skellatUnit193: Do you have a moment?03:46
Unit193I might, and if not I'll in and out.03:46
skellatI needed to ask you about ubottu and what happened to it03:47
skellatSo this is properly something to discuss over in #ubuntu-locoteams03:47
Unit193Ah, so it's missing from there.  Was it actually ubottu, or another ubot[1-5]?03:48
skellatI think it was ubottu proper03:49
skellatjose mentioned off-hand something went haywire and beyond that...bupkis03:50
Unit193/bots has it marked as ubot4, but you'll want to ping tsimpson over in #ubuntu-irc.03:51
skellatI'll put that on tomorrow's today list03:51
skellatAll jose said was blame tsimpson and I was left scratching my head as to what that meant03:51
Unit193Only thing I could do is drop ubot93 in.03:52
skellatWhich I noticed is in #ubuntu-release03:52
skellatI'll do the ping tomorrow03:53
skellatI may see about setting up a Vanguard schedule for LoCo Council members to actually sit on-channel to be available03:53
skellatAkin to #canonical-sysadmin03:53
skellatThank you Unit193 for your aid03:54
Unit193-sysadmin needs it more than -loco does.  Sure thing.03:54
* Derath-Srvr yawns04:52
* Unit193 pokes Derath-Srvr.08:24
* Derath-Srvr draws on Unit193's face with a marker12:06
=== andygraybeal_ is now known as madscythe

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