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bzoltan1mhall119: that problem is the next in the pipeline. We are working on the wizard to help developers to set up their chroots and eulators on the first SDK start and on the project opening.02:31
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jhodappmhall119, media-hub makes the call to powerd to keep the screen turned on during video playback03:30
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pittiachiang: hey Alex04:10
achiangpitti: guten morgan04:10
pittiachiang: thomi says you had a question about whoopsie? (not my biggest area of expertise, but maybe I happen to know)04:11
pittiachiang: "Morgen", yes :)04:11
thomiahh, German and their love of Capitals For Every Noun :)04:11
nhainesthomi: awfully nice when you're learning it though.  :)04:11
thominhaines: Just Capitalise All The Things!04:12
achiangpitti: we thought that whoopise should display an oops id in syslog, but no one could find it yesterday04:12
achiangpitti: the goal was to be able to find app crash reports on errors.ubuntu.com04:12
pittiachiang: try /var/log/upstart/whoopsie.log?04:13
pittimy /var/log/upstart/whoopsie.log.2.gz has04:13
pittiUploading /var/crash/_bin_dash.1000.crash.04:13
pittiSent; server replied with: No error04:13
pittiResponse code: 20004:13
pittiReported OOPS ID 4e11e74c-1706-11e4-b105-fa163e22e46704:13
achiangpitti: thanks. thomi - we are officially dumb!04:14
pittiachiang: don't worry -- this changed just a few days ago04:14
pittiachiang: do you know about the errors.u.c. link that shows all your reports?04:15
pittiachiang: control-center -> Security & Data protection -> Diagnosis -> Show earlier reports (freely translated from German, YMMV)04:16
achiangpitti: very neat. thanks04:18
achiangpitti: it asks me to login?04:19
pittiachiang: yes, it's a per-user page, and crash reports are sensitive04:19
achiangpitti: makes sense. i'll log in later when i feel like opening lastpass on my desktop and typing in a 20 char modem noise ;)04:19
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achiangpitti: hi, ok i'm ready to start tracking down some crashes... i logged into errors.ubuntu.com, but can't find the oops?06:15
pittiachiang: that's now something for bdmurray or ev, I'm afraid06:16
achiangpitti: fair enough. i should sleep then :)06:16
achiangpitti: do you know how to analyze it locally?06:17
pittiachiang: you can install apport-retrace on the device06:17
pittiachiang: then you can either use the apport-retrace command or pick "analyze locally" in the apport-cli menu06:18
pittithat will give you the option to retrace the .crash, or toss you into an interactive gdb session, both with all debug symbols06:18
achiangpitti: will it work on an amd64 host if i adb pull the crash log?06:18
pittiachiang: retracing yes; interactive gdb, no; but you need to collect the info through apport-cli06:19
pittii. e. apport-cli foo.crash, show the details, then save06:19
pittii. e. the .crash file needs to have "Package:" and "Dependencies:"06:19
achiangpitti: ok, thanks. i do indeed see a stack trace on my host06:20
dholbachgood morning06:53
nhainesdholbach: good morning!07:00
dholbachhi nhaines07:00
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pittiogra_: hey Oli, guten Morgen07:38
pittiev, ogra_: so on a freshly installed mako, /var/lib/apport/autoreport does not exist, and thus apport doesn't auto-upload07:38
pittiI suppose that flag file should be created during image build?07:38
pittiwas that changed recently? (I just flashed 162, with complete wipe)07:39
ogra_pitti, so i guess we need a livecd-rootfs hook then07:44
tvossmardy, ping07:44
pittiogra_: I'm not sure how this is designed to work; it must be changeable from the privacy settings, thus be a writable file; so it's either image build or the first-time wizard?07:44
pittiev: do you know what the design was for /var/lib/apport/autoreport? i. e. when/where to create/change it?07:45
ogra_should be at image build07:45
evYeah, it should be there as part of the image and deleted/recreated by the preferences page or the first use wizard.07:46
evThat was the intent anyway07:46
jibelpitti, maybe it is not created by the wizard because it crashes07:48
ogra_i'm not so sure the wizard creates it at all07:50
ogra_i have an install here sitting on build 111 ... that didnt have a wizard, the dir is writable and the file exists07:51
pittiI just flashed 162, and it's not there07:52
ogra_i dont see what would have initially created it though (and this istall never had the GUI used)07:52
pittispeaking of which, I just uploaded the three crashes which are there after a fresh install (upstart, the wizard, url-dispatcher)07:53
pittiev: is there any way to go from https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/e57a4008-1886-11e4-a5f7-fa163e4ccdf2 to the "bug" page?07:53
pittiI puzzled together this URL from /var/log/upstart/whoopsie.log07:54
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evpitti: no, because it has a corrupt stacktrace. It can't generate a signature, so there's nothing to bucket against or link a bug to.07:57
pittiev: ah, ok; usually there would be a link somewhere?07:58
pittiev: so even after the recent apport and ddeb fixes we still can't retrace? :/07:58
evYou should be able to go from crash instance to bucket to bug by clicking successive links, yes.07:59
evNot all retracing on armhf works yet, but bdmurray and team are making good progress. They have graphs07:59
evpitti: if you still have the .crash it might make a good test case.08:03
pittiev: yes, they are on my u phone08:07
mterryplars, poke when you're awake -- I'm going to see if I can reproduce that unlock failure08:11
jibelogra_, pitti I filed bug 135072208:13
ubot5bug 1350722 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "/var/lib/apport/autoreport doesn't exist on freshly installed phone" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135072208:13
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jibelseb128, bug 1350734 is for your team ?08:35
ubot5bug 1350734 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "system-settings-wizard crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135073408:35
pete-woodsdholbach: hey :) I'd really like to get the scope publishing thing figured out asap08:39
seb128jibel, no08:40
seb128jibel, it's for kevin or pat's teams08:40
seb128pat owns settings08:40
jibelseb128, ok, thanks08:40
pete-woodsdholbach: I'm happy to do any code changes to the review tools, I just need to know what the rules should be08:40
seb128but in practice mterry did most of the wizard work08:40
jibelseb128, yeah, that's what confuses me08:41
dholbachpete-woods, let me take a quick look08:41
mterryseb128, jibel: marked as dup of bug 133529808:41
