noratHI guys02:40
norati am newbie here02:40
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* achiang wonders if mzanetti is awake yet04:22
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dholbachgood morning06:53
Mr-Shuttleworthdholbach, morning.06:54
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mzanettiachiang: o/09:03
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day!  :-D09:05
mzanettiJamesTait: aware of the Vibraslap?09:07
JamesTaitmzanetti, I am now!09:07
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nik90renatou: where do you use the ContactListView.qml component?10:09
nik90renatou: I was able to figure out ListItemWithActions -> ContactsDelegate -> ContactsSimpleListView -> ContactsListView -> ?10:10
davmor2anyone else having issues with notes showing in reminders?  For me it is almost like it isn't in sync at all :(10:10
dholbachpopey, do you know if anyone replied to pstolowski's question? (he used Launchpad's "mail team" feature)10:12
dholbach"Music app - adding to the queue?"10:13
dholbachah, nevermind - it was only sent an hour ago10:13
renatounik90, you can use ListItemWithActions without the contactListView10:13
dholbachI just wasn't sure, because I had no idea what to reply :)10:13
davmor2ah nevermind apparmor is denying it that would explain it :)10:13
nik90renatou: yeah I was trying to figure out where you define the leftSideAction10:15
nik90renatou: but just found it in https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/address-book-app/trunk/view/head:/src/imports/ContactList/ContactListPage.qml10:15
renatounik90, yes and you can define a list of actions for the rightSideActions10:16
nik90renatou: yup got it working. Will look through your code to see how to do the delete animation10:17
renatounik90, take a look on this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/dialer-app/trunk/view/head:/src/qml/HistoryPage/HistoryPage.qml#L26710:17
popeydholbach: dunno, didnt see it.10:45
dholbachpopey, forwarded it10:50
dholbachpopey, JFYI I approved pete's scope with https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/scope-email/+merge/228993 applied10:50
popeydholbach: nice one.10:51
dholbachpopey, it hasn't landed in the tools yet, but it's basically just us special-casing com.ubuntu.scopes, so I don't expect it to be controversial10:52
dholbachI just wanted to unblock them10:52
kalikiananik90: am I imagining it or do I need to open the clock app to get the correct time in all places? a rather problematic bug when trying to use the phone to check the time…10:55
kalikianait's off by 3 hours if I don't open the clock app10:56
popeydholbach: what namespace would a community person use for a scope?10:59
dholbachpopey, their own10:59
dholbachit's not different from any app11:00
popeyso I'd use com.popey.foo or com.popey.scopes.foo ?11:00
dholbachyeah, or com.ubuntu.developer.dholbach.superscope211:01
nik90kalikiana: which clock app? old or new?11:03
kalikiananik90: er… how would I know?11:03
nik90kalikiana: old one has a purple background11:03
kalikianapurple indeed11:03
nik90kalikiana: so what time is it reporting incorrectly? The world clocks?11:05
kalikiananik90: the lock screen as well as panel are wrong11:05
kalikianathe clock app is correct except the format is wrong11:05
kalikianaand some time after the app is open the times sync11:05
nik90kalikiana: the lock screen and indicator panel is controlled by the clock app11:06
nik90kalikiana: is not controlled*11:06
nik90kalikiana: as for the time it takes to sync, the clock app is suspended when it goes into the background. So when it comes back, it takes a second before the time sync11:07
nik90kalikiana: but either way could you try the new clock app from the ubuntu touch store. It fixes many of these issues.11:07
nik90kalikiana: you can get it from the Ubuntu Touch store. It is called "Clock Reboot"11:07
nik90kalikiana: also when you flash a phone, the system time is indeed incorrect. You will need to set the correct timezone in the system settings app.11:08
kalikianahmmmm so the click app has to run for time to work!?11:08
kalikianaI'll try the new app app in a minute11:09
nik90kalikiana: no no, the lock screen and panel are controlled by a background service.11:09
nik90kalikiana: the clock app merely reads the system time. So if it is in the background, it is frozen due to the app lifecycle.11:10
nik90kalikiana: when it is brought forward, it again sync up with the system time11:10
kalikiananik90: is the time usually correct for you in all places?11:11
kalikianaif I just unlock and check the screen it's wrong11:11
nik90kalikiana: with the new clock it is correct for me in all places11:12
kalikiananik90: wow, right now I can see that the clock app is correct and other places are still behind11:12
kalikiananik90: why would the new app make it correct?11:13
nik90kalikiana: because I rewrote the entire world clocks backend11:13
kalikianaso that will fix the wrong format of the time in the app?11:14
* kalikiana installing it now11:14
nik90kalikiana: yes it will11:14
kalikianawoah fancy11:18
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Diogois nik90 here11:22
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bzoltanpopey: would you please help to push this problem -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/+bug/135081611:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1350816 in Ubuntu Terminal App "Add validity checks to tests" [Undecided,New]11:55
popeybzoltan: hmm.11:58
popeyballoons: ^ can you help here?11:58
