Patrickdkwhen you change the dns, you would also adjust the redirect00:00
PatrickdkI am assuming each webserver is a dns server though00:00
Patrickdkfor routing issues00:00
weeb1eIn certain cases, such as my own, when streaming audio over HTTP, not all clients support multiple (or in rare cases, any) redirects, the only option is DNS based00:00
Patrickdkthat way some of the internet can use one, and some of the internet hits the other00:00
xperiayes actually the one is a master and the other a slave but i can turn them both as masters00:01
weeb1ePatrickdk: I gave DNS as the first option, a web server based redirect is the second00:01
Patrickdkyes, but no reason you can't use both together :)00:01
weeb1eA third web server redirecting instead of using DNS changes will emilinate any downtime00:01
weeb1eBut is not always suitable00:01
Patrickdkand then add bgp anycast on top :)00:01
Patrickdkpersonally I normally do bgp anycast -> loadbalancers -> bankends00:01
weeb1eNot everyone is in a position to use anycast :)00:02
xperiabgp anycast hmm never hear till yet. thing is i dont want to balance i want to cascade aka use allways server 1 in case server 1 shutdown use server 200:02
weeb1eI'd love to use multicast, but my country not so much00:02
Patrickdkthen your stuck doing dns00:02
weeb1eSo YMMV00:02
RoyKIPv6 FTW!00:03
Patrickdkwhat? mobileip works? :)00:03
Patrickdkmobileip could so solve this :)00:03
RoyKIPv6 should be mandatory for all services00:03
xperiayeah dns is then the thing to go. thanks a lot for your suggestions.00:03
weeb1experia: Good luck00:04
weeb1e2am, good time for a breakfast break.. then back to work00:04
bananapiehi. I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server and need to use debootstrap to build a machine with Trusty 14.04 LTS. i tried soft linking gutsy to trusty in /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts but it says it's not a valid suite00:19
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jak2000hi all how to remove all java stuff? http://pastie.org/9432985  cant :(01:14
sarnoldjak2000: try this: sudo dpkg --purge openjdk-6-jdk openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-7-jre openjdk-7-jre-headless openjdk-7-jre-lib sun-java5-jdk sun-java6-jdk01:16
jak2000sarnold ok01:17
jak2000sarnold: http://pastie.org/9433006 not worked01:28
jak2000continue allmy javastuff on my ubuntu server01:29
sarnoldjak2000: great -- re-run the command with "icedtea-6-jre-cacao openjdk-6-jre-lib default-jre-headless icedtea-6-jre-jamvm icedtea-7-jre-jamvm" added to the end01:30
jak2000ok, rerun...01:32
jak2000sarnold: http://pastie.org/9433017 same or similar result :(01:35
sarnoldjak2000: this is normal :) now add "ca-certificates-java libcommons-dbcp-java tomcat7-common" to the command :)01:36
jak2000http://pastie.org/9433020 :(01:39
sarnoldjak2000: add openjdk-6-jre-headless libtomcat7-java   :)01:40
eatingthenighthello I am having an odd issue. I have gone through every issue I can find on google regarding networking for ubuntu server 12.04 but I can't ping from this server to an IP or even the gateway. I am able to ssh into it though and access the webserver it runs.01:41
eatingthenightI have tried using static and dhcp to no avail.01:42
sarnoldeatingthenight: do you get error messages when you try to ping the gateway's IP?01:43
eatingthenightno it will just hang I have left it for about 10 minutes and it just hangs.01:43
jak2000sarnold: http://pastie.org/943302901:44
sarnoldjak2000: openjdk-6-jre-lib  :)01:45
sarnoldeatingthenight: hunh, that's odd.01:47
eatingthenightyeah i know it's very strange.01:47
eatingthenightI have never had this before. Server has been running great for 2 years.01:48
xeno_Say, my friend is trying to set up a remote desktop experience on an Ubuntu Server.  He is trying to provide a remote desktop experience, but apparently there are access problems that allow shutdown of the server which he wants to preclude and cannot.  Any suggestions?02:01
xeno_I know from experience that Gnome is less than comfortable on server for my tastes, but that may not be pertinent to this.02:02
xeno_Typically my friend provides remote user access to servers for shell, but not root access at all.02:04
jak2000sarnold: http://pastie.org/943304902:04
sarnoldjak2000: nice. that's probably all of them :)02:07
sarnoldxeno_: I think what you need is in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.consolekit.policy02:07
sarnoldxeno_: oh. this looks more useful: http://askubuntu.com/a/251942/3381202:10
