Joseph__I need help establishing a wired connection with my ubuntu desktop18:39
wrstHi Joseph__ we will try18:40
wrstJoseph__: in *most* cases it should just work what type of problems are you running into?18:40
Joseph__my computer will connect and then disconnect after a few seconds18:43
Joseph__im wired18:43
average_guywhat type of router or gateway are wired to Joseph__?18:49
Joseph__linksys ea690018:50
* average_guy is googling18:51
Joseph__i have searched so many sites for solutions but none work.18:52
wrstJoseph__: is that a problem with any other setup?18:53
Joseph__no just my desktop18:54
Joseph__my laptop, phone, and tablets work18:54
wrstwhat type of network card does it have?18:54
wrsthave a model to go along with?18:55
Joseph__is there a command i can use to find out18:55
wrstJoseph__: yes type lspci and that should give you the model of it18:55
wrstyou will have to parse through a few items that just list all your pci devices18:55
* wrst assumes its a pci network card18:56
average_guytype "lspci" in a terminal18:56
Joseph__i believe18:57
wrstthat sounds right18:57
Joseph__what should i do18:57
wrstwhat version of ubuntu Joseph__? this card looks like it has been an issue18:57
Joseph__most recent18:58
wrstok Joseph__ I have a similar problem with a card I have sometimes I see a suggestion18:58
wrstfirst off install ethtool18:59
wrstsudo apt-get install ethtool18:59
wrstthen try forcing 100Mbps/full-duplex mode18:59
wrstsudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off18:59
wrstthat's assuming your network card is eth018:59
wrstwhoa Joseph__ I see the solution19:00
Joseph__that command gave me an error19:01
wrstdid you install ethtool?19:01
wrstJoseph__: I don't think you need to do that19:01
Joseph__it came installed19:01
wrstlook it comment #319:01
Joseph__the one about build essentials19:02
wrstaverage_guy: ^^^ that look good to you?19:02
average_guyIt looks outstanding :D19:03
wrstJoseph__: nothing there that should hurt anything if it doesn't work19:03
Joseph__it was unable to locate package build_essential19:04
wrstJoseph__: it is build-essential19:05
wrstand you would be best to copy/paste those probably19:05
Joseph__the command is letter for letter and it gave me "Unable to locate package build-essential"19:06
Joseph__"Unable to locate package dkms"19:06
wrstoh Unit193, you around?19:06
wrstJoseph__: try sudo apt-get update19:07
wrstafter updating the repos then try that19:07
Unit193wrst: Just.19:07
wrstUnit193: ^^^19:07
wrstall that jazz, and howdy btw19:07
Joseph__all of the results from that command failed.19:07
wrstJoseph__: you don't have internet do you ? :)19:08
average_guyhe cannot update or install with no connection19:08
* wrst feels like a dummy telling someone to download stuff when they are fixing a network card!19:08
Joseph__its alright19:08
Unit193wrst: Well, you still kind of can, with apt-offline.19:09
wrstUnit193: yes19:09
wrstI was just thinking of going and grabbing the .debs and installing manually19:09
Joseph__So what should i do next?19:10
wrstif it were me I would consider downloading those debs, using a usb stick then installing, and then running the blacklist commands, but may be some better ideas19:11
wrstbut I have a feeling there are better minds and ideas about to speak out :)19:12
Joseph__is this a problem with my card or ubuntu19:12
wrstfrom the looks of things your card and ubuntu aren't getting along19:13
wrstI have had that issue with some other gigabit cards personally, that ethtool command usually fixes it temporarily19:13
Joseph__.debs what is the deal with tha19:14
average_guythey are the individual packages that you were trying to download19:16
wrstJoseph__: have you done anything with the network settings?19:17
Joseph__i tried but nothing worked so i reverted back to the original19:18
wrstok just going dhcp all the way?19:19
wrstin your network settings19:19
Joseph__what do you want me to do?19:19
wrsti'm not for sure19:20
wrstI know what likely needs to be done I think...19:20
wrstaverage_guy: what do you think?19:20
* wrst doesn't want to confuse the process19:20
average_guylooks like you need linux-headers-generic.deb build-essential.deb & dkms.deb from  http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and r8168-dkms_8.038.00-1_all.deb from http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/main/r/r816819:21
Joseph__what do i do with them19:21
average_guydownload on a device that is connected put on usb stick and copy to the affected machine19:21
Joseph__where on the machine do i copy them to?19:22
average_guyit does not matter as long as you can find them19:22
Joseph__will this fix it19:23
wrstyou will need to install them after you get them copied over19:23
wrstif i'm not mistaken that should just be a double click and enter in your password19:23
average_guyonce they are on the machine you should be able to double click on them and install with ubuntu software center19:23
average_guyor I can give you the terminal commands19:24
Joseph__i cant find those packages on http://packages.ubuntu.com/19:24
average_guyok one sec, i will locate19:24
average_guytype ctrl-f and put in the pkg you need19:27
average_guywill take you to it19:27
average_guyleave off the .deb19:28
Joseph__doing that now19:28
Unit193average_guy: You're going to find yourself in Dep hell. :P19:29
Joseph__i see that19:29
Joseph__when i click on the package i want it dosnt show a download button19:31
Unit193Down at the bottom of the page, for i386 or amd64.19:32
Joseph__oh thanks19:32
average_guyI not a terminal ninja Unit193, ex-windows/GUI for life19:34
Unit193average_guy: Heh, I was talking about r8168-dkms needing dkms, which needs build-essential, dpkg-dev, gcc, make, and more, and those needing their own deps.19:35
average_guyoh yeah :(19:36
Joseph__it says dependency not satifiable19:36
Unit193You can just use apt-offline to do all the heavy lifting for you, but the one in the repo won't work.  You'll have to use a git snapshot, such as the deb I built almost a month ago and uploaded to http://people.ubuntu.com/~unit193/19:36
Joseph__im a bit confused and i have to leave for work but will be back tonight. thanks for all the help. Will anyone be on to help?19:38
average_guynoone ever really leaves this channel, just ask again19:40
Unit193...This channel is like Hotel California?19:44
average_guyso it seems :D  I like this APT off line tool Unit193, checking it out now19:47
Unit193If you'd prefer to use system apt-offline, apply http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/apt-offline/apt-offline.git/commit/?id=948d2b3bf26a174d47aefd2e07c815f096c78af119:48
Unit193But yeah, Xubuntu ships this by default and has a great section in the docs for it.19:48

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