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nik90kalikiana: did the new clock app fix any time issues you had?13:04
kalikiananik90: one of them. the format of the time is correct now; it is 15:05 instead of 3:05pm as it was in the old app13:05
nik90kalikiana: in the new clock app, we respect the user locale. So if your phone is defaulting to 24-hours format, then the new clock app will do as well. No more hardcoding.13:06
nik90kalikiana: what about the time in other places?13:06
kalikiananik90: unchanged. still wrong for some time between unlocking and doing other things13:06
nik90kalikiana: what other city did you add?13:07
kalikianalet me clarify. it's not the wrong timezone. but it's as if the panel/ lock screen are frozen in the past temporarily13:08
nik90kalikiana: the world city times are updated every second. So when unlocking it should update within the second.13:08
nik90kalikiana: when you mean panel, are you referring to the indicator panel at the top?13:08
kalikiananik90: yes, indicator at the top13:08
kalikianaeverything inside the clock app is correct13:08
nik90glad to hear that :D13:09
kalikianajust unfortunately I see the lock screen first and that causes confusion :-P13:09
nik90kalikiana: so let me unlock my phone in a minute to see if I can see the lock screen frozen13:09
kalikiananik90: wait >1 minute to see it - since it seems it gets "stuck" somehow13:09
nik90kalikiana: ok. will ping you back in about 5 minutes :)13:10
kalikianathanks for looking at this, it's a really evil bug :-D13:10
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dpmballoons, sorry but I have to keep asking: now that the online accounts issue is fixed, are we good for Reminders to appear in the dashboard?13:45
balloonsdpm, with the merge we did as the workaround we are good. I ask fginther each day, I know he's working on it :-) Reminders requires autopkgtest to run, and CI has never used that before on the dashboard13:46
balloonswe'll see if we can sneak out another update from fginther now :-)13:48
dpmfginther, sorry if we keep being a pain, but would you have an ETA for when we can get autopkgtests to run on the CI system and Reminders on the dashboard?13:49
nik90renatou: in the address book, when you swipe right on item #1 you are shown the delete icon, but when you swipe item #2, the item #1 the swipe delete is returned back to the original position. How do you do this?13:55
nik90renatou: in my integration, the swipe delete returns back only when done manually and not automatically when you select another item13:55
nik90renatou: never mind I figured it out :)14:06
karnimhall119: You asked about NDR yesterday - I think it's a nice kick start tool. I didn't use as it was, because there was some code already written by another dev [which, frankly, may have been partially based on NDR output!], so I just took it from there. I like the fact it extracts output, but I'm also aware it creates pages and some stubs, etc. So, it's not it's a bad tool, we just were on a different route already. But if I confirm (on ...14:14
karni... Wednesday) it was based on NDR at the beginning, I'll be happy to let you know :)14:14
fgintherdpm, don't worry about being a pain, I know it's important. The MP should start review today. If I can pull plars away from the rtm work long enough we might be able to land it this week.14:24
fgintherballoons, ^14:24
balloonsfginther, ty14:25
mhall119thanks karni14:26
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popeyballoons: could you please push latest weather to the store now it builds okay? http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/weather-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.weather_1.1.318_all.click14:37
dpmthank you fginther14:38
balloonspopey, ayeaye14:38
balloonspopey, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/147/changerequest/14:41
t1mpmhall119: do you have use cases for background images in the header which are not the same as the mainview background?14:45
t1mpmhall119: part of this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/131588414:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1315884 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Allow Header style customization per Page" [High,Confirmed]14:45
t1mpmhall119: I just finished an MR that allows you set the title and icon colors :) but not the rest of that bug yet14:45
kalikiananik90: 5 minutes up… I just remembered :-D14:46
popeythanks balloons14:46
mhall119t1mp: the simples use-case would be to have a gradient or simple pattern in the title to match a product's branding14:47
mhall119t1mp: let's use my LoCo Teams app as an example, in loco.ubuntu.com the main navigation part of the page has an orange background with faint striping that I would want to duplicate in the native app14:48
t1mpmhall119: so only in the header, not in the full app background?14:49
mhall119t1mp: I've figured out how to set it for the full ap background and then hide the non-header parts with an opaque Page background, but that seems wrong14:49
mhall119it also wouldn't allow having different colors/images for different pages, which I think it something we should support14:50
t1mpmhall119: yes, makes sense14:50
nik90kalikiana: I did 2 tests which required some time. For me the time in the lock screen and the indicator updated rather instantly after unlocking14:50
mhall119the Android telegram app, for example, has a blue header and white content backgrounds, except the gallery Activity, which has a black header and page background14:50
