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foobarrydaftykins: i cancelled direct debit due to some spurious behaviour on their part08:12
foobarryfalse overcharging that i wasn't interested in paying08:12
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:54
bashrctried finalterm again yesterday.  It's still not ready for the desktop, since it doesn't support various key combinations08:57
bashrcbut looks nice08:57
bashrcI like the gliding cursor08:57
bashrcit slides along smoothly08:57
foobarryi used terminology for a while due to the cool inline images08:57
bashrcin a balletic fashion08:58
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day!  :-D09:04
bashrcuncommon instruments?09:05
JamesTaitI don't know if it's specifically about musical instruments, or if, say, medical instruments also count.09:06
* awilkins chooses the "hang" as his uncommon instrument09:14
foobarryi choose the babooshka09:14
foobarryweb question. i have 2 virtualhosts on the same IP. barry:80 and bob:443 . if i type bob.domain it is defaulting to port 80 and serving barry:80 on bob:8010:10
foobarryi want bob.domain to default to bob:443, i need a rewrite rule?10:10
foobarryor redirect10:11
shauno_I think bob:80 should be serving the default content? (it's not matching a virtualhost at all)10:12
foobarryah, so i make a bob:80 virtualhost and then rewrite?10:12
shauno_I believe so, yeah10:13
foobarryNameVirtualHost *:8010:13
foobarry<VirtualHost *:80> ServerName mysite.example.com DocumentRoot /usr/local/apache2/htdocs Redirect permanent /secure https://mysite.example.com/secure10:13
foobarrythanks, i'll try that10:13
foobarryhand't thought about that10:13
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QuincyK54Anything I've forgot ? Oh GMorning Pimped DebianUsersUK  Hehe.10:36
QuincyK54I have a pvilion G6 with Win7 --.. will the 14.04 "just install" alongside, without sound or HDMI problems ? 'cos It's, not my machine.10:38
foobarryhmm. now i've got the opposite10:40
foobarrybob but no barry10:40
QuincyK54I know Dubarry , but not Bob.10:41
foobarryQuincyK54: try before installing10:41
foobarryclick "try ubuntu"10:41
foobarrywhen booting from usb10:41
shaunoare you sure barry was actually working?  if bob:80 was serving barry's contents, barry's in the default docroot & would be served if it didn't match anything10:42
foobarrybarry was working because it redirects to localhost:456710:42
shaunoI mean, it might have been serving the right content by accident, rather than intentionally10:42
MyrttiPavilion G7 is certified for 12.0410:42
QuincyK54Ok .. I shall .. I just think the G6 laptop had afew Kinks .. but I shall try as I bought several DVD's on the Canonical store !Yeay!10:43
foobarryor download the image?10:43
QuincyK54Myrtti, So 14.04 shouldn't be a problem .. do I need toask that ?10:43
QuincyK54**to ask10:43
Myrttiwell you've got G6, not G7, and you're planning 1404, not 120410:45
Myrttibut the best way to find out is trying before installing10:46
QuincyK54yes, I've got the official 14.04 dvd  .. I dhall try  .. thank-you operators.10:46
popeyOk. How can I send a cell phone to finland?10:46
popeypost office refuse to take it10:47
popeyparcel2go refused too10:47
davmor2popey: ask msm10:47
popeyah good call10:47
QuincyK54popey, Is this urgent ? There is a guy on #twil (If it's still going) from Finland (Not the Norwegian guy) -- He'll know.10:48
QuincyK54Other than that DHL.10:48
QuincyK54or speedboat :)10:49
popeymsm is a magical being10:49
popeyshe's arranging it10:49
popeynice one davmor210:50
QuincyK54sound's dedicated, anyway.10:50
davmor2popey: she wears that wonder woman T-Shirt for a reason you know10:50
foobarryseems i need to use NameVirtualHost properly10:50
QuincyK54So, How's the consensus of adopting Pitivi in the shipped default release for 16.04 ??#RandomMumblings Or is it too 2nd class citizen atmo. Sorry if I'm eeking anyway - If your working.10:53
QuincyK54gotts go .. I'l check the logs .. #Random But Inquisitive .. Biccy time10:55
Myrttipopey: I'm flying tomorrow10:55
popeyheh, thanks, sorted it.10:56
foobarryright. chrome is working as intended. firefox is redirecting bob:80 -> barry:44311:07