ubot5bug 1335298 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-system-settings-wizard crashes on stop" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133529808:41
mterryjibel, I have some ideas of what causes it, but haven't tracked it down yet.  Note that the crash isn't why you see the spinner -- that's expected regardless08:42
pete-woodsdholbach: I think it's only chance that makes the current system work. It basically checks whether lists.ubuntu.com (email) is >= appname.ubuntu.com (package name)08:42
pete-woodswhich seems like a totally arbitrary check08:42
pete-woodsit seems like all the special case checks should happen inside the check:08:46
pete-woods            elif domain_rev == pkg_domain_rev[:len(domain_rev)]:08:46
mandelElleo, did you see any improvements with the last udm?08:48
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day!  :-D09:05
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mterrymdeslaur, oh by the way -- on the topic of pam_tally2...  it doesn't provide any feedback at all that a UI might consider useful.  Things like "X more failures before something bad happens" or "adding a delay because of too many failures" or some such.  In order to implement the design for wipe-after-too-many-fails, I would need to know that "one more failure is bad" and even to make a delay after 5 failures look nice, it would be good to know09:17
mterrythat's why PAM is taking a bit to respond, so we can tell the user.  Are we wedded to pam_tally2 vs a tally that the greeter keeps track of itself?09:17
dholbachpete-woods, jdstrand: https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/scope-email/+merge/22899309:20
dholbachpete-woods, do you know if anyone did a security review of the particular scope?09:21
pete-woodsdholbach: no, so far it's just me who's looked at it09:24
pete-woodswell, looked at == wrote09:25
dholbachpete-woods, because for 'accounts' we currently require reviews09:25
dholbachsorry, I mean for the security policy group09:25
pete-woodsdholbach: sure, that makes sense09:25
dholbachpete-woods, is 'accounts' necessary in this case?09:26
pete-woodsdholbach: well you're supposed to be able to log into your google account09:26
pete-woodsand use your credentials for video recommendations, subscriptions09:26
dholbachah ok, that makes sense then09:26
pete-woodsdholbach: although technically that functionality isn't complete yet in the scope09:27
pete-woodsbut I need to finish it soon!09:27
dholbachin that case it might be easier to get the scope in now without 'accounts', ping the security team in the meantime and add the security policy group later on? if that makes sense09:27
pete-woodsdholbach: if I get it reviewed this time, will it keep needing to be security reviewed in future?09:28
dholbachpete-woods, I don't think that's what happened with the core apps09:29
pete-woodsdholbach: it might be sensible to get it approved this once, assuming it doesn't take days for the review09:29
pete-woodsit basically wants read-only access to the user's youtube account09:29
dholbachpete-woods, with nobody of the security team here to give guidance, would it be possible to upload the scope for now without 'accounts' and then figure out the details with Jamie or anyone else later on?09:31
dholbachI wouldn't like to override the security team's request just now09:31
pete-woodsdholbach: okay, that works for me09:31
dholbachpete-woods, thanks a bunch!09:32
pete-woodsdholbach: just wanted to check if there was anything else you wanted me to change for the youtube upload? (if you're busy with other stuff, then sorry for nagging)10:32
dholbachpete-woods, no, it should just be the security policy10:45
pete-woodscool, well 1.0.3 has that change, so hopefully that is all good then :)10:47
dholbachpete-woods, approved10:50
dpmSaviq, after your last e-mail on ubuntu-phone I can't stop thinking of http://i.imgur.com/SYcnzPL.jpg10:55
mandelElleo, hello! did you get my message last night?10:56
mandelElleo, were you able to test the udm bins?10:56
Saviqdpm, ;)11:03
mdeslaurmterry: can't the greeter use the tally2 database to figure that information out?11:12
mterrymdeslaur, it could use the pam_tally2 executable, yes...11:13
mdeslaurmterry: no, I mean use pam_tally2 with pam, but then look at the database to figure out how many tries are remaining, etc.11:14
mterrymdeslaur, database is binary, only API is the executable11:14
mdeslaurI gather we also need to display something like "your phone is locked for 5 minutes"11:14
mterrymdeslaur, I don't think it gives that sort of information though (about what the configuration is)11:15
mterrymdeslaur, that would be nice11:15
mterrymdeslaur, to do this via pam_tally2.so, I think we'd need two bits of info -- what the configuration is (parsing pam.d files) and what the current tally is (parsing pam_tally2 output)11:16
mterryWe could maybe get away with *assuming* the config, but seems fragile11:16
mdeslaurthe reason I wanted it to be done with pam is so that we get the same restrictions when using ssh or adb11:16
mdeslaurbut I guess if the screen is locked, adb doesn't answer, so maybe we don't care11:17
mterrymdeslaur, is there any PAM api for the config?11:18
* mterry doesn't want to bother following pam.d include directives and all that11:18
mterryseems like madness11:18
mdeslaurhrm, probably not11:19
mdeslaurperhaps it would be better to implement it in the greeter after all11:19
mterryI suppose for some features, like wiping your phone after X tries, pam_tally2 doesn't even have a config11:19
mterryBut we could use a proxy value like "lock phone for 365 days" as a code for that11:19
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mdeslaurdoes pam_tally2 provide any sort of feedback that the phone will be locked for 5 minutes?11:20
mterrymdeslaur, this is not the first time I've wished PAM was much more expressive and let modules feed back hints to the UI.  Things like display hints for a pin vs password would be lovely11:20
mterrymdeslaur, when I did a quick test, it just seemed to silently deny11:20
mdeslaurI think not telling the user their phone is blocked is pretty much a showstopper11:21
mdeslaurmterry: what do you think>11:21
mterrymdeslaur, I am sympathetic to wanting it in PAM (that way we also affect anybody brute-forcing on command line).  But I don't think pam_tally2 is going to give us the info we want11:22
mdeslaurthat would have been too easy :)11:22
mterrymdeslaur, I can put the value in AccountsService (this is what I was going to do for wipe-logic).  For pre-split-greeter, we can allow user access to the field, but post-split-greeter, we can deny them write access to the failed-login count11:23
mdeslaurso...for an ideal situation...1- we write our own pam module that has a helper that the user can interrogate or 2- we implement it in the greeter11:23