xeno_Yes, but he wants to make shutdown require an admin password.  Hmm.02:11
MavKenany recommended open source control panel for 14.04?02:49
eatingthenightwhat do you want to control?02:52
eatingthenightfor the entire server?02:52
MavKencpanel ..not zpanel02:55
MavKencpanel replacement02:56
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eatingthenightMavKen so you just want something for your database? or do you have a server that is running everything?03:17
MavKenI have a small hosting business.. I use cpanel to add new clients and them have access to a cp03:18
MavKenI just didnt like zpanel03:18
MavKenand don't want to pay for cpanel anymore03:18
MavKensince most of them use wordpress, a bash script to create a new user, create db user, install wp would be sweet...but I don't have experience with that03:19
sarnoldMavKen: the juju wordpress charm may have some ideas you can mimic03:20
jak2000sarnold hi friend are you there?03:43
sarnoldhey jak2000 :) it's almost time for me to quit for the night..03:44
jak2000waita moment please03:44
jak2000see please: http://pastie.org/943313303:46
sarnoldjak2000: yes?03:47
jak2000this files, deleted? manually?03:47
jak2000or not problem?03:47
sarnoldjak2000: everything in that directory is cached downloaded packages -- keep that directory in mind, it can be very very helpful :)03:48
sarnoldjak2000: if you need disk space, you can delete them. but they don't bother anything03:49
jak2000now i can install: apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk   right?03:50
jak2000sarnold can you give me a favour? paste me the last link, before i am discnnected,thanks(i want documment my problem) thanks03:51
sarnoldjak2000: http://pastie.org/9432985 http://pastie.org/9433006 http://pastie.org/9433017 http://pastie.org/9433020 http://pastie.org/9433029 http://pastie.org/9433049 http://pastie.org/943313303:52
sarnoldnn :)03:52
jak2000ok installing now openjdk-703:53
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jak2000sarnold beeautiful,,,  with your help04:17
jak2000see please: http://pastie.org/943316304:18
jak2000no errors now04:18
sarnoldjak2000: nice :)04:18
sarnoldjak2000: scorched earth never looked so good04:18
jak2000before your help i cant shutdown the tomcat service....04:19
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pds|2hi guys wrote a preseed file, getting from utc for some reason06:17
MavKenfor 1gb ram, any reason to get 64bit on vps?07:53
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gnuoyI'm trying to understand why the  alembic package in ubuntu isn't a straight sync and what change Ubuntu has atop of the upstream version.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7912454/08:07
gnuoyrbasak, I know it's not patch Friday but if you have a sec at some point ^08:08
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jak2000hi all, how to open a port on ubuntu-server?08:51
TJ-jak2000: define "open" ?08:52
jak2000telnet 8080   connection refused...08:52
TJ-jak2000: Do you control ?08:54
jak2000i want thee users can access: http://mydomain.com:8080  understand me TJ-?08:54
TJ-jak2000: OK, what firewall control are you using on that server?08:55
jak2000the default i have 14.04 version08:55
TJ-jak2000: the manual way would be to add a rule using iptables, but that won't stick across reboots unless you have some form of firewall manager, such as "ufw" or "shorewall" installed08:55
jak2000ithink ufw08:56
jak2000sudo ufw allow 8080/tcp   and   sudo ufw reload  ?08:57
TJ-jak2000: Then you'd need to add a rule using UFW to allow port 8080 TCP08:57
jak2000mmm not opened :(08:58
TJ-jak2000: what process is listening on port 8080 ?09:00
TJ-jak2000: if no process is listening, having the port allowed in the firewall won't change anything09:01
jak2000now opened :)09:01
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jamespageok that's enough triage of really old bugs for one day...11:54
jamespagepm-utils I love you11:54
pmatulisme?  ;)11:59
RoyKpatdk-wk: btw, your theory that enterprise drives don't have these smart counters doesn't seem right. the two root drives connected to local sata ports are also seagate constellation, enterprise drives12:15
patdk-wkmy definition of enterprise disks was, ones that talk scsi, and non-enterprise talk ata12:43
patdk-wkgenerally that means sata=ata and sas=scsi12:43
patdk-wknow, if a manufacturer, say it's enterprise, but still talks ata, heh12:43
patdk-wkif the disk talks sata, you get attributes and thresholds12:45
