Nothing_Muchoh darn02:24
Nothing_MuchI don't have previous QA work02:24
Nothing_MuchWhat should I do about not having previous QA work?02:26
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Nothing_MuchWhat should I do about not having previous QA work?03:28
Nothing_MuchPardon my question for the third time, but..03:53
Nothing_MuchWhat should I do about not having previous QA work?03:53
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jibelgood morning06:54
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dkessel_good morning jibel07:15
dkessel_good morning quality ;)07:15
elfymorning all07:17
jibelgood morning dkessel_07:22
pittijibel: erk -- http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-setup-testbed/ didn't actually run for two weeks; did the trigger get broken? we do have current cloud images07:27
* pitti runs it07:27
jibelerr, checking07:28
pittijibel: that also explains why dist-upgrade takes so long07:29
jibelpitti, the url trigger is broken on d-jenkins07:30
pittijibel: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-setup-testbed/urltriggerPollLog/? -- does that look goo?07:30
* pitti starts a build07:31
pittijibel: should we perhaps switch to daily build then? even if it's an old image that will do the dist-upgrade once instead of per-test07:55
jibelpitti, right, if CI doesn't today, I'll change it to daily build.08:26
jibeldoesn't fix08:26
jibelpfff typing is hard :)08:26
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Nothing_MuchWhat should I do about not having previous QA work?15:01
gQuigsNothing_Much: what do you want to learn to do?  triage bugs?15:02
Nothing_MuchgQuigs: Test and Triage through a VM15:18
Nothing_MuchI read through the QATeam wiki15:18
Nothing_MuchIt's just that the "previous QA work" throws me off a little15:19
gQuigsNothing_Much: hmm.. maybe rephrase to - what's your previous experience dealing with bugs?15:21
gQuigsor general troubleshooting might fit in there too15:22
gQuigsNothing_Much: any specific applications you want to help triage?15:23
Nothing_MuchgQuigs: Not yet, I'm still reading on how to use testdrive15:24
gQuigsNothing_Much: you can triage a good number of bugs without testdrive..   starting with finding old untouched bugs and trying to see if they logically are still relevant15:28
gQuigsif not, something like this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses#Old_untouched_bugs and then set to Incomplete15:28
gQuigs^ would give some good experience with Launchpad15:29
Nothing_MuchgQuigs: From what I've read, Triaging is basically bugtesting on stable releases, right?15:40
gQuigsNothing_Much: in some ways yes..  confirm the bugs are still present15:49
gQuigsbut also make sure they have enough info for someone to work on them15:49
gQuigsanother big part is finding duplicates... oh and pushing upstream...15:49
gQuigsbut yea, start with bugtesting on stable releases :)15:49
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