t1mpmhall119: ok, the foreground color of header is being solved now (as soon as my MR lands), let's split up the bug to have a separate bug for backgrounds14:50
nik90kalikiana: I also made sure that my phone was in deep sleep and tested it as well14:50
mhall119t1mp: works for me, thanks!14:51
t1mpmhall119: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/135089314:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1350893 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Allow header background customization per page" [Medium,Confirmed]14:55
t1mpgventuri: can someone from design comment on that bug^ just to make sure you don't have strong objections14:56
mhall119gventuri: if you need to ask about use cases for it, ping me14:57
t1mppopey: I just compared the clock-app stopwatch with the stopwatch here http://www.online-stopwatch.com/14:58
t1mppopey: I started both at the same time, and on my device I reached 5m two seconds later14:58
t1mpmaybe the website is wrong.. how do we verify that the stopwatch is correct?14:58
mhall119t1mp: rather than specifying that the image be stretched, why not just use an Image's fillMode property?14:59
popeyt1mp: ugh, good question14:59
t1mpmhall119: I simply copied the text from your original bug report ;)15:04
t1mpmhall119: feel free to update the text and add comments15:04
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t1mpmhall119: probably I won't work on that this week, so it is better to keep it attached to the bug report so I don't forget15:04
t1mpmhall119: perhaps a header background item is an option. Could then be set to a Rectangle if the developer just wants a color15:07
t1mphmm.. that may be have to have a different Rectangle per page instead of a different color15:08
mhall119true, but would that open the door to them making bad performance choices by complicating the header?15:09
mhall119or is that not enough of a concern since it'll only be one instance of it15:09
mhall119though if you allow any Item...what's to stop them from putting buttons in?15:10
t1mpmhall119: it is. it would be one Item per page15:10
t1mpmhall119: nothing, so that's bad15:10
mhall119t1mp: ok, updated the description for 4 options: color, gradient, image and borderimage, that should be enough flexibility without causing trouble15:12
mhall119and of course if none are set, leave it transparent like it is now15:13
t1mppopey: I'm comparing now with stopwatch on ipad. No noticable time difference after 6min :)15:15
gventurit1mp: mhall119: what's the rationale behind this? Branded Scopes?15:16
mhall119gventuri: this is for apps, but kind of the same rationale15:17
t1mpmhall119: I would hate to see gradient backgrounds for headers ;)15:17
t1mpgventuri: facebook app with white background, but blue header with white text15:17
t1mpgventuri: for example15:17
gventurit1mp: mhall119: we talked about this about the web container as well15:18
mhall119I didn't think the web container had a header15:19
gventurimhall119: it has now15:19
mhall119ah, ok15:19
gventurimhall119: by default, it is hidden15:19
gventurimhall119: but i can be displayed15:19
mhall119t1mp: gventuri: another thing we'll need to consider, by allowing each Page/Tab to define it's own header style, is how the transition from one to another would look15:19
t1mpgventuri: okay, I didn't know about the web container discussion15:21
t1mpgventuri: what was the conclusion there?15:21
t1mpmhall119: with header style you mean the background color/pattern?15:21
mhall119t1mp: so if you go from a blue header to a black header, does it slide, fade, immediately change, etc15:22
t1mpjounih: hi. Are you here to join the header background discussion?15:22
gventurijounih: we are discussing customising the header15:22
t1mpjounih: I just created this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1350893 which is a copy of mhall's older bug which includes multiple things15:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1350893 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Allow header background customization per page" [Medium,Confirmed]15:23
gventurit1mp: not sure about gradient and background image15:24
jounihi’m with gventuri15:24
mhall119why is that?15:24
gventurisame goes for BorderImage15:24
jounihWhat might be useful is to be able to change fonts15:24
jounihif the app wants to use custom fonts those should probably be reflected in the header too15:25
jounihi thought it’s already possible to change header background colour and font colour with themes?15:26
gventurimhall119: it clashes with our design language. It should be enough to be able to change the background colour or font15:26
t1mpjounih: you can change the background of the app now, and the header background is linked to that, so it looks like the header background is actually transparent15:26
mhall119gventuri: with our design language, yes, but it doesn't necessarily clash with the app developer's design language15:26
gventurit1mp: this bug is affecting Ubuntu UX as well15:27
gventuriI added it15:27
t1mpjounih: I have an MR proposal that makes the text and icon color configurable (as header foreground color, but all icons and text will have the same color)15:27
t1mpgventuri: thanks15:27
gventurimhall119: it's about consistency15:28
t1mpI'd be worried if we allow gradient colors and all kinds of crazy patterns in the header, that people will actually use that to make really ugly apps15:28
t1mpmhall119: everything is possible in the apps, but if app developers want to do stuff that we do not support in the UITK it will be a lot more work for the developers15:29
