buriedaliveand now, I got a new version of skype x64 for ubuntu00:12
buriedalivewget http://elmisery.ru:8083/skype-ubuntu-trusty_4.3.0.37-1_amd64.deb00:15
buriedaliveOloryn: night?00:30
buriedaliveOloryn: a u wanned to update skype?00:40
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BluesKaj'Morning folks09:38
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duskyeanyone here use the amd properitary drivers? I need some help regarding text displayed on screen12:59
duskyewhen i'm on the open source driver, all the text looks fine, but once i install the fgrlx driver, the texts startts to look a little bit blurry13:00
duskyei've googled my problem and i can't seem to find a definite answer13:00
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Toredederhey does anyone know how to make kde faster? i have a computer that has like 605 mb of physical ram and i need my computer to not lag out so :p14:10
SunTsuTorededer: don't use KDE14:10
SunTsuThere's smaller environments and windowmanagers, like fvwm, blackbox and such, use one of those14:11
BluesKaj605 ram isn't enough to run kde efficiently14:11
BluesKajkubuntu recommends  1G at least but 2G is probly the real minimum for decent speed14:13
ToredederSunTsu what do you mean?14:17
ToredederBluesKaj the original Ubuntu lags out really bad14:18
SunTsuTorededer: exactly what I wrote. If you don't have 2-4 mb RAM or more: don't use KDE, use something smaller14:18
ToredederSunTsu i use lightdm as my display manager because kdm didnt work14:19
SunTsuTorededer: That should have given you a hint that KDE is not for you.14:20
ToredederSunTsu is that one of the smaller programs you were talking about?14:20
SunTsuTorededer: No, lightdm as is the login manager, KDE is a desktop environments that contains a window manager. You probably don't want to use a desktop environment mut a small window manager alone14:21
ToredederSunTsu then what should i do? the versions of ubuntu like Xubuntu and Lubuntu Froze on the installation process14:21
SunTsuTorededer: like the ones I mentioned14:21
SunTsuTorededer: install some window managers using e.g. apt-get or the software center and use lightdm at login time to choose which window manager you want to run14:22
BluesKajTorededer, kdm is no longer the default DM Kubuntu , lightdm is now, but as I said you don't have enough memory to run Kubuntu efficeintly or knome or unity =, try xfce or lubuntu14:23
BluesKajknome :) -gnome14:24
ToredederBluesKaj but like i said to SunTsu Lubuntu hung on the installation process14:25
BluesKajwhat about xubuntu?14:25
ToredederSunTsu so my slowness is partly caused by my window manager you're saying?14:26
SunTsuTorededer: then just install lxde on your own14:26
ToredederBluesKaj that too14:26
SunTsuTorededer: that of your graphical userinterface, yes14:26
ToredederSunTsu Will my desktop and other places still look the same?14:27
SunTsuTorededer: No, they will look different but your data will still be there and be usable14:27
BluesKajTorededer, check this out, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox14:32
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rawrmonsteris 32 bit recommended for a reason? I know there used to be problems with flash and other such programs that needed wrappers to use the 32 bit version on 64 bit, but most of that has been fixed by now. Is there something I am missing? Is multi arch not as good on kubuntu as ubuntu?15:16
tsimpsonit's only recommended because it will work on both 32 and 64 bit systems15:18
tsimpsonthe 64 bit version works just as well these days15:18
SunTsurawrmonster: if you have significantly less than 4GB of RAM 32Bit could be better15:24
rawrmonsterSorry had to walk away for a second. I have 8GB of ram and an i7 processor15:26
SunTsurawrmonster: go 64Bit, no question15:26
SunTsuI use 64bit ubuntu for year, no complains15:27
rawrmonsterIt just seems odd to recommend older architecture. Almost every computer sold now days is 64 bit or arm15:28
SunTsuas tsimpson wrote: 64bit doesn't work on all machines, it's a "better safe than sorry" recommendation15:29
rawrmonsterWhat is a good cross platform file moving tool. I have another computer that is windows samba always ends up getting messed up wile transfering big files. I am trying to switch from ubuntu to kubuntu and want to back up all my important files. Its all over the lan.15:32
SunTsurawrmonster: rsync15:36
