bookiebothttp://goo.gl/1mAsPD - Sonoma swimming. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!00:24
greg-gFriend's parents in Sonoma own a vineyard. This is Rowan and Carrie swimming in their pool. It was as amazing of a house as you think (well, almost, not extreme, but... very nice)00:25
rick_h__love the stone pool area like that00:28
rick_h__vs straight grey concrete stuff00:28
greg-git was purty00:28
greg-galso came home one bottle of wine richer :)00:29
greg-gjust bottled last month(?)00:29
rick_h__always a good thing :)00:29
rick_h__hmm, what kind of wine?00:29
greg-gnot my fav, but it'll do00:29
rick_h__put that away for a long time00:30
rick_h__7yr or so00:30
greg-gwow, ok00:30
rick_h__one month old it'll need a lot of settling to be yummy00:30
greg-ghe said it's about a 13% abv00:30
greg-gand yeah, bottled on premise00:30
rick_h__yea, but cabs are all biting flavors and guess they need time to smooth out00:30
rick_h__I thought I didn't like cabs00:30
rick_h__but then read up and tried one that was 8yr old00:31
rick_h__it was delish00:31
rick_h__so I think I just tried to get 1 or 2yr old bottles that weren't ready yet00:31
* greg-g nods00:32
greg-gcheaper maybe at that age00:32
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/N3nsxj - How long can you cellar an exceptional California Cabernet Sauvignon? | Ask Dr. Vinny | Wine Spectator00:32
rick_h__yea, they've not paid to store it for 5+ years00:32
rick_h__warehouses are expensive and all that00:32
greg-gI go by one on my way down to the city00:33
rick_h__especially since they need to hold temp/etc00:33
greg-gwine "cellar" storage place00:33
rick_h__ah, very cool00:33
greg-gyeah, I think you can rent small spaces in it00:33
greg-gyeah, we won't be able to keep ours for 7 years safely :/00:34
greg-gmight have to JFDI00:34
rick_h__well let me know how it goes. It'd be awesome to do a taste test of wine at fresh, 2yr, 5yr, 8yr kind of thing00:35
rick_h__and see how something ages like that00:35
rick_h__but it'd have to be same vineyard, same grapes, etc00:35
greg-gI might be able to get a few more bottles...00:35
greg-gbut, we don't have a safe place, really :/00:35
rick_h__yea, same here00:36
rick_h__it's just something to keep in mind when I buy things00:36
rick_h__watching the years more carefully depending on the variety00:36
* greg-g nods00:39
cmaloneyHad a very nice 10yr old port this weekend. :)01:01
jrwren_mmm... nom nom01:01
rick_h__not tried much port yet01:01
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/MlwJ49 - 10 Year Old Tawny Port | Fonseca Port01:01
rick_h__had a LOT of rose in london with the heat01:01
cmaloneyyeah, I'm not a huge fan of Rose01:01
rick_h__learning to appreciate a nice cool glass of wine at dinner01:01
rick_h__So the ones that are less sweet I'm liking in the summer01:02
rick_h__but yea, many of them aren't that great01:02
cmaloneymy parents drank a lot of that in the 1970s (as did everyone) so it tastes like old people to me.01:02
rick_h__cmaloney: you guys back from OH-land?01:04
cmaloneyYeah, was a bit of fun getting back01:04
rick_h__ah, yea we went to a movie and they lost power01:05
rick_h__had to leave in the middle of it01:05
rick_h__must have been fun getting home in it01:05
cmaloneyWell, we had to get off of I-75 before I-696 because it was flooded / closed.01:06
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cmaloneyGood morning11:41
cmaloneyHow's the morning so far?12:58
cmaloneyYeah, this is definitely not the normal fare for summe13:19
rick_h__done sweating my butt off in london13:26
rick_h__"We have AC, we keep it at 80F but we have it"13:26
jrwren_from where does London get its electricity?13:28
cmaloneyApparently from good intentions13:29
mrgoodcatgot caught in a hail storm this weekend at my brother's lacrosse tournament13:34
mrgoodcatnot fun13:34
jrwren_not fun like training for a marathon is not fun, but in the end, you can say that you did it.13:35
jrwren_You survived a HAILSTORM!!13:35
mrgoodcatha yea... i would rather not be able to say that13:40
mrgoodcathail hurts13:40
mrgoodcatbesides, i've done marathons so i don't need to add a hailstorm to the resume13:40
cmaloneyI think you're not thinking big enough13:41
cmaloneyRunning through a hailstorm during a marathon while being chased by a tornado13:41
cmaloneyThink of how improved your time will be13:41
cmaloneyjrwren_: That Medium piece you retweeted is hardly Google becoming IBM.17:02
jrwren_i agree.17:06
jrwren_in fact, I found the author very naive.17:07
jrwren_which he suggested a few times throughout.17:07
cmaloneyesp. the desire to get paid for an app that just brokers Kahn Academy content via Youtube.17:11
cmaloneyThat's a "derp" moment right there.17:11
jrwren_he espoused many values in that post, none of which align wiht my own.17:13
cmaloneyYeah, it reminded me of the bad ol' days of Shareware17:18
cmaloneyor the "I can't afford to release this software without ads" mentality17:19
cmaloneyWhich I find curious and repugnant17:19
jrwren_shareware or ads?17:20
jrwren_which search engine do you use?17:20
cmaloneyShareware is fine17:20
cmaloneythe "it's free but with ads, and the ads can't be turned off for any amount of money"17:21
cmaloneyand yes, i use Google.17:21
jrwren_oh! well that is annoying for sure.17:21
* jrwren_ hands cmaloney duckduckgo :p17:21
cmaloneyBut how will Google know what I'm thinking?17:22
jrwren_or show you ads which cannot be turned off for any amount of money?17:22
jrwren_.np evarlast17:24
bookiebotevarlast's current track - Tainted Love by Gloria Jones on Singles17:24
cmaloneywooah oh17:24
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho17:24
bookiebotsqueekyhoho's last track - Unconditional by Neurotech on The Decipher Volumes [28 Jul 2014, 14:38]17:24
jrwren_I thought you might like that :)17:24
jrwren_neurotech sounds like industrial.17:25
cmaloneyThis is a good cover of the Soft Cel Version. ;)17:25
cmaloneyI'm surprised how many songs I first heard as covers17:27
cmaloneybut that's how I discover some of my music17:27
cmaloneyI mean, Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive introduced me to Louis Jordan17:29
cmaloneyA non-trivial number of songs on that album are on the Best of Louis Jordan album17:29
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/wJBzQg - The Atomic Fireballs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia17:31
cmaloneyHah, I love the reference section of this article17:32
cmaloneyjrwren_: http://neurotech.bandcamp.com/17:34
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/lMpYS - Neurotech17:34
jrwren_sweet artwork17:36
cmaloneyThey've figured in a good number of OMC episodes: http://openmetalcast.com/?s=neurotech17:38
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/D0vdlP - Open Metalcast » Search Results » neurotech17:38
jrwren_9:30 in, and I'm loving this track.17:45
jrwren_thanks cmaloney17:45
cmaloneynp. :)17:53
cmaloneyThey're all great. Decipher is quite good and mellow.17:53
cmaloneyAntagonist is much heavier17:53
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