foobarrycleared cache, now seems better11:08
foobarryis proxypass insecure?11:22
popeyYay! Hermes driver says my parcel is on my doorstep.12:02
popeyIt isn't.12:02
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directhexpopey: it's on the doorstep of a house with a similar number to yours, within a number of streets12:13
popeyjust walked around the neighbours12:14
MartijnVdSpopey: maybe the sticker on your door scared them12:30
popeyreally annoying because I can't contact the seller because ebay wont let me until I get to the expected delivery date of monday12:31
MyrttiI got a letter from Yorkshire tea :-D12:33
MartijnVdSMyrtti: what did they write?12:51
Myrttihere's a sticker, post a picture with it :-D12:51
MyrttiI'm going to recycle the card as a decoration to my phone12:51
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foobarrysurely you can send a message to any ebuyer?13:29
popeyyeah, if you choose "other" rather than "my parcel has not been delivered" which I now have13:30
dwatkinsit baffles me that delivery people leve parcels on doorsteps13:42
dwatkinsseems to be common practice in the US13:42
popeygot a reply from ebay vendor13:43
popey"The parcel has to be signed for. If they left it at the porch, who then signed for it! I will try to get in touch with them. They are stupid people."13:43
dwatkinsI contacted an Amazon seller because I hadn't received my phone case, it turned out they'd sent the wrong thing, and I'd assumed a friend who was staying with me had ordered it.13:45
dwatkinsThe seller was able to tell me who signed for it, though.13:45
directhexdwatkins: in the case of hermes, they dont employ any delivery people.13:47
directhexdwatkins: they pay normal people a per-parcel fee to deliver. so they ship 100 parcels to some dude's house, and he distributes them for pennies each. standards can easily slip in that setup13:48
dwatkinsdirecthex: oh my, I see13:59
dwatkinsthere was me thinking "you had one job..."14:00
directhexit basically avoids the need for branch warehouses14:00
foobarrywow its quiet in the office today14:12
dwatkinsmy office is quiet, since I'm working from home14:21
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Myrttirandom thought of the day: is it just me, but does the little boy in Jurassic Park look a bit like Charlie in the older Wonka chocolate factory?15:00
daftykinsa teensy bit15:01
popeywithout looking at those pictures, from memory, yes ㋛15:03
daftykinsi knew not the JP kid :>15:04
SuperMattrelevant: http://imgur.com/gallery/vPkakSd15:11
daftykinsdamn it, they could all fit through!15:12
Myrttiyeah, that's the pic that started me thinking15:12
diddledandaftykins: certainly the kids could have crawled through15:15
Myrttiwell atleast Timmy would've15:15
diddledanthe fence does look mean though15:17
diddledanwhat with those ceramic isolators on the mast15:17
diddledanand then the wholly metal ones in-between which negate the effect15:17
daftykinsnah that girl can totally get through too, if not the adults as well - look at the panel the boys knees are in15:18
shaunolol, Lex - of "I know this, this is unix!" fame  (I figure if Timmy deserves a name ..)15:20
daftykinsthe little faker!15:20
shaunoevery single time my laptop starts complaining about the battery with >1hr left, it makes me smile15:22
diddledanshauno: that 3d file explorer was totally available to download from the internet for some esoteric unix at one point15:22
shaunoof course, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fsn15:23
diddledanlol @ the last sentence in that wiki15:25
directhexHave you pre-ordered pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend yet? http://store.steampowered.com/app/31008015:25
diddledan"After the release of the film, some perceived the visualisation as an example of media misrepresentation of computers,[2] citing the computer game-like display as being an unrealistic Hollywood mockup."15:25
daftykinshow about Hackers, flying through the skyscraper-like filesystem? :P15:28
directhexi love that movie <315:29
daftykinssame :D15:29
diddledandaftykins: that was faked, however15:32
