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rwwMeeting in about an hour. Tonight's incredibly exciting agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14July2700:56
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rwwFive minutes or so until meeting; agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14July2701:56
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rwwaanndd meeting time02:00
rww#startmeeting Ubuntu California 2014-07-2702:01
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rww#chair rww pleia202:01
darthrobot`Current chairs: pleia2 rww02:01
rww#topic Roll call02:01
rwwWho's around?02:01
rww(let the minutes reflect that elky is too busy trolling #ubuntu-offtopic to say hi)02:02
* philip15 says hello02:02
elkyi was informing them of a thing :(02:02
rwwhihi philip1502:02
rwware you the philip of the ballew variety?02:02
philip15Oh yes I am.02:02
rwwwe were just getting started; nothing on the agenda tonight02:03
rwwalrighty. Anyone have any topics for today?02:03
* ianorlin needs to think of more meeting topics but doesn't have anything currently02:06
rwwdoesn't look like anyone does. I'll leave the meeting open for 5 minutes in case anyone thinks one up, and then #endmeeting if not02:06
rwwalrighty, that's a wrap02:11
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon Jul 28 02:11:38 2014 UTC.02:11
darthrobot`Minutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2014/ubuntu-us-ca.2014-07-28-02.01.moin.txt02:11
grantbowat least it was short :-)02:23
grantbowthanks for hosting rww02:23
RoguehorseAnyone still around is did everyone bail?02:37
rwwwe all bailed. no topics to discuss :(02:38
RoguehorseAwww ... bummer.02:38
RoguehorseI was hoping to make the meeting tonight but got caught up in my paper for school02:39
nhainesRoguehorse: ironically, for all practical purposes, you made it.  :P02:39
elkythat is far more important02:39
nhainesUnless you had something to discuss.  In which case we can still do that anway.  :)02:39
RoguehorseUm .. Any plans for this summer? Events? I tried to follow up with pleia through email to no answer02:41
rwwnobody's come up with anything, as far as I know02:41
rwwpleia2's been a tad busy flying around the planet and having surgery :(02:42
RoguehorseOh no! The travel I knew ... sorry to hear that :(02:42
RoguehorseYa know, I just started playing with an Ubuntu Server install ... maybe we could do some sort of picnic/server config thing?02:43
RoguehorseWhen I start it up I get some kind of fail on the Samba but it rolls by so fast I can't read it02:45
nhainesYes, the doctors say she should be walking and talking again in no time.02:45
nhainesRoguehorse: welcome to the magic of Shift-PgUp/PgDn.  :)02:46
nhainesAlso dmesg.02:46
nhainesParticularly 'dmesg | less'02:46
RoguehorseWoulkd it make a difference being in a VM?02:47
nhainesNone.  :)02:48
rwwor does that not work this decade02:48
nhainesIf you have a DEC terminal.  :P02:48
nhainesI haven't tried it in a while.  I'm usually trying to put out the fire afterward.  :)02:49
rwwpretty sure it works on my debian, but that doesn't really narrow it down to this decade02:49
nhainesOn my 386 I'd just press Pause.02:49
Roguehorseanyway, the picnic/config thing was a thought02:50
RoguehorseI'll play with it again probably Tuesday at the earliest. Sat - Mon are usually my heaviest homework days02:51
nhainesThat's the fun thing about VMs.  :)02:55
RoguehorseSo anyway, I have an Ubuntu Server, a Windows, a Kubuntu and a CentOS network all to connect together in VirtualBox02:58
RoguehorseI wanted everything to be different for the challenge03:02
RoguehorseOr I'm crazier than I realize03:02
nhainesWell, Ubuntu Server and Kubuntu are basically the same thing.  :)  And CentOS should be very similar when it comes to Samba.03:03
RoguehorseSo of course only the Windows install is going to give me troubles?03:04
nhainesWindows only does SMB.  So if Samba's up and running it should be trivial.03:05
RoguehorseI selected SSH, Samba and Mail installations for the server03:06
RoguehorseApache might be in there but I've already messed with that a while so that's not new to me03:07
nhainesI remember as a kid in high school, you just couldn't get server versions of software without spending hundreds--which I didn't have.03:15
nhainesIt's really great to be able to just grab software and try it.  :)03:15
RoguehorseNo kidding. Without Linux or virtualization I would never be able to even try any of this without having to devote half a room and a bankroll03:21
RoguehorseLinux distros have allowed me to learn so much more than anything else very fast03:22
RoguehorseI try and convince other students at my University they should try it, but many are just either stubborn or scared - it's their loss03:29
RoguehorseI want to get one of these -- http://www.tinygreenpc.com/microsvr.aspx03:33
darthrobot`Title: [MicroSVR | Fanless Powerful Microserver | Tiny Green PC]03:33
ianorlinyeah that is fun to just try stuff03:42
nhainesIt is their loss!03:45
nhainesAnd the best thing is you're not learning on some "trial" edition or student edition.  It's the big time, right from the start.03:46
ianorlinthat you promptly forget because can't practice after graduating03:46
rwwyeah, I like how you can read something on G+ about a cool thing a FOSS distro can do, spin up a VM or three, and try it03:47
nhainesOr you hit a wall because some settings were changed to accomodate a smaller workload, so the full version works differently.03:47
RoguehorseYes, probably the LARGEST downfall of my university is the lack of labs03:57
* ianorlin is using still using the laptop he went to UCLA with03:57
Roguehorseianorlin: That's cool!03:58
ianorlinbut that was only a little over a year ago03:58
ianorlinit is nearly 5 years old now03:58
RoguehorseI didn't own a computer my first three times to college03:58
ianorlinbut broadcom wifi :(03:59
nhainesMost modern broadcom chips work a treat.  Despite the apathy of Broadcom.04:01
ianorlinno it works fine in GUI but is only supported by wl driver and if I switch to tty my tty gets flooded04:03
ianorlinI could sudo modprobe -r wl but that makes me unable to use wireless I think b43 drivers works but not for 5ghz and is not supported04:04
* ianorlin did not see you at OCLUG so I could not show you the text mode problem04:06
nhainesThat's odd?04:06
nhainesyeah, I was running around San Diego playing Ingress.04:06
ianorlinI remember there are complications to running both b43 and wl04:07
nhainesBroadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)04:08
nhainesThat's mine.  Works perfectly.04:08
ianorlinhttp://paste.openstack.org/show/88616 wl ate my dmesg04:09
darthrobot`[R: paste.openstack.org] Title: [Paste #88616 | LodgeIt!]04:09
nhainesbcmwl is my driver.04:09
RoguehorseDo you guys use desktops at all?04:27
RoguehorseWell, gotta roll, got stuff to get done in the next hour or so....later04:39
nhainesSure.  :)  Actually, one of the nicest things is to have a nice graphics card and dual monitors.  XD04:40
ianorlinyay found and fixed typo in my resume22:19

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