rick_h__woo! expenses filed. Only took 3 months00:34
rick_h__now that vegas is filed I feel less obligated to file london ones :)00:40
rick_h__huwshimi: hey, how goes? Wanted to check up on your branches00:40
rick_h__and let you know that hatch and frankban are working on the 'deleting things' problems in the back end00:40
huwshimirick_h__: I have a million things in progress :)00:40
rick_h__so should be able to revisit that branch later on00:41
rick_h__huwshimi: yea, seems like it. I wanted to see what was up, anything stuck you need a hand with, etc. 00:41
huwshimirick_h__: I talked to hatch about landing the deleted states (they just won't be visible) and then hooking them up when that's done (hence me moving the card back)00:42
huwshimiIf you'd prefer me to wait I can00:42
rick_h__huwshimi: hmm, ok. I trust you on it. 00:42
rick_h__hah, poor huw was a photo target a bit https://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/14730078876/in/photostream/01:21
huwshimiIt's almost as if I was being followed :)01:24
huwshimiNice photos!01:24
rick_h__hah, yea I was following you around a lot01:25
urulamamorning all06:22
huwshimiurulama: Morning06:28
urulamahuwshimi: anything particular regarding your cards on the board that need review or are in coding (to pass the message to the daily call)?06:32
huwshimiurulama: Only that I need second reviews on a couple of them. Thanks!06:33
urulamahuwshimi: ok, np06:35
urulamafrankban: morning08:14
frankbanurulama: hi08:14
urulamafrankban: do you know if rogpeppe is out today?09:06
rogpeppeurulama: i'm around09:06
urulamarogpeppe: oh, hi, sorry :D09:06
rogpeppeurulama: np :-)09:06
urulamarogpeppe: any news regarding the change of core to charm.v2?09:07
rogpeppeurulama: i've been around for hours :-)09:07
rogpeppeurulama: core is blocked until its critical bugs are resolved09:07
rogpeppeurulama: so no branches are landing that aren't fixing those bugs09:07
urulamarogpeppe: ok, tnx for the info09:07
rogpeppeurulama: i've got approval to land it though09:07
urulamarogpeppe: \o/09:08
urulamarogpeppe: didn't have time to ask before ... any sessions this week?09:12
rogpeppeurulama: this week and every week :-)09:14
rogpeppeurulama: tuesday night it was09:14
rogpeppeurulama: and absolutely rockin'!09:14
urulamarogpeppe: nice, glad to hear!09:15
rogpeppeurulama: it was good on the friday night in london actually. i presume you didn't try and fail to find it.09:15
urulamarogpeppe: we wanted to have a session today (with the gypsy swing band, and me cooking), but the weather is really bad :( well, after Nuremberg it is 09:16
rogpeppeurulama: music and home cooking, the perfect combo :-)09:16
urulamarogpeppe: no, i was in the museum for nearly 4h ... i guess the sms didn't get through :(09:16
rogpeppeurulama: nope, i haven't got any sms messages from you since thursday09:17
rogpeppeafk for 10 minutes09:18
* urulama lunches ... woke up early today 09:18
urulamarogpeppe: what do you have in mind for the charm refactoring? 10:13
rogpeppeurulama: i'd doing exactly as i suggested in my email to juju-dev10:13
urulamarogpeppe: aaa, the URL/ReferenceURL, cool10:15
rogpeppeurulama: https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/3110:24
urulamawill take a look in 5min10:25
rogpeppeurulama: thanks10:26
urulamarogpeppe: found this work done by hazmat ... find it interesting https://github.com/kapilt/juju-tosca 10:31
rogpeppeurulama: thanks for pointing to that10:33
urulamarick_h__: morning10:49
frankbanrick_h__: morning10:58
frankbanguihelp: I need reviews/QA for https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/469 . Thanks!10:59
* frankban lunches11:10
urulamarogpeppe: i like how more uniform the code is now with new URL & referenceURL11:21
rogpeppeurulama: cool11:21
urulamarogpeppe: i see that you're already on the way to change the charmstore ... making charm.v2 obsolete (in a way)11:22
rogpeppeurulama: well, who knows who is already using charm.v2? :-)11:23
* urulama makes a wild guess that all the users are mostly present here :D11:24
rogpeppeurulama: i don't mind leaving v2 behind. we don't need to maintain it.11:28
rogpeppeurulama: i do think it's important to change the version number though.11:28
rogpeppeurulama: BTW i'm just investigating to see what the Resolve method does. There don't appear any tests for it, and it's only called once in the entire of juju-core11:29
urulamarogpeppe: let's welcome our new charm.v3 :)11:30
rogpeppeurulama: let's :-)11:30
urulamarogpeppe: regarding core - makes sense, they do depend on full URLs11:30
hazmaturulama, context?.. that's an in progress oasis std thingy.. 11:46
urulamahazmat: i've done the voting for ODS talks and noticed your OASIS and Juju ... just passed the git url to rogpeppe as a curiosity 11:47
bachey rick_h__ can you decipher http://ci.jujugui.org:8080/job/jenkins-github-lander-merge/27/console11:47
hazmaturulama, oh.. nice11:49
urulamahazmat: are you targeting to make juju bundles easy to integrate into heat with tosca support? 11:50
