2ogra_: what did you do to the permission again I got no boot again21:15
davmor2155 is broken21:15
dakerdavmor2: no way, i just rebooted after upgrading to 15521:17
mhall119bzoltan1: mhr3: everything in all of my CMake files has been changed to lowercase, except hte project name, but I'm still getting camelcase in my .so21:17
mhall119and my .ini21:18
mhr3mhall119, so change the project name21:20
bzoltan1mhall119: no idea21:20
mhr3mhall119, eitherway, pls open a bug about it21:21
mhr3if you haven't yet21:21
bzoltan1mhall119: if you give me the branch you struggle with I can start it in the morning ...21:21
dakerdavmor2: yes 155 is broken for sure21:22
mhall119bzoltan1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/1349586 and I linked to my bzr branch in the description21:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349586 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu "Creating a scope project with uppercase characters cause apparmor profile mismatch" [Undecided,New]21:26
mhall119mhr3: ^^21:26
mhr3mhall119, was this like that since you created the project?    "name": "com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.ubuntucommunity",21:26
bzoltan1mhall119:  you sure it is a qtc plugin bug?21:26
mhall119bzoltan1: I have no idea where the root cause is, if it's not in the plugin feel free to re-assign21:26
* bzoltan1 was handling half a dozen of bugs today from multimedia to emulator image21:26
mhall119mhr3: no, I changed it manually, I think21:27
mhall119no, maybe I didn't21:27
mhall119rev1 of my branch has it lowercase, so I suppose I didn't21:28
mhall119rev1 should be unmodified from the template21:28
mhr3well, as long as the cmake rule file uses uppercase, it won't work21:28
mhr3and something must have generated it with the upper case21:29
mhall119the template I'm guessing, probably missed a force to lowercase somewhere21:29
bzoltan1mhall119: the binary is called  ubuntucommunityscope/libcom.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.UbuntuCommunity_ubuntucommunityscope.so21:29
mhall119bzoltan1: right, but it shouldn't be21:30
mhall119or the .ini shouldn't be21:30
mhall119or something shouldn't be, but is, and it's confusing apparmor21:30
jdstrandnote, apparmor isn't confused. click-apparmor is operating based on what is in the click manifest. the click manifest and the scope are not in sync. unfortunately, I can't tell you how they aren't21:31
mhall119right, by "confused" I meant it's the point where the mismatch is causing the process to blow up21:32
bzoltan1mhall119:  OK, cool. I will check it with zbenjamin tomorrow first thing in the morning... what is not so far here :)21:32
mhall119thanks bzoltan121:32
mhall119jdstrand: so maybe I should say apparmor is the victim of it :)21:33
jdstrandmhall119: pretty sure I would call you the victim here :)21:33
bzoltan1mhall119:  most likely it is the cmake project handling in the QtCreator what is using the project name21:34
mhall119jdstrand: if I didn't want to suffer, I wouldn't still be doing this :)21:34
mhr3mhall119, well, the first error you got was that the apparmor profile doesn't exist, right? so that's probably the root of the problem21:34
bzoltan1mhall119:  that was the motto of this week :D21:35
jdstrandmhall119: hehe21:35
mhr3mhall119, did you try fixing it the other way? changing the json to camelcase?21:35
mhall119mhr3: that could have been an unrelated error in my initial packaging attempt21:35
mhall119mhr3: yes, that made it worse21:35
mhr3worse how?21:35
mhall119mhr3: click package names can't have uppercase (just like deb package names, IIRC)21:36
mhr3nvm then21:36
mhall119yeah, would have been an easy fix if that was all21:36
pmcgowan==== 155 is broken do not flash or update ====21:42
dakerpmcgowan: yes :(21:42
popeypmcgowan: might wanna mail the list?21:44
pmcgowansomeone did21:44
pmcgowansome poor soul21:44
dakerwell ssh still works so we can still run the -cli to update21:45
mhall119pmcgowan: another one?21:45
pmcgowanmhall119, yeah, some stuff snuck in from archive, still figuring it out21:46
mhall119pmcgowan: is this because of the gcc version bump and rebuilds?21:47
dobeymeh, i wish the backlight issues on the nexus5 would magically get fixed too21:51
dakermhall119: maybe this http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/07/28/%23ubuntu-touch.html#t08:0021:53
mhall119daker: I'm assuming that's in reference to the build image problems, not my scope problems21:55
dakermhall119: yes the broken image21:57
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