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Unit193bluesabre: What about line 5?  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/xubuntu-default-settings/trunk/view/head:/etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-power-manager.xml#L5  And will you now unseed power-indicator?05:37
misko_2083Hi people, I just wanted to tell you I figured out how to theme whisker menu. This is how it looks now http://i.imgur.com/5avMpA3.png05:45
Unit193Well, that's one way to do it. :)05:45
Unit193Does it use an extra css file in the theme?05:46
misko_2083no, i added a few line in the .gtkrc-2.0 file in the /home directory and few images05:48
misko_2083The instructions are here: https://www.linuxliteos.com/forums/index.php?topic=638.005:49
misko_2083reply #305:49
Unit193Alright.  Though I personally don't use whisker.05:51
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ochosibluesabre, Unit193 I haven't used compton much myself, guess it07:56
ochosi's better to hear Unit193 on it :)07:56
ochosibut it would be very nice to get that in07:56
ochosiand yup, unseeding indicator-power is a good idea07:57
brainwashoh wow, that's an impressive bug report bug 134727209:46
ubottubug 1347272 in xfce4-volumed (Ubuntu) "Several XFCE applications appear irresponsible after communicating with a daemon" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134727209:46
brainwashadd it to the utopic roadmap?09:46
bluesabreali1234, I think you had noticed this initially right ^, is it a large effort to fix for each application?09:59
bluesabreUnit193: I've got the commits in to drop it, am going to experiment with compton today, finalize the config, and then push it all10:00
bluesabreochosi: show-tray-icon does nothing now, right?10:01
ochosibluesabre: yup, no more trayicon10:01
ochosialso, that fork/init problem should already be fixed in xfpm10:03
ochosi(even if it's still unreleased)10:03
bluesabreproperty dropped from our config10:04
ochosibtw, if you have time, we'd also need the settings dialog entries back in our menu file10:07
ochosiso that whiskermenu can find them10:07
ochosi(instead of the single link to the settings manager)10:07
ochosithere should even be an existing bugreport for it10:08
bluesabreif you can find the bug report, I'll happily take care of that today10:09
bluesabrethat addresses an existing menulibre bug too ;)10:10
brainwashbug 131026410:11
ubottubug 1310264 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Can't search/find items in the Settings Manager" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131026410:11
bluesabrethanks :D10:11
ochosicool, thanks10:12
bluesabrealrighty, heading out, be back tonight10:15
ochosisame here10:15
skellatbluesabre: The number of duplicates on LP Bug 1347705 is growing19:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1347705 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "Split theme packages do not properly declare conflicts" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134770519:24
skellatPossibly need to put a blog post out or something to warn people to apt-get dist-upgrade perhaps19:24
Unit193Hrm, not going to have the settings menu in addition to the settings manager?  Alright...19:40
Unit193But, not in a bad way.  +1 for good style. :D19:41
ochosibluesabre: not sure you saw it but eric_the_idiot posted two nice patches for parole today22:19
Unit193Meh, Eric is always posting great patches... :D22:20
ochositrue that22:21
ochosiit's not for nothing that he's the #1 contributor22:23
ochosi(in the last 12 months that is)22:23
bluesabreskellat, Unit193: how?  I was pretty sure I had actually fixed that issue22:54
bluesabreUnit193: care to have a look at that and see what I did wrong?22:55
bluesabreor, does it happen because of that one bad package regardless?22:55
bluesabreI was able to clean install over the broken22:55
bluesabreyeah, that one bad package22:56
bluesabreyay, we have several daily testers22:57
Unit193Looking now just to confirm.22:57
bluesabreI think at this point, it's just apport bugging them about each of that failed packages from that single install23:05
Unit193Greeeat, someone seems to have screwed up thermald...23:10
Unit193Yeah... Had to edit the service file to ExecStart=/bin/true just to do the shimmer test.  All good there though.23:12
ochosihey folks23:12
bluesabrehey ochosi23:12
ochosihow's it going?23:22
bluesabrejust guessed what compton config to use for the new xfwm4 alt-tab23:25
ochosiso did it work?23:25
ochosisorry i can't really help with the compton config, but with nvidia i could never get it to play nicely23:25
bluesabrestill experimenting with different values for the shadows23:25
bluesabrethe compton in trusty works well with nvidia23:25
ochosiresponsive and less tearing?23:26
* ochosi is sceptical23:26
ochosii'll gladly test it23:26
bluesabresave as ~/.compton.conf23:27
bluesabrebe sure to kill xfwm4 compositor first23:27
bluesabreuse_compositing=false in the settings manager23:27
ochosilooks nice23:32
ochosiapart from the shadows23:32
ochosithey have a bit of a horizontal offset23:33
ochosiwhereas in xfwm4 they're horizontally centered and only have a slight vertical offset23:33
ochosithe fade effects are smooth, so that far i can say it's good23:33
ochosii'll try a fullscreen video next23:33
bluesabreyeah, for the shadow settings try: 6, -9, -823:35
ochosinot bad, fullscreen video looks good so far23:35
bluesabreor help me experiment to find a nice set23:36
bluesabreyeah, it works well23:36
ochosiwhat's a bit choppy is plank's autohide23:36
ochosicompton makes the windows kinda "snap" to plank's edge if you move them slowly23:36
ochosiit's actually window-size + shadow + size23:37
ochosihm, can't really experiment much now, i'm trying to help jannis finish the panel's intellihide23:37
ochosi(so maybe i can one day live without plank :))23:37
bluesabreyeah, work on that ;)23:37
* ochosi is doing his best, which is probably not good enough23:38
ochosithe shadow disappears a bit after the window, but it's not too bad23:46
ochosibluesabre: that shadow config looks much better btw23:56
bluesabreochosi, cool23:57
bluesabreI think I like this for the shadows:23:57
bluesabreshadow-radius = 6;# The blur radius for shadows. (default 12)23:57
bluesabreshadow-offset-x = -9;# The left offset for shadows. (default -15)23:57
bluesabreshadow-offset-y = -9;# The top offset for shadows. (default -15)23:57
bluesabreshadow-opacity = 0.6;23:57
bluesabrestill experimenting a lot :)23:57

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