sgo11hi, I am running ubuntu gnome 14.04. how can I switch to lubuntu? thanks.06:00
sgo11anyway, I think I simply apt-get install lubuntu-desktop package.06:08
ianorlinapt-get install lubuntu-desktop will get all lubuntu desktop stuff on top of gnome06:11
sgo11ianorlin, what to do after installing lubuntu-desktop? will simply reboot be enough?06:12
ianorlinlog out and log in will be enough06:12
ianorlinthen you can choose lubuntu as your session06:12
sgo11ianorlin, logout will continue to use gdm.06:13
ianorlinah then reboot will be needed06:13
sgo11ianorlin, let me reboot. brb. thanks.06:14
sgo11ianorlin, FYI, I have to run `sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm` manually.06:26
sgo11I have connected an external VGA display. How can I enable it and rotate it 90 degree in lubuntu? In gnome, I simply use the "Display" setting UI tool. thanks.06:37
sgo11I tried "Preferences" --> "Monitor Settings", it can not achieve my goal. can anyone help, please?06:48
sgo11I tried this command "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1366x768 --pos 0x1080 --rotate normal --output VGA1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate left". It has a problem. my LVDS1 is not in the right of my VGA1. they overlap each other. why?07:00
yz3pDuse arandr it's easier07:02
sgo11yz3pD, just saw your reply. which channel should I reply you? thanks. how to use arandr? just replace xrandr by arandr in the above command I used? thanks.07:04
sgo11yz3pD, installing arandr. it seems it's a GUI tool. i don't need to use command line then. thanks.07:05
sgo11yz3pD, arandr works very well. thanks a lot.07:07
sgo11hi, I use arandr to configure two monitors. one is built-in LVDS1 1366x768 with normal rotation and another one is VGA1 1920x1080 with left rotation. after the change is made by arandr, pcmanfm uses up 100% cpu. I tried "killall -9 pcmanfm" one time. it does not solve the issue. pcmanfm is auto-restarted after the kill. Then I issued "killall -9 pcmanfm" about 10 times. after about 10 times kill, the issue is resolved. do anyone have any ideas why? how to a12:51
sgo11void this later? thanks.12:51
sgo11when pcmanfm eats up 100% of cpu, the wallpaper looks fine. when the issue is resolved by killing pcmanfm many times, the wallpaper looks weird. not sure if this info helps or not.13:02
sgo11yz3pD, hi, you told me to use arandr. I got one problem and just asked here before you join the channel. can I post the question again if you can help? my pcmanfm eats up 100% cpu core. the issue is resolved after killing pcmanfm many times. any ideas? thanks.13:09
yz3pDmaybe i can help you but not sure, but please pot your question again13:11
sgo11yz3pD, I got two monitors. one is LVDS1 1366x768 with normal rotation and another one is VGA1 1920x1080 with left rotation. after the change is made by arandr, pcmanfm uses up 100% cpu. I tried "killall -9 pcmanfm" one time. it does not solve the issue. pcmanfm is auto-restarted after the kill. Then I issued "killall -9 pcmanfm" about 10 times. after about 10 times kill, the issue is resolved.13:12
sgo11when pcmanfm eats up 100% of cpu, the wallpaper looks fine. when the issue is resolved by killing pcmanfm many times, the wallpaper looks weird. not sure if this info helps or not.13:13
yz3pDif pcmanfm doesn't work fine then try thunar (or spacefm)13:14
yz3pDwallpaper is drawn by pcmanfm13:14
yz3pDi never had problems with pcmanfm, sure that it is pcmanfm who uses 100% cpu?13:15
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sgo11yz3pD, ok. I never heard thunar. I will google it now. yeah, I checked with htop. pcmanfm uses 100% cpu of one core. after killing it about 10 times, the problem is gone.13:16
yz3pDhow many core do you have?13:16
yz3pDdo you have installed additional drivers (i had slow graphics, installed these proprietary drivers and graphics works fine for me)13:16
yz3pD*how many cores?13:17
yz3pDthunar is the fm of xfce13:18
