nhainesrww, elky: I've had Ubuntu coffee. Actually, I think we used it at the December OCLUG installfest.  It's rich and almost buttery.  Would drink again.03:16
* nhaines thinks there's a little bit of ground coffee left in the bag. Should drink again.03:16
* ianorlin actually doesn't drink coffee03:17
nhainesianorlin: oh, you have to brew it first.03:28
nhainesMuch smoother that way.03:28
* ianorlin knows that04:26
nhainesI didn't drink coffee until work demanded it.04:27
nhainesNothing like fighting sleep while teaching a class at the Screen Actor's Guild.  Turns out you can drink 4 Keurig pods in a 15 minute break.04:27
nhainesI was terrified that I'd fall asleep during lunch and not be there for the last half of the class haha.04:28
elkynhaines: i'll have to try it some time05:35
nhaineselky: and if you don't like it, just bring it to a LUG meeting!  :D05:37
* ianorlin unfortanely was not at December installfest06:11

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