diploMorning all07:42
daftykinsmorning sir07:43
SuperMattwhat lovely weather we're having07:48
diploThat it is, keep it up I say!07:49
SuperMattkeep what up?07:49
diploThe weather!07:54
daftykinshe's suggesting it'd be nice the weather stay good07:54
diploLots complaining about it, but I'd rather have it stay07:54
daftykinshonestly what is with people today and being unable to follow one sentence onto another :P07:54
daftykinsi've not been able to cope personally07:54
MyrttiSuperMatt: I'm happy it's a miserable day for a while07:55
Myrttinice to have a bit cooler days with a bit of rain, the lawn benefits07:55
daftykinsi have a 17th century townhouse with no insulation, my bedroom was practically 30 deg C yesterday07:55
SuperMattdiplo: I was confused cos I was being sarcastic as the weather here is terrible right now08:02
diploReally, oh.. clear blues skies all over here in the SW :)08:04
diploYesterday was a lot cooler though but it's going to be hot hot hot! today08:04
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bashrcit's quite tropical08:18
Myrttiand of course there's a hot air front coming to Finland when I'm flying over08:19
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Milk Chocolate Day! :-D08:29
daftykinshappy what now O_O08:32
JamesTaitMilk Chocolate Day.08:33
JamesTaitBut I only have dark chocolate here.08:33
daftykinsoh you're not one of them are you :(08:33
daftykinsjust bite a chunk off, then drink some milk08:33
JamesTaitWorks for me.08:34
JamesTaitI ate all the milk chocolate already.08:34
JamesTaitOr did I...?08:34
* JamesTait raids cupboard, finds Minstrels.08:35
SuperMattthat's quite a small place for them08:41
JamesTaitAnd yet there they were, strumming away.08:42
daftykinsupturned tipping hat and all?08:46
SuperMattthat's dedication for you08:46
SuperMatttoday my cupboards mostly contain wagon wheels, which you would expect would be too big for them too08:48
SuperMattI wonder if our cupboards are quite tardisesque08:48
JamesTaitTardisesque.  Now that's a good word.08:58
davmor2JamesTait: I have mint M&M's I think I might have to eat those09:07
JamesTaitIt'd be rude not to.09:08
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:27
daftykinswhat's in the box!? that's in the box!09:31
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Heihei guys! I have two questions! First: i have ubuntu 12.04 installed, would it be correct and safe for the machine to run the update manager -d to install the 14.04 version?10:00
HeiThe second question is: how many gb would use the upgrading?10:01
SuperMatt1) yes, 2) I don't know, but I don't think it'd be that much. I'd allow for 5, just in case, but it all depends how many packages you have instsalled10:01
popeyopen update manager and it should prompt you to update to 14.0410:02
popeyyou shouldn't need the -d10:03
popeyI'd imagine about 800MB to download for a typical upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04, as SuperMatt says, depends on how much you have installed10:03
HeiYeah because now it shows me that the 12.10 is available10:03
HeiNot the 14.0410:03
SuperMattan, if you change /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades from normal to lts, it should allow you to upgrade10:04
SuperMattbetween lts10:04
MyrttiI wish there was somewhere I could follow on how or if I can get 1404 on this laptop10:05
HeiAnd, just in case... If I would insert the bootable pendrive into the machine while booting.... Could i choose an option to upgrade directly from there?10:05
Hei'Cause I have dual boot with win710:05
HeiAnybody there?10:07
HeiWell now i must go... Thanks guys! See you soon!10:10
daftykinsHei: also you better not have any PPAs10:12
MyrttiI thought they were disabled during the process10:15
arseni think it disables non-critical repos10:16
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arsenit did with mine, but then error'd, "rolled back", and rebooted to an updated system :D10:16
daftykinswell Lenovo, i am not impressed with your NAS so far10:17
daftykinsout of the box, plugged in, i can SEE you on the network, i know your IP... i see your open ports (80 and 443) yet neither web browsers or your configuration utility can find it10:18
daftykinsspeak to me!10:18
arsenclearly it doesn't fancy you.10:18
daftykinsperhaps i need to buy it a drink10:19
