mojtabaBeldar: Almost all of the solutions I found said turn off journaling in mac. But I wonder if there is another way?00:00
Beldarmojtaba, No idea never had to do this, here is my google search, it may be what you have seen already is all. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=ubuntu+read+and+write+HFS+filesystem&gbv=1&sei=YpLVU-mwGKH6iwKx-oDICw00:01
mojtabaBeldar: thanks00:02
Zunairif u symlink catalina.sh to another place... it should still be able to cat it right?00:04
matt444Hi, when I update i get this error: http://pastebin.com/JqyMhskB00:05
matt444How can I work around it?00:05
user1sudo apt-get porn00:06
thevoidif i loaded the 14.04 lts live cd would it auto detect my new raid card?00:06
Beldarmatt444, can you post all of it?00:06
Amy_Lu_WhoMy in laws just bought me a Cannon printer and the software disk will not run on my system.  Wine will not open the file either.00:06
thevoidthere doesnt seem to be a good way to install the drivers00:06
Amy_Lu_WhoWhat interface should I be using for a cannon printer?00:07
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, Have you opened printers to see if a driver is available?00:07
GnudnikI experienced a power failure during the early stages of an upgrade after it had started in earnest.  Only a few packages were upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04, but clearly the system is borked.  I have 13 broken packages and lib6 is one of them, so if I remove all the broken packages and upgrade it will basically strip the system down to the bones.  do-release-upgrade says I'm at the latest version, apt-get -f install and aptitude --full-resol00:07
Gnudnikformatting my whole system.00:07
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, no I have not.  where do I look00:07
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, printers is an app, depends on the desktop if unity type it in the dash.00:08
Amy_Lu_Whoit is a unity desktop00:09
LoshkiGnudnik: I always do from-scratch installs, more work but much more reliable than an upgrade. Sounds like you've decided to do the same...00:09
SerraphynIs there a real safe way to install ubuntu along side windows 8.1 where you can choose at boot which one to use(or default to something)? I'm not super sure this computer can handle ubuntu well enough but I'm willing to try if I am sure I wont loose my windows partition00:10
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, hit the windows icon key and type printers then in printers hit add new printer to see if it is recognized.00:10
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, do I enter the URI (what is the URI and where can I fin it) or do I select network printer00:11
BeldarSerraphyn, image windows off the HD if you want to be safe.00:11
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, this printer in a network or plugged into the computer?00:12
GnudnikNo, Loshki, I always upgrade, I think THAT is more work, but it seems like a system ought to be upgradeable and I've generally succeeded despite frequently glitches.  I have a 12.04 Kubuntu system that started as 5.04 and got upgraded every 6 months until 8.04.  It is basically fine, though a fresh install would be a little less glitchy.00:12
eeee_Serraphyn: dual-booting is pretty easy, but if you're concerned so much, i think you should know that you might not be able to use your OEM recovery feature anymore, as modifying the OEM partitioning sometimes disables the recovery, but you can make recovery dvd's, (which you should anyways).00:12
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, plugged in00:13
SerraphynBeldar, but can it be done safely? I have my backups already of the drive I'm just not wanting to do 16 hours of windows updates again because ubuntu ate my drive again00:13
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, And if you hit add new printer does the app find it?00:13
Serraphyneeee_, I have a recovery USB 3.0 16G drive that does work as I tried to install ubuntu once and it ate windows00:13
BeldarSerraphyn, Safe way, that is an opinion, many do it with no problem others have some.00:14
caskaidanyone in here use any of the wacom tablets with inkscape? Trying to figure out if certain versions are better supported than others00:14
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, no it did not00:14
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SerraphynBeldar, do you have a link or anything on how to do it safely? like the steps to go through with windows 8.1?00:15
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, Not sure than myself I would google the ubuntu release and the exact printer model to see if anything come up.00:15
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Serraphynmaybe I should just build a small linux pc instead... ah well thanks guys for the time.00:16
BeldarSerraphyn, Safely is a opinion per user is all.00:16
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, i will do.  would it work better if I set up the wireless function on the printer?00:16
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, For a driver, my guess is no.00:16
LoshkiGnudnik: I agree systems should be upgradeable, but installed & running systems are all slightly different, so you can't even begin to test the combinations. So, like it or not, and from-scratch install will almost always be less troublesome and better debugged than an upgrade.00:17
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, If you are plugged in with a usb, run lsusb in the terminal and make sure it is being seen.00:17
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, what is the exact command to type in the terminal to run lsusb?00:18
maddawg2ummmm.. where the heck does Ubuntu get off selling an app in the software center for $4.95 when it's a free app00:18
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BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, lsusb  ;)00:18
Loshkimaddawg2: which app?00:18
maddawg2it's a free application on the developers page yet ubuntu software center wants $4.9500:19
EtaleI don't currently have the relevant machine with me, but I had a theoretical question. I have a new install of Ubuntu 12.04, and it doesn't see wlan0 (nor does it connect to eth0). In the LiveCD it did connect to the wifi.00:19
EtaleMy hope is that doing "apt-get upgrade" should resolve this issue. But since I'm not connected to the internet, I can't do that! My question is whether there is a way to install packages on my installed Ubuntu from the LiveCD.00:19
Beldar!ot | maddawg200:19
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, oops my dumb is showing.  thanks! :)00:19
ubottumaddawg2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:19
Etale(Because my LiveCD does connect to the wifi.)00:19
maddawg2Beldar this is a ubuntu related issue00:19
maddawg2i am trying to get an app from the software center and wondering why it's not free cuz i must be missing something00:19
Beldarmaddawg2, not a support issue, try #ubuntu-offtopic00:19
maddawg2actually it is00:20
maddawg2but that's ok live in your fantasy world00:20
daftykinsmaddawg2: we've been through this before, we're telling you policy. do not argue it.00:20
k1l_maddawg2: talk to the one who put it in that software center00:20
maddawg2k1l_ how do I find out who did?00:20
Beldarwelcome to my fantasy world mmmmmmm00:20
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, yes, it shows a cannon device in bus 003 Device 00300:20
maddawg2then daftykins what do you classify as a support issue if not asking questions about the ubuntu software center00:21
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, That's good so we know the computer sees it, now it is juat a search for an answer as far as a driver to get it running.00:21
maddawg2it seems whenever you guys dont know an answer it's automatically off-topic00:21
kostkonmaddawg2, what's the app00:21
maddawg2kostkon FileBot00:21
daftykinsmaddawg2: pay-for software means someone else developed it and it's not official, is that not obvious to you?00:22
kostkonmaddawg2, yeah, it's not free https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/filebot/00:22
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maddawg2daftykins it's free from the developer00:22
daftykinsmaddawg2: if you own a smartphone, do you phone up Apple or Google because an app won't work? no.00:22
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, okay.  i will see what the great google oracle has on it.  Thank you for helping me once again.  :)00:22
maddawg2daftykins i would if an app that is suppose to be free is being charged for on their store00:23
GnudnikWell, I'm not a developer, so I don't need to test combinations other folks have (and I tend to install way to much stuff, heck, its free & I might use it), so I'll commonly have plenty of KDE & GTK packages and multiple window managers.  But I've found that the do-release-upgrade is pretty painless these days if you don't have a power outage.  But even without it I'm generally able to complete an upgrade and then reinstall everything.  Any00:23
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, it shows up now!  under select device in printers.00:23
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, No problem, if you try here again just include the printer model.00:23
k1l_maddawg2: its not ubuntu or canonical. its the one who did put it into that store00:23
daftykinsmaddawg2: right but that's not relevant here, there are no staff here that run the software centre00:24
maddawg2k1l_ but how can i fin d out who uploaded it... cuz i'm pretty sure the developer isnt the one who uploaded it... otherwise why would the developers page say it was free00:24
Beldardaftykins, welcome to my fantasy world, bar is down on the left, the pools on the right, enjoy. ;)00:25
Amy_Lu_WhoBeldar, thank you it found its own driver.  (thank goodness) test page printed.  Thank you for your unending patience as I learn all this.  :)00:25
daftykinsBeldar: :D where's the sax stage?00:25
BeldarAmy_Lu_Who, no prob.00:25
Beldardaftykins, right next to my inflated ego. ;)00:25
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maddawg2that's off-topic guys00:27
kostkonmaddawg2, contact the dev and ask him/her about that http://www.filebot.net/00:27
eeee_ /server omega.elitebnc.org 1337 eeee:nzn18i8500:27
maddawg2kostkon i did... he said it's suppose to be free... and then sent me the link directly to the .deb file00:28
maddawg2he doesnt know why it's being charged in the ubuntu store he said ubuntu sometimes sets prices for their software center00:28
kostkonmaddawg2, i don't think that's the case00:28
maddawg2well i have an email from him that states otherwise00:28
maddawg2i sent out an email last week to him/her... and they said that he's not sure why it's being charged but he confirmed that it was... so he suggested that i install it directly from the deb file00:29
daftykinsok can you stop going on about it now then?00:30
Beldarmaybe Shuttleworth needs a mocha at Starbucks.00:30
maddawg2i was just wondering why ubuntu charged so this seemed like it should be a good spot to check since after all this is a ubuntu support channel and if it were any other app market place i'd be contacting them too00:31
k1l_maddawg2: so if he doesnt care that "someone" (maybe him) charges it in the ubuntu app store its not to be changed00:31
k1l_maddawg2: its not ubuntu. its the one who set it in there00:31
roeijachey guys, as new programmer I would like to contribute open source projects, how can I start? thanks00:32
maddawg2ok thats why i was curious how to find out who set it there... cuz the developers says it's free00:32
kostkonmaddawg3, tell him/her to do something about it then00:32
maddawg2is there a way to check who uploaded things to the store00:32
roeijacand what's the most popular ide for c/ cpp on linux?00:32
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu00:32
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator00:32
k1l_maddawg2: to me that email sounds like "if you dont want to pay me on the store use the free download"00:32
maddawg2he said specifically k1l_:  "Thanks for your inquiry, this is fascinating to come to my attention as this is a freely distributed application. I will need to check as to why it is being charged for as I have not seen any money in regards to this application. Below is a direct link to the .deb file in which you can install by double clicking on it.  Please let me know if you have any problems with it, and thank you for bringing this to my attention"00:35
roeijacthanks guys00:35
roeijaccan you mention a good irc channel for starter programmers as me?00:36
maddawg2wait that's off topic00:36
roeijacon c / cpp00:36
k1l_maddawg2: ok, so he will care about it and we can stop running our thoughts about that00:36
Bashing-omEtale: A thiought, you have a liveDVD of the same version as what is installed and the liveDVD does have connection, right ? How bout we pull a full CHange Root routine and try and update the install ???00:36
Boohbahroeijac: ##learnprogramming, ##programming00:36
=== roasted_ is now known as roasted
EtaleBashing-om, that's kind of the thing I was thinking about. I don't know how to do that, though...00:37
k1l_maddawg2: so please drop it now since its a technical support channel. and telling others to be offtopic while you refuse to stop offtopic yourself is not very code of conduct like :/00:38
Bashing-omEtale: We can do that if you are comfortable with the command line .// We will need to test/verify that the internet connection works in the CHange Root !! .00:39
Jeffrey_froeijac: Best way to learn sometimes, is to find something you want to automate and figure out how/what steps you need to have done, then make a program to do it.00:39
EtaleI don't have the machine here right now, Bashing-om. I'm actually going to head home soon. If you're still here when I become available, I'll try to seek you out.00:40
Bashing-omEtale: OK, I expect to be around for a few more hours ..00:40
roeijacJeffrey_f: thanks man. I'll check on other programming IRC channel, don't want to bother you here on the ubuntu channel00:41
ice9where to get e4defrag I can't find it?00:42
daftykins!info e4defrag00:42
ubottuPackage e4defrag does not exist in trusty00:42
daftykinsare you sure that's the name?00:42
daftykinsice9: just FYI you don't need to defrag Linux systems, really.00:43
k1l_!find e4defrag00:43
ubottuFile e4defrag found in e2fsprogs, e2fsprogs-dbg, fio, manpages-fr-extra00:43
ice9daftykins: that's not true, ext was designed to minimize fragmentation not to avoid it,  by time and files increasing, your disk will have fragmentation causing slower performance00:44
daftykinsice9: uh-huh, still wouldn't waste my time00:44
Beldarice9, At best that is speculation.00:44
ice9Beldar: proof it00:45
Beldarice9, Err the proof is on you bro.00:45
ice9Beldar: you can test a fresh disk with fresh installation performance and do the same after adding a LOT of files00:46
Beldarice9, You made the statement prove it empirically.00:46
ice9ballock: ok when I have time I'll post it00:48
daftykinsand so we never heard a thing again00:49
eluxbtw.. what is the ubuntu 14.10 (utopic) release going to include? .. i guess the new systemd stuff? .. what else?00:50
daftykinselux: #ubuntu+1 for future release talk.00:50
k1l_elux: the target for systemd as standard is 16.04. dont expect a full running systemd in near future in ubuntu.00:51
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mikechelenanyone know how to get flash standalone player working in 14.04? need to install ia32-libs01:14
BeldarMike98632, you might look through this google search ia32-libs is not exactly available. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=14.04+ia32-libs&btnG=&gbv=1&sei=zqTVU-DuLKqIjALH74GACQ01:19
mikechelenBeldar: yeah i figured out you can do :i386 when selecting packages, the problem is figuring out which packages01:21
copernicusBeldar, is there a program to control my internal fans?01:22
mikechelenBeldar: gonna try this list someone made https://github.com/ajkerr/chef-flashprojector/blob/master/attributes/default.rb01:22
Beldarcopernicus, click your heels and proclaim "this isn't kansas anymore" why are you asking me?01:23
* copernicus clicks his heels together01:23
Beldarlol that work?01:23
ryonaloliso, does https://imgur.com/a/QeFou/noscript look like there's a problem with the drive itself?01:24
rwwcopernicus: it is, surprisingly, named fancontrol01:24
copernicusYea Beldar, I found this tuxtweaks.com/2008/08/how-to-control-fan-speeds-in-ubuntu/01:24
rww!info fancontrol01:24
ubottufancontrol (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.4-2ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 19 kB, installed size 128 kB01:24
daftykinsryonaloli: can you boot a live session of desktop, we can deduce the health condition of the drive.01:25
ryonalolidaftykins: so i take it that's not a simple configuration mistake?01:26
daftykinsryonaloli: i have no idea, but we can at least rule out the disk as being in a bad condition. does Windows work fine?01:27
daftykinsa 160GB WD BEVT is pretty old01:27
ryonalolinot sure, this is for a friend i'm helping who knows very little about it01:27
daftykinsah, so you're not in front of it right now?01:28
john2x_can a windows and/or osx machine access a NFS (https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/network-file-system.html) server?01:28
daftykinsryonaloli: how quickly can your friend turn around on booting a desktop live session and running a couple of commands / booting Windows and installing a program?01:28
daftykinsjohn2x_: samba for Windows, NFS is fine on OS X i think yep. but samba would do both01:29
ryonaloliit took 6 minutes to get that photo, so i dunno lol01:29
john2x_daftykins: thanks. samba it is then01:29
ryonalolii'll see if i can get her to boot into a recovery cd and run badblocks01:29
daftykinsryonaloli: waste of time.01:30
ryonaloliwhat would be a better use?01:30
ryonalolii don't think that drive has smart01:30
daftykinsryonaloli: if you're going to get a shell, just get smartmontools and pastebinit installed and run "smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"01:30
daftykinslol, yes it does01:30
daftykinsall disks have SMART01:31
ryonalolii thought they were newer, huh01:31
apb1963!info ia32-libs01:32
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in trusty01:32
apb1963!info ia32-libs-multiarch01:33
ubottuPackage ia32-libs-multiarch does not exist in trusty01:33
apb1963!find ia32-libs-multiarch01:33
ubottuPackage/file ia32-libs-multiarch does not exist in trusty01:33
rwwapb1963: Modern Ubuntu versions do not do ia32-libs. Find the actual libraries your program needs, and install the 32-bit version of them using multiarch01:33
copernicuswell. so much for that. apparently these old dells don't have sensors on the fans or anything because I cannot get any type of fan control prog to work01:34
daftykinscopernicus: what cooling situation are you trying to remedy exactly?01:35
Beldarcopernicus, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217456801:35
copernicusI'm trying to control the fans and see what the temperature is inside the case.01:35
copernicus(this is my machine in the other room) -last kernel panic was from a thermal event01:36
daftykinscopernicus: most factory systems use temperature adaptive cooling, perhaps you should just perform some maintenance on it01:37
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aneksI'm running 14.04 - is there any way I can upgrade to 14.04.1 without having to download the image from ubuntu?01:39
daftykinsyeah, keep updating01:40
daftykinsit's auto01:40
Beldarcopernicus, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=990580 see post 401:40
OerHeksindeed, just update01:40
daftykinsaneks: it may interest you to know the only thing that makes it 14.04.1 is when an update comes through that updates a text file telling you it's no longer 14.04 ;)01:40
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OerHeks"cat /etc/issue " will tell you if you are up2date, 14.04.1 is out01:41
Jeffrey_fdaftykins: what file is that.....curious01:41
Jeffrey_fnever mind, OerHeks answered it01:43
daftykinsoh i saw. i saw.01:43
Jeffrey_fMe too  :P01:44
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OerHeksI'd like a nice tune when such upgrade arrived01:46
daftykinsperhaps a fanfare could be played over your PC speaker01:46
OerHeksdaftykins, if we'd ask Beldar, we would be offftopic01:47
Jeffrey_for dun dun DUN!!!01:48
Beldarthats right01:48
daftykinsuntil we get questions i think us volunteers are allowed a little humanity01:49
bjoswaldis ALPM enabled by default in 14.04?01:50
OerHeksbjoswald, no, disabled by default against possible dataloss  there is a wiki though https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagementALPM01:52
bjoswaldthanks, OerHeks01:53
bjoswalddo I still need to install vdpau-va-driver with NVIDIA drivers in 14.04?01:53
OerHeksi see that VDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API) is loaded with the driver provided by the drivermenu01:54
bjoswaldI ask because my video card has a maxwell chipset, so drivers have to be installed manually01:56
bjoswaldthey don't show up in the Additional Drivers menu :-/01:56
daftykinsmaxwell? what?01:58
daftykinsoh codename.01:58
bjoswaldsorry, was AFK ... yes, it's a 750 Ti01:59
cloudrfhey all02:06
cloudrfhey daftykins02:10
cloudrfhey basketballl02:10
daftykinsgot a support question?02:11
cloudrfyup, how do i fix the crash reporter its broke02:11
cloudrfi just get rid of apport02:13
cloudrfbut is there another way around it?02:13
OerHekscloudrf, not any more.02:14
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daftykinsjohnzer: come again?02:20
daftykinsjust goes to show, never talk with your mouth full02:21
Boohbahdaftykins: maybe he is kidnapped, gagged, and begging for help02:21
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Jeffrey_fthink he spit crumbs all over the inside of the fiber optic02:21
=== does is now known as sydney
ubottuCookies are delicious delicacies.02:25
daftykinsno bot trolling thanks guys, feel free to PM ubottu though02:26
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:26
copernicussomeone should make a version of wine that works well for a few hours, then gets slower and more laggy until it shuts down the system and call it beer02:28
copernicusand when you restart the system, it doesn't remember anything from the previous session02:28
rwwLet's move the non-support chat to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.02:28
=== sydney is now known as pebsugcinflurmay
Jeffrey_fIsn't that called Windows?02:31
ramiowhat do you mean jeffrey_f ??02:32
* Fall chuckles02:32
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red_bullI just installed Ubuntu in virtualbox.  Everything seems to be working slow.  the dash animations is slow and when opening and closing windows.  Any advise.  Im not sure if its virtaulbox or if there is a way to adjust the windows transition timing.02:45
rwwred_bull: Unity doesn't play well with graphics on virtualbox by default. Poor performance, as you're seeing.02:46
rwwNot sure how to fix it; I just used Xubuntu instead.02:46
daftykinsred_bull: 1) created the VM with 3D acceleration? 2) allocated lots of VRAM? 3) installed guest additions?02:46
OerHeksred_bull, stop the vm, see if you can give more gpu mem to it02:46
hakimanyone good with samba? i cant share anything reliably with windows02:46
daftykinshakim: i do simple passworded file shares, what's up?02:47
hakimdaftykins: i cant get anything to share02:48
hakimon 14.0402:48
red_bulli have 3d accleration enabled, 4G ram and 30 G virtual HD02:48
hakimit worked fine on 13.1002:48
daftykinshakim: is this graphically?02:49
daftykinsred_bull: VRAM != RAM02:49
daftykinshakim: yeah i don't do that. i manually configure smb.conf02:49
hakimi tried editing it with no luck either02:50
hakimi should probably start with a fresh smb.conf file02:50
lindgrenj6Hey all!02:51
hakimthe files i want to share is on a second harddrive02:51
daftykinshakim: yep, and use 'testparm' to make sure you get it right. also you know you need to create a password for your user? "sudo smbpasswd -a <username>"02:51
daftykinshakim: it's formatted with a Linux file system yes?02:51
daftykinsgood stuff, i think NTFS shared can cause issues02:52
hakimi can access the second HD normally via ubuntu02:52
hakimits ext402:53
hakimhow can i get a fresh smb.conf file to retry with?02:53
daftykinsyou could probably remove and purge samba then reinstall02:54
daftykinsin future you really should copy files before starting :)02:54
hakimmy second harddrive has a space in its name02:55
hakimis that going to be an issue02:55
hakimi cant cd into it via the terminal02:55
rwwjust put a \ before the space02:55
daftykinshakim: it'd make a lot more sense to remove it, i bet it causes issues elsewhere02:56
hakimworked flawlessly on 13.10 before i upgraded02:57
hakimi do remember it being a PITA to get set up though as always02:57
daftykinsnah, quick share definition and you're done with 14.0402:58
apb1963What's the best/easiest way of keeping track of changes I make to config files?  I don't want to just randomly cp /etc/blah /etc/blah.bak ....  Is there a decent way to manage that for all the files that get changed over time?  Basically some kind of glorified file list manager thingy?02:58
hakimdaftykins: whats quickshare definition?02:59
rypervencheapb1963: Well, something like git may work for you, or something that sends out changes for you.02:59
daftykinscreating a quick share config02:59
helpon1404Is this an ok place to ask questions about installing Ubuntu 14.04?03:00
hakimshould i just remove samba and leave it removed or resintall fresh03:00
daftykinshelpon1404: yes, ideal place03:00
HamledI'm trying to log into my ubuntu server in single user mode because I do not recall the root password. When it starts though I am prompted for the root password or Ctrl+D to continue, and if I continue it continues through the full boot sequence and then gives the normal login prmopt03:00
Hamledis there something I'm doing wrong that it's still prompting for a password?03:00
daftykinshakim: i would: "sudo apt-get remove --purge samba && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install samba"03:00
hakimdoes it show up in your browse network in nautilus?03:00
Jeffrey_fapb1963: well, copy to a "repository" before working.  If it is rsyslog.conf, call it rsyslog.conf.(changing hostYYYYMMDDHHMM)03:00
HamledI've tried both recovery and adding 'single' as a kernel param in GRUB03:01
* grobend slaps unopaste 64MAACBW6 [Derek] ]CkB[Hologram ^peter^ ^Phantom^ _[myth __moehm _antino _DEADBEEF_ _gypsy_ _KaszpiR__ _NiC _notarobot `echi `Yoda aaa801 aaas aaearon aarcane_ aarontc abaday abc_harold Abhishek_ aboudreault_ Abrecus achernya acrocity adan0s adante adebarbara adeschamps AdmV0rl03 Adran adymitruk aem` Aeyoun Agent_Smith_BR AGoodName aguslr Ahnberg airtonix AJ_Z0 ajvpot ak 03:01
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unopastegrobend you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted03:01
apb1963rypervenche: Yeah, that's pretty much the first thing that came to mind... problem is, I don't really know how to set that up... I can clone an existing branch... that's about it.03:01
apb1963Jeffrey_f:  you lost me.  Please elaborate.03:01
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang03:01
bdavenportblah, darn grobe0ba03:01
rypervencheapb1963: This is an amazing git tutorial: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorial03:01
* bdavenport suggests we raise pitchforks03:02
Jeffrey_fapb1963: what is the file name, we'll use it for example03:02
apb1963rypervenche: thank you03:02
helpon1404ok: im trying to setup a home server. there are 4 2tb drives in it, and a 60 gb SSD. i want to raid the 4 2tb in an encrypted LVM volume that is /home, and have the ssd be /03:02
meganerdrypervenche: look at salt and git03:02
ConnorMthanks Pici03:02
BlackoutIsHerePici, thanks man03:02
daftykinsgood work sir03:02
helpon1404so i partitioned the 4 2tb drives to be raid, and the 60 to be ext4, bootable, /03:03
Jeffrey_fapb1963: I see you left.......As I was saying, give me the name of the file and we'll use that as an example03:03
jeffreylevesquedaftykins: you're on here quite often03:03
daftykinsHamled: are you doing this?03:03
daftykins!recovery | Hamled03:03
ubottuHamled: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode03:03
apb1963Jeffrey_f: /etc/hosts  lets say03:03
rypervencheapb1963: You could turn your entire /etc into a git repository. You'd probably need to ignore a few files and directories, but that would be one way for you to manage all changes to your config files.03:03
hakimdaftykins: should i install the package mainainers versio of the config?03:03
daftykinshakim: yes03:03
helpon1404next i setup a RAID6 out of the 4 tb03:03
daftykinsjeffreylevesque: as are you ;)03:03
apb1963rypervenche: well, that's a thought... but changes aren't really limited to /etc/ necessarily03:03
helpon1404when i go to "erase data" on the new raid partition that is created, it just hangs at 9%03:04
helpon1404any thoughts? :/03:04
reisiohelpon1404: 0% what?03:04
hakimdoes it show up in your browse network in nautilus? when you do a quick share?03:04
helpon1404reisio 0% of the "erasing data" on the raid partition03:04
apb1963apb1963: I could turn / into a repo.  heh.  Kind of overkill... but another interesting thought :)03:04
meganerdapb1963: I use git to store the actual configs, and salt to keep an eye on them.  If something changes (like I ssh in and directly edit a file) salt will put it back to what it is supposed to be.  Likewise I can blast out an update to lots of machines03:04
apb1963there I got talking to myself03:05
rypervencheapb1963: In that case, it would depend. You may need to make several git repos depending on where the files you need to change are located, or you could create one big one and exclude the directories that you don't need. Or you could use your own system with something like Ansible, salt, puppet, chef, etc.03:05
=== stonner is now known as stonn
=== stonn is now known as stonner