diddledandaftykins: apparently the director decided that computer generated graphics wouldn't be realistic enough to portray a computer generated graphics15:33
directhexyo dawg15:34
daftykinsjust be careful of your trash, guys15:34
daftykinsdon't store your important stuffs in there15:34
directhexmy garbage file!15:34
daftykinsoh :>15:34
daftykinsi still feel sad about how cool they made nerds look15:34
directhexabout 80% of /r/talesfromtechsupport is "my super important files/mails were in the recycle bin, how dare you?"15:34
daftykinsthat happens to me all the time from clients15:35
daftykinsdrives me spare15:35
diploheh I'm reading that right now15:35
diploVery new to actually reading reddit :)15:35
diploBeen signed up for years15:36
daftykinsseems i'm the only one that doesn't touch it still15:36
diploTIFU is quite good as well15:36
diploLast week or two for me daftykins :)15:36
daftykinstime to setup another HDD RMA with WD15:36
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:39
bigcalmHave there been any RAT meeting up discussions? Would be nice to know where peeps will be15:40
bigcalmpopey: found your ticket? :)15:44
bigcalmOh dear :(15:44
popeyhermes reply to my tweet 4 hours later..16:29
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dwatkinsI regularly get replies many hours later, popey - I've gotten used to people working instead of dropping everything to reply...17:50
dwatkinsat first I was wondering what I'd done, but then I realised I'm expecting a reply from someone who doesn't sit at a computer all day.17:55
dwatkinsis there some special trick to rescuing a yahoo email account? looks like my SO's has been hacked :(17:56
daftykins:/ standard recovery approach not working?18:00
dwatkinsthe e-mail address for recovery isn't her alternate address, daftykins18:03
dwatkinslooks like the hax0r got in, and set up another one; she hdn't set up questions nor a mobile number unfortunately (although I'll check that for certain on Saturday)18:04
daftykinsbest be on it sharpish18:04
dwatkinsworst part is, it's an AOL address18:04
dwatkinsI'd have been there the day she told me if it hadn't seemed a little too forward ;)18:05
diddledandwatkins: you mean you didn't ensure your SO had secure password practices ingrained?18:05
dwatkinssadly I suspect the damage is done, but perhaps there's a way we can plead with Yahoo! to give the account back to her by proving it's hers somehow18:05
dwatkinsdiddledan: we havn't been ging out very long, diddledan ;)18:05
dwatkinsI havn't even seen her laptop yet...18:06
dwatkins(I'm not actually kidding, she's well aware it's old and slow)18:06
diddledandwatkins: pervert! :-p18:06
daftykinssometimes it's best not to get to that stage ;)18:07
dwatkinswell, we'll see - perhaps I'll be able to work some magic from the fact she's still logged in from somewhere18:07
dwatkinsdaftykins: I'll slowly persuade her to get a machine with a proper kernel18:07
dwatkins...and seure everything properly - this will probably be a good starting point in a sense18:07
daftykinsoh dear.18:07
daftykinswell here's my Saturday planned out, to setup a NAS18:08
dwatkinsby bicycle?18:08
diddledancornwall got funky-shaped :-D18:08
daftykinsyes sir! two wheels are the only form i have18:08
daftykinsdiddledan: ;)18:08
dwatkinswell, it's cheap - I cycle to work 4 times a week :)18:09
dwatkinsit's ony 5 miles, but gets me a little fitter18:09
dwatkinsI'm working up to a 100 mile trip sometime later this year.18:09
daftykinssounds good, i'm really unfit these days as i live in town now and don't need to ride so often18:10
dwatkinsI also swim and run a little, too.18:10
diddledanlast I looked it was shaped like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/czwej6yocb3e35w/Screenshot%202014-07-31%2019.10.14.png18:10
dwatkinsDiscovered a colleague had begun running at lunchtimes, so I'm joining him.18:10
dwatkinsdiddledan: daftykins lives in the future where global warming has reshaped Cornwall and separated it from the mainland.18:11
diddledanI guess it's been eating too many pasties?18:11
diddledandwatkins: nah the mainland connects on the top-right of his image18:12
diddledansame as mine18:12