mterrymdeslaur, true, I hadn't considered writing a PAM module11:24
mdeslaurfor the phone, it can be in the greeter11:24
mdeslaurbut at some point, we may want to move it11:24
mterrymdeslaur, we could fork pam_tally2 and add an associated daemon?11:25
mdeslauronce we become more converged11:25
mterrymdeslaur, or patch pam_tally211:25
mterryto feed a new daemon the info it needs11:25
mterrymdeslaur, but yeah I'm selfishly interested in a quick and dirty solution for now...11:25
mdeslauror at least store the current settings along with the status in whatever database file it uses11:25
mdeslaurand then accountsservice could be extended to read that database file for interrogation11:26
mdeslaurmterry: but I'm ok with having it in the greeter for now11:26
mdeslaurmterry: if that's what you mean11:26
mterrymdeslaur, yeah that was my quick and dirty11:26
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mdeslaurwe need to discuss all the authentication bits more thoroughly post rtm and converged11:27
mterrymdeslaur, keep config in greeter, store tally in a private AccountsService field, and we could change in future easily enough.  If we ever change the tally backend, it's not the end of the world to wipe the tally count11:27
mdeslauryeah, no big deal11:27
mdeslaurI'm don't think using dbus and stuff from a pam module is a sane thing to do11:28
mdeslaurbut we can figure it out then11:28
mdeslaurand like you say, even if we change, losing count is no big deal11:28
mterrymdeslaur, well when we write a pam module for this, we don't need to go via AS11:28
mterrymdeslaur, but I thought some pam modules already use DBus?11:28
* mterry can't remember which11:29
mdeslaurdo they? maybe11:29
mterrymdeslaur, the pam module that GNOME wants to write for PIN support would I think, if I read their plans correctly.11:29
mterrymdeslaur, maybe existing ones don't11:29
mdeslaurwell, I did say sane :)11:29
mterrymdeslaur, OK thanks for the discussion11:30
* mterry goes ahead11:30
mdeslaurcool, thanks mterry11:30
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popeymandel: do you work on powerd? (specifically bug 1342351 is looking for someone to triage)12:18
ubot5bug 1342351 in Ubuntu Music App "Music Player won't advance to next song if screen is blank and device is unplugged" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134235112:18
jhodappogra_, did the lxc-android-config change you helped me with yesterday make it into 161 or 162?12:20
ogra_jhodapp, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/ shows it in 16112:21
jhodappogra_, I guess I can find out, updating right now12:21
jhodappperfect, I'll double check it12:21
jdstrandpete-woods and dholbach: so, accounts is a reserved policy group right now and not available to app developers. it is allowed for Canonical employees, so I don't have a problem letting it in if this is a Canonical supported scope. that said, accounts should become a common policy group as soon as mardy's online accounts/trust session work is done12:32
jdstrandand that is currently supposed to happen for rtm12:32
pete-woodsjdstrand: cool, thanks for reading back :) I was hoping this would be the case12:32
jdstrandmardy: is that still on track? ^12:33
pete-woodsjdstrand: did you get chance to fix the cache dir permissions in the scope template, btw?12:33
pete-woodsah yes12:34
pete-woodsI see you did12:34
jdstrandpete-woods: yes, uploaded in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu  1.2.1312:34
pete-woodsoh no12:34
* pete-woods misread log for a second there12:34
jdstrandpete-woods: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/1.2.1312:35
pete-woodsyeah, I clicked on 1.2.12 by mistake12:35
jdstrandI had another request shortly after that upload12:35
jdstrandah, 1.2.14 is latest and it wouldn't have been too enlightening either12:35
dholbachjdstrand, thanks for the quick review12:37
jdstranddholbach: of the MR? sure thing! :)12:38
jorge133Hi all! I have a fast quesiton: Where can I find the phone releases (like r133, r163, etc) and changelogs?12:38
popeyjorge133: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/12:40
popeyjorge133: http://system-image.ubuntu.com/12:40
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jorge133Thanks, I just now seeing that it's in the header :)12:41
jorge133What are the difference between mako, flo, mantra and gerenic?12:42
ogra_they are for specific devices12:43
ogra_(and will only run on the respective hardware)12:43
jorge133thanks :)12:44
mandelpopey, not yet, sorry, ping ChickenCutlass to see who to assign that12:46
Saviqogra_, did you see my question about reducing ubuntu boot image? it doesn't fit on flo recovery partition any more, so dual boot is impossible on it :|12:57
ogra_Saviq, i thought i even answered12:58
Saviqogra_, oh, then must've been me who missed the answer12:58
* Saviq reads logs12:58
ogra_<Saviq> ogra_, hey, stupid question... do you know/think we could reduce the boot image size? it doesn't fit on flo's recovery partition any more, which means dual booting flo is impossible now12:59
ogra_<ogra_> how much is it over ?12:59
ogra_<ogra_> (if it is megabytes i fear there isnt anything we can do )12:59
Saviqogra_, good question, how do I find out do you think?12:59
ogra_-rw-r--r-- 1 ogra ogra 3,3M Jul 27 04:06 initrd.img-touch-0.7413:02
ogra_so the initrd is 3.3M13:02
Saviqondra-, do you know the recovery size on flo?13:03
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ogra_-rw------- 1 ogra ogra 6,8M Jul 16 13:25 boot/vmlinuz-3.4.0-3-flo13:06
ogra_so in summary that makes ~10M13:06
ogra_Saviq, looks like the kernel grew wiht the last build13:07
ogra_i doubt there is anything we can do apart from dropping kernel options or some such13:08
Saviqondra-, ↑ :|13:08
Saviqwe need a smart boot13:09
ogra_Saviq, hmm, seems the initrd also grew a bit (i guess due to xnox re-arranging plymouth)13:11
jorge133I know what is stable channel. But what are difference between devel and devel proposed?13:12
ogra_stable is a dead end that carries very old (but stable ... as in not changing)images13:15
ogra_if you want something that is up to date and usable you use the devel channel ... if you like to ive on the edge with totally untested stuff you use devel-proposed13:15
Laneytvoss: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7914486/ - seen this?13:16
jorge133thanks ogra :)13:17
tvossLaney, nope13:17
tvossLaney, where is that from?13:18
Laneywas building gst-bad but it seems to be entirely in platform-api13:18
tvossLaney, hmmm, that's weird. jhodapp ^, got an idea?13:19
janimobarry, around?13:20
jhodapptvoss, Laney, that's news to me...what exactly do you mean by it being in platform-api? are you talking about the source package?13:20
barryjanimo: yep!13:20