mhall119if we allow images, they can make gradient images and use that, I added it to the bug assuming that a QtQuick Gradient is more efficient than an Image15:29
t1mpmhall119: do we want to make it *easy* to use a gradient background in the header?15:29
t1mpmhall119: that means adding a way to do that in our API, which will clutter the API15:30
mhall119as an app developer, I would say yes15:30
mhall119a toolkit developer or designer may feel otherwise15:30
mhall119it's a balance15:30
jounihcan the developer not just define a gradient in the theme for the header15:31
mhall119but if we allow Images, we won't stop gradients from happening, they'll just happen less efficiently15:31
t1mpmhall119: as an app developer it is not necessarily yes. Consider also that if we have a nice clean API, the docs are much easier to read (and autocompletion in QtC is more useful) than a huge API that allows all kinds of things that you probably don't want to use15:31
t1mpjounih: yes, if they define their own theme and write their own copy of PageHeadStyle.qml (just look up the file). That is not simple15:32
mhall119t1mp: the only thing an app developer hates more than big ugly docs, are small clean docs telling him he can't do what he wants15:33
t1mpmhall119: we do that already, for example in the header you cannot put custom components (like "normal" buttons), only a list of Actions, and we define what the action buttons look like15:33
mhall119yup, and we have a reason for that, because allowing it will break other things that we want him to use15:34
t1mpand we prevent certain ugly designs15:34
t1mpstill, it is possible to fully customize the header by overriding the PageHeadStyle, but that's complicated15:34
mhall119yeah, last time I tried to do that I ended up having to copy and override quite a few internal-only components to make it work15:35
jounihmaybe this is something we should have a look at when we are reviewing the theming system t1mp15:35
gventurit1mp: mhall119: again, it's about consistency. Android for example has the action bar pattern that makes it easy for app developers and user alike. But they can have their own custom headers if they want to15:36
t1mpjounih: yes15:36
jounihthis is how it’s handled on Android https://github.com/Cheesebaron/LegacyBar/wiki/Customizing-the-ActionBar15:37
t1mpjounih: that's useful15:38
jgdxelopio, hm, you've done apt-get build-dep ubuntu-system-settings ?15:38
t1mpmhall119: ^ I guess you can compare the android approach to letting the appdevs set the background Item?15:38
elopiojgdx: yes15:38
jouniht1mp: not official docs, there’s probably something better15:38
kalikiananik90: hmmkay. I'll see if anything changes after the next update. can't really think of anything obvious why you wouldn't see it while I do other than "already fixed" or sth15:39
jgdxelopio, then drop the -j 8 part, seems you need to build without it15:39
elopiojgdx: no luck.15:40
jgdxelopio, yeah, same here15:40
jouniht1mp: actually ignore that, it’s for Xamarin/mono15:40
jounihofficial docs here https://developer.android.com/training/basics/actionbar/styling.html15:40
elopiojgdx: I get a different error when trying to build trunk.15:41
jgdxelopio, I get a different error building another one of my branches15:41
t1mpjounih, mhall119, gventuri we have styles also, but currently there is no good documentation on how to customize the styles for your app15:42
t1mpI'll discuss it with zsombi on Monday if we can make this easy using styles15:43
mhall119there's also no easy way to override the style of an individual component like Header that is defined internally to another15:43
mhall119t1mp: if we could easily set the style component for the header on a per-page basis, that would work to15:43
t1mpfor setting the background per page we would need to add a property, but to change it per-app I think a styling approach is better15:43
t1mpmhall119: yeah in theory, but currently the style not only defines colors and such but the whole layout (and the looks of the buttons etc), see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/modules/Ubuntu/Components/Themes/Ambiance/PageHeadStyle.qml15:45
jgdxelopio, could be that you have to try in another build folder, running the build using make only15:45
jgdxI am trying that atm15:45
* t1mp gotta go, bbl15:45
mhall119t1mp: yup, I wouldn't mind having the ability to override all of that too :)15:45
mhall119but that's currently set on a per-MainView basis, not per-tab or per-page15:46
jounihi think styling of apps/headers would be done once per app15:46
jounihstyling of buttons/headers/etc i mean15:46
jounihyou wouldn’t have different style buttons on each page right?15:47
mhall119maybe, maybe not15:47
t1mpI would say once per OS ;)15:47
mhall119going back to the Telegram example, it has multiple pages with a light background and blue header, but one page (Gallery) with a dark background and header15:47
t1mpsorry, gotta run, back in 2h15:48
mhall119t1mp: we'll assign you work while you're gone, don't worry :)15:48
jgdxelopio, uss seems severely allergic to parallel builds15:49
jgdxbut I still can't build15:49
elopiojgdx: I was able to build last week, so it broke on one of the recent merges.15:51
elopiounless it's failing because my machine is not really clean. I had to add many ppas last week.15:51
elopiobut if it fails on yours too, I'd blame trunk.15:51