Hamleddaftykins, I tried that first and did not get any kind of menu with options. It just started the boot and asked for me to supply the root password or ctrl-d to complete normal booting03:05
Hamledthis is on ubuntu 7.04 btw03:05
apb1963meganerd: salt?  Haven't heard of that.  But, I don't want it to put it back... I want it to save a version of it.03:06
_[mythwho mentioned me??03:06
apb1963rypervenche: haven't heard of ansible03:06
daftykinsHamled: oh? you could also boot desktop media, chroot and reset the password03:06
Jeffrey_fapb1963: I would copy hosts to maybe your desktop.  Call the file hosts.yyyymmddhhmm-WorkingOnExperimentWithHostNames.  Now you know WHEN the file was copied and why and you can revert to that file if things fail03:06
rypervencheapb1963: Ansible is probably the easiest out of all of them to use. It also doesn't require a client to be running on the computer.03:06
apb1963Jeffrey_f: Yeah but for one thing, then I have to remember to copy the silly thing... for another, I have to remember the directory structure of where it came from... files other than just /etc/ can be changed.03:07
apb1963rypervenche: ok, I'll take a look at ansible then.  Thank you :)03:07
meganerdapb1963: salt is a newish configuration mangager.  Keep your actuall configs for all of your sysytems in git, then push them out to systems with salt.  Salt also keeps things in state that you define.03:08
Hamleddaftykins, oh I hadn't thought of chrooting... was trying to avoid setting up a second install / live media, but it seems like that might be necessary03:08
Blue1I have an old compaq legacy computer -- I need to write at 1x - suggestions?03:08
daftykinsHamled: it could be a lot worse03:09
Hamledthe disk could be encrypted! :D03:09
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priuonhello. is the brightnesscontroll panel item gone for good in xubuntu 14.04?03:10
jeffreylevesquedaftykins: I'm not as acquainted as some with linux OS.  I've only used Ubuntu (more recently).  But, are debian, or red hat nice flavors?03:10
Jeffrey_fapb1963: Unless you get into a change management system for your system, you need to keep things kinda simplistic.03:11
daftykinsjeffreylevesque: that's not relevant here, #ubuntu-offtopic for distro chat03:11
hakimokay so i did a fresh install of samba03:11
Hamleddaftykins, so if I've booted a live copy of ubuntu desktop off of USB and I chroot to /dev/sda1 or whatever the hard disk partition is, how do I do that such that I'm the root user on that install03:11
Hamleddo you automatically start as root when you chroot?03:12
priuonand is it possible to change thhe look of the login screen? I liked the one from xubuntu 12.0403:12
apb1963meganerd: sounds interesting.... but not sure it's what I need.  Basically you're saying I'd have to not only deal with git, but something else on top... not sure my brain can handle all that.  I need something requiring less brain power if possible.03:12
daftykinsHamled: you'll have chroot'd in as root, so you'd already be root as if on that install03:12
apb1963Jeffrey_f: exactly.  Simple is what I need.03:12
Hamledcool, thanks03:12
daftykinshakim: uh-huh, now copy smb.conf to smb.conf.original :P03:13
Akiva-Thinkpadhey in commandline, is there a way to output to your clipboard; ie, the placeholder for your copy pasta?03:13
meganerdapb1963: I guess I don't understand your problem.  I can only tell you that I the combination of the two works great for me03:13
meganerdapb1963: FWIW, I did not find either all that difficult to figure out.  Best of luck to you, I am heading to sleep now.03:14
apb1963meganerd: well, I suppose what I'm looking for is version control that works over the whole filesystem - a central repo.  Some kind of centralized distributed version of RCS... or maybe just a better understanding of RCS perhaps, since I don't know if it could handle it or not.03:15
Nickd55345353oh my god03:15
apb1963meganerd: ok, thank you :)03:15
Jeffrey_fapb1963: create a folder on your desktop.  Any files you are looking at changing, place a copy here and a text file containing where they came from........append a date/time to the end of the file name and possibly a reason for the change.  Not sure how much changing you plan on doing, but this is as simple as it gets.03:15
Nickd55345353i think that my ubuntu got malware ...03:15
grobe0babdavenport, you rang?03:15
apb1963Jeffrey_f: that's an idea!03:15
R13osehow do I remove property information from PDF files?03:15
SchrodingersScat!details | Nickd5534535303:16
ubottuNickd55345353: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:16
bdavenportsorry grobe0ba, ment to auto complete someone else03:16
apb1963Jeffrey_f: I think I like that idea03:16
priuonNickd55345353,  for more serious attacks rkhunter was recommended to me03:16
bdavenportread up to see03:16
apb1963Jeffrey_f: thank you!03:16
Nickd55345353i have rkhunter03:16
Nickd55345353my comodo antivirus found a trojan and removed it03:16
Nickd55345353i know that trojan passed through an exploit in the flash player03:17
Jeffrey_fapb1963: hosts in the desktop folder would become hosts-20140714-ExperiemntNumber1.  In the text file, keep a diary of where the file originally resided03:17
Nickd55345353i just saw a video in one link that my friend send me03:17
hakimdaftykins: this is my ls from samba folder03:17
hakimgdbcommands  smb.conf~                        smb.conf.ucf-old  tls03:17
hakimsmb.conf     smb.conf.old.gadmin-samba-0.3.2  smbusers03:17
hakimnothing about original03:17
Nickd55345353am i ok now?03:17
daftykinshakim: did you even read my sentence? i said *you* make a copy so you have a backup03:18
hakimohh ok03:18
hakimgot you03:18
priuonNickd55345353, how do you know that the flash video got exploited?03:19
apb1963Jeffrey_f: well, that "storage" folder would be the old versions... no?03:19
Nickd55345353because i searched about that trojan and i saw that it passes through an exploit in the flash player03:19
Nickd55345353but it does not harm your pc03:20
daftykinslol antivirus for linux, mercy mercy me03:20
hakimokay so i have my back up03:20
Nickd55345353yes of course03:20
Nickd55345353every os needs av03:20
daftykinshakim: so begin editing smb.conf03:20
daftykinsNickd55345353: i disagree 100%03:20
hakimi dont know what to put..noob:/03:20
danikvsnAnyone here knows how to install programs on my pc through the live cd?03:21
tharkunNickd55345353: linux doesn't have viruses. It has rootkits.03:21
Jeffrey_fapb1963: the storage folder (on your desktop or where ever) will contain the original file before you start poking around03:21
daftykinshakim: so get right to the end of the file, and create a share called 'share' by starting with [sharename] hang on let me pastebin an example03:21
Nickd55345353tharkun it was a trojan03:21
Jeffrey_fapb1963: a safe copy if you will03:21
danikvsnI can't use the internet on my pc, and am trying to find a way to install them using the live cs03:21
priuonNickd55345353, I can't tell if you are okay. But if your "antivirus" program found a something I'd rather check with an expert if the machine is indispensible03:21
tharkunNickd55345353: There is no such thing as a trojan in *nix. Just ...03:21
Nickd55345353but it only devastates your flash player and does not harm your pc03:22
* tharkun refrains before beeing sacked forom #ubuntu03:22
Nickd55345353priuon my friend who is a programmer told me to run some commands in terminal03:22
Nickd55345353but all of them came up negative03:22
tharkunrm -rf / ?03:22
daftykinshakim: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7880845/03:22
daftykinshakim: make your own version of that ok?03:23
* tharkun goes back to work.03:23
Jeffrey_fapb1963: remember, while making changes, do each idea one at a time......if the first idea works, then move on to the next, but in between, make a copy of the file again...which is why I suggested plugging information at the end of the filename, like date/time and reason and also noting same in the text file diary03:23
apb1963Jeffrey_f: right.  That's my backup folder...   so I'd have /save/etc/hosts.hhmm.whatever and /save/etc/hosts.txt to explain that hosts.hhmm.whatever was stored in /etc03:23
danikvsnAnyone know how to install programs on my pc through the ljve cd?03:23
danikvsnUbuntu is stuck on plymouth03:23
apb1963Jeffrey_f: I'm not sure I can handle all that bookkeeping.03:23
daftykinsdanikvsn: what do you mean? install programs on an installed version from a live session? why?03:23
hakimdaftykins: when its done will it be visible in nautilus under the network section on the side?03:24
priuonNickd55345353, If you trust that friend to be an expert you seem to be okay.03:24
Jeffrey_fapb1963: that will work.  the keeping notes part is just to save you a little tiny bit of sanity later.03:24
danikvsnDaftykins: my lightdm is broken, and I can't get internet access on ky pc03:24
Nickd55345353he is programmer and he woks as an admin in a linux server03:25
Nickd55345353so i trust him03:25
daftykinshakim: i don't really care for graphical ways of seeing shares, i only care for what functions03:25
danikvsnWas wondering if it was possible to use the live cd, where I have internet, to install programs on ubuntu pc03:25
daftykinsdanikvsn: yes, see...03:25
daftykins!chroot | danikvsn03:25
ubottudanikvsn: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot03:25
=== rafaelsoaresbr_ is now known as rafaelsoaresbr
hakimin windows will i be able to see it via the GUI?03:25
danikvsnThank you so much guys03:26
daftykinshakim: sure, that's what the browseable value does03:26
apb1963Jeffrey_f:  sounds like a huge pain.  :)  It means I have to be very careful about remembering to follow a series of steps for each and every file I touch.  I'm kind of bad at that, which is why I need something I don't have to think about.  I just edit the file, the system keeps track.  I guess something like that doesn't exist.03:27
daftykinsapb1963: a good engineer learns to take notes03:28
apb1963daftykins: I'm not an engineer... let alone a good one :)03:28
daftykinstime to learn03:29
daftykinssee, even if you established what you describe, then there'd be disk failure and yada yada03:29
apb1963well that's why it would have to be cloudified03:30
priuonto register a cli-programm i can copy it to /usr/bin right?03:30
hakimloftykins: still not showing up in windows network... this is my conf file http://paste.ubuntu.com/7880889/03:30
daftykinshakim: you realise you have to restart smbd after saving that config, ja?03:30
hakimi did03:30
hakimsudo restart smbd03:31
Jeffrey_fapb1963: Something DOES exist like that.  It is called Change Management.  I don't think you will need that much overkill for a few changes.  Just follow a procedure before changes and you will have a manual change management system03:31
daftykinshakim: open 'my computer' and edit the address bar, enter \\IP of ubuntu box\sharename03:31
Jeffrey_fapb1963: if you plan to make infrequent changes, just copy the file (hosts for example) to hosts.1 or hosts.old03:32
Jeffrey_fapb1963: if things work, just delete the old version03:32
hakimin windows?03:32
daftykinshakim: well you don't have 'my computer' in ubuntu do you...03:32
Psil0Cybink1l_: hey what was the packages i would uninstall after everything was a okay after a restart03:32
apb1963Jeffrey_f: yeah, it may be what I end up doing... I just know I'm going to mess up and forget to backup...03:33
daftykinshakim: oh your file is configured wrong03:33
daftykinshakim: "/media/hakim/Shared Media" means it's going to try to share "/media/hakim/Shared" - you shouldn't use capitals OR spaces in names in Linux03:34
hakimso how do i rename a hardrive?03:35
Jeffrey_fapb1963: I come from a programmer field.....safe copies and notes save lives when no real change management system is in place03:35
daftykinshakim: try editing it to be "/media/hakim/Shared\ Media"03:35
apb1963Jeffrey_f: Hence my thoughts on doing it... but was hoping for something less laborious.03:35
daftykinshakim: so try to browse to \\IP\share03:36
daftykins(where IP = 192.168.x.x of course)03:36
hakimit was asking for a user and password in windows03:36
apb1963Jeffrey_f: Certain text editors create a backup version of a file before you edit it.  That's a good first step in the process.  What's needed is some kind of journaling/versioning system03:36
Ben64daftykins, hakim: i don't think backslashes work in smb.conf, pretty sure just enclosing the whole path with quotes does03:36
daftykinsBen64: i did have a ponder whether it would, thanks03:37
daftykinshakim: yep so did you run "sudo smbpasswd -a <your username>" on the ubuntu system? you need to do that and then create a password for your user03:37
hakimi used quotes instead of slash03:38
hakimnow going to create pwd03:38
apb1963Jeffrey_f: That, and packaged up with an index (or "packing list") to keep track of all the files that have been changed; all GUI-fied so you can just walk down a list to see all your changes since history began.03:38
hakimami creating a username03:39
hakimor using something there already03:39
daftykinsyou're using your ubuntu user's name03:40
daftykinsthe existing user03:40
daftykinsthe clue was in my line ;_;03:40
Jeffrey_fapb1963: I keep my personal data backed up. Not sure what is available to keep versioned system files03:41
daftykinspen and paper *cough*03:41
apb1963Jeffrey_f: RCS does versioning... I just don't know how to make it do it on a systemwide scale.  It may or may not be possible.03:41
a1rHi im trying to change an account name on my ubuntu computer, when i type in usermod -l newname oldname03:42
apb1963Jeffrey_f: My only usage of RCS has been on a dir by dir basis.03:42
a1rit says the account is being used by process 131803:42
a1rany help?03:42
daftykinsa1r: ...are you logged in as said user?03:43
a1rno daftykins03:43
a1rim logged in as a temp admin account specifically to change the name03:43
daftykinsso what's PID 1318?03:43
hakimokay that worked sort of...it lets me in now, however if i close the file explorer in windows i have to retype the IP address everytime.. the way it was on 13.10 it had the name of the share drive listed under network all the time... any way to get it back that way?03:43
a1ri have no idea what process 1318 is..03:44
daftykinshakim: right, which is why in windows you now go Tools -> map network drive in the 'Computer' view03:44
daftykinsa1r: so find out03:44
daftykinsps -ef03:44
a1rdaftykins: i tried researching it, there was no information03:44
apb1963Jeffrey_f: So I could make an RCS dir in /etc/ and then I'm good for /etc/... as long as I remember to check files in and out.  But when I have to change something like /etc/network/interfaces.... then I need another RCS dir.  It starts to become painful.03:45
daftykinsa1r: run 'ps -ef' and look for PID 131803:45
daftykinsa1r: i must question the eficacy of your research03:45
a1rdaftykins: Kinda new to linux :P03:45
a1rokay it says its init --user03:46
Jeffrey_fapb1963: It can be a pain on a system scale or on a file by file scale.  For as often as it sounds like you will be making changes, I'd go with some sort of notes and file copies03:46
daftykinsa1r: maybe doing it from a live session would be easier... although is a user renaming really that big a deal?03:47
a1rits bothering me a bit03:47
hakimnot seeing tools in win 703:48
=== db is now known as Guest27244
daftykinshakim: hit alt+t03:48
a1rthink i got it03:49
adminewbmy 14.04.1 installation has been getting frequent crashes in /usr/sbin/unity-greeter, in the process of gnome desktop login, since before 14.04.1 came out, now it's starting to concern me; how do I search bug report database to see if someone else managed to file a report, despite these all such reports getting corrupted here?03:50
Beldaradminewb, What is your link to this issue?03:53
hakimworked great! thank you so much03:53
daftykinshakim: only one thing remains, if the IP address of your ubuntu system isn't static, that share is going to disappear03:54
daftykinsyou should always make systems acting as servers have a static IP03:54
apb1963Jeffrey_f: thank you :)03:56
Beldaradminewb, At least for me that is a confusing description, gnome underlies unity however there are two other gnome 3 base DE, the shell and the fallback.03:57
adminewbBeldar, not understanding the question, just ignore the gnome reference, it's unity03:58
Beldaradminewb, Can you describe the crashes?03:58
apb1963daftykins: can't windows map a share to a fqdn?03:58
ponyofdeathhi, anyone got a good xorg config for the touch  pad for the macbook pro that supports 3 mouse buttons?03:59
daftykinsapb1963: heh, you would not use an FQDN on an internal network. i think you mean hostname :P03:59
bw00022what's up?04:00
adminewbBeldar, it fails to send a crash report because "compressed file ended before end-of-stream marker was reached"04:00
apb1963daftykins: I won't argue the point... call it a hostname.... can't windows map a share to it?04:00
jp__do we need to register a nickname to write here ?04:00
Beldarjp__, Guess you are writing as of now.04:01
eeeejp__: no04:01
jp__Beldar, thanks. Wasn't sure04:01
adminewbthere's a crash dump with loads of other details, and I wouldn't know what of it is most interesting04:01
daftykinsadminewb: have you memtested this box?04:02
Beldaradminewb, Are you just reading dumps or having actual issues?04:02
adminewbyes, the system memory is fine04:02
daftykinsand you know that from memtesting?04:03
adminewbit's been thoroughly tested with the last 6 months or so04:03
bw00022should downloading lubuntu 14.04 iso take 4 hours ?04:04
adminewbit doesn't crash except in this unity greeter scenario04:04
daftykinsbw00022: depends, are you on 56k?04:05
Beldarbw00022, Link?04:05
jp__Hey guys, from your experience with ubuntu, what is the *best* backup software to install?04:06
SchrodingersScatBeldar: if you are downloading at about .39mbps04:07
=== Guest93775 is now known as whoever
SchrodingersScatoops, wrong name04:07
daftykinsdamn it who keeps removing factoids04:08
jeffreylevesquei need 'Python.h'.  But, I don't think my Ubuntu Server 14.04 has it04:08
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:08
reisioexit I said!04:08
Akiva-Thinkpaddaftykins, first warning :P04:08
jeffreylevesquei will install python-dev04:09
Jeffrey_fapb1963: No problem.  Good luck04:09
bw00022i just tested at 19.12Mbps04:10
daftykinsbw00022: torrent it instead then04:10
daftykinsor find a better mirror04:10
adminewbBeldar, crash reports are genuine issues, to my knowledge04:12
Beldaradminewb, You have yet to give a cohesive description.04:13
bw00022daftykins: can i put torrent onto USB drive to boot from BIOS?04:13
daftykinstorrenting is a method of download, bw0002204:13
adminewbBeldar, I'm asking for help to search the bug database to find out if others report similar failures04:13
Beldar!bugs | adminewb04:14
ubottuadminewb: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.04:14
Beldaryou're welcome to search04:14
apb1963jp__: I like "Back In Time".  It's a GUI front end to rsync.  ##backup is a good place to hangout and talk about backup issues.04:14
jp__apb1963, thanks for the hint. Do you know if there's a way with Back In Time to configure it to do backup on an external hard drive?04:15
apb1963jp__: yes04:15
apb1963jp__: anything rsync does, it does.04:16
apb1963jp__: plus it has hooks so you can write scripts to do things like dump your database and then backup the dump file.04:17
jp__apb1963, I am not familiar with rsync... I saw that we can do backups when a a drive is connected (udev) ... Is that it ?04:17
basketballlanyone here use inkscape04:17
apb1963jp__: I'm not the expert on rsync... someone else here would probably have a better answer04:18
ubottuInkscape is a powerful vector graphics drawing application - see http://www.inkscape.org/ for more04:18
jp__apb1963, No problem mate. I'll give it a try when I'll have restored all my data from my former laptop.04:18
ZZRMikeI can't control the volume in kubuntu, though it seems to recognize the audio device and has some options for it. Has anyone run into an issue like this before?04:19
apb1963ZZRMike: alsa or pulseaudio?04:21
ZZRMikeapb1963 seems to be running alsa, I just opened alsamixer in konsole and was able to control the volume of the device but can't from KMix04:23
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
ZZRMikenevermind, I just had to select the master channel in kmix...04:23
* ZZRMike is a dunce04:23
Rohan_mI'm coding on C and using popen() to execute command on my shell but i dont want to show output on screen instead i want it store it into buffer !04:31
somsipRohan_m: try ##c for that question04:31
CharcoalcatHi! Ubuntu froze except for the cursor (so I could move the mouse but couldn't click on things or alt-tab), so I did ctrl+alt+f1 and used "unity --reset". When I went back to the GUI, I had an error saying Compiz had crashed, and then all my Compiz settings were back to default (even after rebooting). This has happened once before after "unity --reset". Is there a way I can either revert back to my settings, or prevent the settings from disappearing04:35
BeldarCharcoalcat, could you be swapping?04:36
BeldarCharcoalcat, What ubuntu release?04:36
Charcoalcat(The settings are stuff like the colour of the sidebar, the super button not opening the dash, and the multiple desktop button not showing)04:36
CharcoalcatBeldar: Maybe? What's swapping?04:36
CharcoalcatBeldar: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.04:37
BeldarCharcoalcat, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq  you can change the swappiness. That rest is incorrect for 14.0404:37
mallendeoI need help with xinput on ubuntu 14.0404:38
CharcoalcatBeldar: Thanks, I'll read that.04:39
mallendeoI need to disable multitouch or compiz/unity multitouch effects04:39
BeldarCharcoalcat, swapping will make it seem like everythings frozen on a spinning HD.04:39
mallendeolike three finger window drag and stuff04:39
mallendeowith xinput list-props i get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7881320/04:41
CharcoalcatBeldar: I think it could be swapping.04:43
shaun__i hate swapping04:43
BeldarCharcoalcat, compiz does have a save the setting option, I have not used it for years, but it's there.04:43
BeldarCharcoalcat, if you change the swappiness value you can run sudo sysctl -p  rather than rebooting.04:45
arrrghhhhey all.  installed 14.04 on my laptop, and I'm noticing the wifi speed is reporting 1Mb/s - and transfers over the LAN seem to top out at 820kb/s... this card should be capable of G, and I believe N...04:46
CharcoalcatBeldar: Okay, I found the save settings option (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1554314), so I'll do that soon when I get all my settings back to normal.04:47
CharcoalcatBeldar: Do I want the swappiness value to be higher or lower?04:47
somebody1Hi. What does it mean if I am getting a "bash: ... cannot execute binary file: Exec format error"?04:47
BeldarCharcoalcat, stock is 60 I would try 1004:48
CharcoalcatBeldar: Okay!04:48
somebody1There's quite some files I am getting this message on, unlucing U1 file downloader.04:48
BeldarCharcoalcat, I have a conky with that info on the swap and other stuff.04:49
meganerdsomebody1: what are you doing to get that error?04:50
Beldararrrghhh, what is the context of this speed?04:51
arrrghhhsupposedly my card has been supported in the Linux kernel since (2.6.30)04:51
somebody1meganerd: Trying to run a native binary file, via a './' in console.04:51
somebody1meganerd: I am allowed to execute it.04:51
meganerdsomebody1: what does file say about the binary you are trying to run04:51
michaelgambleso do any of you use ubuntu unity 14.04? and if so what do you use for a torrent client04:51
arrrghhhBeldar, I'm just looking at the 'connection information' to see the 1Mb/s, and the LAN speed is just transferring files via samba from an ubuntu server04:51
CharcoalcatBeldar: I haven't used conky before, but that sounds useful.04:52
Beldararrrghhh, A network or from the web?04:52
somebody1meganerd: "laby: ELF 64-bit LSB  executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=e4d7e29ed08b103c17eac33ef23f64fac3dfb157, stripped"04:52
arrrghhhBeldar, local, samba.04:52
michaelgamblei ask b.c. i know that it has transmission for torrent client.. but it seems to bugger up my network (as supposed to using utorrent on my mac)04:52
lacrymologyI'm connected to the internet through wifi. I'd like to give dhcp and share that internet connection through ethernet, can someone give me a hand?04:52
Beldararrrghhh, Can't say myself, maybe others will know more.04:53
CharcoalcatAnd got the swappiness value changed to 10! I'll try that for a while.04:53
adminewbmichaelgamble, transmission 2.82 in my case04:53
meganerdsomebody1: and this is a 64bit version of Ubuntu that you are running?04:53
michaelgambleadminewb any problems with its default config?04:53
somebody1meganerd: Uhmm, no.04:53
somebody1meganerd: Wait, that's silly.04:54
adminewbmichaelgamble don't believe so04:54
CharcoalcatBeldar, thanks!04:54
somebody1meganerd: Why am I getting the same message for the U1 Downloader, though, if it is for both 32 and 64-bit versions?04:54
adminewbmichaelgamble, having trouble with port config or something?04:54
michaelgambleyeah its  a really wierd experience im having with it04:54
BeldarCharcoalcat, No problem, did you run that command after modifying the file?04:54
CharcoalcatBeldar: Oh, I didn't. Now I did.04:55
michaelgambleeverytime its downloading, my ping rate goes up to 1000 and if i do a speed test my download rate drops to less then 1Mb/s04:55
meganerdsomebody1: no idea, I don't use ubuntu one.  Didn't u1 go dark recently?04:55
BeldarCharcoalcat, cool, hope that does it. ;)04:55
somebody1meganerd: That's the point, U1 downloader is what you use to get your data out.04:56
michaelgambleat first i thought it was my isp doing some traffic shaping, but then i fired up my utorrent and it works just fine (on my mac)04:56
adminewbmichaelgamble, one thing to be aware of in any peer-to-peer situation: common mass market routers and the like don't do well by it04:56
=== arrrghhh is now known as arrrghhhAWAY
adminewbthey have NAT tables that fill up quickly04:56
michaelgambleyeah i thought it could be a router issue, but then why transmission having problems and not utorrent04:56
meganerdsomebody1: anyway, if you are running a 32 bit version of ubuntu, a 64 bit binary is probably not going to work04:57
adminewbmichaelgamble, that's a new twist04:57
michaelgambleyeah im very confused, not really sure where to take the problem04:57
somebody1meganerd: I got that, thanks. The problem is, I get the message also for the some binaries which are not supposed to be 64-bit only...04:57
adminewbmichaelgamble is it possible that utorrent is more familiar with and can adapt its settings to accommodate hardware it's detecting on your network?04:57
michaelgamblei thought i might try installing utorrent ubuntu.. but that proved easier said then done04:58
somebody1meganerd: Like "u1_downloader: ELF 64-bit LSB  executable, x86-64, version 1 (GNU/Linux), statically linked, stripped".04:58
michaelgamble? maybe ive never reallly used anything but utorrent04:58
visceralutorrent is adware04:58
somebody1meganerd: Oh, wait. That's also 64 bit.04:59
michaelgambleany alternatives to transmission that might be a bit more robust?04:59
somebody1michaelgamble: Deluge is closer to what you probably want than Transmission if you're used to uTorrent.04:59
michaelgambledeluge huh04:59
michaelgambleany second reco’s 4 deluge?05:00
adminewbmichaelgamble, before giving up on transmission, try lowering its preference settings for max peers per torrent and overall05:00
michaelgamblei can try05:00
visceralIs Deluge the Java-based one?05:00
Ben64deluge is python05:01
linociscohow to bypass websense in ubuntu?05:01
Ben64linocisco: not within the scope of this channel05:02
linociscoBen64, where should I ask?05:02
Ben64linocisco: your network providers, probably05:03
=== arrrghhhAWAY is now known as arrrghhh
pablohello guys, can the ppas be used to build packages for debian?05:05
daftykinsPPAs do not involve 'building'05:06
daftykinsbut there is no reason why you would do anything to debian with ubuntu packages05:06
arrrghhhBeldar, well it was a combo of this crappy card saying it's "N" but not capable of 5ghz... and my router being setup funky.  followed http://askubuntu.com/questions/452933/intel-centrino-slow-speed-14-04 and tweaked my router a bit... Now connection info says 54mb/s and LAN is 2.7MB/s05:06
daftykinsarrrghhh: yeah that's 'g' speed, not 'n'05:06
daftykinsand 'n' has nothing to do with being 5GHz or not05:06
* Beldar mutters off topic05:07
pablodaftykins: ppas are only for uploading?05:07
daftykinspablo: i don't think you know what a PPA is.05:07
arrrghhhdaftykins, certainly, but my router seems to 'prefer' using the 5ghz antenna for A or N...05:07
meganerdarrrghhh: what wifi card is this?05:08
daftykinsyou should really keep 'g' devices on 2.4GHz and better ones on the 5GHz05:08
meganerddaftykins: +105:08
arrrghhhmeganerd, Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 100005:09
meganerdarrrghhh: lspci |grep Network05:09
daftykinsah, i have a 1030 - single spatial stream 130Mbps maximum05:09
arrrghhhmeganerd, ya same output basically05:10
arrrghhh0d:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000 [Condor Peak]05:10
arrrghhhwhen I try to "force" the card to use N (by setting my 2.4ghz AP to "N-only") the connection info says 1Mb/s...05:12
michaelgamblei think its my router05:12
michaelgamblepiece of crap rogers modem / wifi junk05:13
michaelgamblesome hitron device05:13
arrrghhhso is this Centrino N 1000 not capable of N?05:13
daftykinsi don't see you asking a question michaelgamble - so that's all nice and that, but not relevant here05:13
michaelgamblecontinuation of a conversation already in progress from above05:14
daftykinsarrrghhh: you're connected to the internet as am i, look up the tech specs on intel's site05:14
meganerdarrrghhh: no idea, the Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 in my notebook is05:14
arrrghhhdaftykins, I know the specs say it's capable of N05:14
meganerdarrrghhh: according to Intel, it is b/g/n05:14
arrrghhhya it's supposed to be capable of N.  it says N right in the same lol05:14
=== jp__ is now known as JayPi