janimobarry, I'd like to get some guidance on how to write the test for the --skip-ssl-verify  MR13:21
Laneyjhodapp: I don't think it's your problem13:21
janimobarry, which test to use as a starting point13:21
tvossLaney, because you were pointing to gst-bad13:21
jhodappLaney, ok13:21
Laneytvoss: That's what I was building but I don't think it is at fault13:22
Laneythe same struct is defined twice13:22
jhodappLaney, oh sorry, missed the bug report13:23
tvossLaney, seems to me the _deprecated header is the offending bit here13:23
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jhodappyes, agreed tvoss13:23
Laneyseems so13:23
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mhall119jhodapp: is media-hub used for HTML5 video playback?13:27
jhodappmhall119, you mean in Oxide?13:28
mhall119jhodapp: hmmm, hadn't thought of that, does it make a difference whether it's oxide or webkit?13:31
Laneyjhodapp: btw this was me building gst-bad 1.4 with your stuff rebased13:31
jhodappmhall119, no I just mean that you're asking if it uses media-hub to play video back in our web browser app13:32
jhodappLaney, ah ok, thanks13:32
mhall119  jhodapp somebody was asking about it yesterday, they were playing a video in an HTML5 app and the screen was turning off on them13:33
mhall119I'm not sure our HTML5 app launcher is using oxide yet though13:33
jhodappmhall119, well if it's either browser backend, they don't use media-hub13:34
jhodappmhall119, and as a result, yes they will not prevent the screen from blanking13:34
robotfuelWellark: ping13:45
WellarkToyKeeper: ponh13:46
Wellarkrobotfuel: pong13:46
Wellarkoff by one13:46
robotfuelWellark: this is the most common crash the phone has currently. can you triage it? https://errors.ubuntu.com/bucket/?id=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/indicator-network/indicator-network-service%3A6%3A__gnu_cxx%3A%3A__verbose_terminate_handler%3A__cxxabiv1%3A%3A__terminate%3Astd%3A%3Aterminate%3A__cxxabiv1%3A%3A__cxa_throw%3Acore%3A%3Adbus%3A%3ABus%3A%3Asend_with_reply_and_block_for_at_most13:47
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jgdxLaney, mind checking https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/gsettings-ubuntu-touch-schemas/phone-settings/+merge/228620 again? I've renamed the schema.13:47
Wellarkrobotfuel: oh, good. an actual stacktrace! \o/ :D13:49
robotfuelWellark: yes, not easy to get :P13:50
Laneyjgdx: isn't it "Mapping from modem paths to SIM names"?13:50
Laneyi.e. the other way around13:50
Wellarkrobotfuel: I guess you can't get me the what() of that std::runtime_error :)13:51
Wellarkrobotfuel: ok, I will take a look13:51
Wellarkat least I can catch the exception to stop it from leaking, but would be nice to know what actually goes wrong13:52
Wellarkrobotfuel: oh, it's hitting hard13:53
jgdxLaney, oops. Pushd r4213:53
robotfuelWellark: most of these I assume are invalid password attempts to log in to my neighbors wireless routers, as the test is randomly clicking and swiping.13:53
seb128jgdx, you have a spacing issue as well, just commented13:53
Wellarkrobotfuel: :D13:53
Wellarkrobotfuel: be careful. in some countries it's illegal to log to your neightbors free wifi :)13:54
robotfuelWellark: it's okay in New Hampshire where I live. :D13:55
Wellarkrobotfuel: are you able to reproduce this reliably?13:56
robotfuelWellark: yes 15 times yesterday13:56
robotfuelWellark: I didn't reproduce it.. the random clicking and swiping test did.13:56
robotfuelWellark: fixing this will help improve our time before crash happens the most.13:57
ogra_Saviq, did the sensitive area for the left edge change somehow ? i find it hard to type on the most left column of the keyboard ...13:57
Saviqogra_, shouldn't have13:57
Saviqogra_, it was always kind of difficult to do anything near the edges (2gu)13:57
Saviqah wait13:57
ogra_my password has an "a" in it ... i havent managed once to hit it on the first tap13:58
ogra_always need to be very precise to make it recognized13:58
jgdxseb128, puushed r4313:58
seb128jgdx, thanks13:59
Saviqogra_, I think one thing changed indeed14:00
Saviqogra_, the launcher is now on top of the keyboard14:01
Saviqogra_, let me have a chat with designers here14:01
ogra_Saviq, ah, that might cause it14:01
Saviqogra_, can you please file a bug against unity8 and ubuntu-ux in the mean time?14:01
ogra_Saviq, well, try it yourself ... set a passwor in 162 and try to unlock14:01
seb128jgdx, oh, if I was to nitpick, one of your key descriptions ends with a "." and not the other ones, being consistent would be nicer14:07
Saviqogra_, yeah, we'll just put the edge detection below OSK for now14:10
ogra_Saviq, great, thanks14:15
jgdxseb128, in Norway we say, "Skal det være, så skal det være." Is it too late for me to push now?14:17
Saviqogra_, file the bug anyway please (didn't see it)14:19
ogra_havent filed it yet14:19
seb128jgdx, no it's not14:19
K1773Ris a SIM needed to test ubuntu-touch?14:19
seb128jgdx, we do manually landing, until somebody gets your change built in a silo and landed you can push changes14:19
t1mpK1773R: no14:19
K1773Rt1mp: ty14:20
jgdxseb128, k, thanks for the review.14:20
seb128jgdx, yw!14:20
ogra_Saviq, bug 135088114:21
ubot5bug 1350881 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "with recent unity8 changes the left column of the keyboard is not very responsive anymore" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135088114:21
jgdxkenvandine, wanna take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/sim-name-editor/+merge/229053 and https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1219793-reset ?14:23
kenvandinei was just looking at the sim-name-editor branch14:24
jgdxkenvandine, cool14:24
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=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
kenvandineseb128, when do you think jgdx's schema changes will land?14:29
seb128kenvandine, when it's reayd14:29
kenvandineyou top approved it :)14:30
seb128kenvandine, we can do a landing now if you want14:30
kenvandineit'd be nice... i'm reviewing his settings branch that needs it14:30
kenvandinewould make it easier to test it, etc14:30
kenvandinewe also need a gsettings-qt landing14:30
bdmurrayachiang: you can look up the OOPS ID as seen in line 6 of your pastebin https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/4923130e-1879-11e4-ab04-fa163e339c8114:32
bdmurrayachiang: at the bottom of that page we can see "Problem: ... failed"14:32
bdmurrayachiang: that's a link to the bucket - https://errors.ubuntu.com/bucket/?id=failed%3A/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/bin/qmlscene%3A6%3A/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc-2.19.so%2B178e6%3A/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc-2.19.so%2B2605e%3A/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc-2.19.so%2B26d4e%3A/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc-2.19.so%2B4f83814:33