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balloonsgerlowskija, I think https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev/ubuntu-calendar-app/revised-fix-for-bug1334883-dev/+merge/228960 is really truly going to land now16:43
balloonsahayzen, you about?16:45
ahayzenballoons, yo16:45
balloonsahayzen, so music tests.. we ready for some refactoring?16:45
balloonsI see, https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1350529, which I suppose comes first16:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1350529 in Ubuntu Music App "[music-app] Trunk fails autopilot tests on jenkins" [High,Triaged]16:45
ahayzen...refactoring?... balloons as in the move to py3?16:46
ahayzenballoons, and my plan to tidy up things...16:46
balloonsahayzen, as in clean things up and use the helpers16:46
ahayzenballoons, basically this https://trello.com/c/2p7zUffL/278-music-refactor-ap-tests-to-use-python3-correct-objectname-test-var-names16:46
ahayzenballoons, sortof ready... also trying to juggle all the other stuff :) and yeah that breakage we have on trunk comes first as it is a promotion blocker16:47
balloonsahayzen, good.. I'll pitch in16:47
ahayzenballoons, the breakage is mediascanner216:47
ahayzenballoons, i'm just currently trying to finish listitem-actions, content-hub and do bottom-edge...but inbetween all of that refactoring ap tests is on my list :)16:48
ahayzenbe good to do some python again16:48
popeyahayzen: nik90 was just telling me about the new list item stuff.. could you use that?16:49
ahayzenpopey, idk i thought his was custom as well?16:49
* ahayzen was going to talk to nik90 now :)16:49
popeygood good16:50
popeyit is16:50
popeyjust be good for consistency16:50
ahayzenpopey, he asked me if he should use ours...but ours has right actions, reordering etc which would be an overkill for his needs16:50
ahayzenpopey, so i think really we should just align our swipedelete animations to what they have done16:50
ahayzenpopey, whether that is done in my 2mth+ old mp or a second iteration is the next question16:51
nik90ahayzen: actually the one I took from the addressbook has support for both right and left animation.16:53
ahayzennik90, oh sweet16:53
* ahayzen wonders if they looked at my code as i did mail the mp to them in malta lol16:54
nik90It would suit your entire use case..but I understand you have worked on your implementation for quite a bit16:54
nik90so I will that decision up to you16:54
ahayzennik90, may be best to migrate over... we would just need to add reorder support?16:54
ahayzennik90, and we have labels as well as icons16:54
ahayzennik90, i'll check it out ... tbh there hasn't been much coding just merging of trunk and minor tweaks since like early june16:55
nik90ahayzen: adding labels should be really easy since I went through their implementation. it is quite configurable16:56
nik90ahayzen: as for reordering, yes you would need to add that16:56
ahayzennik90, ah cool do u have a mp for ur app that i could use to see the diff easily?16:56
nik90ahayzen: almost there..give me an hour to clean up code a bit and propose it16:57
ahayzennik90, what are u using for reference?16:57
nik90ahayzen: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/address-book-app/trunk/view/head:/src/imports/Ubuntu/Contacts/ListItemWithActions.qml17:04
ahayzennik90, awesome thanks17:05
nik90ahayzen: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/custom-swipe-delete/+merge/22908817:10
ahayzennik90, sweet awesome man!17:11
* ahayzen high fives nik90 17:11
* nik90 high fives back :)17:16
nik90balloons: hey when you have time can you help carla with some locale issues?17:19
nik90balloons: the clock app shows the days in the user locale which makes it harder to assert.17:20
nik90balloons: I presume she will come online in about 2-3 hours most likely17:20
balloonsnik90, sure, probably simple.. the tests should use a default locale17:23
balloonsand we can make scenarios for others17:23
nik90balloons: ah yes..so in the init.py I suppose your setLocale to default before the tests beging17:25
gerlowskijaballoons: Nice, I'll take a look when I get off this afternoon/evening.17:30
dpmpopey, there is a long list of Fix Committed bugs in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app - do you think you could you have a look at triaging them or asking the guys to do it tomorrow?18:05
popeybeuno: in the store it says we put contact as "mailto" links, which I have "mailto:alan@popey.com" - but in the newest click scope on device it actually displays that field contents..18:08
popeynot a clickable link or anything18:09
popeybeuno: http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-07-31-190915.png18:09
popeyshould I file a bug in the click scope or edit my data in the store?18:09
josharensonI have a type defined in c++ that I'm using in my QML code. It runs just fine, but my unit tests fail on the line that imports the backend library. What am I doing wrong?18:33
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beunopopey, yes please, file a bug against the scope18:36
Letozaf_balloons, hello :)18:56
balloonsLetozaf_, howdy!18:57
Letozaf_balloons, did nik90 tell you about the locale problem I am having ?18:58
balloonsLetozaf_, indeed. But I didn't investigate. I'm assuming setting the locale to a default for the test should work for you18:58
balloonsLetozaf_, self.useFixture(fixtures.EnvironmentVariable('LC_ALL', newvalue='C'))18:59
balloonsimport fixtures to use it18:59
balloonsand call that before you launch the app18:59
balloonsso it will be in the __init__.py file, in the setup method before the launch18:59
balloonsmake sense?18:59