sgo11yz3pD, I don't have any additional drivers. my laptop is optimus which has both intel and nvidia card. I think I am using intel card right now. I have 4 cpu cores.13:18
sgo11the problem is gone after killing pcmanfm many times. I don't have slow graphics. everything works fine after kills.13:19
yz3pDso you are sure that there are no additional drivers aviable for your pc?13:24
yz3pDdid you installed thunar?13:24
yz3pDsgo11, after installing thunar you can change default filemanager in "Default applications for LXSession" under launching applications13:26
sgo11yz3pD, I am doing work in that laptop now. I will try thunar later. I can not end my session yet. Since I have both intel card and nvidia card, nvidia driver is available for my nvidia card. but right now, nvidia optimus driver is broken for my laptop. thanks.13:29
yz3pDok then fix it and reboot, see later :)13:30
sgo11yz3pD, thanks. :)13:33
sgo11hi, can anyone tell me why Alt+F2 does not work in lubuntu 14.04? thanks.14:14
yz3pDlubuntu problem... just use ctrl+alt+t to open terminal14:15
sgo11I saw <keybind key="A-F2"><action name="Execute"> in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml14:15
sgo11yz3pD, what causes it? how to work around it? I used to running all programs in Run.14:15
yz3pDyes but it doensn't works in lubuntu 14.0414:16
yz3pDsgo11, use terminal to see output, or create a starter14:16
sgo11yz3pD, ok, thanks. is there a bug for it?14:16
yz3pDi don't know why it doesn't works, it's a bug14:17
yz3pDmaybe be fixed in lubuntu 14.1014:17
sgo11yz3pD, I found this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-default-settings/+bug/131335514:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 1313355 in lubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Alt + F2 shortcut does not work on Lubuntu" [Undecided,Fix committed]14:18
sgo11what does "fix committed" mean?14:18
yz3pDi don't know14:18
yz3pDis english your native language?14:19
sgo11yz3pD, no. why? I think my english sounds weird. haha. :)14:19
yz3pDi'm from germany and also think my english sounds weird ;)14:20
yz3pDbut your english is really ok14:20
sgo11yz3pD, i am from China. :)14:20
sgo11english is very hard for me.14:21
yz3pDbut the workaround works!14:21
yz3pDlxpanelctl run14:21
sgo11yeah, it works. cool.14:22
yz3pDgoogle translator also doesn't know what "conmitted" means14:24
yz3pDdoes that helps you? ;)14:25
sgo11oh. I know what "committed" mean. it means the code is uploaded and committed to the code base. but what I don't understand is what it means in that bug system and when I am going to get that fix package in the official repo.14:26
yz3pDi think that it means that you have to do this fix14:28
anarkhosis it necessary to have a swap partition in order for hibernation to work?14:28
sgo11yz3pD, ok. :)14:28
yz3pDyes for hibernation you need swap14:29
anarkhosok that explains14:29
yz3pDbut with slow hard drive it can take some time ... some very long time14:29
anarkhossuppose i should create one. i just created a 20gb ext4 for lubuntu, nothing else14:29
anarkhosslow harddrive... well the computer got 2gb ram and 1.3ghz cpu14:30
anarkhosso, given there is 2gb ram, what's a good swap partition size? 4gb?14:30
yz3pDi'm running an lubuntu without swap, because i don't need hibernate, and when my system starts using swap parti the system hangs up14:31
yz3pDso i don't use swap any more14:31
anarkhosok hibernation is not crucial rally, but i dislike that it doesn't work14:31
yz3pDwhat means crucial?14:32
anarkhosvery important14:32
anarkhosi just dislike bugs14:33
anarkhos"As a base minimum, it's highly recommended that the swap space should be equal to the amount of physical memory (RAM)."14:33
yz3pDi also14:33
anarkhosso at least 2gb14:33
yz3pDbut when swap is bigger than ram systems slows down14:34
yz3pDso max. 2gb14:34
yz3pDand lubuntu is a minimalistic os, so you have to deal with that some things doesn't work14:35