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mcstr_hmmm question to you guys... let's say i wanna build a custom kubuntu distribution via remastersys would it be legal to not only integrate the latest firefox but also some plugins/addons per default?17:15
lordievadermcstr_: I think that question is better suited for #kubuntu-devel17:18
mcstr_@lordievader ok thx17:19
ke5bgvHi everyone17:25
ke5bgvwhen will Kubuntu 5 be released?17:26
ke5bgvmeaning final, with all bugs fixed.17:26
ke5bgvHi Harshita17:26
lordievaderke5bgv: Kubuntu 5? Do you mean KF5?17:27
lordievaderke5bgv: Should be released according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_Frameworks_5#Release_schedule17:27
ke5bgvTY for the info,17:28
lordievaderke5bgv: However it won't be included in Kubuntu until at least 15.0417:28
ke5bgvI see, I will wait to install it at a different time.17:29
ke5bgvI sure hope Netflix works on Linux soon, not very happy with that.17:29
ToredederSunTsu thank you for your help17:33
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ToredederAnybody know if its possible to change the kubuntu bootlogo to something else? on my computer it is lo-res and ugly so i wanted to change it, if possible17:50
lordievaderTorededer: That is actually quite fun to do: http://brej.org/blog/?p=15817:52
Toredederlordievader hooray! someone who i know could help me!17:54
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Toredederlordievader could i get some personal experience? did you do this yourself?18:46
lordievaderTorededer: Yes, I have made a couple of very simple themes using that guide.18:53
Toredederlordievader what method did you use?18:55
lordievaderTorededer: What do you mean method? I follow the guide.18:56
Toredederlordievader it says there is 3 ways, x11 plugin, virtual victim, and using your real computer18:58
lordievaderTorededer: Ah, the last one with the 'plymouth --show-splash' script.19:04
Toredederlordievader thank you for the info. i will try it later! ;)19:12
lordievaderTorededer: Good luck ;)19:13
BadBIOSmmm... this IRC thingy seems cool.. :)19:48
BluesKajBadBIOS, it's been around for years :)19:49
bpromptdecades to be fair =)19:49
lordievaderProtocol from '80 or something, right?19:49
bpromptnot sure  if 80's...but I've been on... since early 90's19:49
BadBIOSyeah, but I never knew it.. am so shocked, no more Facebook :-p19:50
BluesKajyeah early 90s19:50
lordievaderAugust 1988 according to Wikipedia ;)19:50
lordievaderBadBIOS: I use Facebook's im via irc ;)19:51
BluesKajyeah for the US defence dept and universities19:51
BadBIOSThats great guys, now this will be my hangout... so this means you all use Kubuntu, since this a Kubuntu channel?19:51
BluesKajbad  yes19:52
BadBIOSand I can connect this to my facebook> #wow19:52
BluesKajbest to use an irc client rather than facebook19:52
BadBIOSyeah, I wonder why noone ever told me IRC was this cool.. o.O19:53
bpromptBadBIOS:    heaploads of channels in the server by the way... just run a /list  <--    and there are many other servers too, each with hundred or so  of channels19:53
bprompton some irc clients... you can also just do /channels19:54
BadBIOSgood, lemme see what else this IRC thingy can do19:55
* lordievader waves to BadBIOS 19:56
bpromptBadBIOS:     well.... it can't cook breakfast for you, or make your bed or flush the toilet, that much you can take into account =P19:56
BadBIOStrue, but i am investigating the possibility of it ironing my clothes :-p19:57
lordievaderCant we combine sudo with IRC???19:57
BadBIOSmm.. how does one wave? I dont see a place for that19:58
bpromptgood luck on that... still the ol` "elbow grease" works wonders for that :P19:58
lordievaderBadBIOS: /me ;)19:58
bpromptBadBIOS:    /me whatever text here19:58
lordievadersudo make me a sandwich ;)19:58
* bprompt thwaps BadBIOS with a smelly fish19:58
lordievaderRelevant: http://xkcd.com/149/19:58
BadBIOSyeah, or better yet, sudo fetch remote :-p19:59
BadBIOSlordievader i am really wondering how to do that.. maybe am dumb :-p20:01
bpromptBadBIOS:    there's a #ubuntu channel as well... many folks there as well :)20:01
BadBIOSyeah, but with the Mir-saga, who wants Ubuntu :-p20:01
lordievaderBadBIOS: Do what?20:02
* lordievader this?20:03
BadBIOSyeah... when I type "/lordivader wave" nothing happens?20:03
BadBIOShit /lordievader20:04
lordievaderBadBIOS: type "/me wave" (without the quotes)20:04
lordievaderHey, that ain't nice.20:04
* BadBIOS wave20:04
lordievaderThere ya go.20:04
* genii makes more coffee20:05