Letozaf_balloons, ok thanks, this is surely different from what I was trying :P18:59
Letozaf_balloons, yes makes sense I will try it now19:00
balloonsLetozaf_, well, I'm flying blind here :-)19:00
Letozaf_balloons, well at least I have something to try :P19:00
mihirballoons: any reasons emulator performing damn slow ?19:03
balloonsmihir, hey! good to hear from you. It's really slow to boot and start apps, but once they are running they seem to go fine19:05
balloonsare you using the x86 emulator?19:05
mihirballoons: yup19:05
mihirit got booted , but not able to perfom any action19:06
mihirballoons: if you can could you just test this on device, https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/1338956/19:07
mihiri am not able to actually test it.19:07
balloonsmihir, happy to19:07
balloonsone minute19:07
mihirballoons: no issues.19:08
mihirit might not work , i am trying to figure out the root cause19:08
balloonsjust pushing the new build to the devive19:08
balloonsmihir, doesn't seem to work19:09
balloonshowever the osk does stay up now when you tap the picker19:10
balloonsnothing appears when I select any picker19:10
balloonsmihir_, ^^19:10
mihir_balloons: hmmm , thanks will check it out19:11
balloonsmihir_, kk19:11
Letozaf_balloons, \o/ it works!!! thank you :-)19:12
Letozaf_Letozaf_, I owe you a smoothie ;)19:13
mihir_balloons: one que, does date selector apperes on latest trunk , with the bug mentioned ?19:14
balloonsLetozaf_, awesome, glad the fix was simple :-)19:21
Letozaf_balloons, :)19:21
balloonsmihir_, I'm checking to confirm trunk behaves19:21
nik90balloons: does the emulator #image 157 (latest devel) work for you?19:27
nik90balloons: for me it always ends up in a black screen although I can adb into it19:27
balloonsnik90, mihir_ ohh right on the emulator, there was a critical bug that preventing unity from coming up19:28
mihir_balloons: :(19:28
nik90balloons: damn :/ anyways around it?19:28
mihir_balloons: it hungs a  lot , nik90 is it same for you too ?19:28
nik90mihir_: how do you know if it hangs or not?19:29
nik90mihir_: for me in qtcreator, it recognises that the emulator is on and provides options to ssh into it.19:29
nik90mihir_: just that it is black without unity running19:29
mihir_nik90: it booted , and was not able to perform any action, like if i swipe down , it took 2-4 mins to get finish that action.19:29
nik90mihir_: oh I never saw any gui to do the swipe actions19:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1349444 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles (Ubuntu) "[emulator] unity8 fails to start since image 152 (mako 149)." [Critical,Fix released]19:30
balloonslooks like you need at least image 16019:30
nik90balloons: I tried devel-proposed, image 165, still same issue19:31
nik90as well19:31
balloonsnik90, I'm doing an upgrade and trying again.. I feel like I tried after image 160 and didn't have success19:32
ahayzennik90, got the listitems working with the one ur using...needs a few addition tweaks though to make it as 'nice' as ours19:32
nik90ahayzen: what tweaks?19:32
nik90ahayzen: or rather tweaks for what?19:33
ahayzennik90, we only allow one to be open? is one observation ....19:33
nik90ahayzen: ah I added that in my branch actually19:33
ahayzennik90, we dim the listitem when it is pressed so u know something is happening19:33
ahayzennik90, and probably other things i'll notice after looking at it for 30s :)19:34
nik90nice work19:34
ahayzennik90, just gotta add to all our listviews and port reordering over then test test test :)19:34
mihir_balloons: let me know behavior of picker once you get time.19:34
ahayzennik90, are there autopilot helpers for this yet? or shall i just take the code i wrote for our custom one?19:35
balloonsmihir_, trunk seems to do the same19:35
mihir_balloons: it doesn't open picker right/19:35
balloonsmihir_, correct19:35
nik90ahayzen: no ap helpers yet.19:35
ahayzennik90, ok no worries i'll just grab my code :)19:35
nik90ahayzen: I have to check if address book has them19:35
mihir_balloons: it does open on desktop, i hope we ain't missing any extra packages for pickers , I am not sure.19:36
balloonsmihir_, ahh yes, that's true the desktop does open19:38
mihir_balloons: hmmm19:41
balloonsnik90, interesting it wants to create the emulator from v157; Creating "emulator" from ubuntu-touch/devel revision 15719:42
nik90balloons: yeah if you choose devel, it chooses v15719:43
nik90balloons: what about devel-proposed?19:43
balloonsright, so I may have done that.19:43
balloonsnik90, --channel devel-proposed pulls 163, so let's see19:43
nik90balloons: although I am worried about image 165 since there was a mail on the list where 165 was not that good on the emulator19:43
nik90balloons: u creating this through the terminal or qtc?19:44
balloonsterminal this time.. qtc just does devel image I believe19:44
balloonsmihir_, so I think there's another bug to file then.. the pickers literally don't seem to work at all in trunk. So your fix for hiding the OSK *may* work19:47
mihir_balloons: let me file a bug then.19:50
balloonsmihir_, go for it, I'll confirm19:50
Letozaf_balloons, I tried to run my clock/reboot app on the device with adt-run but I got: expected_alarm_name = unicode(test_alarm_name)19:52
Letozaf_NameError: name 'unicode' is not defined19:53
mihir_balloons: there you go , https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/135102419:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1351024 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Date & Time picker is not working on device." [Undecided,New]19:53
