shay_shayhello. i seem to have disabled the screen lock (power manager and light locker) and its still coming on? any ideas?02:29
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jp__shay_shay, yes?04:39
shay_shayi seem to have disabled the screen lock (power manager and light locker) and its still coming on? any ideas?04:40
jp__Have you look in the Settings Manager - Settings Editor ?04:40
shay_shayit just confirms the same settings that i set elsewhere04:42
shay_shaythis is 14.0404:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 1287255 in light-locker (Ubuntu) "Disabling screen lock is not possible" [Medium,Fix released]04:45
jp__shay_shay, what is the Screen Lock ?04:49
jp__I misread, I think you were talking about the Num Lock04:50
shay_shaytesting it now04:51
shay_shayi toggled the switch in case it was out of stnc04:52
shay_shaynow i play the waiting game04:52
jp__I still don't know what is the "Screen Lock" ?04:53
shay_shayyour screen has a password when you return from sleep?04:54
shay_shayscreen lock. notice how it doesnt lock the keyboard or the mouse?04:55
jp__hmm, no ?04:56
shay_shayeither of us could come up with 100 esoterically named unix/linux components. not to mention common words which are unrelated to tech04:57
shay_shayits been called a lockscreen for decades05:02
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byt3bl33d3rhey guys07:16
byt3bl33d3ri can't seem to figure out how to get wmfs to start07:17
james0r3the West Midlands Fire Service?07:20
james0r3ahh 3rd result. Windows Manager From Scratch.07:20
byt3bl33d3ryep the latter07:21
james0r3never used it, but is there perhaps a wmfs --replace?07:21
byt3bl33d3rnope already checked07:22
james0r3you edited your xfce4-session.xml and logged in and out?07:22
byt3bl33d3ryep that too07:22
james0r3what do you get? WM-less?07:22
james0r3i had issues while trying out WM where my session was saving previous instances of WMs because i had inadvertently checked save session on logout07:23
james0r3kind of a bonehead move but thought i'd mention that in case that's your flub up07:23
byt3bl33d3ri just get the mouse cursor07:24
byt3bl33d3rand the save session on logout is unticked07:24
james0r3no decorations on windows?07:24
byt3bl33d3rnothing just the mouse cursor07:25
james0r3yeah not sure. you following an installation guide of any kind? here's Arch's https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/WMFS#Installation07:26
byt3bl33d3rtried that too !07:27
byt3bl33d3rthe damn thing wont start07:28
byt3bl33d3rits wierd07:28
james0r3bummer, yeah that's one of those things i'm just too lazy to troubleshoot. maybe someone else in here will have some exp with it07:28
adrenaline_I bet there is something in the logs07:36
adrenaline_tail -100 /var/log/syslog07:36
adrenaline_or dmesg07:36
adrenaline_or maybe /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:37
Guido1Helllo, I would like to know what for internet (already gigabit or not) we have in the university and on my room How can I find that out?08:13
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svetlanaI see "[38675.292097] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through\r\n[38675.293418]  sdb: sdb1" in dmesg, and both /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1 exist. How do I read /contents/ of such flash drive from commandline?08:36
knomesvetlana, mount /dev/sdb1 /pick/a/mount/point08:38
svetlanaknome: i suspect it's already mounted though, how do i check?08:39
knomesvetlana, type mount08:39
svetlanagvfsd-fuse on /run/user/1001/gvfs type fuse.gvfsd-fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=user)08:51
svetlanahow do i get rid of that?08:51
svetlananothing about sdb.. will it complain if i misread and tried to mount twice?08:52
knomejust leave the gvfs mount be08:52
knomeit will probably complain, but no harm will be done08:53
knomebut if mount doesn't tell you it's mounted, then it's not08:53
svetlanaI copied data from a usb flash drive somewhere and now I'd like to unmount it. `umount /pick/a/mount/point`, right?09:01
svetlanais it normal that the 'point' directory still exists (and is empty) after that?09:06
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WikibearI use Xubuntu on my Odroid and have HDMI problems. Seems that the mali driver is ok. I have two odroids on different TVs with same issue. If i unplug HDMI connector and replug then the screen wants blank and xserver won't come back. xrandr say that my tv is connected to the odroid via HDMI. I tryed so many thinks out. This issue happens after some updates and kernel updates. Any ideas?10:19