hazmaturulama, that's a secondary goal.. first goal.. is tosca import into juju.. outbound, we'll be an embedded an orchestrator... re heat i'd prefer to embed directly11:52
urulamahazmat: nice!11:53
rick_h__bac: otp, looking11:53
rick_h__bac: go into the workspace and do 'git fetch' and try to :shipit: again11:53
rick_h__bac: the workspace for that, not sure why it's empty, but I think that's the answer11:54
rick_h__frankban: will be 2min late here sec11:59
frankbanrick_h__: np11:59
bacrick_h__, jcsackett: new jenkins-github-lander has been installed on both of our jenkins instances.12:15
rick_h__bac: ty much12:16
bacrick_h__: it is not released anywhere, right?12:16
rick_h__yay for safety12:17
rick_h__bac: no, not currently12:17
bacrick_h__: does curtis use it?12:17
rick_h__bac: can you ping mgz and let him know about the bug/update12:17
bacoh, ok12:17
rick_h__bac: they're using it, but they've got a fork they're using12:17
rick_h__with all the bug blocking landing/etc stuff12:17
rick_h__I've not looked where they're keeping their fork12:17
rogpeppejrwren: i haven't seen any return type comment from you, FYI12:57
rogpeppejrwren: ha, it came in a different thread12:58
rogpeppejrwren: ignore me :-12:58
rogpeppejrwren: see http://godoc.org/labix.org/v2/mgo/bson#Getter12:58
rogpeppejrwren: to implement an interface, the methods must have exactly the same type signature12:59
rogpeppejrwren: so returning (string, error) would not work12:59
jrwrenrogpeppe: oh, you are implementing some interface there?12:59
jrwrenrogpeppe: I missed that bit. Is it a mgo interface?12:59
rogpeppejrwren: it's mentioned in the doc comment for the method13:00
rogpeppejrwren: bson.Getter13:00
rogpeppejrwren: it's understood by the marshaling code that mgo uses to talk to mongodb13:00
jrwrennew to go and lack of coffee. It makes complete sense now.  ty13:00
rogpeppejrwren: np13:03
urulamarogpeppe: have you seen the comment from Casey about urls?13:07
rogpeppeurulama: yeah13:07
rogpeppeurulama: i've been chatting with him on #juju-dev about it13:08
urulamarogpeppe: tnx13:08
rick_h__jcsackett: kadams54 around? can you guys take some time this morning to go through huw's branches please?13:18
rick_h__he's got 5 in review atm 13:19
urulamarick_h__: ah, yes, i talked to huw this morning and he asked for second reviews on his branches13:21
rick_h__urulama: yep, we'll get those cleared out today one way or another. 13:22
bacrogpeppe: on the charmstore charm review you mentioned the bug with godeps doing things in parallel.  i thought you fixed that weeks ago.13:25
rogpeppebac: no, i didn't change the default13:26
bacah, ok.  i misremembered that you did13:26
rogpeppebac: (like a fool, i thought i'd have some time to investigate the actual issue :-])13:26
rick_h__rogpeppe: if we need the time we need to create a card and have it as something to get scheduled13:26
rick_h__rogpeppe: is this something we can file a bug for and then add the bug as a card to the board's backlog to get scheduled up?13:27
rogpepperick_h__: given that there's a workaround, i'm not sure it's worth scheduling our time for13:27
rick_h__rogpeppe: ok, is there a bug to document the issue/workaround?13:28
rogpepperick_h__: i've pushed a fix. the workaround is now in place for anyone that uses a fresh version of godeps13:28
rogpepperick_h__: (unless they explicitly use a -P flag)13:28
rick_h__rogpeppe: oh gotcha13:28
jcsackettrick_h__: on it.13:40
hazmatthe voting interface on ods is kinda of baroque13:40
urulamahazmat: :)13:40
rick_h__jcsackett: <313:40
urulamahazmat: i've searched using names, opened all links in different tabs ... that helped a bit13:41
hazmaturulama, i just want a listing to scan titles.. seems obvious13:46
hazmatpaging through one at a time through 2500 submissions is inane13:46
hazmattheir basically encouraging author/company/topic specific voting by forcing search13:46
hazmatinstead of browsing13:47
urulamahazmat: search for "at" or "of" ... you'll get list of all13:49
urulamawell, list of all that have these words ;)13:49
hazmaturulama, nice trick 13:52
rogpeppefrankban, bac, jrwren: here are the changes to make the charm store use the new charm.v3 API13:59
urulamarogpeppe: tests failed14:01
rogpeppeurulama: yes, because charm.v3 hasn't landed yet14:01
urulamarogpeppe: how come? :D :D (just kidding)14:02
urulamajujugui: have to go now ... be back in 4h14:02
rogpeppeurulama: i am hoping that someone might get around to deciding that it looks ok14:02
rick_h__urulama: have fun14:02
urulamarick_h__: tnx14:02
bacrick_h__: joining 1:1 now14:03
hatchfrankban is the card you have in review the same as the one I have in starting?14:11
hatchI thought you were on the pending removal changes14:12
frankbanhatch: it's not the same, but it's related: it handles the db and ecs name changes, not the deployment panle ones14:14
frankbanhatch: would you like to review it?14:14