michaelgambletrying to figure out alternates to transmission or perhaps what may cause ubuntu transmission to take down my network when utorrent running on my mac does not05:15
daftykins1:2 config card05:15
meganerdarrrghhh: 1x2, 300 Mbps (so really only 120-ish real world), 2.4 Ghz only which is going to be the largest problem05:15
adminewbmichaelgamble, what are transmission's default prefs for max peers / torrents & overall?05:15
Ben64arrrghhh: make sure you have the right firmware in /lib/firmware http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-034398.htm05:15
meganerdmichaelgamble: torrent clients will do that if unthrottled.  Just cap transmissions max rate at something less than your actual link05:16
arrrghhhBen64, ha actually I just replaced it with the one which was there... I should've md5'd them I think they are the same...05:16
adminewbon the network tab05:16
daftykinsmeganerd: though off topic, i must disagree with your accounting for the MAC percentage... my single stream 130Mb capable card pushes 9MB/sec real world05:16
meganerdarrrghhh: Intel firmware should be coming from upstream anyway, so I would not worry too much about that just yet05:17
arrrghhhmeganerd, it's just odd.  on 2.4ghz using "N only" on the router, I connect but it shows 1mb/s05:17
michaelgamblehow do you determine what a router can handle?05:17
meganerddaftykins: wifi is half duplex, and you almost never get a clean channel anymore unless you have no neighbors within 500 meters05:17
michaelgamblein terms of concurrent connections05:17
meganerdmichaelgamble: not the router, your ISP05:18
adminewbyou'd have to check with the manufacturer, and I believe typically they won't even specify05:18
michaelgambleis thier a safe number?05:18
meganerdmichaelgamble: test with speedtest.  After that your router may die with a certain number of connections, dial those up until failure.05:18
daftykinsmeganerd: a granite walled home helps. as does proper channel config. pretty sure that one'd be good for 20MB/sec+ but anywho, offtopic :>05:18
michaelgamblelol i cant even load speed test right now05:18
meganerdmichaelgamble: start with your actuall tested throughput, up and down05:18
meganerddaftykins: np, there are no clear channels in 2.4 anywhere that I have lived in the past decade05:19
adminewbin a live torrent-client with some number of torrents active, I don't even know how to check the stress level on router's NAT05:19
arrrghhhso perhaps this is OT to this room... but I'd like to know if it's possible to configure my card to do N?05:20
meganerdarrrghhh: my laptop says 270 Mbit right now.  I can get 13 MB/sec testing internally (uncompressible files sitting on a local http server).05:20
meganerdarrrghhh: OK, 17.405:21
daftykinsarrrghhh: are you using a default install? no attempts made to modify the driver?05:21
meganerdarrrghhh: I am using stock settings/firmware05:21
arrrghhhdaftykins, correct.  14.04 default install.05:21
daftykinsarrrghhh: attempted to find any info on whether people have issues with that adapter?05:22
arrrghhhdaftykins, I've actually found a lot of info on people having problems with the card connecting... and found that thread on slowness and adjusted the router05:23
meganerdarrrghhh: what is the channel usage like?  I05:23
arrrghhhmeganerd, I just don't think my laptop is working with N, although it should...05:23
meganerdarrrghhh: I googled my wifi card and there are lots of reports of bad performance.  In and of itself that is a meaningless metric.  Is your router dual band (2.4 and 5 Ghz)?05:24
daftykinsarrrghhh: whatever your device is, it should be on latest firmware then factory reset to be sure of best possible chances05:25
arrrghhhmeganerd, yes it is capable of both 2.4 and 5ghz.  the card in my laptop, however, seems to only be capable of 2.405:25
michaelgamblewell i set my transmission to 1 torrent at a time.. got rid of all my manual port forwarding and checked off a few checkboxes and am now getting normal network activity w good download speeds finally05:25
meganerdarrrghhh: there are supposed to be settings on your router that might ease your pain.  If the 2.4 Ghz spectrum is congested though, there is really nothing that can be done.05:26
ajnrHi Friends ! I notice that after installing Ubuntu 14.04 it drains my laptop battery faster than Windows 8.1. Is there any solution for that?05:27
adminewbmichaelgamble, if utorrent is indeed doing a better job of limiting its concurrent connections to avoid stressing out upstream hardware, then those max peers settings should help you in transmission05:27
arrrghhhmeganerd, just odd that I can connect using G at 54mb/s, but forcing N at 2.4 yields 1mb/s...05:27
Ben64arrrghhh: then you should probably just use g : /05:28
michaelgamblethey were set to the same05:28
michaelgamblethats why i eliminated the port forwarding b.c. that doesnt exist for my other machine05:28
meganerdarrrghhh: without knowing more about your router, how it is configured, and your spectrum usage, I am not surprised.  I have seen a lot of weird things.05:28
adminewbmichaelgamble, it's when a torrent asks its tracker(s) for a new load of peers that established connections go stale in someone's NAT table05:28
michaelgamblealso i had encryption required in transmission, so i set that back to auto05:28
meganerdarrrghhh: if your router is expecting N clients to use 20 mhz and 5 ghz spectrum but your laptop card does not support this, then this would explain the issue.05:29
michaelgambleok im very happy now.. seeing up to 3MB/s download speeds05:30
meganerdarrrghhh: that should be 40 mhz wide channels05:30
adminewbmichaelgamble you can also adjust the max peer connections in an individual torrent's properties, to be less than the client's prefs05:31
michaelgambleyeah i saw that.. seems to be handling default settings fine now05:32
adminewbmichaelgamble very good05:32
michaelgambleim wondering if it was the encryption or the port forwarding that was bugging out my network05:32
michaelgamblewouldnt understand why. but it seems to be teh most prominent changes05:32
adminewbI've had bad luck in testing port forwarding for unknown reasons05:33
adminewbI suspect that encryption settings were not hurting you, except to reduce the pool of peers that could connect05:33
adminewbwhat are you using for port settings now?05:34
michaelgamblerandomized port with auto port forwarding settings in transmission05:35
michaelgamblegot rid of all manual references in my router05:35
adminewbso transmission is using upnp to set up the router?05:35
michaelgamblelol yes had to check05:36
michaelgambleupnp ort nat pmp05:36
adminewbI'm no expert, but it'd make me nervous to depend on the ISP not to block some randomly chosen port05:37
daftykins1 in 65,536 of a chance :P05:37
wasabywhat's the official ubuntu dev channel guys?05:37
daftykinsfor what purpose? they don't really like to be disturbed05:37
ajnrHi Friends ! I notice that after installing Ubuntu 14.04 it drains my laptop battery faster than Windows 8.1. Is there any solution for that?05:38
wasabyto disturb them05:38
kostkonwasaby, for apps or the distro?05:38
wasabykostkon: distro05:38
michaelgamblei dont trust my isp they have been publicly guilty of traffic shaping in the recent past.. so i figured randomizing the ports and encryption would make it harder05:38
kostkonwasaby, #ubuntu-dev05:38
kostkonwasaby, or not05:38
daftykinsmichaelgamble: harder for you to do the things you want, yes05:39
kostkonwasaby, anyway here's a full list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:39
wasabykostkon: looks empty (or private?)05:39
adminewbmichaelgamble, in the struggle with traffic-shapers, the peer-to-peer community will be at a great disadvantage in the arms race05:39
michaelgambleyeah, thats why im going to shift to a more liberal isp05:40
adminewbthey have deep packet inspection to do with as they will05:40
meganerdadminewb: deep packet inspection is a waste of time and money05:40
daftykinslets stay on support and take the policy chat elsewhere please peeps05:40
daftykinsalso there's a fine channel called #networking i believe05:41
meganerdarrrghhh: have you made any progress?  I am about to head out.05:44
arrrghhhmeganerd, not really, googling around these different options.  hard to find articles about this specific card and people using it specifically for N05:45
arrrghhhconfirmed it doesn't work for 5ghz, but I knew that already... I'm just confused why I can't get 2.4ghz N to work when 2.4ghz G works fine :)05:46
=== eeee_ is now known as eeee
meganerdarrrghhh: I would look at your router settings, things to pay attention to are channel bandwidth/channel width, and the actual channel used.  If you can get a site survey (on android there is an awesome app called wifi analyzer that gives an excellent representation)05:47
meganerdarrrghhh: the lack of 5 Ghz is really going to hurt performance05:47
daftykinsarrrghhh: did you see my comment regarding firmware?05:48
arrrghhhdaftykins, I have the latest firmware for this card from Intel05:48
daftykinsi'm talking about the other end05:49
arrrghhhmeganerd, ya, the lack of 5ghz made me mad when I first got this laptop.  I really like the lappy, minus the wifi card... I read there was some issue trying to straight up replace the card with a better one too :/05:49
arrrghhhdaftykins, hm.  I'm running a custom firmware, not sure about drivers on the router05:49
daftykinsOpenWRT/DD-WRT something like that?05:50
meganerdarrrghhh: if it is a dell or HP, then ya, they are dicks about that sort of thing (only a small number of pci-ids are accepted by their BIOS)05:50
arrrghhhdaftykins, yea it was dd-wrt, now tomato05:50
arrrghhhmeganerd, exactly, HP.05:50
daftykinsmmm, device whitelisting05:50
daftykinsvery rude indeed05:50
=== f00dMonsta_ is now known as xchat
meganerdarrrghhh: it has been years since I have seen the tomato or dd-wrt interfaces, but there are N specific settings that can help or hinder 2.4 spectrum only devices.05:52
arrrghhhmeganerd, the 'basic' settings are within my realm of understanding and I think those are setup properly.  the 'advanced' settings are a bit beyond me.05:53
meganerdarrrghhh: open-wrt has some decent documentation.  Unfortunately those advanced settings are probably where you want to look.  Well first I would put default settings on the router as well.  Set SSID, N mode,  and WPA PSK only.05:56
meganerdarrrghhh: best of luck.05:56
arrrghhhok thx05:56
samuraigood m05:57
Cr0nus`I'm looking for some help with .htaccess.  Once I enable permlinks within wordpress and write my .htaccess file it cannot find any of my posts or pages but when I have it on default it works with the regular p=? etc...  This is my .htaccess file.  http://pastebin.com/aHetz8ij05:57
samuraiwhere is in the system every "avviatore"05:57
Cr0nus`This is a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04, apache2, mysql.05:57
daftykinsCr0nus`: sounds like you haven't enabled mod-rewrite05:57
Cr0nus`it is enable, it shows up in my phpinfo05:58
guest0292If I install grub to MBR, is it possible to chainload Windows 8 on sda1 ?05:59
Cr0nus`Loaded Modules: blah blah a lot of stuff, mod_rewrite05:59
=== gnumonk is now known as deepak_
Cr0nus`I restarted apache, I actually restarted the whole computer.05:59
visceralguest0292: ye06:00
_3r3bus_Hey guys, hopefully someone can give me a hand. I've got basic VPN running on Ubuntu 14.04 (pptpd, not on a local network (on VPS)). I would like to restrict access when using this VPN to specific websites (meaning all other websites or ip's that aren't specifically mentioned cannot be accessed). I've tried using iptables to do this but was unable to achieve a solution.06:01
_3r3bus_I then tried editing the hosts file to block all sites, except a select few which didn't work. There's no wildcard for the hosts file (although I was told that06:01
_3r3bus_this might be available in Ubuntu, I tried it anyway) although I read on a forum that .com will block all06:01
_3r3bus_.com domains. This didn't work, despite flushing my VPS's DNS cache and restarting. I've tried a number of different combos within the host files trying to block specific websites (just to see if06:02
=== sandeep is now known as Guest25781
_3r3bus_this would even work, which it didn't). In a nutshell, I'd just like to block access to all websites unless I specifically allow them; I'd prefer not to use a proxy server to do this as I'm not sure how this would work with pptpd.06:02
guest0292visceral:  Win8 secure boot is disabled and I can see the win8 boot files in /boot/* .  The question is, Which files to I chainload, or do I chainload PBR sda1 ??06:03
visceralguest0292: the latter06:03
mos_basiksup, i'm the guy from the vrms /g/ thread06:04
visceralguest0292: I wouldn't have thought there'd be any Windows 8 boot files in /boot.06:04
meganerd_3r3bus_: iptables is exactly what you want06:04
_3r3bus_meganerd I have it a shot, yet failed.06:04
_3r3bus_Maybe I was just being a spaz and doing it wrong.06:05
guest0292yeah, this Win8 has /Boot/BCD  and /Boot/en-US/bootmgr.exe.mui06:05
meganerd_3r3bus_: it is exactly the right tool for the job.  Default deny rule on forwarding, list of allowable hostnames on port 80/44306:05
=== arrrghhh is now known as arrrghhhAWAY
meganerd_3r3bus_: if this is a ubuntu VPS, then ufw is the front end.  Using only the ufw page () I did exactly this for my IPv6 tunnel.06:06
visceralguest0292: oh, you're talking about the recovery partition. Your forwardslashes confused me.06:06
meganerd_3r3bus_: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/en/man8/ufw.8.html06:07
_3r3bus_So basically, deny all forwarding traffic on port 80/433 then add exceptions for particular hostnames.06:07
visceralguest0292: you can probably ignore the recovery partition and just chainload sda206:07
viscerali.e. C: drive06:07
visceralbut then again I've no idea how that all works these days, the installer set it up for me06:07
meganerd_3r3bus_: well I would deny ALL traffic, then only allow tcp 80/443 to the specified hosts06:07
guest0292visceral:  I'm viewing the win8 filesystem from linux live cd.     OK, will try chainload pbr on sda106:07
meganerd_3r3bus_: the FORWARD chain is what you are interested in.06:07
visceralguest0292: it'll be one of the two Windows partitions that you need to chainload06:08
_3r3bus_meganerd: I'll give it a shot now, I'll stay in this channel incase I run into any snags.06:08
guest0292ok thanks.06:08
meganerd_3r3bus_: crappy timing, I am heading to bed.  It should not be too hard, and there should be others here who could help.06:08
_3r3bus_meganerd: Thanks anyway mate, take it easy.06:08
meganerd_3r3bus_: you are welcome.06:09
pepeemos_basik, hey06:10
mos_basikso the issue i'm having is essentially described here http://askubuntu.com/questions/184822/launcher-bar-in-purple-and-only-has-icons-for-dash-trash-and-workspaces-keybo06:10
mos_basikaka a purple launcher (it shouldn't be that color normally; i have it set otherwise) and an empty taskbar.  My desktop icons show up but no keyboard shortcuts work, mouse moves but can't click anything.  No keyboard input works.06:11
pepeeah, I know nothing about unity :/06:11
mos_basikmm.  well, i've reinstalled it a couple of times.  might try that some more.06:12
pepeemy suggestion is to install the latest release, ubuntu trusty06:12
pepeewhat's your graphics card?06:13
mos_basiki'm on 14.04.  that question on askubuntu isn't mine.06:13
pepeeah, k06:13
pepeeit's exactly the same problem?06:14
mos_basiki have a dedicated Nvidia card, Geforce GT 540M, and integrated intel graphics.  the dedicated card shouldn't be enabled; I'm switching between the two with nvidia-settings when i want the dedicated graphics.06:14
pepeecan you install any other DEs?06:14
lotuspsychjemos_basik: is that an optimus card?06:14
mos_basiki might have gnome installed; i could try logging off and using that.06:14
pepeealso, that grep thing could be related06:14
Cr0nus`daftykins: Any other sides why my permlinks won't work?06:14
mos_basikit is an optimus card, and it's a huge headache.06:15
lotuspsychje!optimus | mos_basik06:15
ubottumos_basik: The Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/06:15
mos_basiki used to use bumblebee, but removed that when i installed 14.06:15
pepeeyou could install a lightweight DE, just to check if it's a problem with unity, or your system as a whole06:15
daftykinsCr0nus`: nope, but this is neither apache nor wordpress support06:15
Ben64yeah i don't think bumblebee is recommended anymore, there is nvidia-optimus06:15
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-optimus06:16
ubottuPackage nvidia-optimus does not exist in trusty06:16
pepeebtw, it says "keyboard unresponsive", this only happens in unity itself, no?06:16
OERIASCan someone help me upgrade a machine that has Ubuntu 6.06 to 14.0406:16
lotuspsychjeBen64: where can we find that one?06:16
Ben64i mean nvidia-prime06:16
Ben64instructions there ^06:16
mos_basikbumblebee + primus was my best option before.  nvidia optimus worked, but only with the drivers in the repo.  I wanted the most recent drivers because of an update from nvidia that allowed native underclocking, so instead of using automatic switching, i switch between cards manually.06:16
lotuspsychjeBen64: tnx06:16
lotuspsychjemos_basik: see the url from Ben6406:16
guest0292visceral:  OK!  I successfully chainloaded Windows 8 on sda1 from grub on USB flash drive.   The more elegant solution would be grub on mbr :- )06:17
lotuspsychjeOERIAS: its best you install 14.04 clean06:17
pepeeOERIAS, I don't think you can do normal upgrades at all, and if cou could, things wouldn't work anyway06:17
OERIASI can't do a clean wipe.06:17
lotuspsychjeOERIAS: why not?06:17
visceralguest0292: nice06:18
Ben64OERIAS: sure you can. backup first, install 14.04, put the necessary bits back06:18
OERIASIt's not my machine.06:18
lotuspsychjeOERIAS: then talk to the owner for backup first06:18
pepeeOERIAS, you could install ubuntu in another system, and overwrite everything by copying the files from a disk (or a disk image)06:18
pepeeOERIAS, how much disk space do you have?06:19
OERIASSo no direct upgrade path. I have 4 GB of space.06:19
OERIAS512 MB of RAM.06:19
OERIASI'm considering Lubuntu or Xubuntu06:20
lotuspsychje!6.06 | OERIAS06:20
ubottuOERIAS: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support ended on June 1st 2011. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.06:20
pepeeit's in its own partition?06:20
pepeeerr, I mean, is /home in its own partition?06:20
OERIASYes. /home06:20
OERIASubottu, I know support ended ages ago. I was just wondering if I can get the install discs to upgrade the machine.06:21
ubottuOERIAS: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:21
pepeeyou can do this: install 14.04 on that partition with *the same* username, then, once installed, edit /etc/fstab and point /home to the other partition06:22
OERIASI only have 4 GB of space left.06:23
pepeeor even, just make sure the installer uses that partition... although you'd have to make sure it doesn't format it06:23
mos_basikwell, I'll mess with Unity tomorrow.  I have a movie to watch before I go to bed.  It's probably something to do with my graphics cards, because booting into Recovery Mode and then Failsafe Graphics Mode gives me a usable system but without transparency.06:23
pepeemos_basik, regarding the 'grep' problem, what does 'alias grep' say?06:23
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.06:24
mos_basikpepee: returns a failure and prints nothing06:24
pepeerun 'which grep'06:24
mos_basikpepee: /bin/grep06:25
PeruggiaHey there fellas06:26
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.06:26
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.06:26
pepeeOERIAS, only *.04 are LTS06:27
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Ben64pepee: only every other .04 is LTS. 6.04, 8.04, 10.04, 12.04, 14.0406:28
pepeemos_basik, what about: set | grep GREP06:28
pepeeBen64, there was no 6.04 ;)06:29
Ben64err... dapper was 6.06, but you get the idea :)06:29
pepeeit would be a waste of time to try to upgrade that...06:29
OERIAS6.06 was goof up to match the numbers06:29
pepeebut you could get the CD images and try it06:29
OERIASIt's what happens when you give children a linux box as a gift.06:30
Nickd55345353can someone suggest me a good extension? i am using ubuntu 14.04 lts 64 bit06:30
mos_basikpepee: output is 'Binary file (standard input) matches'06:30
mos_basikwhat does set do? i've never used it.06:30
cfhowlettNickd55345353 extension to WHAT? to do WHAT?06:30
Nickd55345353to view the cpu ram and disk usage06:31
ubottuNickd55345353: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.06:31
pepeemos_basik, it shows or sets some environment vars, iirc06:31
Nickd55345353ubottu i have the lm sensors06:31
ubottuNickd55345353: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:31
Nickd55345353haha nice one:)06:32
cfhowlett!conky | Nickd5534535306:32
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pepeethere is gkrellm06:32
cfhowlettNickd55345353 conky system monitor06:32
Nickd55345353i will try it out cfhowlett06:33
Nickd55345353hi vyrus:)06:34
ubottuvyrus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:34
vyrusI there any possibility to control processor clock using linux with root access? :D06:35
cfhowlettvyrus you mean overclocking and all the stuff?06:35
vyrusyes :)06:35
cfhowlettvyrus do the search: overclock + ubuntu         lots of options06:37
pepeemos_basik, last try, install pastebinit and bash-completion, and run: set | grep -a GREP | hd | pastebinit06:37
mos_basikpepee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7882043/  I'm not sure what you're trying to figure out; to my knowledge grep is working ok.06:40
anuvrat#join #docker06:42
pepeemos_basik, well, it shouldn't be printing your dirs... I guess there is some settings modifying its behavior06:43
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pepeemos_basik, well, no idea...06:53
mos_basikpepee: no problem, man.  you have a good night.06:53
pepeethanks! good night06:54
lorenzohi! is there any way to upgrade a 13.04 install06:59
lorenzowithout reinstalling?06:59
cfhowlettlorenz end of life = no upgrade option06:59
lorenzoah I see :/07:00
neo1981Hi I have a ubuntu machine where I need to put a sudo command in init but since sudo asks for password I am unable to put it in init what can be solution ?07:00
cfhowlettlorenzo or are you talking about upgrading to 14.04????07:00
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | lorenzo07:00
ubottulorenzo: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:00
lorenzook thanks07:00
EtaleHi all! This might be a bit late now, but I'm hoping someone can help me. I installed Ubuntu 12.04, but it doesn't recognize wlan0. I'm hoping that doing "apt-get upgrade" should do the trick, but I can't do that either because I don't have internet.07:00
EtaleI do have wifi access from the LiveDVD. I figured that there must be a way somehow to install the packages while from the LiveDVD on my installed Ubuntu. Can anyone help in this process? I'm pretty clueless...07:00
cfhowlettlorenzo note: 14.04 is Long Term Support = 5 years of set it and forget it.07:01
lorenzocfhowlett: yeah but it's an appliance that shipped with 13.04 sadly07:01
cfhowlettlorenzo 13.04 locked in?  curious: what device if I'm not too intrusive.07:01
lorenzocfhowlett: OpenVPN07:01
cfhowlettlorenzo ah.  technical term for that is "d'oh!"  contact your provider07:02
neo1981I tried sessions and startup menu for init but didnt worked... any buddy can provide any idea ?07:02
lorenzoit's a virtual appliance, looks like they haven't updated it yet :/07:02
cfhowlettEtale http://techspalace.blogspot.com/2009/04/offline-update-ubuntu.html07:03
lorenzowell it's in vmware, I'll make a snapshot and attempt a upgrade07:03
cfhowlettEtale http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2010/06/howto-installing-ubuntu-packages.html07:03
human__join #glfw07:05
Etalecfhowlett, so I can do either one of these? If so I'll try the first.07:05
moeinhi every body, I like to use some services in ubuntu , but my country is restricted for that, do anybody know any free VPN?07:06
kramos hi guys. How do I do an ssh command that goes through an ssh gateway? like "ssh --ssh-gateway user@gateway-host user@target-host". Is there something like that?07:06
moeinmy second question, I've learn t the basics of Ubuntu, now I wanna go to the next step. please give me some advice or resources.thanks07:08
trijntjemoein: what do you want to know?07:10
_3r3bus_How can I save iptable rules? After a reboot they're no longer there. I tried iptables-save which didn't actually save them.07:10
Nickd55345353i have a laptop and when i had windows the sound was better.but when i installed ubuntu 14.04 the sound in a lot lower and distorted..why?thank you07:10
trijntjekramos: you have to use ProxyCommand for that07:11
kramostrijntje, thanks... I'll look into it.07:12
moeintrijntje, for first question or second?07:15
trijntjemoein: second07:16
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moeinI would like to learn network related commands and learning deeper concept of linux07:18
moeintrijntje,  I would like to learn network related commands and learning deeper concept of linux.07:19
=== johnny is now known as Guest30129
cfhowlettmoein http://www.linuxine.com/linuxbooks07:20
_3r3bus_Does anyone know where the iptables file is located on ubuntu 14.04?07:21
daftykins"which iptables"07:22
daftykins_3r3bus_: ^07:22
_3r3bus_.rules I presume, which ever file stores all rules.07:22
OERIASOne Plus One Invites, pm me for details.07:23
cfhowlettOERIAS spam is unwelcome here.07:23
OERIASI know, but I don't want them invites.07:23
daftykinsOERIAS: just don't do it again please07:24
moeincfhowlett, thanks ;)07:26
cfhowlettmoein happy2help07:26
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rannongahey how good is the ubuntu upgrade between releases?07:34
moeinwho knows a free vpn or web proxy?07:34
cfhowlettrannonga good.07:34
instigator1Hi. what rule would you need to use in order to allow all ip addresses to only access a specific port (and not any other port) using iptables07:34
OERIASrannonga, so far, so good. I just finished upgrading from 6.06 and now I am at 9.0407:35
_3r3bus_Does anyone know how to save iptables on ubuntu-14.04. I used iptables-save yet after a reboot iptables -L shows that my rules didn't actually get saved?07:46
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moeinoracle has restricted our country. How can I get java JDK?07:52
nestle23i have a remote server that was running ubuntu 13.10 64bit. so i ran apt-get update;apt-get upgrade , then after that i ran do-release-upgrade and it seems to have installed most things but towards the end the whole thing broke down and quit.. Heres my output http://pastebin.com/ZkNNcDt0 if you scroll to the bottom you can see how it ended. My question is, what now? i ran lsb_release -a and it shows 14.04 now but im afraid to reboot now..07:52
blueingressmoein, you can use some proxy. or vpn etc...etc07:53
pepeenestle23, run apt-get update; apt-get upgrade again07:53
moeinblueingress, yes I know, but I do not know any free one07:54
_3r3bus_I can provide you with a VPN moein.07:54
_3r3bus_PM me.07:54
pepeenestle23, also, you could run "gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache" as the logs says07:55
nestle23must have missed that sorry, but yea im doiong the apt get update/upgrade again and then ill do taht next07:56
nestle23After that, should i re-run do-release-upgrade or am i considered upgraded now?07:56
_3r3bus_Does anyone know how to save iptables on ubuntu-14.04. I used iptables-save yet after a reboot iptables -L shows that my rules didn't actually get saved?07:57
pepeeyou should already have an updated system07:57
nestle23well all i know is what shows in the log. it seems to have updated most but then broke down. but lsb_release -a did say 14.04 so i guess it did upgrade.07:57
pepeewell, the fist thing to make sure you can reboot relatively safely would be to run: dpkg -l | grep linux-07:58
pepeeand also, "grep 3.13 /boot/grub/grub.cfg" .     if you have kernel 3.13 configured, then it should work just fine07:59
missvaleskaokay uhm, My debconf is broken07:59
ubottuOpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!08:02
blueingressmoein, you can try vpngate or goagent, they are free.08:04
pepeethere are many free vpn services08:06
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EtaleHey guys -- I have an internet connection! Thanks, cfhowlett !08:07
nestle23still waiting for this apt-get update;apt-get upgrade to finish (said 762 packages), but so far i dont see the 3.13 in the /boot/grub/grub.cfg but im guessing i will once its done08:08
cfhowlettEtale nice work.  happy2help08:08
EtaleHmmm... I have sound, but alsamixer is not showing a volume control?08:09
nestle23 A new version of configuration file /etc/default/grub is available, but the version installed currently has been locally modified.08:10
nestle23should i just choose keep the local version currently installed08:11
nestle23thats what its selected on08:11
Ben64nestle23: if you want to keep whatever changes you made to it08:11
nestle23i didnt make any changes08:11
Ben64well somebody did08:11
nestle23this all started because i ran do-release-upgrade and it broke down. so i ran apt-get update;apt-get upgrade after and now this came up08:11
nestle23trying to upgrade from 13.10 to 14.0408:12
nestle23or whatever the latest would be08:12
Guido1Helllo, I would like to know what for internet (already gigabit or not) we have in the university and on my room How can I find that out?08:13
missvaleskaPlease help, My debconf is broken.08:14
Ben64nestle23: in that case i'd say to use the package's version of the file08:15
nestle23ok in /etc/grub/default when it says GRUB_DEFAULT=208:17
nestle23does that mean the 2nd menuentry ?08:17
nestle23for grub.cfg08:17
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
nestle23or wait that would mean the 3rd one right?08:18
nestle23i ended up choosing Replacing config file /etc/default/grub with new version08:19
_3r3bus_Does anyone know how to save iptables on ubuntu-14.04. I used iptables-save yet after a reboot iptables -L shows that my rules didn't actually get saved?08:20
