nuvolarioh hi05:30
inetprogood mornings05:46
mazalMorning everyone06:04
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy mazal and others06:18
Kilosdid you see that lava in the code?06:18
Kilosits massive06:18
* Symmetria murders his cats06:19
SymmetriaI couldnt find my car keys ANYWHERE06:19
ThatGraemeGuyin the code?06:19
Symmetriaeventually I walk outside, and there is the cat with the keys swatting them around like they are some new toy06:19
Kilosya man the stuff you read06:19
ThatGraemeGuymassive how? i don't follow06:20
Kilosgoes on and on06:20
Kilossource all over06:20
ThatGraemeGuystill not following06:20
ThatGraemeGuyare you talking about lava that you found somewhere?06:20
Kilosthe lava area is massive and from many source areas06:21
Kilosyou found it with the mining drill06:21
ThatGraemeGuyok, not really sure where the code comes into it, but ok06:21
Kilosi was wondering if you could read the code and see where there is lava06:22
mazalMorning Kilos , ThatGraemeGuy , Symmetria 06:23
Kiloshi Symmetria 06:23
ThatGraemeGuythe code describes how things work, how a pick wears, how much health an apple gives you, how common iron is, etc.06:23
mazalSymmetria, it could be worse , it could have been in the fridge :)06:23
Kilossay morning before cat stories06:23
ThatGraemeGuythe actual world contents are in the database and that isn't easily readable06:23
Symmetrialol morning :P sorry Im just frustrated06:23
Symmetriaboss is gonna love my reason for being late for our meeting06:23
Symmetriacat stole my keys06:23
Kilosoh ok ty ThatGraemeGuy 06:23
mazalReminds me of the " the dog ate my homework " thing :)06:24
mazalThatGraemeGuy, I build me one of those mining lasers this weekend. Love it06:25
Symmetria;p always knew pussy be crazy06:25
* Symmetria runs06:25
mazalJust takes lots of crafting and resources to get it up to mk306:25
Kilosyou modern way is to say i was busy06:25
Kiloswhen asked with what you say stuff06:25
mazalOom Kilos , have you check out yet what a watercan does to lava. Wow I love that thing06:27
mazalTakes tones of water and just one drop is like a small dam hehehe06:27
Kilosyip busy fighting like that now, used 10 diamond picks up on obsidian already06:28
mazalDon't you have a laser yet ?06:28
Kilosoh water can no i just use one bucket06:28
mazalMake a watercan06:28
mazalIs worth it06:28
Kilosyes but thats dangerous near lava it can spread it 06:29
mazalYesterday I almost destroyd a whole lake of lava with just one drop from watercan06:29
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: a water can is like a bucket except it holds 16 water not just 106:29
mazalAnd 1 drop is much more water , that's the thing06:29
ThatGraemeGuyno it isn't06:29
mazalA water drop from can goes much wider than bucket06:29
ThatGraemeGuyits a water source block just like any other06:30
mazalNot for me06:30
ThatGraemeGuyanother one that wants to argue with the code06:30
ThatGraemeGuyok then06:30
Kilosi try control the water so is doesnt convert all the running lava as well06:30
mazalUsually from a bucket it kills 4x4 lava06:30
mazalFrom the can is much wider06:30
ThatGraemeGuygo to a big flat area, put down water from a bucket, count how far it goes06:30
mazalIt was flat area06:31
ThatGraemeGuyrepeat with water from a can06:31
ThatGraemeGuyif its different i'll give you R50006:31
mazalWas a big flat lake06:31
mazalI was making ready for second drop and saw the water just keeps going and changed much wider lava to obsidian06:31
KilosThatGraemeGuy, have you played minecraft?06:32
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: i could never bring myself to spend R300 on something that seemed kinda pointless06:33
Kilosi was wondering if it also has the new mods we are using06:33
Kilosthat much06:33
ThatGraemeGuyand now i can't bring myself to spend R300 on it because minetest is good enough for now06:33
Kilosminetest is great was wondering if it isnt more advanced than minecraft06:34
ThatGraemeGuydoubt it, minecraft has huge money behind it, minetest is just a bunch of people that are doing it for fun06:34
ThatGraemeGuyspend some time browsing the minecraft wiki and you'll see even without mods its WAY more complex06:35
mazalRight at the beginning I was concidering minecraft , but after all the mods was loaded I am also in the " why spend money when minetest is good enough " boat06:35
Kilosbeing opensource hasnt it got more peeps helping with dev work06:35
ThatGraemeGuydon't know06:35