havane31hi, i need some help to activate sound on my xubuntu 14.0410:58
WikibearSound via HDMI?11:08
havane31yes Wikibear11:11
xubuntu596Hello, I have the xubuntu 14.04 in a netbook connected to the tv to see movies, etc. the problem is that after 10 minutes (+-) the screen turns black and I need to put the login password. Its very irritating. Can anyone help?11:14
svetlanacheck player settings or screensaver settings to disable screensaver11:14
svetlanahow do i suspend from commandline please, i don't have gnome running11:15
WikibearThere are many issues with sound and HDMI... I tested it all. It's recommend to install the latest graphic drivers11:16
svetlanai forgot a question mark; last line was a question11:16
Wikibearif you get a black screen, then desable screensaver in xubuntu.11:17
WikibearI use Xubuntu on my Odroid and have HDMI problems. Seems that the mali driver is ok. I have two odroids on different TVs with same issue. If i unplug HDMI connector and replug then the screen wants blank and xserver won't come back. xrandr say that my tv is connected to the odroid via HDMI. I tryed so many thinks out. This issue happens after some updates and kernel updates. Any ideas?11:17
WikibearThere will be no reinit after screen connection... How can i fix this? I try to set xorg.conf with no luck11:19
havane31it is working now Wikibear11:19
WikibearYes sounds good :)11:20
havane31i had to launch nvidia x config11:20
Wikibearjip in most cases no sound with HDMI its a driver problem11:20
havane31strange behavior indeed11:21
WikibearIf you google "ubuntu no HDMI sound" you will find mass on entrys ;)11:21
svetlana"google it yourself" - that's not how support works :)11:22
WikibearYes thats right but you can see that i help him11:22
svetlanai don't know though so we may have to wait a bit for someone to show up11:22
havane31thank you Wikibear11:25
Wikibearno problem glad that i can help you11:26
WikibearOtherwise my titles at windows are black11:28
Wikibeari get this error: (WW) The directory "/usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi/" does not exist.11:28
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Dragon64Wikibear, I think that error is a red hearing, I dont have that folder either11:51
WikibearOK my window decoration are black any hint?12:02
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest53847
EugeneBanditWikibear: window decorations preference menu ?12:13
Guest53847when i install a new package for example vlc it automatically becomes default, why? can i stop that?12:13
cfhowlettGuest53847 nope.  VLC doesn't become the default media player unless you tell it to12:14
Guest53847cfhowlett, i just tested in livecd. and it's not only vlc. If i install for example gtkpod which has a dependancy of ajunda (i cant remember the exact name) it becomes default file manager12:15
cfhowlettGuest53847 liveCD?  pretty sure native install has a different behavior pattern.  but you can always set file properties: open with ...12:17
Guest53847well i dont wanna do that everytime i install something12:20
Guest53847anyway thanks12:22
Wikibearhow can i reset the complete window settings and themes back to default?12:22
Dragon64Wikibear: http://askubuntu.com/questions/224006/resetting-xfce-panels-to-default-settings12:55
Wikibearkilled now xfe4 home folder now the bars are not black but buttons are missing13:03
Dragon64log out and back in? if so, try switching themes and then swithcing back13:05
cfhowlettWikibear extreme measure but ... delete /Home/.config/xfce413:07
cfhowlettWikibear logout/login and you should see defaults13:07
Wikibearjip i have deleted13:23
Wikibearbut that wont work13:23
Wikibearno buttons close maximize minimize13:23
GridCubeWikibear, press alt-f2 and type xfwm4 --replace13:25
Wikibearwont work13:26
Wikibeari've tryed this and the desktop reset short but its still all the same13:27
GridCubeWikibear, press the windows key and T, in the terminal type sudo apt-get update and the sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop13:28
Wikibearxubuntu-desktop is installed13:31
Wikibearand newest version13:31
Wikibearjip its stupid13:34
Wikibearkilled sessions too13:34
Wikibearthe title bar is light visible but not much no title no buttons13:35
Dragon64Wikibear, can you put a screen shot in pastebin?13:38
Wikibearyes will do13:43
Wikibearchromium has buttons...13:43
Wikibearbut not terminal window13:43
Wikibearwill send13:43
Dragon64so, chromium can use its own widget set instead of the system default.13:50
Dragon64so that might explain that, one sec13:51
Dragon64so if you go to settings > window manager, you should be able to change the widget style. Try a couple different ones and see if the widgets re-appear13:52