diddledanonly his cornwall is fatter. and the claw-shape at the bottom has bent around a bit18:13
dwatkinsmine is upside down and called Scotland18:19
diddledanthat's a crap video18:25
dwatkinsthis planet really has everything, there's even a band which sings about Doctor Who and the TARDIS.18:25
dwatkinsChameleon Circuit18:25
diddledanthe chameleon circuit is broken tho18:26
diddledanhence why it's a police box18:26
dwatkinsit hasn't worked since 1963...18:26
dwatkins...but the Doctor won't give up on me18:27
diddledannetflix is completely broken for me :-(18:40
dwatkinsthe Ubuntu app or the site itself, diddledan?18:41
diddledaneverything I click on is either "not available to play instantly" or "unavailable in your region"18:41
diddledanthe site18:41
dwatkinsworks ok for me, but I'm effectively in Ireland.18:41
* dwatkins fishes out a tablet18:41
diddledanaah found one thing that plays18:42
dwatkinshaha gutted18:42
dwatkinswow, this iPad is a complete mess, I could easily spend my 2 hour train journey tidying it up18:43
diddledanall the apps not in folders?18:43
dwatkinsit doesn't tend to get used a lot18:43
dwatkinsheh "travelling with Netflix?"18:45
dwatkinsyeah, I just logged in from home instead of via VPN18:45
dwatkinsthat works too, though, blame your ISP, diddledan18:45
diddledanI think it's because I have a hurricane electric ip6 tunnel18:45
dwatkinsthat might do it, yeah18:46
diddledanI can't wait until ip6 is provided by my isp18:46
diddledanbut it's sky so the chances of that are slim for the forseeable18:46
DJones4But what benefit would an ipv6 ip address give you over an ipv4? At the end of the day your home connection either way has an ip address you can connect to18:49
DJonesAs far as I know, it doesn't speed up connections18:50
diddledanIP6 is "the future"18:50
DJonesINternal devices still have ip addresses provided by the router18:50
diddledanthere is no concept of "internal" and "external" in IP618:50
diddledanall devices are routed18:50
dwatkinsare ports still blocked, though?18:51
DJonesdiddledan: But how does every device having its own ipv6 address change things, they're still connected via the same router, using the same landline18:52
diddledani.e. my fridge can be accessed directly from the internet if there's no firewall preventing it18:52
dwatkinspopey: wasn't that a Kickstarter project?18:53
dwatkinsok, slightly different18:53
diddledanwith IPv4 there is no capability to route without rewriting the IP packets - with IPv6 you don't rewrite anything so it's "compatible" with protocols that don't play well with nat such as ftp18:54
DJonesdiddledan: Erm, so all it does is cut out the router, except that the fridge wouldn't have an internet connection unless it was connected to the router?18:54
dwatkinsI guess FTP can easily be updated to support IPv6 but not routing18:55
dwatkinsclients and servers18:55
diddledandwatkins: you misunderstand - ftp doesn't play well in NAT (IPv4) but ipv6 allows it to work seamlessly18:55
DJonesTo my mind, ipv6 doesn't make any difference unless every individual device has its own mobile sim18:55
dwatkinspopey: also, this... http://denki.world3.net/beebkb.html18:55
popeythat kickstarter went all downhill18:56
dwatkinsdiddledan: ah ok, not sure I understand what can or can't be changed, but ok :)18:56
dwatkinspopey: oh dear18:57
diddledandwatkins: specifically with ftp in the ip4 world both ends of the ftp connection need to be able to open a port for an inbound connection from the other side - we've previously "worked around" the problem by deep-packet inspection but that only works in unencrypted communications channels18:58
dwatkinsit's going to be a long evening... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ffnokp5vjp7zdfp/Screenshot%202014-07-31%2019.59.38.png - Windows 7 has quite a lot to do19:00
dwatkinsdiddledan: aha, I didn't realise taking packets apart was required, thanks19:00
DJonesdwatkins: Sounds like 24 hours of updates then :)19:00
DJonesAs in you updated yesterday and thats the last 24 hours of bug fixes19:01
dwatkinsDJones: we're on number 14 already19:01