SirLagz_3r3bus_: did you also use iptables-restore ?08:21
pepeemissvaleska, run "dpkg-reconfigure debconf" ?08:21
_3r3bus_SirLagz: Must I do this each time I reboot?08:21
SirLagz_3r3bus_: to use iptables-save and iptables-restore, yes. Alternatively, You could always stick all of your rules into a file that's run at bootup08:21
_3r3bus_SirLagz: Thanks, I'll give it a shot right now.08:22
SirLagz_3r3bus_: no problems08:22
nestle23pepee i ran grep 3.13 /boot/grub/grub.cfg  and still nothing in there now even after apt-get upgrade.. should i just re-run do-release-upgrade ?08:22
pepeenesthib, do-release-upgrade shouldn't do a thing, since (I suppose) it just reads lsb_release...08:23
nestle23what about apt-get dist-ugprade08:24
pepeenestle23, just keep running apt many times until there are no new packages and no broken dependencies08:24
nestle23i did08:24
pepeedid you get the same error?08:24
nestle23you said to run apt-get update;apt-get upgrade. i did. it finished. now i rerun it and theres nothign to do. the only thign it says is that The following packages have been kept back:08:25
nestle23with 97 packages08:25
nestle230 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 97 not to upgrade.08:25
Beldarnestle23, run a dist-upgrade08:25
pepeeoh yeah, sorry, you should run dist-upgrade, not only upgrade08:25
pepeethat's why you still don't have the new kernel...08:26
BeldarI would run at the end a -f install08:26
nestle23so i also have a few other boxes/servers that are ubuntu 13.10 as well. so on those, should i do it in this order: apt-get update;apt-get upgrade;apt-get dist-upgrade, then do-release-upgrade or which order should i approach it?08:27
nestle23(goal being to get them updated to the latest)08:28
nestle23or 14.04 or whatever08:28
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bong1hi i installed bluedevil from the repos but i cant find its shortcut on lubuntu. help.08:29
nestle23ok i finished apt-get dist-upgrade but i still have nothign in /boot/grub/grub.cfg for 3.1308:29
nestle23re-ran apt-get update;apt-get upgrade, nothing to do08:29
nestle23re-ran dist-upgrade, nothing to do08:29
nestle23should i just uh search for the kernel and manually install it or something? i dont want to reboot and it doesnt come back online08:30
_3r3bus_SirLagz: iptables-restore doesn't appear to be working. It acts like it's just hanging. I issue the command over SSH and well... nothing happens... at all?08:31
Beldarnestle23, try sudo apt-get -f install08:31
SirLagz_3r3bus_: it's not dropping your ssh connection is it ?08:31
nestle230 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.08:31
_3r3bus_SirLagz: Nope.08:31
SirLagz_3r3bus_: so after you run iptables-restore, you can still ssh in ?08:32
_3r3bus_SirLagz: I'm still actually connected right now. I issue the command, nothing at all happens.08:32
SirLagz_3r3bus_: can you paste the rules you're using somewhere ?08:34
nestle23all i wanted to do was just upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04. i figured do-release-upgrade would take care of it all. since it broke down, i have ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade until there is nothing left to run or do. the only problem now is that when i do uname -a it says 3.11.0-19 generic and im pretty sure thats not 14.04 kernel..so should i just search for the 13.3 kernel from apt-cache and then i guess edit /etc/default/grub for08:34
TzunamiiSirLagz: easy way to check is: sudo /sbin/iptables -vnL --line-numbers | less08:35
trijntjenestle23: your message got truncated after /etc/default/grub08:35
trijntjebut if you install another kernel you can just run update-grub, not need to do stuf manually08:35
nestle23i guess edit /etc/default/grub for the DEFAULT= number to reflect the menuentry in /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:35
TzunamiiSirLagz: put that into an alias for ease of use08:35
nestle23hm ok08:35
trijntjethe newest kernel will always be on top08:35
daftykinsnestle23: did it install a 3.13? "ls /boot" also, what's "cat /etc/issue" ?08:36
nestle23root@ns237574:~# ll /boot/|grep 3.1308:36
nestle23no it didnt08:36
nestle23Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS08:36
nestle23what would you do if you were me? you're running 13.10 64bit. you run do-release-upgrade and it breaks down horribly http://pastebin.com/ZkNNcDt0 if you scroll to the bottom you can see how it ended.. so i ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, and apt-get dist-upgrade, until there is nothing left to do. and there is no 3.13 kernel08:37
pepeenestle23, it has happened many times to me...08:38
pepeewere you using some PPA?08:38
trijntjenestle23: I wouldnt worry about which kernel I had, as long as it works it works. If you keep running into weird problems I'd reinstall08:38
daftykinsi don't believe in upgrades.08:38
pepeenestle23, you just have to solve that failed dependency08:38
daftykinswhy don't you revert to your backup then do it again? :)08:39
pepeehuh, you guys should learn ubuntu the hard way ;)08:39
Tzunamiidaftykins: Evil... I like it08:39
nestle23pepee what is PPA ?08:39
nestle23pepee what is the failed dependency? I thought i solved everything by running apt-get update and upgrade08:39
nestle23and dist-upgrade08:40
pepeenestle23, I usually solve these things by running "apt-get -f install" and the "sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" until things install completely08:41
pepee"apt-get -f install" should give you some error message, read it and try to make sense of it08:41
nestle23i did that too, and it installed everything completely. but how do i know that when i reboot it wont come back ?08:41
nestle23that it will come back*08:41
nestle23there are no error messages08:41
pepeewell, it could come back, but the desktop environment could be all messed up. you can fix things now and have a clean system afterwards08:42
pepeethen run the dist-upgrade again08:42
bong1@nestle23  the newest kernel on 32 bit is 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP08:43
nestle23if i upgraded to 14.04, then shouldnt i have the 3.13 kernel08:43
nestle23or shouldnt it be set to load08:43
nestle23i see no indication that it even installed08:43
Beldarnestle23, what does sudo update-grub show?08:43
pepeetry installing "linux-generic"08:44
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nestle23Beldar http://pastebin.com/AMyQDPTY08:44
nestle233.11.0-19-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 11 18:48:34 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:44
nestle23for uname -a08:44
Beldarthanx I figured it would08:45
nestle23pepee, just the package itself? what version would that install? does it see the 14.04 and then give me the kernel accordingly or?08:46
nestle23version of the kernel*08:46
missvaleskapepee: Hi! Sorry for not seeing your message! I tried that and it gave a conflicting actions thing with a help screen thing.08:46
pahello guys08:47
wangyongany else?08:47
nestle23when i ran apt-get update,apt-get upgrade, it asked me if i wanted to overwrite /etc/default/grub and i hit yes.. Previously it said default=2 now it says default=0 so i feel like its going to boot the wrong kernel especially now08:47
nestle23and or my machine isnt going to come back up08:47
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pacan someone update the ubuntu instructions (on help.ubuntu.com) for openvpn? it does not match the content of 14.04 openvpn package. for instance, easy-rsa is not anymore where it used to be08:48
nestle23but im installing that linux-generic now08:48
bong1hi i installed bluedevil from the repos but i cant find its shortcut on lubuntu. help.08:48
nestle23it seems to be installing the 3.1308:49
Ben64nestle23: do you have physical access to the box08:49
nestle23no, it is a server08:49
nestle23thatst why i want to make sure before rebooting that its got the right kernel set and that it is installed08:49
Ben64nestle23: in the future, consider getting servers with LTS versions so you don't have to worry about this so often :)08:49
nestle23i dont understand. i was previously running ubuntu 13.10 64bit. is that not a LTS version?08:50
lemonsparrowhi please help me with this issue https://gist.github.com/mithunsasidharan/bb094e5b7279a05ec4df08:50
nestle23all i wanted to do was upgrade to the latest08:50
Ben64nestle23: correct. 13.10 came out 2013.10 (hence the version number) and stopped being supported 9 months later (may 2014)08:50
Ben6414.04 came out 2014.04, and will be supported for 5 years, until 201908:51
bong1nestle23 u will not boot to the wrong kernel. to the wrong os probably.08:51
nestle23bong1 are you trying to jew things up here?08:51
Ben64bong1: unlikely since it is a server08:52
nestle23it is a server. why would i have another os on there08:52
Ben64nestle23: please don't make racist remarks here08:52
nestle23ive installed linux-generic. i see 3.13 in /boot/grub/grub.cfg but how do i know that its going to boot that? in /etc/default/grub it says GRUB_DEFAULT=008:53
bong1nestle23 just trying to help.08:53
nestle23but yet the first menuentry for /boot/grub/grub.cfg says an old kernel08:53
nestle23update-grub and the default is still 008:53
pepeebut the file should have changed...08:54
nestle23it should have changed by running update-grub ?08:54
nestle23id hope so but it didnt08:54
pepeewhen you installed the new kernel08:54
Ben64nestle23: can you pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:54
pepeetry again, grep 3.13 /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:54
pepeeor "less /boot/grub/grub.cfg" to read it08:55
nestle23pepee, 3.13 is in the grub.cfg now. its there08:55
pepee(press q to exit)08:55
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nestle23its in there, but my concern is that when i reboot its not going to actually boot08:56
nestle23because in /etc/default/grub it says DEFAULT=008:56
nestle23and i believe that would load that first xxxx kernel08:56
Ben64oh, its ovh08:56
nestle23nothign to do with ovh08:56
Akiva-ThinkpadI forget; when I reinstall ubuntu, do I need to make a new ssh and pgp key, or just a pgp key?08:56
nestle23im just trying to get it so that its set to the right kernel08:56
Ben64got ovh in the grub.cfg08:56
nestle23so what08:57
Ben64they do modifications to distros08:57
Ben64its not "so what"08:57
nestle23so do i have to manually set the number or what08:57
Akiva-Thinkpadpepee, it appears we are unsuccessful :P08:57
linociscowhat can i use to delete one line of scanned image in pdf?08:58
pepeeit was removed, I guess...08:58
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nestle23im guessing i have to manually set the number then? to the right menuentry?08:58
pepeelinocisco, a pdf editor?08:58
nestle23im guessing it would be 208:58
linociscowhat can i use to delete one line of scanned image in pdf? my pdf files has all in image format.08:58
Ben64nestle23: well it was 2, would be a good guess08:58
Akiva-Thinkpadlinosco is this interpreted text?08:58
pepeemake sure you don't simply blacken the file, though...08:59
Akiva-Thinkpadas in has it been taken from a book?08:59
linociscopepee. just to add text and delete some area of images08:59
pepeenestle23, yeah, edit it manually08:59
Akiva-Thinkpadlinocisco, alternatively, dump the text to a text editor, such as open office, make the edit, and export as a pdf.09:00
nestle23how can i confirm the exact number.. grep "menuentry " /boot/grub/grub.cfg is it like the first menuentry is 009:00
nestle23i think i got it i guess09:00
nestle23so now taht its set to 2, i just reboot and it should work?09:00
linociscoAkiva-Thinkpad, No. pdf file I have it scanned format. can't OCR. it is really in image format. I just want to erase one area of that document and put some text over that space09:01
linociscoAkiva-Thinkpad, No. pdf file I have is scanned format. can't OCR. it is really in image format. I just want to erase one area of that document and put some text over that space09:01
Akiva-Thinkpadlinocisco, that hasnt stopped me. If there is text; the pdf will interpret it09:01
Akiva-Thinkpadlinocisco, however in those cases, you will need to employ some serious regex to get rid of newlines, page numbers, and whatnot09:02
linociscoAkiva-Thinkpad, meaning i need to use image editor to edit pdf?09:03
pepeenestle23, make sure it's in the correct order09:03
pepeenestle23, do you need the desktop environment?09:03
Akiva-Thinkpadlinocisco, Well I don't know what your ultimate goal is. I wouldn't use an image editor, because I despise pdfs.09:03
nestle23no this is a server, i only have a vnc on there09:04
Akiva-Thinkpadlinocisco, do you need to maintain it in pdf form?09:04
linociscoAkiva-Thinkpad, ok.thanks anyway09:04
nestle23this is my grub.cfg http://pastebin.com/AcfTiUqR what is the difference between the 2nd one and the 3rd one. 2nd one says09:04
nestle23menuentry 'Ubuntu' --class ubuntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os $menuentry_id_option 'gnulinux-simple-21765928-fd6e-4d30-98aa-218c4f3cadd0' {09:04
Akiva-Thinkpador are you fine dumping the text to a text editor?09:04
nestle23the 3rd one says         menuentry 'Ubuntu, with Linux 3.13.0-32-generic' --class ubuntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os $menuentry_id_option 'gnulinux-3.13.0-32-generic-advanced-209:05
nestle23so i went with the 3rd one (DEFAULT=2)09:05
nestle23but that 2nd one seems like it could be it too..09:05
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Akiva-ThinkpadNickd55345353, hello09:06
Nickd55345353is unity tweak a good tool to costumize my ubuntu09:06
Akiva-ThinkpadNickd55345353, it is decent.09:06
Nickd55345353did you know any better?09:07
pepeenestle23, isn't the ID of the second one 1?09:08
nestle23when i say 2nd one i just mean second entry09:08
nestle23the menuentry09:08
nestle23the 3rd menuentry is DEFAULT=209:08
pepeealso, what Ben64 said is true, you are messing with custom distros :/09:08
nestle23this is not a custom distro. you guys are misunderstanding. they provide a custom kernel if you choose to use it.. which i stopped using on day 109:09
nestle23that is why i told him it doesnt have anythign to do with ovh09:09
pepeeand finally, you could also remove the other kernel, although I wouldn't... and edit /etc/default/grub, so that the next time you'll be booting that kernel09:09
pepeeah, ok09:09
mikechelenanyone know why this iptables config is still allowing connection to webserver on port 80? http://pastebin.com/3iUJckir09:10
missvaleskawhen I try to reinstall debconf09:10
Ben64i never said it was a custom distro. i said ovh messes with distros, which is absolutely true09:10
missvaleskawith dpkg with --force-depends09:10
daftykinsmissvaleska: please type on one line09:11
nestle23the only thing they did was install a custom kernel which you can abandon. that does not change anything in this situation of me trying to figure out which menuentry is the one i should be using (for 3.13)09:11
Kamuelaif I have a binary package from a bzip archive, like say the app LightTable09:11
Kamuelahow do I "install" it to my system?09:11
nestle23but ill figure it out09:11
missvaleskaI get this weird /usr/bin/pyclean thing from line 31 saying from debpython import files as dpf but then it says importerror no module named debpython09:11
Kamuelasomething that I can invoke from the menu, invoke from the terminal09:11
LunarioWhy may I not change the rights of a partition? Whenever I do rightclick -> Properties -> Permissions and change those Permissions to Read & Write, the selection simply returns to its previous state (Read only).09:12
LunarioCan someone help me?09:12
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pepeeLunario, wild guess: SELinux09:13
LunarioUbuntu 14.0409:14
geirhaLunario: NTFS or FAT filesystem?09:14
ZerantLunario: wild guess, root or not root?09:14
pepeeI misread the question...09:15
LunarioZerant: Do you mean does my account have admin rights? If so, yes it does. If I try to open the Permissions window after "sudo nautilus", it gives me the following error and crashes: ERROR:nautilus-properties-window.c:1839:schedule_owner_change_timeout: assertion failed: (NAUTILUS_IS_FILE (file))09:15
geirhasudo nautilus is bad. should be gksudo nautilus if anything09:16
Lunariosame error.09:16
daftykinsLunario: because it doesn't support POSIX permissions, that's why09:17
trijntjeLunario: what do you want to do with that partition?09:17
trijntjedaftykins is right btw09:17
LunarioWell the problem is that when I try to download something on my torrent client (Vuze but also others dont work) it doesnt have write permissions on that partition. So I want to have those.09:18
trijntjeLunario: how do you mount the partition?09:18
Lunarioautomatically at boot09:19
trijntjeLunario: can you pastebin your fstab?09:20
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Lunarioyeah one sec09:22
daftykinsyeah so you're not even mounting it in fstab09:24
daftykinscreate an entry and configure it for readwrite by users09:24
LunarioI had a lot of issues getting Ubuntu to boot correctly with my efi partition and whatnot, so maybe some configs are weird09:25
LunarioHow do I know how that entry has to look like?09:25
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LunarioAnd which options do I have to add to it?09:26
daftykinssomeone else might be able to assist with that, i just got a parcel so i'm excitedly opening it09:26
trijntjeLunario: how are you mounting the partition at boot?09:27
Lunarioalright, thanks anyway so far daftykins09:27
Lunariotrijntje: giving it a second thought, I am not sure if I am mounting it at boot. In my disk utility under the Mount Options I have "Automatic" activated.09:27
trijntjeLunario: disable mounting it there, and then add the apropriate line to fstab09:29
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:29
LunarioSo Automatic Mount Options: Off      and Mount at Startup: No  ?09:30
trijntjeLunario: I guess, since its not working anyway09:30
Lunarioalright. will check out the fstab article :)09:31
linuxnewbdanhi could someone tell me how i view how much space i have left on my drive09:33
missvaleskadisk usage09:34
linuxnewbdanyeah i can't see it09:34
missvaleskaWhat OS are you running and what are you trying to view it with?09:34
linuxnewbdanim running xfce over ubuntu, and i tried "disks" but it doesn't appear very helpfull09:35
norman3hello everyone i love ubuntu... but since i've installed it i encountered 3 problems...the sound is a little bit lower(i checked from the terminal and my ubuntu recognizes my sound card) my bluetooth doesn't always start when i boot my pc and my wireless isn't as strong as it used to be... i mean i go outside and it shows 2 levels of signal09:36
linuxnewbdansorry i've found it, it's called disk usage analyser if anyone asks the question.09:37
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lxsameerwhat happened to quantal repositories ?09:50
sobczyk__hi, are there any existing raring mirros?09:50
mpourhadihow can i have dynamic skype smileys?09:51
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Ben64lxsameer, sobczyk__: your version of ubuntu has reached its End of Life, and its time to install 14.0409:52
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sobczyk__Ben64: I know, that's why I'm searching for active mirrors, I need to support it... :(09:55
Ben64sobczyk__: can't be done. raring lost all support January of this year09:57
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sobczyk__Ben64: I don't really get it why there's the need to remove all repository content, it was barely 150GB10:02
MeerkatMy wireless suddenly became really slow and I cannot connect to any site. I have gone through this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx but that didn't help.10:02
krejsiHi, I have a preseed script that I want to use with my ubuntu 14.04 installation USB. How do I point at the preseed file?10:03
Ben64sobczyk__: because its not supported. no updates. no security. it should not be used. it is not safe. there are LTS versions with 5 (five!) years of full support available10:08
cfhowlettmpourhadi see skype for support10:08
cfhowlettsobczyk__ if MY sysadmin suggested running my precious data on an unsecured server --- I'd fire him.10:09
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sobczyk__cfhowlett: I need it for a machine with no internet access for running software soon, porting could fail10:12
ubottusobczyk__: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:13
cfhowlettfollowed by http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2010/06/howto-installing-ubuntu-packages.html    might, MIGHT meet your needs10:14
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krejsiHi, I need help with a remastered ubuntu 14.04 desktop.iso. When I try to boot with the remastered iso, it doesn't work. It does not see the usb stick as bootable and when I check with sfdisk -d, I get "sfdisk: ERROR: sector 0 does not have an msdos signature"10:18
cfhowlettkrejsi master the iso then use unetbootin or startupdiskcreator to cook the USB10:23
metallicocan somebody help understand the ubuntu PHP package versioning? on one box I have PHP Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.13 and on another I have same but with 3.10 in the end.  what do those numbers mean? are they both on php 5.3.10?10:31
bekksmetallico: Both are 5.3.10, but different builds.10:31
bekksmetallico: Which can include bugfixes, etc., too10:31
metallicoso does that mean that it includes the latest 5.3 php built from php.net?10:32
metallicobecause it is 5.3.28 there10:32
TatsCan someone help me with my network? I'm having integrated Realtek chip (R8168 or something) and browsers (tried ff and chromium) doesn't load all pages10:33
TatsIt just stops10:33
TatsSteam etc work without a problem10:33
TatsTried setting MTU to.. something and disabled ipv6 but no help10:33
TatsChanging nameservers in Windows helped but no idea how I do it on ubuntu :|10:34
k1l_metallico: ubuntu doesnt ship newer packages after a release (some exceptions like browsers) but they patch security and big bugfixes into the "old" packages10:35
geirhaTats: should be similar to how you do it in windows. Are you using the standard Ubuntu desktop?10:40
geirhaTats: click the network icon in the top right, choose Edit Connections... or something like that10:41
Tatsgeirha: damn, no help. :| I remember taht I got it work somehow some time back, edited config-file, but no idea what config and what i put there.. :D and then I installed windows again :(10:46
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metallicoi just found this http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/p/php5/php5_5.3.10-1ubuntu3.13/changelog10:54
metallicoit explains everything10:54
metallicothank you very much10:54
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wagnerhello! when I update my system, always return gpg key error, I already added the keys, but error continue. I'm using ubuntu 14.04.11:03
bertushey guys does anyone know of software I can use to collage mutiple images onto a page ? SImilar to fotor for windows11:08
cfhowlettbertus image magick11:10
cfhowlettbertus or shape collage11:10
cfhowlettbertus http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/06/make-photo-collage-ubuntu-1404/11:11
bertusawesome thank you cfhowlett>11:14
dohzerI'm having some trouble compiling freetype-2.5.3.     I get an error during the .configure state:        "checking for gcc... gcc      checking whether the C compiler works... no" and a line telling me to "See `config.log' for more details", but I can't find config.log.11:15
dohzerAny idea where it would be?11:15
dohzer(it's not in the same directory as .configure)11:15
svetlanahi, how do i suspend from commandline please? i don't have gnome running :)11:18
k1l_!info powermanagement-interface11:19
ubottupowermanagement-interface (source: powermanagement-interface): platform neutral powermanagement interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.20ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 9 kB, installed size 53 kB11:19
k1l_svetlana: ^ and then pmi action suspend11:19
theadminsvetlana: sudo pm-suspend11:20
k1l_or pm-suspend iirc11:20
svetlanaError org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.Hal was not provided by any .service files11:20
svetlanapm-suspend works but it doesn't lock screen11:20
fermionHi, why when i download the ubuntu image, i have this ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso? i eman why at the end is said amd? will it work properly with intel CPU? or is there some intel version of ubuntu?11:22
fermionsvetlana, privet....11:22
svetlanayes, hi11:22
fermionsvetlana, kak dela?11:22
svetlanatrying to suspend, you see11:23
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theadminfermion: AMD64 is the architecture, it just means 64-bit11:23
theadminfermion: Intel has it's own 64-bit architecture (IA-64) but it's used only on high-performance server machines, AMD64 will work both on Intel and AMD desktop/laptop CPUs11:24
k1l_fermion: amd invented the 64bit and got the patent. intel uses the same 64bit so it works on intel too11:24
Symmetriaamd64 works perfectly fine on high performance xeon systems as well11:25
sagittarian_amd64 is just the name of the architecture11:26
sagittarian_it was invented by amd, then adopted by intel11:26
sagittarian_in all likelihood any 64-bit processor that you are going to use is amd6411:26
HeiWhat is ppa.launchpad.net/crebs??11:27
HeiCan I get rid of it? It can't up update it... It says to me that the connection failed while checking for it11:28
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k1l_Hei: its a PPA (3rd party repo) you added11:28
HeiMmmm maybe for playonlinux?11:28
k1l_Hei: and since its blitterly old, use ppa-purge to remove that.11:28
k1l_Hei: no its for desktop slideshow11:29
HeiAaaaahhh!! Now I rember! It's a fucking program... Never used...11:30
HeiBut... How can i purge it?11:33
* mahi test11:33
disturberoffileswhen I open digikam it is stuck at version 3.3.0, but in my packagemanger it says 4.3.3. is installed...what could cause that?ppa mess?11:34
sorvinHey all. Can anyone help with preseeding? Maybe has some file for trusty that they know is working well? I'm using the preseed-example from ubuntu's site and it still stops and prompts for stuff in many parts of the installation even though i think i configured it well11:35
Nick545353533hello when i press shift alt it doesnt change the language why?11:37
cfhowlettNick545353533 shift alt is not a language trigger in ubuntu11:37
Nick545353533and which is it?11:38
sorvinnick, you can install dconf-editor and change it to alt-shift there11:38
cfhowlettNick545353533 settings > language support >11:38
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lixGood day. According to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2014-July/000188.html Ubuntu 14.04.1 was releasyed last week. But my Ubuntu LTS 12.04 server still says "no new release found" when I use "do-release-upgrade" command. - How can I fix this *not* using "-d" option?11:41
cfhowlettlix -p should trigger it11:42
cfhowlettlix also #ubuntu-server11:42
lixcfhowlett: indeed! thanks. but how comes the command does not show new release without option?11:43
cfhowlettlix IDK.  Like you, I understood that LTS > LTS would enable with the first point release, but it seems not to be the case.11:44
geirhalix: It should in time11:44
=== eric is now known as Guest74748
lixcfhowlett: ok. thank you for your quick assistance!11:45
lixgeirha: and *how much* time?11:45
lixgeirha: like what does it depend from?11:45
cfhowlettlix happy2help11:45
geirhalix: no idea, but it will likely come as an 12.04 update for the do-release-upgrade command.11:45
lixgeirha: apt-get update should keep the source list updated I understand. - so which command would let my server know there is a new release (*not* using -d or -p options?)11:46
* cfhowlett watches with great interest ...11:46
lixgeirha: k I see. - nobody seems to know. there are about 5 threads on askubuntu telling nobody seems to know what "triggers" it...11:47
* lix shurg11:47
lixhave a good day!11:48
naholyrHello :)11:49
daftykinsgreetings one and all11:49
geirhalix: May be do-release-upgrade simply has a bug11:50
naholyrI hope my question won't be too stupid, I'm currently installing Ubuntu over an old install, want to keep my home safely untouched. But it was not crypted, and now the installer does not give me the option to *uncheck* "encrypt my personal folder"11:50
naholyrWhat will happen if I continue? Will it encrypt the current folder (that could last for days :x) or even worse delete it?11:51
trijntjenaholyr: can you put a screenshot of that online?11:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:51
daftykinsa picture would be goo...11:51
daftykinsclearly trijntje is a bright person for thinking as i ;)11:51
cfhowlettnaholyr sounds like an opt-out offer to encrypt your home.  If you opt-out - no changes.  but yes pictures do help.  also, #ubuntu-server is a channel11:52
daftykinsthere was ZERO mention of server.11:52
naholyruploaded here : http://imgur.com/zUBJ3co11:53
naholyryou can see the option is disabled (force-checked)11:53
daftykinsargh non-english XD11:53
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:54
naholyrok ok thanks11:54
poobuttguten tag and g'day what is the best way to block certain IP's by time of day?11:56
_3r3bus_Hey all. My problem is listed here: http://pastebin.com/wrmYvPjv Thought I'd avoid posting multiple lines of text. Thanks.11:56
poobuttwrong chat sorry11:56
Nick545353533i did a wrong thing i tried to uninstall dconf editor via synaptic packaege manager11:58
Nick545353533but i installed a wrong thing and now i cant find my system settings11:58
Nick545353533and when i open them they are like only 4 and not all the system settings11:58
engineer_Hei! I have ubuntu 12.04 if i go to the updatenmanager it shows that the version 12.10 is ready to be downloaded... I want to upgrade the system to the 14.04 version... If I write in the terminal sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove will it show me that i can upgrade to the 14.04??12:06
elite_ubuntu is smooth12:07
