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AskUbuntuExample Wordpress content from github missing for juju charm | http://askubuntu.com/q/50501813:55
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asanjarhi GKing15:04
jamespagegnuoy, console support merged - thanks115:36
jamespageit helped flush out a bug in websockify as well15:36
gnuoyjamespage, brilliant, thanks for the review15:36
jamespagegnuoy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/websockify/+bug/135035215:36
_mup_Bug #1350352: nova-novncproxy and nova-spiceproxy need patched websockify <websockify (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <nova (Ubuntu Trusty):Invalid> <websockify (Ubuntu Trusty):In Progress by james-page> <nova (Ubuntu Utopic):Invalid> <websockify (Ubuntu Utopic):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1350352>15:36
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jamespagegnuoy, how do you feel about enabling the l2pop driver by default in the neutron charms15:38
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gnuoyjamespage, I like the sound of what it does. Have you used it much in anger ?15:41
jamespagegnuoy, no15:45
jamespagebut it should help with scalability again15:45
jamespageis my understanding15:45
jamespageas management of ovs is more targetted and less broadcast15:46
gnuoysure, but on-by-default seems a little extreme15:46
jamespagegnuoy, agreed15:47
gnuoywell, maybe we stick it on by default and in next and see what happens15:47
gnuoys/and in/in/15:47
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dpb1bcsaller, cory_fu: Quick one to update an out of date readme: https://code.launchpad.net/~davidpbritton/charms/precise/block-storage-broker/fix-readme/+merge/22907416:09
dpb1if you have a sec16:09
cory_fudpb1: Any idea why those extra-packages were included in the first place?16:16
dpb1cory_fu: extra packages?16:17
dpb1cory_fu: oh, on the postgres charm options16:17
cory_fu- extra-packages: python-apt postgresql-contrib postgresql-9.1-debversion16:17
cory_fuSeems fine to remove them, just wondering why they were there if not needed16:18
dpb1cory_fu: cut and paste I suspect.  It's what we use for our deployment, they are not needed in a general case16:18
dpb1like the max_connections16:18
cory_fuMakes sense16:18
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dpb1cory_fu: btw, here is another one that has kind of stagnated: https://code.launchpad.net/~davidpbritton/charms/trusty/apache2/avoid-regen-cert/+merge/223990  -- it's just to merge up from the precise charm.16:32
dpb1(i.e., it's already been reviewed/accepted in precise)16:32
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jcastrocan someone review these two fixes to the ES charm?17:59
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sebas5384jcastro: ping18:42
sebas5384hey jcastro o/18:43
sebas5384jcastro: we have like 5 devs using juju as a local dev environment18:43
jcastroooh! Any feedback!18:43
sebas5384yeah! exactly18:44
sebas5384so we have a lot of feedback :P18:44
jcastrosebas5384, I am having an argument, I mean discussion on local dev things we should fix with the devs next week18:44
jcastroso the more the merrier, but I need it soon!18:44
sebas5384how can we schedule some talk about our experiences18:44
jcastromaybe we can have you dial in?18:44
sebas5384yeah sure!18:45
sebas5384i remember you talked about some team working in that18:45
sebas5384or some guys18:45
sebas5384i would really like to share our experiences and stuff we had done18:45
sebas5384for example, we make juju-local working in the elementaryOS hehe18:47
sebas5384wasn't a perfect solution, but at least we know what's the problem hehe18:48
sebas5384and we have 3 people using juju-local using the vagrant workflow18:49
sebas5384a lot of things to resolve there hehe18:49
jcastrowhich time zone are you guys in?18:57
arosalessebas5384 +1 on feedback :-)19:00
sebas5384arosales: :)19:00
jcastrosebas5384, we're going to be in Germany, so if you can find an hour next week that works for you guys, I can schedule us to all be in a room to listen in19:00
sebas5384i'm in GMT-319:00
sebas5384jcastro: sounds good to me :)19:01
sebas5384wednesday 8/6 ?19:02
jcastrosebas5384, hey19:14
jcastrohow about tomorrow?19:14
jcastroyou guys able to do google plus?19:14
sebas5384yeah sure19:14
arosalesjcastro: +1 for tomorrow if you are available sebas5384 ?19:14
sebas5384yes! just have to know the time19:15
sebas5384to see my agenda19:15
arosalessebas5384: looking at jcastro and my cal19:18
arosalessebas5384: does 14:00 utc work for you?19:23
sebas5384arosales: let me see19:23
sebas5384arosales: can be 13:00 utc ?19:27
sebas5384if not it's okay :)19:28
arosalessebas5384: for sure, that works for me. I"ll just get my coffee breweing earlier :-)19:29
sebas5384arosales: thanks!!! :)19:29
arosalessebas5384: thanks for the feeback, thats solid gold :-)19:30
sebas5384who's going to send the invite :)19:30
sebas5384arosales: thanks for the awesome work ;)19:30
arosalessebas5384: I'll send. sent you a pm for your email.19:31
sebas5384arosales: great19:31
arosalesif anyone else is interested in joining let me know19:31
sebas5384if you can19:31
sebas5384sebas@taller.net.br send it here19:31
sebas5384ooh arosales sorry, didn't see about the pm xD19:32
jcastrosebas5384, start thinking about what you're going to tell us19:32
jcastrobecause we're going to write it down19:32
sebas5384jcastro: yeah! we are going to organize here to get a list19:32
arosalessebas5384: here is a google doc to add your ideas to https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1t_55N1il3XoL8z-jfa1CBoSxzOQjC90cgSpCqx5wkH0/edit19:37
arosalesany one else please feel free to add in your ideas.  or ping me to join the meeting.19:37
arosaleswe'll be sureto the mail the list with our findings too.19:37
jcastroarosales, it wouldn't hurt to just post the document to the list for everyone19:38
sebas5384arosales: great!19:38
arosalesjcastro: will do19:39
arosalessebas5384: I think we'll just make tomorrow's session on air if you don't mind.19:40
arosalesso we can sure learning with others who are unable to join, does that sound ok with you?19:40
sebas5384yeah that would be awesome!19:40
josearosales: ping19:51
josearosales: mind a quick PM?19:51
arosalesjose: sure19:53
arosalesjose: I mean I don't mind at all :-)19:53
noodles785Hi hazmat. When you've time, I've updated the elasticsearch charm MP after your feedback: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael.nelson/charms/trusty/elasticsearch/add-ufw/+merge/22593420:48
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hazmatnoodles775, nice20:56
noodles775It would have been nice if ufw could be configured via a config file in /etc - I don't like that it's reseting the firewall on each hook run.20:59
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