ThatGraemeGuybut its a bunch of people who do it as a fun thing06:36
ThatGraemeGuyminecraft has a team of devs whose job it is to code minecraft all day long06:37
Kilosyeah , and we score06:37
Kilosoh ok06:37
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Wiki, take a look you'll see06:37
Kilostoo much to read06:38
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: we have enough stainless steel blocks for the reactor now. i need to start making concrete and blast-resistant concrete sometime and then we can build it06:40
ThatGraemeGuyneed to find a good location and then also i want to look into one of the area ownership mods to prevent accidental damage to the reactor building06:41
Kiloscool ill start making some tonight, i spose they are in the recipes06:41
ThatGraemeGuylast thing we need is someone accidentally firing a mining laser blast at the reactor building :-o06:41
Kilosyeah we dont want a kernobil thing06:42
Kilosthat russian one that blew06:42
ThatGraemeGuythere are a few mods that allow you to define ownership of an area so nobody can dig blocks unless they are the owner06:43
Kilosim scared of using that mk3 lazer unless im past everything and everyone06:43
Kilosthats good06:43
ThatGraemeGuyi was thinking i can sign in to the game as the superadmin player, then make it, then even i can't accidentally damage it when i log in with my normal player06:43
Kilosfound marble now deep down06:43
Kilosthats a good idea06:44
ThatGraemeGuyi have a lot of marble but as yet haven't found any good use for it06:44
ThatGraemeGuyexcept maybe a big marble building06:44
Kilosdid you take the uranium too?06:45
ThatGraemeGuyi did06:45
ThatGraemeGuywe have 21 fuel rods already06:45
ThatGraemeGuythat's 3.5 weeks' worth06:45
Kiloswe should have enough to keep going a while06:45
Kiloswhew how many uranium  ingots in a rod?06:46
ThatGraemeGuy120 uranium lumps goes into 6 fuel rods06:46
ThatGraemeGuy5 lumps makes 1 enriched uranium ingot, and 4 of those ingots go into 1 fuel rod06:46
ThatGraemeGuyand 6 rods are needed for the reactor to be powered06:47
Kiloswow hungry monster hey06:47
Kilosnow well need lots of hv cable and converters06:47
ThatGraemeGuyit is, but it generates a ton of power06:48
Kilosis the toolbox only mv06:48
ThatGraemeGuyand unlike solar its avaialble constantly06:48
Kilosoh you must go see the power from my lv setup06:48
ThatGraemeGuyyes only mv06:48
Kilospower up lots with extra arrays06:48
Kilosbuilding batteries and all that stuff is very time consuming06:49
Kilosi was thinking of getting solar power in the deep but that will take forever to craft and build06:50
Kilosthose mv generators eat coal06:51
ThatGraemeGuynot really sure why you even built all that06:52
ThatGraemeGuyyou can travel home and back so quickly now with travelpoints its unnecessary06:52
ThatGraemeGuyor else some geothermal generators06:53
Kilosyes wasnt thinking of porting at the time but its handy for everyone to charge things and repair tools there06:53
Kiloswill look into geothermal tonight if i member06:54
Kiloswould be nice to be able to use lava for power06:54
ThatGraemeGuygeothermal generator does06:55
ThatGraemeGuybut its LV only, & only makes 300EU06:55
Kilosbut just plug into a big source not put buckets full into generator06:55
Kilosoi thats too min06:55
ThatGraemeGuygeothermal generator works by putting lava next to one side and water next to the other side06:56
ThatGraemeGuybut yeah, only 300EU06:56
Kilosnot matter how much water and lava is used?06:57
ThatGraemeGuyso if you want to upconvert to MV you need 34 geothermal setups06:57
ThatGraemeGuybecause a supply converter requires 10000EU on the input side06:57
ThatGraemeGuyit does matter06:57
ThatGraemeGuyif you have 1 block of water and 1 lava you only get 25% output06:57
ThatGraemeGuythe max is 300 and that's with 2 blocks of water and 2 lava06:58
Kilosyeah then what if you use like 20 blocks of lava on one side06:58
ThatGraemeGuythen nothing, the code doesn't care06:58
Kilosi was thinking of a dam next to a large lava source06:59
ThatGraemeGuyi built one but it didn't last long, takes too long to charge a mk3 laser on a LV battery06:59
ThatGraemeGuyin the laser mining area i have an hv generator and battery06:59
ThatGraemeGuythat battery charges the mk3 in a couple of minutes06:59
ThatGraemeGuyi don't worry about a tool workshop because my tools don't wear significantly when i'm laser mining07:00
Kilosya i put 2 there in the deep07:00
