RAOFkdub: I'm not sure exactly what you mean in your concern about MIR_SERVER_PLATFORM_MODULE_PATH.00:49
dufluHah. Sounds ominous. Mir 0.6.0 "expected" 2 hours ago02:47
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duflualf_: Oh err, I forgot about the nesting again :)08:21
dufluI think I'm still wishful it wasn't there08:21
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duflualf_: Around?09:54
alf_duflu: yes09:57
duflualf_: I'm logging off, but please check if I'm imaginging things: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-system-compositor/+bug/134051009:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 1340510 in Mir "session screen seen upon quick power key strike" [Medium,In progress]09:58
dufluIn case it is that easy09:58
alf_duflu: looking09:58
alf_duflu: I will have to dig deeper into the logic there, but in any case we still have the problem of the greeter being too slow to render, so we end up drawing the dash simply because we don't have something newer to draw10:03
duflualf_: If we avoid telling USC to compose immediately on resume then it will wait till the nested server has a new frame10:03
dufluI think that's the bug10:03
dufluSeems pretty simple actually10:04
dufluSo long as we're not masked by other bugs10:04
alf_duflu: well, one aspect of the stale frame issue is already solved (dropping old buffers from the queue), I will experiment with your suggestion. It may work if unity8 is not redrawing the dash before the greeter.10:07
dufluOK, I must resist the temptation to hack and log off10:09
alf_duflu: enjoy your day!10:10
duflualf_: The only annoying part is you need to specify in the server config if you are a system compositor expecting nested servers. If not then behave like a nested one (compose_on_start = true)10:10
dufluI guess a single "bool am_inner_server" would do10:10
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alan_galf_: (if you're still about) does this make sense? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/fatal-error/+merge/22908617:08
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