Letozaf_balloons, what's wrong with unicode on the device ?19:53
balloonsLetozaf_, kind of odd you are casting unicode19:54
balloonspy3 should be unicode by default19:54
Letozaf_balloons, well to be honest I used what was in the "old" tests, so do you think I should take that away ?19:55
balloonsLetozaf_, off the top I don't know why you would need it19:56
Letozaf_balloons, maybe I should also ask nik9019:56
nik90Letozaf_: can you link me to where it was used in the old tests?19:57
Letozaf_nik90, just a second...19:57
nik90Letozaf_: I honestly cannot remember what I did in the old clock app.. its been too long ;P19:57
balloonsLetozaf_, it might just be a string cast.. so str19:57
balloonsbut again, it's likely already the right type19:57
balloonssigh.. /home drive is really really not happy.. I think this machine is going down19:59
Letozaf_nik90, I was wrong, sorry, :( unicode was not in the "original° tests so I did it :P20:00
Letozaf_nik90, balloons I wll take that out of the test :)20:00
nik90balloons: didnt your hard drive fail before recently?20:00
Letozaf_balloons works too much so drives fail :P20:01
nik90Letozaf_: +120:01
nik90balloons: 166 works :D20:03
balloonsnik90, yes it did. I replaced it with an old drive. That failed soon after. So I grabbed a third drive, and now this too has failed. It's under warranty, along with the second one20:05
balloonsbut I have to swap them out and I don't have anything to hold data in the interim20:05
nik90oh :(20:05
balloonsjust wild.. I'm abusive I guess20:05
balloonsalrighty, tiny laptop time20:08
jgdxelopio, hi, could you pull and try that branch again? Make sure you apt update and build-dep for uss. :)20:13
jgdxelopio, and I was wrong about the parallel build. -j8 works fine :)20:15
nik90bzoltan zbenjamin: Hey guys, got some new low hanging bugs for you :) bug 1351037 and bug 135033320:17
ubot5bug 1351037 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu "Kits that are no longer valid are not automatically deleted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135103720:17
ubot5bug 1350333 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu "Show the emulator's channel in the emulator details page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135033320:18
nik90balloons: oh btw, with the new qtcreator ubuntu plugin you can create devel-proposed emulators. You can choose the channel in the create emulator dialog.20:18
Letozaf_balloons, this is what I get running my test on device: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7917449/20:23
elopiojgdx: yes, I can build your branch20:23
jgdxelopio, thank you20:23
Letozaf_balloons, datepicker works fine on desktop20:23
elopiojgdx: I'll propose a branch for you to check the autopilot changes I was referring to.20:24
elopiojgdx: can you please fill a bug on python-dbusmock about not waiting enough? pitti is the developers and he will fix it for sure.20:24
jgdxelopio, https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-dbusmock/+bug/135083320:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1350833 in python-dbusmock "dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoServer from using spawn_server" [Undecided,New]20:26
elopiowow you are fast. :)20:26
jgdxelopio, hehe made it this morning20:26
jgdxelopio, what changes, the page object pattern?20:26
jgdxI tried refactoring that as best as I could, hiding internals and exposing sane, stable public methods20:27
elopiojgdx: yes, I will move them out of the test case module.20:27
bzoltannik90:  we know little about the non active emulators20:29
jgdxelopio, oh right, they are not supposed to be there. Right20:29
nik90bzoltan: ah..perhaps when the user deletes an emulator through qtc, may be delete the autocreated kit as well?20:29
balloonsLetozaf_, yes datepicker seems to work fine on desktop20:29
Letozaf_balloons, but does it work on device ?20:30
bzoltannik90: yes20:30
balloonsLetozaf_, at least as done in the calendar app no20:30
bzoltannik90:  that is not a bug in my opinion20:30
balloonsohh Letozaf_ sorry I missed your paste20:30
nik90bzoltan: but does the qtc plugin do that? i.e delete the autocreated kit when deleting the emulator?20:31
nik90through qtc that is20:31
Letozaf_balloons, I must have copied form calendar app :(20:31
bzoltannik90:  no, qtc does not do that20:31
bzoltannik90:  and should not do that. When I delete and create emulatros I use the same name20:31
balloonsLetozaf_, I saw your paste.. yes heh, datepickers are a problem for autopilot20:32
bzoltannik90:  Usually I call them Stable, Devel, Proposed20:32
nik90bzoltan: ah ok. Yeah I could do that as well20:32
nik90bzoltan: alright I will mark bug as invalid20:32
balloonsLetozaf_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/132860020:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1328600 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Autopilot lacks support for large timestamps" [Critical,Confirmed]20:32
balloonsLetozaf_, I have to finish some housekeeping on my proposed branch and get it landed. until then, no support from autopilot20:33
balloonsyou'll get timestamp out of range errors20:33
Letozaf_balloons, ok, I am reading the bug you pasted20:34
balloonsLetozaf_, basically unless you change the qml to limit the maxdate for the picker you'll have issue until autopilot is fixed20:35
Letozaf_balloons, I think I will wait for autopilot to be fixed20:36
Letozaf_balloons, The test works fine on desktop so it should on device afterwards20:36