ThatGraemeGuyyou must go see it, its massive already07:00
Kilosi will go look again07:00
ThatGraemeGuyi keep having to patch up when the lava comes through as well07:00
ThatGraemeGuybut its at the far side of my channel where i walk, so its not even dangerous07:01
Kiloswhy not go up and kill the source?07:01
ThatGraemeGuybecause its several layers deep and i already have a chest full of obsidian07:01
Kilospity water only converts one layer at a time hey07:03
Kilosmajor work07:03
ThatGraemeGuythe amount of work it takes me to just patch up the lava every time i laser it open is minimal07:04
ThatGraemeGuythe lava is right at the edge of the laser's range07:04
ThatGraemeGuyif it was in the middle it'd be different07:04
ThatGraemeGuythen i'd water it and just use the laser to remove the obsidian as i go along07:05
ThatGraemeGuythe problem with that laser mining area is more that i'm getting closer to -30007:05
ThatGraemeGuyand after that there's no uranium, so i need to branch off and start another one eventually07:05
Kiloswith the pads it makes life so much easier07:07
Kilosi still keep falling off narrow roads07:07
Kilosah found a use for marble07:08
Kiloswe can build a white house for the reactors officials to live in07:08
Kilosthe govt07:09
Kilosthe pro and son are staying in mazals house, bart has no time to worry about a home as well07:10
charlmorning Kilos, ThatGraemeGuy 07:32
Kiloshi charl 07:32
charlMaaz: coffee on07:32
* Maaz flips the salt-timer07:32
Kiloshi Spekko 07:32
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!07:36
charlMaaz: thanks07:37
Maazcharl: Sure07:37
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:37
Vince-0hi Kilos 07:39
charlhi Vince-0 07:39
mazalAi , it's one of those days07:40
charlhi mazal 07:47
mazalMorning charl 07:57
nuvolarigood grief :P can't turn my back for 2 hours! Coming back and I have to take leave to catch up on IRC 08:07
nuvolarihi oom Kilos, Vince-0, charl, mazal08:07
Kiloslo nuvolari 08:08
mazalHo nuvolari 08:08
mazalhi even08:08
Kilos #ubuntu-za-minetest08:09
charlhi nuvolari 08:09
mazalOne hash oom ?08:10
Kiloslol nee man ek terg want ons praat baie van minetest hier08:11
mazalIs nogal , ons gaan raas kry08:11
Kilosbaie interesante speletjie08:11
Kilosby wie08:12
mazalWie ookal die baas is hier :P08:12
Kilosdie hoe vonk08:12
Kiloshy te besig om te kom lees08:12
Kilosis mos hy ne?08:13
mazalEk het geen idee van wie oom praat nie08:14
mazalBut , having a ZA minetest support/discussion site/channel might actually be not a bad idea08:15
Kiloscan one rename irc channels08:16
mazalI would like to know how many ZA'ers knows about and plays the game08:16
Kiloswe can use ##ubuntu-za-social08:16
mazalWould be good if one could promote it more as well08:16
Kilosmaybe rename it if that can be done08:16
Kilosmost peeps dont have the time mazal 08:17
mazalI think minetest deserves some more credit and promotion. Such a great project and since I started it I hardly ever touch my expensive games anymore lol08:17
mazalI was thinking more amongst gamers oom.08:18
mazalPeople who already play games. Get them to know about and try out the game08:18
Kilosi think what makes it great is playing with friends who helpmekaar08:19
mazalAnd I can attest that it runs better on Ubuntu than on Win 7 ( cos I play on 3 different pc's ) so it will sommer be some publicity for Ubuntu as well08:19
Kilosi wouldnt enjoy it much if peeps were stealing things and attacking you all the time08:20
mazalYeah indeed , rules is always needed in a game like this08:20
Kiloslike on the main site they always fighting08:21
mazalOn the forum ?08:21
Kilosi lose enough by mistakenly trashing the wrong things08:21
Kilosi forget the link08:22
mazalI sometimes forget where I left something08:22
Kilosthe one the game can go to 08:22
Kiloshaha i do that all the time08:22
Kilosbetter to have a few gold chests than all the plain ones08:23
Kilosonly the crafting is hard work08:23
mazalI have a chest room with nice names and stuff. But sometimes I have some random building materials as I was building and then put them seperate close by. Then 3 weeks later " I am sure I have some of this bricks somewhere "08:24
Kilosmaybe not on chests but on everything else08:24
Kilosold age08:24
mazalI must learn to clean up my building site when the building is done and go put it at my home08:25
Kilosdo you carry a chest around to place at other jobs08:25
mazalIs to easy to craft one08:26
Kilosmake a gold one08:26