Wikibearno dont came up choose another theme and its still the same13:54
Dragon64hmm wow something really broken. well lets find out if this is a system or user account issue. Can you create a new user and login to that account? If its particular to the first user account it should be fine. if not its probly a systemwide issue13:56
Wikibearrgr stby13:56
Wikibearhow can i change the user?14:03
Dragon64did you add a new one? you should be able to logout and log in as the new user14:03
Dragon64not sure that switch use is available any longer14:04
Wikibearyes logout login is missing14:04
Dragon64one sec14:04
Dragon64alt-f2 xfce4-session-logout14:05
Wikibearstrg alt del?14:05
Dragon64might work too14:06
Wikibearoh man thats boring... black screen thats all what happening14:07
Wikibearmy hdmi error -.-14:07
Dragon64does ctrl-alt-f2 bring you to a terminal window?14:08
Wikibearno odro is off14:08
Dragon64might have to reboot14:08
Wikibearthe odro stops working if i logout14:10
Wikibeari think best way is to kill installation and make a complete new one...14:11
Wikibearthanks dragon14:12
Wikibearotherwise can i deinstall x complete and reinstall?14:14
Dragon64you can sudo apt-get purge xfce4* from the command line and then reinstall14:14
Wikibearwill try it out14:14
Wikibearok reboot work thats the first step14:20
Wikibearhaha nooooooo same error14:20
dunpealHi. What is the name of the service / process which automatically checks for updates and prompts me to install them?15:29
cfhowlett_dunpeal update-manager15:29
dunpealcfhowlett_: thanks, but how come `ps aux | grep update` fails to show it running?15:30
dunpealyet I just got prompted for some updates when I rebooted.15:30
cfhowlett_dunpeal not certain it stays resident = run on boot then shut down when done?15:31
cfhowlett_dunpeal "done" = message to update sent15:31
dunpealcfhowlett_: I see, thanks!15:31
cfhowlett_dunpeal ask in #ubuntu = they know more than me.15:32
gino_ciao a tutti vorrei installare xubuntu sul mio vecchio pc fisso, qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi????????15:43
cfhowlett_!it | gino_15:49
ubottugino_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:49
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xubuntu751hello :)16:51
FRodriguesis it possible to snap a window to a side half?16:53
xubuntu751Guys I have some problems while compiling alsa on xubuntu 14.04.1 could help me please ?16:53
FRodrigueswhy are you compiling alsa?16:53
xubuntu751I have an acer aspire one and mix isn't working last time I installed xubuntu on this notebook I compiled alsa with success and mic was working fine. Now I re-installed xubuntu and I can't compile it16:56
FRodriguesdo you need to compile it?16:57
xubuntu751should I paste the error log here ?16:58
FRodriguesit's better16:58
FRodriguesI don't think I can help you much16:59
FRodriguesbut maybe someone else can16:59
xubuntu751In file included from /usr/src/alsa-driver-1.0.25/acore/hrtimer.c:1:0: /usr/src/alsa-driver-1.0.25/include/adriver.h:752:28: error: static declaration of ‘jiffies_to_msecs’ follows non-static declaration  static inline unsigned int jiffies_to_msecs(const unsigned long j)                             ^ In file included from include/linux/ktime.h:25:0,                  from include/linux/timer.h:5,                  from include/l16:59
xubuntu751well I can't put it all here16:59
xubuntu751let me upload it on pastebin and will  send you a link17:00
xubuntu122hello is this tech help chat?17:22
xubuntu122great thanx Hedgework, i'm new to this OS & could use a little assistance,for starters,how can i down load pics from cell phone to laptop in xubuntu?17:26
Hedgeworkandroid phone?17:27
xubuntu122no samsung at&t phone17:27
Hedgeworkwhat OS?17:28
xubuntu122on the cell17:29
Hedgeworkhmmm I've never used one, but first I'd try plugging it in via usb17:29
Hedgeworkit may be seen as a mass storage device17:30
xubuntu122yea,i did all that,and got to open with a whole bunch of apps and thats where i got lost ,what app to open storage device in17:31
Hedgeworkthunar, the file browser, is probably easiest17:33
xubuntu751hey Hedgework could you help me too ?17:34
xubuntu122yeaaa? i did the browsing thing,,,,i need to what app to open the device in17:35
Hedgeworkxubuntu122: thunar should cause it to auto-mount if that's what you mean17:36
wilsonjl3when  plug my headphones in the sound comes from my headphones AND the speaker built into my laptop, how do i fix it?17:36
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: Sorry, I try not to do stuff like that on xubuntu...I run a source-based distro when I need to custom gompile system services17:37