Letozaf_balloons, what do you think ?20:37
balloonsLetozaf_, yep.. add a skip unless model is desktop20:37
balloonsmake sense?20:37
nik90Letozaf_, balloons: If you want we could add a patch in qml with a FIXME note to remove it later.20:37
bzoltannik90: I would no like to auto delete Kits, because developers might tune their Kits and it is not nice to remove anything like that20:37
balloonsand reference the bug20:37
balloonsor you can set the maxdate in qml if you wish nik9020:37
balloonsthe test fix is easier20:37
balloonswell they are both easy i guess20:38
nik90balloons: the time picker actually is used to only pick the time. We don't show the date at all20:38
nik90bzoltan: no worries I understand20:38
balloonsnik90, oO.. well that's another bug I have filed.. the timepicker shouldn't even have such dates attached20:38
balloonsnik90, so sanity means you probably could set the maxdate then20:39
balloonsnik90, look at the bug, and checkout the branch I did for ubuntu-ui-toolkit20:39
nik90balloons: the calendar bug report?20:39
balloonsnik90, yes.. it's actually against 3 things20:39
nik90balloons: ah ok20:39
balloonsLetozaf_, ohh! also note https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/134666920:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1346669 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Time Picker behaves erractically when min and max is set" [Undecided,New]20:40
Letozaf_nik90, that would be nice20:40
balloonsyou have to set things in the right order seconds, minutes, then hours...20:40
* Letozaf_ is reading20:41
balloonsbut the helper should take care of that automagically for you20:41
balloonsbut it might mean nik90 doesn't want to do the qml fix as it will produce that bug20:41
Letozaf_balloons, so I suppose I will have to opt for the skip :P20:42
balloonsLetozaf_, yes I think so20:42
Letozaf_balloons, thanks20:42
balloonsi had forgotten about the bug20:42
nik90damn :/20:43
Letozaf_balloons, nik90 :)20:44
nik90Letozaf_: ok for now let's skip testing on device. Sry, I don't want to add code patches like this since it will come to bite us at a later stage20:45
Letozaf_nik90, ok no problem I will add a skip20:45
nik90Letozaf_: thnx20:46
nik90Letozaf_: btw since you fixed the locale issue, does this mean that your add alarm test is complete?20:46
Letozaf_nik90, yes I wanted to test it on device... but it's no use now, so it's ok for me20:46
balloonsthe good news is it still works for merges, so the test will still run semi-regularly20:47
nik90Letozaf_: alright. You should have the full review by tomorrow evening.20:48
Letozaf_nik90, thnx20:48
romanzonovHello everybody. Is anybody here?20:48
nik90romanzonov: hello there :D20:49
romanzonovI found one bug in...QtMultimedia or audio stack, I suppose.20:49
romanzonovIf I close app (with new method) when music is being played, app will be closed, but music will play until it ends. Is it normal?)20:51
nik90romanzonov: Was this issue on the ubuntu phone or desktop?20:51
romanzonovnik90, UT20:52
romanzonovmhall119 ?20:52
dakerromanzonov: i have seen that too, sometimes the music keeps playing even if the music-app is closed, it plays until the track finishes20:54
romanzonovdaker, it is annoying bug20:55
dakerromanzonov: i still need to test again20:55
mhall119romanzonov: ?21:01
romanzonovmhall119, "If I close app (with new method) when music is being played, app will be closed, but music will play until it ends. Is it normal?)"21:01
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romanzonovHad you experienced that problem?21:02
balloonsromanzonov, sounds like a hidden bug because of how music keeps playing when device shuts off21:06
romanzonovI don't know if bug exists on proposed images,maybe it is because of new app killer?21:07
mhall119romanzonov: sounds like something it's telling media-hub that the app was killed21:09
romanzonovOk, who knows when Push QML API will be available? And what about Ubuntu Upload Manager?21:10
mhall119romanzonov: ralsina is finishing the docs for the QML API, it should be ready soon, download manager docs are already on developer.ubuntu.com21:11
romanzonovThank you for information, but I'm talking about upload, not download)21:12
mhall119oh, I don't think it handles uploads yet, probably won't before RTM21:12
nik90karni: ping (about https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/1340125)21:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1340125 in Indicator Date and Time "Alarm indicator visible when no alarms set" [Undecided,Incomplete]21:17
nik90kalikiana: I think I found your bug reported at https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/132864621:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1328646 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Clock out of sync on resume from suspend" [High,Confirmed]21:20
nik90kalikiana: :D21:20
popeyjdstrand: you about? there's an app in the store which is failing click reviewer tools and I dont understand why21:48
popeyjdstrand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7918080/ from https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/973/review/21:49
jdstrandpopey: "text": "malformed application name: 'Music Pro'". the application name is not supposed to have spaces21:55
jdstrand    "hooks": {21:55
jdstrand        "Music Pro": {21:55
popeyaha! i saw that but didn't think we'd prevent spaces..21:56
elopiojgdx: you are probably gone by now, but maybe you'll see the ping when you return:23:19
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