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DJonesMaybe worth changing unopaste' nick back to unopaste as well13:55
DJonesWas that lag or just because the nick unopaste' wasn't +o as normal13:55
Picilooks like it isn't identified properly.13:56
Picibut it has a ubottu shell cloak13:56
Picier, I mean its the rea thing.13:56
DJonesI noticed that before, just thought it was normal, has been some splits earlier13:57
Piciyeah, it caught me.13:57
* tsimpson gets the hammer14:14
IdleOneif you can't massage it into place, hit it with a hammer.14:19
PiciI call that percussive maintenance.14:31
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ubottuIn #ubuntu, amirabbas said: ubottu it says the command is not found for the applciation14:55
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Sarawara said: ubottu if I understand this nomodeset well, it is suggesting to use code to solve the problem, how can I do such a thing when all I hav is a black screen?14:57
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