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bdmurrayachiang: and that OOPS in the only instance of it14:33
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seb128kenvandine, k, I can do those now14:34
kenvandineseb128, you rock!14:34
seb128kenvandine, question for you btw14:34
seb128kenvandine, how are you supposed to access content-hub on images from the webbroser? clicking on a png url opens the image in the webbrowser, it doesn't give you the "open with" screen14:35
seb128I tried to hold the click to get the other actions14:35
seb128but that doesn't include it14:35
kenvandineit should have a "Save"14:35
kenvandinewhen you long hold on  the image14:36
seb128oh, once the image is open14:36
seb128not on the link?14:36
seb128let me try14:36
kenvandinenot the link14:36
seb128k, I didn't want to open the image, so I didn't even try there14:36
kenvandineyou can also long press on any image14:36
kenvandinei think14:36
kenvandinewithout opening it14:36
seb128well, that was an url14:37
seb128not an image in a page14:37
kenvandineElleo, ^^ why can't we trigger the download when long press on a link?14:37
seb128kenvandine, I tested on http://people.canonical.com/~seb12814:37
seb128there is an image in there14:37
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
seb128kenvandine, holding press on the image works, thanks ;-)14:39
sil2100boiko, renatou: I would need to free up silo 15, we're low on silos and I see it's marked as a test silo14:59
sil2100boiko, renatou: would that be ok?14:59
boikosil2100: we are trying to land that toda, so not sure :/15:00
sil2100Ah ;)15:00
sil2100Ok then, let me look for some other silo then :)15:00
boikosil2100: in case you really need it, ping us again15:02
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grego123Hi! How can I set a language on Ubuntu Touch?15:07
ogra_in the language settings15:07
grego123but it is only temporary, If I restart the emualator it is english again15:09
grego123and the apps are english always15:09
ogra_oh, i dont know about the emulator ... it is definitely working on devices15:09
grego123I think I found the solution: https://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-translators@lists.ubuntu.com/msg05653.html15:11
ogra_Saviq, there is also bug 1350862 if you didnt see it yet15:11
ubot5bug 1350862 in Unity 8 "SigKilled webapps (mostly) when pulled to the front open under the top panel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135086215:11
mptChipaca, hi, MacSlow just told dferrai that apps can’t trigger vibrations as notifications after all. Can you and he come to an agreement, please?15:12
K1773Ris it normal that the 3 buttons at the bottom cant be used?15:13
=== pete-woods1 is now known as pete-woods|lunch
popeyK1773R: what 3 buttons?15:15
K1773Rthe "touch buttons", go back, home and the other one15:15
popeywe dont support those15:15
K1773Ri c15:15
K1773Rso everything is fine :)15:15
ogra_actual phones you will be ablet to buy with ubuntu will most likely not have such buttons at all15:16
MacSlowmpt, there's currently no (hint) support for making notifications trigger a vibration upon display15:16
K1773Ri have no need for them, thats fine. just figuring out how to control it15:16
ogra_use the edges luke ;)15:17
MacSlowChipaca, mpt: while it is on the roadmap, it's waiting for a proper system-wide API to be based on.15:17
MacSlowChipaca, mpt: that's the current state15:19
mptthanks MacSlow15:21
achiangbdmurray: thanks. i was use errors.u.c/user/ which is obviously wrong :)15:21
mptChipaca, so are you asking me to design settings for this API that doesn’t exist yet? Or is there some other API that MacSlow doesn’t know about? :-)15:21
Saviqogra_, yeah, we saw that and investigating15:22
seb128kenvandine, can you update the description on https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/anchorkeyboard/+merge/228886 ?15:22
cwaynemterry: hey, so i tried an upstart job to set the language so that the greeter would pick it up, no worky though.  any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7915340/15:23
mterrycwayne, is this system or user job?15:24
cwaynemterry: user15:24
cwaynedoes it need to be system?15:24
mterrycwayne, the lightdm job is system, so yeha15:24
kenvandineseb128, done, hopefully that's better15:26
cwaynemterry: hm just cpied it to /etc/init manually and rebooted, still no dice15:26
mterrycwayne, right, because you have $USER and $HOME and stuff that won't work in system land15:27
grego123Hey, If I am right I can access the "reboot/power off" dialog by pressing f7 on emulator. But for me it doesn't work. It is just freezing out.15:27
mterrycwayne, so hardcode some stuff15:27
cwayneblargh, why is it so difficult to preseed a language :/15:28
seb128kenvandine, yes, thanks ;-)15:34
seb128mterry, the button color change, do you know if anyone is working on using symbolic names for those colors?15:38
seb128like "actionColor"15:38
mterryseb128, I *know* right15:38
seb128rather than hardcoding "blue"15:38
seb128if our theme change one day, do we just update all apps?15:39
mterryseb128, not to my knowledge.  I know we've complained about it between engineers, but I'm not sure whether the sdk guys have seen a bug or what not.  Saviq, we talked about this ^15:39
ogra_"actionColor" ... i like that ... sounds like it waers a bullet belt15:39
ratakillhi guys i have this problem:  Device herring not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel trusty15:40
ratakillsomeome can help me??15:40
dakercharles: hi, ju15:41
dakercharles: just want to know if you need any additional infos for bug 135040115:42
ubot5bug 1350401 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Incorrect time after NITZ operation made by the operator" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135040115:42
dakerbefore i try to fix the time on my phone15:42
seb128Saviq, mterry: I couldn't find an open bug, so registered https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/135091515:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1350915 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Colors should have symbolic names" [Undecided,New]15:43
ogra_ratakill, "herring" is not a supported device15:43
mterryseb128, thanks for taking action where I only griped  :)15:43
seb128nw ;-)15:44
ogra_seb128, i'd propose chuckNorrisColor instead of actionColor though15:44
mterryseb128, no welcome!  :(  so mean15:44
seb128ogra_, lol15:44
mterryoh no worries15:44
seb128mterry, doh :p15:44
Saviqseb128, thanks, confirmed15:44
Saviqseb128, what I'd like best is that we amended the list of colors that you can use in normal color: "foo" situations15:45