Kilosthen make a wrench08:26
mazalI must concider that way08:26
mazalI am mostly a builder and every now and then I go work on a new building08:26
Kilosthen fill the chest then when job done pick up the full chest and take it home08:26
mazalGood idea oom , gonna do that08:27
mazalShees my Thunderbird looks really strange after update08:29
mazalEspecially the "write" screen08:29
KilosThatGraemeGuy, have you the info on how the reactor building must be please, ill try build one on creative to see08:50
Kilosi cant find that link you gave 08:50
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: https://github.com/minetest-technic/technic/blob/master/technic/machines/HV/nuclear_reactor.lua, line 10009:18
Kilosty sir09:18
Kilospictures man not code09:21
Kilossjoe ek sukkel met my volk09:21
Kiloslol thats all code i see09:22
ThatGraemeGuyit isn't 1980 anymore, you should probably use more modern terms09:22
ThatGraemeGuy"workers" maybe for a start09:22
ThatGraemeGuyand the picture is from line 103 to 11309:23
Kilosi have no idea what to do with that. must i use it in a terminal?09:25
Kilosor paste that somewhere09:25
ThatGraemeGuyfor real?09:28
ThatGraemeGuyyou read it09:28
ThatGraemeGuylike just normal words09:28
Kilosi have no idea at all really09:28
ThatGraemeGuyand it tells you what the structure of the thing should look like09:28
Kilosi can read it yes but what do i do with what i read09:29
Kilosok lemme see again09:29
ThatGraemeGuyam i on candid camera?09:29
ThatGraemeGuyyou build the structure09:29
Kilosill copy/paste that code somewhere , it aint easy to read09:33
Kiloslemme go do some fencing for a while09:37
Private_Usergood day people09:37
Private_Userhi Kilos09:37
Private_Userhi ThatGraemeGuy09:37
Kiloshi Private_User 09:37
Private_UserThatGraemeGuy: nope, you on oh shucks its schuster09:38
Kiloshmm all the electricity under the sun and now spotlights09:53
Kilosi mean superglow things and torches only09:55
ThatGraemeGuyyou really want to wire up every little light to an electrical supply when you're off mining?09:55
Kilosshould have chargable headlamps for miners and neon lights09:56
ThatGraemeGuytechnic has a rechargeable flashlight but it's said to be buggy and thus disabled by default09:56
Kiloslol when im by lava i forget to put torches up then the water makes obsidian and im in the dark and top to high to put torches09:57
ThatGraemeGuyoh yeah09:57
Kiloslava is my biggest chore after crafting upgrades09:57
ThatGraemeGuyi got into the habit of placing torches around lava before i water it09:58
Kilosthats a good thing to remember09:58
ThatGraemeGuybut nowadays i don't bother with watering lava, i just find my way around it09:58
ThatGraemeGuyobsidian is too much work and has no value at all09:58
ThatGraemeGuythere should at least be some use to it, to make the effort of mining it worthwhile09:59
Kilosya but its lekker to block off the source though because there is lots of ore below where it used to flow10:00
Kilosobsidian glass is used in some things10:00
mazalI've mostly just found creative stuff that need some of it , like example obsidian glass and glass doors10:00
ThatGraemeGuylava lakes used to be nice because there's typically a lot of good ore visible around it, but with the mining laser even that's irrelevant, i can mine a huge amount of stuff with minimal effort10:00
Kilosi must still try the drill. the lazer works well but it doesnt cut a clean straight path for me maybe my hand and eye not steady enough10:01
mazalThatGraemeGuy, do you know what the "upgrade" slots is for on some electric stuff like some machines and battery boxes and what must be put in there ?10:01
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: it actually fires in a perfectly straight line, your aim is the issue10:02
ThatGraemeGuythats why i settled on the method i use now10:02
ThatGraemeGuymazal: not sure about battery boxes.... maybe increases the charge it can hold?10:02
ThatGraemeGuyfor machines, from what i understand its mean to make it less power hungry10:03
mazalYou think normal RE batteries goes in there ?10:03
ThatGraemeGuyhaven't read the code to confirm10:03
mazalWill play around with that10:03
Kilosoh that will be good to know10:04
ThatGraemeGuymazal: easiest way is use 1 machine, check what the switchng station reports the load as10:05
ThatGraemeGuythen add 1 battery, see how it changed the load10:05
ThatGraemeGuythen the second battery again10:05
