josetsimpson: ping04:17
tsimpsonjose: hello07:22
josetsimpson: hey, I was wondering if it was possible to have an ubot back in #ubuntu-locoteams07:22
joseubot2 disappeared07:23
tsimpsonI can put ubot5 in there07:24
tsimpsonand it's joined no07:25
tsimpsonubot2 should be retired, it's running outdated code with an outdated config (if it's running at all)07:27
Unit193It's not.07:27
tsimpsonit's alive sometimes, just not consistently07:28
Unit193Pinged out 2014-05-02 and never seen again.07:30
josesorry for not replying, got stuck with something else07:38
joseerm, can't the code be updated?07:38
joseI'm sure there are various channels that miss him07:38
Unit193jose: 5 covers most of them now, last one that didn't (that I know of), is #ubuntu-arm.07:39
josehmm, well07:39
joseif ubot5 can handle it, then I'm good with it :)07:40
Unit193(Other than -release.)07:41
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