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3: have you chegked pulseaudio settings17:38
wilsonjl3no, i dunno how too17:38
xubuntu122k i'll give a shot,next issue is i have a lexmark x8350 all in one printer you know of any drivers for this or how to install in linux OS?17:39
Hedgework(BTW please excuse typos, I broke a finger so part of my right tand is splinted)17:39
wilsonjl3ah no problem17:40
wilsonjl3that sounds painful17:40
Hedgeworkxubuntu122: I don't use xfce4, so I don't know where it is in tne menu, but from the run dialog or cli the command == pavucontrol17:42
wilsonjl3fixed it! thanks hedgework17:42
Hedgeworkerr sorry that was fol wilsonjl3 ^^^17:42
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3: np17:42
xubuntu751Hedgework: well I would like to have a working mic on xubuntu as I use it as main OS. I'm not an advance user so I would like to have some help with this. I tried every single possible solution to compile it but all of them leads me to error when trying to {make}/compile alsa driver :/17:43
Hedgeworkxubuntu122: there's a gui printer setup in your control panel try that first17:43
Hedgeworkxubuntu122: if it doesn't work I'll show you alternatives17:44
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: okay, so can we back up and make sure you really need custom alsa?17:45
Hedgeworkcould be an XY problem17:45
xubuntu751Hedgework: I think so because last time I installed xubuntu only custom alsa resolved the problem17:46
HedgeworkRight, but there may be an easier solution now.17:47
Hedgeworkthings change17:47
Hedgeworktalking to work people bbiab17:47
xubuntu122ok i'm stupid,,,where's control panel?17:49
xubuntu751I tried but the best solution by now was working mic but with a lot of noise and I couldn't barely hear my voice17:49
xubuntu751I could*17:50
xubuntu751last time this was the solution https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AA1/Fixes17:50
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: ummm in the menu somewhere...sorry I don't use the default gui so I don't know it well...might be galled settings or somethitg17:56
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: what version of xubuntu did you upgrade to 14.04 from? Did you do a clean install or in-place upgrade? What make & model is your audio gard? is the mic a discrete unit or a headset?  analog or USB?17:58
xubuntu751I can't find it17:58
Hedgeworkerr first of those was for xubuntu12217:58
* Hedgework grumblen at her bad typing17:59
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: can't find what?17:59
xubuntu751it's a 14.04.1 xubuntu clean install audio card is hda-intel18:00
xubuntu751wai t will send you exact model of sound card give me a moment18:00
Hedgeworkyou absolutely don't need custom alsa for hda-intel I have like 5 of them18:01
xubuntu751Codec: Realtek ALC272X18:01
xubuntu751well I can't get mic working :/18:02
xubuntu751pulseaudio just gives me a mic with a lot of noise18:02
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: please pastebin output of "lspci"18:02
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: please also answer my other Qs18:07
xubuntu751it's analog built-in realtek sound card18:08
xubuntu751I don't see any other questions18:08
Hedgeworkwas looking for that anh standalote mic vs headset18:09
xubuntu751well it's a built-in mic and speakers18:10
Hedgeworkokay that I needed to kntow18:11
Hedgeworkxubuntu751: Do you see hte mic in your pulseaudio settings?18:30
xubuntu751pulse audio gives me an error while trying to open it let me restart fast and I will reply18:33
xubuntu944there's an analog mic18:40
xubuntu944analog input18:40
Hedgeworkxubuntu944: I need to focus on work now, but feel free to look for me later and I'll try to help more18:43
xubuntu944ok thank you, have a great time18:44
pcwickDoes Thunar have the capability to bookmark network connections such as an SSH connection to a webhost's webserver?20:23
Hood[KIA-CeruleaHey guys I need some help20:49
Hood[KIA-CeruleaTrying to install xubuntu 64x bit on my friends HP laptop, it boots to asking me install or live and neither work and boot to black screen. I tried nomodeset in grub console but it can't find that command. i'm kind of lost...20:50
HedgeworkHood[KIA-Cerulea: that often happens if you try to eufi boot on a machine with a crappy BIOS...try making sure the BIOS is set to legacy boot20:53
Hedgeworkanyway, I'm outta here :)20:54
Hood[KIA-CeruleaHedgework: noooo lol20:54
Hood[KIA-CeruleaHedgework: Legacy mode is on...20:55