hatchsure - you should be able to add one line and do my card as well14:15
hatchI'll look in a minute14:15
hatchrick_h__ oh I see the email that's why you moved my old card back into coding14:15
hatchI thought LK was broken again14:15
hatchrick_h__ it was also my intention not to make those changes we had talked about on the front end, but on the back end14:17
hatchthat's going to be a lot of code to ship to the client for that usecase14:17
hatchor should I just do it?14:18
rick_h__hatch: I thought per our conversation that was the work your card was going to be doing14:24
rick_h__hatch: that's why it was the target/blocker on release. It's a UX issue we need to fix right away, and the client has the abliity to do it in a pure autocomplete sense14:24
rick_h__hatch: and doing it server side is special casing the search needs for a single widget/component. 14:24
hatchwell we already hit a different endpoint for it14:25
rick_h__hatch: I'd like us to get the client side updated for the best UX14:25
rick_h__hatch: no, we don't14:25
rick_h__hatch: we add a query string flag to the search endpoint14:25
rick_h__that basically turns on 'prefix matching'14:25
rick_h__and does not filter/process results14:25
rick_h__hatch: call?14:25
hatchoh I thought it was a different endpoint because it had 'autocomplete' in the url14:26
rick_h__it's just a query string flag onto the same endpoint14:26
rick_h__and if we match on the start of a word is turned on/off based on that flag14:26
hatchahh - well then that's broken14:26
hatchthe cf-mysql is in the matching results14:27
rick_h__so I'd prefer we try to get the client side widget fix in asap to fix the issue and make mark s happy and the fastest/best way to do that is in the client result14:27
rick_h__hatch: right, heh that's true. I think we broke that with ngraming14:27
rick_h__because we needed to match somethingCMS via searching for CMS14:27
frankbanjcsackett: can I have a second review from you for https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/469 when you have time14:27
hatchok I'll fix this up14:27
rick_h__hatch: ty14:27
rick_h__hatch: Makyo kadams54 and jcsackett are helping with huw's reviews that are outstanding. I'd appreciate it if you guys could help as the seconds. 14:28
rick_h__mark the cards with the tags to prevent doubling up, but between the 4 of you guys should hopefully be able to move those 5 branches forward14:29
rick_h__oh, 4, one is in landing now14:29
hatchyeah I just shipped one14:29
hatchjust doing the review on frankban's branch now14:29
hatchfrankban I don't think this technique is going to work14:32
hatchthe deployer bar results are built from the ecs14:32
hatchif the ecs values dont' change until deploy then we can't update the deployer bar14:33
hatchwe need to use the 'old' method and loop through and update the appropriate records when it changes14:33
frankbanhatch: unless the deployer bar uses the db to retrieve the model starting from its id14:34
hatchright but that's not how it's done now - right now the deployer bar listens for a 'changeSetModified' event then loops through the changeset 14:35
frankbanhatch: I am really trying to avoid these kind of ecs mutations14:35
rick_h__frankban: hatch so sounds like we need a matching update to the changelog rendering?14:35
rick_h__to pull from db at render time to go with this change?14:36
jcsackettkadams54: you're looking at https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/466 right? i'm trying to make sure the card and the PR are the same ones.14:36
hatchfrankban yeah I agree but it feels like we are doing it half way14:36
frankbanhatch: if we need to mutate the ecs as a consequence of a user input, than that seems to me a fail14:36
kadams54jcsackett: correct14:36
hatchand we'll never be able to remmeber if we need to poll the db or the ecs14:36
jcsackettkadams54: awesome.14:36
kadams54Ah crap, forgot about the two review thing and just shipped the onboarding PR.14:37
kadams54rick_h__: ^ should I come to standup prepared for the stocks and humiliation galore?14:40
rick_h__kadams54: you've been shamed, carry on 14:40
rick_h__kadams54: if you had any questions or want feedback on your review bribe a friend to peek at the landing change please14:41
* kadams54 ponders which mentor would be the cheapest to bribe.14:41
frankbanhatch: from my perspective, the db should be the single source of truth, and the idea of "changing a change in the changeset" doesn't feel so natural... I feel like it's going to be difficult to debug.14:42
rick_h__frankban: +1, but hatch's feedback is good that this branch will break rendering. This branch needs to update that to follow this convention in order to land. Am I understanding this correctly?14:43
frankbanrick_h__: rendering is already broken on trunk: name changes are not reflected on the panel14:44
frankbanrick_h__: my branch affects how you will solve that14:44
rick_h__frankban: ok, so existing bug. /me looks for a card for that14:44