sgo11from my experience, if you are not using ssd, swap is kinda useless. when the ram is full and swap is used, the system becomes extremely slow.14:35
anarkhosmin. 2gb according to ubuntu.com14:35
anarkhosminimum the same amount of swap as the amount of ram14:35
yz3pDsgo11, that is exactly my experience14:36
anarkhos" Also, it's recommended that the swap space is twice the amount of physical memory (RAM) depending upon the amount of hard disk space available for the system"14:36
sgo11swap is really useless. you don't need to give too much. the same amount of ram is enough. but most articles will suggest double size of ram. doesn't really matter. when swap is used, you system will become very slow unless you are using ssd.14:37
anarkhosuseless? hibernation doesn't work without a swap partition it seems14:37
sgo11useless when you don't use hibernation. :)14:38
yz3pDanarkhos, you have to see if you wanna use swap and if you wanna, then your experience will show how big it should be14:38
anarkhosso is it most common to just don't create swap partitions these days? is it a relic from the past?14:38
anarkhosif so then maybe i should just not care about hibernation14:39
yz3pDon big systems with fast processor i also use swap but not on small systems with less ram , slow cpu, small hdd (on which i use lubuntu)14:40
yz3pDi don't14:41
anarkhosdoes it sound like a bad idea to use swap on a computer with 2gb ram and a 1.3ghz cpu?14:41
sgo11I just create swap partition with the same size of ram for safe. if disk space is not an issue for you, you can create one with double size of ram. most articles will suggest to use double size of ram.14:41
sgo11hard drive is cheap. I got 1 TB in my laptop. 2gb or 4gb are the same thing.14:42
yz3pDfor me swap doesn't make sence under lubuntu but maybe for you it does14:43
yz3pDtry it out14:43
sgo11I got 6gb ram. I think my swap will never be used in lubuntu (which is a good thing).14:44
anarkhosyz3pD: no i think your suggestions are good14:45
anarkhoshibernation isn't very important14:45
yz3pDanarkhos, some time ago i also wanted to use hibernation feature, but it doesn't worked good with my pc and it took so long because of slow hard disk14:51
yz3pDso i never used spaw14:51
yz3pDbut maybe your hd is faster and hibernate works for you, than it makes sence ;)14:53
anarkhoswe'll see. i think i will just wait and see if more important problems appear soon. there aren't any at the moment. im very satisfied with lubuntu. if i have no problems for a long time, maybe ill then look into this swap/hibernation issue14:58
anarkhoswait, i think i noticed a bug yesterday...14:58
anarkhosi typed "sudo shutdown now", but i don't think it really shut down. the screen got black, but the green light by the power button was still there14:59
anarkhosso i had to hit the power button to shutdown14:59
anarkhosis this common?14:59
anarkhosbut normal shutdown via the menu works fine15:00
anarkhosalso, apart from swap, do you create many partitions? one for boot, one for home etc.? i have everything on one partition as it is now15:03
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yz3pDanarkhos, i have only 1 partition15:21
yz3pDanarkhos, try "init 0" in place of "shutdown now"15:21
anarkhosyes, "init 0" worked. thanks a lot15:23
anarkhosso it's not always bugs i see. it's me not using the right commands15:24
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patarranyone know where pcmanfm is started? It starts mine with some crappy arguments that break my wallpapers.21:36
patarrif i kill the process and it restarts, it works great.21:36
patarrWhere can I modify this?21:36
phillwpatarr: Menu --> Preferences --> Default applications for LXSession --> Autostart tab is where I'd suggest starting.21:38
holsteini might try as a different user, and see if the issue is with my user's session21:39

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