daftykinsthe program is all "sorry dafty, this princess is on another subnet"10:19
daftykinser what, i only have the one!10:20
daftykinsalright i'm going IT Crowd on its' shiny metal posterior10:20
daftykinsyaaay she's alive!10:31
arsenwhatcha do10:32
daftykinsturned it off and on again XD10:39
daftykins£105 delivered from ebuyer, factoring in a £35 cashback program from Lenovo10:40
arsennot shabby10:55
daftykinswowzer, you think a point release of firmware is going to be minor11:23
daftykinswhole UI re-design O_O11:23
daftykinswhilst that was doing that, i've successfully unlocked my mates iPhone 4 which i fixed \o/11:24
diploOK, having issues with dns server11:53
diplofrom a shared host with load issues11:53
diploWho do we recommend now for domain records ?11:53
diploGhandi ?11:53
diplo53 domains to move11:55
nigelbgandi is good.11:56
diployeah I use them ( albeit not very much ) personally.. thought I'd see if any other recommendations before I start moving / open an account11:56
nigelbat work we use gandi11:57
nigelbbut dns is done through dnsmadeeasy.com11:57
diplolooking at them now ta12:01
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engineer_I'm upgrading ubuntu.... It says that it will download about 1000M --> it equal to 1GB isn't it?12:43
engineer_*it is12:43
diploClose enough yes12:44
foobarrydidn't fit on my usb stick though12:46
foobarryyep, 1GB stick12:47
foobarry64 bit 14.04 desktop12:47
daftykinsthat's pretty ghetto sir12:47
daftykinsi just picked up a 32GB USB3 with high speeds for £15 the other day12:48
foobarrysure, but i have lots of usb sticks for distro purposes that are 1gb12:48
foobarrythat were FREEEEE12:48
engineer_I have 2gb ram12:51
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
engineer_You'd prefer installing a 32bit o.s. or 64bit o.s.?12:51
engineer_Whith 2gb of ram?12:52
foobarry32gb rAM = 64 bit OS12:54
foobarry2GB ram , possibly 32bit12:54
foobarrydepends really12:54
foobarryon what you are doing12:55
foobarryserver? 64 bit12:55
daftykinsengineer_: if you'd ever consider upgrading it, choosing 32-bit now could bite you on the ass of course12:55
engineer_Because now i have a 64 bit ubuntu but when i go to the system monitor I see that it uses about 1/4 of ram ad 0%of swap...12:55
daftykinsbear in mind that's how Linux operates12:55
daftykinsunused RAM = wasted RAM12:55
engineer_daftykins... Why i could bite me on the ass?12:57
daftykinsbecause to address 4GB+ you'd ideally want to be running 64-bit12:57
daftykinsso if you upgraded you'd be all "damn, i should've gone with 64-bit"12:57
Myrttiyou can't switch between architectures without reinstalling the whole thing.12:58
daftykinsMyrtti: you've been dangerously on topic this morning ;)12:58
Myrttione has to try every now and then. I've realised few days back I tend to be ontopic only on #freenode of all my channels12:59
MyrttiI'm usually offtopic even in my knitting channel since I've lost my knitting mojo13:00
* popey just bought one of these http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0069V248K13:02
popeyfor installing and stuff13:02
popeywill chuck a spare SSD in it and fill it with ISOs13:02
diddledanpopey: that is a really good idea13:02
popeyespecially as it's USB313:03
daftykinsi remember reading hit and miss comments about that thing13:05
SuperMattoh, so you just tell it which ISO you want to use and you can boot from that?13:05
SuperMattthat's damn neat, I could do with on of those13:06
SuperMattbecause I'm contantly switching out usb sticks13:06
popeyyeah, you put the isos in an _ISO folder on it, and then pick one to boot from with the jog-wheel on the side13:08
popeyit presents that as a bootable cdrom and you boot off it13:08
SuperMattit's not a bad price neither13:10
daftykinsthing is can you not just do the same with GRUB and a folder of ISOs too?13:10
SuperMattprobably what it's doing :P13:10
daftykinsYUMI is all well and good but it breaks so much :/13:11
popeyyou need to update the grub each time you add one13:11
daftykinsyeah, small price to pay though13:11
popeyi want to just drop an iso on a drive and plug that into a machine13:11
popeynot faff about with config13:11
SuperMatt^ this13:15
daftykinsfair enough, i suppose being as i deal with stuff at the end-user point i wouldn't be changing media often13:16