diddledanso ipv6 allows ftp to work because there's no concept of "private" ip addresses meaning that each device has an end-to-end connection with any other device without any messing around with rewriting packets19:02
dwatkinsso NAT is a hack?19:02
diddledanNAT was a short-term solution19:03
dwatkinsI guess they didn't anticipate just how many devices we'd need to put online19:03
diddledanactually it was a case that the internet took off before we were ready - vint cerf in a recent interview pointed out that ipv6 is what should have been used in the outset and ipv4 was just a proof-of-concept19:04
diddledanthe "beta" version if you will19:04
dwatkinsthis sounds familiar ;)19:05
MartijnVdSyay ipv6 :)19:09
MartijnVdSalso.. yay fast internet19:09
MartijnVdSHotel internet on Jersey was like being back on dialup.19:09
MartijnVdS(or maybe it just felt like that because I have 100/100 here)19:10
diddledanMartijnVdS: I want your babies ^H^H^H^H internet19:10
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I'm getting 500/500 as soon as they upgrade the other side :)19:11
diddledanthat's just taking the micky19:11
MartijnVdSThat's just FttH, instead of ttC :)19:11
daftykinsmmm custard creams19:11
MartijnVdSI have a gigabit media converter in my utility cupboard. It's "just" an ethernet line.19:12
daftykinsMartijnVdS: could be ;) i was shocked to discover that our providings over here have far surpassed Jersey's19:12
MartijnVdSdaftykins: it was fun there though! Did you see my photos (on g+)19:12
daftykinsthey have daytime FUPs O_O19:12
daftykinsnah i don't use g+19:12
daftykinsbut you should come to the real island ;) Jersey is just little England19:13
MartijnVdSdaftykins: https://plus.google.com/photos/100189567362844794281/albums/604143896317554281719:13
MartijnVdSdaftykins: Little England where you can't drive over 40 anywhere 8-)19:13
daftykins35 here \o/19:13
daftykinsooh that castle off France19:15
MartijnVdSdaftykins: The "The North", "The West" etc. signs were hilarious... having only seen them on the M25 before19:15
daftykinsMont Saint Michel/Michael - looks neat19:15
MartijnVdSdaftykins: yeah, with the same name as the castle off Cornwall (St Michael's Mount) :P19:15
daftykinshow unoriginal19:16
dwatkinsno wonder I was always confused about where it was19:16
daftykinsdidn't realise there was a whole bridge to it19:16
MartijnVdSdaftykins: there wasn't one. They're just finishing it.19:17
daftykinshow great are custard creams :)19:19
daftykinsMartijnVdS: so good trip all in all? you should've reminded me and hopped over here for a pint or two!19:19
diddledandaftykins: not as great as pizza19:20
MartijnVdSdaftykins: I didn't have proper internet, or I would have :)19:20
MartijnVdSdaftykins: that local ale was quite good :)19:20
daftykins*mumbles something about Jersey*19:20
MartijnVdSdaftykins: they had a "Herm Island Gold" as well19:20
daftykinsooh, i did not know Herm brewed their own19:21
MartijnVdSwell it's done by the same brewery (Liberation)19:21
MartijnVdSand they do: http://www.liberationgroup.com/our-beers/bailiwick-best19:21
daftykinsyeah Best is good :)19:21
daftykinshere's me having a pint of it down one of my islands lovely bays19:22
MartijnVdSI see I need to go back some time, and do a proper CI tour :)19:22
MartijnVdSBut I'm not driving again. 8 hours straight from/to St Malo19:23
daftykinsthere's some more of that same day if you care to see19:23
daftykinsdo a cycling tour \o/19:23
MartijnVdSalso, next time I'll bring shoes that don't make my feet blister19:26
daftykins:D i've come to think that hiking shoes are ace for all travel now19:27
DJonesBrilliant http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/130157-people-given-a-20-casio-watch-and-told-it-s-an-apple-iwatch-cue-hilarious-reactions19:38
daftykinsoh dear.19:40
DJonesIts worth watching till the end for the "I just like it because its got an apple sticker on the back"19:40
diddledanare americans really as thick as the tv makes them appear?19:44
dwatkinsnot all of them19:45
MartijnVdS80/20 rule19:45
daftykins'Kofi Annan, is that some kind of new coffee' <-- i remember that one from a video19:46

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