JayPiHi! I got those messages just before the splash screen on Xubuntu 14.04 : «INFO 0wl_cfg80211_attach : Registered CFG80211 phy» and «Bluetooth : hci0 command 0x1003 tx timeout». I turned off the bluetooth... Any ideas?21:52
kingpluspluspleaase how do i get back the volume and network icon back in status bar at the top right hand corner?22:08
xanguakingplusplus: did you manually remove them?22:10
kingplusplusxangua, i think i did (not sure)22:10
T60Does anyone here know how to change the background in lightdm? I changed the config file and set background = to my file location, but for some reason, the login backgorund only changed for the guest user and not me.22:11
xanguaIf you did, just add the indicator to your panel as any other widget kingplusplus22:11
kingplusplusits not found in preference when i rightclick22:11
Unit193T60: Because it's using the accountservice background as set by xfdesktop.22:11
T60Unit193: how does one stop that22:12
xanguaIndicator menu I believe is called22:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 1306362 in lightdm-gtk-greeter (Ubuntu) "AccountsService conflicts with configured logon background" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:13
kingplusplusxangua, the indicator is missing22:15
T60Unit193: I tried some of the fixes like disabling the guest account and doing chmod, but none of them worked.22:16
Unit193T60: No, but it'll be fixed in the next release.22:16
T60Unit193: well that's a shame :/22:16
T60Also I do have another problem, I cannot restart Xubuntu, or else it'll lead me to a permanent black screen (until I force shut down). I think this has something to do with me adding "nomodeset" in grub. Shutdown even breaks every once in a while as well. Even though I changed the grub file and did update-grub, I still have to do a hard shut down, press e in grub, scroll all the way down and change to back to nomodeset, even though I've changed it before.22:19
ochosiT60: wait, how is fixing something in the next release a shame?22:20
Unit193What are you editing in order to change the boot option in grub?22:20
Unit193ochosi: That it's not going to be fixed in this one.22:20
T60ochosi: I was saying it's a shame b/c I cannot do anything about it.22:20
ochosibut it's always going to be fixed in the next release :>22:20
ochosiif there is a bug/missing feature22:20
ochosiactually it has been like that for ages22:20
ochosibasically since the feature was introduced, which was at least two or three releases ago22:21
T60Unit193: I run "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" then change one of the lines to "nomodeset"22:21
ochosi(also, using the daily PPA is a workaround, at your own risk)22:22
Unit193GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT is the one to change, then check if it matches  /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:22
T60Wait, I did the first part, I never even saw the second part before. I'll fix that right now...22:22
T60Unit193: grub.cfg matches with the changes that I have made22:24
Unit193T60: So, if the boot option doesn't match this, you have grub installed from another distribution, don't you? :)22:25
T60Wait, I said it does match?22:25
Unit193T60: You said grub.cfg matches /etc/default/grub, which does not match the boot up screen.22:26
T60It matches sometimes, then other times I have to go in and change it myself, but I cannot possibly have another grub installed because I formatted my HDD getting rid of Arch forever. Arch brings bad memories...22:27
T60Unit193: or did I miss something here? Another weird thing that happens is that this happens to me when I log out and log back in: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/Q1bg9qP_qic/maxresdefault.jpg22:31
Unit193I'd call that an interesting one.22:32
T60and I don't mean that image shows up haha, I mean my display goes through color distortion.22:33
Unit193Yeah, I got that part. :P22:34
T60haha yeah22:34
T60Also my computer is almost 9 years old if that counts for anything.22:35
Unit193I've had issues with my 82845G/GL, but a little different than that.22:37
T60Interesting, have you fixed all the issues though?22:37
Unit193Forced it in true color, disabled xfwm compositor, etc. at least fixed the majority of them.22:38
T60Dang, I'm going to try and test something brb22:39
T60Unit193: I'm back and I think I know the issue.23:29
ssarahhei guys23:52
ssarahim trying to share my files on my lan for both windows and linux users23:52
ssarahhow do i do this?23:52
Unit193Use samba.23:52
ssarahi thought ubuntu had samba integrated in it?23:56
ssarahnot xubuntu23:56

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