popeyyeah, I'm getting new builds every day13:16
mappscant wait to go to russia now13:20
mappsgonna have to get a new super warm coat -6 -> -10 sounds quite cold13:21
SuperMattMAN UP MAPPS13:24
daftykinsshorts and t-shirt mate13:25
daftykinsi thought you were from the north13:25
daftykins(just made that up)13:25
mappsim as southern as they come13:26
mappsfurthest north ive been is manchester;p413:26
mappsthe north's horribl :D13:26
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diddledannorth is fine except that it's full of northerners </troll>13:28
davmor2mapps: I beg to differ, we met a guy in Lizzard point and the furthest he'd ever travelled was ST Austell13:31
davmor2diddledan: what you classing as North13:31
diddledandavmor2: anything further up than the m413:31
foobarryanything north of watford13:33
davmor2diddledan: oh so the north of London is North.  I think you'll find the Northerns will take great offence stake you out and cover you in fire ants if you include London in North ;)13:33
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=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
foobarrywhy is there an leaflet for bluray in my dvd case?15:00
foobarryare they still charging more for bluray?15:00
diddledanfoobarry: yes15:05
davmor2foobarry: Blurays are now the cost of dvds this time last year15:06
foobarrywhts teh % change from last yr to this for dvds?15:06
Azelphurgah, Dominos are annoying as hell. I made one pizza order ever in London, they continually spam my phone with text advertising, and the optout service doesn't work15:06
foobarrydvds are aroudn a tenner?15:06
davmor2foobarry: the dvd's are still slightly cheaper than the blurays15:06
foobarryAzelphur: ofcom15:06
davmor2foobarry: dvd are 8-10 bluray is 12-1515:07
Azelphurfoobarry: could do15:07
foobarrythey don't release bluray same time as dvd eitehr, right?15:07
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/fdQsJH60 is the kinda crap they sent, I'm curious if anyone else can text it, but at the same time I don't want to subscribe any other poor soul to their spam list15:08
Azelphurwhenever I try and text the optout number, my phone says "Message not sent" >.>15:09
davmor2foobarry: yes they do15:11
davmor2foobarry: both are released at the same time15:11
foobarryAzelphur: what's this site? http://uk-book.info/15:12
foobarryseems to be peoples private phone bokos15:12
foobarryone person had the dominos number as carlos jones15:12
foobarryunder J15:13
=== selinuxium_ is now known as selinuxium
selinuxiumHi all   o/15:13
Azelphurfoobarry: strange15:14
foobarryyes, very15:15
foobarrythe internet is weird15:15
foobarryeven if the cats tried to make it look normal15:19
davmor2foobarry: not normal, cute and cuddly is what the cats and pupies are meant to do to the internet and then the shark gets you15:20
Azelphurfoobarry: sent them a complaint, they message me every few days now, so annoying. I don't even live anywhere near Tolworth15:22
foobarryi asked a job agency to take me off their spam list15:24
foobarryas per the data protiection act, i emailed their compliance address15:24
foobarrydo you think it didn anything?15:24
diddledanAzelphur: my vodafone seemed to send ok to that number15:26
Azelphurdiddledan: strange, my phone won't send to it15:26
diddledanAzelphur: unless I just sent it to you? :-p15:27
Azelphurnope xD15:27
diddledanI used an iphone15:27
diddledanlet me try on an android15:27
AzelphurI wonder if it's some kind of premium rate number / not included in my mobile plan15:28
diddledanit sent via my android too15:29
diddledanon a different network - 315:29
foobarryi've had issues where you can't text a number15:29
foobarryyou have to take it out of all known address books and delete all messages15:29
foobarryfrom the number15:30
foobarryweird htc sense bug that my wifes phone inherited after migrating across to moto15:30
Azelphurthat number was never in my contact list and I hadn't sent it any messages before, and I don't have a HTC15:30
davmor2Azelphur: try changing the 0 to +4415:31
diddledanI've never understood why mobile phones use a + instead of 0015:31
diddledanI know it makes it look easier to the eye15:31
diddledanbut I figured international dialing should be the same on all phones15:32