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cfhowlettengineer_ change your update manager to display LTS releases only.  then run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade -p            14.04 should appear available12:10
engineer_Well... Never mind.... However... I tried to run ubuntu 14.04 from a bootable pendrive... How can i simply remove the ubuntu 12.04 and update it from there?12:10
cfhowlettengineer_ remove?  no need. install 14.04 to the same partitions and 12.04 will be overwritten12:10
engineer_Wow... But if I overwrite the system in the same partition of now... Does the dual boot remains still functionally?12:11
engineer_I have (win+unbu)12:12
cfhowlettengineer_ yes.  chooose "do something else" during your options and manually select your current partitions.  DO NOT use the first set of options as that will install ubuntu only and wipe everything else12:13
engineer_Yeah... You're awsome!12:13
cfhowlettengineer_ of course ... backup ^312:15
jereI have followed the instructions here to compile linux kenrel. Everything works well except when I restart the VM, it is taking inordinate amount of time reboot. Is this normal?12:16
jere http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2013/06/compile-linux-kernel/12:16
justaguyjere: Why are you compiling your own kernel12:17
jerejustaguy: a part of my college assignment.12:17
engineer_cfhowlett --> i have written sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade -p but it says "command line option 'p' [from -p] in not known"12:18
GauravButolaHow do I use ng-click with <a> having prevendefault?12:19
cfhowlettengineer_ sudo do-release-upgrade -p12:19
GauravButolaOops wrong room, sorry.12:19
engineer_Wohoho! Sorry!12:20
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shiberrHello, I have Ubuntu 14.04 on a new laptop from MSI. It has been running fine until today when I realized that it had been using the Intel HD graphics card the whole time instead of the NVIDIA GTX 860m (due to me not having installed an nvidia driver).12:32
shiberrSo I first tested installing nvidia-current, but running lshw -c video , I could see that the NVIDIA card was still "unclaimed".12:32
shiberrSo i downloaded the 340.24 driver from NVIDIAS website and it installled successfully, atleast it said so.12:33
shiberrWhen I reboot the computer I get to the login screen and everthing looks nromal, correct resolution etc12:33
shiberrBut when I log in to the desktop, I can only see the background image.12:34
shiberrAnd I know that this seems to be a common problem, but I cant get it to work by following the posts found on different forums12:34
shiberrIs there anyone here who can help me check the different parts to see where the problem lies? THANK YOU!12:35
daftykinsshiberr: that's an nvidia optimus setup, you need to look into nvidia-prime or bumblebee, you can't just install nvidia drivers12:35
pablohi guys, can PPA be used to build packages for debian?12:35
pawhat are packages to remove in 14.04? i read that there's some sort of spyware to remove12:35
paany link to tutorials?12:35
cfhowlettpa no spyware.12:36
cfhowlett!ppa | pablo12:36
ubottupablo: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:36
shiberrdaftykins: thank you I will try nvidia-prime12:36
paalso another question: what is the package pppoe for? as far as i can see rp-pppoe.so comes with the package ppp..12:37
cfhowlettpa from terminal:  apt-cache show packagenamehere12:37
pai did, and still i don't understand12:38
pablocfhowlett: I knowand they are built against a specific ubuntu release12:38
pablomy question was if it can be built against debian12:38
daftykinspa: PPPoE or point to point protocol over ethernet is a standard communication or authentication type used to establish broadband connections12:38
saiarcot895pablo: no, PPAs can't have packages for Debian versions12:38
pablosaiarcot895: ok :s12:38
padaftykins, i know what it is. i don't know what the package "pppoe" is for12:39
daftykinspa: time for research then.12:39
paand, funny thing, it is present in 10.04, 12.04 13.0412:40
=== johnny is now known as Guest15377
pabut not in the releases in between12:40
padaftykins, sure, research. Ubuntu screws up and then users have to "research"12:40
daftykinspa: giving attitude will not help you here12:40
cfhowlettpa less attitude = more help.12:41
daftykinsthere's an echo in here again12:41
pai asked a very simple question, and the help i got was a) misunderstanding my clear question and b) "google for it"12:41
daftykinspa: you are very welcome to request a refund12:42
djtfha ha ha12:42
cfhowlettpa and yet ... without the attitude you could have DONE the search and found: "what is PPP and PPOE" in the first 3 hits12:42
* cfhowlett wishes "lmgtfy" was permitted ...12:44
pa*sgrunt*. i know what is ppp and pppoe. do i have to ay it again?12:44
daftykinsnah don't repeat, we've given up12:44
samuraiRMposting a photo?12:45
cfhowlett!paste | samuraiRM12:45
ubottusamuraiRM: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:45
paand by the way, you heroes, by googling you can't find any decent info about the fantastic pppoe package that comes with ubuntu (and possibly debian too)12:45
pabut hey, it's free, dont complain if it sucks12:45
sonnetrusty still doesn't show up on precise's do-release-upgrade.. i'm puzzled12:46
* dhananja2 ubuntu fails to resume after wake up from sleep mode what can be problem12:46
cfhowlettsonne yep.  it should.  it doesn't.  you can trigger the upgrade with sudo do-release-upgrade -p12:47
cfhowlett!it | samuraiRM12:48
ubottusamuraiRM: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:48
saiarcot895pa: Did you try "dpkg -L pppoe" to see what files it installs?12:48
pai did12:49
pathere are some scripts12:49
paand a binary "pppoe"12:49
cfhowlettkahn_ greetings.  ask your ubunt question12:49
cfhowlettShimpu thanks12:49
kahn_who use node.js ?12:50
* dhananja2 samuraiRM: can you answer me12:50
kahn_what ?12:50
saiarcot895dhananja2: Don't use /e12:50
saiarcot895dhananja2: Don't use /me12:50
cfhowlettdhananja2 ask your ubuntu question12:52
dhananja2ubuntu fails to resume or wakeup from sleep mode12:52
ubottusamuraiRM: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:55
IceBot3000That messing is daft, !list does not inherently imply "warez"12:56
daftykinsIceBot3000: you're welcome to discuss your opinion of the bot triggers in #ubuntu-offtopic12:56
hucksy!list porn12:56
IceBot3000daftykins: I'll discuss them here, but thanks12:57
daftykinsno you won't12:57
IceBot3000This is like pantomime12:57
sunnymoliniWhat you guys use for a mail client, if any?12:58
ActionParsnipsunnymolini: gmail web UI12:59
sunnymolinimichael86, hello indeed13:00
kahn_are you from china ?13:02
cfhowlettkahn_ let's stay on topic: ubuntu support.  what is your issue?13:03
shiberrdaftykins: I have now installed nvida-prime and nvidia-331. This works and I did install a shortcut to switch between the Intel HD and Nvidia 860m. But as it is right now the Intel is much better perfomance13:06
shiberrdaftkins: glxgears for Intel reports much higher FPS and the system UI is more smooth13:06
shiberrdaftkins: Did I do something wrong?13:06
daftykinsshiberr: no idea... nvidia-prime isn't quite as refined as bumblebee i think but it'll get there. glxgears isn't really the best of tests though13:07
Yevgenyanyone knows what Rancid is?13:14
daftykinsa punk band i believe13:14
Yevgenywell I try to setup Rancid (network management tool) but i get stuck13:15
acetakwashello, class started yet?13:16
YevgenyI come to the point where i type in the "./bin/rancid-cvs" command but it can't find the command13:16
acetakwassorry, wrong channel13:16
Yevgenywhat channel can help me?13:16
Mathisenits okej acetakwas no class today, You get the day free :)13:17
p014k_If I have a list of commands that I've generated via the command line, I usually do something like > cmd;chmod +x cmd;./cmd;rm cmd Is there anyway to streamline this by piping it into something, perhaps xargs with some flag?13:17
saiarcot895Yevgeny: I take it you checked that you are in the right directory, and that "./bin/rancid-cvs" has executable permissions?13:17
compdocYevgeny, search the drive for rancid13:18
YevgenyI am in the directory13:18
Yevgenybut it doesn't find the rancid in the bin directory13:19
YevgenyBut rancid is installed13:19
loaif there any qay to notice throttling using system tools?13:20
saiarcot895Yevgeny: If rancid is installed in the standard directories, you should just be able to do "rancid-cvs"13:20
loai think i have thermal problems on my system.13:20
loawhe i am playing game13:20
walidhei! how can i attach a link to a photo here?13:20
cfhowlett!paste | walid13:20
ubottuwalid: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:20
Yevgenysaiarcot895: it says /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-cvs: line 107: svnadmin: command not found13:21
saiarcot895Yevgeny: so your real issue is that svnadmin is not found13:21
Yevgenysaiarcot895: yeah but why does it try to use svnadmin?13:22
Yevgenywhere can I check this line 107?13:22
saiarcot895Yevgeny: if you want to explore a bit, open /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-cvs in a text editor and go to line 10713:22
saiarcot895Yevgeny: this file is likely just a shell script13:22
Yevgenysaiarcot895: thanks man13:22
walidwell... i have a dual boot pc with win+ubu12.04 and I want to reistall it from a boot pc13:23
walidthis is the screenshot of gparted13:23
walidif i can... to mantain the dual boot i have to install in the sd6 partition?13:23
Yevgenysaiarcot895: the line in the script is: svnadmin create $CVSROOT --fs-type fsfs13:23
=== eeee_ is now known as eeee
cfhowlettwalid just use the ubuntu partitions you have at present13:24
saiarcot895Yevgeny: look at the lines before and/or after it, see if there are any comments, or if you can decipher what's going on.13:24
saiarcot895Yevgeny: I have to go offline, so I can't help you further with this.13:24
walidyah but i am afraid....13:24
Yevgenysaiarcot895: thanks man13:25
Yevgenysaiarcot895: you've been helpful=)13:25
walidif i select to install the new one on the sda6 partition does it maintain the dual boot without destroying windows?13:26
cfhowlettwalid so long as you don't install to the windows partition, windows will remain13:26
ActionParsnipwalid: the dual boot will be seen, just delete the partitions you don't need after a final backup and then install to the freed space13:26
matej_hey, I made a bubu in my ubuntu13:28
matej_ i was chowning a dir and I used /* instead of *13:28
matej_ (thank good it wasn't -R)13:28
walidwell... i'm stil afraid... so the grub doesn't crash?13:28
Giant81has anyone else had any luck getting the ubuntu one downloader?13:28
Giant81every time I hit the link it re-directs me to their shutdown notification13:28
matej_can anyone post me his "ll /"13:29
geirhamatej_: well, the fix is easy, they should all be owned by root13:29
matej_are all the folders root:root?13:29
geirhamatej_: yup13:29
matej_ok, just wanted to make sure13:29
acetakwasMathisen, lol thanks. Are you on #dgplug as well13:31
acetakwasMathisen, lol thanks. Are you on #dgplug as well?13:31
* acetakwas <^V^>13:32
* acetakwas <^v^>13:32
k1lacetakwas: we try to keep this channel clear for tehcnical support. for chatter we got #ubuntu-offtopic13:33
acetakwasokay, mistake13:33
acetakwasSWAP not mounting at startup. Can I get help?13:35
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:36
k1lacetakwas: is it put into fstab?13:38
k1lwhat does dmesg give?13:38
compdocacetakwas, you might need to activate it, although Ive never seen it turn itself off13:38
djtfacetakwas, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141871413:39
walidwell i have this http://postimg.org/image/m4btsirsj/13:41
walidIf i install ubuntu 14.04 in sdb6 would the dual boot still remain unvariated13:42
walidI want to delete ubuntu12.04 and change it with 14.0413:43
cfhowlettwalid should be good but ... as always ... backups ^213:43
cfhowlettwalid this isn't windows!  you do NOT need to delele.  format sdb6 when you install13:43
k1lwalid: the install should offer a "replace the ubuntu install with the new ubuntu" setting13:44
walid"Should" means that you don't know if windows will say to me "bye bye"?13:44
=== gnu is now known as Guest92351
cfhowlettwalid again ... if you don't touch windows, windows is still there.13:44
walidSo cfhowlett you are sure sure sure sure that the boot (and windows) remain invariates?13:45
Giant81Anyone had trouble getting the ubuntu one downloader downloaded?  every time I hit the link it's redirecting me to the shutdown notification page13:45
daftykinswalid: once you've backed up it won't matter13:46
Giant81I know i'ts getting shutdown, I just want to get my stuff downloaded by the 31st before it gets shut down13:46
walidThis is what i can see http://postimg.org/image/reqfuiuu1/13:47
ActionParsnipGiant81: you mean the script?13:47
compdocGiant81, might install an older version of ubuntu in a vm13:47
cfhowlettwalid well, it's only worked the last 3 times for me so ... yes.  win7 and ubuntustudio since 201013:47
IceBot3000Ubuntu One is history13:47
ActionParsnipGiant81: the one on Omg!Ubuntu!13:47
Giant81I know it's history, I want to get my stuff off it before it's deleted13:47
IceBot3000I think it's too late13:47
IceBot3000The plug has been pulled13:47
walidSo at that time you choosed as me?13:47
Giant81they said we have till the 31st13:47
Giant81and I can get to everything by the old legacy access at the bottom, but I'd rather use the download all app13:48
IceBot3000They didn't give people much warning :S13:48
daftykinsGiant81: wget the script from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/U1/Downloader/Linux/How_to_Use13:49
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
k1lIceBot3000: they did. all users were emailed13:49
Giant81daftykins, the downloadlink on that page redirects to the above shutdown page13:49
IceBot3000k1l: A few months isn't long13:49
daftykinsGiant81: are you logged in?13:49
daftykinsGiant81: you're aware i said wget it and not click it, yes?13:50
Giant81I figure wget follows redirects no?13:50
Giant81there would be little difference in wget vs clicking it but I'll try13:50
daftykinsGiant81: you shall be surprised13:50
Giant81that and I'm trying from windows, let me fire up my laptop13:51
daftykinsi'm on Windows and clicking downloads13:51
Giant81let me try a different browser13:51
=== Olivier| is now known as Olivier
Giant81ahhh there we go13:52
k1lhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/U1/Downloader/Windows/How_to_Use  Giant8113:52
Giant81I've been trying ot 3 days wiht chrome, it would just re-direct13:52
Giant81hit it wiht firefox.... works perfect13:52
k1ldownload for windows downloader works here13:52
walidcfhowlett you did the same thing I'm doing right now?13:52
walidcfhowlett you did the same thing I'm doing right now?13:52
walidWhile installing ubu?13:53
walidPleease! Then i won't brake your balls anymore!13:54
cfhowlett!dualboot|walid notice how you keep getting the same answer to the same question?13:54
ubottuwalid notice how you keep getting the same answer to the same question?: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:54
walidWell! Thanks!13:55
ActionParsnipGiant81: cd $HOME; wget http://ubuntuone.com/u1-downloader/u1-downloader-win.zip; unzip u1-downloader-win.zip13:57
Giant81ActionParsnip, it's already downloading my files13:57
ActionParsnipGiant81: coolio englasias13:57
Giant81my problem was that chrome was not downloading the file, it would re-direct to the shutdown notification page13:58
Giant81I thought it was the page that was broken, but it was my brower13:58
daftykinsprobably more likely your browser cache13:58
Giant81I've noticed that a bit more lately with chrome13:58
amireldorI need some clarification regarding lsusb and the USB hardware *clears throat*:13:59
Giant81another quick question13:59
Giant81I have a server with an LSI MegaRAID SAS controller and a mirrored volume on it, when trying to install Xubuntu it can see the controller14:00
amireldorIf I got a sole 4 port USB/PCI card on my machine, and `lsusb` shows me 4 "root hubs"; when I connect e.g. a USB storage device, what am I supposed to see now on `lsusb`14:00
Giant81but it cannot see any discs.... I know the volumes exist as they currently have windows installed and working on them14:00
=== toastcfh_ is now known as toastcfh
daftykinsGiant81: no module loaded for the controller though perhaps14:01
Giant81lsmod shows the megaraid driver is loaded14:01
ActionParsnipGiant81: if you use parted or fdisk, can you see the disks there?14:02
Giant81ActionParsnip, no, I launched the live disk and qtparted was not able to see any partitions14:02
Giant81or any discs14:02
Giant81I'll have to do a bit more digging, maybe it is not an LSI MegaRAID SAS card, but only being misidentified as one14:03
Giant81thus the driver isn't working.  let me boot it in windows and do a bit more digging on the exact model number and go from there14:04
ActionParsnipGiant81: if you run:  sudo parted -l; sudo fdisk -l    do you see them?14:04
=== zeljko is now known as hrabro_srce_m
Giant81ActionParsnip, checking14:05
Rukhdoes anyone know how to use sed?14:15
SirLagzRukh: ##sed does14:16
Rukhoh, thanks14:16
TeraJLcan someone test if this happens to you too https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/1349436 , or if anyone know a workaround? it's a simple shortcut but i use it allot14:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 1349436 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) ""Move window to workspace #" shortcut is not working" [Undecided,New]14:20
Giant81ActionParsnip, both return nothing14:29
Giant81lspci shows me an LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 107814:30
Giant81and lsmod shows me megaraid_sas14:31
Giant81and according to http://hwraid.le-vert.net/wiki/LSIMegaRAIDSAS that's the right driver14:32
qwebirc4840does anybody know if when i run sudo mv on a folder it changes the permissions for that folder?14:33
djtfqwebirc4840, http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/72922/moving-a-folder-with-sudo-mv-how-to-preserve-acls14:34
=== tracck is now known as MetaleerIsPedo
reisioqwebirc4840: rsync with -p, or cp with -p14:34
reisiotsuyoshi_: ho14:35
djtfgrabbed the wrong link, reisio is right14:35
reisiono your link covers that, too14:35
tsuyoshi_can everyone explain me how i can download wine14:36
reisiocp -p anyways14:36
reisiotsuyoshi_: sudo apt-get install wine14:36
reisiotsuyoshi_: or open software center and search for 'wine'14:36
tsuyoshi_ok thx14:36
reisiook npx14:36
Lunariohey, so, I have this ubuntu program which does not have rights to create a directory on an ntfs partition on my hdd. I tried to give it writing rights but that doesnt work via nautilus (changes are not accepted). How can I get writing rights on it?14:38
=== MetaleerIsPedo is now known as erryIsGay
reisioLunario: how'd you mount the partition?14:38
garrettkajmowiczGreetings! I'm running 12.04.4 LTS and looking to upgrade to 14.04.1. I've run aptitude/update, and now running do-release-upgrade shows no new releases available. How do I get this to work?14:39
cfhowlettgarrettkajmowicz sudo do-release-upgrade -p14:39
Lunarioreisio: with this line in fstab I think (hope its correct): /dev/sda5       /media/data            ntfs-3g           defaults,locale=en_US.utf8 0 014:40
garrettkajmowiczcfhowlett: It's doing something different from before; this is a good sign.14:40
djtfgarrettkajmowicz: sudo update-manager -d, then wait for the update manager app to load?14:41
cfhowlettgarrettkajmowicz watch the terminal - it should reflect "trusty" sources ...14:41
reisioLunario: you probably need to alter the 3rd-to-last field to change the mount user perms14:41
LunarioIn how far alter it?14:42
reisioerryIsGay: that's far out14:42
qwebirc4840reisio: is it cp -p with any parameters or just normal14:43
reisioqwebirc4840: try cp -p foo bar14:43
reisioif that doesn't work try with -a14:43
garrettkajmowiczWorking fine now. Thanks!14:43
qwebirc4840reisio: its a folder with subfolders so i add -r as well right?14:45
qwebirc4840reisio: sadly it didn't work for me, what was this supposed to do? (-:14:47
reisioqwebirc4840: what, cp?14:47
mjuszcza1How do I up the debian package version using debuild?  Trying to upload to launchpad and it's failing saying the package already exists but the source is different.  I don't want to change the version of the package but did have to rebuild it with different debian/ sources.14:48
erryoh, /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20apt-show-versions14:49
sdgsdgsd/dns atlantis.home.nivex.net14:52
ActionParsnip!find apt-show-versions14:52
ubottuFound: apt-show-versions14:52
ActionParsniperry: sudo apt-get install apt-show-versions14:52
erryActionParsnip, ..i can't install anything14:52
erryit just dies with no output14:53
erryalso exit code 13914:53
qwebirc4840reisio: yea, whats the effect of -p or -a on co14:53
ActionParsniperry: can you use dpkg on the deb manually, rather than apt-get ?14:54
reisioqwebirc4840: preserving permissions...14:54
erryActionParsnip, is it possible to fix my apt-get? that's my actual problem not apt-show-versions14:54
erryi removed that file and now update doesn't segfault14:54
ActionParsniperry: what is the output of:  uname -m14:55
errybut installing doesn't do anything ;;14:55
ActionParsniperry: wget http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/a/apt-show-versions/apt-show-versions_0.22.3_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./apt-show-versions_0.22.3_all.deb14:55
erryActionParsnip, i get a segfault,m then get  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 13914:56
erryso i can't tpkg14:56
=== jan is now known as Guest83525
erryi haven't ran upt-get in a while before this15:00
erryoh, rebooting fixes it.15:00
ActionParsniperry: yey15:01
roeijacoops sry15:18
roeijachey, still new to unix, what's the command for uninstalling?15:23
k1lsudo apt-get remove package15:23
k1l!apt | roeijac15:23
ubotturoeijac: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)15:23
roeijack1l: thanks15:24
yz3pDwhat is the difference between apt-get remove and apt-get purge?15:24
cfhowlett_yz3pD I believe also kills the .configuration files15:25
k1lyz3pD: purge removes alle config files mentioned in that package. see the link from the bot for more details15:25
usr13 purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and  purged (any configuration files are deleted too).15:25
usr13yz3pD: ^^^15:26
ubuGuys... Oh my gosh... My computer don't recon the grub15:26
ubuUnknown filesystem15:26
ubuGrub rescue15:26
ubuHow to repair it??15:26
k1lubu: what did you do vbefore that?15:26
ubuI installed ubuntu 14.04 on the partition of 12.0415:27
usr13!grub | ubu15:27
ubottuubu: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub215:27
k1luse boot repair to get grub sorted15:27
cfhowlett_ubu how exactly did you perform this installation?15:27
ActionParsnipubottu: I'd use the omgubuntu guide "sticking it to grub" to reinstate grub15:27
ubottuActionParsnip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:27
ubuI did this15:28
chicognuthere is a user called remote access on ubutu know by default ?15:28
k1lubu: and changing nicknames all the time doesnt help the helpers to know the situation15:28
chicognuthere is a user called remote access on ubutu now by default ?15:28
=== Player is now known as Player_
ubuOh sorry, but right now i'm really afraid....15:29
chicognunobody ?15:29
ubuI have my hands wet... My face wet...15:29
usr13ubu: You did what ______________?  (Tell us.)15:29
ubuInstalled ubuntu 14.04 on the partition of ubuntu12.0415:30
ubuAll data and files of windows are ok, I can see them by the live of ubuntu15:30
ubuThere is also all files of ubuntu 14.04 in the right partition15:31
ubuThere *are15:31
usr13ubu: As opposed to doing the distribution upgrade, you did a fresh install.  Ok we got that part.....15:31
ubuWhat? Is there any way to reinstall the grub??15:32
usr13ubu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub15:32
dunpealHi. What is the name of the service / process which automatically checks for updates and prompts me to install them?15:32
ubuPlease! Let me have a good night tonight!15:32
ubuwhy "after installing windows"? Is the guide really for my case?15:34
cfhowlett_ubu *slap* calm the heck down.  people are trying to help you.  hysteria will NOT help.15:34
usr13dunpeal: update-manager15:34
usr13dunpeal: Correction:  update-notifier15:35
IdleOneubu: because it is/was the most common reason for needing to reinstall grub15:35
IdleOnejust follow the guide and you will be fine15:35
ubuWait.... I post a photo....15:36
usr13ubu: .... in other words, it is the same procedure.15:36
usr13ubu: Are you still in the install process?15:36
ubuFollowing the guide... I have to install it in the sda1?15:37
weeb1eHello everyone15:37
dunpealusr13: thanks, but I just got prmpted for updates, yet `ps aux | grep update` shows nothing?15:38
ubuThat is sudo grub-install /dev/sda1 ?15:38
cfhowlett_ubu do you have more than one HDD?  SSD?15:38
ubuNo, only one hdd!15:38
weeb1eI am trying to install cacti on the latest ubuntu server LTS, but everytime I use apt-get, it installs apache2 as well. If I remove apache2, it removes cacti. How can I install cacti without apache2?15:38
cfhowlett_ubu sdb not sda ...15:38
cfhowlett_!server | weeb1e15:39
ubottuweeb1e: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server15:39
k1lubu: please pastebin a "sudo fdisk -l" to let us see15:39
weeb1ecfhowlett_: This isn't all that specific to server, and ubuntu is ubuntu15:39
usr13ubu: sda  not sda115:39
ubuIn sd1 there is ubuntu15:39
weeb1eMy question is specific to apt-get more than anything15:39
ubuLook at the photo!15:39
k1l!paste | ubu put a "sudo fdisk -l " in there please15:40
ubottuubu put a "sudo fdisk -l " in there please: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:40
usr13ubu:  Because you want to write your boot manager to the MBR of the drive you boot to, (which more-than-likely is sda).15:40
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
usr13ubu: Does your computer boot sda or sdb?15:41
usr13ubu: Show us the full output of "sudo fdisk -l"15:41
usr13ubu: Or  "sudo fdisk -l sda"15:42
geniiweeb1e: Since cacti requires some web server, when you install it, the default httpd if nothing exists already, is apache2. If you have some other one already installed, like for instance lighttpd or nginx  or so on, it should be able use that instead.15:42
weeb1egenii: It seems to install apache2 anyway, I already have nginx installed. But I will try install lighttpd and see if that stops apache from installing15:42
reisiomight look into no-recommends15:43
usr13ubu: In the last image you showed us, we say that sda1 was labeld as "UBUNTU14_04"15:43
usr13*see*  (not say)15:44
weeb1egenii: Even with lighttpd and nginx installed, it says "The following extra packages will be installed:  apache2 libapache2-mod-php5"15:44
ubuHere we are15:44
k1lsda is your usb drive. that doesnt need the grub. its sdb15:44
ubuSee the paste.ubuntu.com/788585315:45
weeb1eThis is so damn frustrating, why won't apache just stay the hell away from my machine15:45
k1lubu:  sda is your usb drive. that doesnt need the grub. its sdb15:45
usr13ubu: Ok, well we don't have a clear idea as to what you are doing or what you have done so it will be hard to give you specific advise.15:45
ubuOk, please, help me! What I have to do? I have never been so stressed as right now!15:46
weeb1eIt seems like I may have to compile cacti from source rather than using apt-get, since apt-get will not stop installing apache2 no matter what15:46
usr13ubu: What exactly is your goal?15:46
ubuHave you seen the photo?? paste.ubuntu.com/788585315:46
k1lubu: work with the linked repair howto. use sdb as target for the grub15:47
ubuTo start my computer normally15:47
usr13ubu: Yes I'm looking at it now, and so are others.15:47
k1lubu: you were given plenty of advises, but you dont seem to read them at all.15:47
cfhowlett_ubu you REALLY need to calm down.  Seriously.15:47
usr13k1l: sdb ?15:47
weeb1eDoes no one know of a way of removing apt packages without removing things that depend on them? I really need to remove goddamn apache15:47
ubuI read all of them15:47
k1lusr13: yes, sda is the usb drive of the live system15:48
ubuSo? Assume I'm calm... Would you please tell me what I have to write im the prompt?15:48
cfhowlett_ubu more than likely, your OS is properly installed but grub is confused.  repairing/reinstalling grub to sdb should fix that15:48
k1lubu: the linked grub repair already explained all to you.15:49
usr13k1l: Oh I see.15:49
ubuSo i have to sudo grub-install /dev/sdb?15:49
k1lubu: does the howto say so?15:49
weeb1eThere are multiple bug reports like this, saying the apache2 dependency of cacti was fixed like 5 years ago: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cacti/+bug/21759115:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 217591 in cacti (Ubuntu) "wrong dependency" [Medium,Fix released]15:50
ubuYou don't understand i'm completely frustrated!15:50
weeb1eYet I'm using the latest ubuntu server LTS, and it is definitely not fixed15:50
ubuSo... Sudo grub-install /dev/sdb is ok?15:51
cfhowlett_ubu no excuse not to read the tutorial which explains in great detail what you need to do.15:51
k1lubu: we try to help you to help yourself. but you are not listening and repeat the same questions. that is annoying to the volunteers that try to help15:51
weeb1eSo the only workaround seems to be, to find a way of leaving apache2 installed, but disabling it completely15:51
cfhowlett_ubu correct15:51
geniiweeb1e: Please watch the profanity, we want this channel to be family-friendly!  ... Something else you could try is to download the deb file, open it and change the apache dependency to nginx ( or just remove it entirely), repack the deb and then install that instead of the stock one from the repos.15:51
ubuWhy i am not preaaty sure of what i'm going to do?15:52
cfhowlett_weeb1e or compile the package you want from source ...15:52
PsiloXI have troubles upgrading from 12.10  to 14.04. The wiki says go from 12.10 to 13.04 to ... Apt throws me an error because 13.10 is also eol.. Can I stil upgrade, or am I forced to do a clean install now?15:52
cfhowlett_ubu why are you asking us about your feelings?  not an ubuntu issue ...15:52
