bkerensaAnonymous Calling built into Firefox02:47
dholbachgood morning06:53
bkerensaczajkowski: btw the mongo booth looked great at oscon08:30
czajkowskibkerensa: yeah it did :)08:58
dpm"morning" all10:15
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dholbachall right, got to run - see you all tomorrow again! big hugs! :)15:57
czajkowskiread that as big bugs16:39
pleia2mhall119: do you know if fossetcon is doing an ubucon?17:32
mhall119pleia2: bryan wants to on Thursday, as part of the other workshops going on17:33
mhall119pleia2: the Florida team is going to try and organize it, if you can help that would be much appreciated17:33
pleia2mhall119: not sure how much I can help, but if my "getting involved" talk (see: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=9235) is of interest, I'm happy to present17:35
mhall119pleia2: definitely17:36
mhall119the Florida team has an IRC meeting on Monday, I've just added UbuCon planning to our agenda17:36

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