Azelphurdavmor2: my phone changes it back to a zero15:32
davmor2Azelphur: get a phone that works ;)15:32
Myrttididdledan: because not all countries use 00 convention15:32
diddledanMyrtti: aah15:33
diddledanMyrtti: thanks, that makes sense15:33
Azelphurdavmor2: haha15:33
MyrttiFinland used 990 until mid 90's15:33
Myrttiand then the government regulation was pulled down, different companies got their own foreign exchanges and their own call codes15:34
davmor2Myrtti: let me guess they changed it to 999 to confuse the hell out of the uk telecommunications industry15:34
diddledanI guess the cellular standards were invented after people had already made a mess of international dialing so they tried to unify it somewhat15:34
diddledandavmor2: lol15:34
Myrtti+ is, If I've understood it right, translated by the network to whatever the company's foreign exchange number is15:34
Myrttidavmor2: no, 990 is still usable, as is 999 and other codes starting with 915:35
Myrttibut 00 works too, as does +15:35
Myrtti000 used to be Finnish emergency shortcode15:35
Myrttiit's more sensibly 112 now15:35
diddledanmost if not all of europe has a 112 response these days IIRC15:37
diddledaneven britain does despite retaining 99915:37
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:39
Myrttiback in the day of analogue rotary dial it made no sense ever to have 000 or 999 as the emergency numbers, so the only reason I can think they were chosen was to actually prevent people to call them15:39
foobarrynow its the opposite15:39
foobarry1yr olds generaly do it best15:40
foobarryalthough if you have chopped off your hands then poking a stick inthe holes for 999 dial isnt too hard15:40
bigcalm999 because it's the most effort to turn the dial15:40
diddledanMyrtti: the rumour in the uk is that 999 was chosen because it was the hardest sequence to reproduce via wind bashing the lines causing electronic pulses which would activate pulse-dialing15:41
foobarrywonder if true or an invented fact that sounds like it has a ring of truth15:41
diddledanfoobarry: I don't know whether it's true but it would make sense if it is15:42
* bigcalm reads http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/999_(emergency_telephone_number)#History15:42
foobarrymy android phone can't do emergency calls with locked keypad15:46
foobarryoh, it works now15:46
bigcalm"The GSM standard mandates that the user of a GSM phone can dial 112 without unlocking the keypad"15:47
bigcalmJust got to that bit in the history :)15:47
foobarrywill take 3hrs to copy some files to my usb stick15:48
davmor2bigcalm: 999 and 112 and 911 should all be callable with a locked phone or I believe a phone with no sim.  I'm not prepared to put those to the test though15:48
bigcalmdavmor2: "Originally a valid SIM card was not required to make a 999/112 emergency call in the UK. However, as a result of high numbers of untraceable hoax calls being made, this feature is now blocked by all UK networks. Most UK mobile telephone handsets will dial 999/112 without a SIM inserted (or with a locked/invalid SIM), but the call will not be connected."15:49
bigcalmdavmor2: and "It has been reported[by whom?] that some mobile phone handsets sold in the United Kingdom may connect calls dialled as 911 to the GSM standard emergency number 112.[citation needed] It is also possible that 911 may be mapped inappropriately to emergency services in some VoIP equipment or private networks.[citation needed] However, the digits 911 could form the start of a normal local number in the United Kingdom, so th15:49
davmor2ah fair enough15:49
bigcalme code is not supported by the public telephone networks. This is simply a quirk of programming. 911 is not the official number and cannot be relied upon in case of an emergency."15:49
foobarryamericans at it again15:50
bigcalm"On dialling 999 or 112 an operator at BT, Cable & Wireless or Level 3 Communications will answer and ask, "Emergency. Which service?"[citation needed] "15:51
bigcalmThey really need citation for that?15:51
* bigcalm pulls himself away from the time sink that is Wikipedia15:52
Myrttieverything in Wikipedia should be sourced15:52
foobarrycitation there ^^15:52
diddledanI feel like plastering citation required on every damned sentence on wikipedia just to be an ass about that stupid tag15:53
foobarryctrl-f "15:53
