InHisNameGoodnight peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else02:37
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else12:03
jedijfrmg51: need anything for fosscon -probably stopping at microcenter for some usb sticks - have dvd's(straight ubu)12:15
rmg51I should be good12:15
rmg51I have to check to see how many dvd's I have12:15
rmg51blank ones^12:16
rmg51I have a bunch of iso's12:16
rmg51lubuntu, xubuntu, mint12:17
rmg51mint with xfce12:17
teddy-dbearI haz chocolate :-D12:19
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lazyPowerMorning everyone13:25
adomChinnoDog: chatted with you on fbook messenger already, but no, unlikely I'll be in upstate NY that weekend. :(17:15
ChinnoDogI am teaching customers how to use git today.19:41
pleia2that should be fun19:43
ChinnoDogActually, it is. I am not teaching them how to use every feature! I'm only teaching them how to clone, push, and pull using the simplest of workflows.19:44
pleia2newcomers to git always find themselves with interesting problems19:45
ChinnoDogThey don't know enough to cause problems yet.19:46
pleia2well, I find if they've used a revision control system before they tend to want to do similar things and figure out strange ways to do it, causing a bit of a mess :)19:51
pleia2particularly if they've never used a distributed one before, gets confusing19:52
ChinnoDogLuckily they have not used one before. I set it up with only one branch in the repo though so still not hard to adapt to.19:55

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