weeb1egenii: That sounds like more of a pain than just disabling apache2 from starting15:52
weeb1eBut thanks15:52
k1l!eol | PsiloX15:52
ubottuPsiloX: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:52
ubuAnd if after this procedure the computer won't to read the bootable pendrive too?15:52
ubui am completely fucked?15:52
k1lPsiloX: but honestly: i would make a 14.04 reinstall since its way faster as to do 3 upgrades15:53
cfhowlett_ubu stop the profanity immediately.  You KNOW better.15:53
usr13ubu: Watch the language.... It will not effect your computer's ability to read a flash drive.15:53
cfhowlett_!eolupgrade | PsiloX but 14.04 clean install would be way less painful15:53
ubottuPsiloX but 14.04 clean install would be way less painful: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:53
PsiloXi dont know, i f i have to configure everything from zero, i would rather try another distro ;P15:53
PsiloXbut thx for the info15:53
cfhowlett_!ask | ruediger15:54
ubotturuediger: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:54
k1lPsiloX: if you want to stay on one release for ling time go with a LTS in the first place.15:54
cfhowlett_PsiloX this ^^^ 14.04 is LTS15:54
ruedigerI'm a bit confused with upstart.  It seems upstart manages the gpg-agent as well.  But I don't know where I can find the init conf for it (It's not in /etc/init)15:54
ubuI have an error!15:55
PsiloXyeah,but my ASUS zenbook didnt want to accept 12.04 at the time, i was forced to 12.10 to get evrything working, the pain of cutting edge ..15:55
ubuIt says "failed to get canonical path of '/cow'15:56
usr13ubu: What command generated the error?15:56
usr13ruediger: Upstart is a process management daemon15:57
ubusudo grub-install /dev/sdb15:57
ruedigerusr13: I know15:57
usr13ruediger: So what is your question.15:57
cfhowlett_ubu paste the output15:58
cfhowlett_and the command15:58
ruedigerusr13: I just want to know where the .conf script for the gpg-agent is and when it is exactly started.  I assume it is session based (session init)15:58
robairtjavascript on chrome is messing up. good thing for Chromium15:58
ubuI'm going to cry...16:00
robairtdid ubuntu just call you a cow?16:01
vexati0n_so .. not to be a debbie downer, but is Ubuntu *ever* going to let me use multiple monitors without screen tearing on any of them ?16:01
ubumaybe... Maybe ubuntu hate me..16:01
ruedigerusr13: I thought all the conf files are in /etc/init/ but it seems that's only for system jobs and not for session jobs16:01
robairtMine does not screen tear?16:01
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
cfhowlett_!info bootrepair16:02
ubottuPackage bootrepair does not exist in trusty16:02
k1lubu: did you chroot into the ubuntu install?16:03
ruedigerusr13: oh, found it.  It's in /usr/share/upstart/sessions/ I kinda skipped over it while reading the docs :/16:03
ubuNo, i started the usb... And then the disaster....16:03
* genii smacks ubottu16:04
k1lubu: best for you seems to be to use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:05
cfhowlett_agreed ^^^16:06
* cfhowlett_ wonders where the boot-repair factoid is hiding16:06
ubuHooo... This is not simple16:06
geniicfhowlett_: I think now that it's likely !fixmbr16:07
cfhowlett_genii hmm.  ok - but if he's running uefi ... that's not mbr ... right?16:07
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:08
=== ochiotte1 is now known as ochiottes
ubuWell! Installed the boot repair16:13
ubuNow, i click on recommended repair?16:14
ActionParsnipubu: when you installed 14.04, did you remove 12.04 or did you tell it to upgrade the standing OS?16:14
ubuNo, i formatted the disk and installed the new one16:15
ubuWell... So?16:15
ubuRecommended or advanced option?16:15
cfhowlett_ubu recommended16:16
ubuWell.. It is reparing16:17
ubuI promise that if all the process will succed.. I will never touch anymore my system!16:19
ubuIt say paste.ubuntu.com/788611516:20
ubuAnd says that all is well...16:20
ubuA wuby file (corrupped) was found....16:20
cfhowlett_ubu oh hell.  this is a WUBI?!!!  bad idea.  bad BAD idea.  and ... no longer supported.16:21
ActionParsnipubu: oh did you use wubi?16:21
ActionParsnipubu: wubi hasnt been developed for 2 years. It's dead16:21
k1li thought the linux partitions were ubuntu ones, but they are arch linux ones. so it was a wubi installation?16:23
k1lubu: ^16:23
ubuNoooo.... I used wubi maaany yeeears ago16:23
k1lubu: was the ubuntu install a wubi install? yes or no16:23
ubuThis installation no16:24
ubuThe installation of the 12.04 yes16:24
cfhowlett_ubu here's the test: reboot16:25
k1lubu: that are _important_ details you need to tell the ones that help you.....16:25
ubuNow.... Can I uninstall wubi?16:25
ubuSorry, but I thought wubi has never been useful at all...16:26
cfhowlett_ubu have you rebooted to test your system?  are you reading this message now?  read it in the voice of Morgan Freeman or God.  REBOOT16:26
ubuNow windows is scanning...16:26
ubuThe computer showed me the grub! :)16:27
MonkeyDustubu  did you install ubuntu from within windows?16:27
ubuThe first time... yyyes.16:28
usr13ubu: It's working now?16:28
ubuNow.... Can i uninstall wubi, when i return to windows?16:29
usr13ubu: Why?16:29
ActionParsnipubu: yes, use Programs and Features16:29
ubuOf course it will show me 100 system errors...16:29
usr13ubu: Did you fix your grub issue?16:29
ubuYaaaa!! I... Well actually YOU fixed the problem!16:30
cfhowlett_ubu you might want to test your ubuntu boot16:30
ubuHhohohoho!!!! Noww i'll test it..... Only one sec16:30
ubuBut, if now I uninstall wubi what will happen?16:30
usr13ubu: Was just looking at http://paste.ubuntu.com/7886115/ and one problem I see is that sda7 is designated as swap in your fstab file, yet the filesystem ID is 83 (82 is swap, not 83).16:31
usr13ubu: Just do not see a real good reason to install wubi if you already have a working Ubuntu install. (wubi is not that great in my opinion, a regular Ubuntu install is much better).16:32
ubuI don't know.... Now i log in ubuntu... Just a sec16:32
ubuIn fact now i did the "classic" installation... :)16:33
ubuBut if now i delete wubi.... Nothing would happen, isn't it?16:34
cfhowlett_ubu so silly question: does your ubuntu now boot?16:34
usr13ubu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How_do_I_uninstall_Wubi.3F16:35
ubuOooooo.... It's working veeery weel!16:35
* cfhowlett_ pops corks, sprays champagne over the team and says "good night".16:36
usr13ubu: Enjoy your new OS16:37
ubuThank you!16:37
ubuI love you guys!16:37
ubuI'll never modify my oss16:39
msp3k1Hi, I need some help.  When some of my users log in, they get the Ubuntu desktop background but no panel and no desktop icons.  This only affects certain users, and it follows them from one machine to another (we user autofs and ldap).  The users' ~/xsession-errors is empty, and as far as I can tell, there's nothing out of the ordinary in /var/log/lightdm/*.log.  In an act of desperation, I tried wiping a user's home area and re-creating it from scratch and16:40
reisiofamous last words16:40
reisiomsp3k1: ...and?16:41
reisio'from scratch and'... ?16:41
msp3k1Did it not print the whole line?16:41
reisioit was quite long-winded16:42
msp3k1In an act of desperation, I tried wiping a user's home area and re-creating it from scratch and I get the same results.16:42
reisiomsp3k1: how'd you wipe it, exactly?16:42
giorgiodinapoliguys, any hardcore iptables freak here? our problem loging rule applied in normal mode. using netns, nothing is logged to kernel-log"!!16:43
reisiogiorgiodinapoli: #netfilter16:44
=== teo is now known as Guest55320
thebishopis anyone else seeing a black screen when accessing google maps through Chrome?  I'm guessing this is a webGL issue.  It works fine in Firefox.  I have a radeon gpu using the open source driver16:47
msp3k1I did the following: mv username username.old ; cp -ar /etc/skel . ; mv skel username ; chown username:username username16:48
ActionParsnipmsp3k1: wont you need chown -r16:49
msp3k1Yes, sorry: chown -R username:username username16:49
msp3k1The user can log in on tty1 just fine, but not X1116:49
DJonesthebishop: I'm not affected by that (using chromium rather than chrome) but have seen it mentioned on twitter https://twitter.com/ruskin147/status/49379815840181862416:50
msp3k1Any idea what I should check next?16:55
ActionParsnipmsp3k1: does the system have ~/.XAuthority ?16:55
reisiomsp3k1: you moved the home dir from within /home/ ?16:57
msp3k1After re-creating the user's home area there is no ~/.Xauthority.  After trying to log in, yes, there is an ~/.Xauthority file.  I've tried deleting it and logging in again, but I get the same results.16:57
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
msp3k1Yes.  Home areas physically reside on machine:/export/[a-z]/home, and are auto-mounted to /home/.16:57
reisioI don't like how you give a lot more information than what I asked for :p16:58
reisioyou were in the directory with the home dirs, and you moved one, yes?16:58
msp3k1I was in /export/a/home on the machine where the user's home area lives, yes.16:59
msp3k1The user can log in on tty1 just fine, so their home area is being mounted to /home/ correctly.17:00
reisiomsp3k1: try copying a working home dir and chown -R'ing it to the correct user, just for giggles17:00
reisiosounds like maybe the session just isn't starting the correct apps17:00
msp3k1Doing it now.17:02
svenxi have a background task (automatic SD-card sync based on udev rules), that i'd like to show sync status on the desktop. i used to use the beep(1) program to beep the pc speaker every 5 sec, but my new computer doesn't have one.17:05
svenxis there a super easy, shell-scriptable way to make an icon in the task bar?17:05
reisiosvenx: probably :)17:07
reisiosvenx: indicating what?17:07
msp3k1Same problem.  I don't get it.17:07
svenxreisio: simply that it's running. it doesn't need to blink or show progress percentage. just as long as it's there. or i can play audio using sox or something17:08
reisiomsp3k1: you talking to someone in particular?17:08
reisiosvenx: well, the 100% dead simplest solution I can think of is to just place a square box text char of any color you like there, with libaosd17:08
msp3k1Let me try it again, different user home area.17:08
svenxreisio: hm, interesting. i'll check it out17:09
reisiosvenx: obviously a hack, though17:09
reisiomsp3k1: when you respond many minutes later it's hard to know who or what it is you're responding to17:09
reisiojust saying17:10
trismsvenx: I have a bit of python code I use to quickly add an indicator: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7886481/ might be something to work with17:10
trismsvenx: assuming you are using unity/gnome flashback with indictators17:10
reisiosvenx: https://unity.ubuntu.com/projects/appindicators/17:10
svenxreisio: i just found that keyword too here, 'indicators'. thanks17:11
svenxtrism: checking it, thanks!17:11
msp3k1reisio: I tried copying over an account that I know works and chown -R'ing it.  Same problem.17:12
the[void]hey guys, I'm having a brain fart, would anyone mind debugging the issue with this fstab line?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7886503/17:13
reisiomsp3k1: okay17:13
reisiomsp3k1: you said there are no panels?17:13
msp3k1Correct.  No panels17:13
reisiomsp3k1: I'm not familiar with the executables, but you should try running the ones that should be running, from a terminal, and observe their output17:13
reisiocompiz, unity-something, probably17:14
reisioyou can ps aux from the working session and figure out which ones17:14
=== tcpman is now known as Guest46106
msp3k1reisio: Any idea how to get a terminal up once the user logs in?17:16
reisiocould try ALT+F217:16
reisiootherwise run DISPLAY=:0 gnome-terminal from anywhere17:16
reisioor whatever # it is ps aux | grep X outputs17:16
mahmhiii every body17:17
mahmiam new ubunto user17:17
reisiomahm: hi17:17
msp3k1reisio: The DISPLAY=:0 thing worked.  I have a terminal now.17:17
reisiomsp3k1: yes it would've been surprising if it hadn't :)17:18
reisioagain, it sounds like the apps that are supposed to be auto-started simply are not being17:18
reisiosince the dirs were identical, it probably means they are failing to run when they are actually TOLD to be run17:19
reisiofor some unknown reason17:19
reisiowhich is why you're about to try and run them manually17:19
NickwizRunning EOL Quantal I have updated sources.list by ://xx.archive.ubuntu.com with ://old-releases.ubuntu.com. But what about ://security.ubuntu.com ? Is there some ://old-security.ubuntu.com or the like?17:20
msp3k1reisio: I tried running unity: "start: Unknown job: unity-panel-service"17:20
shugganshi all - ubuntu 13.04 is failing for apt-get update17:21
shuggansW: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring-backports/multiverse/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]17:22
Nickwizshuggans: EOL 27 January 201417:22
reisiomsp3k1: so ~/.dconf are identical between working & non-working?17:22
reisiomsp3k1: excuse me, ~/.config17:22
shuggansNickwiz: so mirrors are down?17:22
compdocshuggans, I think you can still find raring repos, but they are usually moved after EOL17:23
Nemesis][Can anyone explain to me why 12.04.4 LTS refuses to upgrade to 14.04.1?  Packages are up to date but do-release-upgrade shows no upgrades.  I know I can use -d to force but I thought After 14.04.1 was released it wouldn't require that.17:23
xanguashuggans: install a supported ubuntu release17:23
msp3k1reisio: Should be, I copied over the working account to re-create the broken one.17:23
usr13Nickwiz: Maybe just back up /home/ and do fresh install?17:23
msp3k1reisio: What if I delete the broken user's ~/.config all together?17:23
shuggansxangua: I'm trying 13.04 due to AppAssure not supporting 12.04 corretly17:23
Nickwizshuggans: not longer supported. You might be able to use ://old-release.ubuntu.com over ://xx.archive.ubuntu.com in /etc/apt/sources.list17:23
shuggans13.04 is on the list of supports, so is 12.04.3, but 14.04 is not17:24
reisiomsp3k1: well, I thought you had already done that17:24
reisiomsp3k1: if you haven't tried, do it17:24
usr13Nemesis][: tail -n 1 /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades17:24
usr13Nemesis][: Should work then.  You should be offered the option to upgrade.17:25
msp3k1reisio: Just did it.  No luck.17:25
Nemesis][:/  hmm.. it's not.17:25
usr13Nemesis][: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html17:26
usr13Nemesis][: do-release-upgrade17:26
Nickwizusr13: Yes, I am going to do so, but need to do a thourough backup and write a lot of notes on current system first. I have a lot of tweaks when it comes to various packages like BIND, Apache, etc. loads of scripts and fixes on all from Pulse, JACK to VIM ;),17:26
msp3k1reisio: I deleted the user's ~/.config/ directory.  Not only is the problem still there, but a new ~/.config/ directory was never created.17:26
shugganshmm.  Meh.  I'll try 12.04 again.  Last time appassure agent caused kernel panic17:26
reisiomsp3k1: well it's not adding up so far17:27
reisiomsp3k1: but in the interest of fixing the problem rather than figuring out what it was17:27
reisiomsp3k1: you might just try something like this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/478126/unity-not-working-after-upgrade-ubuntu-13-04-to-14-04#answer-47814517:27
NickwizI have tried to keep track and write down along the way, but I know there is a lot I am missing.17:27
Nemesis][usr13: http://pastebin.com/LYV893J717:27
NickwizEarlier version upgrades has been a disatser.17:27
msp3k1reisio: Working on it now.17:27
usr13Nickwiz: In preperation;  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade17:28
NickwizI have always ended up with fresh install, and a HDD with entire OLD system backed up, fetshing over tweaks and such for 6-12 months afterwards :P17:28
ActionParsnipNickwiz: thats how I do it, the configs are in text files so are easily backed up17:28
reisioif you can't update your distro between versions, you need a better update method or a different distro17:29
reisionot everything needs to simulate Windows so well :p17:29
giorgiodinapoliis it not possible to trace iptables logging  in combination with netns17:30
bertus<bertus> what are some great ubuntu/linux mint help websites?17:30
bertus<bertus> I already use the following: http://www.webupd8.org/ http://www.noobslab.com/ http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/17:30
usr13Nickwiz: I don't know... I've done it a number of times without problems.  I first make sure my system is up-to-date and then pull the trigger when I'm ready.17:30
OerHeksbertus, for mint we don't know17:31
Nemesis][usr13: so no other suggestions other than forcing it with -d?17:31
ilhamihow to check if my dist is 32 or 64?17:31
usr13Nickwiz: But there is no rush, you have couple more years.....17:31
bertusfor ubuntu then please17:31
usr13Nickwiz: EOL for 12.04 is April 201717:32
Nickwizusr13: Yes, I am going to do it, and have done it like that before, but it has ended bad each time. I do however not have the time to do it right now, and would like to do an update of packages, (haven't since May).17:32
Nickwizusr13: Yes, but I'm on 12:10, and I do not want to (down)grade either ...17:32
usr13Nickwiz:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade17:32
bertusOerHeks, for ubuntu then please17:33
usr13Nickwiz: Oh, 12.10 Sorry, I missed that.17:33
msp3k1reisio: Done.  I'm rebooting the machine just for good measure.17:33
usr13Nickwiz: You can't update any more, it is EOL17:33
OerHeksbertus, fullcirclemagazine.org17:33
NickwizWhat about http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/?17:33
usr13Nemesis][: EOL for 12.04 is April 201717:34
usr13Nemesis][: here is no rush, you have couple more years.....17:34
usr13*There*  (not here)17:34
usr13Nickwiz: Sorry, I jumped the tracks, (wrong nick).17:35
fgrohi. i'd like to create an ubuntu bootable usb drive. i have access to a gentoo os here. so how can I do this with linux tools?17:36
Nickwizusr13: Yes, but 12:10 is EOL. But one have http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/ , wouldn't that hold up?17:36
usr13fgro: dd17:36
NickwizNot sure how that archive / repo is maintained.17:37
pdo_fn14fgro: Unetbootin or dd, depends to you.17:37
OerHeksNickwiz, that repo is not maintained, it is as it is. dead.17:37
=== newbie is now known as Guest3412
fgrousr13: ok thx17:37
NickwizOerHeks: OK. So it is merely for being able to install existing packages then?17:38
Nickwiz(using apt)17:38
OerHeksNickwiz, yeah, for those who don't want to upgrade. it should be wiped, as you are not safe.17:38
NickwizOerHeks: Well. For me it is a last resort until I have the time to do a propper upgrade. But I do not have the time to be sitting with a halted system right now ...17:39
markliteHi, any video video editor/producers here?17:39
NickwizSo I do not dare to do it17:40
Guest3412voidfire: Hi, I'm back in pm17:40
Guest3412voidfire: can you look there?17:40
usr13fgro: Ubuntu ISO's are hybrid already, no need to convert, just use dd to transfer image to USB drive17:41
usr13fgro: But if you ran isohybrid already, it won't hurt it.17:42
usr13fgro: ... just won't do anything ...17:42
ActionParsnipmarklite: ask your real question and find out17:42
=== cdmsn is now known as cdmsn|awy
usr13fgro: dd if=/path/to/downloaded.img of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m (Where rdiskN is the actual USB drive, make sure you get it right).17:44
=== db is now known as Blenda
Guest3412any "ethical hackers" out there to help me recover a partition, even a protected one?17:46
=== ryan`c is now known as ryan-c
Guest3412voidfire: BRB17:50
tsuyoshi_hello,is ubuntu better or xubuntu for slow laptop17:51
xanguatsuyoshi_: you can try Xubuntu or Lubuntu for low resources machines17:51
Tzunamiitsuyoshi_: Check LUbuntu17:51
tonytprobly not much difference if the laptop is pretty slow. go with lubuntu instead17:52
tonytlxde is the way to go for slower/older machine17:52
ActionParsniptonyt: or if you just hate Compiz :)17:53
Nemesis][usr13: I know there's several more years of support for 12.04.4 LTS, just curious as to why the upgrade path to 14.04.1 is broken.  Had no issues when I upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04 last time.  Just surprised it's not working, nor can I find documentation/howtos on 12.04.4 LTS to 14.04.1 LTS upgrading without using -d.  I'd just like know why it's failing (either administratively or perhaps a17:53
tonytlubuntu, fedora lxde, pclinuxos lxde etc17:53
Nemesis][configuration error)17:53
bertustonyt what about xfce or qt base?17:53
=== reisio_ is now known as reisio
tonytim not sure bertus, but lxde versions of linux distros were designed for lo resource usage, ie for older machines17:54
bertusokay thanks17:54
tonytfor this channel lubuntu is relavent17:55
tonytgoogle "lxde linux distros" and do some reading17:56
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest15069
=== kevin is now known as Guest30299
Guest15069hi, I try partition my HD using gparted on the install DVD but get an error17:59
msp3k1reisio: Reinstalling the unity packages had no effect.  Deleting ~/.compiz-1/ did the trick for one user.  The other user still has a problem though.17:59
Guest15069anybody know the problem ?18:00
msp3k1reisio: For the second user, their ~/.xsession-errors shows repeated entries: "init: at-spi2-registryd main process ended, respawning"18:00
Guest3412voidfire: I'm back !!18:00
Guest3412voidfire: I imagine that you are afk18:01
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:02
nocoinsI'm stuck on 'Copying files to the temporary folder'... It's been ~30 minutes, I was just setting up node.js, is this normal?18:03
nocoinsNever mind, it just crashed... again18:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 1246245 in proftpd-dfsg (Ubuntu) "proftpd service failed to restart" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:03
mave_will this ever be fixed18:03
mave_it's kind of annoying18:04
Guest15069actually I might better explain my problem ?  I have deleted all partitions so I have 250GB unallocated space, then I then in Gparted create a partition and hit "apply" I get  "An error occurred while applying the operations"18:05
reisiomsp3k1: deleting ~/.compiz-1 that was copied from a working profile?18:05
reisioGuest15069: is there anything on the disk you want to keep?18:05
Guest15069why ?18:05
msp3k1Yes.  It worked on the source account.  Didn't work on the destination account.18:05
samuraiRMale hi18:06
Guest15069reisio, no I backed everything up18:06
reisiomsp3k1: k... still not really adding up :p but glad you're making progress18:06
reisioGuest15069: try doing it incrementally18:06
reisioGuest15069: delete all partitions, apply18:06
reisioGuest15069: make new ones, apply18:06
OerHeksGuest15069, did you 'apply' after the delete actions? then continued with making and hit apply again ?18:06
OerHeksreisio +118:06
Guest15069reisio, I try over and over agin, will try one more time and be sure I hit apply each time..wait18:07
reisioGuest15069: I can give you commands to do it if it keeps not working18:10
Guest15069reisio, yes, I been trying again without luck, might be better to try to do this in terminal ?18:11
reisioGuest15069: :)18:11
reisioGuest15069: is it /dev/sda ?18:11
Guest15069resolutions, oh, now I don't have a disk anymore .. wait18:12
Guest15069reisio,  running fdisk give https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5e9d93a512a02f23af5318:14
=== tcpman is now known as Guest77444
Guest15069reisio, im stupid sorry ... yes Disk /dev/sda18:15
reisioGuest15069: free -m?18:16
nullsignfdisk -l /dev/sda18:16
Guest15069reisio, what do you mean with "free -m" ?18:18
=== Eric^^ is now known as eeee
Guest15069nullsign, give the same output https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5e9d93a512a02f23af5318:19
nullsignsure /dev/sda is your drive?18:19
nullsigndo a df see whats mounted.18:19
reisioGuest15069: it's a command18:20
Guest15069sorry it take me time to write, have a diffrent keyboard layout running from the dvd18:20
reisionullsign: it's the only device listed, no?18:20
Guest15069reisio, I am tired : )   https://gist.github.com/anonymous/610e6fc1e99fc6f6fe9d18:21
=== gnu is now known as Guest45785
Guest15069nullsign, here is my df https://gist.github.com/anonymous/12b747a7e92833cf820818:23
msp3k1reisio: For the second user, I tried creating an empty home directory.  Absolutely nothing in it.  Still the same results.18:23
nullsign.. /cow?18:24
reisioGuest15069: so, you could do, for example: sgdisk -Z /dev/sda && parted -s /dev/sda mklabel msdos && parted -s mkpart primary ext4 0% 97% && parted -s mkpart primary linux-swap 97% 100%18:24
nicksloanI need my postgres cluster to be stored on a different volume. Should I create a new cluster with its data directory at the new location? Move the default cluster's data directory to that location (and change the path in the config file)? Do a bind mount from the default location to a directory on the new volume?18:24
reisiomsp3k1: honestly, it doesn't sound like you are actually changing the directories18:24
reisiomsp3k1: one could easily make an accidental assumption when using a strange network-mounted home dir18:25
reisiomsp3k1: do make sure18:25
=== sarsaeol_ is now known as sarsaeol
raptureI have an ubuntu instance running and I'm trying to figure out what's taking up disk space. I currently have / and /var/log mounted on different disks. I searched and tried everything but I can't figure it out. Various searches: http://pastebin.com/4v2DPLCT & http://pastebin.com/s4Bt1E5t18:26
msp3k1I'm pretty sure.  I can log in as the user on tty1, and I can "touch this", and then see the file "this" on the home directory server.18:26
rapturedf is showing 100% used on both but du isn't showing what's taking it up18:27
bodhi_zazenrun du -h18:27
Nothing_MuchWhat's the difference between an encrypted /home folder and an encrypted disk?18:27
rapturebodhi_zazen: check pastebins from above18:28
bodhi_zazendu -vh /var , probably logs18:28
compdocan encrypted /home folder wont work for me. prevents vncserver from starting18:28
ZZRMikeHow do I manually add 2560x1440 resolution for my monitor? It's not showing up as a mode in xrandr18:29
rapture-v is invale18:29
msp3k1reisio: I double-checked.  The user's home area is being mounted properly.  I can su - to the user, type "tough this", and see the file "this" on the home directory server.18:29
Jeffrey_fNothing_Much: Encrypted Disk - The whole drive is encrypted.  With an encrypted home folder, ONLY your home folder is encrypted.  I have both18:30
Nothing_MuchYeah, I'm curious as to how to move my /home folder to another drive18:30
Nothing_MuchWith an encrypted drive18:30
Nothing_MuchBut the home folder isn't encrypted18:30
f00dWorkstawhich browser do you guys use?18:30
Nothing_MuchUh.. hang on, the encrypted drive is the ssd18:31
Nothing_Muchf00dWorksta: I use Chromium18:31
f00dWorkstaNothing_Much: just wondering, why not firefox? as it is default browser for ubuntu18:31
Nothing_Muchf00dWorksta: Firefox has been pretty lame as of recently, not the interface, I love it, but it keeps hogging my memory and crashes more often than not18:32
Guest15069reisio,   sudo parted -s mkpart primary ext4 0% 97%  gives "Error: Could not stat device mkpart - No such file or directory."18:32
Nothing_MuchSo what do I do with my encrypted SSD?18:33
Nothing_MuchWhen I move the /home partition over to a HDD, what would happen?18:33
reisioGuest15069: whoops18:33
TJ-Nothing_Much: "cryptsetup luksopen /path/to/device crypt_fde" then "mkdir -p /mnt/fde" then "mount /dev/mapper/crypt_fde /mnt/fde" then you can copy/move "/mnt/fde/home/" (or /mnt/fde/home/$USER/) to the other drive with something like rsync - make sure you copy the hidden dot-files using "shopt -s dotglob"18:33
reisioGuest15069: sgdisk -Z /dev/sda &&18:33
reisio          parted -s /dev/sda mklabel msdos && parted -s mkpart primary ext4 0% 97% &&18:33
reisioGuest15069: so, you could do, for example: sgdisk -Z /dev/sda && parted -s /dev/sda mklabel msdos && parted -s /dev/sda mkpart primary ext4 0% 97% && parted -s /dev/sda mkpart primary linux-swap 97% 100%18:34
reisioGuest15069: forgot the device18:34
Nothing_MuchTJ-: path to device?18:34
Nothing_MuchYou mean the / of the HDD?18:34
Nickwizrapture: A messy script (have not gotten around to celan it) but still use it frequently, http://pastebin.com/GpkKPU9R run by e.g. ~/script_name /home/yourname18:35
TJ-Nothing_Much: No, the device path... it'll be under /dev/ ... e.g. "/dev/sdX"18:35
ilhamiSkype is not recognizing my sound devices!18:35
Nothing_MuchTJ-: could you PM me the details or something?18:36
TJ-Nothing4You: I just gave them to you... if they seem daunting them maybe you should practice in a virtual machine first18:37
Guest15069reisio, is it possible for you to copy the commands to a gist ?  Of some reason I am not able to cut and past from the IRC window and my keyboard acting wierd running from the DVD18:37
Nothing_MuchTJ-: luksopen is unknown action18:39
kc9iid /msg NickServ identify kc9iid tech200018:40
bodhi_zazenNothing_Much: cryptsetup luksOpen - note cap O18:40
Nothing_Muchbodhi_zazen: oh there wasn't a capital O in those instructions18:41
Guest15069reisio,    sudo parted -s /dev/sda  mkpart primary ext4 0% 97%     give   Error: /dev/sda: unrecognised disk label18:41
bodhi_zazenGuest15069: you need a # , sda1 or what not18:42
reisiothat probably means it doesn't see your /dev/sda18:43
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
Nothing_MuchTJ-: Do I need to use sudo?18:44
=== loewzbrdkaikmzai is now known as knuhhawgjptfyzop
=== knuhhawgjptfyzop is now known as sepero
=== salman is now known as jere
Nothing_MuchI was told to do this: "cryptsetup luksopen /path/to/device crypt_fde" then "mkdir -p /mnt/fde" then "mount /dev/mapper/crypt_fde /mnt/fde" then you can copy/move "/mnt/fde/home/" (or /mnt/fde/home/$USER/) to the other drive with something like rsync - make sure you copy the hidden dot-files using "shopt -s dotglob"18:45
Nothing_MuchDo I need to use sudo first?18:46
=== MrAlexanB is now known as MrAlexandr0
grobe0baNothing_Much, yes18:47