mazalI wonder of those batteries then can run out of life and in turn must be recharged 10:06
ThatGraemeGuyi think recharging is implied by the fact that it is on a power network10:06
mazalSo it should actually recharge by itself10:07
mazalDefnitely gonna play around with that RE batteries is quick and easy craft and if it helps the network will be worth it10:08
nuvolarigreat. I'm all alone today :'(10:14
nuvolariDuring lunch10:14
* mazal is working alone for two weeks :(10:18
Symmetriaany awesome php coders here? 10:39
charlSymmetria: there is no such thing as an awesome php coder10:43
charlif they were an awesome coder they would have not been using php10:43
Symmetria:( I need that optimized10:58
Symmetriaits slow as holy shit ;p10:58
Symmetriaand haha I'm not in the mood to rewrite it in C 10:59
Symmetriapurely because I'm lazy as shit about things like malloc and strtok ;p10:59
charlphp is slow as shit, standard11:00
charlpython isn't much better afaik11:00
charlyou could try to run a profiler over it11:00
charlthen at least you know what's taking the most time11:00
charlbut when you need performance, java/c is the way to go11:00
bertushey guys does anyone know of software I can use to collage mutiple images onto a page ? SImilar to fotor for windows11:08
Kiloshi bertus11:08
Spekkomore Kilos11:15
ThatGraemeGuymazal: putting rechargeable batteries in your MV machines seems to be a no-brainer11:31
ThatGraemeGuypower demand numbers for MV machines with 0/1/2 batteries in upgrade slots...11:32
ThatGraemeGuyalloy furnace 3000/2000/100011:32
ThatGraemeGuyfurnace 2000/1000/50011:32
ThatGraemeGuygrinder 600/450/30011:32
ThatGraemeGuycompressor+extractor 800/600/40011:32
ThatGraemeGuyso 1 of each is 7200EU load if they are all in use11:33
ThatGraemeGuyvs 2600EU with each having 2 batteries11:33
mazalWow that is a bigger difference than I expected it would be11:43
ThatGraemeGuyand re batteries are basically wood, copper & tin11:44
Kilossjoe ThatGraemeGuy nust the reactor have 4 layers of concrete under it too and then 2 layers of blast resistant concrete under that as well11:44
ThatGraemeGuyi.e. cheap and esay11:44
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: no, you just read it wrong11:46
ThatGraemeGuyi have all we need besides a location11:46
ThatGraemeGuyif you or superfly have suggestions i'm all ears11:46
Kiloslook in map and see whats available centrally to houses .11:48
Kilosand or other ventures you have like the pyramid11:49
ThatGraemeGuywell its you, me and superfly that will use it, nobody else really plays anymore11:49
Kilosyes mazals house is inetpro and son11:50
ThatGraemeGuyah ok11:50
Kilosthey helped with chromium so would be good to add them if possible11:50
ThatGraemeGuyyes sure11:51
Kilosthey did most of the mining there in the deep where the pad is11:51
Kilosi was trying to make power stuff11:51
Kilossome of these power things are weird, connect top bottom or sides varies some i think11:52
Kilosonce reactor up each oke can do his own cabling i think11:53
Kilos20 ks of hv cable11:53
ThatGraemeGuymmm yes11:54
ThatGraemeGuyneed to make more cable, didnt consider that11:54
Kilosoh ThatGraemeGuy what did i read wrong?11:58
Kilosoh with the stanles layers too12:05
Kilosbut surely same ubderneeth as surrounding the core12:05
Kilossjoe and water12:07
ThatGraemeGuyits a cube12:07
ThatGraemeGuyreactor in the centre, then water, stainless steel, blast-resistant concrete and then concrete12:08
Kiloswith water surrounding core except for cable?12:08
ThatGraemeGuythe outer concrete layer seems to have been made optional recently, but i think you can get radiation damage without it12:08
ThatGraemeGuyi'll show you later12:09
Kilosill try it with cable out the side of core12:09
Kilosjust takes me long putting so many blocks down and falling off hehe12:10
charlBlackBerry remains the most used smartphone in South Africa, with 2.9 million devices. However, this number is declining rapidly.12:33
charlseriously ?! blackberry ?!12:33
charli thought they closed down12:33
mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening12:35
Kilosyou too mazal 12:36
Kilostoo many peeps think bb is an image fone so buy them regardless12:36
charlvery strange12:38
charlif you buy a bb here you will probably end up getting laughed out12:38
charl"nobody uses that anymore, what are you, ten years behind the time"12:39
charlwhat types of apps are there for bb, probably very few12:39
Kilosim not a fancy cell person12:40