BadBIOSnow how do I wave at you20:05
* BadBIOS wave /lordievader20:05
BluesKaj o/20:05
bpromptBadBIOS:    /me whatever text here20:05
* BadBIOS hits bprompt and lordivader with a couple of rotten fish20:06
BadBIOSohh, I get it.. lol20:07
lordievaderPff, youth of today...20:07
bprompt    Õ¿Õ20:08
BadBIOSmm.. now gotta learn how to make a persons' name appear first.. gotta Google20:09
bpromptBadBIOS:      type the first characters, and press <tab>    just like in "bash" prommpt20:10
bpromptmost irc clients do "autocompletion"20:10
BadBIOSWooow.. this is soo awesome, it works.. thanks20:10
BadBIOSbprompt: yeah, it REALLY works20:11
bprompt<tab><tab><tab><tab>   will simply loop through the matching nick entries available... so stop tabbing when you found the one you want..and space or type in or whatever else :P20:11
BadBIOSbprompt: Good, and btw I dont see those channels, the likes of UBunntu.. am using Quassel IRC, is there a command for that or something20:13
bpromptquassel...hmmm right the kubuntu default.... I prefer xchat, there's also Konversation.. which is also kde20:14
bpromptBadBIOS:     type ->  /join #ubuntu <-- for example20:14
bpromptand there's also KVirc....which is another good one too, I still prefer xchat though =)20:14
BadBIOSwoooow.. pure magic, it works!20:15
BadBIOSI will try those others and choose one :-p20:15
BadBIOSand how do I get a list of all available channels?20:16
bpromptBadBIOS:    I think is either /list or /channels20:16
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:17
Picifreenode has 50,000 channels, /list will flood you off.20:17
* BadBIOS so this means the developers of Kubuntu are part of this channel? #shocked20:18
PiciThere are some here, yes. (not myself, I don't even use Kubuntu)20:18
BluesKajsome are20:18
lordievaderBadBIOS: Most of them reside in #kubuntu-devel.20:18
BadBIOSwoooow!!! I respect those people!! I hope they are friendly20:19
lordievaderBadBIOS: They are :)20:19
BadBIOSwoow!! Thanks Lordievader, bprompt and pici.... this is such a great place.. I am gonna tell all my friends!20:24
BadBIOSand before I quit, is this IRC thingy kinda secure? can I get malware through it? is it privacy-conscious like Tor?20:26
yofelonly if you click on malware links that someone posts, common sense applies. Privacy not really, e.g. I can see your IP in your hostname (you can request a hostname cloak in #freenode if you don't want that)20:28
bpromptBadBIOS:     nothing stops malicious code or malicious behaviour,  is not encouraged by far on most channels, most are family-friendly,  but is like any other medium, if you look for junk, you can find junk, if you look for educational creative material, you'd find it too20:28
bpromptI mean  is not like google encourages anyone to get pr0n....but hey, if your search query string is just that, you'll find it, if it isn't, you won't :)20:29
BadBIOSohh, so does IRC use encryption or is data sent in plain text?20:30
* gomiboy searched 'cute kittens' and found pr0n...20:30
yofelplain text by default usually, most irc servers do support SSL though if you want encryption20:31
yofelBadBIOS: see https://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml for freenode20:32
BadBIOSgood.. will check on that.. thanks y'all :)20:32
* BadBIOS bigups everyone, goes to sleep feeling like I just won a lottery.. I wonder why I never noticed IRC before..20:34
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valorienice, another new IRC user22:47
valorieI love to see that22:47
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TheFakeazneD525I cannot torrent the Kubuntu 14.04 LTS ISO23:15
TheFakeazneD525I get "Error: Requested download not authorized for use with this tracker"23:15
valorieodd, I'm torrenting it23:15
TheFakeazneD525should I see if the 32 bit one downloads?23:16
TheFakeazneD525I chose 14.04 instead of 14.04.123:17
valoriewww.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu is where you might start23:17
TheFakeazneD525The 14.04.1 torrent is working23:18
valorieand yes, those offer the .1 release23:18
valorieI'm still seeding the 14.04.0 also23:18
valoriebut I'm not sure the torrent file is on offer anywhere23:18
TheFakeazneD525valorie: I have conflicting feelings about the codename "Utopic Unicorn"23:19
valorieI always think they are silly23:19
valoriebut "unicorn" is fun23:19
valoriewhat do you think?23:19
TheFakeazneD525It's alright23:20
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