rick_h__frankban: ah, that's why hatch is noticing, that's a card he's tryinug to do14:44
frankbanrick_h__: yes14:45
rick_h__hatch: so why does frankban's changes not allow you to solve your cards with that in effect by repointing where the rendered names come from?14:45
hatchso my problem is that if we are going this direction (which I agree is a good one) the ecs needs to drop the extranious data and use the db as the source of truth on commit. The deployer bar then needs to listen to any changes in the db and then determine if it needs to update anything in it's list, and so-on14:46
hatchat the moment we are going only part-way there which is just going to get confusing and introduce potential bugs14:46
hatchI'd much rather get MV out the door then go back and fix things14:46
rick_h__hatch: frankban ok, let's chat post-standup and plan a path that will work for this14:47
frankbanrick_h__: sure14:47
rick_h__otp atm and can't meet pre-call14:47
jcsackettfrankban: safe to bet that you now don't need that second review? sounds like that PR may see some major changes.14:49
hatchjujugui call in 1014:50
jcsackettkadams54: i see you've got a card in review, but there's no pr up yet--is PR coming, or has this already been reviewed?14:52
kadams54Which card?14:52
jcsackettkadams54: "display services without machines ..."14:54
jcsackettis LK just not updating for me?14:54
frankbanjcsackett: you are right I don't need that now. however, your I'd be interested in your opinion on the design decision if you want to take a look14:54
jcsackettfrankban: ack, i'll take a look then.14:54
kadams54jcsackett: hmm… that should have a PR… one moment…14:55
frankbanjcsackett: thanks14:55
rick_h__makyo_: call please15:00
* makyo_ zooms back home15:12
bacrick_h__: i just posted two vacation requests and a holiday for september.15:17
rick_h__bac: cool loading15:22
hatchjujugui lf another review on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/46515:28
rogpeppeMakyo: reviewed15:29
frankbanhatch: why the change list shown when you click deploy and the one displayed when you click "X changes" are two different code paths?15:31
frankbanhatch: UX reasons?15:32
hatchfrankban I'm not sure I didn't write this15:38
frankbanhatch: ok15:38
rick_h__hatch: frankban ask jcsackett 15:38
rick_h__hatch: frankban there is some UX diff and such, I know there was some talk of reuse when it was added but don't recall the final fallout15:38
jcsackettrick_h__: i think that was "sprint to demo" fallout.15:38
rick_h__jcsackett: this is making the changes button work. That was after the sprint stuff15:39
frankbanrick_h__, jcsackett: fine thanks15:39
jcsackettrick_h__: we've touched it since then, but i remember hitting the two paths before that.15:39
frankbanrick_h__, jcsackett: refactoring that is a separate task15:39
jcsackettrick_h__: in any event, while there are some differences, you can probably extract that into something more common.15:40
jcsackettfrankban: +1, it can def wait.15:40
hatchok I just found this....live stream..... wowzers http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html15:46
rick_h__man, I want to chromecast that fullscreen15:46
* rogpeppe pulls the $$merge$$ trigger on https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/25315:49
rogpeppefingers crossed15:49
jcsackettkadams54: ping me when you've got a PR up for your card.15:50
rogpeppehatch: cool!15:50
kadams54Yup, writing up QA instructions right now. FYI, it'll require a real env.15:50
hatchrick_h__ people these days just don't seem to understand the amazeballsness of this stuff :)15:50
jcsackettfrankban, hatch: y'all still dicussing the ecs/deployer issue? fwiw looking at frankban's PR i dig the approach, but i can see where it trips us up. i would like us to move in that direction though.15:52
hatchjcsackett sorry we already did15:52
hatchended up with a good way forward15:52
jcsacketthatch: oh, i didn't want to be in the meeting, i just want to know the outcome. :p15:53
hatchoh ok then in that case...15:53
hatchwhen the deployer bar gets opened to list the tasks it will query the db when required for the real values instead of extracting them from the ecs15:53
hatchthat way it doesn't actually have to listen to the db for changes15:53
rick_h__woot! phone upgrades ftw. 4.4.4 finally15:53
frankbanjcsackett: good to know, we will follow that approach, I will just add a commit to that branch to also handle the deployer panel15:53
hatchand we aren't live updating the dom anyways15:53
jcsacketthatch: so you are going to tackle that for your branch then?15:54
hatchrick_h__ nice - on the Moto?15:54
hatchjcsackett no frankban will add it to his15:54
rick_h__hatch: yea, dev edition15:54
jcsacketthatch: ah, ok. i'll take a look at frankban's PR when that commit hits then.15:54
hatchI'm not sure what I'm on (goes to grab phone)15:54
jcsackettwell, take another look.15:54
frankbanjcsackett: thanks, appreciated15:54
rogpeppedammit, i missed my window of opportunity. juju-core is blocked again.15:55
