magespawngood morning05:12
nuvolarioh hi05:32
=== Symmetri1 is now known as Symmetria
Kilosoh my who_da_fly 06:43
Kilosmorning all06:43
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 06:43
charlgood morning07:06
charlhi Kilos, ThatGraemeGuy 07:06
charlMaaz: coffee on07:07
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:07
Kiloshi charl 07:07
ThatGraemeGuyhey charl07:07
charlhoe gaan dit07:07
inetprogood mornings07:08
charlhi inetpro 07:08
charlhoe goes it07:09
inetprogood and yourself charl07:09
charlgood good07:09
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!07:11
charlMaaz: thanks07:11
Maazcharl: Okay :-)07:11
charlgoing to try bittorrent bleep today ...07:11
Kilossomewhere in time there was a song i think with good jack good good jack as the chorus maybe07:11
* inetpro has 8MB of data left for the day 07:15
Kilosoh my07:16
inetprohate these expensive mobile contracts07:16
Kilosoh month end , thats good planning07:16
inetproKilos: no worries, that is just on my vodacom07:16
inetproon 8ta I have a bit more07:16
Kilosah, im already half way through a 2+1 i put in 3 days back07:17
Kilosi go sort sheep out with breakfast07:20
inetproon the last few days of each month I always have to strap myself in the seatbelt in order to scrape through without buying an additional bundle07:22
Symmetriaheh I dunno how you guys survive on capped data, it would drive me insane07:23
Symmetriaand bankcrupt ;p07:23
charlbittorrent bleep is also a definite fail, the download link doesn't even work07:31
charland only available for windows07:31
charlback to xmpp+otr for me07:32
inetprohi Vince-007:33
charlhi Vince-0 07:34
inetproSymmetria: with just 300MB a month it's quite a challenge to get through the month07:34
charlhmmm i use around 300GB per month or more07:34
inetproluckily I can use wifi at home07:34
charland i'm a "mild" user07:34
inetprowith smartphones eating so much data by default, if you're not careful, I don't know how they expect low earning people to buy such devices and survive07:37
Symmetriaheh I eat through 2 to 3 terabytes a month07:38
Symmetriahell, just the video streaming I do for logs.mirror.liquidtelecom.com eats through almost 800gigs a month07:39
Symmetriaheh there is a certain freedom to having no limits though, and it changes your online behavior entirely07:41
Kiloshi Vince-0 09:08
Vince-0busy clearing the office for stuffs09:17
charlhi mazal 09:29
Kiloshi mazal 09:50
mazalNou is ek op , poegaai , gedaan10:46
charlmazal: tijd voor vakantie ?10:48
mazalcharl, defnitief10:48
charlik ben er ook echt aan toe - moet nog een weekje door gaan dan ga ik duitsland toeren :D10:48
* Kilos goes to kde wbb11:19
bdukMiddag almal13:37
charlhi bduk 13:49
ThatGraemeGuyToday is Ubuntu One's death day for those who have missed all the warnings13:57
charlThatGraemeGuy: and another one bites the dust ...14:20
charlcloud ftl14:20
ThatGraemeGuyoh, that14:22
ThatGraemeGuyi never used it anyway14:22
Kilosdont make so much noise guys15:24
Kiloswho_da_fly  what you broke now again15:47
Kiloshi Squirm  16:23
Kiloshi theblazehen  16:24
charlgood evening17:39
charlhi Kilos, Squirm, ThatGraemeGuy 17:40
charlhi smile 17:40
Kiloshi charl  17:41
smilehi all :)17:48
Kiloshi smile  17:53
smileI am approaching 3500, Kilos :p17:54
smileThe number of reported dead links on talk pages on wikipedia :p17:54
Kiloswhew well done17:54
smilethe lower the number, the better :)17:54
smileKilos: I will need to adjust my y axis when I go below 300017:55
Kiloshaha whatever that means17:55
smileKilos: you see, at the right my legend is not zero, but 300017:56
smileso I will need to adjust that if i go below 300017:59
Kiloshi captine  18:04
Kiloshows our korean teacher18:06
smileexact 3500 :D18:18
ThatGraemeGuy'lo peeps18:20
smilenight! :)18:44
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  19:29
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
inetprogood mornings19:37
ThatGraemeGuysuperfly: we moved minetest chat to #minetest-za20:02
Kilosnight those of you still awake. sleep tight23:54

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