charlme neither, i don't even have a mobile12:40
Kilosoh they are handy for contact from wherever12:42
charlhmmm coreos looks promising12:51
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: as far as i understand having the cable come out of the side ought to work as well12:52
ThatGraemeGuytry it out and see12:52
Kilosyip so they say. it will save a bit of cable12:52
ThatGraemeGuyif you say so12:52
Kilosi gotta rebuilt left out some layers of stuff12:53
ThatGraemeGuyme i prefer to run it out of the bottom and have a cable tunnel12:53
ThatGraemeGuydon't want cable lying all over above ground12:53
Kilosooo that sounds goo too12:53
Kilosthen there must be a tunnel to each house?12:54
Kilosall at different levels12:54
ThatGraemeGuyi managed to tunnel to the pyramid from my basement, i'm sure a cable tunnel is hardly a challenge :)12:54
Kilosrofl ya you did a good job there, im impressed12:55
Kilosthe mark3 drill removes only one block at a time like a pick 12:56
Kilosin creative mode, yours removes 4 blocks12:56
Kilosor is that technique12:56
ThatGraemeGuyi don't understand you just said 2 comflicting things12:57
ThatGraemeGuyonly removes 1 block and removes 4 at a time, which is it?12:57
Kilosyours in the game when i watched you removed 4 and mine in creative removes 112:58
ThatGraemeGuyit has different modes, you shift-click it12:58
Kilosoh ty12:58
Kilosi must go back to school and get my dads money back12:58
Kilosthey taught me nothing12:59
Kiloslol i think it was like R2 a term12:59
Kiloshahaha sis says 25c a month for 3 of us13:01
Trixar_zaHey Kilos 13:05
Trixar_za8ta is running a deal right now - if you buy 500MB for R69, they give you an extra 500MB the next day (so 1GB total)13:06
Trixar_zaOnly they messed up and gave me 250MB too13:06
Trixar_zaSo go get it13:06
ThatGraemeGuyKilos:  http://mt.donaldson.za.net/temp.png13:07
Trixar_zaIt only lasts until before the 30th though13:07
Kilosim hoping ian will get me airtime today R15013:07
Trixar_zaThatGraemeGuy: What's that?13:08
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: build it in the green area just slightly to the left of the centre of that pic?13:08
ThatGraemeGuyTrixar_za: map of a section of our minetest world13:08
* ThatGraemeGuy pings superfly13:09
Kilosoh no man ThatGraemeGuy im doing it in creative single player13:12
Kilosoh i didnt see the ?13:12
ThatGraemeGuyno i'm not saying you must built it, i'm asking if you think that's a good place for it13:12
Kilosthe fly is afk13:12
KilosThatGraemeGuy, where is your pyramid13:15
ThatGraemeGuyfar from us13:16
ThatGraemeGuyit needs to be central to people's houses not random far locations13:16
ThatGraemeGuyyou can teleport home to charge stuff13:16
Kilosok there is a road that makes a kink left and right on the small road from me to you guys13:17
Kilos2 yellow articles show in the kink, is it about there you say?13:18
Kilosya porting is lekker13:18
Kiloswhere my black road has rails the first branch to the right leads to the kink13:20
ThatGraemeGuynot following13:20
ThatGraemeGuyapproximate co-ordinates?13:20
Kilos140 and -6013:21
Kilos-68 about13:23
ThatGraemeGuyright by barry's place?13:23
Kilosoh is that where that is?13:23
ThatGraemeGuynever mind13:23
ThatGraemeGuywill check tonight, busy again13:23
charlah large parts of NL is flooding13:50
charland here where i am still sunshine13:50
charlneed to go home before it comes over here13:51
KilosThatGraemeGuy, can one put the core in safely and then carry on building the rest of the cube? and then how do you put rods in?14:10
Kilosand where do you put them in anyway14:11
Kilosas in when does it go active?14:14
ThatGraemeGuyright-click it, just like anything else that takes fuel14:15
ThatGraemeGuyi think it only becomes active if its connected to a power network properly14:15
ThatGraemeGuyand then if the housing is wrong it melts down14:15
ThatGraemeGuyi am almost done in creative mode14:15
ThatGraemeGuywant to test the area protection mod to see if a non-owner can still place fuel in it14:16
Kilosive rebuilt twice because i either used wrong blocks or left some out14:19
ThatGraemeGuyso with the area protected, only the owner of the protected area can add fuel14:20
ThatGraemeGuythat sucks14:20
Kilosah it says it has no network14:20
Kilosnow to surround it with water14:20
Kilosdunno how you gonna right click it when its all closed in14:21
ThatGraemeGuyyou leave a manhold like it said14:22
ThatGraemeGuymanhole even14:22
