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holstein_GillesM: so, you are able to use xubuntu? then?05:04
holstein_GillesM: i would just use what works, and then add what you want from ubuntustudio packages..05:04
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GillesMholstein, I was able to use xubuntu with uefi but ubuntustudio boot fails with uefi and /boot/efi partition .. I use ubuntu studio with bios legacy in uefi because ubuntustudio doens't work with thrue uefi07:02
cfhowlettGillesM install xubuntu and then add ubuntustudio-desktop07:03
zequence_GillesM: cfhowlett: Ubuntu Studio trusty works on UEFI07:06
zequence_I have only made one install myself, with secureboot enabled, but it worked07:06
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GillesMcfhowlett, yes but I have a lot of settings wrong ..07:07
GillesMubuntu studio 14.04 doesn't work on uefoi on asus BM87-E mother board07:08
cfhowlettGillesM you're not hearing me.  you said you could install xubuntu.  install it.  then add the ubuntustudio packages.07:08
cfhowlettubuntustudio = xubuntu + US Desktop07:09
zequenceAlso, Ubuntu Studio 14.04 should work on UEFI07:10
zequenceIT has all the goods for it07:10
zequenceJust make sure it's a 64bit install07:11
zequence32bit won't work07:11
GillesMcfhowlett, yes but you have to put use in audio group, install lowlatency, make firewire work with disl group grow thje limit of open file an many other thing07:11
GillesMIt was a 64bit07:11
GillesMwith efi/boot partition on fat32 and flag on boot with gpt partitions ..07:12
cfhowlettGillesM so --- you installed xubuntu then added ubuntustudio-desktop and it failed?07:12
GillesMcfhowlett yes . it worked but I got ardour crashes07:13
zequenceGillesM: You don't need to set up firewire permissions. Only add yourself to audio group and install linux-lowlatency for low latency07:13
cfhowlettGillesM so ... so you got a successful install!  nothing to do with UEFI ...07:14
GillesMcfhowlett, yes .. but for people with windows on uefi ubuntustudio is not fine07:14
GillesMzequence : I know but I informed you ustudio  didn't boot on uefi from ASUS..07:15
zequenceGillesM: I'm talking about any flavor07:16
cfhowlettGillesM you stated that your xubuntu+US desktop install worked.  what you have IS ubuntustudio ... so ???07:16
zequenceGillesM: There aren't a lot of settings in Ubuntu Studio07:16
zequenceThe only setting that you can't get by installing Ubuntu Studio packages is making yourself member of audio group07:17
GillesMI reinstall Ubuntustudio with legacy bios mode set in my uefi bios .. Now I am not in uefi bios07:17
zequenceThe rest are in different packages07:17
cfhowlettGillesM why would you reinstall ubuntustudio when you HAD ubuntustudio?  to fix ardour?07:17
GillesMI beleive to hve my firewierrr working I need to add user in disk group too07:18
GillesMXubuntu + ubuntustudio-desktop + firwire made ardour core dump07:20
GillesMI don't know why07:20
GillesMbut with ubuntu studio ardour doesn't crash07:20
zequenceGillesM: You don't need to do anything for firewire07:27
zequenceGillesM: It is already done through audio group in a udev rules file, which is supplied with the udev package - not Ubuntu Studio07:27
zequenceThe file is /lib/udev/rules.d/60-ffado.rules07:28
zequenceJust make sure you are member of audio group. Logout and login, and you will get realtime privilege and access to firewire07:29
zequenceardour won't crash because of system settings or jack settings. If jack starts, jack works and ardour should work with it too07:29
zequenceBut, if ardour does crash, please file a bug report07:30
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.07:30
cfhowlettGillesM if Ardour is the ONLY thing crashing, you need not re/install US.  I'd suggest you purge and reinstall ardour on the chance that it's misconfigured somehow.07:31
zequenceGillesM: For jack, to get realtime, you also need to make sure the file /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf is not named /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled07:37
GillesMnow all works fine :07:37
cfhowlettGillesM so you fixed it!  My hat is off to you!07:43
phil4000nhi, I notice that ubuntustudio 14.04.1 has still old openssl and ntfs-3g18:27

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