hatch4.4.2 here :) on the HTC One m7 retail edition :)15:55
rick_h__rogpeppe: saw that :(15:55
hatchhow does it get blocked?15:56
hatchfialing CI?15:56
rick_h__hatch: yea15:56
rick_h__when you're big enough that stuff has to be landable before a CI run can complete. 15:56
rick_h__may we never get that big :)15:57
hatchhaha - their CI runs must take a while15:58
rogpepperick_h__: +116:00
rick_h__rogpeppe: if you get some break time could you do us a favor as a juju-core friendly person? We need to generate the list/chart of containers that are valid for different machines/environments. 16:02
rick_h__rogpeppe: what does juju allow? Does it even know the rules? I know AMZ can only have an LXC, for instance. And an LXC (local) I think can only have a KVM, etc16:02
rogpepperick_h__: jeeze, i have little idea. last i looked, the only place containers worked reliably was on maas (and perhaps openstack)16:03
rogpepperick_h__: does networking now work between containers on ec2?16:03
rogpepperick_h__: i know there's been lots of work in that direction, but i don't know what the current status is16:04
rick_h__rogpeppe: understood. I believe lxc containers should work. I know there was work for nested lxc on local. There's an email thread around that going on currently. 16:04
rick_h__rogpeppe: right, I assumed at some point juju would say yes/no when a request was made that the rules would be encoded there in core. 16:04
rick_h__rogpeppe: and you'd be best able to know where that might lie16:04
rogpepperick_h__: it's a rats' nest16:04
rick_h__rogpeppe: oh yay16:05
rogpepperick_h__: i'm not even sure it forbids you from starting containers that may not work16:06
rogpepperick_h__: thumper's the man to speak to about this stuff16:06
rick_h__rogpeppe: ok, my sadness levels are increasing. 16:06
rick_h__rogpeppe: ok, will do. I'll add a card and will see what we can figure out. Thanks16:07
jcsackettrick_h__: where should we create cards that are dependent on ditching the mv flag? that whole updated unit count thing we discussed can't be done until we can rip out all the old scaling stuff, which won't happen until mv is gone.16:17
* frankban bbiab16:17
jcsackettis that on deck, or further off?16:18
hatchfrankban I updated your card on the board and deleted mine16:19
rick_h__jcsackett: sorry, was looking elsewhere. What unit count thing?16:21
hatchjujugui I still need one more review for https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/46516:22
jcsackettrick_h__: maybe i didn't talk with you about this, just hatch. once we only have the new scale out there's a bunch of unit count handling we don't need to do anymore; i was starting in on killing it in the branch i just put up for review, and then realized it screwed up the w/o MV path.16:23
jcsackettbasically: should refactors that depend on MV flag being gone go in on deck, or pool? that's the question. :p16:24
rick_h__jcsackett: I've been moving them to on deck16:24
jcsackettrick_h__: awesome, thanks.16:24
rick_h__jcsackett: but you're right, they're post-release cleanup cards16:24
* jcsackett is excited to have that refactor done.16:24
hatchjcsackett you forgot to run lint again16:30
jcsacketti have a pre push hook that keeps telling me it's ok.16:35
jcsackettbut it seems to not run, or something.16:35
jcsackettsure takes a long damn time for not running anything.16:36
hatchjcsackett review done, I added a couple comments, I'll hold off on QA until you take a look16:36
jcsacketthatch: responded.16:38
hatchjcsackett annnnd replied16:43
hatch*grumble grumble grumble* I think the cs is doing an ingestion again16:45
Makyorick_h__, I got two +1s from rogpeppe and jrwren on jujusvg.  Since we don't have CI hooked up, is that just a plain click-the-green-button merge, then?16:47
MakyoJust making sure I've got the process down16:47
rogpeppeMakyo: i'd say so16:47
rogpeppeMakyo: i'm guessing you made the changes i suggested?16:48
Makyorogpeppe, yeah, and pushed.  Thanks for the suggestions - much simpler now.16:48
rogpeppeMakyo: cool, thanks.16:48
rogpeppelistening to some stuff I hadn't listend to in years. man, the start of mahler 1, 4th movement is quite something.16:50
MakyoMahler's dreamy~16:50
rogpeppeMakyo: my grandmum gave me a tape of it when i was about 9; i don't think i've listened to it since the tape wore out about 10 years later :-)16:51
rogpeppeMakyo: i recently threw out a large box of tapes, but not before i made a copy of them all as a Spotify playlist...16:52
Makyorogpeppe, yeah!  I did that with a bunch of CDs a while back (though some I had to buy off iTunes or the like if they weren't on spotify)16:52
jcsacketthatch: so we can move it into addUnits, but we're going to have to call it once for every unit that's added, b/c it requires the service and there's no guarantee that we're adding units of just one service.16:53
jcsackettwhich seems like a lot of churn.16:53