ThatGraemeGuyok so the fuel thing is a slight hassle14:41
ThatGraemeGuybut we can put a chest next to it for people to leave fuel in and then every now and then i just put fuel in the core14:42
Kilosya will have to send koos to recharge14:42
ThatGraemeGuyrather that than risk accidental damage causing meltdown14:42
Kilosoh you mean with permissions14:42
ThatGraemeGuyvery expensive to build this thing14:42
Kilosthats fine just no long holidays for you14:42
ThatGraemeGuyyou can check it out on the creative server if you want14:43
ThatGraemeGuything is 6 fuel lasts a week14:43
ThatGraemeGuyand you can put up to 99 in each of the 6 slots14:43
Kilosnot atm im waiting for data14:43
ThatGraemeGuyso just keep adding as we have it14:43
ThatGraemeGuyeventually we should have months' worth14:43
Kilosthats good14:43
ThatGraemeGuycool i'm going to make it meltdown14:43
Kiloswhat output did it give you?14:44
Kilosbefore you blow it14:44
Kilosthats good hey14:44
Kilosrun a city with that about14:45
ThatGraemeGuyi have 5 hv solar arrays which were already pretty expensive to make, and they only make 25,00014:45
ThatGraemeGuyand then only during less than half a minetest day14:45
ThatGraemeGuyonly start producing a little after sunrise, and stop a little before sunset14:45
Kilosnuke is the way to go14:46
Kilosonce home connected ill take my solar stuff to the deep14:46
ThatGraemeGuyyou do realise solar means it needs sunlight14:58
ThatGraemeGuyand there isn't much of that at -450014:58
Kilosyip but it can help keep batteries full14:58
Kiloslotsa cable14:58
ThatGraemeGuymaybe i'm not clear14:58
ThatGraemeGuysolar panels do not work underground14:58
Kilossolar up top14:58
ThatGraemeGuyyou want to lay 4500 cables?14:59
Kilos5 ks of cable14:59
Kilosi think im at 4800 or close14:59
ThatGraemeGuyok just take some time to realiase how much resources you need for that14:59
ThatGraemeGuycopper paper rubber whatever goes into cables i can't recall now14:59
Kilostoo much14:59
ThatGraemeGuya little15:00
ThatGraemeGuynot to mention it would take you days to even place that much cable15:00
ThatGraemeGuyand you have torches in the mineshaft what would stop you15:00
ThatGraemeGuyso every time there's a torch you have to remove it15:00
Kilosyeah that too15:00
ThatGraemeGuyand place a glow glass in a hole in the wall15:00
Kilosthat could be imbedded superglows15:01
ThatGraemeGuyso yeah, i'll see you in 2016 when you're done15:01
Kilosmaybe ill just mine somewhere else15:01
ThatGraemeGuyi played with the HV quarry in creative mode15:01
ThatGraemeGuyits super cool15:01
Kilosbut its not bad if coal keeps coming in15:01
Kiloswhat is the quarry15:02
ThatGraemeGuyi really don't think you understand how deep -4800 is15:02
ThatGraemeGuyremember before teleporting and before fast mode15:02
Kilosi do ive been digging there since i started playing15:02
ThatGraemeGuyit would take 20 minutes just to go down to --300015:02
Kilosi did it often as well15:03
ThatGraemeGuynow imagine you aren't just climbing straight down you have to sotop at every block to place a cable15:03
Kilosdidnt go fast and didnt have wrench for full chests or niks15:03
SilverCodedoes anyone know of any tools that ping a host every X seconds and log the results to a file, and then if it sees a ping take more than Y seconds, it does a tracert to the host and logs that?15:03
ThatGraemeGuyit will take you a month15:03
Kilosthats why bart joined15:03
Kilossec sil15:04
ThatGraemeGuyi am clearly not clear enough, so good luck with your cabling15:04
SilverCodetrying to figure out if my ISP to to blame for lag spikes, or my exchange15:04
ThatGraemeGuySilverCode: 10 minutes of bash scripting will get you that ;-)15:04
Kilosmtr -i2 -s0 -n
Kilostime ping -i2 -s0 -c10
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: if you have a sec check the other server on port 30001 you can see how cool the quarry is15:05
ThatGraemeGuyyou put it down and it has a face with a pick. turn it with the screwdriver if you want and then it digs in that direction15:06
Kilosas soon as ian comes online with data ill be there or after 11pm15:06
Kiloslast 2 days were 400+ a day15:06
Kilosoh my15:06
ThatGraemeGuyyou set a radius, default 4, then it digs a square in the direction of the pick (radius x 2) +1 blocks15:06
SilverCodeThatGraemeGuy: 10 minutes of bash scripting will send me a path of 3 days of programming15:06
ThatGraemeGuyso radius 4 it digs a 9x9 square15:07
SilverCodefirst 10 minutes trying to do it in bash15:07