duffman_Running into a bit of an issue with mysql and Ubuntu 12.04. When running 'service mysql start' we get, quite literally, nothing. It exits with 0, but nothing seems to happen. Thoughts?18:47
Nothing_MuchWell, now it's saying that my 1TB HDD isn't a valid LUKS device18:47
Nothing_Muchgrobe0ba: HDD isn't a valid LUKS device18:47
duffman_There is nothing in the logs either.18:48
grobe0baNothing_Much, then the device you are specifying is not encrypted18:49
msp3k1reisio: When this user logs in, the session seems to hang on /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test18:49
grobe0baduffman_, upstart glitch of some kind18:49
bodhi_zazenNothing_Much: what command did you run exactly ?18:49
Nothing_Muchgrobe0ba: How do I encrypt the hard drive?18:49
grobe0baNothing_Much, you are trying to copy data off of it, right?18:50
grobe0bain which case, you do NOT want to do that18:50
Nothing_Muchgrobe0ba: hang on, no, I'm trying to move my /home partition over to a hard drive, but I don't know how it'll affect my SSD18:50
Nothing_Muchmy SSD is encrypted18:50
grobe0baare you sure you're specifying the correct device?18:51
Nothing_Muchit's /dev/sdb18:51
Nothing_Muchwhich is the hard drive18:51
Nothing_Muchthe HDD18:51
Gabe_Newelluse steam os18:51
Nothing_Muchnot the place to joke around, Gabe_Newell18:51
grobe0baNothing_Much, and is the HDD already encrypted?18:51
Gabe_Newellno hl3..18:51
Nothing_Muchgrobe0ba: nope, but I want it encrypted as the /home partition thing..18:52
Nothing_Muchbut the /home partition thing confuses me18:52
softballsTJ-: hey :)18:52
Nothing_Muchso I just want to encrypt the disk at boot or whatever18:52
Guest15069reisio, ok, I been able to get cut and past to work and now your command work (of some reason)18:52
Guest15069here is a gist https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bb07e632286c1b2305df18:52
Gabe_Newellhome is eqiuvalent as windows c drive18:52
Gabe_Newellroot folder18:53
duffman_grobe0ba: I see. Any suggestions?18:53
OerHeksGabe_Newell really?18:53
grobe0baduffman_, nope. it might not actually be upstart, but every time i've had even so much as one error with upstart, that meant a new install for me18:54
Gabe_Newellyou better belive it18:54
grobe0bai got tired of it and moved to a system with systemd18:54
duffman_grobe0ba: This is a fresh install in a VM :(18:54
wheatthin<-- hasn't had a problem with upstart since installing a few months ago :).. and I'm constantly updating..18:54
the[void]hey guys, I'm having a brain fart, would anyone mind debugging the issue with this fstab line?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7886503/18:54
wheatthinI dunno18:54
grobe0baduffman_, i have no idea18:54
samuraiRMfigli di puttana18:55
grobe0bawheatthin, i've had it just go all crappy on me, with only a handful of packages18:55
hellinboxHi every body ! I'm new18:56
ubottuClaudiano: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:56
hellinboxIf somebody know a french channel18:56
OerHeks!alis | hellinbox18:57
ubottuhellinbox: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*18:57
Retr0spectrumthis is a test, please ignore18:57
Guest15069reisio, now in the gparted GUI i have two unformated partitions, the 6.99GB partition I am able to format to ext4 but the 250GB partition give the same error as before18:58
Guest15069what to do ?18:59
reisioGuest15069: use mkfs.ext4 instead19:00
wheatthingrobe0ba, the only way I can see it going crappy, is by installing outside of the repo's19:00
optrustyWow so many people joining and leaving19:04
Nothing_MuchHi optrusty, do you need help?19:04
optrustyThe other way aroud Nothing_Much19:05
Gabe_Newellits bc im here19:06
Guest15069did reisio leave ?  this is what happens now https://gist.github.com/anonymous/cebe49ed99678f73f33019:07
missvaleskaI am in Ubuntu 13.10, And my debconf is broken. It seems as if some packages randomly tried to upgrade to 14.04, and then stopped, leaving the system broken since other packages depended on earlier versions of critical packages that didn't exist.19:07
=== ideopathic_ is now known as ideopathic
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  guess you cannot upgrade directly from 13.10 to 14.04, because 13.10 is no LTS19:10
bodhi_zazenmissvaleska: easier to re-install rather then repair failed upgrades, more so if the system is mixed like yours19:10
missvaleskaI don't know19:10
missvaleskaBut I need help19:10
missvaleskaNo, Only one package is broken19:11
missvaleskaJust debconf19:11
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  backup and fresh install would be easiest and fastes19:11
missvaleskait would be pointless to reinstall an entire system with only one package broken.19:11
missvaleskaokay but I don' t want that, I want to fix it.19:11
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  cannot be fixed, it's EOL19:11
awesomess3missvaleska, download the 13.10 debconf package and then `dpkg -i debconf.deb`    *shrugs*19:11
missvaleskayou aren't making any sense19:11
whitorHi all. I'm trying to get 14.04 running on a macbook pro. Is this a futile goal or does anyone know of any good websites or guides for this?  Basically the internal HD died and a friend gave me this unit with no HD. I installed 14.04 on a separate laptop... then placed it in the MAC... It boots beyond the first menu, but then dies with an all white screen... any ideas ?19:11
missvaleskaokay, I'll try that19:12
optrustyWhitor: What arch did you download19:12
MonkeyDust!13.10 | missvaleska19:12
ubottumissvaleska: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy19:12
whitoroptrusty, 64bit desktop19:12
missvaleskaI really don' t care sorry19:12
bodhi_zazenmissvaleska: install the 14.04 debconf , lol19:13
dlrkUbuntu can't change the clockspeed of an i7 with EIST disabled, right?19:13
missvaleskaI can't19:13
missvaleskathat was the reason my package system was broken19:13
bodhi_zazenmissvaleska: well then it sounds like more then one little broken package ;p19:13
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  13.10 is dead, upgrade first, then ask again, if needed19:13
missvaleskaalso, I can't install any packages, it won' t let me19:13
diegoaguilarhello, can has anyone experience in Ubntu 14.04 minor bugs about keyboard and screen settings19:13
missvaleskaIt is just one broken package omg19:14
diegoaguilarany of both are remembered after reboot19:14
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  you can't install packages, because of the same reason19:14
bodhi_zazenmissvaleska: it is a partial upgrade, some packages from 13.10 and some from 14.04 - that sort of state is almost impossible to resolve as you get dependency errora19:15
optrustyWhitor: I once Installed Ubuntu on a Dell and then I moved the HDD to a Mac Book Pro. The Wi-Fi didnt work19:15
missvaleskait wasn't a partial upgrade though19:15
bodhi_zazen*errors - debugging them requires manual intervention and takes longer then a fresh install19:15
missvaleskajust one package is from 14.04 randomly19:15
missvaleskaliterally just one19:15
missvaleskajust debconf19:15
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  that one broken package showed you, that 13.10 is dead19:15
missvaleskaI just want to reinstall it and I don't know how, that is literally it19:15
missvaleskaI am talking to you from this system right now19:16
bodhi_zazenmissvaleska: start running commands and posting error messages , start with `sudo apt-get install -f`19:16
bodhi_zazenOr boot a live 14.04 usb and install , do not format /home or /root19:17
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  sure, it works, but you cannot upgrade or install anything new19:17
magicsackcan anyone help installing a 3g dongle to ubuntu please?19:19
optrustymagicsack: what type19:19
magicsackwe have e323119:20
geniiSo then Huawei19:20
optrustymagicsack: Can you tell me what company19:21
magicsacki have tried lsusb and comes with the HiLINK (HUAWEI)19:21
optrustymagicsack: Let me find something19:22
magicsackerror running software, cannor find auto run software, tried using wine also.  ty optrusrty, I appreciate it :-)19:23
svenxexactly what magic does ubuntu/unity/nautilus do to the samba daemon when you select 'local folder sharing'?19:24
svenxit obviously doesn't change smb.conf19:24
optrustymagicsack: This might fix it19:25
optrustymagicsack: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=211051919:26
Night-hacks Why on Linux copying large amount of data on USB other stuff freezes the whole machine ? related article19:26
Night-hacksanyway to fix it ?19:26
Guest15069I really don't understand why I'm not able to partition my HD ... both using gparted (GUI) and the command line fail19:26
Guest15069here is what I got now https://gist.github.com/anonymous/473f1c8b15e819107a7619:26
Guest15069any ideas what to do ?19:27
magicsackOn it I thanks ever so much and if it doesn't work, i will be back.  Appreciate the help :)19:27
optrustymagicsack: Not Me. :)19:28
MonkeyDustGuest15069  try sudo fdisk /dev/sda19:28
optrustyOne question: Is it possible to go from Windows XP to Ubuntu19:29
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  i guess it's because the 13.10 repos (sources) are no longer available19:30
optrustyI cant take answers as I think19:30
Ben64optrusty: yes it is possible. can dual boot or erase windows and replace it19:30
MonkeyDustoptrusty  what do you mean "go to"?19:30
bodhi_zazenmissvaleska: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/91815/how-to-install-software-or-upgrade-from-old-unsupported-release19:30
* bodhi_zazen notes missvaleska could have finished a fresh install alreaady19:31
Guest15069MonkeyDust, that command give me nothing,, if selecting p I get my table printed out19:31
MonkeyDustGuest15069  good, go ahead, now you can erase or create partitions19:31
optrustyBen64 MonkeyDust Why I said it that way is because I had problems installing Windows 7 on a PC running Windows XP and the computer broke so I dont want the problem coming up on my second PC19:32
Guest15069MonkeyDust, ok I will try to use fdisk and see if that helps19:32
Ben64optrusty: installing windows wouldn't break a computer19:32
MonkeyDustGuest15069  scroll down: http://www.howtogeek.com/106873/how-to-use-fdisk-to-manage-partitions-on-linux/19:32
magicsackOptrusty - just read through that, and I have seen that thread already at 3pm today, 5 hrs ago lol :)19:32
optrustymagicsack: lol does it help19:33
optrustyBen64: I was using a USB to install Windows 719:34
optrustyBen64: It wouldnt boot from USb19:34
Ben64optrusty: ok, but windows support is not on topic here19:34
MoProductionsHello.  I recently installed 14, but my computer is suddenly taking over 45 minutes to boot up.  Are there any known solutions (I’m new to linux)19:35
magicsackim afraid not.... i have done all those suggestions and nothing has touched it. ubuntu recognises the dongle, but doesnt let me get past the hilink software or show in active connections19:35
optrustyBen64: No no no will the same problem happen when I install ubuntu19:35
optrustymagicsack: you read the whole thread?19:36
magicsackindeed :)19:36
MonkeyDustMoProductions  45 seconds or 45 minutes?19:36
Ben64optrusty: if it can't boot from usb then it can't boot from usb19:36
OerHeksoptrusty, how do we know, i think the same cannot happen.19:36
optrustyBen64: Let me be specific it is a Acer Aspire One19:36
MoProductions45 minutes19:36
magicsacklet me double check  - just in case :)19:37
MoProductionsMonkeyDust: No joking, it literally sits there on the “ubuntu” logo with the dots.  The dots move, but it just takes forever.19:37
MonkeyDustMoProductions  then something went wrong during installation19:37
Ben64optrusty: ok well you should check to see if it can boot from usb19:37
MoProductionsMonkeyDust: this only just started happening today19:37
optrustyBen64: Ok thx19:37
missvaleskaLook, i don't want to do that so please stop asking19:37
Fish-Gutshello. I am using ubuntu 14.04 64 bit and i am writing a program in C. My compiler now has a problem finding /usr/include/sys. i am aware that on 64 bit, it'ŝ located in x86_64-linux-gnu/. However, when i include time.h there is a compile error because time.h tried to include sys/cdefs.h.... any hints?19:37
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  and you want to do is not possible19:37
bruceleegetting stuck at stopping system v runlevel compatibility19:37
bruceleeanyone have any ideas?19:38
Beldaroptrusty, Power on and immediately start tapping f11 that will give you a per-session boot menu, if the usb is loaded correctly it will boot.19:38
BeldarI have a acer aspire one19:38
Guest15069MonkeyDust,  I deleted all my partitions and created a new one using fdisk, still same problem19:38
saint_hi all - can someone give me a hand with a wifi  device ? I have ubuntu 12.04 . when i do nm-tool , I can see my wifi device, driver b43, disconnected. it can scann all the access points. I tried the wpa_supplicant that I find on all blogs, but all I get is CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED bssid=12:33:23:33:ae:dd reason=0 - Any hint would be much appreciated19:39
MonkeyDustGuest15069  what problem exactly?19:39
MoProductionsIs there a way to check a history of software installs?  Mabe we installed something that broke it19:40
DickvanDikewill ubuntu run on a p2 333mhz with 128MB ram and 1TB HDD?19:41
geirhaMoProductions: /var/log/dpkg.log*19:41
bruceleeanyone know how to get to commandline or grub menu or something if stuck at starting/stopping services screen19:41
BeldarDickvanDike, Not ubuntu and that old of a setup will not read the HD to boot past avout 130, gigs whatever you put on there.19:42
Guest15069ok here is what happens   https://gist.github.com/anonymous/be2edfd00aaf3082ce1919:42
MoProductionsok time to learn some command line editor tools19:42
Guest15069MonkeyDust, see above19:42
DickvanDikewhat distro would run on p2 333mhz?19:42
Guest15069what does "/dev/sda1 is not a block special device." mean ?19:43
BeldarDickvanDike, Offtopic but try puppy linux19:43
MonkeyDustGuest15069  it's faster and easier if you hit the up arrow to repeat it19:43
DickvanDikebeldar what about lubuntu?19:43
Fish-Gutsno one an idea?19:44
geniiDickvanDike: Lubuntu will run, I think you'd need to install using the Alternate however19:44
BeldarDickvanDike, you could try.19:44
saint_anyone ?19:44
BeldarDickvanDike, Just be aware of how far the boot can be read is all a smal install with the rest as another partition would be fine.19:44
geniiDickvanDike: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/trusty/release/lubuntu-14.04-alternate-i386.iso  if you want to try it.19:45
BeldarDickvanDike, max the ram out if you can.19:45
gazzerhGuest15069: try: partprope /dev/sda19:45
Ben64does a p2 support PAE?19:46
MoProductionswould leaving a machine on all weekend cause something that would start 45 minute boot ups?19:46
Ben64MoProductions: no19:46
Guest15069MonkeyDust, , to repeat what ? any idea what  "/dev/sda1 is not a block special device." mean ?19:46
DickvanDikei will just try it =D19:46
Beldarsaint_, anyone does not help you, have some patience and keep your posts relevant and detailed. ;)19:47
Guest15069gazzerh, wait ,, did not see your answer19:47
gazzerhGuest15069: it means you've removed the partitions but you probably need to rescan partitions19:47
zerowaitstateMoProductions: no, but a failing HDD would19:47
MoProductionszerowaitstate: Hm….that’s an interesting point because the monitor on this thing is failing.  Maybe they sent us a jnk machien19:47
Guest15069gazzerh,  "sudo: partprope: command not found"  (running the xubuntu install DVD)19:48
zerowaitstateMoProductions: also, inadequate RAM for an application can cause thrashing from excessive disk paging, which will also slow the machine to a crawl19:49
MoProductionszerowaitstate: Well the problem starts before I even get to run any apps.  It’s got 16gb so it should be ok, but something is sure funky19:50
zerowaitstateMoProductions: well, apps can run in the background and start as a service on boot.19:51
zerowaitstateMoProductions: I should probably say "process"19:51
Guest15069gazzerh,  "sudo: partprope: command not found"  (running the xubuntu install DVD)19:51
MoProductionszerowaitstate: Hm.  i can’t recall installing anything like that.  honestly we’ve only really added the project that we’re going to be working on.19:51
MoProductionsWhich means that if it comes to a re-install it shouldnt be a huge issue19:52
gazzerhit's not partprope it's partprobe with a b19:52
zerowaitstateMoProductions: what does dmesg and syslog say?19:52
zerowaitstateMoProductions: I agree that inadequate RAM is unlikely if you have 16 GB19:53
MoProductionsi can read the dmesg but i’m not sure what exactly i’m looking for.  Been a while since I used linux.19:53
Guest15069gazzerh,  ok, that command execute but don't give any output in the terminal19:54
gazzerhGuest15069: now try doing what you were doing before19:54
Guest15069..then running "sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1" I still get same answer19:54
mgesingHi everyone, I have a samba share which gets mounted through /etc/fstab on boot. I want my user to have  read and write permissions on the contents of the share, but when the directory is mounted all the contents are owned by root:root. How can I give my user access?19:54
Guest15069gazzerh, you mean remove all partition and start over ?19:55
zerowaitstateMoProductions: what part of the bootup process is hanging?19:55
missvaleskais there a dpkg force option?19:55
zerowaitstateMoProductions: my advice is to start from the syslog and work backwards to dmesg if what you're looking for isn't there19:55
MoProductionszerowaitstate: The screen that says ‘ubuntu’ with the animating dots.  They animate fine it jsut takes a while19:55
MonkeyDustmissvaleska  struggling with it takes about an hour now, fresh install takes 15 minutes19:55
MoProductionszerowaitstate: Unfortunately i’m not quite sure what i’m looking for19:55
MoProductionscould a webcam be causing the problems?19:57
MoProductionsOur project requires a SoftKinetic camera19:57
zerowaitstateMoProductions: look in /var/log/syslog for the timeframe of your initial bootup19:59
zerowaitstatezerowaitstate: look for error messages, particularly timeouts19:59
MoProductionsok cool.  What’s the best way to view log files in linux?  Just the less command?20:00
zerowaitstateMoProductions: I usually just use less.20:00
zerowaitstateMoProductions: if you know what you're looking for, grep helps20:00
Fish-Gutsin my ubuntu installation features.h includes sys/cdefs.h but this cannot be found. Any hints?20:00
MonkeyDustFish-Guts  what are you trying to do?20:01
=== kevin is now known as Guest13272
Guest13272Hi everyone20:01
Fish-GutsMonkeyDust, i am writing a program that needs to include sys/times.h, which includes features.h which then includes sys/cdefs.h20:01
MonkeyDustFish-Guts  try #ubuntu-app-devel20:02
Fish-Gutswill do, thanks20:02
Poofiexcuse me20:02
rwwFish-Guts: it should be in libc6-dev20:03
Poofican someone help me?20:03
Fish-Gutsrww, i have libc6 -dev installed20:03
rwwFish-Guts: I know, so that's odd. :\20:04
MoProductionsWell there’s definitly a giant leap in timestamps in the syslog, but it doesnt look like any errors.20:04
zerowaitstateMoProductions: what is before the leap?20:04
zerowaitstateMoProductions: and after I guess20:05
Fish-Gutsshould i just try to reinstall ?20:05
zerowaitstateMoProductions: also check kern.log20:05
MoProductionsit’s weird, the time stamp jumps back like 3 hours20:06
zerowaitstateMoProductions: ntp is probably correcting a skewed clock.20:07
Guest13272Hi everyone, i'm new in the Ubuntu community. I just installed Xubuntu 14.04 64 bit version, and i meet some difficulties to install XAMPP. Could you help me if possible ? Thanks you in advance !20:07
ubottuWe do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.20:08
Fish-GutsGuest13272, you shouldn't do that on linux. try googling for "lamp"20:08
MonkeyDustGuest13272  use LAMPP, not xampp20:08
OerHeksGuest13285, use lamp20:08
zerowaitstateMoProductions: is this system dual-boot?20:08
zerowaitstateMoProductions: that looks like a timezone adjustment20:09
MoProductionszerowaitstate: It is not dual boot.  I chose the option to nuke the other os’s upon install20:09
Guest13272ok this is noted, it seemed to me that xamp was a newer version, right ?20:10
=== noONE is now known as noONE3941
OerHeksGuest13272, no.20:11
Fish-Gutsguest13272, no, xampp is for windows, lamp is for linux.20:11
MonkeyDustGuest13272  not sure what you mean, but also try tasksel (task select)20:11
zerowaitstateMoProductions: Windows normally stores the "local" time in the hardware clock, whereas most other OS's use UTC and use timezone interpolation to give you a reading.20:12
MoProductionsThe correct time appears at the top so i know i at least got that right heh20:12
zerowaitstateMoProductions: if you previously had windows on the machine, Linux will probably adjust the hardware clock to match UTC by syncing to an external NTP time source.20:12
MoProductionsthat wouldn’t cause the giant slowdown tho would it?20:13
zerowaitstateMoProductions: that likely accounts for the jump, if you are in a timezone that is 3 hours off Greenwich20:13
zerowaitstateMoProductions: I doubt it20:13
MoProductionsis there a way to clear out logs?  I’m considering doing that and then rebooting to see if i can narrow it down20:14
zerowaitstateMoProductions: the logs should rotate automatically, you shouldn't need to delete them20:15
MoProductionswhy on earth did it take me so long to use these irc rooms20:16
MoProductionsthank you20:16
zerowaitstatenp man20:17
MoProductionsok here goes....20:17
MoProductions*crosses fingers*20:17
MoProductionsIs there a way to boot in safe mode or something?20:23
zerowaitstateum, yes20:23
MoProductionsi’m noobish i dont know the commands yet20:24
zerowaitstateMoProductions: Left Shift gets you the grub menu20:24
zerowaitstateif you hold it down while booting20:24
MoProductionsi remember chmod tho20:25
Guest13272thank you for all your answers20:25
jim-claHello!  Need some help on determining cause of kernel panic, was wondering if this is the right place..20:32
jhutchinsjim-cla: Given what you've told us about the problem I would say it's hardware.20:33
jim-claI am seeing it across multiple machines, all new though...20:33
jhutchinsjim-cla: well, that probably rules out disk errors.20:34
jhutchinsjim-cla: Could be a corrupt install from a bad installer.20:35
=== remy_ is now known as Gigator
jim-clawe use the same image coming from a tftp server, works well on some but not others, I have a capture of the panic but am not sure what information I should be pulling from it to help determine...20:36
jhutchinsjim-cla: Which release, what kind of hardware, what's happening when the panic occurs...20:37
jhutchinsjim-cla: Do you mean a TFTP boot or a TFTP install?20:38
jim-cla12.04 release, mtop-610c72 (looking up specs now), panic happens on boot, right after "sysenter_do_call",  image is dd to sata drive from server after PXE into sysrescue, mis-spoke about tftp20:41
jim-clavia chipset20:43
jim-clanano 1.6 proc20:43
* genii sips and reads http://www.jetway.com.tw/jw/barebone_view.asp?productid=847&proname=JBC610C72-2257-B%20%28Mini-Top%2920:43
jim-claThat's it!20:44
Guest8964voidfire: Can you help me again?20:44
=== jim is now known as Guest29961
c|onemanhow much extra battery power is used up running ubuntu desktop in vmware?20:46
c|onemandoing nothing, sitting on the gui20:47
geniijim-cla: If these are all identical systems and it works on some but not others, then there seems to be some issue with the process of dd-ing the image from server onto the local disk. Either something like there is bad areas on the disk, or something in the image might be the same that shouldn't be ( like it's setting all their hostnames to the same thing or something).20:51
bekksgenii: changing the hostname/ip after deploying the image should be easy :)20:52
MoProductionsis there a way to check the version of a driver?20:52
zerowaitstateMoProductions: video?20:53
MoProductionszerowaitstate: hm?  I mean the driver for this camera20:54
Chaos_Zerohas anyone ever hears of something like auditd that will push to a database instead of a file?20:56
zerowaitstateChaos_Zero: take a look at logstash20:57
Amy_Lu_Whowhat do I do if I am opening an .exe program with Wine and I get the message to log in as an administrator, but I am logged in as an administrator?  It also does not give me a log in box and prompt for a password...21:00
k1lAmy_Lu_Who: ask the wine specialists about that specific program and how to solve that:21:01
k1l!wine | Amy_Lu_Who21:01
ubottuAmy_Lu_Who: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:01
BillyZanemy mouse is not working properlyu21:02
Amy_Lu_Whok1l, thank you sorry I came to the wrong place.21:02
BillyZaneit freezes up randomly21:02
k1lAmy_Lu_Who: no problem. but wine is that complex its best to ask the wine guys directly :)21:02
computa_mikequick question : can I Install Ubuntu onto a HP Pavilion 15-n265sa ?21:04
Amy_Lu_Whok1l, okay, and thanks again.  I didn't know about #winehq21:04
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
BillyZanei think i know what the problem is. my mouse is too old and has finally died21:06
gazzerhBillyZane: mouse or touchpad?21:07
BillyZaneit all started when i spilt tea on it a few months back21:08
BillyZaneit's about 10 years old21:08
BillyZaneprobably older21:08
BillyZanethe scroll wheel stopped working. but after a few days, i could move the cursor again21:08
gazzerh10 years!! is it a ball mouse? :)21:08
BillyZanenaa, it's a microsoft optical mouse21:09
TJ-BillyZane: give it a bath in Isopropyl alcohol; that usually revives things :)21:09
BillyZaneTJ-, i have some of that21:10
BillyZanei guess it's worth a shot21:10
magicsackhi all - can you help me with installing the ISO image of ibuntu please21:10
TJ-BillyZane: not a literal bath of course... open it up, use the alcohol and swabs and/or fine toothbrush to clean the scroller and switches and circuit board21:11
BillyZanei was going to give it a literal bath21:11
Beldarmagicsack, What is your end goal and you do not understand?21:11
magicsackit will not auto run -  so what is the best way to run this?21:11
TJ-BillyZane: The alcohol helps, but agitation from a fine brush is what will usually clean out 'sticky' keys and scrollers21:11
Amy_Lu_WhoBillyZane, you are funny!21:12
Beldarmagicsack, auto run how, and use the nick of whom you answer to preface posts to them.21:12
trijntjemagicsack: you cant autorun ubuntu, you have to burn it to a dvd or usb drive, and boot the pc from that21:13
BillyZanei'm probably going to get another mouse, but also clean this one21:13
magicsackmy apologies - I am trying to upgrade from an old 10.04 (bad I know!) to 12.1 -low spec.  It is burnt to disc.  It will not run at all when put into the drive... it is not my computer...21:14
Beldarmagicsack, Are you trying to boot it?21:14
magicsacki am literally trying to upgrade the o/s to 12.1 only21:15
magicsackfrom 10.0421:15
k1lmagicsack: 12.10? that would be a very bad idea21:15
magicsacklow spec pc.....21:15
k1lmagicsack: there is a 10.04 to 12.04 upgrade path since its a LTS to LTS upgrade21:15
k1lmagicsack: 12.10 is out of life, too21:16
magicsacki have 12.04 also...21:16
k1lmagicsack: so 12.10 is not possible,21:16
magicsacknothing neeeds to be saved ont he pc21:16
trijntjemagicsack: how low spec? Its probably better to install a light flavour of ubuntu, such as xubuntu or lubuntu21:16
k1l12.04 still got 3 years support left. so that is a solution21:16
magicsackP4, 1.7Ghz 500mb ram21:17
k1lmagicsack: if its low spec aim for Lubuntu from the start. if you dont want to keep the config/files reinstall 12.04 Lubuntu from the is21:17
magicsackhappy to go witih the 12.04....21:18
magicsackI used this previously and was ok21:18
magicsackSo what is the best way of running from the disc?21:20
magicsackplease :-)21:20
k1lmagicsack: burn the Lubuntu 12.04 iso to a disk or put it onto a usb pendrive and give it a go21:20
magicsackam I correct in saying it has .exe files?  I know it sounds stupid but I have the disc and it will not run....21:22
magicsackthe iso file will not run at all21:22
k1lmagicsack: what means "will not run"?21:22
zerowaitstatewow ok21:23
k1lare you sure you rebootet and choosed to boot from that cd?21:23
zerowaitstatemagicsack: you need to burn the image to the disc using a utility. you cannot just copy the file to the CD.21:23
zerowaitstatemagicsack: then you need to boot from the CDROM once you've burned it. you cannot run it from the OS.21:23
yz3pDmagicsack: german?21:24
magicsackit will not auto run when you choose to start from it... or even when you put it in21:24
zerowaitstatemagicsack: you need to reboot with the cd in the drive, and make sure your computer BIOS is set to boot from CDROM before the HDD21:25
magicsackI used the bios to boot from21:25
magicsackdo you mean I need to use a programme to create a cd rather than drag the item??21:25
nightdemon666Hi! Anyone have issues with their ipod randomly unmounting in ubuntu 14.04? It mounts as /dev/sdc when user is logged in, but after some time, it just completely unmounts... Rather ejects, as it is no longer seen in fdisk, but is seen via lshw.21:26
zerowaitstatemagicsack: correct. you need to burn the "image". I use imgburn, but other tools work also21:26
k1lmagicsack: you need to "burn" the iso.21:26
magicsackok, i shall try that, apologies :)21:26
zerowaitstatemagicsack: no need to apologize. gotta learn this stuff somewhere21:27
zerowaitstatemagicsack: basically, the .iso file contains the entire CD layout, bit-by-bit. The bits on the CD have to match the bits in the .iso file. If you just copy the .iso file to the disk, Windows will try to create a "filesystem" on the CD, instead of making the CD match the exact contents of the .iso21:28
MoProductionsso that’s the difference21:29
nightdemon666No one has random unmounting issue with ipod?21:31
happyfr0gghellome, all.  Is there a way for me to add a battery status icon in the upper right hand corner of my login screen?21:33
Rolling7zhello everyone, I installed Ubuntu 14 on my laptop, and when I start up, I just get the splash screen with a mouse pointer, Like my laptop is an extended screen.  In windows my laptop shows with a nvidia 630 adapter and a intel hd4000 adapter, I think its using the wrong one or is confused.  Any ideas or suggestions?21:34