patdk-wkif the disk talks scsi, you don't12:45
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JediMasterhi guys, I'm upgrading to VMs from 13.10 to 14.04.1 LTS with do-release-upgrade, and both have been sitting at "Installing new version of config file /etc/pam.d/sshd ..." for the last half hour, I can still SSH into both, any ideas?13:18
pmatulisJediMaster: woof, try http://serverfault.com/questions/321520/ssh-connection-lost-during-server-upgrade-how-to-reconnect-to-process13:21
JediMasterpmatulis, it's not lost the conenction, but thanks13:21
pmatulishaving an ssh pam change during an upgrade is nasty13:21
pmatulisJediMaster: i know, try it anyways, the upgrade may be continuing and you don't know it13:22
JediMasterpmatulis, it's still connected to the ssh & do-release-upgrade, I can type and see characters come up13:22
pmatulisJediMaster: the key is to try reconnecting to the screen/byobu session13:22
JediMasterthat never works for me13:23
JediMasterscreen -list returns: "No Sockets found in /var/run/screen/S-root."13:23
JediMasterscreen -x and byobu do not reconenct to it either13:23
JediMasterI am really still conencted anyhow13:23
pmatulismay be using tmux?  dunno.  need to try it myself13:24
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pmatulistmux ls13:24
JediMasterfailed to connect to server13:24
pmatuliscan you view logs?13:25
JediMasterI can see this running however:  screen -e \0\0 -L -c screenrc -S ubuntu-release-upgrade-screen-window /tmp/ubuntu-release-upgrader-n_ottj/trusty --mode=server --frontend=DistUpgradeViewText13:25
pmatulismaybe use some byobu command?13:26
pmatulisi don't use byobu, but tmux directly13:26
pmatulisbyobu -r ?13:26
pmatulisyou must do it with the root account i think13:27
JediMasterI am13:27
StolenToastI am attempting to use OpenVPN with my server but it will not function is the firewall is enabled, even though port 1194 is allowed13:31
weeb1e_When trying to start cpufrequtils, I get "disabled, governor not available...", googling this issue just returns tons of questions with no solutions. The most informative thread I found says that someone was able to fix it by downgrading to an older kernel, and that the newer kernel is bugged and the devs do not want to fix it13:43
weeb1e_But that was in 2011, I've used newer kernels on other boxes just fine13:44
weeb1e_So does anyone know how I can check if the reason cpufrequtils is due to hardware, such as an incorrect bios setting?13:44
weeb1e_*the reason cpufrequtils is failing13:45
ed8hi, does the cron's string @reboot work on Ubuntu-server?13:53
Picied8: yes13:53
ed8Pici: are you aware of http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/109805/1736213:59
Picied8: curious... I recall it working at some point.14:00
PiciI don't have an Ubuntu system I can reboot here to test with though...14:01
patdk-wkat some point?14:02
patdk-wkit has always worked14:02
ed8patdk-wk: did you read the thread I linked to?14:03
patdk-wkyes, but nothing in that thread matters14:03
patdk-wkthere is a lot of speculation and references to other people14:04
patdk-wknothing referencing any bug reports, issues, or problems14:04
pmatulised8: why not simply test it?14:04
ed8pmatulis: that's why I'm here14:04
ed8I tested, it doesn't work14:04
patdk-wkwhat version of ubuntu?14:04
ed8here is my crontab content: https://gist.github.com/edouard-lopez/b45c524c26b8ffecc57614:04
ed8+ cron 3.0pl1-124ubuntu214:05
patdk-wkworks fine here on 14.0414:06
ed8my bad, my path to the scripts is incorrect14:06
pmatulisworks fine here too (14.04)14:08
argessmb: utlemming : we can discuss bug 1350522 here when you get a chance.14:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1350522 in linux "EC2 kernel crash due to vmalloc" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135052214:09
ed8thanks :)14:10
RoyKhm... I beleive I asked here earlier, but I can't find it in the logs. Is there a simple way to enable disk LEDs for broken disks? IIRC there was something under /sys somewhere14:14
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dasjoeRoyK: that should be possible, if your disk is in an enclosure with a lsi expander you get "/sys/class/enclosure/SOME_ID/Slot\ 01/" and can echo to "fault" or "locate", "echo 1 > /sys/class/enclosure/1\:0\:21\:0/Slot\ 01/fault" turns on a red light for me14:42
RoyKdasjoe: any idea how I can map device names to a slot without a manual lookup?14:51
bitfuryhi, how would I upgrade security packages only?14:56
bitfurysorry I worded that wrong, I'm looking to just do security updates.14:56