hatchdont' we have to do that anyways now that we are manually updating the unit_count?16:53
jcsacketthatch: no, we can do a bunch of addUnit ops and then sync once per service.16:55
jcsacketthatch: but nevermind, given we're going to kill this as soon as remove the mv flag i think it's temporarily fine.16:55
hatchwhat I'm trying to avoid is the introduction of bugs because someone forgot to call some obscure method in another part of the app16:55
jcsacketthatch: yeah.16:56
jcsackettwe run it for every call of onDelta--clearly it can't be hurting us that much.16:56
hatchgood point16:56
kadams54jcsackett: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/471 ready for QA and review.16:56
jcsacketthatch: of course now a ton of tests crap their pants.16:57
jcsacketthatch: i'll continue pursuing this after i review kadams54 branch.16:57
hatchjcsackett heh you should be able to just stub it out16:58
jcsacketthatch: yes. in like 90 places.16:58
jcsacketta *lot* of things deal with addUnits. :p16:58
hatchhmm, and you're saying that we will be removing this call in the near future?16:58
jcsacketthatch: ideally, but i can't guarantee a timeline.16:59
jcsacketti think you're right about moving it so we don't have a landmine for someone else.17:00
jcsackettand once we dig into this to remove it we may only be removing part of it.17:00
jcsackettkadams54: lint.17:00
hatchalright sounds good17:00
kadams54jcsackett: yeah, fixing :-(17:00
jrwrenI don't know Mahler's 1st. I only know 5th, 9th, and 10th. 1st is good eh?17:02
jcsackettkadams54: so, machineData.id is how we know if the machine has a service?17:06
jcsackettthe check seems a little obtuse to me, as it's written.17:06
kadams54I would switch it around… machineData.id is how we know if a service has a machine associated with it.17:07
jcsackettkadams54: no, it's fine, just making sure i understood.17:07
jcsackettobtuse to me doesn't always imply wrong. :p17:07
kadams54And yes, that's why the check has comments above it :-)17:07
jcsackettkadams54: updating my live env to check yours QA could take a bit.17:11
jcsackettin the meantime, juju-gui, https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/471 needs a second review.17:11
jcsacketter, jujugui ^17:11
rick_h__Makyo: +1, just make sure that tests pass before hitting that button please17:12
rick_h__yay, meeting break. /me goes to get lunchables17:14
jcsackettkadams54: my local environment completely fubarred itself (nothing to do with your code)17:53
jcsacketti'm having to start up a new one, so further delays on QA.17:53
kadams54jcsackett: While I'm relieved that my changes didn't do it, sorry this QA is so painful.17:54
jcsackettkadams54: i always have *really* bad luck setting the source for the gui charm.17:55
jcsacketti'd say there's a 1 in 3 chance it'll crap out and never recover for me.17:55
kadams54guihelp: anyone know why juju websocket requests aren't showing up in Chrome's dev tools (Network tab, websocket filter enabled) for me?17:56
rick_h__kadams54: reload the page? The network tab must be open at the start of the page load to get them17:57
hatchkadams54 quit using Canary?17:57
hatchsorry - had to17:57
kadams54hatch: Hah! THe latest and greatest web dev tools is *why* I use Canary :-)17:57
rick_h__hatch: :P17:57
kadams54rick_h__: I think that's likely the problem, thanks.17:58
rogpeppejrwren: 1st is awesome.18:00
rogpeppejrwren: but i might be biased 'cos it was the first i ever heard18:01
jrwrenMelborn, Sydney or BBC ?18:02
rick_h__kadams54: call?18:03
kadams54rick_h__: ah yes, sorry, be right there in a minute18:03
rogpeppebac, jrwren, urulama: https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/5018:11
rogpepperick_h__: FYI i now have goahead on the charm.v3 changes.18:11
rogpepperick_h__: will push tomorrow18:11
rogpeppeg'night all18:12
urulamarogpeppe: good night18:12
urulamarogpeppe: excellent news on v3!18:12
urulamarogpeppe: c u tomorrow18:12
rogpeppeurulama: yup18:12
rogpeppeurulama: ttfn18:12
rick_h__rogpeppe: woot18:13
rick_h__night rogpeppe18:13
jrwrenrogpeppe: i almost asked about params.Error in the last review. :)18:17
hatchbac you're running Ubuntu in Fusion right? Which version are you using?18:32
bachatch: yes.  let me look18:32
bachatch: 6.0.418:32
hatchthanks, I have Parallels which runs windows 8 awesome but I'm hesitant to upgrade to support the latest Ubuntu because their current Ubuntu support is so poor18:33
hatchare there any issues with it?18:33
bachatch: the ubikey does not work with it (though i haven't checked since the latest update)18:33
bachatch: other than that, i've had great success18:34
hatchdoesn't the ubikey just act as a keyboard? :)18:34
hatchoh I thought tha'ts how it worked18:35
hatchcase, point18:35
bachey, works here18:35
hatchhey it's even cheaper to buy fusion than parallels18:35
hatchnice I'll try the demo18:36
hatcher...trial as they call it18:36
hatchI really tried to get Ubuntu working on metal on this thing but with the discrete gpu the battery life is like 20% what it is in OSX heh18:37