foobarryevery quote15:53
foobarrymaybe its a bot15:53
bigcalm1 + 1 = 2 [citation needed]15:53
diddledanthey seem to put it on the most inane of things at time15:53
foobarrybigcalm said "1+1=2"15:54
diddledanbigcalm: exactly15:54
Myrttiyou're insulting my past personality of a wikipedia admin :-( I has the sads.15:54
* bigcalm hugs Myrtti15:54
diddledanMyrtti: obviously it's not all the time :-)15:54
foobarryi wonder if Myrtti tidies her friends houses15:54
* diddledan cuddles Myrtti too15:55
MyrttiI haven't cleaned up even my own articles to be hones15:55
foobarryhigh fives Myrtti15:55
dutchiebigcalm: that one annoys me too, when there's a full mathematical proof there and they slap a citation needed on i15:55
foobarryjust closing that quote i put earlier because i felt uncomfortable15:55
foobarryagh home time15:55
diddledanfoobarry: never leave your quotes unquoted15:56
foobarryi'll quote you on that15:56
bigcalmHow is it home time?!15:56
davmor2Myrtti: here look a cat scaring itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc-tc160HRM are you feeling better now?15:56
diddledandavmor2: I believe you've just found the cutest thing on the internets15:58
bigcalmNot really, the kitten is in distress15:58
diddledanit's not in a dress!15:58
Myrttiit would appear the fuse has blown off our subwoof16:36
Myrttino bass drop when listening to skrillex :-<<<<<<16:36
davmor2Myrtti: then replace the fuse ;)16:38
MyrttiI would but the plug is underneath the tv stand16:39
diddledanthere's a hole in my bucket, dear liza16:39
MyrttiI do however have spare fuses in my handbag16:40
diddledanbecause why not?16:40
diddledanevery woman needs spare fuses in her handbag16:40
Myrtti(we bought some last week and I put them in my handbag instead of leaving a small pack rattling on the bottom of a foreverbag and forgetting it there)16:40
Myrtti(instead I forgot it into my handbag)16:41
Myrttiwhich is a better place to forget it into than one of the n+1 reusable bags we've got16:41
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davmor2Myrtti: haha16:42
Myrttitoday while scrambling to collect the recycling I've already discovered in the reusable bags: 3 Fray Bentos Steak and Ale pies, 1 tube of Original Source tea tree and mint body wash, 1 pump bottle of hand soap, half a bag of strawberry, cherry and peach yoghurt flavoured boiled candies16:44
davmor2Myrtti: have you thought about maybe putting the shopping away when you get home with it ;)16:46
MyrttiI'm afraid that any attempt of replying to that question would reveal the serious uptight old woman that I am.16:48
=== Shu666 is now known as shutah
Myrttiyes, your point is valid, but we are still lacking in cupboard and storage space.16:50
davmor2Myrtti: hahaha,   but on a more important note, you're not that old.16:50
Myrttiyou should see my wrinkle cream arsenal.16:51
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Myrttisomeone had pulled the plug on the subwoof17:48
diddledanMyrtti: one less fuse replacement required17:50
Myrttiwell it wasn't me but it could've been the BT technician or D17:51
Myrttiprobably aforementioned on the instructions of the former17:51
Myrttiaw man...17:52
Myrttinow someone can play Destiny Beta with the subwoofer.17:52
Myrttipopey: it was a tradeoff between FTTC and subwoof for a few weeks, apparently.17:53
diddledannode-xmpp-client is not fun. it basically says "here's xml" and asks "give me xml to send". completely useless as a "library" at abstraction19:56
MartijnVdS7.5 hours of driving is LOOONG20:05
markie-one day i will attemp 3 hours of driving on the motorway on a motorbike20:22
popeyMartijnVdS: where you been?20:23
diddledanallo mapps22:09
shauno_evening diddledan22:10
diddledanyou're not mapps22:10
diddledanello, though, anywho22:11
shauno_I'm not, usually :)22:11
diddledanI don't think you can ever be described as usually22:12
mappswent to uttoxeter22:12
mappsmy 'friend' stiched me up22:13
mappsi was waiting fo him22:13
mappspaid 60 gbp taxi on my own22:13
diddledangrr at him22:13
mappshe made a big mistake22:13
mappshe owes me 130 quid...for the apartment in riga22:14
mappsbut thats ok22:14
mappshe isnt coming now22:14
mappsive got the flight tickets22:14
mappsnot having a 'mate' leave me22:15

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