dasjoebitfury: I'd use unattended-upgrade from the unattended-upgrades package. By default it runs security upgrades daily, which you can disable if you want to run it manually15:00
bitfuryyeah I would like to run it manually, I'll look into it thank you15:01
pmatulisbitfury: use the -security repo only?15:04
bitfurypmatulis: guess that could be an option as well15:09
rberg_Hi all.. I think I found a kernel regression in ubuntu 12.04. I was tracking down why in kvm and virtualbox the console resolution is 640x480 when I set it to 800x600 in /etc/default/grub with kernel 3.2.0-67-generic.. when I booted 3.2.0-48-generic the console was the correct resolution.15:10
robot_zHow can I check total disk size versus total disk usage/availability as with df -H?15:32
robot_zOr, does dh -H give that info and I just am failing to read it correctly15:32
robot_zdf -H*15:32
rberg_#24 on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/699802 seems to do the trick for me.. huzzaaa!15:38
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 699802 in grub2 "error:: no video mode activated" [Medium,Confirmed]15:38
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nyc-h0sthi all, having a problem with Kerberos + LDAP, i can obtain krb tickets just fine and my user exists in ldap, however trying to login over ssh fails, logs are visible under; http://pastebin.com/BDCDFS2J16:03
nyc-h0stkerberos is embedded with pam and nss is configured to use ldap16:04
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lykwydchykynHI, I'm having a problem with my 12.04 ltsp server.16:23
lykwydchykynHTOP shows the cores are constantly between 80 and 100%, but no processes are showing high cpu usage16:23
lykwydchykynI've posted a screenshot on Ubuntu forums here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223704816:24
lykwydchykynAnyone seen this sort of behavior before?  It's just started recently, this server's been running for years without problems.16:24
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arrrghhhlykwydchykyn, ick.  have you tried 'atop'?16:31
arrrghhhalso, are you running with sudo16:31
lykwydchykynI've tried sudo, but not atop16:31
lykwydchykynI'll try it presently16:31
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: "The administrator may have required you to register before you can view this page."16:32
arrrghhhsarnold, sign in16:32
arrrghhhlykwydchykyn, atop will show stuff like IO so if you have a disk going nuts16:33
sarnoldhooray, the single-sign-on actually worked :)16:33
lykwydchykynI'm trying to parse through the output of atop16:35
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: can you pastebin ps auxw output?16:35
arrrghhhlykwydchykyn, screenie of atop too if you have time :)16:37
arrrghhhit should highlight any "issues" if youw ill16:37
lykwydchykynThe disk usage doesn't look high, but I'm not sure what normal would be16:40
arrrghhhhm ya it all seems processor bound16:40
arrrghhhran with root on atop as well yes?16:41
sarnoldthe easiest way to chew up that kind of CPU time without it showing up in ps or top or similar is to have a few forkbombs running where the parent immediately exits after spawning a child; no process lasts more than a few miliseconds but there's thousands of them born and killed each second16:41
lykwydchykynMy ltsp users keep running ps all the time, is that normal?16:42
arrrghhhlykwydchykyn, the other thing I can think of is back in htop, have you tried sorting by "time"?  see if there is a process that's staying up?16:42
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: seems unlikely...16:43
lykwydchykynthe top process for time is a python process running twistd, seems to be related to epoptes16:43
lykwydchykynIt has 9:06:53 for TIME16:44
lykwydchykynNot sure what killing it would do16:44
sarnoldnine hours of CPU time for a heavily used service isn't too surprising..16:45
arrrghhhya I don't think that's it16:45
lykwydchykynwish I knew what was running ps all the time.  Is there a way to see parent pids in something like top?  I couldn't find it in the man page16:48
lykwydchykynThe processes disappear to quick to inspect their /proc folders16:49
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: hit 'f', arrow down to ppid, hit space, then q16:50
lykwydchykynHrm.  It's my xsession script16:52
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: if you're up for some work, you could install the auditd package, use auditctl to load syscall auditing rules and audit the 'clone' system call. if my guess is right, the logging will be horrendously quick, so be prepared to turn off the logging again before you run the command :)16:53