bachatch: according to this post, it should work again as of 6.0.318:38
hatchahh cool18:38
hatchdoes hotplugging thunderbolt ports work?18:38
hatchI guess I'll figure out myself tonight, but curious :)18:39
bachatch: and it isn't just being a keyboard, but accepting the SSO programming that was the issue, i think.  it was not being recognized.18:39
bachatch: ubuntu sso18:39
bachatch: i don't have any thunderbolt devices i use within the VM18:40
hatchoh ok, my monitor is display port 18:40
hatchguess I'll find out18:40
bacsadly i just stare at my laptop monitor18:40
hatchI've been doing that for a while but just switched back18:40
hatchneed a 31" laptop monitor18:40
bachatch: there is a display setting that make vmware use the retina properly.  i didn't notice when the put it in and was looking at fuzzy display until frankban showed me last week.18:41
hatchoh cool I'll be sure to remember to look for that18:41
urulamahatch, bac: or just use parallels ... it's faster/better in all aspects, well, except the price tag ;)18:49
hatchurulama that's the problem though, Parallels has caused me nothing but pain with Ubuntu 18:50
urulamahatch: really? it works as a charm for me ;)18:50
hatchand their support is absolute @#$%^18:50
bacurulama: you charmed parallels?18:50
hatchurulama what version of parallels are you on?18:50
urulamahatch: a, that is the trick ... always use latest 18:51
hatchurulama when 14.04 came out no version of Parallels supported it, both virtualbox and fusion did18:51
urulamahatch: they did, all you had to do is rename some xorg.conf files coz compiz and parallels tools were out of sync18:52
urulamaafter that (3min job) all was fine ... i do admit that they should have fixed that asap18:52
hatchurulama if you have to hack xorg files when they had more than enough time to release a patch, even months after it was released, then something is wrong18:53
hatchI'm not sure I trust them inotherwords18:53
urulamahatch: i've been using them for 3 years, and i have to admit that version 9 is the worst one ... if the trend continues with v10, i'm also open for alternatives18:54
hatchthat's good to know because I'm using 8, I think I'll give fusion a go18:54
hatchthey are so focused on windows that they probably have one poor dev trying to make ubuntu work in their free time lol18:55
* urulama sees "slack and low priority" kanban board ;)18:56
rick_h__jujugui going afk a bit until the AU calls. I'll be a bit late for those, swim class (if the rain stays away) please give huw the heads up later. We will have the AU calls though18:56
hatchurulama exactly!! Except we don't charge $99 for the GUI :P18:56
hatchrick_h__ sounds good18:56
urulamarick_h__: enjoy18:56
bachatch: i got yubi to work in fusion19:12
bachatch: the only issue is doing the personalization.  to do that the VM has to recognize it as a USB device not a keyboard.  once it is personalized it works as a keyboard in both OSs19:13
hatchI'll have to remember that19:14
bachatch: and the key to that is adding a stanza to the .vmx file19:14
bacusb.generic.allowHID = "TRUE"19:14
hatchso you have to do that even running 6.0.4?19:14
bacsadly yes19:14
bachatch: and doing that gives you the opportunity to steal laptop keyboard from os x.  yikes.19:15
bacs/steal/steal the/19:16
hatchnot sure what you mean19:16
bacwhen you add that config, it makes the yubikey visible as a usb device that you can pick and assign to the VM.  it *also* makes the in-built keyboard visible and assignable to the VM, blocking OS X from seeing the keyboard.  not advised.19:17
hatchohh yeah that wouldn't be advised heh19:19
jcsackettkadams54: i think you should find someone else to QA your branch--i have ascertained my juju is hosed, as it cannot bring up juju-gui locally or on ec2.19:20
hatchjcsackett you have the worst luck19:22
kadams54jcsackett: ugh. Sorry man. So… who's up for QA on the cursed branch?19:34
kadams54jujugui: ^19:34
kadams54guihelp: how does the ECS send commands over to core when the deploy button is clicked? I'd assumed websocket to RPC, but I'm still seeing nothing in web inspector (and that's even in plain vanilla Chrome).19:59
hatchkadams54 via the gui backend20:00
hatchit just executes teh env calls20:00
hatchbut yes it is via websocket to a real env20:00
kadams54And the env function (at least in the case of go.js) makes the call via websockets to RPC, right?20:00
hatchRPC calls via WS20:00
hatch__jujugui does anyone object to me excluding Oneric results from the autocomplete result list?20:48
hatch__they would still be in the search results, but not in the autocomplete20:49
bachatch__: +120:49
hatch__bac what in the case where it's only oneric charms?20:49
hatch__should I show then? or show nothing20:49
hatch__I'm thinking nothing20:49
hatch__11.10 was a long a$$ time ago :)20:49
hatch__and not even an LTS20:50
hatch__and it's eol'd 20:50
hatch__so yeah, not even going to show oneric stuff20:50