nightdemon666Rolling7z, i think you will only be using one of the two graphics cards, unless you are using both monitors at the same time21:36
=== optrusty_ is now known as optrusty
happyfr0ggRooling7z - what exactly are you trying to accomplish?21:36
Rolling7zget my main screen back with the application bar and everything21:37
nightdemon666Rolling7z, also since its a laptop, i believe you should only have one graphics chipset anyway.21:37
happyfr0ggnightdemon666 - correct.21:37
ez1hi, i have ubuntu 12.0421:37
Rolling7zit was just a theory is all21:38
ez1im trying to update it but i find a problem21:38
happyfr0ggRolling7z, hit me up with a private chat. I may try to help you out.21:38
ez1with the repositories, is ubuntu 12.04 no longer supported?21:38
Rolling7zif I plug in a second monitor its a blank splash screen also21:38
nightdemon666Rolling7z, linux os will only use onboard graphics chip, unless you have two, and then it can be toggled in your BIOS21:38
ez1(im in a hurry for this update)21:38
f-a-h-a-dhi guys, for testing reasons i needed to deploy ubuntu maas+juju+Openstack on a network of some virtual and some real servers ... What is the best way to begin with?21:39
k1lez1: 12.04 got 5 years support from the release. so there is still 3 years left21:40
dvheumenhi all21:40
ez1k1l, thanks for your answer21:40
ez1where can be the problem ?21:40
k1lf-a-h-a-d: maybe its better to ask in #ubuntu-server as its more server task focused21:40
f-a-h-a-dok thanks21:41
k1lez1: what problem?21:41
MoProductionsis installing gksudo a bad idea?21:41
MonkeyDustez1  i use 12.04 too... what goes wrong?21:41
david259good fellow :)21:42
ez1i go to software updater and it says it is not possible to update21:42
MonkeyDustMoProductions  gksu comes with sudo21:42
ez1MonkeyDust, the only problem is that im not able to install gparted21:42
ez1"failed to download repository information"21:42
MonkeyDustez1  sudo apt-get update, first21:42
NickwizAnyone using Chrome? After last update it is "Aw, snap!" all the time ...21:42
MoProductionsMonkeyDust: I’m trying to execute a command from a message board, but it says ti’s not installed.  considering how wonky this computer is i’m cautious about changes21:42
NickwizHave disabled all extensions21:42
k1lez1: please run a "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and put it into a pastebin and show the link here21:42
ez1i did that MonkeyDust and k1l , im going to do again21:43
k1lez1: it will not make your ubuntu upgrade to a new release. it will just update all packages to latest 12.04 state21:43
NickwizVersion 36.0.1985.12521:43
MonkeyDustMoProductions  what command would that be?21:43
Beldarez1, Are you sure it is 12.04?21:43
MoProductionsMonkeyDust: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub21:44
Bashing-omez1: Presenttly there is a problem "upgrading" some versions of 12.04 to the 14.04 release. Just updateing 12.04 should have no problem. What is the results of terminal commands -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade < -?21:44
ez1ubuntu 12.10 sorry21:44
k1lMoProductions: you can run "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" in a terminal to use nano as edito21:44
MonkeyDustMoProductions  it's gk su, not gksudo21:44
MonkeyDustMoProductions  it's gksu, not gksudo21:44
k1lez1: well, 12.10 is out of order long time now21:44
k1l!eol | ez121:45
ubottuez1: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:45
nightdemon666I thought the dist-upgrade command did upgrade to next release :-/ I thought 'upgrade' was the command for just updating current installed release to latest state...21:45
ez1really? lol21:45
bjoswaldno, YOU'RE out of order!21:45
MoProductionsk1l: I’m just trying to not break anything else and am being careful21:45
MonkeyDustbjoswald  wrong window or channel21:45
MoProductionsMonkeyDust: Hm.  Ok lemme try that.  After all the wonkyness i’ve experienced lately i want to be careful21:45
bjoswaldMonkeyDust, it was intentional...21:45
ez1so, 12.10 is EOL and 12.04 is not?21:45
bjoswaldnever mind, bad joke anyway :-b21:46
MonkeyDustez1  idd, 12.04 is an LTS, 12.10 not21:46
k1lez1: yes, 12.04 is LTS with 5 years support. 12.10 is no LTS.21:46
ez1in any case, thanks a lot Beldar  and k1l and monkeydust21:46
JayPiHi! I got those messages just before the splash screen on Xubuntu 14.04 : «INFO 0wl_cfg80211_attach : Registered CFG80211 phy» and «Bluetooth : hci0 command 0x1003 tx timeout». I turned off the bluetooth... Any ideas?21:46
ez1bjoswald,  lol21:46
ez1yes im out of order xD21:46
ez1ok...there we go with the link :D21:46
david259someone could tell me a good program ubuntu14.4 3D scanner?21:47
Beldardavid259, simple scan  and xsane21:48
Beldardavid259, hmm 3d I may be incorrect21:49
ez1mmm i do not find in that link how to update from 12.1021:49
ez1i dont care what i have here installed,21:49
ez1but i cannot use a cd or usb, any way to install from scracth ?21:49
Bashing-omnightdemon666: Nope, 'update and dist-upgrade' only deal with installed packages ( dist-upgrade is apt-get's smart mode) // "sudo do-release-upgrade" to "release upgrade"; see: man apt-get.21:50
Beldarez1, If you need nothing out of 12.10 I would just fresh install 12.04 or 14.0421:50
MonkeyDustez1  yes, backup and fresh install is easier en cleaner21:50
david259thank you very much, do you know if the driver of the app I can make it go smoothly?21:50
ez1but how can i do that without an external storage ?21:51
Beldardavid259, I have never had a 3d printer so not sure, or what that even is. ;)21:51
PhaseThis is outside the scope of this channel, but does anyone know a decent guide that thoroughly explains version control (git/github as a main focus, but mercurial is cool too)? I've always just only been able to understand the basics.21:51
=== luckybunny is now known as lbaway
k1lez1: you need to use the old-releases repos. like its told in the !eolupgrade link21:52
nightdemon666Ah, Bashing-om, thanks, what what is the difference? I notice that 'upgrade' simply updates all packages except kernel updates... Does  'dist-upgrade' do kernel updates as well?21:52
gazzerhPhase: http://git-scm.com/book21:52
Beldarez1, YOu could use the live cd to resize the install and make a partiton to save to, or even split the home to it.21:52
Phasegazzerh: ty21:52
david259I program Arduino is now going to set up a lab with a word of state aid given to man by my projects21:53
ez1dont have cd Beldar21:53
gazzerhPhase: nps21:53
ez1anyways, thank you21:53
shuggansdoes apt-get upgrade update ther kernel?21:53
k1lshuggans: no21:54
shuggansNeed a way to update without updating the kernel21:54
k1lshuggans: you need apt-get dist-upgrade for that21:54
Tzunamiiapt-get dist-upgrade  # upgrades kernel as well21:54
david259South Epaña am, and I consider inventor workshop, it will be my first business and I seriously Ubuntus 3D scanner and 3D print21:54
Beldarez1, A usb works or you could boot the iso with grub, here is a moving home, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving  here is using grub on the iso boot. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot21:54
k1lshuggans: but its only kernel builds that get exchanged. the main-kernel version will stay the same21:54
Beldarez1, YOU would need a dvd rather than a cd if that was your option.21:55
shugganshad to use 12.04.1 due to AppAssure causing Kernel panic on anything newer21:55
david259new program ubuntu the app 3D print is good very good21:55
Bashing-omnightdemon666: Yepper, you got it .. A new package install requires "dist-upgrade".21:55
T60Could someone help me with changing the background image in xubuntu 14.04? For some reason, after I change the config file, the background only gets set to the guest user and not my login screen.21:55
david259neme repsnapper21:55
Beldar!who | david259 just info21:56
ubottudavid259 just info: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)21:56
k1ldavid259: do you have an actual technical support issue?21:56
david259ok sorry :)21:57
T60I am refering to the lightdm login screen.21:57
k1lT60: the users wallpaper should get loaded if the user name is selected. (if its not encrypted /home etc)21:58
Beldarez1, You get the home transfer and iso boot info?21:59
T60k1l: sorry I don't understand, I am talking about the login screen background not the regular desktop background. I changed the lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf to the wallpaper I want for the login, but it only loads for the "guest" account and not my own.21:59
jon-workim on 12.04 LTS. why does 'sudo do-release-upgrade' say 'No new release found' ?21:59
TravelinrobI want to create a live USB stick with Ubuntu, but with most of the desktop environments. I don't want to have to install Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc. But, I worry that these will cause conflicts in the user space. Is this possible? Can I make a User for each desktop environment to avoid any confict?22:00
yeatsjon-work: try 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' then try again?22:00
jon-workok. i was told (here) that apt-get dist-upgrade will not work for LTS->LTS22:00
MonkeyDustTravelinrob  pendrive's MultiSystem can do that, it creates a grub on the usb stick22:01
BeldarTravelinrob, That will need a persistent install which has rather limiting uses, a full install is better for what you describe.22:01
qwerkusHello, did anyone manage to hack the windows 7 bootloader in EFI mode, to load the linux partition via windows boot loader ?22:02
MonkeyDustTravelinrob  you mean this? http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/22:02
Beldarqwerkus, why bother?22:02
TravelinrobMonkeyDust: I have no problem making a multiboot usb stick. I want to install Ubuntu, and have all the desktop environments available for selection at login or used separately by user login.22:02
TravelinrobBeldar: I want to use the stick to showcase the different desktop environments using a live usb.22:03
T60Travelinrob: I think having LXDM will allow a user to pick which DE/WM to use, as long as they are downloaded.22:03
MonkeyDustTravelinrob  then simply install ubuntu and after that, install all the DE's22:03
BeldarTravelinrob, The live is really limited, I stand by what I said, if you have specific questions go ahead.22:04
TravelinrobMonkeyDust: My question was asking whether installing all of the environments would cause conflicts or missing desktop items.22:04
TravelinrobBeldar: Thank you22:05
qwerkus<Beldar>: because every time I boot up windows 7, I overwrites my EFI partition, and cia Grub. The only way to return to Linux is via the cumbersome live disk...22:05
BeldarTravelinrob, The main issue is that you are no matter what running off the iso, and the persistant fills up and is basically not easily cleanable.22:05
glande_flatellodo u recommend me to jumt to ubuntu even i have an macbook?22:05
TravelinrobBeldar: Will it matter if it is a 16GB stick?22:06
kendrickhow do I install qmake on 14?22:06
T60Does anyone know how to change the login background in Xubuntu (lightdm)? I changed the .conf file, but it the background only gets changed for the guest user and not my account.22:06
Beldarqwerkus, Sounds like an issue for the UEFI experts, virtually very little here, ubuntu forum has a few, start a thread there and have UEFI in the header if you get no help here.22:06
xangua!find qmake22:06
ubottuFound: qt4-qmake, qt5-qmake22:06
xanguakendrick: ^22:07
BeldarTravelinrob, That size is perfect for a full install22:07
MonkeyDustT60  some 120 people in ##xubuntu (double #)22:08
TravelinrobBeldar: So, I can just install to the usb, tell it to put the boot loader there and then boot to it from any computer that allows me boot to the device?22:08
Beldarqwerkus, Are you shutting windows and ubuntu down completely when going to either OS?22:08
BeldarTravelinrob, Pretty much yes, only limitations are graphic drivers and wifi in general. YOu could make a live in a 1.5 gig partition and use the rest as a caper-rw partition which is the persistent portion in order to have more leeway.22:10
TravelinrobBeldar: And what about conflicts? Are we passed that now?22:11
BeldarTravelinrob, This is not black or white, you have to just test this out we cannot under your even well described end goals give you an empirical yes or no. ;)22:12
TravelinrobBeldar: Thank you22:12
BeldarTravelinrob, I can appreciate your goals, but your knowledge in general is lacking in my opinion to give a real good overall presentation. ;)22:13
padoes rsync come with the cd installation? or does it have to be installed after?22:13
qwerkus<Beldar>: yes, I already started one, and we are working on the issue. The booloader hack was a long shot, hoping to find someone how actually did it...22:13
MonkeyDustpa  it comes with it22:14
pathank you!22:14
Beldarqwerkus, Can you answer my last question?22:14
Beldar<Beldar> qwerkus, Are you shutting windows and ubuntu down completely when going to either OS?22:14
Nothing_MuchOkay can somebody explain to me how to move an encrypted SSD's /home folder into a traditional HDD?22:15
kendrickcan someone tell me how to install this... http://www.graphcalc.com/download.shtml22:15
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Beldarqwerkus, I suspect your installing ubuntu with windows in the hybrid boot or not shutting windows off to boot ubuntu.22:16
qwerkus<Beldar>: yes22:16
qwerkus<Beldar> no hybrid here; you are probably right in that it is UEFI related22:17
Beldarqwerkus, I will assume you know what I mean by the hybrid boot in windows.22:17
chmodplusxwho's free to answer a question about aptitude?22:17
MonkeyDustchmodplusx  ask and wait22:18
kendrickwhen I try to "make" a file I get this error. /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/uic mainform.ui -o .ui/ui_mainform.h22:18
kendrickmake: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/uic: Command not found22:18
kendrickmake: *** [.ui/ui_mainform.h] Error 12722:18
Beldarchmodplusx, Anyone who understands the actual issue you need to post.22:18
Nothing_MuchOkay can somebody *PM* me how to move an encrypted SSD's /home folder into a traditional HDD?22:18
BeldarNothing_Much, I don;t PM but clone it and move it or use gparted to do a copy and paste of the partition.22:18
BeldarNothing_Much, However encrypted not sure.22:19
chmodplusxWhenever i run sudo apt-get upgrade, I'm repeatedly notified that the following packages have been kept back "linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-signed-generic22:19
chmodplusx  linux-signed-image-generic22:19
eeeeqwerkus: somebody else had this problem not long ago22:20
trismkendrick: do you have libqt4-dev-bin installed?22:20
Beldarchmodplusx, run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:20
eeeeqwerkus: try to dosfsck your efi boot partition22:20
MonkeyDustchmodplusx  what's the outcome of    cat /etc/issue22:20
chmodplusxUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l22:20
chmodplusxaptitude is working its magic. thank you22:21
kendricktrism, no i don't22:21
qwerkusBeldar: hybrid boot is for win 8; i'm running win 722:21
trismkendrick: that's where I see that uic command22:21
antonio2Hey folks...having a hard time installing amarok..getting some errors..brb with the errors22:21
qwerkus<eeee: you mean every time ? the partition is new and has just been created 2 hours ago !22:21
Beldarqwerkus, Cool just making sure we never know here what the other understands. ;)22:21
antonio2says "requires installation of untrusted packages" cancel or repai22:22
eeeeqwerkus: iirc he'd get a couple boots out of it by selecting ubuntu in the bios menu, then it'd disappear and somehow grub would go missing22:22
k1lantonio2: which ubuntu exactly?22:23
Beldar!details | antonio222:23
ubottuantonio2: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)22:23
eeeeqwerkus: /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu was empty, no grubx64.efi, and when reinstalling he couldn't, due to corruption apparently, so he dosfsck the partition and it all worked out22:23
eeee(after reinstalling grub)22:23
Beldarantonio2, Pastebin the whole install from using the terminal.22:23
Beldarantonio2, Have you added additional repos and left out the signing key?22:24
antonio2wait..from temrinal looks like its working....was trying the softare center at first22:25
Beldar!who > antonio222:25
ubottuantonio2, please see my private message22:25
shuggansanyone know how to set zoneminder to save images/events to a different volume?22:25
TravelinrobBeldar: My knowledge is lacking in installing multiple environments within the same install. I had done it a long time ago and ran into weird things like missing clocks in different environments, etc.22:26
antonio2beldar: here is the pastebin22:26
Beldarantonio2, suso apt-get install amarok22:27
david259anyone has a solution for this problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223660722:27
k1lantonio2: quantal is out of order.22:27
TravelinrobBeldar: Is there a way to assign one environment to different users so there is no conflict within each users environment files?22:27
k1l!eol | antonio222:27
ubottuantonio2: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:27
antonio2beldar: thats what I did22:27
BeldarTravelinrob, NOt sure22:28
TravelinrobBeldar: ok. I appreciate your time.22:28
Beldarantonio2, Ah your are running a eol, you need to upgrade.22:28
k1lantonio2: 12.10 is not supported anymore. read the bots message how to upgrade to a supported ubuntu version -> 14.04 ( cc Beldar )22:28
Beldark1l, Heh, beat you to it. ;)22:30
antonio2beldar: whats the chance something will break if I upgrade?22:30
qwerkus<eeee> no error in the partition here. Yet editing the windows boot manager path via bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi seems to work22:30
Beldarantonio2, Not a black and white scenario, most work some do not, back it up to be safe.22:30
k1lantonio2: that is not the question. the question is how will you make backups and will you upgrade 12.10->13.04->13.10->14.04 or will you reinstall 14.04 directly22:31
Beldar+1 k1l22:31
eeeeqwerkus: that's good.22:31
qwerkus<eeee> yes. It's not a real fix, but it feels awesome to know that windows is actually loading grub2...22:32
Beldarantonio2, That is what we say, you should know this. ;)22:32
k1lantonio2: if you plan to not upgrade a long time stay on LTS versions (which is 14.04)22:32
eeeeqwerkus: actually some bioses are hard-coded to load windows, you'd have to switch the files in the efi partition and rename grub to windows (bootx64.efi) to get it to load22:33
eeee(or do what you've done)22:35
qwerkus<eeee> how sad is that, really ? anyone owns an asrock z77e-itx here ? Because I do, and it turns out to be a tracherous windows hugger...22:35
eeeeqwerkus: i dont think there's another fix for it22:35
qwerkus<eeee> sure there is: I'm one my way to petition Asrock22:36
eeeeqwerkus: yeah, i own an hp and it is hard-coded as well, it doesn't erase grub though, just won't boot it22:36
qwerkus<eeee> well, without going to much off topic, I think this will interest the EU antitrust commitee. I think filing a complaint there will work better.22:37
qwerkusanyway: thanks for your help, and thumbs up for the future22:38
eeeeqwerkus: no problem, and best of luck.22:38
dirtyvegahey guys. i was just curious if anyone could help me install spotify on Ubuntu 14.04 lts... I have the 64 bit and its done... being as my computer is a little bit older i had to do the gnome metacity fallback instead of Unity. They have the instructions here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/01/how-to-install-spotify-in-ubuntu-12-04-12-10... but obv22:47
dirtyvegaiously its only for people who have unity.... :(22:47
Beldardirtyvega, spotify is 3rd party technically not supported.22:49
gazzerhdirtyvega: i use http://play.spotify.com personally. the linux program is pretty buggy. maybe not much help but hey :P22:50
MoProductionswhat exactly is unity?  I keep getting it confused with the game def software i use22:50
Beldardirtyvega, THe lnik tells you exactly how, what is it that confounds you?22:50
k1l!unity | MoProductions22:50
ubottuMoProductions: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity22:50
MoProductionswow thank you22:51
MoProductionsso unity is what makes this thing remind me of osx22:51
k1lMoProductions: unity is a desktop enviroment.22:52
dirtyvegai need help finding the "software sources" and since i disabled unity and installed the fallback gnome i dont have the luxury22:52
Beldardirtyvega, Unity just happens to be the ubuntu desktop=unity, it is not just for unity.22:52
dirtyvegai know but the instructions are for unity22:53
dirtyvegai dont want unity22:53
MoProductionsi want it to be named something else22:53
dirtyvegai need help finding the software sources window22:53
Beldardirtyvega, The instructions are for installing while just happening to show this via the unity desktop.22:53
k1lMoProductions: to late. but its obvious that its not the game engine that is talked about22:53
MoProductionsk1l: It’ll still be confusing for a while.  when I see something in a file that says “Unity generated” i don’t know which one it’s talking about22:54
eeeedirtyvega: run software-properties-gtk22:54
k1lMoProductions: there is nothing we can do abou that.22:54
Nothing_MuchOkay can somebody *PM* me how to move an encrypted SSD's /home folder into a traditional HDD?22:54
magicsackHi there ll, I am getting Generall error mounting file systems a main - shell/// upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 - any suggestoins?22:55
compdocNothing_Much, once you log in, cant you see the files?22:55
Beldardirtyvega, the addition at the software & sources is this file, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list  put the deb there than save and run the key adding command after closing .22:55
k1ldirtyvega: just start the program: software-properties-gtk22:55
Nothing_Muchcompdoc: Well I can22:55
Nothing_MuchBut like22:55
Nothing_MuchI'm confused22:55
Nothing_MuchSomebody PM'd me22:55
Nothing_MuchAnd he didn't explain anything22:55
compdocNothing_Much, they arent encripted once youre in there. Just use nautilus to move them22:56
MoProductionsk1l: That’s ok, i’ll get used to it eventually heh.  Unity’s not exactly an uncommon word22:56
Nothing_Muchcompdoc: I mean for the OS to also..22:56
k1lNothing_Much: you asked for a PM (which is not the guideline with the ubuntu support) and now wonder that someone pmed you?22:56
BeldarNothing_Much, Ask the question again and use the channel, and hold off the enter key so much.22:56
k1lNothing_Much: for that we use peer-review in the channel and dont go pm22:56
Nothing_MuchOkay can somebody explain to me how to move an encrypted SSD's /home folder into a traditional HDD? I have an SSD that's encrypted, I want to move the /home partition to a 1TB HDD that I would also like encrypted22:57
david259help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF1N-EEIJao22:57
Nothing_MuchHow do I do that?22:57
compdocNothing_Much, once you move teh files to another folder somewhere, hopefully a network share or another drive, they wont be encripted22:57
k1lNothing_Much: decrypt them and then copy them? where is your issue with that task?22:58
Nothing_MuchBasically I'm wondering how to encrypt it again on the HDD22:59
Nothing_MuchAnd so that the SSD will boot into the /home directory22:59
compdocif you copy them to an encripted drive, they become encripted again22:59
valhallasw`cloudHey. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS, and would like to upgrade to 14.04.1 LTS. However, do-release-upgrade wants to upgrade me to 12.10 instead, possibly because I have installed packages from newer releases in the past by adding apt-get lines for them. Is there any way to force do-release-upgrade to upgrade to 14.04?23:00
k1lvalhallasw`cloud: make the release-prompt show LTS23:01
kendrickvalhallasw`cloud, idk... after you upgrade though you can then attempt to upgrade to 14.0423:01
k1lvalhallasw`cloud: see /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades23:01
valhallasw`cloudkendrick: I'm afraid I would have to go via 13.04, 13.10 then 14.0423:02
valhallasw`cloudk1l: I only have a directory release-upgrades.d, which is empty23:02
xanguaOr just clean install23:02
k1lvalhallasw`cloud: and if you mixed the packages already there is more risk of a failure in the upgrade. (the clean 12.04 to 14.04 upgrade get automatic testing and work)23:02
k1lvalhallasw`cloud: that is a file, not a directory23:03
k1lsee "cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades"23:03
kendrickhow is mac osx better than ubuntu?23:03
MonkeyDustkendrick  nicer wallpapers23:03
k1lkendrick: since you ask in a ubuntu channel: it isnt.23:03
valhallasw`cloudk1l: that file does not exist. There is a directory release-upgrades.d (note the .d)23:03
Beldar!ot | kendrick23:03
ubottukendrick: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:03
dirtyvegaHEY GUIZ! it worked.23:04
valhallasw`cloudbut I guess a clean install might be an option, too.23:04
dirtyvegafor the help23:04
k1lvalhallasw`cloud: you are sure that is a ubuntu right there?23:04
valhallasw`cloudk1l: Yes, I installed it myself ;-) and lsb_release -a states Description: Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS, and do-release-upgrade -c returns Checking for a new Ubuntu release New release '12.10' available.23:05
k1lvalhallasw`cloud: try "sudo apt-get install update-manager-core"23:06
xanguavalhallasw`cloud: is this a server install?23:06
valhallasw`cloudk1l: that updated update-manager-core 1:  to 1:
valhallasw`cloudxangua: yes23:07
valhallasw`cloudk1l: but release-upgrades.d stays empty23:07
k1lvalhallasw`cloud: its not about the .d23:07
k1lits about that specific file it told you23:07
valhallasw`cloudokay, apt-get remove + apt-get install seems to have fixed that23:08
magicsackHi all, I am trying to upgrade to 12.04. I a getting this: General error mounting filesystems. A maintenence shell will now be started. Control -D will terminate this shell and reboot system. reboot@ubuntu.  I do this, the Ctrl + D and it returns to the same screen.  Do you have any suggestions? It will not run the upgrade?.23:09
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valhallasw`cloudah, there we go.23:10
valhallasw`cloudk1l: okay, seems to be working now. Thanks!23:10
Beldarmagicsack, What file system, more context please.23:12
magicsackI am upgrading from 10.04 to 12.04.  and it is not telling me any other information... when i tell it to reboot it says fail on on deconfil on network on network interface23:13
Beldar!eol | magicsack look at the eol upgrade23:13
ubottumagicsack look at the eol upgrade: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:13
Beldarmagicsack, THis a wubi install?23:14
magicsackah/dev/shm:not mounted - /var/lock/locl not mounted23:15
magicsack(not ah)23:15
magicsackI am installing 12.04 on the basis the specs of the machine are very poor - if i should do something else I am willing to do lubuntu if better23:16
Beldarmagicsack, You have yet to answer requests, questions oe give a cohesive description.23:16
Beldarhelp start there23:17
magicsackapologies - this is a straight  upgrade from 10 to 12. not not sure what you mean, so I am so sorry...23:19
Beldarmagicsack, This an on-line computer?23:19
magicsackah, yes, it will be23:19
magicsackI originally had issues installing a huawi dongle, so thought the issue was the age of the o/s23:20
Beldarmagicsack, Is it in front of you, or are is it accessible via the web or a network?23:20
magicsackit is23:20
Beldarmagicsack, READ THE QUESTIONS.23:20
Beldarthe last was 2 questions23:21
magicsackI have my own laptop and the computer and the computer - separate and access to the internet23:21
Beldarmagicsack, I give up others may help.23:22
magicsacksorry Beldar, I have been at work and its past midnight and i appreciate your help. It is in front of me, it is not on a network, but is on the web23:23
booi have xubuntu libraries question, I am trying to install Zimbra but it says libgmp3c2 is missing, i try to apt-get it and it refers to libgmp423:28
booi have libgmp4 installed butzimbra doesnt see it23:29
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booi have xubuntu libraries question, I am trying to install Zimbra but it says libgmp3c2 is missing, i try to apt-get it and it refers to libgmp423:31
booi have libgmp4 installed but zimbra doesnt see it23:31
mavidoritosi did somethings on my system. now it says 'read only file system'23:32
okabeanyone else getting crackling audio with 14.04?23:32
mavidoritoswhat is the read only file system :)23:32
mavidoritosi dont know what i did23:33
AmyLu_WhoWhat is a good program to use instead of quick books?  I need to keep a log of expenses and sales and print receipts and such.23:33
thiebaudeokabe, with hdmi?23:33
okabethiebaude, no standard audio. it's faint but it's quite noticeable playing music23:34
thiebaudeokabe, i only heard that when I had ubuntu 14.04 connected to a hd tv23:34
okabeyeah i saw a lot of hdmi related stuff googling around23:34
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okabealso saw something hinting at being the current kernel23:35
thiebaudeokabe, is your microphone muted?23:35
okabethiebaude, i have no microphone hooked up23:35
okabebut alsamixer say it's muted23:36
okabemaybe if i turn down pcm23:36
okabeit seems particular to this release23:37
Iota-SpencerI can't seem to get my interfaces file + ip addr to work, I have the block in interfaces and have restarted networking but when I try ip addr add it says it can't find the device23:41
Iota-Spencerthis is particularly with an he.net tunnel23:42
jose__hola majos23:43
jose__como va la noche23:43
k1l!es | jose__23:44
ubottujose__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:44
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Iota-SpencerI can't seem to get my interfaces file + ip addr to work, I have the block in interfaces and have restarted networking but when I try ip addr add it says it can't find the device23:53
usr13Iota-Spencer: pastebinit /etc/network/interfaces  #And we will have a look.23:55
usr13Iota-Spencer: Send us the URL23:56
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