Saviqseb128, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that in Qt15:45
K1773Rwhen i swipe away an application, is it terminated, paused or does it continue to run?15:46
cwaynemterry: hardcoded stuff, and got: Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such interface 'org.freedesktop.Accounts.User' on object at path /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User3201115:49
jgdxkenvandine, are you able to make uss?15:50
mterrycwayne, I bet AccountsService isn't up yet -- you should...  uh.  I don't know the correct way to dbus-activate something from shell.  Try asking for the current value as a throwaway line, then try setting.  I think this is a known bug with accountsservice, that it doesn't handle the first request after waking it up well15:51
jgdxkenvandine, trunk that is15:52
ratakilloh well thanks for all guys have a good day15:54
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cwaynemterry: i dont suppose we could just have the wizard get its language from a dconf key :P16:05
mterrycwayne, naw man.  we have enough different places to store language as is16:06
mterrycwayne, did the 'fake out AS first' trick work?16:06
cwaynemterry: nope16:06
mterrycwayne, :(16:07
pmcgowancharles, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-location/+bug/1348334 fixed as https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-location/+bug/1338610 has been marked released?16:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 1348334 in Indicator Location "Actions aren't sending state over the bus" [High,Confirmed]16:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 1338610 in platform-api "indicator-location crashing during default, sdk and click_image_tests tests on smoketesting" [High,In progress]16:07
charlespmcgowan, no. The issue is that com.ubuntu.location.Service isn't available / can't be launched on the bus, and when that happens indicator-location winds up being a frontend to nothing16:08
charlespmcgowan, tvoss is investigating what's going wrong with com.ubuntu.location.Service16:09
pmcgowanah ok16:09
taiebotHas anyone notice battery consumption higher than normally on r162 ? After EOD i am already at 18% normally i am more on 50-60%16:10
charlespmcgowan, 1338610 is related in that it  prevents platform-api from crashing when com.ubuntu.location.Service isn't available, but the fix for kenvandine's bug #1348334 will be to make the service available16:10
ubot5bug 1348334 in Indicator Location "Actions aren't sending state over the bus" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134833416:10
K1773Rim unable to install some cli tools with apt-get install due to /var/cache/apt not being writable16:13
jgdxpmcgowan, are you able to make uss trunk?16:16
seb128kenvandine, jgdx: schemas change landed16:20
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tvosspmcgowan, charles the location service should not crash anymore as per https://bugs.launchpad.net/location-service/+bug/134788716:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347887 in location-service "Location service should install vanilla /etc/gps.conf" [High,Fix released]16:20
tvosspmcgowan, charles I checked that the service is up on boot16:21
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derek-gwe are all waiting for an ubuntu phone guys. just saying.16:33
popeyand we're still building it16:34
ogra_and it just got delayed by another hour16:34
derek-gI've made a decision not to hold for Ubuntu phone - no matter what. So if my current phone breaks - I'll be shit outta luck.16:37
derek-g Probbaly gonna be fired too, cuz my alarm is on the phone there and my boss won't be able to call me. And then I'm probably gonna be kicked16:37
derek-gfrom ,my apartment for non-paying rent cuz I was fired - so I'll probably end up being a hobo doing tricks for money. Still - small price to pay.16:37
derek-g /not to/to/s16:39
ogra_derek-g, well, at least you will have a phone someone can take videos with while you do your tricks for money ... and become a rich youtube star16:40
derek-gogra_, I KNOW - RIGHT!!!!16:41
geniiMeizu says on their site that their MX3 will come with an OTA update to Ubuntu Touch when it becomes available16:42
seb128kenvandine, do you think you could land https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/gsettings-qt/lp1349787/+merge/228841 ? not sure I can properly test that before travelling tomorrow16:42
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derek-ggenii, where????16:44
pmcgowanjgdx, I have not done a build in some time16:44
geniiderek-g: On their forums. Was reading it just yesterday16:45
derek-ggenii, u have a link?16:45
ogra_seb128, oh, i meant to ping you about that .... http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/161.changes ... is that droppage of teh schemas expected ?16:45
kenvandineseb128, sure16:45
pmcgowantvoss, means we are all set then?16:45
geniiderek-g: Sure, give me a couple minutes to find it again16:45
seb128kenvandine, thanks16:45
tvosspmcgowan, leaving it to charles for the last call16:46
pmcgowanseb128, have a great trip, should be interesting16:46
pmcgowantvoss, ok16:46
charlestvoss, if com.ubuntu.location.Service is running or launchable, indicator-location should work out of the box16:47
charlestvoss, what last call are you wanting me to look at?16:47
tvosscharles, telling me if the bug is fixed during smoketesting :)16:48
seb128pmcgowan, thanks16:48
charlestvoss, ok :)16:48
charlestvoss, is the location service fix in an image now?16:49
tvossyup, landed16:49
geniiderek-g: http://forum.meizu.com/viewthread.php?tid=16997&extra=page%3D1 post #316:50
jgdxpmcgowan, okay, seems like its failing for people (me and elopio)17:04
pmcgowanjgdx, whats the error?17:05
kenvandinejgdx, are you looking at your test failures in the sim-editor branch?17:08
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
kenvandinejgdx, they're mostly from the cellular panel17:08
jgdxpmcgowan, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7915420/17:15
jgdxkenvandine, looking17:15
pmcgowanjgdx, laney landed a change to the dependencies on qtmir yesterday, may be related?17:18
pmcgowannot sure how17:18
jgdxkenvandine, I am unable to build uss so I can't look. However, could be failing due to the missing schema.17:20
kenvandineah... your branch should include a depends then17:20
kenvandinefor the version that just landed17:20
kenvandine(>= 0.0.2+14.10.20140731)17:20
jgdxkenvandine, also, new gsettings-qt. The app segfaults without that.17:23
jgdxpmcgowan, you're right, thanks17:25
pmcgowanoh cool17:26
cwaynebeuno: hi, im getting an error whenever i try to install an app from the store with a certain account -- any ideas?17:29
jgdxpmcgowan, I guess there's a lag between a branch landing and build-dep knowing about new deps?17:34