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: oooo16:53
lykwydchykynI have a line in there that checks to see if the browser is already running, and if not, it runs it.16:53
lykwydchykynBut it should only run if the browser is closed, which shouldn't happen really at all...16:53
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: can you pastebin your xsession?16:54
lykwydchykynIt's the same one that's been used for a while16:56
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: if you run wcgbrowser in a terminal, do you get your prompt back quickly? or do you have to kill the browser to get your prompt back?16:58
lykwydchykynYou have to kill the browser16:59
lykwydchykynIt should block16:59
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: dang.17:00
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: well, I mean, that's good, but it means I don't spot the easy answer :)17:00
lykwydchykyn:) yeah17:00
jak2000hi sarnold thanks for your help17:01
lykwydchykynI can't remember why I had to do the ps thing, it's been a while (I should comment these things).  Maybe I can just take that bit out.17:01
lykwydchykynI have to run for a bit; thank you sarnold and arrrghhh17:02
lykwydchykynI'll check back if anyone has any ideas...17:02
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: hrm. good point. take out the ps | grep ..17:03
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: another option is to take out the "keep it running" thing entirely -- let xsession end when the browser dies or is closed, and restart the session some other way17:04
jak2000sarnold you develop?17:07
sarnoldjak2000: not much; I audit, complain, and sometimes fix :)17:08
jak2000oo interesting then your specialization is SYSADMIN?17:10
sarnoldjak2000: no, security :)17:11
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lykwydchykynHey all18:24
lykwydchykynI think I may have figured something out18:32
lykwydchykynMy LTSP users seem to have two .xsessions running18:32
lykwydchykynThe clients get rebooted every night, but the old sessions stay running; since they can't run the browser without the client attached, they just loop ps forever18:53
lykwydchykynI'll just add something to kill all the client sessions after the reboot18:53
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: I really think you'd do better to take out the while true .. bit18:54
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lykwydchykynYeah, but I need these to respawn if the browser gets closed for some reason19:01
sarnoldlykwydchykyn: can't you just let the xsession die and then have the session manager restart the whole thing?19:01
lykwydchykynI suppose so; it just takes that much longer19:01
lykwydchykynBut all in all, it's probably a better appraoch19:02
lykwydchykynI'll test that on my dev system19:02
lykwydchykynI've been killing off the superfluous .xsessions, the effect on the cpu usage is dramatic19:03
lykwydchykynOK; infinite loop is axed.  I think this will be more stable now.  We'll find out in the morning!19:23
lykwydchykynThanks again for all the help!19:23
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WACOMaltHey folks. I just had my dedicated server host install ubuntu-server for me. I didnt specify a regular user, and it seems that ubuntu doesnt allow my root login by default22:25
WACOMaltis there any way for me to get in without re-loading ubuntu and specifying a normal user this time?22:25
WACOMaltapparently I can use the "ILO" to login as root, but I have no idea what that is22:27
PatrickdkILO is HP for remote console22:30
WACOMaltOk, I got that working. thanks.22:36
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jiffe98anyone know any good cloud server providers besides digitalocean?22:53
sarnoldjiffe98: hetzner.de is popular, I'm not sure if I'd call them "cloud" though..22:54
Patrickdkhetzner has been good to me22:58
PatrickdkI need to do a refresh sometime22:58
Patrickdkserver has been running there for 5 years without ever being offline22:58
Patrickdkit runs kindof like tbp :)22:59
Patrickdkit's just a proxy server, no disk usage or anything22:59
Patrickdkjust ipsec back to the real server22:59
Patrickdktpb :)23:01
sarnoldahhh :)23:03
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WACOMaltanyone in here used Virtualmin/Webmin?23:54

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