kcj[work]ibeardslee, Experimenter's kit?01:38
ibeardsleethe freetronics one .. http://nicegear.co.nz/arduino-boards/freetronics-experimenters-kit-for-arduino/01:47
ibeardsleewe are running a shortened version of the Catalyst Arduino Academy for staff01:47
hadsibeardslee: I did see a couple of Catalyst folks, you're doing an internal one?02:13
hadsibeardslee: Four it looks like.02:15
ibeardsleeyes an internal one .. hmm should be a couple more, hopefully they have them directed to their home address02:32
ibeardsleeif this works out we may start doing some more open ones02:33
hadsCool, sounds fun. Looks like we need more of the kits.03:07
ibeardsleeI think they are a good all round kit, and the project guide that comes with it does mean that people get a chance to actually have something to do with the bits that are included.  A place to start learning.03:16

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