SilverCodenext 24 hours trying to do it in C++15:07
ThatGraemeGuyand it digs to a depth of 100 below the level of the quarry15:07
SilverCodelast 48 hours doing it in PHP15:07
ThatGraemeGuySilverCode: eh ok15:07
ThatGraemeGuymost of us don't overengineer to that degree15:07
ThatGraemeGuyi'd never get any work done15:07
SilverCodeAs a programmer, it is my responsibility to overengineer things15:08
Kilosoh you actually want to make the tool from  scratch15:09
SilverCodeif we stopped overengineering things, we would be be releasing software every 2nd day and people would stop paying us lots of money15:09
SilverCodeKilos: no, I don't, but as a programmer, no other tool is ever good enough, and "I'm sure I can do it better"15:09
ThatGraemeGuyremind me never to hire you then :-)15:09
Kiloscommands so much easier15:10
ThatGraemeGuyit isn't programmers that think like that, its perfectionists :-)15:10
SilverCodebut being a perfectionist is what gets most people into programming15:11
Kilosim gonna connect a switch to reaktor and see what happens15:11
SilverCode"This sucks, I'm sure it can be done better" ... and a new programmer is born15:11
ThatGraemeGuyi guess we'll have to agree to disagree15:12
Kiloseish, in the top it says no network15:12
ThatGraemeGuyciao ciao all15:12
Kilosgo safe ThatGraemeGuy 15:12
Kiloshi Squirm 15:15
=== gremble_ is now known as Gremble
Kiloshi there superfly graeme wants to know where you think the best location for the reactor is16:40
superflyWe chatted a little earlier16:41
superflyThatGraemeGuy: as a developer, I agree with you.16:44
Kiloshi Gremble 16:50
bertushey guys17:28
bertuswhat are some great ubuntu/linux mint help websites?17:28
bertusI already use the following: http://www.webupd8.org/ http://www.noobslab.com/ http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/17:29
bertushey guys17:33
Kilosty bertus17:34
bertushey kilos how are you bro?17:36
bertusstill rocking the ubuntu?17:36
Kiloslol too old to be a bro17:36
inetprogood evening17:36
Kilosalways rocking on ubuntu17:36
Kiloshi inetpro 17:36
bertusversion? what flavour?17:36
Kilos14.04 unity and kde17:37
Kilosbertus, have you tried kubuntu17:39
Kilosthe clever guys use kde17:39
Kilosi use it because i was forced17:39
bertusyes I don't like kde 17:40
bertushave not tried plasma 517:40
bertusHas anyone? Is it good?17:40
bertusI tried arch, last week! wow that's a bit crazy 17:40
bertusnow running linux mint cinnamon edition x6417:41
Kilosthats for linux geeks17:41
bertusyep the arch user repository is insane good/bad17:42
bertuscheck this latest one out guys17:48
bertusare you using kde kilos?18:10
Kilosatm unity, but i run kde on another drive in this pc and choose at boot which one for the day18:11
Kiloskde takes getting used to but once you settle in it very lekker18:11
bertusokay I see, what is the best in your opinion?18:12
bertusi have tried kde but need to learn more about it 18:12
Kiloskde takes getting used to because everything is different but once you know it it rocks18:54
GrembleI want to use bspwm. But you need a 3 year diploma to get that set up19:25
Kilosuh oh ThatGraemeGuy server siek?20:05
ThatGraemeGuyhad a hiccup it seems, i just reconnected20:06
Kiloswhere are you?20:06
ThatGraemeGuyat home20:06
Kilosworking on power?20:06
ThatGraemeGuyno, i got caught up in creative and discussing nuclear reactor design in #minetest-technic20:08
Kilosaha i built mine put cores and cables but it dont boot20:11
ThatGraemeGuyi'm laser mining20:11
ThatGraemeGuyno network?20:11
Kilosno supply20:11
Kilossupply 020:11
ThatGraemeGuywhat does the reactor core say when you mouse over it?20:11
Kilosbut i been online then it stopped working so i restartyed now20:12
Kilosit says core i think20:12
Kilosright click lets me see cores rods20:12
ThatGraemeGuyit does work, so you must have wired something wrong20:13
Kilosive tried cable out top and side of reactor into all sides of switch20:14
Kilosits same as a generator without coal20:15
Kilossomething wrong ThatGraemeGuy peeks look like green spooks now20:18
ThatGraemeGuynight night all20:19
ThatGraemeGuytake a screenshot20:19
ThatGraemeGuydoes the game play ok? if so then ignore20:19
ThatGraemeGuyif not, exit, reconnect20:19
ThatGraemeGuysame old same old20:19
Kilosit seems to sec for screenshot20:19
ThatGraemeGuynight night!20:19
Kilosok night'20:20
Kilossjoe night guys. sleep tight22:48

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