pmcgowanjgdx, I see17:35
beunocwayne, lets look. What kind of error?17:36
cwaynebeuno: it just says "Download or install failed"17:37
beunocwayne, I'll check the logs17:37
cwaynebeuno: account was ubuntu.tester.001@gmail.com17:37
beunocwayne, I'll look into it, see if there's any logs17:43
beunootherwise, could be the client17:43
K1773Rim unable to install some cli tools with apt-get install due to /var/cache/apt not being writable. i want to install htop as example17:48
cwaynebeuno: it worked with a different account though17:53
beunocwayne, but maybe it's trying to use the other credentials?17:55
beunocwayne, is the failing account new?17:55
cwayneits what I had first17:56
cwaynethen removed and tried my real account, then it worked17:56
MoPacHello. I am looking to troubleshoot multitouch support on a hybrid notebook running Ubuntu Desktop x64. Is this the right place, or should I be looking in plain #ubuntu?17:56
MoPac(I'm not sure whether the touch driver/interface development and such is going straight into the main Ubuntu stack, or if this channel is really still dealing with a very separate project)17:57
robotfuelas anyone run into a problem after flashing an n4 where they are stuck on the google text screen and it won't boot?17:59
robotfuelI have 2 mako's stuck on the same google screen after flashing with --bootstrap.18:00
robotfuelplars: fginther: ^ have you seen phones in ci that are stuck on the google text screen? do you know workarounds?18:01
plarsrobotfuel: which image?18:01
plarsrobotfuel: does it actually boot, can you reach it with adb?18:02
robotfuelplars: I tried with today's proposed and stable18:02
robotfuelplars: it boot's with a device id of 0123456789ABCDEF18:02
plarsrobotfuel: 163 has just kicked off, but the earlier one today (162) went fine in the lab18:02
plarsrobotfuel: ahh, that's bad18:02
plarsrobotfuel: is it the only device you have connected?18:03
robotfuelplars: yes18:03
plarsrobotfuel: you can try forcing it into fastboot and retrying the provisioning with --bootstrap18:03
robotfuelplars: I tried --bootstrap with no success :(18:03
plarsrobotfuel: you tried again? could you tell at what point it was getting stuck?18:04
plarsrobotfuel: does adb say it's in device or recovery state?18:04
robotfuelplars: I am reflashing now, I can update in a minute18:04
plarsrobotfuel: this is a mako I guess?18:05
robotfuelplars: yes18:05
pindongacwayne, hi there, beuno told me you had some issues installing apps?18:05
plarsrobotfuel: we did see a case a while back where several of the devices got into a very weird state. Going into fastboot and doing 'fastboot format userdata' fixed it for us. You may try that if all else fails18:06
cwaynepindonga: yep, only with a certain account though18:06
pindongacwayne, what error do you get?18:06
pindongathis is on the phone itself, I guess, right?18:06
pindongawhat app?18:06
robotfuelplars: okay I'll try that next thanks18:07
cwaynepindonga: any app, the only error i get is that "Download or install failed"18:07
pindongacwayne, what account?18:07
cwaynepindonga: ubuntu.tester.001@gmail.com18:08
pindongaack, will see what info I can gather18:08
pindongacwayne, so, I think I know what the issue might be.. can I ask you to do some actions to confirm it?18:13
pindongacwayne, we found a bug where non-verified sso accounts can't download/install apps18:13
cwaynepindonga: sure thing18:13
pindongaand this account of yours is not-verified18:13
pindongathis was fixed on staging already but is not on production18:14
pindongawe plan to go to prod with this fix early next week18:14
pindongaso for the actions to confirm the issue18:14
pindongawhen you registered that sso account you should have received an email with a link to confirm the account18:14
pindongaif you can find that, could you click on that link ?18:14
pindongaalternatively, you can login to https://login.ubuntu.com and you can request confirmation from the "emails" page18:15
cwaynepindonga: found it18:15
pindongaonce you've confirmed the account, try to install the app again18:16
cwaynepindonga: hm, now its saying my password's wrong18:16
pindongacwayne, you're clicking on the link, or via the web page?18:17
pindongatry to login first, to make sure your passwd is ok18:17
cwaynei can't login at all anywhere, using the same credentials i used to test like an hour ago...18:18
pindongacwayne, make sure you're logging in with the right account; to do that, log out of sso completely18:19
cwaynepindonga: im in incognito, so shouldnt be logged into anything18:19
pindongaah, you can't use sso in incognito mode18:20
pindongaas it relies on certain headers being sent18:20
cwayneah, thatd do it18:21
pindongacwayne, I see you confirmed the account now... did you manage to test install too?18:25
cwaynepindonga: trying now18:25
cwaynepindonga: worked!18:26
cwaynethank you!18:26
pindongacool, np18:27
cwaynemterry: btw, i got it working :D18:27
pindongaglad we managed to confirm the bug too18:27
mterrycwayne, you are the best!18:27
mterrycwayne, how?18:27
pindongacwayne, this should land on prod sometime next week18:27
cwaynepindonga: wonderful, thank you!18:27
cwaynemterry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7916685/18:27
cwaynemterry: in /custom/xdg/config/upstart no less :D18:27
mterrycwayne, I would urge also setting Language for correctness18:28
mterrycwayne, does it also affect translation of wizard itself?18:28
* mterry doubts it would18:29
cwaynemterry: it seems fine without it18:29
mterrycwayne, yeah, because USS prefers FormatsLocale, but I can't promise some other piece of code either today or tomorrow won't look at Language18:30
cwaynemterry: well, the thinking is, the wizard itself sets the language doesnt it?18:30
cwaynemterry: the wizard seems to set .pam_environment, so really all we need to do is set the default for the wizard, and then it does the rest18:31
cwaynebut regardless, I'll set language anyway18:31
mterrycwayne, fair...18:31
* mterry is easily nervous18:31
cwaynei'll set both :)18:31
cwaynemterry: just tried, worked like a charm18:34
* cwayne is elated that he didn't have to do this in /etc/init18:34
mterrycwayne, awesome18:34
taiebothey testing emergency number looks like if you do a right edge swipe you can break the app and never use it anymore on r162. I would also like a request would be nice if i could allow few numbers to be called on emergency. I would quite like if i had an accident/lost my phone that my friends/family or my self could still be contacted18:46
achiangis creating a click chroot taking a ridiculously long time for anyone else?19:10
achiangstuck on Retrieving packages... for long time19:10
achiangok, finally seems to be unstuck. whew19:17
Wellarkjdstrand: I need your help tomorrow or next week or something19:29