bacas long as they are in the full results i think it's ok20:50
hatch__ok done thx20:51
urulamajrwren, rick_h__: added few cards for charmstore charm as suggested 20:52
urulamag'night all21:01
rick_h__kadams54: link me to what review you need21:08
rick_h__kadams54: I can do it tonight and have it ready for you in the morning21:08
kadams54rick_h__: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/47121:09
kadams54rick_h__: thanks21:09
hatch__one test to go then this new AC result list is done21:11
hatch__it's bumpin!21:11
rick_h__happy dance worthy?21:11
=== hatch__ is now known as hatch
hatchI think think there is something borked with the ngramming, maybe when I get a moment I'll try and take a look at it though, it's putting the wrong values on some fields I think21:17
hatchjujugui I need two reviews and qa https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/472 plz and thanks21:30
hatchjcastro ^ I'm pretty sure you'll be happy with the autocomplete results from this branch 21:31
hatchjcastro oneiric charms no longer show up in the autocomplete list and you only ever get the 'best possible' charms listed for what you're searching for - the full search results still contain all results of course too21:32
hatchjujugui anyone available for a review ?22:09
jrwrenhatch: i'm afraid to review it.22:13
hatchhaha - have you had the GUI up and running locally yet?22:14
jrwrenThe most GUI that I've run is what juju-quickstart gives me.22:14
hatchahh then yeah this might be a bit of work for ya22:15
hatchbut the hacking guide should be good enough22:15
hatchyou should go through it and make notes of where it falls short22:15
hatchgoooood morrow22:20
hatchI have a good review for you huwshimi  https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/47222:20
huwshimihatch: By good, I think you meant, eye melting22:22
hatchlol, just hand wave over the algo bits22:22
hatchand do the qa :D22:22
hatchthe qa is the important part anyways haha22:22
huwshimiok :)22:24
hatchbac so I have a very odd problem, the background of the VM is only 1/5th the size of the screen, but everything else has good resolution....22:25
huwshimihatch, rick_h__: Are we doing an AUS call today?22:37
hatchhuwshimi yes but rick is delayed22:38
hatchswimming lessons or something22:38
huwshimiAh np22:38
hatchI plan on getting drunk at 5pm22:38
hatchso better hurry22:38
hatchlol jk22:38
huwshimithat would make an interesting stand up22:40
huwshimior lean22:40
hatchhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywgync45Eis <--- lol funny kiteboarding vid22:41
huwshimihatch: Weird we have a recommended mysql charm without an icon22:45
hatchthe oneric one?22:45
huwshimihatch: Nope precise22:45
hatchohh yeah22:45
huwshimihatch: So when I do that search for mysql it suggests that one before the mysql one, seems wrong22:46
hatchyeah I think the ngramming is busted22:46
rick_h__huwshimi: jujugui call in 2?22:53
huwshimirick_h__: sure22:53
huwshimihatch: So when I type "mysql" it shows cf-mysql then mysql and when I typ "cf-mysql" it shows the same (cf-mysql then mysql). That doesn't seem like a great ordering22:54
jrwrenhatch: lol @ your node charm hooks. :)23:31
hatchyou can't handle their epicness?23:31
jrwrenYes, I think that is what made me chuckle.23:32
hatchthey are really simple23:34
hatchhuwshimi let me know if you need any more reviews so we can get some of your branches landed23:36
jrwrenYes, it was just a surprise. Probably, a reasonable node hook reference. Maybe could be used as a node template in charm-tools23:36
hatchthe only issue we had in writing it was that node doesn't provide synchronous shell-out methods23:37
hatchso everything had to be in callbacks 23:38
hatchit made things which required many shell-outs to get ugly23:38
hatchthose have since been changed23:38
hatchthis for example https://github.com/hatched/ghost-charm/blob/master/hooks/balancer-relation-changed23:38
hatchit has to do it in order, but the code is not in order 23:39
jrwrenThat is always the nature of node or really any CPS system.23:39
jrwrenyou could make it in order by using inline functions everywhere. I'm sure it would get fun when you nest 10 deep. :)23:40
hatchhaha definitely an antipattern 23:41
huwshimihatch: A second review on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/467 might be good, unless you want to wait till I fix that QA issue23:47
hatchhuwshimi yeah I'll wait, I'll be around all night23:47
hatchso just ping whwnever you need one23:48
huwshimihatch: Np23:48
huwshimihatch: Do you need a real env review for you pr https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/472 ?23:48
hatchhuwshimi well you can also hack the default series if you like23:50
huwshimihatch: Ah that might be easier23:51
hatchapp.js getEnvDefaultSeries() change it to return 'trusty'23:51
hatchhmm it doesn't look like I can install chrome in my new vm23:53
hatchwill try the 32 bit23:54

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