WellarkI have a dbus service to confine19:29
* Wellark needs to implement it first19:30
robotfuelmardy: ping19:35
robotfuelmardy: I have this crasher that I need to make sure gets fixed, it looks like you're the most active in the signon-ui can you triage? https://bugs.launchpad.net/signon-ui/+bug/135100919:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 1351009 in Online Accounts: Sign-on UI "online-accounts-ui crashes when cancel button is selected" [Undecided,New]19:36
nik90rsalveti: hi, my emulator just stops at a black screen...I did not see Unity boot. I tried both devel (image 157) and devel-proposed (image 165). Thoughts?19:38
nik90rsalveti: I am able to adb into it and stuff19:38
dobeyhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7917154/ <- anyone know why this started happening today exactly?19:43
rsalvetinik90: let me check20:01
rsalveti157 worked fine when I tested it20:01
rsalvetilet me check 16520:02
rsalvetinik90: do you see any unity8 process?20:02
rsalvetinik90: during first boot, are you at least able to see the wizard?20:02
rsalvetiand I assume you're using the x86 one20:02
nik90rsalveti: I did not check. I recreated a new emulator using the terminal and it downloaded 166. That boots fine20:02
nik90rsalveti: but in 157 and 165, I did not even see the wizard20:02
rsalvetioh, ok20:03
nik90and yes  using the x8620:03
rsalvetilet me check latest20:03
nik90166 is good20:03
rsalvetiinteresting :-)20:03
nik90rsalveti: yeah...I tried 157 and 165 several times before asking..anyways happy to see 166 work. /me continues with clock app dev20:04
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t1mpis there a way to see a list of missed calls (with times) after you have called back so it is gone from Incoming?20:16
jdstrandWellark: I'm going to point you at tyhicks-- I'm happy to join the conversation, but he is the point of contact for helping people do trusted helpers20:19
tyhicksWellark: hey there - ping me when whenever you get it implemented20:20
Wellarkjdstrand, tyhicks: ok thanks!20:22
jdstrandtyhicks: Wellark and I talked about a couple of things before, so if this is about that and more context is needed, holler20:23
jdstrand(this was weeks ago)20:23
nik90rsalveti, t1mp: There seems to be an issue with the SDK in the emulator image 166. https://imgur.com/XVAzQeJ20:23
nik90rsalveti, t1mp: the header is cut of and clicking on something feels like clicking a few pixels about it20:24
rsalvetiyeah, saw that here as well20:24
nik90rsalveti: ah ok. Do we have a bug tracking this? It also feels really slow20:25
rsalvetinot that I know, just saw the issue20:25
rsalvetiwas still fast here though20:25
nik90rsalveti: seems like others have it as well since 165, https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09293.html20:27
rsalvetiyeah, mind opening a bug for that?20:27
nik90rsalveti: against SDK?20:27
rsalvetialso pinging the landing team about that bug, as it's a regression and blocks promotion20:28
rsalvetinik90: yeah20:28
nik90rsalveti: sure will do20:28
cyphermoxkenvandine: think we could include my bluetooth-redesign branch as well for your ubuntu-system-settings landing?20:36
kenvandinecyphermox, is it ready?20:36
cyphermoxI haven't kicked ps-jenkins again just yet to get it to re-look at it, but it would be ready20:37
kenvandinecyphermox, i'm adding it, i'll reconfigure it after this build is done20:38
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pmcgowankenvandine, the mother of all landings20:44
kenvandineit's going to be :)20:45
cyphermoxhaha :)20:48
kenvandinebfiller, oh, you got us a content-hub silo again... then i'll add my settings branch for the package rename to my silo ;)20:49
* kenvandine watches it grow20:49
bfillerkenvandine: yeah sorry I forgot to let you konw20:49
kenvandineno worries20:49
kenvandinei just can't land one of mine until the api_v1 content-hub branch lands20:50
kenvandinebfiller, oh, you missed that branch :)20:51
kenvandinei don't want the peer-picker-updates branch to land without that20:52
taiebotcan someone confirm that before i do a bug report http://tinyurl.com/l65qlrx20:52
kenvandinetaiebot, oh my20:53
kenvandineyes... i see the same things20:53
kenvandinethat is bad...20:53
taiebotits weird its only the first like 20 and after it looks fine20:54
nik90kenvandine: hi20:57
nik90kenvandine: is this https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/sound_panel/+merge/228766 what I think it is :))))) ?20:58
nik90kenvandine: are we getting a silent mode?20:58
jgdxmpt, hey, is the cellular[1] spec up to date? Seems to be missing sim name editor and default sim for messages? Also, should the user not be able to go back to "ask" for default sim? [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking#phone-cellular20:58
taiebotSomeone confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bug/135105721:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1351057 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "Shorts app mainview is broken on r162" [Undecided,New]21:00
taiebotBy the way the same things seems to be happening in music app maybe its related too http://tinyurl.com/ntdtjm3 covers are broken as well21:05
AskUbuntuNexus 7 flo GPS support and offline maps | http://askubuntu.com/q/50520321:21
dobeyman, not having to long press to close things is so much nicer21:40
Chipacampt: I'm not sure what MacSlow is talking about, but I can say that the postal service can currently trigger vibrations22:02
Chipacampt: i'll catch up with him tomorrow about that22:02
dobeyChipaca: that's a pretty accurate description of string theory and things getting put into my mailbox by a postman22:06
Chipacadobey: it's, like, cosmic22:06
Chipacampt: so, even before I talk with MacSlow, he is essentially correct: there is no way for an application to trigger a vibration. If an application can talk to the postal service, it is in the foreground; if it is in the foreground, postal notifications (which include vibrations) are ignored (with a caveat around emblem counters because they are weird). The preferences screen, and the vibrations therein, are presented to the user on behalf of the app22:10
Chipaca, but not by the app.22:10
Chipacampt: so, depending on the context, he might have been 100% correct, or only technically correct. I'll check with him.22:11
kenvandinenik90, yup!22:11
diego_Hi guys22:47
diego_i have a situation in here running the ubuntu-touch emulator22:47
diego_i have a 6520g HD videocard22:47
diego_can someone run the emulator?22:58
nik90diego_: I am able to run the emulator23:01
diego_i cant23:04
diego_i have a 6520g radeon videocard23:04
diego_wich card u have?23:06
diego_FrameBuffer::post eglMakeCurrent failed23:08
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